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Learning to be a Pet

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Xiao was on his knees. Zhongli stood in front of him. Xiao had long been stripped down for his master, and Zhongli stood unphased in front of him, clothed and confident. They weren’t training, there was no practicing involved in what was going on. Xiao was on his knees, and Zhongli was in front of him.

Though Xiao had seen Zhongli many times through the thousands of years that he’d been wandering Teyvat, he had never seen him like this. If he were to be fair, he had never seen anyone like this. He was old enough to recognize the swell in his chest that Zhongli gave him, but every movement that he made now was enough to make Xiao feel like he was on fire. He had watched Zhongli through training and felt a similar heat, but nothing like this. Nothing was like this. He kept his eyes trained on Zhongli’s hands, trying to avoid the reality of the situation at hand.


“Yes, master?”

“Look at me.”

Xiao followed the order like a puppy about to receive a treat before he could consider that it’d ruin his entire protective persona. When he did consider it, Zhongli had already given him a type of smile that was only making Xiao feel hotter than he already had. It felt like he was surrounded by and full of humid air, the type that clung to his clothes, his skin and made his head spin.

As fast as it had appeared, the smile - smirk? - on Zhongli’s face disappeared, replaced with the quiet whisper of, “Good pet.”


A whimper practically poured from Xiao, almost as if Zhongli had milked it out of him. Xiao couldn’t care less at this point, because no matter what, he was doing what his master wanted, and his master was leading him through how to fix the heat building in him. The humid air that had built inside of Xiao was coming out steadily in soft, airy breaths. He hated it, but loved the way that the heat felt.

All too slowly, Zhongli bent down closer to Xiao’s level, kissing the tip of his right ear and cupping his jaw. For a moment, Xiao felt shame in being such a baby in this way. He’d worked hard to become powerful, and was being reduced to a puppy on his knees. After the moment of shame passed, Xiao became aware that the gentle cupping on his jaw had become a rough squeeze.

“Your face is very red, pet.”

Xiao wriggled, whining despite the grip on his jaw. If he had looked puppyish before, he looked like he could be on a leash now. He didn’t know how to respond, or if he wanted to respond. The overwhelming urge to beg would overpower anything else he could say.

“Puppy,” Xiao felt a flick on his cheek, “do you agree with me? Do you think you’re red?”

“I…,” he stuttered, almost choked out, “yes, master. I am so very red.”

“Good boy. Wonderful. Even for your first time, you know exactly what to say.”

Xiao began to do more than wriggle as Zhongli came closer to his level. He noticed that his master avoided being on his knees with him, but also noticed as Zhongli’s free hand began to travel down his chest, pressing onto his left nipple and rubbing in a circular motion. In the back of his mind, Xiao believed that this was too much. It was too good to be so little. In the front of his mind, it was just right. It seemed the only sounds he could coherently produce were soft moans and whines. He looked to Zhongli now, half expectantly, half attempting to plead without using his words.

“This is your first time, yes, pet?”

“Yes, xiansheng.”

“Wonderful. Because of that, we’re not going to do much yet, do you understand?”

“Yes, xiansheng.”

“Good pet, that’s fantastic.”

The promise of ‘yet’ was stirring Xiao’s insides more and more, making the humidity more of an overwhelming heat wave. He didn’t have the time to focus as the grip on his jaw tightened and then became completely lax. His eyes simply followed Zhongli’s hand down his body, recognizing the feeling of the sensation on his left nipple moving to the right, and watching as Zhongli’s hand made its way in between Xiao’s thighs.

“I need you to tell me if you are uncomfortable, understood? Use your words, or grab at me if you can’t speak.”

“Yes, master…”

Xiao felt as if his words were slurring, but in the best way possible. He felt that the lack of power was absolutely needed for once. Needed was maybe a strong word, but Xiao wanted to feel weak, and choking this up to a need was exactly what could do that.

Zhongli pushed Xiao’s thighs apart, allowing him to sink closer to the ground and exposing a bit of his his crotch. Xiao began to whimper, only hearing a, “Shhh, puppy, breathe, puppy. Shhh,” in response.


“Yes, pet?”

“Need… Need.”

“I told you to use your words, baby.”

The use of ‘baby’ had a bite that Xiao wanted to think was unnecessary, but one that felt in place. It was necessary. He wanted more of that bite. Xiao shook his head, making a soft ‘mm-mm’ noise to avoid saying a blatant no to his master. Before he had even finished shaking his head he felt a slap against his inner thigh, yelping in response.

“I said use your words, bitch. Be a good puppy.”

Xiao whined before sinking down onto Zhongli’s hand, making eye contact with his master as he whimpered out, “Please, master, I need your, your, touch, please, on… my down there, please. I need it, please.”

“Be more specific, baby.”

“I,” a moan interrupted him, that tone was so much, “I need you to touch my cock, please.”

Zhongli smirked, muttered what sounded either like ‘good boy’ or ‘good bitch’ and began to stroke Xiao’s already-hard cock. The sensation was so incredibly embarrassing, the fact that Xiao had slicked himself up from how close everything else had already made him made the embarrassment worse. Zhongli was experienced, he knew how to work Xiao, he knew how to make Xiao feel good.

Xiao was sinking closer to the floor, and collapsing onto Zhongli. Zhongli was talking, Xiao knew he was, but the feeling of being touched by someone that was damn near everything to him was all-consuming and utterly devouring. He felt like he was being added to a horde of gold, and couldn’t bring himself to care.

“Puppy,” Zhongli began to pump Xiao slower, “Tell me what you need me to do. I’m doing all the work, you can make your mouth a bit dirtier.”


“Pet. Talk. If you don’t say what you need, you will not receive it.”

“Let me finish, please, xiansheng. Please. I want to know what you… what my master can do to his pet. Puppy.”

Zhongli pressed an all-too-soft kiss to Xiao’s cheek as he began to pump him faster again. It all happened too fast. There was Zhongli’s hand on him, then there wasn’t, and Xiao was feeling a buzz through his entire body. A buzz, a buzz and an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction.

He watched as Zhongli scooted back and brought his hand to his face, licking Xiao’s cum from his fingers and obviously relishing in the way that Xiao’s eyes grew at the sight. A genuine smile came to Zhongli’s face as he used a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe the rest off of his hand.

“Xiao, lovely boy, you did amazing.”

Xiao couldn’t help but hold back another whimper before leaning into Zhongli with a soft, “Thank you…”

“No, thank you, Xiao. You were beautiful, you were amazing. That was wonderful. Are you doing well?”

“I’m alright.”

He buried his face into Zhongli, loving the contact and soaking in the praise. He sat there for a good while, at least he thought, as Zhongli uttered praises to him and ran a hand through Xiao’s hair. The softness of it all erased the knowledge that there were bruises on his jaw and inner thigh, the softness erased the overwhelming hunger for more, at least for now. His saving grace was that Zhongli had used ‘yet’, and they had time for more. He would get more. For now, he would stay in his arms, and he would learn how to make Zhongli feel like this through the thousands of years to come.