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The Ultimate Detective and The Ultimate Hope Gaiden: The Naegis’ Secret Diary!

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*Knock Knock*

Kiki opened the door, revealing Tsumugi on the other side.

“Konbanwa, Kiki.  You ready to continue where we left off?”

“Sure, come in.”

Kiki closed the door once Tsumugi had walked in.  They then sat on her bed together before Kiki picked up the diary and opened it to where she had bookmarked it.

Kiki briefly coughed before she began to read “I was roughly hauled by Juzo Sakakura to a Future Foundation meeting room.  We had just entered the doors when…”

“Whoa!”  Makoto yelped as he was unceremoniously thrown on the floor like a ragdoll.

“Get up, you traitorous son of a bitch!”  The former Ultimate Boxer growled as Makoto groaned in pain.  “I know you’re just fakin’ it.  I should just finish you right here and…”



The two familiar voices echoed in Juzo’s ear, causing him to turn to see the glare of Chisa Yukizome, as well as the neutral stare of Kyosuke Munakata.

“Don’t you think you’ve roughed him up enough?!”  Chisa exclaimed.  “For Kami’s sake, he’s bleeding!”

“Sakakura, I’m not defending Naegi by any stretch of the imagination, and I know your intentions are for the sake of eradicating despair.  But…”  Kyosuke warned his friend and colleague “…If his condition worsens to an unacceptable level, then any verdict we pass will lose any and all legitimacy, and the ability of the Future Foundation to spread hope will be left in shambles.  Do I make myself clear?”  He asked with an intimidating glare.

After a tense moment of silence that had Makoto seriously fearing for his life, Juzo sighed and relented “Yeah, I get it.  I’ll go easy on him.”

Kyosuke nodded and ordered “Then you are dismissed.  Please report back to your division until further notice.”

Juzo grumbled and walked out of the room, leaving the two division directors alone with the defendant.

“Yukizome, I’ll leave his recovery in your hands.  See to it that his physical condition doesn’t worsen.”

“Roger that!”  Chisa saluted before Kyosuke nodded and walked out of the room.  She then turned to Makoto and clapped before she exclaimed “Okay, let’s at least clan that blood off your chin and give you some pain medication.”

Makoto slowly stood up and nodded before he walked over to a nearby chair and sat down in it.  Meanwhile, Chisa grabbed a nearby cloth and walked to the sink before she ran it under some hot water.  Once she squeezed the water out, she walked over to the injured Makoto and wiped the blood off his chin, causing him to wince in slight pain as he felt the pressure against his jaw.

“There, it doesn’t look like you’re bleeding.”  Chisa smiled as she stood up and muttered “Now let me just get some advil and a glass of water for you.”

Makoto watched as Chisa walked over to the sink and opened the nearby cupboard.  She grabbed a disposable cup and a medicine bottle before she turned the faucet and held the cup under it.  Once it was half full, she placed it on the counter and turned the faucet back.  She then took the cap off the medicine bottle and placed two red pills next to the cup before she replaced the cap and put the bottle back in the cupboard.

Once she closed the cupboard, she picked up the cup and medicine and exclaimed “Okay, time for your medicine!”

Makoto nodded as she walked over to him before her eyes flashed in realization.  She knelt down and placed the cup and pills on the floor before she reached up to his wrists and released his handcuffs.

As Makoto looked up at her in surprise, Chisa smiled and told him “It’d be kind of awkward to have you take that medicine while you’re handcuffed.  So as long as you promise not to misbehave like a really rotten orange, I think it’ll be okay if you’re not handcuffed.”

Makoto nodded as she picked up the advil and water and handed it to him.  Makoto gingerly tossed the pills into his mouth and gulped down the water.

“There, that should help.”  Chisa stood up and told him “I’ll be back later to treat your minor injuries.  You just rest in that chair for now, okay?  Promise me you won’t leave this room!”

“Ah, yeah, I promise!”

