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20. Lost

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The Captain looked around at the close-set trees.  He took a deep breath to try to feel calmer and let his eyes fall shut momentarily.

“Hey, Cap!”  Robin ambled up.

“Ah, Robin.”  The Captain opened his eyes, feeling a combination of relief and nervousness.


“Um, yes, yes, of course.”

Robin looked at the Captain suspiciously.

“What wrong?”

The Captain let out a long, frustrated breath.  He narrowed his eyes as he assessed whether or not to confide in his housemate.  He set his mouth determinedly.

“Well.  Robin.  The truth, somewhat shamefully for a man in my position, is that I rather find myself a little lost.”

Robin nodded sagely.  He sat on a fallen tree trunk and patted the space next to him for the Captain to join him.  The Captain looked for a moment like he might refuse, he was in grave danger of being late for his 1830 rendezvous with Alison for ‘Tanks of World War Two’, however he sat down with a huff and creaky knees.

“Fing is, Cap, dere no shame in being lost.  Is hard, being ghost, we all lost sometime.  But remember, you have friends.  We all here together.  We here for you.”  He patted the Captain on the knee.

The Captain looked at Robin with the special expression he seemed so good at that said ‘are you insane?’  He got to his feet.

“No.  Robin.  I literally cannot remember how to return to Button House from here.  Disgraceful conduct for an officer.  I am nothing but ashamed of myself.”

“Ooooohhhh” Robin stood up, pointing.  “It dis way.”