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just a normal night at the motel

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A slight dip of the bed from the new weight causes Keqing to open her eyes. She shifts her gaze over to the person in question, her girlfriend, Ganyu. Being out together on a road trip was something that Keqing was looking forward to for quite some time, but she wasn't aware that they'd end up having to stop at some suspiciously shoddy motel to rest. Hell, seeing where they had to stop for the night ended up giving her a burst of energy that's bound to keep her going for the rest of the night.


"You think we could've at least found a better place to stay the night, Ganyu?" Keqing finally brings herself to ask. Ganyu hums as she gets settled in bed and gives the younger woman an innocent smile.


"Alright, so I'll take that as a no," Keqing mutters as she sits up in bed. "Are you sure we can't just get back on the road? I can drive us some more hours--"


"Keqing," Ganyu suddenly cuts her off. "We've already looked over a list of nearby places. They're booked. Driving there now will simply make you exhausted for later."


"Well, I'm not exhausted right now, so I feel like no difference will be made there."




"That, and this bed is squeaky!" To add to her emphasis, she rocks her weight around and the bed creaks in response. "We'll probably be tossing and turning all night, and while I don't know about you, I can't see myself sleeping through that!"




"And the bathroom doesn't even have hot water! The best it can do is lukewarm! Honestly, whoever designed this place cut far too many shortcuts and it shows!"


The bed is groaning again as Ganyu sits up and shifts to sit on her knees. Sure, she'll admit that everything her girlfriend is complaining about isn't wrong, but she also knows that not trying to sleep won't bring about any benefits. By now, Keqing has shifted her glare to the television, muttering something about how it doesn't have any of the "good" channels, but Ganyu has, admittedly, stopped listening.


The older woman's eyes are at least following the Yuheng as she gets out of bed, which probably gives her the impression that she's listening, though she feels a little guilty about that. 


But only just a little.


"--see this wall? I'm pretty sure there's a crack in--"


Ganyu's eyes finally betray her and move down to her girlfriend's ass. Strange, has the movement of her ass always been like a pendulum? She's not sure why it looks twice as hypnotizing as usual. Ganyu briefly shakes her head to try to get her thoughts out of less dangerous territory.


"...yu? Ganyu?" Keqing has at least stopped ranting about the motel room. Probably? "I… I'm sorry. I may not be tired, but you probably are. Please, get some rest. I'll, uh, figure something out."


The blue haired woman nods her head slowly and she lies back down and closes her eyes. Honestly, was she even tired? 


Keqing sighs as she drops back onto the bed and Ganyu cracks open one eye to look at her. "What are you going to do, Keqing?"


"Work from my phone, probably."


"But the whole point of this road trip was so you and I both don't work. The only reason you agreed to it was because our company disguised it as a business trip!"


"I swear, I'm never listening to Ningguang when she proposes ideas like that ever again!"


"Would you like for her to do like last time and have her bodyguard drag you out?" Ganyu teases. "It was the talk of the workplace the entire morning."


The Yuheng's flushing face is the only response Ganyu receives.


"Besides, Keqing, we get an entire week to spend together. Work has kept us apart a lot lately, and as much as I enjoy it myself, I do miss spending time with you," the older woman says softly as she's reaching a hand over to hold her girlfriend's hand.


It takes Keqing a moment, but soon her shoulders slump and she's sighing. "Alright, alright. No work." She's sparing a glance at the television that seems to be playing some romantic movie. "Now get some sleep. I've kept you up long enough."


Ganyu hums in response as she wraps her arms around Keqing's body. With how she placed her arms, she can even raise her girlfriend's pajama top some under the guise of getting comfier!


The dangerous thoughts Ganyu tried to push away come back in full force. The gears are turning whether she wants them to or not. A part of her body throbs in response, and she shifts her hips back a bit, not wanting to bother Keqing with this.


Even if she would love to bury her cock deep inside her girlfriend.


Keqing tenses a little when Ganyu ends up squeezing her body a little tighter, but she doesn't say anything. Well, she wasn't, up until she felt Ganyu unconsciously panting against her stomach. "Are you feeling alright, Ganyu?"