“Excellent, glad we understand each other!”  Chisa giggled before she waved and told him “Well, see you later, Makoto!”

Makoto watched as she left the room, catching the uniform of Future Foundation guards as the door opened.

Makoto sighed and lamented Guess I can’t leave even if I want to… before he leaned back and closed his eyes, hoping that a nap would help his recovery.

“I can’t believe how rough that Sakakura guy was so rough with the headmaster!”  Tsumugi exclaimed.

“Yeah, I can’t believe Mom and Dad named a building here after him…”

“Well, maybe he atoned for it somehow…”

“Maybe…”  Kiki smiled wryly as she mused “Or maybe Dad’s just so nice that he’d forgive someone who roughed him up.”

“Yeah, maybe…”  Tsumugi giggled before she concluded “I guess we’ll only find out by continuing to read your parents’ accounts.”

Kiki nodded and turned the page before she continued “While your father recovered, I tried to fill up my time by completing paperwork that normally would have been you’re his responsibility.  I’d like to say I was being productive, but more than anything it was just to keep my mind off the sham of a trial the other division leaders were running.  Eventually though…”

Kyoko sighed and put down her pen before she stared up at the clock.

“I suppose it’s about time for me to regroup with Makoto.  Assuming Sakakura didn’t rough him up even more, he should have recovered from the worst of his injuries.”

Kyoko stood up and lamented “We have to adapt our legal strategy these strong-arm tactics.  If we’re not careful, we could all end up paying the price…”

With that, she walked out of the office and strode through the halls of the Future Foundation Headquarters.  Kyoko’s eyes narrowed as she heard the quiet whispers and gossip of other employees.  She resisted the urge to sigh in exasperation as rumors of Makoto’s trial seemed to spread through the halls.

I suppose this is rather exciting for them, though I just want this to be over so we can all move on with returning hope to the world.

At last, she came to the door to the room where, according to her information, Makoto was now recuperating.  It was a simple set of double doors, guarded by two Future Foundation employees armed with rifles.

…Isn’t this just a little overkill?  She wondered with dread.  Makoto’s not dangerous, and he’s not gonna try to escape.  So what’s with the armed guards?

Pushing the thought from her mind, she strode forward, only for the two guards to immediately cross their rifles over the door, blocking her passage.

Kyoko glared as she nearly growled “Out of my way.”

“…Apologies, Director Kirigiri, but our orders strictly state not to let anyone from Division Fourteen in contact with the prisoner.”

Kyoko glared angrily as she realized So that’s what the guards are for…they’re not here to keep Makoto in, they’re here to keep me out!  “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.  Now stand aside, or…”

“I’m sorry, but he’s right.”  Kyoko turned around to see Chisa walking up to her before the former teacher informed her “That order was given by Vice-Chairman Munakata and signed by Chairman Tengan.”

…Figures it would be Munakata’s doing…  Kyoko turned her glare on Chisa as she seethed “Need I remind you, Director Yukizome, that Makoto Naegi is my employee, and as his supervisor, I am his legal defense attorney.  I have every right to speak to him, now tell these guards to let me speak to my client.”

Chisa looked at her apologetically as she replied gently “Believe me, Director Kirigiri, I sympathize with you, but I have no authority to disobey Munakata’s orders.  You’ll have to take it up with him or Chairman Tengan.”

And if Tengan signed onto this, then there’s no chance in hell I’ll get my way…

“I promise, Naegi’s in good hands.  And I know you; you’re more than ready for his trial.”

That was before he was beaten up in front of the other directors…  Realizing that Chisa wasn’t going to budge, Kyoko sighed and told her colleague curtly “Inform Vice-Chairman Munakata that I will be lodging a formal complaint once this trial is concluded.  Goodbye.”

Chisa sighed in exasperation as Kyoko walked away and pulled out her phone, tapping furiously with her thumb as she relayed a message to the only confidant that was still on her side.

The door to the girls’ room slammed open as Hina rushed inside, exclaiming “I got here as soon as I could.  So, how’d it go?  What did Makoto say?”

