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Kara stood in her apartment in shock. She looked at the open door and then the place Mon-el had been only moments before. Had it been just a few minutes? The darkness surrounding her suggested otherwise.

"I don't want to be a father. I- I have to go."

Kara took a deep breath and took out her phone as Mon-el's parting words echoed in her ears. She opened her recent contacts and hesitated her thumb over Alex’s number then she moved her thumb one down and clicked on Lena's sending her a message.

I could really use your advice about something. Can I come talk to you? I’ll bring donuts.

She forced herself to walk at a human speed as she approached the door and closed it carefully then locked it with shaking hands. She picked up her keys and flew out the window. By the time she made it to her favourite late night donut stop Lena had responded.

Of course. I’m at home for once so come by whenever.

Kara flew to Lena’s building and then started pacing a nearby park trying to look inconspicuous as she waited for an adequate amount of time to pass. 

She needed Lena. She had needed Alex at first, and then she had needed Mon-el but he’d run away, and now she needed Lena. She needed to talk to her best friend because everything was a mess and she had no idea what to do. She needed help. She needed to speak to the one person she knew would be able to think clearly and give her actually useful advice. Not that Alex couldn’t do that. Alex was good at the advice thing, great even. She had awesome advice and had been really helpful at the start but in this-

Kara fought down a wave of sudden tears. She just wanted Lena. She needed Lena to hug her and find some way to tell her how she didn’t need any help and she could do it by herself because Kara Danvers was her hero. It was always so believable whenever Lena said it. 

Kara stopped walking and looked up to see Lena in her penthouse. She was tapping her fingers on the table nervously looking at her phone. Kara glanced at the time and realised it had been a whole seventeen minutes since Lena’s text. 

She hurried to the entrance of Lena’s building and was quickly checked over by her security. They opened the bag of donuts and did a few swabs while smiling at her. She tried to return the smiles but she was having trouble.

“Are you alright Ms Danvers?” Michael asked giving her a concerned look.

She silently shook her head and he gave her a sympathetic look.

“Head on up,” he said handing her donuts back and nodding to Don by the elevator.

“Thank you,” she said.

He gave her an encouraging nod and she hurried to the elevator. Don swiped his card and added the number. He gave her a small smile and stepped back.

The doors closed and a few seconds later the elevator rose. Kara tried not to twitch too much. She took a few deep breaths and let out a breath as she headed along the reinforced hallway to Lena’s front door. Lena opened it right before she arrived.

Lena’s welcoming smile quickly became a concerned look as she saw Kara’s face. She stepped back opening the door wider in a silent invitation and Kara stepped through. As the door closed Kara found herself being wrapped in the familiar and comforting embrace of her friend. She felt another wave of tears threaten as she clung to Lena desperately trying not to hold too tightly but also needing Lena closer.

“Kara what’s wrong?” Lena asked holding her tighter.

Kara sniffed and pulled away.

“I’m sorry I-”

Lena gave her a small smile and wiped away tears Kara hadn’t realised escaped.

“It’s alright Kara. Come in and sit down.”

Kara sniffed again and nodded. She walked over to the couch and sat down. Lena picked up a soft blue blanket from it’s place at the end of her couch and wrapped it around Kara’s shoulders with a small smile. She managed to choke out a small laugh at Lena remembering her fondness for the blanket and held it tighter around herself as Lena gave her shoulder a comforting squeeze.

“I’ll make us some tea and you can tell me everything,” Lena said. “I’m sure together we can fix whatever it is.”

Kara nodded and Lena went to the kitchen quickly putting on the kettle and taking down two cups. Kara was silent apart from the odd sniffle as she watched Lena preparing their tea. She saw Lena throwing her worried glances as she also put the donuts on a plate and after another worried glance pulled open a cupboard and removed a block of, what Kara knew from prior experience was, some very nice Swiss chocolate. She broke it into bite sized pieces as the kettle finished boiling.

Lena came over and joined Kara two minutes later with two cups of something that smelt calming, the plate of sweets, and a worried look.

“Okay, tell me what’s wrong,” Lena said.

Kara looked at Lena and burst into tears. She was immediately wrapped in Lena’s comforting embrace. She didn’t even know why she was crying at this point. It wasn’t like she was sad exactly but she just felt so anxious about it all. Lena held her until she was able to pull herself together. She mumbled another apology and picked up her tea removing the teabag and taking a sip. 

The tea warmed her instantly and chased away some of the anxiety. It was an almost familiar taste and she sighed taking a second sip. She looked over and saw Lena still looking at her worried.

“This is nice,” she said with a small smile.

Lena returned the smile with one of her own.

“It was a gift from a Chinese investor. He said it was a blend meant to help soothe anxious minds,” Lena said. 

Lena considered her own cup and then looked back at Kara. She carefully put her tea down. 

“You’re pregnant aren’t you,” Lena said quietly. 

Kara looked at her shocked. She opened and closed her mouth a few times trying to work out the words. Lena sighed putting down her tea. She looked off at some distant horizon as though thinking.

“How- How did you guess?” Kara asked.

Lena looked a little awkward. A faint blush crept up her cheeks.

“Um so- uh…” Lena gave Kara an apologetic look as she picked up her tea again. “I may have noticed your boobs were bigger,” she mumbled into the cup.

It took a second for Kara to realise what she’d said then she started laughing. Lena looked a little embarrassed but she gave Kara another small smile.

“Wow Lena. I did not know you were so observant about changes to my boobs,” Kara teased.

Lena rolled her eyes and sighed resignedly. 

“I have eyes Kara. We’re best friends but that doesn’t mean I won’t notice things like that.”

Kara laughed again then it became a sigh as the situation came back and crushed her with it’s weight.

“It’s Mon-el’s,” she said.

“I guessed. How far along are you?”

“Alex thinks about three months but it’s hard to be sure.”

Lena nodded sipping her tea.

“So, my next question,” she said quietly. “Am I congratulating you or offering a discreet doctor?”

Kara looked at her and then at her cup of tea. 

“Shouldn’t you be asking what Mon-el thinks?” she whispered.

Lena scoffed.

