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Breaking Routine

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Rainbow Dash yawned as she opened her eyes. The sun glaring through the window signified yet another new day. Sitting up in her bed, she took a moment to stretch her wings, then her legs, then her neck. Finally she full-on stood and stumbled over to Tank, tapping his shell lightly with a hoof. "Time to get up lazy-shell."


She smiled as the tortoise poked his head out, yawning himself as his legs slowly followed. After carefully strapping his flying contraption on, she turned for the kitchen. Sure, she wasn't a morning person, but her daily routine was a busy one, and had been for some time. Therefore, she had to be up at the crack of dawn every single weekday. It helped to think in lists, as Twilight had suggested. She'd thought it was ridiculous, even laughed it off, but soon enough, the habit stuck.


Step 1: Wake up and get out of bed. Check. Possibly the hardest thing on the list out of the way already! 


Step 2: Breakfast. Two pieces of bread in the toaster and eggs in the frying pan. This step was as good as done! 


She'd just finished placing her eggs and toast on her plate and some pellets on Tank's when a strange sound came from the livingroom. It was something like... a crash? And then something skidding on the marble floor? Abandoning her breakfast, she went to check it out. 


Rainbow stepped into the livingroom, her face lighting up in surprise at the pony lying on her floor. "Daring Do?! What are you doing here? You never visit my place." 


Daring stood, looking sheepish and a little banged up, brushed herself off and smiled at her friend. "Well, I didn't have anything going on and since you always come and see my work I thought it might be nice to sit in on your work? Change up the pace some? I get it if it's too short notice." 


Rainbow blinked, taking a moment to process what she'd just heard. Her idol (and friend, she had to remind herself) wanted to see what she did all day?? "I mean, sure I guess. It's not that exciting though, compared to what you do."


Daring smiled at the other mare. "Weirdly enough, I was kinda hoping for that." She grinned as Dash snorted out a laugh and led her to the kitchen, making another quick plate of eggs and toast. The yellow pony's attention was quickly drawn to the tortoise, and she glanced briefly at her friend's back before reaching out to boop his cute little snout. 


Rainbow turned toward Daring, plate in hoof and managed to barely stop herself from laughing at her friend. It was obvious she'd poked Tank, and she looked embarrassed for being caught in the act. She laid down the plate. "Hurry up and eat, we've got a busy day ahead of us and I'm already late on the weather."


Daring cringed and the rest of breakfast went fast and without incident. They talked a little about what was going on in both of their lives, the adventurer going out of her way to not spoil her next book and Rainbow reading too much into everything in hopes for those same spoilers. Afterwards, they left their plates in the sink and stepped out the door, side by side. 


A slight chill was in the air as it neared winter and Rainbow took quick stock of the sky. A few too many clouds and some in the wrong positions. Grumbling briefly about having to be the one to do all the work on the weather crew, she leapt into the air and spread her wings. Daring matched her pace as she zipped toward a particularly large gathering of clouds. "Just try to keep up okay?" The blue Pegasus teased, spinning and hitting the cloud with her back-left hoof. She shot through the cloud like a rocket and only seconds later, the cloud broke apart.


Daring hummed in contemplation, turning her head to the next cloud. This one was fairly small, perfect for a practice run of that stunt. Taking a deep breath, she raced toward the cloud and mimicked Rainbow Dash. She smashed through the cloud but immediately lost balance and almost couldn't pull back up at all. It seemed the force had created some turbulence. She looked to her right to see Dash attempting to reign in her laughter at the sloppy job. Glaring at her friend in embarrassment, she grumbled. "Okay, so what else."


Rainbow finally snapped out of her laughing fit, flying up a bit higher and eyeing the positions of the remaining clouds. "Now, we do some shifting around. Today is supposed to be partly cloudy, but these are too clumped together." The yellow pony opted to sit this part out and watched as her friend shifted the clouds to seemingly random positions all while checking the wind and humidity repeatedly. She would never understand weather duty it seems. 


With the skies set up just right, Rainbow made a bee-line for the school. "Alright, now it's time for classes." 


