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Good Little Whore

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“A-are you sure about this?”  Izuku peeks out from behind a door, face bright red.  “I look ridiculous.”

There’s a low hiss before the sound of something moving through water.  “I’ll be the judge of that.”

Catching the glowing purple, reptilian eyes in the pool, his face turns even brighter.  “I still don’t know about this…”

“C’mon, Zuku.  You look amazing in anything you wear.  Besides, you promised that you’d do this for me if I behaved at the party last night.”  Thunder rumbles outside.  “C’mon, show me.”

He whines and stomps his foot.  “Hitochan!”

“Izuku, don’t make me get out of the water,” he warns, the purple glow taking on a dangerous quality.  “You know what will happen if I have to get out.”

Izuku whines again.  “Meanie!”  He pouts and steps out from behind the door.  “Why do I have to wear this thing?!”  He approaches the edge of the cove in the cave that backs up against the cottage.

“Because you said that I could ask for anything if I behaved at the party.  I didn’t provoke Bakugo and I wasn’t mean to Kaminari.  I didn’t scare anyone and I made sure to use table manners at dinner.”  The glowing purple, reptilian eyes move closer and wet hands grip Izuku’s ankles.  “Would you light the torches, please?”

“If you let go.”  He looks down, mesmerized by the glowing purple orbs.  The hands release his ankles and the orbs submerge.  He sighs and moves to light the torches, whispering the spell to bring fire.  Six torches soon illuminate the area, casting eerie shadows against the house and cave walls while also making the water shimmer.  “Okay, Hitochan,” he calls, crouching down dip his fingers into the water.  “The torches are lit.”

The glowing purple orbs appear, ascending quickly which causes Izuku to rapidly back up from the edge of the water.  A head emerges, indigo hair magically drying and standing straight up.  A torso quickly follows, dripping wet and glimmering in the torchlight.  It’s covered in hard muscle, the rigid planes catching Izuku’s eyes.  “Mmm, you look delicious,” Hitoshi grins, mouth full of razor-sharp teeth.

Izuku flushes.  “No, I look ridiculous,” he answers, crossing his arms over his chest and shifting on his feet.  “I am a man; why am I dressed in this?”  One hand comes down to tug at the short skirt he’s wearing.  “I look like one of the girls from the tavern.”

“Who do you think I got this from?” He asks.  “Your friend, Uraraka, was more than helpful.”

“Of course it was her!”  Izuku stomps his foot again.  “Why do you want me dressing like a whore?  Not that I have anything against them because I’m friends with most of them and they’re only just trying to make a living, but why?  I’m not a whore, nor do I want to become a whore.”

“Of course not.”  Hitoshi gestures for him to come closer to the edge of the water.  “Your body is for my eyes only,” he hisses.  “You’re my mate and I do not share!”

Izuku takes a couple of hesitant steps forward, yelping when Hitoshi hauls himself partially out of the water and grabs a hold of his bare ankles.  “Waah!  Hitochan, I’m gonna fall!”  He flails his arms as he’s pulled set off balance by the yank on his ankles.

“Come in the pool!”  With another sharp yank, Hitoshi succeeds in making Izuku fall into the water right into his arms.

He splutters.  "Hitoshi!" He shrieks, smacking his arm.  "What are you doing?!" 

"Exploring," he replies, hands maneuvering Izuku so his legs are wrapped around Hitoshi's waist.  "I want to play with my reward." 

Izuku moans as Hitoshi's tentacles slither up his legs and under the skimpy skirt he's wearing.  "W-wait, I have work tomorrow!" He moans, body heating up as the tentacles go further and further up his legs.  

"No one will care if you don't open the store tomorrow," Hitoshi purrs, leaning in to scrape his teeth against his mate's neck.  "They're all going to be too hungover to notice anyways." 

Izuku moans lowly as one of Hitoshi's tentacles slowly breaches him, using the water and the mucus coating the tentacles as lubrication.  "Hitochan!  Be nice!" He grips Hitoshi's shoulders, tilting his neck to give him more room. 