“I don’t care about what he thinks. I care about you and what you want. As far as I’m concerned that’s all that really matters.”

Kara smiled softly and continued to contemplate her tea. 

“I shouldn’t keep the baby,” she said quietly. “It would be selfish. Mon-el made it abundantly clear he wanted nothing to do with any children when he ran away the moment I told him. Not that I really wanted him to do much I just-”

Kara put the cup down and buried her face in her hands trying to stop another wave of sudden tears. Lena put down her tea moving closer. She put an arm around Kara and started rubbing her back in soothing circles as a fresh wave of tears leaked from Kara’s eyes.

“I can’t do it alone but I don’t want him and I’m scared,” Kara mumbled

Lena hummed soothingly and wrapped her arms tighter around Kara holding her close.

“It’s okay Kara,” she said gently. “You’ll be a wonderful mother.”

Kara heaved in a deep breath.

“I can barely handle everything now Lena. How am I supposed to handle a baby? I am barely able to support me let alone anyone else.”

Lena held her tighter.

“Believe it or not, I’m sure you’ll manage. Women have been doing it for centuries and you’re in a better position than most. You have friends, family, and… when he eventually gets his head out of his ass you’ll have Mon-el too, for all the good he is.”

Kara heard the distinctly bitter note in Lena’s voice at the mention of Mon-el and laughed quietly.

“He’s probably more a hindrance than a help,” Kara said.

Lena laughed softly.

“Well, you dated him,” she said.

Kara groaned even as she laughed quietly.

“He’s cute and I didn’t break his nose when I kissed him. I didn’t anticipate this problem,” she said turning to Lena.

Lena laughed a little louder as she looked at Kara’s face.

“Break his nose? How many people’s noses did you break?”

Kara gave her a guilty look. Lena’s eyes lit up in sudden glee as she realised it had been more than one.

“Four,” Kara admitted.

Lena laughed and Kara found herself laughing too even as she felt the tears returning.

“Well I suppose that’s good to know should you ever get drunk and mistake me for Mon-el,” Lena teased. “I’ll have a plastic surgeon on standby.”

Kara scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“I would never mistake you for Mon-el. You’re too nice to get me drunk, even if you did find it funny.”

Lena smiled.

“I confess the idea of Kara Danvers drunk and saying silly things does have a certain appeal. But I suppose it would be unfair of me to take advantage of your inebriated state to find out your secrets.”

Kara snorted.

“You don’t need to get me drunk to find out my secrets just ask and I’ll tell you. Look at me now I’m here on your couch telling you about how my boyfriend got me knocked up and that I regularly break peoples noses by accident when I try to kiss them.”

Lena smiled at her and nodded. 

“Well you are the most honest person I know. Probably because you’re a terrible liar," Lena said throwing her an amused look.

Kara instantly felt bad about that. She lied a lot, especially to Lena. Lena sensing her shifting mood gave her another hug and Kara sank into it allowing herself a few minutes to soak up Lena’s gentle affection.

“What is scaring you most about the whole being pregnant thing?” Lena asked. “Is it money? Medical risk? Doing it alone? Family disapproval? Loss of your own identity? Mon-el?”

Kara looked at Lena for a long moment and then she was crying again. She was getting very tired of the crying but it just kept happening. She supposed it was probably hormones. She clung to Lena and she knew she probably left a couple of small bruises but Lena just held her tighter. How could she even begin to explain her greatest fear?

“It’s okay, you can tell me,” Lena whispered gently.

“I’m scared the government will take my aos away,” Kara confessed.

“Aos? Kara look at me.”

Kara reluctantly obeyed looking up into Lena’s serious face and her remarkably sure green eyes.

“No one will take your baby away. I won’t let them,” Lena said firmly. “I promise even if you lost your job, your apartment, and had a full mental breakdown where you could no longer look after yourself they won’t take your baby away. I’ll always be here to help you. Sometimes I think you forget I’m a literal billionaire. If anything happens to you I promise you won’t lose your child to the foster system. I’d adopt them myself before I let that happen. Not that I think Alex would allow it to ever get that far. Your sister is terrifying in her protectiveness of you.”

Kara choked out a laugh as she looked at Lena. Kind, brilliant, beautiful Lena who was determined to do good. Lena who was offering to help her even though she had no idea what she was really up against.

“Oh Lena,” she said looking at her. 

She heard Lena’s heart start to race as she continued to look up at her.

“That’s not why they’d take them,” she said sadly.

She saw a flicker of confusion on Lena’s face. Kara knew it was probably time. Lena had proved herself more than trustworthy and she was tired of lying.

“They tried to take me once, when I was thirteen," Kara confessed.

Lena gave her a confused look. 

“From your parents? I thought you said they died-”

“They did. They tried to take me from the Danvers.” 

Now Lena looked utterly bewildered.

“Seriously?” she asked. “They’re like the picture perfect adoption family. Why would-”

Kara bit her lip as she looked at Lena. She swallowed. 

“There was… it was about me not them,” Kara whispered.

Lena’s face softened as she looked at her.

“It’s okay,” Lena said gently. She cradled Kara's face in her hands. “Whatever you did or were, it’s okay. Kara you’re my best friend and I don’t care if you were a teenage arsonist, part or a cult, an alien, or even secretly a five hundred year old vampire that drinks the blood of virgins. Whatever it is you can-”

Lena stopped and it clicked. Lena’s eyes widened as she looked at Kara. Kara gave a little shrug with an apologetic smile.

“You’re an alien aren’t you,” Lena said quietly.

Kara nodded. Lena sighed and then her heart was racing as she removed Kara’s glasses. She looked at her for a second her mind seeming to be putting it all together. Lena took a deep breath and handed back her glasses looking away.

“Lena?” Kara asked worried.

“Just one second I’m… processing,” Lena said holding up a hand.

Kara nodded and straightened up waiting. Lena took a deep breath.

“I’ll sort through that later but… we’re triaging the- the bigger… things.”

Lena looked back at her then away again.

“Well that does explain how you were able to get in contact with Supergirl so easily,” Lena said with a self deprecating smile.

