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Chapter 8: Binge Eater


“Are you sure about this, Kazami?” asked Rei, “Very sure, Furuya-san. From the reports we have received from the homicide division so far, the victims of Binge Eater are mostly young attractive males. Sometimes, not only human corpses, but there are also corpses of ghouls and other creatures. The culprit also goes after beautiful women as their target. I guess the culprit is a binge eater.” Kazami shivered at the details he had just mentioned. “Any other information?” asked Taka’aki. The former PSB agent was invited upon Aldrea’s request to solve the case, “There are sightings of an enormous kakuja, sir,” “What kind of kakuja, Shiratori?” Kakashi asked, “It was 13 meters tall and shaped like a black widow spider. The kakuja devoured its victims mercilessly. Oddly enough, it has the same eating habit as Binge Eater. It tends to prey on good-looking people too. Coincidentally, the description of one of the victims matched the latest report of Binge Eater’s latest victim,” “How you can be so sure?” “The victim managed to escape from Binge Eater’s grasp. The man had an oval-shaped face with black hair and yellow eyes. He came to the police office once to report the culprit. Unfortunately, that kakuja devoured the man before he could lead the policemen to the culprit, but his head remained intact while the rest of his body was devoured,” “Has anyone ever seen that kakuja’s true body?” asked Aldrea, “No, ma’am,” Takagi answered. Aldrea stood up from her seat, “Alright, we need more clues. Contact Megure right now, Kazami,”

The detectives from the homicide division gathered with the PSB agents to discuss Binge Eater. They looked tense and nervous. This case was a serious one. The Binge Eater had devoured at least 173 victims while the Black Widow, as they called the kakuja had devoured at least 294 victims, a large amount indeed. Aldrea showed them the statistics of the victims, all of them were good-looking people from various species. After a long discussion, finally, they came to a solid conclusion, “The Binge Eater is a female ghoul,” said Megure. “How can you be so sure, sir?” asked Yamamura, “The targets are mostly good-looking men with some of them being women. We can assume that the culprit herself is a femme fatale. She’s also obsessed with appearance as all of her preys are good-looking people,” Jara explained, “But, what about her eating habit?” “Good question. From the retrieved corpses, we can see that she is a sloppy eater and a picky one too, given how she never finishes eating a corpse and switched to another corpse to eat. She’s also a nomadic one as she tends to move away to different locations to prevent capture,” “So, she has a Jabba table manner, Yamato-keibu?” “Well, you can say that,” Kansuke shrugged. Yamamura shivered in disgust, “What a glutton,” he muttered. “Well, the best option is to tell people to not get out in late-night as the Binge Eater always does her actions at midnight,” Kogoro concluded. Kaneki then raised his hand, “Excuse me, sir, but I think that the Binge Eater and Black Widow are the same person as they eat good-looking victims and left the same pattern of eating, you know, the part where they never finished eating a corpse as a whole,” Everyone was shocked at the revelation. So, that makes the victims of Binge Eater aka. Black Widow became 467 in total.

“What? The Binge Eater and Black Widow are the same person?” said Heiji as he finished tidying up his bed, “Yeah, that’s what I heard from Takagi-keibu. He said that the policemen concluded it just now,” said Kaito as he took his wristwatch from his desk. The policemen were now at Takagi’s apartment to discuss the next step of their operation. Binge Eater was a tricky one. They needed a disguise to lure her out, “We need to disguise ourselves,” “Yeah, but how, Megure-keibu?” asked Chiba. After a quite long discussion, Hiro finally stood up from his seat, “Alright everyone, for this mission… We will go under disguise!” he declared. The triplets suddenly felt a wave of uncomfortableness washed over them, ‘Don’t tell us…’


