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Double Trouble

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Alaric rubbed his temples as he looked down at the pile of paperwork on his desk. It was overflowing - practically threatening to spill over his nameplate and onto the floor. He was grateful for the excuse to stop looking at it when his daughters pushed open the door to his office.

“I need you two to make time to give a tour today,” he said, smiling at them.

“Ooh.” Lizzie lowered her chin and smiled excitedly. “A new student?”

“I don’t have time for a tour today,” Josie said impassively, waving a hand through the air. 

Lizzie looked at her. “All you’re doing is hanging out with Penelope and Wendy.”

“Yeah … so I’m busy.” Josie blinked slowly at her sister like she couldn’t understand what Lizzie was talking about. “You can give the tour by yourself.”

“Twenty minutes, Lizzie? Please?” Alaric pleaded.

“Fine.” Lizzie smiled. “But my tours are an hour minimum. This school is big, and there is a lot to cover.”

Alaric pointed his finger happily, returning her smile. “That’s the spirit.”

“If that’s all settled then, am I good to go?” Josie motioned to the door. “Pen and Wen are waiting.”

“Almost.” Alaric jumped to his feet reaching behind his desk and pulled out a tiny pink backpack. He was sure there had to be more to describe the bag than "tiny" and "pink", especially for the price, but that was all he could come up with. He sat it on top of his hands proudly. “The bag I got sent six links to by accident .”

Josie was grinning so hard she could barely contain herself. “It’s the exact one I wanted,” she said, reaching for it. She strung her arms through it and then threw her arms around her dad. “Thank you, daddy.” 

“I love you, Josie-bear.” He squeezed tight. “Now, be good with the witches today.” He made sure to catch her eye and give her a stern look. “And no fires.”

“No promises. See you later!” 

Alaric turned back to his other daughter to find her sitting his chair, looking through the paperwork.

“Dad …” Lizzie said slowly. “These are all letters of resignation.”

“I know.” 

Lizzie grabbed a new one, eyes scanning over the page. “Professor Pennyfeather wants to quit because a werewolf student bit her?” Lizzie’s eyes were wide and shining with tears as she looked up. “But we have Hope’s blood. We cured her.”

“Yeah, but sometimes that’s not what matters to people.” Alaric took the paper from her hands. “You don’t have to worry about it though, Lizzie-bear. We’re already searching for a replacement.” He smiled reassuringly and took a deep breath. “All you have to do is tour this prospective student for me while I do interviews.”

“Speaking of -” Lizzie sprang back to her feet, almost dancing around the room. “Am I giving a warm witch welcome or?”

“Well, that’s the thing -”

“Sorry.” The redhead in the doorway cleared her throat, grabbing both Saltzmans’ attention. “I think I’m early.”

Alaric closed his eyes, bracing himself.

“What do you need, Hope?” Lizzie demanded. 

The girl narrowed her eyes at Lizzie before looking to Alaric for answers.

“Andrea,” Alaric said, turning back to face Lizzie. “Andrea Mikaelson. Hope’s sister. So, to answer your question, you’re touring a tribrid today.”

“Witch,” Andrea corrected with her chin in the air. “I filled out the application as a witch.”

“You’re telling me there’s two Hopes?” Lizzie burst. 

“No,” Alaric said calmly. “I’m telling you there’s Hope and there’s Andrea.”

“One Mikaelson was more than enough,” Lizzie argued. 

“Well, now there’s two. So just give her whatever tour she wants.” Alaric’s smile was becoming forced and tense. “And I expect you to treat her like any other prospective student regardless of you and Hope’s … past differences.”

Lizzie’s smile was just as forced as her father’s. “Of course.” Her eyes slid back over to the new girl. “Come along … Andrea .”