Kyoko looked down as she admitted “…I didn’t get to speak to him.”  Seeing Hina’s widened eyes, she explained “Apparently Tengan approved a request from Munakata to forbid me or anyone in my division from having contact with him before they reconvene his trial.  I’m guessing you’d receive an equivalent response if you tried to talk to him.”

Outraged, Hina exclaimed “We can’t even see him?!  That’s ridiculous!”

Kyoko sighed and lamented “It’s a sign of how little they trust us.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m suspected of working in collusion with Makoto to hide the Remnants.”  Which honestly isn’t that far from the truth…

“Sure, but still…”

Kyoko looked apologetically at her friend and informed her “I’m sorry.  You’ll be treated as a co-conspirator too at this rate.”

Hina smiled wryly as she mused “As long as we’re in this boat together, I guess.”

Kyoko turned her head to the side as she mused “It’s natural for me to come under scrutiny.  I’m his boss.  It’s just part of the bargain.”  She tuned her head to look at the former swimmer and warned “But I see no point for you to stick your neck out.”

“Don’t even start with that!”  Hina exclaimed forcefully as she clenched her fists.  “We’re in different branches, sure, but I can still help!”

After a moment of silent staring, Kyoko shrugged “Some things never change, huh?”

“C’mon, Kyoko!  This is what friends do!  And besides, we’ve been through worse, right?!”

Kyoko couldn’t help but smile at her enthusiasm, grateful to have Aoi Asahina by her side.

“Wow, they really had it out for your dad, huh Kiki?”  Tsumugi commented as they finished reading that section of the diary.

“Yeah, they wouldn’t even let Mom see him!”  Kiki sighed as she muttered “There’s no way that’s fair…she said it herself, she was Dad’s lawyer!  How to you deny a defendant his lawyer?!”

“It certainly seems like they wanted to stack things as much against him as possible without making it a technically unfair trial…at least that Yukizome woman was gentler.”

“Yeah, I just wish she had stood up to Munakata and let Mom talk to Dad.”  Kiki lamented.

“Yeah, me too, but it’s all in the past, right?”  Tsumugi pointed out “Your dad’s okay, so obviously this trial must have ended favorably for your parents.”

“…Yeah, I guess…let’s keep reading.  Maybe we’ll find out more about how Mom and Dad got out of this mess.”

Tsumugi nodded as Kiki turned the page and continued reading.

“I had just opened my eyes and saw Chisa Yukizome come back into the meeting room with a bucket of medical supplies in hand.  She sat down across from me and…”

Chisa reached into the bucket and pulled out a pair of tweezers, a cotton pall, and a bottle of antiseptic.

“We should probably disinfect where you were bleeding earlier, just to be safe.”  Chisa suggested as she placed them on the table next to them.  Makoto eyed the cotton ball hesitantly as Chisa uncapped the antiseptic and picked up the fluffy item with the tweezers.  After she poured a few drops of antiseptic on it, she held it towards Makoto’s face.

The young man leaned away reflexively as she told him “This’ll sting a teensy bit.”

Makoto grunted, causing Chisa to roll her eyes in amusement as he put on a fake smile and lied “No big.  Hardly felt a thing.”

“You’re such a boy.”  Chisa giggled as she removed the cotton ball from his skin and placed the tweezers back on the table.

“So…are you some kinda doctor, or what?  Makoto asked in a bid to make small talk.”

“I used to be a teacher, once upon a time.”

Oh, that’s right; there was a teacher named Chisa Yukizome at Hope’s Peak before the Tragedy!  Makoto realized as one of his memory fragments pieced themselves together.  I guess I never put two-and-two together before; I haven’t really seen her much except in passing…

“Heh, seems like another life.”  She muttered wistfully as she recalled her days teaching Class 77th.  “I taught the people you protected.”  As Makoto gasped in shock, she asked “So did you know who you were putting yourself out there for, or was their reputation a mystery to you?”  She turned to look at him as she told him “You had to have known what they’d done.”

