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Bon Bon frowned, checking her watch and glancing back at the brick building beside her. It was 002 hours. At approximately 0 hours every morning, a resident of the establishment was known to appear in the kitchen for what she called a midnight snack. It simply wouldn't do to get intercepted on a mission such as this, and thus she knew what she must do, as she'd had to do many times before. 

Pulling her dark cloak tighter around her shoulders, the mare drew out a grappling hook. Aiming it upwards and firing, the hook took off and latched onto the roof of the building. Three tugs to make sure it's stable and release the pull mechanism. She pulled her legs in on herself to avoid scraping against the bricks as she shot into the air, flipping and landing soft as a bird on the roof. She unlatched the hook and stowed the machine in her cloak once again, before swinging down to drop on a very specific window ledge soundlessly. 

Were anypony out and about at this hour, they'd not wonder what the dark figure silently picking the window's lock was, for this same routine has happened many a time and the residents of ponyville had long since stopped questioning it. The window let out a near inaudible click, seemingly ear-shattering in the quiet of night. Placing a hoof on the glass, she delicately pushed the window open and slipped silently into the room. 

Lying on the bed was her target, the brief noises downstairs of someone clattering around in the kitchen made the cloaked mare roll her eyes before letting a playful smirk cross her face and rolling onto the bed. The pony beside her stirred as she got into a seemingly relaxed pose, a smug little smirk on her face. 

The mint green unicorn beside her let out a yawn and grumbled a bit as she opened bleary eyes at the mare in her bed. A brief moment of recognition, no surprise whatsoever, before letting a playful smirk grace her own face. "Well if it isn't my favorite Special Agent~. Most guests would have the courtesy to at least knock before entering a house, you know."

Bon Bon chuckled, crossing her hooves behind her head like a pillow as she leaned back and looked at the other mare. "Aww, but I thought you liked it when I break in unannounced." She felt her smirk grow at the playful lust in her wife's expression. It'd been far too long since they'd played this game. 

Lyra couldn't see her own face, but she imagined it looked something like the pony before her's. She almost couldn't contain herself as she moved to hover over Bon Bon, placing one hoof on the right side of her wife's head and running the other down the length of her side and revelling in the shudder that ran through the mare below her. "Seems to me like you're the one who enjoys it Special Agent Sweetie Drops."

Bon Bon's breath caught and she had to stop herself from letting out an equally embarrassing noise as her face went red. It wasn't as if it should matter all that much, but it did. Very few ponies knew her real name and those that did knew not to speak it. Lyra was an exception. She didn't know when her wife had realized, but every time she spoke it, it felt as though it was a secret between them and only them. It was...possibly the biggest turn on she could think of at the moment. Forcing herself to stay at least a little grounded (she refused to lose so easily), she managed to speak again. "Says the mare pinning me to her bed." She raised her eyebrows, smirk firmly in place. "Or is this just your strange way of subduing me?"

Lyra laughed, it was a genuine and beautiful sound, before glaring down at the special agent with her own smirk still going strong. "Subduing? As if it would be so easy to subdue you, Agent. Between your training and your Earth Pony strength, we both know I wouldn't be a match for you. Who'd have thought the well respected Special Agent Sweetie Drops was so clearly a bottom. Such a shame really."

Bon Bon managed to contain her own laughter in a smug snort. "I wouldn't say a bottom, I'm more of a switch actually." Within an instant, their roles were switched. The yellow mare had the unicorn's hooves pinned above her head, her face inches from her wife's every bit as smug as before as she reveled in the brief surprise on the other mare's face.

A crash sounded in the kitchen and finally, Lyra broke. A fit of giggles overtook her and she leaned up to kiss her victorious wife's stupid smug face. "Welcome home, I love you Bonnie. We should maybe go see if your sister is alive though."

Bon Bon's smirk turned to an innocent smile, but she wasn't done yet. "You really do know how to tug on my heartstrings Lyra." She leaned in for another kiss as her wife filled her mouth with giggles. Another crash from the kitchen and both mares were scrambling to go see what the heck was going on.