Kara laughed and sighed.


“So the um… the alien detection device?”

Kara made a guilty face.

“I uh, may have used heat vision to sever a wire,” she admitted.

Lena sighed pinching the bridge of her nose.

“I thought it overheated. I spent a whole month trying to work out what went wrong before deciding it must have been a loose piece of glue or something,” Lena said giving her a look.

Kara couldn’t help a small chuckle as she sat up. Lena sighed. Kara looked at her waiting nervously for the anger she knew was coming.

“Well I suppose it’s comforting that even Supergirl can have terrible taste in men. I suddenly feel better about all my mistakes,” Lena muttered. Kara laughed and sniffed. “And it explains how you can eat three blocks of chocolate and never gain a pound, which by the way is terribly unfair.”

Kara laughed again then fresh tears came. Lena looked at her. Her face softened again as she wiped away Kara’s tears with gentle fingers.

“What do you need?” Lena asked.

Kara silently shrugged. Everything felt so incredibly tiring all of a sudden. Kara did what she always did in this position, she ate. She picked up a donut and took a bite. She chewed slowly trying to think of an answer. What did she need?

“I don’t even really know,” she admitted. “I’m looking at climbing Everest with no superpowers, no equipment, guide, or training.”

Kara forced herself to eat another bite of the donut. 

“It’s not even like I really wanted to have a family with Mon-el but I just… I’m Kryptonian, we don’t do this alone, ever. I was supposed to look after Kal-el when we arrived but that was more an emergency we’re all dead thing I was…”

She looked at the donut and found herself contemplating yet another problem she hadn’t anticipated.

“I eat ten thousand calories a day, did you know that?" she asked turning to Lena once more. "I need to eat ten thousand calories a day to be able to sustain myself properly otherwise I start to feel slow and sick. It’s closer to twelve thousand now and then this aos will probably start at two thousand and it’ll be more when they’re a teenager. How am I going to pay for that? I’ll have to get another job, or rob a bank. Which would probably be easier now I think about it.”

Lena chuckled.

“And how am I supposed to hide this as Supergirl? People are going to notice when I get pregnant it’s not like my suit hides anything. Which now I think about it might be aerodynamic but was a terrible idea. And how-”

Kara squeezed her eyes shut as she pressed her hands over her eyes as the main reason for her anxiety came crashing back to the front of her mind.

“I’m Supergirl and I’m terrified of having a child because the moment the government finds out about it they’ll try and take them away like they wanted to with me. I don’t know what to do Lena. I want this aos so badly it’s probably my one chance at getting to have a child of my own and- and-”

She dragged in several deep breaths as tears rolled down her face. Lena wrapped her arms around Kara holding her tightly. Kara choked back sobs as all her fears started pouring out of her. 

“I can break the sound barrier in flight but I can’t ever be sure my child will be safe in the country I grew up in. I’d have to give them up to someone I could trust and stay away until they’re old enough to know. If I don’t they’ll just turn up in the middle of the night while I’m away or find some obscure legal something to excuse taking them away and if I come out so the whole world knows then they’ll be in danger from my enemies and every anti alien zealot in the country. Which would almost be worse because I’d probably have to get government help just to protect them and that’s just terrifying to consider what they'd ask of me in return. It’s not like I have anyone in my life who can protect my aos from the American government-”

Kara’s voice disappeared as she dissolved into sobs once more.

“I can,” Lena whispered.

Kara stopped crying for a moment and looked at Lena confused.

“What?” she asked.

“I can,” Lena said louder and with more confidence.

Kara stared at Lena confused. Lena met her eyes her face serious. Kara froze her heart suddenly stuttering in her chest as Lena looked at her now determined.

“Kara I can do that. I can protect your baby from the government and anyone else who wants to hurt them. I- Kara…” Lena’s face lit up with sudden excitement. “Marry me.”

“What?” Kara whispered. 

Lena looked at her very seriously.

“I mean it Kara. I’m a Luthor, I can protect your baby. All you have to do is marry me and suddenly everything I have is yours.”

Kara’s head was spinning as she looked at Lena. Could she really? Lena sat up straighter facing Kara her eyes bright and determined.

“Kara I’m a billionaire. I have a powerful position in the business world and dozens of political connections, international and domestic. I have enough real estate to make a small city, and enough security to qualify as a small army. I have one of the most powerful and recognisable family names not just in America but in the world. If I marry you and adopt your child I can protect them by making them known. They'd be a Luthor heir. The government would never dare take the child of a Luthor. It would be like trying to kidnap a British royal. They couldn’t. It would take too large of a team to try and take them by force without everyone knowing. If they went the legal route I’d just drop you both in Cuba or something then set my lawyers on them if they tried.”

Kara’s eyes were wide and her heart suddenly started racing as hope flooded her. The more she thought about it the more she realised Lena was right. There was no way they could. Not only would they need to get past Lena’s security but they’d have to get past Lena and not even Lex Luthor could do that. She looked back at Lena and saw she was staring at her very determinedly. Lena gripped her hands tightly.

“Kara please,” Lena said. Kara was surprised by the edge of vulnerability in Lena’s voice. “Please, let me help you. I promise I will dedicate everything I have to offer to making sure you and your child are safe. Marry me and I can protect you and the baby from anyone who wants to separate you. If the government ever tried to take your child my lawyers would tear them to pieces, and that’s before my PR people get to them. Please… trust me.”

Kara held Lena’s hands a little tighter.

“What about you?” Kara asked.

Lena looked confused.

“What about me? Oh. Kara I swear I may not have had great parenting role models but I will do everything I can to help. You won’t have to do any of this alone whether it’s the nappies or the parent teacher interviews I’ll be there with you every step of the way however you want me.”

Kara sighed her heart overflowing with warmth as she looked at her best friend. Here she was offering to do everything to help Kara with no concern for herself or her needs.

“Oh Lena,” said gently. “I wasn’t questioning that I know you’d be an amazing parent and-” and I want nothing more than to raise this child with you.

Kara felt more tears as the realisation hit her. Lena looked concerned again as the tears escaped her eyes and rolled down her face. Kara quickly forced those feelings away as she focused on Lena.

