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didn't know we'd get so far

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You see, JJ didn't expect it to ever get this far.

Fuck, he never even thought it plausible that it could ever get this far.

Normally it was just for the camera and the banter, their amusement from the little ‘fronts’ simply being... happy accidents, or whatever. They only enjoyed it all so much -- the playfighting, tackling each other, wrestling. The endless teasing about how weak you have to be to not be able to get out of something as simple as a headlock -- because it was funny. Nothing more. They were close friends, it was normal to be so touchy with each other, so why not take it a bit further?

Only, by further, JJ means what they usually did -- borderline gay shit to tease and joke, the banter that sometimes (although barely) sounded like flirting, holding each other in certain wrestling positions for what was probably too long. That kind of stuff. Normal stuff.

What JJ does not mean by further is a tackle that turned into playfighting which turned into light roughhousing that went too far and now leaves Vik on his knees, JJ biting his knuckles whilst their mates sit elsewhere in the house, most of them probably asleep. Asleep and unaware of something that was fucking not meant to be happening -- or literally ever happen -- and JJ nearly envies them.

But he doesn't, and.

And, well, how could he? How could he want to change this when Vik's mouth is so right and hot and heat --

And when his desperate little noises, muffled by JJ's cock -- holy fuck, his dick is literally in one of his best mate's mouth -- bless his ears so beautifully? He can't be expected to be completely logical here.

Plus, Vik looks pitiful in a surprisingly pretty (pretty? dear fucking lord, what's happening) way to even think about stopping this.

Maybe JJ is selfish. Maybe he's just enjoying how fucked up this situation definitely is. Maybe he doesn't even care that it's Vik and it's just the blowjob that feels good, nothing else mattering. Maybe Vik was just pure coincidence -- a right place at the right time given that they were the only two awake and JJ was incredibly fucking bored.

Except, Vik wasn't. He's not. And none of that 'right place right time' bullshit is true.

Because even if this situation isn't some sudden cliché love-realisation, it's still Vik, and that holds importance. Importance that makes this oddly special, more intimate than most other sexual encounters he's had. Because this is new and that makes it mean more than it actually is, more than it needs to be. (More than it could be? Whatever the fuck that means.)

But also, again, Vik's fucking mouth. JJ can't get a full sentence out; only cut off praises and even his moans are broken. Has Vik done this before? They tease each other about acting gay and stuff and he normally hates to assume but fucking hell, JJ normally lasts longer than this.

"Fuck, fuck, fuuck --"

JJ groans low in his throat as his hips jerk unexpectedly, having caught a glimpse of Vik's hollowed-out cheeks and teary eyes. He looks like some dumb angel with his dumb pretty mouth and dumb hypnotising sounds. JJ's so fucked. (He mentally kicks himself for wanting Vik to be the one being fucked.)

His mind is overly fogged, so much so that right now he can't deal with all the hypothetical consequences this will cause. Can't deal with the thoughts he'll probably have about Vik after this is over, the way he knows he won't be able to see his mate the exact same after this.

He huffs and ignores all that bollocks for now because his stomach is pleasantly tight and his hands settle and tighten in Vik's soft hair as the taller shivers, grunting harshly as Vik chokes beautifully and messily around his cock. And then fucking swallows his cum. JJ tries (fails) to get his breathing under control.

Vik pulls off with an obscene pop, panting lightly as he wipes his chin with the sleeve of his long-sleeved shirt. JJ's shirt that was too small for him so he figured Vik could have it because he was too lazy to throw it out. He feels stupid for being so enticed by that fact.

JJ isn't sure what happens now; does he get Vik off? Does he just get up and leave and hope that neither of them bring it up tomorrow and stay in his room to try to avoid Vik? Or has this ruined their friendship and JJ won't even see Vik tomorrow, let alone have the chance to avoid him? His stomach churns as his high wears off. Well, he can't use his ten-second rule as an escape now.

Vik's looking up at him all stupidly submissive and cute through his long eyelashes, lips a kissable (fucking kissable, what the fuck is he thinking) shade of red and his ruined hair shadowing his flushed face. JJ figures fuck it and pats his lap after tucking his cock back into his sweats. Vik obliges as if it's second nature and just -- fuck.

"You good?" JJ rasps, unsure of what else to do. He can feel Vik's hard-on against his hip and he wants to coo.

Vik shakes his head blearily and JJ's heart is about to drop until the smaller gets out through annoyingly adorable sniffles and hiccups, "Nuh-uh. M'so hard. Please, touch me. Please, JJ."

Vik sounds wrecked, like JJ was roughly fucking his throat instead of Vik taking him to the hilt without encouragement. The older chuckles.

"You think you deserve it?"

He says it as if his hand isn't snaking its way into Vik's sweatpants, palming him through his already wet boxers, earning him the cutest whine. Vik just fucking whined, high in his throat, all desperate and eager and all because of JJ. He actually feels dizzy.