A local nightclub

“Hey, hey. I don’t think this is gonna work. I feel uncomfortable with all of those stares!” Jinpei exclaimed. For now, Jinpei, Hagi, Hiro, Rei, and Kaneki were dressed like ladies with the usage of Frolis Maneuver while Megure, Nakamori, Date, Kogoro, Shiratori Takagi, Chiba, and Sato dressed as waiters. Somehow, Hiro managed to drag Shuichi – or rather, Shuichi insisted to join, considering his possessive alpha personality – into the investigation. Date was struggling very hard not to laugh at Jinpei’s plight. Shuichi dressed as a curvy attractive woman with long wavy black hair. Hiro had her hair long and braided neatly while Rei’s hair stayed short. “Now, now, Joanne, that’s not how ladies talk,” Hiro chastised, “How can I become a better lady, Hiromitsu?!” Jinpei snapped, “Just try to be more feminine,” “Same for you, Kaneki!” “Well, yeah…” “Hold on a second, didn’t Kaneki-kun get scarred for life after what you and Furuya-kun did?” asked Megure pointedly, “Well, guess that he rubbed some of his habits onto him,” laughed Date, earning glares from Hiro and Rei. Nakamori was silently relieved that he didn’t have to deal with wacky subordinates in his division. “Well, it can’t be helped. Binge Eater’s targets are good-looking people, we have no choice but to go undercover,” Rei explained. The group then split and looked for potential clues. Jinpei had to chase away some perverts from Hagi. She didn’t want those men ogling on Hagi like that! Suddenly, an idea sparked in her mind and she smirked at Hagi, ‘This is going to be fun,’ she mused. Unknown to them, a pair of eyes watched them from a distance, “Nice try… but you won’t be able to catch me. I will be the one who catches you,” she laughed silently as she exited the club.


Jinpei and Kenji’s bedroom

The mission ended in a partial success where Chiba managed to get a piece of information from a regular customer. That man described the Binge Eater as a purple-haired woman with glasses. The man escaped from Binge Eater’s clutch once. Jinpei laid Hagi on the bed.  Hagi was still in his female form while Jinpei already demorphed. Jinpei smirked as he loomed over Hagi and began to nip her nipples. Hagi moaned slowly, “Jin…pei…chan,” Jinpei then proceeded to suck even harder while fingering Hagi’s clitoris. When he was done with the nipple, he moved on to the next one. Hagi continued to moan and finally had an orgasm. Jinpei took off his finger from Hagi and licked the juice, “Taste nice. I want more,” Jinpei licked his lips. He then proceeded to suck and lick, this time, right at Hagi’s clit. Hagi continued to moan and begged for more. After the second orgasm, Hagi finally begged, “Jinpei-chan, please… inside… now…” Jinpei’s cock throbbed at the request and without a second thought, he shoved his cock into his lover and thrust brutally. Hagi could only moan as Jinpei thrust harder into her, “Jinpei-chan, m-more! Please!” Jinpei was more than happy to oblige. After five minutes, they reached orgasm together. Hagi then placed Matsuda’s head between her breasts and hugged him in her sleep, ‘60B cup,’ Matsuda mused in his sleep as he inhaled the milky scent.


On the next day, the girls went shopping together. They were looking for some new clothes and underwear. Aldrea herself never wore any kind of underwear as she usually wore the morphing outfit whenever she’s in her human morph, so this was her first experience. They had fun trying new clothes and swimsuits. Aldrea decided to get herself some bra and asked the shop assistant to measure her size. To her and the girls’ surprise, it turned out that her bust size was 130 cm, even bigger than her calculation. She was so astonished, so she asked the shop assistant to measure her size two more times, with the same result. Aldrea was deeply embarrassed as the result. She finally decided to find herself some pairs of bras and finally bought some K-sized bras and panties. Yumi joked at Miwako about what kind of wedding dress she would wear while Sonoko and Ran were trying some new swimsuits with Aoko, Kazuha, Masumi, and Rachel. At the end of the day, the girls bumped into a woman, “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m so clumsy,” the woman apologized. Ran forgave her, but Aldrea felt uneasy around that woman. She spared a glance at Miwako who nodded in understanding.