“What about the things people will say about you?” she said. “I can’t be the cause you getting more-”

“Kara,” Lena’s voice was firm as she cut her off. Lena’s lips twitched in a small smile. “Firstly, I highly doubt marrying you will do anything but improve my image. As for the people who will call me names for not being straight,” Lena shrugged and gave her a smile. “People have been calling me things for years. What’s one more slur?”

Kara gave Lena a stern look. Lena looked back with… hope. 

“Kara, I don’t care what people call me. It’s not like I’m even straight anyway. I care about you and your baby. You’re my best friend in the whole world and you need help. Hell you’re Supergirl you shouldn’t have to live in fear. No one should ever be able to threaten to take your children away from you to make them into weapons.”

There was a long silence as they looked at each other.

“Are you serious?” Kara whispered.

Lena nodded holding Kara's hands very tightly.

“Let me protect you for once. Marry me Kara. Marry me and I promise I will give you and this child everything I can.”

Kara looked at Lena and felt emotions bubbling up inside her. Sudden, powerful emotions she wasn’t really sure how to characterise. Lena stared back determined and ready to fight for her, for the aos. She could hear Lena’s racing heart and feel the tension in her arms as she waited for Kara’s response. 

Kara nodded. Lena wrapped her in a hug seeming on the edge of tears as she held Kara tighter and tighter. Kara started to cry again. This time in relief. Lena would protect them. Lena would make it all okay.

“Thank you,” Kara whispered. “Thank you, thank you, nahkluv.”

Lena just held her tighter.

“What are friends for?” Lena asked the edge of a laugh in her voice through what sounded like tears.

Kara laughed softly and pulled back wiping her eyes.

“Marrying and raising a child together when their frat boy boyfriend gets them knocked up and runs away.”

Lena laughed and wiped her tears away.

“I can’t believe I got you to agree,” Lena admitted with a smile. “I thought the family name might be enough to stop you. Especially considering yours.”

Kara shook her head. 

“It’s your name Lena, and I trust you.”

Lena suddenly looked on the verge of tears again.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

Kara looked down at herself then at Lena.

“I just- I need to be clear,” she said. 

Lena nodded quickly the smile gone replaced with concern again.

“I- if we do this I don’t want it to be by halves,” Kara said quietly. “I don’t want to make you do anything you’re not comfortable with or- so just to make sure I don’t misinterpret or ask for more than you can give…” Kara gulped. She had to ask. She had to explain. “I- I’m Kryptonian we marry for life. We raise our families together both parents heavily involved. Our entire… for us family and children are the centre of our lives by blood or not. I’m not asking you to give up anything I just…”

Kara gulped again and dared look up at Lena. Lena was looking back giving her the same determined look as before.

“I need to know if you’re offering to have a Kryptonian marriage and help me raise this child together as though it was yours by blood, or if this is purely an on paper and to the outside world but you’re just gonna be the rich Aunt we live with. I guess- I mean… I need to know if you’re all in with me or not?”

Lena looked at her and then she was holding Kara’s face in her hands green eyes staring deeply into blue.

“Kara, I am all in,” Lena said. “I am here for everything and anything. During the pregnancy I am here to hold your hand at every doctor’s appointment, do every late night run for ice cream or watermelon, give you footrubs and back massages, and to buy the million potstickers you will undoubtedly eat.”

Kara laughed tears forming in her eyes.

“I am here for you, and for the baby, the aos?”

Kara nodded and sniffed as Lena placed a gentle hand over Kara’s stomach.

“Kara I’m right here,” Lena said still holding Kara’s face in her other hand. “If you just need my name and money you can have it, but if-” Lena drew a long shuddering breath. “If you want a partner in this. Someone to help you with the aos. Someone to be another parent, to read them bedtime stories, and help with homework. Someone to help you deal with tantrums, little league games, driving lessons, and family holiday stress. If you want me to be- I…” 

Lena gulped again her determined gaze faltering for a moment and she closed her eyes taking a deep breath. Kara covered Lena’s hand with her own applying a little pressure. Lena's eyes stayed closed but she kept talking. 

“I swear no matter what you choose I will love this child as my own and I will do everything in my power to give them the best possible life. I will spend every day of my life working to make theirs better. If you want that to also be as their parent then I will be all in with you on this. However and whatever you need.”

Lena fell silent and Kara gently pressed Lena’s hand tighter against her stomach.

“Lena Kieran Luthor,” she said quietly. “I want you with me every step of the way. I…” 

Kara struggled to find the words. How did one even begin to explain the tsunami of feelings that were crashing through her as she looked at Lena.

“You’re my best friend in the whole universe and I would be honoured to raise this child with you.”

Lena did cry then. Kara wrapped her arms around Lena and they clung to each other for several minutes crying in each other’s arms as they dealt with the enormity of what they had just agreed to. Lena eventually let go and looked at Kara taking a deep breath. 

“Alright, let’s do this. All in.”

Kara smiled then Lena suddenly looked slightly anxious.

“You do realise we’re gonna have to convince everyone we’re in love right?”

Kara looked at Lena with her best duh expression. Lena laughed.

Chapter Text

Lena woke the next morning and had trouble opening her eyes. Not because she was exhausted but because she was sure she had been dreaming and didn’t want to wake up and face reality again. Lena sighed and forced herself to open her eyes. She got up showered, dressed and went to the kitchen.

Sitting on her kitchen counter was a white bag bearing the name of a certain Dublin bakery. There was a small note taped to it.

Thank you for being you - Kara.

Lena smiled for a second and cautiously sat at her kitchen counter. She opened the bag and took out three perfect apple scones. She breathed deeply enjoying the smell of sugar, spice, and cinnamon. She sighed and took out her phone. Along with the usual alarming number of emails there was two messages from Kara waiting.

Good morning :)

Did you sleep well?

She checked the news to be sure Supergirl wasn’t busy and called Kara. She answered immediately.

“Lena!” Kara sounded too excited.

Lena took a deep breath.

“Hey, Kara I uh…”

“Yes?” Now she sounded nervous.