"You think you deserve to get off, grinding against my fucking hand? You're pathetic, Vik," JJ murmurs into his neck, unable to resist the urge to create a mark there. One Vik will probably have to cover up and will tell JJ off for in a voice similar to the one he used when JJ ate all the salmon. He'll whine about it for quite a while when this is over, and JJ secretly can't wait. Vik tilts his head back as his hips stutter, giving the older a perfect opportunity to create that mark.

Vik lets out a breathy, drawn-out little whimper that makes JJ's stomach flutter for some reason and he pulls Vik closer to him. God, his waist is surprisingly small, all soft skin and smooth edges yet still so rough. JJ runs his hands up and down his sides, gripping his waist, hands splayed and fingertips almost meeting in the small of Vik's back as he grinds the younger's cock into his thigh.

"J," Vik whines, voice still all high and breathy and JJ's stomach still fucking flutters with it and he's so conflicted but too hypnotised to stop and --

"Fuck, fuck!" Vik interrupts his thoughts with pitchy whimpers and moans as he paws at JJ's shirt. He grips it weakly and leans back in the older's lap, giving JJ too perfect of a view.

His head thrown back, those fucking sinful lips parted in a dumb little O, shirt riding up and exposing golden skin, cheeks stained with tears, marked neck begging for more attention. JJ groans low in his throat.

If JJ leans back as well it'll almost look like Vik's riding him, hips bouncing pathetically as he chases his release and his cock shouldn't twitch at the thought. He shouldn't want that to become a reality instead of just some mindless thought passing by and he hates it as much as he's turned on by it.

"Gonna cum," Vik hiccups, a hand looking for some sort of leverage in JJ's crumpled shirt but his hands are too shaky to cling on in the way that he wants to. The other hand rests on the larger's knee, using it as leverage to move his hips easier. JJ figures it can't get any gayer than this and takes Vik's hand in his own, feeling the younger squeeze it as hard as he can as he whines again.

That fucking whining. It's going to haunt JJ's dreams and ruin his boxers.

"Yeah? You gonna mess yourself up?" JJ mocks as Vik's hands move to grip at his shoulders, JJ's hand feeling just a little bit cold and god he's being such a fairy. "Fuckin' dumb, you are. Mindless, Vik. Humping my thigh stupidly," he mutters against the smaller's neck, hands going back to Vik's hips as he grinds his leg up and pulls Vik's hips down.

"J, JJ!"

Vik's loud when he comes, moaning highly like some cheap porn bitch and hiccuping as he trembles. JJ helps him ride out the aftershocks until Vik is crying from overstimulation, full-on shaking and sobbing and just looking so small and cute. He's absolutely pathetic and JJ wants to hold him close, run his hand through Vik's hair and compliment him with sweet nothings until they both come to their senses.

Vik's thighs are still shaking when JJ stands them both up, holding the younger's legs around his waist securely as he walks them quietly to JJ's room. He'd originally gone into Vik's to annoy him, which turned into play-fighting which turned into whatever the fuck just happened.

JJ must've reacted weirdly to his thoughts or something because Vik shudders against him, hiccuping into the crook of his neck before JJ gently shushes him. What are they, boyfriends? Why is JJ even walking them to his room?

Vik whines quietly in protest and tries to cling on when JJ lies him on the large bed. He weakly tightens his arms around the taller's neck and JJ seriously almost coos.

He eventually coaxes Vik to lie down on his back, allowing JJ to strip his bottoms (he's on autopilot, he swears) and grab a new pair for him. Vik twitches and stirs from his light sleep when Jide wipes away the drying cum from his still sensitive cock. JJ wants to see what happens if he kept going; wrapped his hand around him and watch as Vik writhes desperately on his bed. His bed. He blinks the thoughts away.

Vik immediately cuddles up to him once he gets in the bed, pulling the duvet over them (he'll leave the aftermath of all this couple shit he shouldn't be bothering to do for the morning) so they're warm.

Vik's still sniffling lightly and shivering from being cold -- JJ was going to ignore it, because yeah, full-on snuggling is too far (he's such a twat) after what they've already done. He rolls his eyes at his sarcasm and pulls the smaller closer to him, Vik's nose tucked into the crook of his neck. JJ's body covers his so easily.

JJ takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, focusing on nothing but his physical feelings and allowing himself to drift. Vik grips his t-shirt and nuzzles against him just before he sleeps, and JJ's last thought is about how fucked he is.

And his first few thoughts when he wakes up in the morning are about Vik still, of course. But not the ones that he was expecting.

He was right earlier: this isn't some sudden love-realisation. JJ just finds it all attractive, finds Vik attractive (okay, maybe that's too much), with his dumb hot crying face and haunting sounds. It's hot as fuck and he'd be stupid to not admit it. It's just an observation, it means nothing more.

And all he was doing was caring about his friend. He's gotten chicks that dazed and blissed-out before, so much so that he just couldn't leave before taking care of them. He wouldn't feel right if he hadn't, so, yeah.

JJ's probably still fucked, but hopefully not as much as he originally thought.

Yet, he still holds his breath when Vik starts to stir from his sleep, still engulfed by JJ's embrace. Something that they've both been leaning into for the entire night.

Yeah, he's for sure still fucked.