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Chapter 1: New Job and Adaptation


Takagi, Shiratori, Chiba, and Sato were in front of Aldrea who summoned them that day, “I summoned you four because I want to tell you something. From now on, Kakashi will supervise you guys. Kuroda is a very dangerous man. Come meet me for regular training sessions. I’ll give you news about the development. You need extra training since PSB is the department of intelligence. You will need everything that is necessary to become spies.” “Yes, ma’am!”


The training sessions were harsh. Takagi and Chiba found themselves thrown by Aldrea many times during martial arts sessions. Aldrea was absolutely merciless when it came to combats. The morphing training wasn’t the easiest one either. They had to morph into the animal they touched and it was a slow process at first. Sato was the first one who managed to morph into the canary she touched and Takagi was bewildered when he finally morphed into the canary. He had to fight the instinct to escape for five minutes straight. During this time, the Edogawa triplets were in Jii’s care. Slowly but surely, the policemen finally mastered their training. During this time too, Sato fell in love with Takagi because of his kindness. She took care of Takagi after the sparring sessions and asked him to go on dates with her. They finally shared their first kiss at Tropical Land, although it was later disrupted by Detective Boys and Toby who was accompanied by Armin and Bertolt. Toby – followed by the Detective Boys – then asked incessant questions about how did a first kiss taste like much to their embarrassment. When the homicide part received the news about the couple via Megure who witnessed the kiss by accident, Sato’s fan club went wild. But thanks to that, Megure and his fellow higher-ups finally found out that those men only worked in the homicide division because they wanted to make Sato theirs, not out of dedication for justice. They soon fired the incompetent officers and replaced them with the new and competent ones. Chiba also slimmed down during this time, earning attention from the female officers who previously called him ugly fatso. However, Yumi and Aldrea soon sniffed the rats and threatened to report them to the higher-ups, silencing them for good. Even Chiba’s co-workers and everyone else was unable to recognize his new appearance at first, but soon, they got used to it. Naeko at first was disappointed when she saw her boyfriend slimmed down, complaining that she would miss her ‘fluffy soft teddy bear’, but she soon became glad at Chiba’s development. Aldrea always gave her trainees this message to motivate them: “An agent must keep their physical and mental health prime. Teamwork is the number one priority for an agent’s success in every mission.”

One day, after finishing another morphing class, Takagi saw a middle-aged man on his way home. The man somehow felt familiar, but he never met him before. The man smiled as he approached Takagi and patted his shoulder, “Please take care of my daughter, Miwako. I’m sure you will make her happy,” the man said. When Takagi blinked, the man disappeared into thin air. Takagi then arrived at his apartment, where the boys were preparing a surprise dinner for him, “Thank you for taking care of us, Takagi-keibu,” the trio grinned widely. Takagi was surprised and smiled, “Thank you,” he said.

When he told his co-workers about his meeting with the mysterious man after finishing another morphing class, Sato burst into tears. It turned out that the man was Sato’s deceased father. Takagi then cusped Sato’s hands in his, “I promise to you, Sato-san. I promise that I will be there for you in joys and sorrows and nothing and nobody will take us apart. Not even death,” Takagi vowed. Sato blushed at his confession and the couple was about to kiss when they suddenly got interrupted by Kazami’s cough, “Sorry for bothering you, but Aldrea-san wants to meet you,” he said. The blushing couple quickly stood up and left.

The teens also moved on with their own motivation. They secretly formed a group called Scouts of Freedom. They wanted to free people out of fear of racism and terror. The group was led by Kaneki who at that time already enrolled in the police academy with the Edogawa triplets as his right-hand men. They also enlisted the adults’ help in giving advices and launching campaigns. They worked in the shadows by taking down thugs and encouraging people to support equal rights for everyone, including magical creatures. This of course, enraged Kuroda – who was actually Furuta in disguise – but his hands were tied once again. Many of his supporters were fired and the teens were very clever in covering their tracks. He tried to get his hands on Takagi and Co, but Aldrea and Kakashi were in a constant vigilant state. He’s getting even more frustrated as days passed…