“I just wanted to check, light of day and all that um…” She hesitated hearing Kara suck in a breath. “If what I’m about to say makes no sense then I had a very weird dream last night but um-” She took a deep breath and took the plunge. “Have you changed your mind or are we still getting married and having a baby?”

There was a moment then Kara answered with a soft, happy sigh.

“Yeah, we’re getting married and having a baby.”

Lena found herself smiling almost uncontrollably. She was going to marry Kara and they were going to have a baby. As friends pretending to be more but still, they were technically engaged. She heard Kara laugh and found herself laughing too.

“I’m sorry I don’t know why I’m laughing,” Kara said. 

Lena rested her head in her hand.

“Maybe because last night you agreed to marry into one of the most hated families in the country and raise a child with your best friend.”

Kara laughed again.

“Oh Rao I did.”

“You sure you’re not having second thoughts?” Lena asked trying to keep the anxiety from her voice.

“Definitely not,” Kara said firmly. “I couldn’t do better than you.”

Lena somehow smiled even wider.

“So... how angry do you think my mother is going to be when she hears about this?” Lena asked.

Kara started laughing again and Lena felt lighter than air. She looked out the window at the brilliant clear blue sky. 

“Hey Kara,” she said.

“Yes Lena?”

“I think today is going to be a good day.”

“Yeah,” Kara sighed that happy sigh again. “It is.”

“I gotta go to work but I’ll text you later,” Lena promised.

“I’m changing your name in my phone to fiance right now,” Kara said.

Lena laughed.

“I’ll let Jess know your new title so she can be amazed at my good luck.”

Kara laughed again as they said goodbye hanging up.

Lena was in a fantastic mood. She was sure if she was the kind of person who danced she would have danced into L Corp that morning. As it was she restrained herself to smiling at everything. She was engaged to Kara, and they were having a baby. Granted because Mon-el was an idiot but she refused to be anything but happy about that because some of her wildest and most secret dreams were coming true.

Jess looked at her confused as she practically skipped from the elevator with a smile.

“Good morning Ms Luthor.”

“Good morning Jess,” Lena said grinning at her.

Jess rose and handed her a folder tentatively returning the smile. Lena looked over the page and signed it with a flourish.

“You seem to be in a good mood today Ms Luthor,” Jess said giving her a confused look.

Lena nodded.

“Today is a very good day Jess.”

Jess looked at her surprised.

“It is?”

“Yes,” Lena said handing back the folder.

“Will it still be a good day when you have your meeting with Mr Edge at three?” Jess asked.

Lena pursed her lips thinking about it.

“Yes,” she declared smiling at Jess again. 

Jess laughed and sat down.

“Okay…” she said.

Lena went to her office then stuck her head back out looking at Jess sitting behind her desk.

“Oh and Jess.” Jess looked up waiting. “If Kara Danvers turns up or calls you can just announce her as my fiance.”

She watched the realisation hit Jess.

“Oh! Okay,” Jess said her eyes wide as she looked at Lena. “Right your- She’s your- uh, Congratulations Ms Luthor.”

“Thank you Jess.”

Lena entered her office and turned on the TV seeing the news headlines. 

Supergirl caught dancing in the sky.

She watched the footage and felt her smile growing. Oh yes today was a very good day.


The entire lab stank of burnt plastic and the vaguely chemical smell coming off the fire extinguisher foam that covered the mangled prototype and a decent chunk of the lab. Lena felt her good day being threatened. She hummed softly and looked at the nervous looking Dr Anderson then back to the prototype. 

Lena casually leaned back against the nearby desk thinking. She took a deep breath and pictured her brother’s face when he realised she was going to marry Supergirl. Her good day returned. She looked over at Dr Anderson.

“Today is a good day for me Dr Anderson,” she said.

He opened his mouth but she held up her hand to stop him.

“I don’t just mean a good day. I mean a very good, the happiest day of my life so far, kind of day and I fully intend to enjoy it until something awful and heartbreaking inevitably happens to me.” She gestured at the prototype. “You’re currently threatening that day.” Lena slowly shook her head at Dr Anderson. “That’s a bad idea.”

He nodded increasingly quickly.

“I’m very sorry about that Ms Luthor.”

“Oh I’m sure you are so-”

The lab phone started ringing and Lena, happy to make Dr Anderson wait a little longer, leaned over and clicked the answer button.

“Lab 302,” she said looking at Dr Anderson who was now sweating.

“Ms Luthor I have Ms Danvers calling for you,” Jess said. “Shall I transfer her through?”

“You have who?” Lena asked her smile growing.

There was a moment then she heard Jess clear her throat.

“I have your fiance calling for you, shall I transfer her through?”

Lena sighed happily and picked up the receiver. She watched as the team of researchers all had the same realisation. 

“Yes, thank you Jess.” She moved the phone away from her mouth. “You have the time this phone call takes to find something good to say about this catastrophe so my good day can continue,” she said motioning to the prototype. 

She heard the click of the transfer.

“Hello darling,” Lena purred.

Kara laughed.

“Hey honey. It sounds like someone’s having fun.”

“I’m currently in the labs looking at six million dollars and four years of research, and it’s covered in a thick layer of chemical foam after it started sparking then burst into flame.”

Kara sucked in a breath.

“So I take it someone’s in big trouble,” Kara said.

Lena sighed.

“They have the duration of this phone call to come up with something positive to say about it so I can continue to enjoy my day.”

“I don’t know if I should try and draw this out to give them more time or make it quick so they can stop panicking and accept their fate,” Kara said with a small sigh.

Lena laughed and looked at the team who were all staring at her somewhat terrified.

“I think they might be desperate for a little extra time,” she said.

“Well in that case, is marrying me really making you so happy you’re willing to overlook that big of a catastrophe?” Kara asked.

Lena closed her eyes as her smile grew.

“Everytime I remember we’re getting married I think about how mad my brother will be when he realises who I’m going to marry.”

There was a pause then Kara started laughing. Lena felt a warmth flooding through her at the sound. Yes, today was good. 

“Oh wow, he’s going to be furious,” Kara said sounding delighted. 