"I'm fine," she responds, trying her best to sound like she's not straining herself. Another throb. It's insistent, just like those thoughts within the blue haired woman's head.


But didn't Keqing also mention that she wasn't very tired? Maybe she wouldn't be against this? Ganyu's hand starts to move along Keqing's stomach. The muscles underneath the older woman's fingers flex.


The purple haired woman simply raises a brow as she looks on. She's trying to hide a smirk. "You do remember that this bed is rather squeaky, right?"




"So you don't care if our potential next door neighbors hear us?"


"You said you weren't tired," Ganyu mumbles as her hand travels under Keqing's shirt to grope her breast. "This can both help us sleep."


"Ganyu, you looked like you were about to fall asleep minutes ago when you were spacing o--"


Keqing stops herself when Ganyu finally presses her hips against her. Oh .


"I'm suddenly beginning to think you weren't even listening to me earlier. Just what were you staring at?"




"Your honest answer."


"Your ass."


The crass answer from Ganyu causes Keqing's face to burn and she's suddenly finding that wall she was complaining about the most perfect thing to stare at. "Oh my god, Ganyu…"


The hand that was basically forgotten on the younger woman's breast begins to move again, lightly massaging to regain the owner's attention.


Keqing does a sharp intake of breath. "I've really unleashed a monster within you…"


A soft giggle comes from Ganyu as she shifts to push Keqing down on the bed and hover over her. "Perhaps," she finally responds, and then she leans down to huskily whisper, "this monster would love nothing more than to breed that tight little cunt of yours."


A bolt of warmth is shooting down Keqing's body in response to the crudeness. "I feel like you could honestly get me off from talking like this alone…"


Seeing such a rare side of Ganyu and during a time of intimacy? Keqing is suddenly uncertain if her stamina will be able to hold out.


The smile on the secretary's face is far too innocent for how she's starting to roll Keqing's nipple between her fingers. "You kept complaining about this place being 'shoddy' and yet here we are, only moments away from me fucking you into this cheap mattress."


"Oh, sweet Rex Lapis…" Keqing can feel her face burning. She can't believe a lot of things right now, like how turned on she is right now, how Ganyu said fuck, how they're about to do this in some shitty motel and holy shit Ganyu said fuck--


Keqing makes a mental note to tell Ganyu later that her bedroom talk has gotten exceptionally well.


A second hand on her other breast causes Keqing to whimper. She's silently apologizing to the poor person that has to clean this room tomorrow because these sheets are about to be unsalvageable.


Keqing bites her knuckles as lips close around her nipple. She can't unravel this quickly! Her pride is at stake here! "Nnh… Ganyu, w-wait, at least let me kiss you first!"


The Yuheng shudders as the half qilin releases her nipple with a wet pop. The older woman wastes no time in crashing their lips together in a sloppy, heated kiss. Keqing was thankful she got a moment of reprieve, but Ganyu's hands have returned to fondling the younger woman's breasts, tweaking her now stiffened nipples and pulling them this way and that.


Keqing is left gasping and panting as she breaks the kiss and now her hips are trying their best to find some form of friction. The fire burning in the pit of her lower stomach has ramped into a wildfire and Keqing has never wanted to beg for dick so badly in her life.


"G-Ganyu," breathes Keqing, "get on with it already…"


The secretary at least eases her girlfriend's pain by properly slotting herself in between those spread legs and gives an experimental roll of the hips.


The shameless moan that Keqing lets out as she grinds her hips back in return is a big enough indicator for the older woman that she's struck true. "I haven't even done anything to you yet and you're so needy. You want me to breed you that badly?"


"Yes, yes, yesyesyes, please yes !" Keqing can't help but desperately find herself hoping that nobody is in the room next door, or that if they are, they're a heavy sleeper. 


The half-lidded gaze Ganyu gives as she moves to sit back indicates that this is probably going to be a long night.


Clothes are quickly being divested all over the room and Ganyu has barely taken off her underwear before Keqing is tackling her against the bed and desperately kissing her. The bed groans from the shifting and Ganyu groans from the wetness she feels against her arousal. 


