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Edgeworth's gasp was ragged, caught precariously between a tortured exhale and a pleasured moan. His fingers, clenched like white-knuckled vises, gripped the black strips of cloth restraining his wrists to the headboard, arms flexing, muscles twitching. His chest heaved with the labored effort of his breathing, trapped beneath his dress shirt and waistcoat. He was still fully clothed, kept confined, deprived of contact to any of his overheated skin.

All except...

Nestled between his parted legs, enticingly naked but not allowing Edgeworth to touch him at all, Phoenix finished slowly, infuriatingly slowly running his tongue along the length of Edgeworth's aching, exposed cock.

"What is it, Miles?"

Oh, the nerve. To whisper in that low, husky tone, sending a shudder down Edgeworth's spine; to let his warm, moist breath ghost across the oversensitive glans, too light and teasing, setting Edgeworth's senses ablaze; to glance up at him with that dirty, heated expression, eyes hooded, lips smirking instead of finishing what was long ago started.

He was so close, so close, he wanted– he needed

"For god's sake, Phoenix, just…"

Instead of a hot mouth surrounding him, he felt rough, calloused fingers circle around the base of his cock, tight, too tight. He was right on the edge but that grip kept him back, held the dam in check, pressure bottling up and threatening to drive him utterly, truly insane.

For the third time in the last half hour, Phoenix denied him his release.

"Dammit, Wright!"

Full of pent-up frustration, Edgeworth's curse came out in a keening, infuriated cry. His socked heels dug painfully into the mattress, thighs instinctually tightening, hips canting up from the propped pillows in search of that last little bit of stimulation so cruelly withheld.

Phoenix Wright was a complete bastard.

Still holding firmly to the base of his cock, Phoenix slid across the disheveled sheets and brought his mouth – his wonderful, irritating mouth – next to his ear, away from where Edgeworth craved it most.

"You sound upset for someone who loves this so much."

Edgeworth narrowed his eyes, momentarily wordless. He angled his head just enough to shoot a withering glare at Phoenix, one that could send his own reflection in search of a hiding spot.

But Phoenix just smiled, a smug twist of his lips. Blue eyes lingered on him, shining with amusement. Edgeworth felt the fingers on his cock release him from their death grip and begin tracing lightly up and down his shaft, soothing, coaxing his arousal again.

"It's not often you let me have my way with you like this," Phoenix said softly, thumb gently running along the head's ridge. "And I know you're enjoying it, every time I let you get right to the brink and pull you back, because you haven't said it yet."

Edgeworth groaned as his head fell back against his arms, muscles straining, rocking into Phoenix's palm. Almost every ounce of his attention concentrated on the sensation of that warm hand, trying to wring just a little more pleasure from the steady motions of Phoenix's fingers. But he still had enough of his wits to know he could hide nothing from Phoenix, not like this.

Yes, he loved it. He loved every maddening moment of it, the rare times they indulged in this: prolonging his own release.

Sometimes the most exquisite pleasure could come from denial.

Those blue eyes softened a bit, just enough to let him know that as much as Phoenix relished the chance to tease him and deny him and drive him into oblivion, he would only take it as far as Edgeworth allowed.

"You just have to say it, Miles."

He could see Wright's own hardened cock, jutting from between his legs. Phoenix was so close to him, enough to see the want in his eyes, to feel the warmth radiate from him, to smell his skin; and Edgeworth longed to touch and taste and hear him cry out with the pleasure he could give in return. He felt his will waver, pride bending at last, driven mad with lust and longing and the base desire to finally, finally reach his release.

He ran his tongue across his lips, body tensing with need, eyes falling closed as he gave in.

"P-Please. Please, Phoenix."

Any other moment and he would have cringed at the rawness of his voice, pitched high and hoarse and cracking. To show such helplessness, to allow another to see him so weak and needing, was anathema to his entire being.

But here, with Wright… With Phoenix, he could find the strength to be vulnerable. To beg for what he wanted.

And Phoenix – his entire expression warmed, pupils growing darker, mouth falling slack.

"God, Miles," he breathed, pressing his lips to Edgeworth's forehead, to his cheeks, darting across his face. "Anything you want, babe, if you're ready."

Ignoring the pet name, Edgeworth watched eagerly as Phoenix maneuvered down and between his thighs once more. Warm palms slid over the fabric of his trousers, caressing through the cloth, and settled near his cock.

Phoenix flicked his gaze up. "I wanna see you come undone, just like this." One hand wrapped around the base of his length, and his mouth hovered close to the tip. "Come for me now, Miles."

Edgeworth hardly recognized the low growl that emerged from his throat as Phoenix roughly swiped his tongue across the head of his cock, lapping the bead of leaking liquid and swirling it down and around. Lips sealed tight around him, enveloping his cock in wondrous, wet heat; the sudden sensation sent intense, searing waves of pleasure coursing through every nerve and muscle in Edgeworth's body.

His breath hitched, frozen in his lungs. Already he was on the edge again, so close, just a little more–

Phoenix swept his tongue across the underside of his cock in long, rough strokes. He moved his mouth as far down as he could and hollowed his cheeks, sucking with each movement back, fingers twisting and stroking the remainder of his length. It was everything Edgeworth enjoyed most, every trick that sent him spiraling toward completion in one dizzying, exhilarating final effort.

At last – Edgeworth's muscles seized all at once as he abruptly reached his peak. After being denied so many times the pleasure was almost painful, burning and consuming like fire. He raged; he roared; he bucked upward and emptied himself, over and over, until he was finally spent.

When Edgeworth opened his eyes again, he found Phoenix wiping the last of his release from his chin; he could feel his face redden as he realized it had been too much for Wright to easily manage. But the embarrassment quickly turned to indignation; if Phoenix wished to tease, he should be prepared for the consequences.

"You know, I almost felt bad for making you wait," Phoenix murmured, moving to lie beside him and leaning across to untie the restraints. "But that orgasm seemed like it was worth it."

Edgeworth allowed Phoenix to rest against him, head pressed to his chest, causing his dress shirt to stick to his sweat-dampened skin. He didn't care; now he could finally run his hands along Phoenix's bare skin, tracing gently across his shoulders and upper arms and the top of his back. He eyed the black strips of cloth, still hanging from the headboard. Yes – it had been worth it.

Without warning, he spun them around and pushed Phoenix back against the pillows, and looped the black strips around Wright's wrists.

"Perhaps you should have the chance to experience it yourself."