“He really is.”

“What about the second thing?” Kara asked.

Lena sighed happily.

“The wedding will probably send him into a rage, the second thing will, if I’m lucky, give him a heart attack.”

Kara laughed again.

“Speaking of. I was just calling to see if we could swap lunch for dinner. I had to do something involving heroics and now I have just under four hours to get sources and then have this article ready for print before Snapper loses it.”

Lena smiled.

“I’m certainly amenable, we can discuss the plans then.”

“You’re sure you’re still all in?” Kara asked her voice quiet and uncertain.

“Yes, don’t worry Kara I’m still all in.”

Kara breathed a sigh of relief.

“Sorry I just- there’s a part of me that can’t really believe this is all happening. That you’re really going to do all this for me, and the aos it’s… surreal,” Kara confessed.

“Really?” Lena asked. 

“Not that you’re not a generally wonderful and supportive person who I think would be capable of doing this I just- You had the complete opposite reaction to Mon-el and he…”

Kara’s voice trailed off and Lena could easily picture Kara playing with the phone cord or one of a dozen fidget toys she always seemed to have.

“Your ex is an asshole,” Lena said.

“Yeah kinda. Well at least in that moment he was,” Kara admitted. “I was with him for eight months and it took me a week to work up to telling him because I wasn’t sure how he’d react and then he just ran away and I haven’t heard from him since.”

“I repeat, asshole.”

Kara chuckled then she sighed again.

“When I went to you I was a mess and… and you just offered me everything. I keep having these moments where I remember you telling me you were all in and it just… Is it weird to say that I feel like like a huge weight is off my shoulders and I’m actually excited to marry you because- Well I don’t even know why really but the words will come to me at some point I’m sure. Ugh this is why being a writer sucks sometimes because if I can’t get the words to work then Snapper gets mad and I have to do this whole thing of reminding myself that I am actually good at my job and I should stick it out because otherwise I have to turn to a life of crime and then Supergirl will have to try and arrest me and that will get complicated and-”

“Kara,” Lena said gently interrupting her. “You know when you marry me you’ll be a billionaire and won’t have to worry about that.”

There was a pause.

“Oh Golly, I will!”

Lena laughed.

“How do you keep forgetting that?” 

“You just… I don’t know. I just never see you buy things I guess,” Kara mumbled.

“That’s because I pay other people to buy things for me. Speaking of, tonight we’ll have to talk about what you want for the house.”

“For the- you’re going to buy a house?” Kara actually sounded surprised.

“I’m not, we are. If there’s not one available we like I’ll get one built.”

There was this pause and then a sniff and Lena was momentarily worried she’d somehow gone too far then Kara spoke again.

“What did I do to deserve you?” Kara mumbled.

“If memory serves you looked at the sister of the most hated man in America and said I think she needs donuts.”

Kara laughed.

“And that’s not even going into everything else you’ve done for me over the course of our friendship and… “ Lena dropped her voice slightly. “Everything last night.”

Kara laughed again.

“You’re making it sound like we did something a bit risque instead of me just crying on you and telling you about my- uh… family history.”

“I remind you I am still standing in a lab being nervously watched by one of my R&D teams so I can’t really be more explicit.”

Kara laughed again a little louder.

“You’re really enjoying this aren’t you? Being my fiance I mean.”

“Oh darling you have no idea,” Lena said dropping her voice just a bit again making Kara laugh.

“I love you,” Kara said with a sigh.

Lena’s smile grew that tiny bit.

“I love you too. I’ll text you the details for dinner.”

They hung up and Lena put her hands on the desk casually leaning against it as she looked at Dr Anderson.

“Time’s up Dr Anderson. What do you have to say?”

Dr Anderson looked mildly panicked then he quickly smiled far too brightly.

“Firstly please allow me to offer my most sincere congratulations on your engagement,” he said.

Lena smiled at him.

“Thank you Dr Anderson.”

“She’s a very lucky woman,” he added.

Lena nodded.

“I like to think I’m the lucky one here but again, thank you.”

He gulped.

“Um… as to the prototype uh…” He hesitated and she raised an eyebrow. “While I understand this incident could be seen as a serious setback in the development of this project uh…”

Lena hummed nodding as she waited.

“Setbacks are normal and, while this is a more serious setback than usual considering the damage done to the prototype, no one was hurt and we have clear evidence that the safety protocols in this lab not only work but do so to an unexpected level of efficiency. Um, it is also good to know that uh, well that there is potentially a serious problem with the prototype that we can now investigate fully and resolve before proceeding further.”

Lena nodded again.

“And how will you be proceeding?” she asked.

“Uh…” Dr Anderson looked at his team.

The deputy team leader Dr Casey came forwards quickly.

“We are going to thoroughly clean the lab and disassemble the prototype to determine the location of the fault and then revise our existing plans and reports to better reflect the many things we have now learnt about this prototype and it’s potential hazards,” she said in a rush.

Lena smiled at Dr Casey and clapped her hands together as she stood up taking a step away from the desk.

“Very good. I knew I hired intelligent people. Proceed with that and I want a preliminary report on my desk along with a revised time line for product development,” Lena said smiling a them.

“Of course,” Dr Casey said. “And again congratulations on your engagement to Ms Danvers, uh may I ask, were you the one to propose or was she?”

Lena beamed at Dr Casey. 

“I proposed.”

Dr Casey smiled back seeming to lose almost all the tension from her body as she realised nothing was going to happen to them despite the monumental fuck up they’d all committed.

“Was it a romantic proposal?” she asked.

“Not in the slightest,” Lena said smiling at Dr Casey. “But Kara would probably characterise it as sudden and somewhat dramatic.”

Lena looked over at Dr Anderson who was staring at the foam covered prototype with a vaguely awed expression.

“Are you alright Dr Anderson you seem a little pale?” Lena asked.

“Just contemplating the existence of a God and miracles,” he said. 

Lena pressed her lips together as she hummed for a moment. 

“Yes I imagine you are,” she said smiling at him, “Especially as I’m sure the moment this happened you remembered I had made a note on the last set of designs pointing to one particular part, with a little arrow and a warning that if you didn’t put something between the two elements it would likely spark, ignite, then explode destroying the prototype from the inside.”

