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Pay The Price For What You Say

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Carol had been working a denim cloth piece of fabric underneath a black & gold sewing machine at her small desk by the window. She was concentrating for so long, she didn’t see or hear Therese coming into the bedroom.

The youngest laid her coat and satchel on a chair near the dresser. She walked her smoky nylon feet across the room towards Carol, hunched over, dressed in her plaid bathrobe.

Therese placed a hand on Carol’s back and took a look at the work made-in-progress of what appeared to be the world’s tiniest sleeveless jacket.

“What is that?”

“A vest for Rindy’s teddy bear,” Carol answered, never taking her eyes off the tap-tap-tapping of the needle and her fingers pushing along the fringe edges.

“She’ll love it,” Therese rubbed Carol before leaning down to press her mouth on the back of her head, hoping to get some attention after a long day in the office.

“Be a dear and open the windows? I’m overheated,” Carol barely acknowledged the small kiss and shifted in her cushion seat.

Caught off guard by Carol’s little-to-none affection, Therese stepped away from her to push up the windows and let the cool October night air come through.

“Maybe he could have some buttons?” Therese suggested minutes later, unlatching the metal sewing kit that was next to Carol’s elbow.

She wasn’t going to put any buttons tonight. That would just look silly! The bear was already going to wear a floppy hat, trousers, and a cutout vest!

“I don’t need your help at all!” Carol snapped, almost piercing the skin of her right pinkie finger with the sharp needle. She released her foot off the pedal to shut the machine down, cooling it off.

“Okay… You know what’s best, Carol…” abandoning the sewing kit, Therese left to go change into her pajamas.

“Darling, I didn’t mean it,”
Carol closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Therese ignored her as she pulled the covers up her side of the bed, rolling over, facing her back towards the woman she loved. Stung by tonight’s words, she tried to erase them and fall asleep. It was time to call it a night.

The sewing machine had been going for endless hours.