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Stalking As Ways to Make Friends

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Shuuichi doesn't have many friends growing up with his strangeness and unusual circumstances happening around him.

When he first get a friend (more like realised he had a friend really) he doesn't know how to approached him.

It resulted him to stalked his friend, Matoba at that time by sending his paper doll.

(When he looked back, he doesn't even know how the absurd logic came to him in the first place.)

By doing it continuously, he become much more skilled with using his old clan technique.

Weirdly enough, Matoba never said anything about it, maybe it was normal stalking your friend?



The first time Seiji received an uninvited guest from Shuuichi-san....

Seiji blinked.

A human-shape paper was seen stuck in-between of the hinges of his bedroom window flapping back and forth from the force of the wind.

He shrugged to himself and left it like that.

After that, it always appeared not far off from him and accompanying him whenever he goes.

(It was also his great source of entertainment as it always scared the people who weren't aware of their surrounding.

Tripping people.

Appearing silently out of nowhere in people's blind spot.

At the end, it always makes chaos happening around him and made him free out of his duty to tend to the chaos sometimes.

Yeah, Seiji sure appreciate his friend's paper-doll presence.


The black haired teenager stopped from filling his paperwork and looked up to pondered over something.

"...Is stalking the new way to makes friend these days?"

He shrugged.

"He's older of course he knew everything more about friendship" he said to himself before filling the paperwork again.

And thus, started the misconceptions of friendships between them.