Hamee Residence, Beika

“What? The girl you met on the way home was the Binge Eater?” said Megure. “Yes, and she’s a pretty good actress, to be honest,” said Aldrea. She told everyone about the encounter after the shopping day was over, “She’s indeed a good-looking woman. I bet that she uses her beauty to lure her victims, just like Vermouth. And her mouth smelled a bit like a fresh corpse, which means she has captured another victim recently,” Sato mused. As a ghoul, Sato’s senses of smell and hearing were superior compared to her fellow ghouls. Everyone was digesting the information silently when suddenly, there’s a big explosion happened. It destroyed the walls of the living room. Everyone ducked to avoid flying debris. When the dust cleared, Rize Kamishiro, the Binge Eater aka. Black Widow showed herself. It wasn’t an explosion, but the walls were destroyed by Rize’s kagune, “I finally found you, Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan, or should I call you, Aldrea Hamee?” she gleefully laughed. “How do you find out?” “It’s easy, I followed you silently after we bumped into each other. When I finally managed to follow you home, I heard you talked with Cider on phone. Turns out that he is Dak Hamee, your husband. That man will be delighted for sure.” Rize laughed sinisterly. Kogoro, Megure, and Nakamori couldn’t help but shiver in fear, ‘This woman is insane!’ they screamed in fear. Rize then proceeded to attack everyone. She lunged towards Kaneki, her kagune danced elegantly and formed one big drill. But Kaneki, being an experienced fighter, quickly shaped his kagune into a wall. Rize was having a tough time cracking the shield open, “You’re one tough rock to break!” she screamed in rage. Sato used the momentum as an opening. She struck Rize from the side with her kagune. Rize barely managed to escape with some scratches here and there. She viciously tried to attack Sato, but the inspector was more agile than her. She shot an array of indigo bullets tirelessly. As an ukaku ghoul, Sato had an incredible amount of stamina compared to a normal ukaku ghoul. Takagi was astonished for a moment before Shiratori slapped his face a few times to bring him back to reality, “Takagi-kun! Can you hear me! We need to fight!” Shiratori yelled. A dumbfounded Takagi snapped back into reality and shook his head, “Y-yes, sir!” From afar, the triplets and Yumi stared with deadpan expressions, ‘How hopeless, just propose her already,’ they snarked. Rize managed to corner Kogoro and her kagune went straight towards the inspector’s skull. Kogoro barely managed to escape with the kagune landing only a few centimeters above his head. Rize gave a tough fight to everyone involved. Even the agile and skilled Aldea had great difficulty in facing her. Komei landed a kick on Rize’s stomach, sending the femme fatale crashing the wall nearby. Without wasting any time, Komei stomped on Rize’s stomach to immobilize her, “Great job you did there, Komei!” Kansuke cheered, “Give up already, Binge Eater. You’ve lost.” Rize merely laughed, “You think that you already won? Wrong.” Rize summoned her kagune unexpectedly and stabbed Komei and tore off his right arm. Rize then took a bite of the arm, “Taste nice, it is such a delicacy,” she smirked sinisterly. Everyone instantly felt nauseous while Hagi and Jinpei threw up immediately, “This is the reason why we don’t want to be in the homicide division,” Jinpei coughed after he finished throwing up. “What a glutton,” Yumi shivered. “Komei, are you okay?” “I’m fine, Kansuke-kun. It’s just an arm,” Komei panted as his arm grew back. Rize laughed sinisterly as she summoned her kakuja, “I’m going to devour all of you!” she laughed as an enormous black widow spider – which was her kakuja form – loomed over everyone, “As expected from the black widow herself,” Aldrea smirked as she morphed into a female Hork-Bajir. “If you want to capture me, you have to go through these critters first!” The giant kakuja opened its mouth and numerous spiders were crawling out of it. Kogoro and Nakamori screamed in horror as they had arachnophobia, “SPIDERS!” they screamed in horror. They instantly clung onto poor Kakashi who then struggled against their grip on him, “Get off of me!” he yelled, but it was useless, “Why spiders?! Why does it have to be spiders of all things?!” Nakamori screamed in horror. Yumi, Shinichi, Heiji, and Kaito could only watch from a distance, ‘That’s some police inspectors for you,’ they snarked. The others continued to fight while Megure was trying his best to convince Kogoro and Nakamori to release Kakashi.