What is it about this shoddy place, Keqing briefly finds herself wondering as she breaks away from the kiss, her hips grinding down just a little harder against the other.


She's biting hard on her bottom as she rolls her hips again, now focusing on grinding her clit against that throbbing warmth below. She feels a little bad that she's actively trying to get herself off, but it's okay to be selfish every so often, right?


Ganyu clenches her jaw as her hands tightly grip the Yuheng's hips. To Keqing, she seems like she's almost trying to… restrain herself.


With a smirk, Keqing shifts her knees some to angle her hips in a way where the head of Ganyu's cock briefly catches on her entrance. "Ganyu, you seem like you're holding back," the younger woman teases.


Another roll of her hips. "You got me going, so why hold back?" 


Keqing swears she can see Ganyu's resolve crumbling every time the tip of her cock catches onto Keqing's sex.


"Weren't you going to breed me ?"


The fingers holding onto Keqing's waist briefly dig into her skin, and as soon as the older woman's cock catches onto that dripping heat again, Ganyu suddenly thrusts her hips up.


The sudden sensation of being stretched and jostled knocks Keqing off balance and she has to brace her hands against the headboard of the bed. The younger woman releases a shaky breath as she attempts to regain her bearings.


She technically did ask for it.


As she stares down at Ganyu, the older woman is sporting a mischievous grin. Honestly, how could such a soft looking woman look like little shit?


Ganyu thrusts her hips up once, encouraging Keqing to start moving already.


"F-fuck, wait, Ganyu, what about foreplay?"


"You're worried about that now ?!"


Ganyu thrusts her hips again and Keqing whimpers. The younger woman doesn't think she'll be able to last long as she slowly starts rocking her hips. It's what she gets for playing with fire, a small part of her mind proposes.


The half qilin moves one hand up to grope Keqing's breast and she receives a soft moan in response. The younger woman begins moving her hips faster, the bed starting to creak with each bounce.


Keqing can't hold back the noises Ganyu pulls from her when she hits that certain spot within, and while she was initially trying to be a little quiet for the sake of their potential neighbors, the moans coming from the younger woman are beginning to pitch a little higher as she loses herself.


Distantly, they swear they could hear the volume of the television being increased next door.


Keqing moves a hand down to rub quick circles on her clit, which causes the pace of her hips to falter.  Ganyu moves her hands back down to the younger woman's hips and digs her fingers into the skin as she takes full control, quickly thrusting her hips up into that wet heat.


"Please, please please please please -- there… there!" Keqing pleads, though she's not entirely sure what she's pleading for. With a sharp cry, Keqing feels her body tipping over the edge of ecstasy as the older woman continues fucking her through her climax. Ganyu grits her teeth as she tries to hold herself back, not quite wanting to reach her own peak, but with how tight Keqing's cunt has gotten, she's not sure how much longer she can hold out.


The half qilin slows her movements as the purple haired woman comes down from her high, and they both take a moment to try to catch their breath.


"Ganyu… you're throbbing ," the younger woman says through pants. "Mind telling me why you're…" she trails off and attempts to move her hips despite her sensitivity, but the older woman is holding her in place.


"N-not yet," Ganyu breathes out, but her voice sounds far more strained than she intended. 


"But you encouraged this so we can sleep--"


"You really do have a breeding kink, don't you, kitten?"


Both the pet name and the bluntness causes Keqing's face to burn. Oh boy, she's beginning to wonder if this is either a part of the sex talk or if she's being a bad influence on this sweet woman.


"What if I do?" she almost whispers. "Please don't make me beg. We… still have to sleep in this bed, after all and I'd rather we… not sleep on mostly wet sheets."


Ganyu finds herself studying Keqing's expression. Everything about it makes her that much more adorable. The older woman realizes she's been silent for too long when Keqing starts biting her bottom lip.


"Apologies, Keqing. The face you had was… cute." Hands now move away from Keqing's waist to her ass. 


"Ganyu, what are you--"


Keqing is surprised at first when she's lifted off Ganyu's cock, but she's then squealing as their position is suddenly flipped and now finds herself on her back.


The purple haired woman only has a few moments to admire that lustful gaze she's receiving before she feels her legs being spread a bit wider.


