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Someone We Left Behind

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Chaghan and Rin are so aggrieved with the passing of Altan.
Both have inferiority issues pertaining to Altan's genius, and both needs to make sure that they are on track.
Then, in their vulnerability moment, they fall in love. Maybe there's a kiss involved.

I imagine that, if Rin's goal is the hegemony of the world, it would be wise to pair her with Chaghan.
How does Chaghan feel about Rin's personal goal?
Chaghan would provide an interesting view of "The World's Affair vs the Marginalized Tribe".
What kind of world hegemony manifest if the marginalized tribe is included?
Rin's God is the archetype of yes or nothing. It is a very black and white and singular vision. There is no in between with her Phoenix God.
But Chaghan comes from a tribe with nuanced thinking, with strand of nondualism and buddhism thinking. Chaghan would never agree with Rin.

Their long time together, power contest between them, vulnerability breached upon Altan's reappearance in the Pantheon, and the ultimate kiss between them. There must be a way, a way not to face the world alone. A way to pay back Altan's martyrdom, just not with revenge, but with love.

"Chaghan, do you think we have done good deeds?" asks Rin, a trembling in her voice.
"Rin, the killing, everything, has arisen in the consciousness of human kind. It is never one's wishes to kill so much. It is what the world necessitates in order to goes on. And, it was upon us, who perceive everything, to do something. We've done our part. Let the other do the rest."