Makoto clenched his knees with his hands as he admitted “I’m not entirely sure.  But…I mean…”  Makoto’s eyes hardened as he argued “They didn’t come into the world the way they are.  They had hopes, dreams they must’ve talked about with their friends.”

Chisa smiled at Makoto’s passion as she mused “Hopes, huh?  I’m beginning to see where your nickname comes from.”

Makoto’s cheeks flushed pink as he held his hands up and stammered “I, uh…didn’t pick it out for myself, believe me!”  There are times I wish Kyoko hadn’t given me that title during that last class trial…

Chisa averted her eyes and mused “You and Munakata.  He’s the Future Foundation’s hope.”

“I know.”  The now composed Makoto replied seriously.

“I don’t think the way you look at things is necessarily wrong, but some crimes are just too serious.”

“And which ones would those be, I wonder.”  Makoto softly replied as he pondered And are they really responsible when they’ve been brainwashed to do them?

He looked up at Chisa, who now stood up with her back turned as she admonished gently “Don’t be naïve.  You can’t kill the Remnants of Despair with kindness.  The Foundation needs men like Munakata.  Men who can do what has to be done.”

“You may be right.”  Makoto reluctantly admitted as he wondered But is killing Class 77 really what needs to be done?

“Hey.”  Chisa spoke as she turned around, causing Makoto to stare up curiously at her. 

She smiled as she leaned down until their noses were only a couple inches apart.

“What if two hopes could set aside their differences and meet in the middle?  Think seeing ‘em work together would inspire an even better hope?”

“Well…”  Believe me, I’d love it if we could cooperate, but Munakata and the others seem more insistent on punishing me than even hearing me out…

“Look, I realize he comes off a little cold.”  Chisa defended her friend.  “But give him a chance.  He’s a good person.  It’d mean a lot to me if you could see his side.”

Makoto looked down, thinking It’s not that I don’t see his side, but will he see mine…?

“Well, just some food for thought.”  Chisa pulled some ice packs out of the bucket and handed them to him, instructing “Here, put those against your bruises.  That should help with the pain in case the advil isn’t a hundred percent effective.”

Makoto smiled and nodded as he took them and slid one under his shirt, sighing in relief as the cool sensation eased his aching abdomen.

“I think this Yukizome had a major crush on Munakata.”  Tsumugi commented as Kiki nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, you could tell by how insistent she was about his good character.  She was painting him in the best light possible.”

“Plus she was calling your dad naïve and asking him to compromise when they should have been compromising.  That’s totally do as I say, not do as I do!”

“Well, I suppose any bureaucracy is going to be laced with hypocrisy at some point.”  Kiki sighed.  “Still, I don’t doubt her sincerity, and maybe I’m biased towards my father, but I honestly think she’s the naïve one in this case.”

“If only he’d had you as his lawyer!”  Tsumugi teased “I’m sure that would have been quite the turnabout trial!”

“Yeah right!”  Kiki giggled.  “There’s no way I could do better than Mom!”  She sighed and lamented “We should…continue reading…”

As Tsumugi nodded in agreement, Kiki turned the page and continued narrating from the diary.

“I stepped out of the bathroom into the hallway and saw a nervous young man who…”

“What’s the matter?”  Kyoko asked as she approached the blond-haired boy, who turned around nervously with a look of surprise and anxiety on his face.

“Um…nothing.”  He stammered as he fidgeted with his hands.  “I’m here for the big meeting with Chairman Tengan.  Don’t wanna just barge in.”

This guy could give Toko’s nervousness a run for its money…  Kyoko thought before her eyes flashed in realization.  “Excuse me, aren’t you…?”

Still nervous, he smiled softly and confirmed “Yes, Ryota Mitarai, and you’re…?”  A sizable rumbling cut off Kyoko’s answer as Ryota gasped in fear, exclaiming “What’s happening?”

