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Trick or treat

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“This may or may not be a bad idea.” Lisa said, currently stark naked.


Kaoru, clad in a bra and her pants glanced at Lisa, “Verily, mine bosom! Ah, pray forgive, I meant mine bosom friend.” Hina nodded, “Lisacchi’s got nice honkers,” Lisa understood that they were talking about her boobs, and giggled.


Somehow they ended up here, in Kaoru’s apartment, after a Halloween party hosted by Kokoro. The three had managed to get tipsy and were now in a tangled mess of limbs, with a flurry of kisses being exchanged between them. Kaoru had dressed up as a knight, Lisa had dressed in a typical princess costume, and Hina dressed up in a court jester outfit.

Which gave her the excuse to throw out as many ridiculous jokes as she wanted to.

“What does a ghost panda eat?” She said, and followed up with the punchline, “Bam-boo!” Her friends laughed as they collapsed onto the bed, still exchanging kisses between each other and letting their hands explore their bodies. 


“Speaking of bamboo,” Hina turned around from her friends, who only heard the sound of a zipper as Hina rummaged the nightstand for something. Then she turned around to face them again, with a white cloth covering her member.

Kaoru stared at the member for a good while and then laughed, while Lisa managed to suppress her laughter as she tried to ask Hina, “Hina, what is that?”

“The Phantom Phallus.” She said as she thrust her hips up and made spooky noises. Lisa let out a loud laugh at the sight.

“Bamboo is hard, and so am I!” Hina exclaimed, then threw a glove at Kaoru’s direction.

“Unsheathe your own longsword, Kaoru-kun!” Kaoru laughed heartily in response while Lisa shook her head. “I wish to duel you for the hand of the fair maiden.” Hina challenged Kaoru and gestured at Lisa, who offered a hand to each of them as they kissed it. Kaoru then unbuckled the trousers of her costume to reveal her own stiff member.

“Nice cock.” Hina said, Kaoru’s cheeks reddened.


“It’s true, Kaoru-kun! Right, Lisacchi!?” Hina turned to Lisa, who nodded solemnly as she sprawled on the bed.

“Alright you two, decide who’s going front door, back door, or window!” She yelled.

Hina nodded, and gripped Kaoru’s cock and gently stroked it, “So, Kaoru-kun, which of us is the quicker shooter?”

Kaoru moaned, and wrapped her hand around Hina’s dick and stroke faster, and responded “Dear Hina, it’s not quite a fair fight if I give you a head start.”

“Then, you better catch up!” The two stroked each other faster, and while Lisa watched them, she let her hand take care of her own arousal. Soon, Hina looked like she was going to explode. Kaoru said, “Oh? Are you nearing the end, Hina?”

“Nuh-uh!” She shook her head, Kaoru kissed her neck, right where she was sensitive, and Hina moaned. “No fair, Kaoru-kun!” Kaoru chuckled and said, “All’s fair in love and war,” as she swiped her thumb over the tip of her penis. Hina then came all over her hand, with Kaoru soon following. Lisa was still occupied with satisfying herself when Kaoru got her attention.

“Congratulations, Kaoru,” Lisa said, “now, what will be your prize?”

“If you would allow, I would like your blooming flower.” Kaoru said. Lisa nodded and beckoned for Hina to come closer, “Don’t worry Hina, I’ll give you a consolation prize.”

Lisa laid down as Kaoru lined up with her entrance and entered her. Hands on Lisa’s head, Hina then thrust into her mouth gently, letting her friend adjust first to her length. Kaoru began to gently thrust into Lisa’s wetness as well.

“Nee, Lisacchi,” Hina moaned, “I know it’s not Halloween candy but, how’s my candy cane?”

Lisa stopped sucking to look at Hina to say, “It’s not--- aaah!” She moaned as Kaoru gave her a hard thrust, “even Christmas yet.”

“If I dressed up as Julius Caesar, I’d get to say ‘here's your favorite salad dressing!’ ” She moaned out. Lisa then pulled up until the head to tease her jester of a friend. Hina whined, “Hey, that’s kinda mean, Lisacchi!”

“Well- aaah!” She let out another loud moan, “Keep making those bad jokes and I’m going to have to punish you some more!” Hina laughed, and then trailed into a moan as Lisa put the length of her dick back into her mouth. Kaoru remained focused as she thrusted into Lisa.

“Kaoru-kun, you’re like Astolfo.”

“Is it because we are both chivalrous?”

“No, you both have a magical lance that can knock down people with a single touch, just look at what you’re doing to Lisacchi right now!” Kaoru blushed again, as Hina couldn’t resist cracking another joke, “I’m kinda close, I guess that means the seamen are ready to unboard!”

“Hina, my dear, we’re not buccaneers,” Kaoru replied. 


Lisa unwrapped her lips around Hina to speak to her, “Hina, I swear to God I’m going to bite you if you make another joke.”

Hina was silent for approximately thirty seconds before she said “Hey, Lisacchi.” Lisa was unable to respond as she had deepthroated her. Looking up, she could only try to speak, causing Hina to moan as she felt the vibrations from her throat.

“The one-eyed dragon is ready to spit fire now.”

At that joke, Kaoru had felt her orgasm sneak up on her as she burst out laughing and burst into Lisa. At the same time, Hina had shot her load into Lisa’s mouth. When she and Kaoru came down from their orgasms, they pulled out of Lisa.

“The Phantom Phallus is all out of ectoplasm now.” Somehow this made Kaoru laugh and then Hina joined her, Lisa was frustrated and tossed pillows at them “You two! Leaving me high and dry!”

“We’re done with the tricks now, time for the treat.” Hina said.

“Do you really think we’d let our dear princess suffer like that?” Kaoru pressed her hills against her back as she held Lisa securely in her limber arms, while Hina slid down and settled her head between Lisa’s thighs.

“Yeah, Lisacchi!” Hina then started to lap up Lisa’s jammed up clam, pausing once in a while to ask her to figure out what she was spelling. Lisa tried to answer as best as she could, but she could care less at the moment thanks to Hina’s spelling skills with her silver tongue. She felt Kaoru’s warm breath on her neck, and her hands wandering up and down her body. “My dear friend, have we ever mentioned that your bountiful mountains are lovely to hold?”

Lisa blushed furiously, “Kaoru…”

Hina stopped briefly, to say “So true busty, I mean- breasty!” Lisa let out a laugh, which turned into a moan as Hina continued to eat her out, her tongue lapping her up eagerly. Lisa felt her orgasm fast approaching her, as Kaoru continued to massage her breasts. She sensed that Lisa was close, “Hina, I do believe Lisa here is going to reach the climax soon.” Hina replied, “Good! End it with a bang, Lisacchi!” Lisa moaned as she felt her orgasm wash over her, with Hina continuing to eat her out as she rode out her orgasm. When she finally relaxed, Kaoru pulled her onto the bed, with Hina joining the three in a cuddle pile as they rested from the exhausting night.

Hina turned to her friends, “Best halloween ever?”

“Agreed, ‘twas a night of trickery and treating.” Kaoru replied.

Lisa nodded, “It’s good,” she said, “but next time, keep the jokes to a minimum.” 

"Okay," Hina smiled mischievously, "So what do you want to do for the holidays?"