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18 and 19. Boo and Autumn

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“Wow.  Look at this pile of leaves Mike has created.  It’s like a igloo or something.”  Pat walked around it, taller than he was with a base at least as wide as Alison’s tent.  “I bet we could all get in there!”

“Ooh, yes, let’s!”  Kitty giggled.

“Really, Patrick?”  The Captain rolled his eyes.

“Come on, Cap, just a bit of fun.”

“Absolutely not.” Fanny pursed her lips.  “Think of the insects!” 

Kitty looked a little horrified.

“Creepy crawlies?  Oh, Pat, no, I don’t think so.”

“Don’t worry, Kitty, I’m sure there aren’t any, Lady Button is just being silly.  And if she doesn’t want to join us, she could go and fetch Robin instead and then when he comes over we could all jump out and shout Boo!”

“Oh that does sound fun.”  Kitty turned to Fanny pleadingly.  “Please Lady Button?”

Fanny rolled her eyes but turned for the house.  The other ghosts found their way into the pile with varying degrees of enthusiasm.  Pat made a little hole so that he could see out.  After a few minutes he shushed everyone to be quiet.

“Yes, Robin, just this way, I found the most interesting stone.”  Fanny raised her voice and exaggerated her pronunciation.

Suddenly the pile came to life and Robin’s friends jumped out, calling variations on ‘boo!’

“Woah!” Robin took a step back but he immediately broke into a grin. 

“Haha!  Boo!  Dat my fing!”  He started to laugh, bending over and resting his hands on his knees. 

“Boo,” he shook his head, “it a classic.”