“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.”

Kyoko’s eyes narrowed as she ran off, Ryota exclaiming as she ran after her “Hey, don’t leave me alone!”

Kyoko ignored him, dashing as fast as her feet could carry her.

That rumbling could only mean one thing…we’re under attack…that means all of us are in danger, including Makoto!

“Even when they’re all under attack, your mom’s first thought is still your dad’s safety.”  Tsumugi observed as Kiki smiled knowingly.

“Yeah, even though they were dancing around each other for the second time, Mom still loved Dad above all else.”  She sighed wistfully as she flashed back to her younger years, muttering “And they’re damn good parents.”

“Yeah, they really are.”  Tsumugi agreed.  “Though I am wondering what your dad was doing when this went down.”

“I think he’s about to tell us…”  Kiki stated as she turned the page.  “I was still in the meeting room with Yukizome when the building rattled from the attack.  She stood up and…”

“Come on!”  Chisa exclaimed as the surprised Makoto stood up.  “We’ve gotta rendezvous with the other directors!  They should be on their way back to the central conference room!”

“Right, coming!”  Makoto nervously agreed as he ran behind Chisa, struggling to keep up with the more athletic director.

What’s going on?

“What’s going on?!”  Chisa exclaimed as she and Makoto walked into the conference room.

“We’re under attack.”  Kyosuke stated calmly, as if this were just business.  “Reports are just coming in now.”   He then turned to Daisaku, who was frantically tapping on his tablet, and demanded “Specifics, Bandai.  What’s the damage like?”

“Just a sec. Uh…”  He stammered in a nervous, squeaky voice.

“Oh Kami!”  Chisa exclaimed as several video feeds appeared on the giant conference monitor, showing debris and rubble blocking several exits.

“The front entrance is buried under rubble.”  The Great Gozu observed.

“Not just the front entrance, guys.”  Daisaku exclaimed.  “The rear entrance, the emergency exits, elevators on all floors, every possible way out of this building has been obliterated!”

“I told you something like this would happen!  You all swore no one knew about this place!”  Ruruka exclaimed angrily.

“Clearly the enemy has the inside track.”  Seiko Kimura retorted dryly.

As Ruruka glared at Seiko and growled, Juzo turned his anger on Makoto and accused “You led them here, didn’t you?”

Chisa and Makoto turned to Juzo in shock at the accusation while Kyosuke impressively kept his cool and stated “That’s not confirmed.”  Makoto’s relief was short-lived however as the vice-chairman decided “Even so, it’s best if we hold him down.”

“Done.”  Juzo growled in satisfaction as he forced Makoto onto his knees with his bare hands, causing Makoto to grunt in pain as considerable pressure was exerted on his still fresh bruises.

“Easy, Sakakura!”  Chisa admonished.  “Don’t be so rough!”


Juzo glared at his colleague before Kyosuke broke the tension, placing his hand on Chisa’s shoulder as he stated “Stay calm.  Listen to me, contact HQ for help.”  He then turned to address the others as he ordered “No one leaves this room.  We’ll wait for security.”

As Chisa ran to the side, the doors burst open, revealing a panicked Hina who cried out “They’re all dead!  The guards!  They’ve all been killed!  They’re in the…bathroom!”

Kyosuke glanced at Hina, acknowledging her outburst by furrowing his brow in surprise.

“Comms are down too!”  Chisa interjected “I can’t reach the outside!”

“That is…not a good sign.”  Kazuo deadpanned.

“Um, Chairman?  Sir?” 

Kazuo turned his head towards the new voice and saw Ryota enter the room with Kyoko close behind.

“Sorry.  I’m rather late.”

“Wait, Mitarai?  You’re here?”  Kazuo asked in surprise, causing the former animator’s eyes to widen in shock.

Ignoring her urge to order Juzo off Makoto, Kyoko knelt down next to her employee and asked “What’s the situation?”

“It’s the exits.”  Makoto answered.  “Apparently they’ve all been blown up.”