"I'll be as rough as I want," he hisses.  "And you'll take it because you're my good little slut, aren't you?" 

He flushes, another moan rolling from his lips.  "Y-yes!  I'm a good slut!"  His body quivers as the tentacle continues pressing further and further in.  It feels like it's too deep before it finally stops.  "So full!" He groans, one hand leaving Hitoshi's shoulder and moving to his stomach where a very obvious bulge rests.  "Hitochan is so deep!" 

“That’s right.  Deep enough to fill you with my eggs!” He rumbles.  “But not yet.  Must wait until you’re at your most fertile time.”

He whines.  “Don’t tease!”  Izuku wiggles, trying to coax Hitoshi to move.  "Please!" 

"Patience, my good little whore," he whispers, leaning up to nibble on the greenette's ear.  "Let me enjoy your perfect, little body.  The body that was made for me to enjoy." 

He shivers at the praise. "M-more!" 

"Oh?  What's this?  Does my good little whore want to be praised?" He croons, raising an eyebrow. 

Izuku whines.  " Hitochan , please!" 

"I think I can accommodate that," he says, continuing his croon.  "After all, you're being such a good whore and you look so pretty too."  He grins ferally when Izuku's back arches and his whole body quivers.  "You did so well, following directions and putting on this outfit.  It looks amazing on you, showing off all your delectable curves and biteable skin."  He bites down softly on Izuku's shoulder.  "My good little whore, offering such a delicious meal for his mate to devour !" 

Izuku moans loudly as Hitoshi's teeth leave little marks on his skin.  "Please, Hitochan!  Wanna cum!  Gimme more! " 

"Alright, Izuku," he purrs.  "But don't think you're done after you cum.  I plan on enjoying my good little whore for a long time tonight."  He slides another tentacle up to Izuku's hole, teasingly dipping the tip in next to the other one. 

" Oh !"  Izuku's eyes roll back in his head as another tentacle slowly pushes in.  The stretch is delicious and it rubs against Izuku's prostate. 

"Let me hear you, Izuku.  Let me hear how good my little whore is feeling." 

A wail leaves Izuku's mouth as the tentacles begin to move, thrusting at alternate times.  The suckers catch on Izuku's rim and gently scrape on his walls. 

"That's my good little whore," Hitoshi praises.  "You're doing so well, listening to me.  You look so beautiful like this, speared on my tentacles and dressed so sluttily for me.  You're my own personal whore, aren't you?  A toy just for me?" 

Izuku shudders, fingernails digging into Hitoshi's shoulders with his head thrown back.  "Yes!" He screams.  "I'm your toy!  Your whore!  Just for you!" 

"Good little whore," he coos, biting down a bit harder on Izuku's shoulder.  "Are you gonna cum?" 

"Yes!" He wails, tears beginning to leak from his eyes.  "Please!" 

"Go ahead," he croons, leaning up to lick up a tear.  "You've been such a good little whore that you deserve it."  He pulls both tentacles nearly all the way out before thrusting them both back in at the same time. 

Izuku screams out his release, twitching violently at the intense orgasm that rocks his body.  Hitoshi grins, pulling out his tentacles but keeping them wrapped around his mate.  He easily removes the clothing on Izuku and tossed them onto the floor outside of their house.  Then, he submerges them until just their heads are sticking out of the water.  

Mine!  All mine! 


"Hitochan, next time you want me to wear something embarrassing, don't ask Ochaco-san please!  Now all she wants is to see me in that outfit!"  Izuku stomps his foot as he works at tidying up the store at the end of the day.  

Hitoshi looks up from counting the till.  "No.  Mine!"  He narrows his eyes and his fingers flex like he's very close to snatching Izuku up.  "My eyes only, little whore!" 

He flushes.  "HITOSHI!  You can't just say something like that!" 

"I can."  Hitoshi goes back to counting the money from the till.  "Because you're my good little whore!"