She watched the colour drain from Dr Anderson’s face. He looked at her scared again as she smiled at him. He opened his mouth and glanced at Dr Casey then looked back at Lena.

“So uh… have you set a date for the wedding?” he asked with a nervous smile.

Lena laughed.

“Not yet but we will certainly be making the announcement soon.” She looked at her watch. “Excuse me I have a meeting shortly. Enjoy the rest of what I am sure will be a very busy day for you all.”

The scientists nodded and Lena left the lab with a smile.


Lena arrived at her penthouse that evening late but only by ten minutes. Kara was sitting on her couch with a dozen takeaway containers spread over the coffee table. She put her phone down as Lena entered.

“Hey you,” Kara said smiling.

Lena tossed her keys into a silver bowl and smiled.

“Hello darling,” she purred.

Kara laughed.

“Am I going to be darling now?” she asked.

“Unless you have an objection to it,” Lena said her tone becoming far more normal. She dropped onto the couch beside Kara with a sigh. “Once we marry though I am going to call you wife a minimum ten times a day for at least three months. You have been warned.”

Kara smiled and held out a box of noodles.

“I have no objections to either darling or wife,” she said.

Lena smiled at her again before accepting the noodles and picking up a pair of chopsticks.

“And how is aos today?” 

Kara looked down at her stomach with a smile.

“Making their Jeju exceedingly emotional. I think Snapper might be piecing it together because he stared at my stomach for a moment after I nearly cried when he said my article wasn’t awful.”

Lena couldn’t help her laugh at that.

“I’d pay to see him try and comfort you when you cry.”

“He looked very worried, not as much as James though. Which brings up something." Kara turned to look more fully at Lena. "So I know we’re going to tell the whole world we’re getting married because we fell madly in love, but what do you want to tell like friends and stuff?”

Lena shrugged searching through the noodles for her favourite part, the crunchy little baby corn pieces.

“The truth as much as you’re comfortable with,” Lena said. “We are genuinely getting married and will be raising a child together. We do also love each other, even if it’s not in the typical way. Not much else to say really.”

Kara was staring at her. Lena gave her a confused look.

“What?” she asked with a small smile.

Kara suddenly wrapped her arms around Lena almost knocking the container from her hand. Lena laughed and leaned into Kara. 

“You’re amazing,” Kara mumbled into her shoulder. “You are the most selfless, kind, wonderful person I know.”

“Kara I…” Lena sighed and put down her noodles. “This isn’t entirely selfless for me. I know you’re only thinking about what you get but honestly getting to marry my best friend and raise a child together is more than I thought I’d get.”

Kara gave her a confused look.

“Lena why would you- You’re an incredible, brilliant, beautiful woman. Why would this be more than you thought you’d get?”

Lena stared at her noodles chewing her lip nervously. Kara pulled back a little to look at her. Lena could practically feel the worry coming off her in waves. 


Lena forced herself to look up and see the worry on Kara’s face for a second before looking away.

“I just…” Lena struggled for a minute. “My options for a future have never been great and… I knew I didn’t want to have biological children.” 

Kara tensed.

“Please don’t misunderstand I wanted children," Lena added quickly. "But once I found out I was a Luthor by blood I-” she swallowed. “I want that bloodline to end. I don’t want to make another Lex. I know there’s the whole nature vs nurture thing but… I don’t want to risk it.  I was also always aware my chances of having children were low for a few reasons and I just…”

Lena rubbed her face suddenly feeling worn out. Talking about her emotions always tired her. 

“I was never going to be able to be sure why someone was with me. I fully expected one day I’d find someone with the right… social credentials I guess. We’d date, marry, start a family, and it would be nice. But then the family name became poison and I knew the kind of options I would always have. I…”

She looked up at Kara and saw the same soft look of sad affection she always seemed to have whenever Lena talked about her family.

“Someone was always going to marry me for my money and family name, I knew that. I’d either spend my life alone with my work or I’d eventually get lonely enough that I would marry for the comfort of having someone willing to be with me in return for the lifestyle I could offer them. But you… you’re my best friend in the world and you’re marrying me because you- you trust me to use my name and wealth to protect your child. You’re not doing this to give yourself an easy life but to protect… our child.”

She looked away from the piercing blue of Kara’s eyes and contemplated her noodles once more.

“So this isn’t selfless Kara. It’s incredibly selfish. You came to me and I promised you help in return for giving me something I couldn’t have gotten normally. A wife who doesn’t see me as some accomplishment or ticket to luxury but as a friend, and the opportunity to raise a family not out of loneliness but out of love. I-”

Kara was hugging her very very tightly.

“I love you Lena Luthor.” Lena sank into Kara’s embrace as she continued to speak softly in her ear. “I once promised you I would always be your friend, and now I’m making you another promise. You will never be alone again. You will always have me.”

Lena looked at Kara tears gathering in her eyes.

“Though I’m sure at times you will consider that a bit of a curse,” Kara added with a smile. “Especially when you find out I sing in the shower, never remember where I left my socks, and need a dozen reminders for all birthdays and anniversaries.”

Lena laughed and kissed Kara’s cheek.

“I’m not a morning person,” Lena said. 

Kara feigned a look of horror and Lena laughed. They sat back picking up their food once more and Kara pressed play on the movie. For a few minutes they ate in silence watching the screen.

“By the way," Kara said turning to smile at Lena once more. "I was delivered a large bouquet of pink roses this afternoon." Lena gave her a confused look. "They came with a card congratulating me on our engagement and thanking me for giving Lab 302 a reason to believe in miracles.”

Lena choked on her noodles as she laughed.

Chapter Text

Lena looked up from her phone as a grinning Kara slid into the car beside her.

“Hi Babe,” Kara said.

“Hello Darling,” Lena replied smiling back.

Kara laughed and the car started moving.

“So where are we going?” Kara asked.

“I arranged us some time with a jeweller. I want to make sure your ring is unique and there’s only a few in National City who work with alien metals.”

