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So uncivilised

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Tatooine 9 BBY

Time is a curious thing. Its perception depends wholly on the perceiving individual. For example, hiding in the Tatooinan desert for ten years would feel like centuries to an average person.

For an accomplished and distinguished Jedi master, it was like watching the ripples in the water after a pebble was cast into it.

The Jundland Wastes were for Obi-Wan precisely like that. The harshness of the environment was encompassing his tiny existence here in the desert.
Too much time at hand to play endless rounds of what if's and what could've been had driven him near madness.

He watched the binary suns rise and fall endless times. He was constantly questioning the flow of Fate that the Force had saddled him with.

He had hidden his trusted lightsaber in the concealed compartment of his drawer. The Jedi had started to use a blaster rifle taken from one of the many dead clones that had littered his path.
The DC-17M packed a hefty punch and saved his life here in the unforgiving wastes of Tatooine countless times.

But Obi-Wan wasn't entirely sure anymore why he should care about that. His order, his love, his brother, all were taken from him.
He lived alone, only in the company of the Force.
He sighed heavily and took stock of his dwindling rations. He would need to head to Anchorhead soon. The only bit of so-called civilisation in his neighbourhood on this force-forsaken dustball.

His trusty speeder bike took him there in about 2 hours.
His mind occupied with his crippling thoughts, he was caught by the giant sandstorm that raged continuously over the surface of Tatooine.

The desert dwellers and townsfolk called it Lukka, the great equaliser. He and his sister Leia, the mighty krayt-dragon, were like gods in the culture of slaves. In the end, with the help of Ekkreth, the changeling, they would break the chains of all the slaves.

That little anecdote shot through his head before it caught up to the fact that he would be shredded to pieces inside this monster of a storm.

In an instant, the Force surged, and Obi-Wan Kenobi shone brightly in the eyes of every force-user. In the Imperial Center, in his palace, Darth Sidious collapsed from seizures and on the bridge of the Executor Vader only remained standing because of his mechanical limbs.

On a distant swamp planet, a little green creature shook inside their small mud hut. Tears streamed from their wizened face.

And in her ship travelling through hyperspace, a togruta cried out in pain. She was losing the sense of her grandmaster's presence in the Force.
A soldier in white armour was kneeling next to her, was reeling too from the news.

Obi-Wan closed his eyes and gave himself to the Force. But his last thought was, "what could've been...".


Tatooine 44 BBY

Coughing his lungs out, he awoke with a choked scream on his lips.
Bloodshot eyes scanned his environment. Desert. But something was different from it.
With the world at large!

He sank deeply into the Force and reeled right back. It was bright and humming. There was a looming darkness but nothing like before.

What the kriff had happened to the universe?
He needed to reach Anchorhead and investigate. He found his bike and reholstered his trusted blaster, and took off in search of answers.

He had a bad feeling about it.