"Classes?" The other pegasus looked perplexed and briefly contemplated her friend's age.


"Well duh, I'm a teacher. At the school of friendship? I teach loyalty." Rainbow paused and deadpanned. "You forgot didn't you." 


It was more a statement than a question, and Daring opted not to answer. The two raced through the door and straight to Rainbow's classroom. She normally would stop into the faculty lounge for a minute to catch up on any schoolyard gossip, but she was running late as it was. The bell rang just as she zoomed into the room. Her students immediately stopped talking at her arrival and she couldn't help but grin at the respect she seemed to have earned. 


Daring took a seat in the back and watched contentedly as Dash taught. It seemed like they were doing a few trust exercises today, fun. Or, it would be fun, if she didn't have to sit through the same lesson 7 different times. There were 8 classes in a day and one was reserved for lunch, so at least there was a small break to actually catch up with Rainbow and some of her other friends. Daring savored the few moments of freedom from the boredom, and by the end of the school day she was starting to think that maybe this was a little too mundane for her. 


As she watched Dash work with the cheerleaders though, her mind was changed. Her friend could get so intense over anything. It was actually kinda cute? Okay that was an unexpected thought. She supposed the hyped up attitude made it easier for the blue pegasus to get through the more boring days she had to go through though.


As cheerleading practice wrapped up, Rainbow did a back-flip in the air and raced back to Daring. "You still sure you wanna see my full workday?" She'd noticed the boredom on her friend's face in the classroom.


Daring blinked in surprise. "You still have work to do?" Before Rainbow could answer she added. "Of course, I always see things through to the end." She puffed out her chest in a mock Rainbow Dash pose and couldn't help the grin that followed her friend breaking into laughter. She was really beginning to enjoy that sound.


"Alright," Rainbow said, catching her breath. "Next we've got Wonderbolt practice. It's mostly just running drills but at least it's cooler than school, right?" The blue pony grinned and shot off toward HQ, making sure to keep her pace closer to Daring's so she could keep up. As usual for a Wonderbolt, as she neared the runway she threw in a few tricks for her flashy entrance, stopping perfectly in front of the barracks with a cloud of dust. 


Daring landed behind her friend and covered a giggle with a cough. Okay, so Dash making a showstopping entrance for a simple practice? Definitely cute. Can't even debate that one. She went over to the bleachers as directed by Rainbow, picking a seat near the middle and waiting for her friend to get back from the changing room. 


A few other Wonderbolts made brief conversation with her and she watched as more slowly but surely appeared. Some came from the runway, showboating in a similar fashion to Dash. Some made their way out of the barracks, dressed up and ready to train. 


When Rainbow finally came back out, she was directed to her training team for today. Since they needed everyone to be in top shape to participate, including reserves, practice was broken into two teams. The main team and the reserve team would practice the routine until perfect, then the members of both teams would be mixed so they could practice a few times with other ponies just in case. 


Daring watched Dash take her place on the runway as Spitfire (as she'd been informed) barked out orders and the main team took off. The main team had priority apparently, and always practiced first in case they needed to be somewhere. Though it wasn't quite as thrilling as being chased through the jungle, she could definitely see what the hype was with the Wonderbolts. The seven pegasi were so in sync, pulling off an impressive routine full of sharp angles and breakneck speeds without a hitch. 


By the time it ended, Daring was on the edge of her seat. The Wonderbolts landed at exactly the right positions, a small cloud of dust at their feet as they stopped perfectly, posing as a unit for a few seconds before turning to eachother for a high-hoof. Rainbow made her way over to Daring, grinning.


The blue pony sat next to her friend as the reserve team readied themselves. "So... What'd ya think?" From the smug look on her face, she already knew exactly what Daring thought. 


"Oh, it was okay I guess." The yellow pegasus smirked at the mock offended face of her friend. 


"Okay? Okay?! It was not just okay. The Wonderbolts are the most amazing fliers ever, even more-so now that I'm one." Dash grinned at her smugly, before bursting into laughter. Oh Celestia that laugh was worth every minute of waiting for those classes to end. Okay, so maybe Daring had it a little worse than she thought.


