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Chapter 1

She knows he is awake. She has to give him credit for his performances, but lying on the floor, trying to be unconscious is not his strength. Olivia almost lauch out loud.

For a few minutes Olivia paces from one point to the other.

`What should I do?`

Technically she knows what to do, but he feels like she is frozen. She dreads the moment already, were her Teammates find her. The looks on their faces. The pity in their eyes.

Olivia walks over to the window, pushes the curtain away and looks out through the window. The house is next to the beach. It is a really nice place to live, but Olivia knows she will never step a foot on this place again.

She hears a groan behind her and turns around. There he is. Her kidnapper. His eyes slowly opens themselves, but Olivia knows he is just playing, which annoys her immensely. He smirks.

“What do you want to do now, Olivia?” She just looks straight through him and not at him.

“Still thinking about your person, Detective?” He pushes his eyebrows up and smiles cruel. Her eyes flare up, but she still says not a word.

She walks right to him, past and then sits Infront of him.

“Should I tell you what he would do to you?” she asked Lewis while glaring at him. He just nods, but didn`t say a thing. Olivia takes a deep breath and starts.

“He would punch your teeths out of your mouth. Next he would break your arms and legs and after all that pain you just were pulled through, he would put a bullet through your skull.”

“Then why isn`t he here, Olivia? Why dosen`t he rescue you? Are you not worth it, for him?”

“Do never talk about him!” Olivia said with so much anger.

`How dare he?`

“Why Olivia? Did he left you? Didn`t he want you anymore?” That is the last straw for Olivia.

She takes the metal bar in her hand, takes a swing with it and right in Lewis face. She knows, he is unconscious. Olivias hands are shaking. Her whole body shakes. She looks nervous around the floor and spots a phone in an other room. She walks right to the phone, picks it up and dials a very familiar number.

It takes a few moments for the other person to answer.