The spiders kept coming and Rize was thoroughly enjoying herself. In the moments of despair, Takagi decided to make his move. He grabbed Sato’s arm and pulled her to his side, “Sato-san, will you marry me?” “Is this the right time to ask for it?!” Sato snarked as she sliced another spider. They were separated when a bunch of spiders swarmed towards them. After giving the spiders a good dose of slicing, Takagi returned to Sato’s side, “Maybe this is our only chance. I already made my choice, what about you?” Sato blushed at the confession, “HATAKE-KEIBU! Marry us!” she yelled. Kakashi who finally managed to free himself from Kogoro and Nakamori sliced one of the spiders and screamed, “Can’t you see that I’m busy here?!” Takagi replied, “This is our only chance, sir!” “Oh, hell no! I’m not going to do it!” Takagi then used the puppy eyes tactic on Kakashi. Everyone was just basically shocked by the event. The triplets and Yumi dropped their jaws in disbelief, ‘Seriously?!’ they gaped in disbelief. ‘And here I thought that Furuya-kun and Hiro-kun’s wedding is the weirdest one. Oh dear, how hopeless,’ Megure snarked mentally. Kakashi tried to resist, but he failed to do so, “Okay, fine! I’ll do it!” he then electrocuted the spiders in front of him and continued to fight, “Ladies and gentlemen, today we are here to witness the union of two hopeless romantics,” he kicked one of the spiders from his leg, “Miwako Sato, do you accept Wataru Takagi as your husband?” “I do!” “Wataru Takagi, do you accept Miwako Sato as your wife?” “I do, sir!” “Do you promise to always be together in health and sickness, in joy and sorrow, in rich and poor, and… goddamit! These spiders are endless!” “Just do it, sir!” Takagi begged. “Urgh! Okay, fine. Will you always be together side by side both as working partners and soulmates forever?” “Not even death could separate us!” both Takagi and Sato answered, “As an agent, now I pronounce you as husband and wife, now you may kiss…” Kakashi was cut off yet again when one of the spiders landed on his face, <JUST KISS ALREADY!> he yelled in a booming thought-speech, already frustrated by all of the shenanigans. Takagi kissed Sato passionately while Chiba, Jinpei, Hagi, Kogoro, Nakamori, and Megure dropped their jaws. Kaneki had a dumbfounded expression on his face while Shiratori sweatdropped at the sight. Kansuke merely whistled, “That’s a quick one,” he said while Komei facepalmed. Aldrea mentally groaned as she fought off the kakuja’s immense mandibles, ‘Oh dear…’ Rize laughed at the sight, “What a cute couple, then I will make your wedding vow come true. Together even in death, right?!” The giant spider’s front legs lunged towards the couple, only to be cut down into pieces by Takagi’s kagune. Everyone was astonished by the sight. An annoyed Rize then proceeded to lunge towards the couple, only to have her kakuja stabbed from underground, “What the?! When did you do it?!” “Well, I guess you overestimate yourself, Binge Eater. You were way too focused on your little spiders. I managed to plant some kagune traps around your main kakuja’s body. If your kakuja moves within the trap’s proximity, the trap will spring out and stab it, rendering it immobile.” Komei explained. Rize screamed in rage as she quickly detached herself from her kakuja and aimed her kagune towards Sato, but Kansuke was way faster than her. He sliced Rize into halves before the femme fatale could get a chance of killing Sato, “I got four words for you: mouthwash and mint breath. Seriously, your mouth smells exactly like a carcass,” he snarked. Jinpei and Hagi laughed like crazy at the insult. Even Kakashi had a difficult time maintaining his stoic demeanor. Rize was enraged even further. She lunged towards Kansuke, but a tree fell upon her, crushing her waist and rendering her immobile. It turned out that the tree itself was already very old, and thus, everyone was saved by an old tree.