“So we’re basically trapped…”  Kyoko mused as she held her hand to her chin in contemplation.

“Kyoko, what do we do?!”  Hina begged, hoping that the former detective would have some master plan for getting them out of there.

“Nobody panic.”  The Great Gozu assured them.  “This room is full of Future Foundation leadership, the best of the best!”

Then why couldn’t we see this coming?!  Makoto and Kyoko deadpanned as the division leader continued to assure them.

“Whoever’s behind this, we can hand…”

A gentle clattering interrupted his pep talk as he glanced down.  His eyes widened behind his mask as a small metal ball settled at his feet, half white, half black with a jagged red eye and evil grin.

Hina gasped in fear as Juzo breathed “What the…”

At that moment, the ball emitted a heavy cloud of white gas, causing everyone to cough as they inhaled it.

“S…Sleeping gas?”  Seiko exclaimed.  “Dear Kami, it’s so potent.”

One by one, the Future Foundation leaders dropped like flies, helpless against the sleeping grenade.

No…not again…  Makoto and Kyoko thought, briefly flashing back to when they had been knocked out by Mukuro after witnessing Headmaster Kirigiri’s death. 

Their shared memory lasted only a second however, as their consciousness quickly faded, knocking them out and leaving them to awaken in yet another nightmare.

Makoto groaned as his eyes fluttered open, his hazy vision adjusting as the dark floor made itself known.  The former luckster forced himself to his knees as his drowsiness dissipated, finally vanishing when his eyes widened in shock at a black bracelet wrapped around his left wrist.

He gasped and muttered “What is this?”

Makoto weakly stood up, looking around at the other victims who were just getting on their feet.

“Ugh.”  Daisaku groaned.  “Divorce papers from an imp.”

Makoto’s eyes settled on Kyoko, who was just starting to get up, causing him to think in relief Good, she’s okay! 

Suddenly, a light beeping similar to a digital notification echoed from his bracelet, causing him to look down at hit and tap his thumb against it.  The moment his skin made contact, the numbers 01 59 25 appeared in bright red font.

“A timer?  For what?”  Makoto wondered in morbid curiosity.

“Nyohohohohoho!”  Makoto gasped as the cackle of nightmares echoed in the room, followed by a taunting “Long time no see, kiddos!  Nyohohohohoho!”

“…That laugh!”  Hina gasped as she too knew who it belonged to.

Kyoko’s eyes narrowed in a hateful glare as everyone stared at the screen, the disembodied voice taunting “As long as despair keeps the home fires lit…wassup?!”

At that moment, the screen turned on, displaying the familiar sight of the Hope’s Peak Gymnasium’s podium.  The familiar sight of black and white bear leapt onto the podium, confirming the survivors’ suspicions.

Monokuma had returned, exclaiming “Your buddy Monokuma will always come waving back!”

Makoto trembled in shock, exclaiming in his confused mind How?!  Junko Enoshima is dead!

“…Who are you supposed to be?”  Juzo spat after a minute of shocked silence from the others.

“Let’s get to it.”  Monokuma coughed, ignoring Juzo’s demand before he continued “People of the Future Foundation, I’m a big fan of how you’re trying to save the world.  No, really.  Bang up job, I mean it.”

I doubt that!  Makoto and Kyoko deadpanned as Monokuma continued his virtual speech.

“Thanks to you guys, the Remnants of Despair have been on a losing streak of colossal proportions.  We’re practically on the verge of total annihilation!”  Makoto grit his teeth, watching Monokuma taunt them as he continued “But hey, I’m not one to bear a grudge.  In fact, I’m here to thank you.”

I don’t think we want his kind of thanks…  Makoto thought, positive that Kyoko and Hina had the exact same thoughts that he did.

Whatever he’s planning, it can’t be good.  Kyoko deduced before being proven right by Monokuma’s next sentence.

“By having you all kill each other!  Nyohohohoho!”