"You really know how to keep a girl waiting, you know thaaaAAAAT?!" Keqing can't help the surprise in her voice when Ganyu pushes back into that familiar warmth.


Keqing was going to say something else, but then she saw a glint in those hazy, lust filled eyes. "Ganyu, please remember that I still need to be able to walk tomorrow!"


A noncommittal hum is the only response given as the older woman rears her hips back before snapping them forward. A curse comes from the younger woman and Ganyu repeats the motion as she settles into a pace of slow, hard thrusts.


Keqing doesn't know what's more mortifying at this point, but she thinks it has to be a close tie between the bed groaning with each movement or the wet noises with the slapping of skin.


Of course, it could be both, but Keqing doesn't wanna touch that thought with a ten foot pole while she's too busy being a babbling, moaning mess.


Ganyu starts moving her hips faster and she grinds her hips down in a way that has Keqing suddenly wailing. It was then that Ganyu started her merciless pace of hitting that exact spot over and over again and the Yuheng could feel herself falling apart, even as her legs were being pushed up.


She was only aware of what position she was truly in when she realized her knees were basically at her shoulders and she was being pounded into this shitty mattress. Hard.


"You're doing so well, kitten, taking me like this. So tight.. mfh. Don't you think this calls for a reward?" the half qilin purrs and Keqing briefly wonders if the secretary has been taking acting classes in secret.


" Yes ! Yes! I want it inside so badly, please !"


Keqing can feel a coil of tension tightening within her. Her cries are even louder than before and is that the bed going thunk thunk thunk against the wall?


"That's my little kitten," Ganyu huskily whispers and Keqing keens at the praise as the coil within her snaps. Keqing isn't sure if that was her voice or Ganyu's that sounded like a scream, though she wouldn't be surprised if it was her.


God, she hopes no one thinks she's being murdered here .


And with how tightly her walls are clamping against Ganyu, not even the half qilin can hold out as her own orgasm crests and she spills her seed deep inside the younger woman.


Keqing shudders at the warmth she's being filled with and oh, how she'd love to be greedy and ask for more.


And as they slowly come down from their high, Keqing is tenderly running her fingers through those locks of light blue hair. Silence is shared between the two for a moment before Keqing finally speaks up.


"I hope you didn't mean one and done when you said you'd breed me. "


Ganyu raises her head after a moment, and that little glint in her eyes is still there.


Keqing tries her best to be patient as she sits on the bench, waiting for Ganyu to return with some drinks. While she was still able to walk, she had to do so at a slower pace than usual. 


The Yuheng sighs as she stares at the sky for a moment and it isn't long before a familiar shade of blue hair is looking down at her.


"Oh my, don't tell me you were about to fall asleep while I was getting us refreshments!" Ganyu teases.


The purple haired woman huffs as she takes her drink and immediately takes a sip. "Yeah, well, if I fall asleep, it'll be your fault anyways."


Ganyu simply giggles.


"Yo! Didn't expect to see you two out here!" Suddenly, a loud voice calls out to them and Ganyu immediately perks up.


"Beidou! What a surprise!"


Keqing simply greets the woman with a nod of the head as she sips from her drink, though something or rather, someone , behind her caught her eye.


The Yuheng smirks. "Ningguang, you're here too? And… wow, you look like shit. The hell happened to you anyways? You look like you got into a fight with the door and lost."


The way those crimson eyes glared at her sent an involuntary shiver down the younger woman's spine.


Thankfully, Beidou cuts in. "Don't mind her, she's just grumpy. Didn't get much sleep last night."


Ganyu is shooting the tired woman with a concerned look. "If I may ask, what caused her to lose sleep?"


Beidou awkwardly rubs at her nape. "It actually wasn't me, for once!"


"But it was your fault we ended up having to book a room at some shoddy motel because you didn't do what I asked," interjects Ningguang. "Not only that, but whoever had the next room over started having sex and not even our TV was able to drown out the noises of their creaky bed and that screamer of a woman!"


"Not to mention, at one point, their bed started banging into the wall!" Beidou adds.


Keqing spits out her drink.