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The Call from inside the house

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The Call from inside the house

Regina Mills had never really gotten to the point where she could say she liked Halloween, but she didn’t particularly dislike the Holiday either. In her years as Queen, it wasn’t most celebrated, but as a town Mayor she made sure it was a thing, as she knew the kids of the world enjoyed it, Henry included. She had like any normal parent taken him trick or treating every year, heck she even egged Mister Gold’s shop with him one year, when he hadn’t given the kids candy. She laughed a little thinking back at it. Gold had been mad at her for ages, but he never managed to figure out it was them, until she told him years later. They had a good laugh about it then, needless to say he always handed out candy thereafter.

She was browsing through and old photo album on the very night of when her doorbell rang. She at once went to open for two young ghosts and a mummy. She told them their costumes were great and handed out some candy, seeing them happily run along to the next house. The doorbell rang again, this time the grim reaper, a vampire and witch showed up.

Regina laughed as she said, “Make sure to stop by Zelena’s place, she is handing out extra candy to anyone dressed as witches.”

“She is, awesome, thanks Regina,” the grim reaper said excitedly.

“You are welcome,” she replied watching them run off.

She sighed as she went back inside hearing the baby call make noise from upstairs. She went up to check on Hope. She was babysitting her while Emma was out of town, the six-year-old was having a bad cough and Emma had told her no trick or treating as it would make her cough worse. Young Hope had been very upset, but Regina still managed to put the fuzzy little girl to sleep after they had dinner. She hadn’t eaten much, and as she was very fuzzy, she found it best she got some proper rest instead.

Regina soon sat down by her bedside saying, “Are you thirsty or do you think you can eat a little?”

“I want my mommy,” Hope whimpered as a reply, looking at Regina with those big green eyes.

“I know, sweetheart, and mommy will be back tomorrow, I promise,” Regina soothed in her softest tone.

“But then it will all be over; I didn’t even get to wear my costume or anything. Stupid throat,” she said with a huff, crossing her arms over her chest. Regina couldn’t help but to smile, she was so much like Emma.

“I know, sweetheart. How about I make some hot chocolate and heat up some cookies and we can have our own little party,” Regina tried.

“Only if you make it with cream,” she said, yawning.

“Of course, dear,” said Regina and vanished back down the stairs. As she turned on the oven her phone rang, she picked up the home like saying, “Mills’ residence, hello.”

“Have you checked on the child?” she heard a voice she didn’t recognize. Probably someone that was playing a prank, not that uncommon.

“Who the hell is this?” she asked, seeing the hot chocolate almost bubble over as the line went dead. She lifted it of the plate and heated the cookies before going back up to Hope. She was fine, so whoever called had been a prankster.

They ate and drank, before she managed to get Hope back to sleep. She looked at her with loving eyes from the doorway, before she closed the door. Then the phone rang again, this time she heard only breathing.

“If you don’t stop it, I will call the police,” she said annoyed.

“They will never make it in time, Regina. By the time they get here you both will be dead and I will be long gone,” the voice said. It sent chills down her spine.

“I wouldn’t be so sure, her mother is good at tracking people and I can kill you before you get me,” she said, her voice still certain.

“How can you kill someone you cannot see, or capture me, you don’t know where I am,” the voice taunted before again hanging up.

She called Emma then, hearing her voice every so cheerful say, “Happy Halloween, Regina.”

“Emma, did you just crank call me?” Regina asked, trying to stay calm as she heard sounds from upstairs somewhere. Fucking old house.

“No, I’ve been rather busy here, why?” Emma wondered curiously.

“There is someone calling me, but never mind. I will call your dad, he is working late, right?” Regina wondered, trying to stay calm.

“He sure is, it’s Halloween, tons of pranksters about. I’ll see my two favorite ladies tomorrow then,” Emma replied in a soft tone.

“Yes, we will be waiting for you,” Regina said, when she heard a scream of terror, that made the blood chill in the veins. It was Hope, to hell with this, she was so going to get this bastard. She used her powers to get to the bedroom faster seeing the Hope was not in the bed, the covers were torn aside.

The phone rang again, the same voice saying, “You should have watched her, one down, one to go, Madam Mayor.”

Regina called David’s number managing to get out, “David, trace a call for me, the last caller to this number, please.”
“Okay, everything alright over there,” he said confused. She assumed him to be typing something on the compute, due to tapping of keys.

“Yeah, just someone that is pranking me, they are going to be dead when I find them,” she groaned, not wanting to admit that she was starting to get slightly scared.

“I see, well it is the night for it,” he said with a soft laugh.

“Indeed,” she answered, making the way to the bathroom, looking down seeing a trail of what seemed like bloody footprints leading in that direction. Small, bloody footprints, next to an older set, Hope and who else?

She formed a fireball in her hand as David said, “Regina, the call is coming from inside the house. If I were you, I would get out of there, and wait until we arrive.”

“The hell I won’t!” she said in a sharp tone, hanging up. There was no way she would let whoever this was win. With a shivering hand opened the door to the bathroom. She could hear dripping from the shower, seeing the footprints stopped there. She pulled the curtain aside and saw no one. Her heart raced went down a little, when she heard another scream from down the hallway. Damn it, who the fuck was she playing with?

She went back to the bedroom Hope was originally in, seeing a hooded figure holding her tight, a knife in hand. Regina used her magic skills getting it out of the attackers’ hands, freeing Hope the same way, then using the death grip to make whoever knew. She snarled at the person, “You messed with the wrong household, show yourself coward.”

She let go, knowing her voice was shivering as she spoke. Her regular stern voice, not nearing as convincing as she wanted it to be… She didn’t really care at this point; she only cared that Hope didn’t get hurt. She saw the hooded figure, pulling the hood down, seeing it was Henry. Her Henry, groaning. She should have known he would pull a prank on her even at an adult age. She shook her head, “Henry, what on earth? I could have killed you in the process.”

“Why I had a backup just in case,” he said, nodding towards the door. Regina turned to look at Emma that grinned at her, asking, “So did we managed to scare you, at least a little.”

“You are all idiots, you know that,” she said and looked at Emma’s red sprayed socks. So, it was paint, just paint, she should have known. She let out a huff and vanished in a sky of purple smoke, only to sit down on the couch downstairs. She couldn’t believe that she so easily could be fooled. She leaned back into the couch grasping for a candy bar from the bowl she was handing out, hearing Emma’s footsteps coming closer.

“Listen, Regina, I am sorry, but this wasn’t fully my idea. Henry was reading urban legends for Hope the other day and they figured they would prank you for the fun of it. Hope was very excited about it since I wouldn’t let her go out. You are not very upset, are you?” Emma wondered sitting down next to her. She looked at her love with concerned eyes, not meaning to scare her too badly.

“No, I find it hilarious that that I thought she was dead, but I am not very upset. I just feel like a fool, I should have figured it out,” she shook her head.

“It happens to the best of us, I called dad by the way, let him know it was just us,” she pressed a kiss to Regina’s cheek as the doorbell again rang. Regina looked at her, “Would you mind, I think I met enough monsters tonight.”

“Not at all, afterwards maybe we can share some candy and watch a horror movie?” Emma wondered, looking at her with loving eyes.

“I can agree to that,” Regina nodded, wanting nothing more than to snuggle up with her girlfriend just then. She watched Emma go, shaking her head, figuring she would prank them back the following year one way or another.

The call from inside the house