The whole room gasped, everyone feeling chills travel down their spines as they took in Monokuma’s mortal sentence.

“Nyohohohohoho!  No worries!  We’ll treat it like a game!  You millennials are super into that kinda stuff, aren’tcha?”

“Killing each other?!”  Ruruka exclaimed as she hid behind Sonosuke.

“Hey, what can I say?  History repeats itself.”  Monokuma shrugged in amusement before taunting “But Mister Monokuma, sir!  We don’t wanna play the killing people game.  Tough titty!  That’s how it works!”


Makoto dredged up all his courage as he openly defied the former headmaster, glaring at the murderous mascot as he clenched his left fist with hatred.

“We’re not gonna play and there’s not a damn thing you can do to make us!  We’re allies!  We’re not gonna kill each other off!”  Makoto grit his teeth as he denied “No.  Never again.”

“Where’s Yukizome?”  Kyosuke’s confused and slightly frantic question startled Makoto out of his anger as he turned around to face the others and demanded “Did anyone see her?!”

*Drip Drop*

The dripping sound caused even the usually calm Kyosuke Munakata to gasp in surprise as his eyes wandered to a dingle spot on the cracked table.  Everyone stared in shock as blood dripped down from the ceiling.

No…Please no…  Makoto pleaded in his mind, gasping as he looked up with dread at the chandelier.

“Oh shoot, that’s right.”  Monokuma gasped in faux surprise as everyone’s eyes focused on the familiar ponytail that hung just above the chandelier.  “I shoulda said earlier.  But, um, yeah…”  Everyone’s eyes stared in horror at the sight of Chisa Yukizome’s corpse draped limply over the chandelier as Monokuma exclaimed “THE GAME’S ALREADY STARTED!”

Yukizome-san…she’s…dead…  Makoto exclaimed in his mind, unable to look away from the blood staining her entire body, tears staining her permanently horrified face.

As if on cue, the chain holding up the chandelier snapped, causing it and Chisa’s corpse to fall to the table.  The glass of the chandelier shattered into shards as Kyosuke watched in horror and barely contained grief.  In the most expressive show of emotion he had shown since Makoto had arrived, Kyosuke bowed his head and grit his teeth in anguish as Monokuma laughed at his grief.

“Nyohohohoho!  Look alive, Makoto!” 

Makoto’s eyes narrowed in anger and hatred as he turned to face the screen.

“’Cause ready or not, son, we’re about to start a killin’ game that’ll determine the fate of all humanity!”  Makoto grit his teeth as Monokuma announced “The big daddy, high-noon showdown ‘tween hope and despair!  Think I’m exaggerating?  Shows what you know, buckaroo!  Gird your loins!  The final battle is nigh!”

Makoto shook with anger, determined more than ever to make sure that Monokuma, and the mastermind that was controlling him, would go down without losing anyone else.

“Every story has an end.  This’ll be ours!”

Damn right, Monokuma!  I swear, I won’t let things turn out like you want!  We’re all gonna get out of here alive, I promise you that!

“…So that’s what they meant…”  Kiki muttered as she replaced the bookmark and closed the diary.  “The most consequential trial of their lives wasn’t an actual trial…it wasn’t my dad being tried for treason…it was having to survive a Final Killing Game!”

“Oh wow!”  Tsumugi breathed.  “I never realized that your parents had to survive another nightmare like that!”

“Yeah, no joke.  And to think, Yukizome’s death was just the beginning…”  Kiki sighed and told her friend “Anyway, I think I’ve had enough reading for now.  Besides, it’s late, and I need to get up for class tomorrow.”

“Yeah, probably a…good idea…”  Tsumugi yawned before she stood up.  “Well, I’ll see you in class tomorrow.  Good night, Kiki.”

“Good night, Tsumugi.”  Kiki returned, hugging her friend once before she walked out the door.

With a fatigued yawn, Kiki curled under the covers and closed her eyes, falling into a somewhat restless sleep.