Rainbow stood as the reserves finished up, leading Daring back to the runway and congratulating them on a job well-done. Saying her goodbyes, she bolted back into the sky. "Hope you're as hungry as I am, cuz it's time for dinner!" It was a little late for dinner by Daring's standards, but considering the busy day it made sense. 


The two landed at the Hayburger, each ordering a burger, fries and carbonated apple juice and savoring every bite. Though they didn't talk much while they ate, the silence was comfortable. They'd opted to sit at a booth in the corner of the shop, sharing the same side of it. Daring barely managed to contain a blush as Dash reached for the ketchup, leaning into her in the process. 


As they stepped out the door of the restaurant, Rainbow looked suspiciously back and forth before pinning Daring with a serious look. "If you want to see the last part of my normal work day you have to promise me you won't tell a single soul." The yellow pegasus nodded, unsure what to say in this situation. Dash held eye contact for a few more moments to accentuate the point, then turned and led them from the Hayburger. 


Daring was shocked to say the least. Of all ponies, she never would have imagined Rainbow Dash leading her into a spa. "Hey, is it cool if I add someone to my appointment?" The blue pegasus was clearly on friendly terms with the staff, chatting with the mare who appeared to be in charge before they were led into another room. 


The spa trip was apparently just what she'd needed. Though Daring had never been to a spa, she'd heard that the Ponyville Day Spa was the best in Equestria. She had no doubt whoever had told her that was right. It was nearing 10pm when the two pegasi finally stepped outside again. Daring was beat, and was heavily debating whether or not she was willing to get on a train and go home. 


Dash seemed to be thinking along the same lines as her. "Ya know, it's been a pretty tiring day. I have a guest room if you'd rather stay the night? I know you live pretty far."


Daring nodded in agreement as they made their way back to Rainbow's house. "How in the world do you even find the time to go on adventures with me?" She had to ask. It was something she'd wondered since the school day had ended and she'd found out Dash had even more to do. 


The blue pegasus pushed open her front door, stepping inside and yawning as she made for the couch. Another hour or two awake couldn't hurt, right? She answered as Daring sat beside her and picked up the tv remote. "Well, I might technically have three jobs but that doesn't mean I always have to do them. There are plenty of weather ponies that can take over, the school has like 10 substitute teachers on call because we can be called to action at any moment, and practice isn't actually mandatory unless there's an event coming up." 


Rainbow smiled as she felt Daring lean against her and rest her head on her shoulder. She wrapped a wing around her and continued. "Going on adventures with you is like a vacation actually. Though it's just as much a break lazing around for a day, that's something I can do whenever, ya know? When I'm with you though, I can forget how repetitive my life has become. I can let loose, enjoy the danger, the thrill... enjoy being so close to you." Rainbow inhaled, afraid to meet her friend's eyes after such a blatant confession. 


Daring smiled, turning Dash's head toward her and kissing her. It was soft and slow, more of a question than anything really, and Rainbow Dash responded with the same patience and emotion. When they broke apart it had been seconds, and yet it felt like an eternity. "You know..." Daring's voice was soft, eyes still locked with Rainbow's. "I've kinda been feeling exactly the same way."


Rainbow laughed, but unlike her usual loud, boisterous laughter, it came out as more of an embarrassing giggle. It felt like she was riding out a high, dancing on clouds so to speak, as she leaned in for another kiss. "In that case." She spoke, just as quietly, as they pulled apart. "Daring Do, pony extraordinaire, would you do me the honor of being my marefriend."


Daring chuckled at the mock-high-society tone of voice and responded with her own. "Why of course Rainbow Dash, I wouldn't dream of turning down an important pony such as yourself." She couldn't contain her laughter as she went on, and Dash was laughing right along with her. As she curled up next to her new marefriend, head resting on her shoulder and a familiar blue wing around her, she couldn't help but feel like this was exactly where she was meant to be.