Rize was taken for interrogation as she was a member of the Washuu Clan while Aldrea had to stay at Kakashi’s house as her own house was damaged. Seerow already decided that he and the others would stay at an inn for a while as soon as he heard the news. Yumi teased her best friend about the marriage, “Well, Miwako, I think you are one lucky woman. You’re married to a kind-hearted man who will always support you no matter what, unlike those sycophants. Maybe one day, you will have children of your own,” Unknown to Yumi, her words hurt Taka’aki and Kansuke. They looked pained at the mention of children. Chiba who noticed it soon elbowed Yumi, <Yumi-san, I think you shouldn’t mention it,> he said in private thought speech. Yumi was confused and didn’t understand, but as soon as she saw Taka’aki and Kansuke’s expressions, she quickly apologized to them and left awkwardly with Chiba. Nakamori who noticed it decided to have a pep talk with them, “What’s wrong?” “No, it’s just… We wanted to have children for a long time, and yet…” Nakamori completely understood the pain they had been through. Megure told him about it. It was indeed very painful. Nakamori cleared his throat, “Pardon me for being rude, but… why do you want to have children so bad?” Taka’aki gave Nakamori a sad smile, “When I was just a teen, I lost my parents. Then I had to live separately from Hiromitsu. He was raised by our relatives in Tokyo while I remained in Nagano. I felt so lonely during that time. When we found Ken back then, he was very miserable. He was just an eight-year-old boy. He was on the verge of turning into a nine-year-old. He looked miserable. He was nothing more than a frightened young boy who was unable to make his own choices. His birth family never loved him at all. I hate being all alone. Because it reminds me of how I lost my parents and had to live far away from Hiromitsu. That’s why I decided to adopt Ken. I did my best to take care of both him and Hiromitsu. When I got married, I thought that we would have a happy life together…” Taka’aki was unable to continue as he was sobbing silently. His body trembled in agony and pain. Kansuke patted Taka’aki’s back gently, “It’s okay, Komei. We will get through this together. That’s our vow as a married triad, right? Maybe one day, we will have a dozen of them.” Komei smiled a little and nodded, wiping his tears away. Nakamori couldn’t help but drop his jaw a little, “Hold on a second, isn’t that a little too many?” “I know that we sound like madmen, but we wanted to have children.” Kansuke sighed as he placed a hand on Komei’s shoulder, “Poor Komei. Life is never easy for him. Whenever something good happens to him, bad things followed. He’s already suffered all alone for a long time and neither I nor Yui will leave him alone,” Kansuke declared. Nakamori went silent for a moment. He realized that he had been so distant towards his daughter after his wife’s death. He wanted to visit Aoko. His train of thoughts was suddenly interrupted by the arrival of officer Yui who rushed towards her husbands, “Kan-chan, Komei-kun. Are you okay?” she asked as she handed each of them a thermos of warm tea. Kansuke chuckled as he took the thermos, “We’re fine, don’t worry. We just had to deal with a gluttonous femme fatale.” Yui sighed in relief as she hugged her husbands. Seeing the scene, Nakamori vowed to himself that he would never neglect his daughter ever again.

On the next day, Ginzo paid a visit to his daughter at the dormitory. Aoko was surprised to see her father, “Dad?” “Aoko, I’m sorry that I ignored you all these years. I want to spend time with you and make up for all of those years. Can you forgive this selfish old jerk?” Nakamori had no courage to look at his daughter’s eyes. Aoko sincerely hugged her dad, shocking Nakamori, “Yes, I would love to, and I already forgave you for a long time,” she smiled. Nakamori sobbed into his daughter’s embrace. He finally fixed the rift between him and his daughter for good. Kaito smiled as he watched from afar with Shinichi and Heiji, ‘Good job, Nakamori-keibu,’ they saluted.