Kara looked at her surprised. Lena gave her a somewhat smug look in return then it softened a bit and she sighed.

“I know you’re going to play with it whenever you get even a little anxious so I’m just saving time and money buying one you can’t break in less than a second.”

Kara reached over and gave Lena’s hand a gentle squeeze.

“Thank you.”

Lena smiled back.

“So, how was work today? Snapper still angry about the Tribune printing your article on Cadmus kidnapping aliens?” Lena asked.

“Yes,” Kara muttered. “Not that he can do anything. He rejected it so I was free to send it to them instead. By the way what did you offer the Tribune editor for running it?”

“I didn’t have to offer anything,” Lena said relaxing into her seat. “I just said Snapper wasn’t willing to print it even when Supergirl turned up in person to verify the information.” Kara chuckled. “Though he might appreciate it if Supergirl said thank you in person.”

Kara nodded and mentally added it to her patrol plans that evening. The car came to a stop and Lena got out first then held out a hand to Kara making her laugh.

“And they say chivalry in dead,” Kara said.

Lena winked and tucked Kara’s arm in hers.

“Simple practicality. This car is lower than my regular towncar and I’m wearing pants today while you’re in a dress.”

Kara sighed looking down at herself.

“All my pants are getting tight. It’s the first time I’ve ever had this problem and I don’t like it,” she muttered.

Lena laughed.

“Have you considered buying some new ones,” she said.

Kara sighed sounding resigned.

“Yes, but I’m just going to outgrow everything and once aos is born whatever I buy I won’t ever wear again.”

Lena shrugged.

“So, just donate them after the baby is born. It’s what I do with my wardrobe.”

Kara looked at her surprised.


Lena laughed.

“Kara I get a new wardrobe pretty much every season. Excepting for a few key pieces and my shoes, I just donate my wardrobe when I get the new one.”

Kara looked vaguely horrified.

“Lena that’s… so incredibly wasteful. Why not just keep most of it?”

“A few reasons, firstly it justifies me having a stylist for more than just events. Secondly if I was seen to be behind in fashion trends I’d be mocked by the tabloids for it. And thirdly, it’s an easy way for me to drop money into the National City economy every quarter in an industry that hires a lot of women.”

“I thought your habit of tipping people 200% was how you were doing that,” Kara said.

“I have many ways,” Lena said. “But I use my wardrobe to give a boost to local designers. Everything I wear was designed by a woman or person from a minority background. Including a few alien designers.”

They entered the jewellers and were greeted by a young woman Kara immediately realised was an alien by her heartbeat. The woman seemed surprised when she recognised Lena. Lena smiled and someone who had to be a member of Lena’s security handed her a signed NDA. Lena gave the jeweller a smile and flicked through checking it was all signed.

“Thank you." She turned to Kara and waved her hand. "Okay darling, let’s see which ones you don’t break.”

Kara was momentarily confused but the jeweller took out a tray with a series of thin metal rods. Lena inclined her head. Kara cautiously picked up the first and bent it easily. She watched the jeweller’s eyes widen a little as Kara systematically went through. Two didn’t immediately warp under her hands, one seemed almost impervious.

“Which one is that?” Lena asked pointing to the one straight rod.

“Nth metal. It um… has been known to make a person fly.”

Kara and Lena exchanged an amused look.

“I don’t think that will be an issue,” Lena said. 

The jeweller emitted a small surprised squeak as she looked at Kara then turned and unlocked a cabinet retrieving a tray marked in an alien text Kara vaguely recognised but couldn’t place. There was only six rings on it.

“I can make something else with it if you have something specific in mind,” the jeweller said the slightest hiss to her voice.

“Thank you Narim,” Lena said smiling at the jeweller.

Narim smiled again her eyes flicking between them. Lena looked at Kara and indicated the tray. 

“Well darling, which one do you like?”

Kara smiled and tried on a couple. Then her eyes lit up as she spotted one she liked. Lena chuckled as she excitedly picked up the ring carefully sliding it onto her finger. It felt a little like fate when it fitted perfectly.

Kara stared at the surprisingly delicate design where the metal wrapped around the dark blue gemstone at it’s heart. It didn’t look extravagant or flashy but it sat comfortably on her finger the metal oddly warm against her skin. She wriggled her finger watching the light catch on the gemstone.

“It is a blue diamond,” Narim explained in a soft tone. “This stone is quite peaceful, it’s colour shining true where others had doubt. Perhaps a good stone to symbolise your union.”

Kara and Lena exchanged a look.

“We’ll take it,” Lena said.

“Ninety-six thousand,” Narim said with a smile.

Kara’s eyes widened in shock. Lena just took out her chequebook. Kara looked back at the ring in shock.

“Wow. I knew diamonds were expensive but-”

“It’s not the diamond darling,” Lena said gently. “It’s the metal.” Lena smiled at Narim. “And the craftsmanship.”

Narim smiled back.

“May I say goodbye to the ring?” she asked.

Lena glanced at Kara who quickly removed the ring and held it out to Narim who smiled her eyes closing as she held the ring in her hand.

“I can’t believe you are trusting me not to lose a ninety-six thousand dollar ring,” Kara said.

Lena chuckled then paused her pen poised over the chequebook.

“I don’t suppose we could also get a little extra done to the ring?” Lena asked looking at Narim.

Narim smiled at Lena a soft hiss coming from her.

“What do you want it to do?” she asked.

“I was thinking of putting some kind of tracker in it so we can find it again if she loses it.”

Narim slowly moved her head from side to side thinking.

“You wish to bond the ring to her. To return to her finger always.”

“I want her to be able to find it again if she loses it,” Lena clarified.

Narim stood unmoving for a minute then nodded slowly. 

“One point two million total for the ring and I will ask the ring return to her finger always.”

Lena gave Narim a look but nodded writing the sum on the cheque as Kara stared in shock. Lena waited.

“Proof of concept first,” Lena said.

Narim hissed softly and moved the ring closer to her body her eyes closed. She stood unmoving for a solid two minutes. Kara and Lena exchanged a few looks but eventually Narim moved her hand extending the ring to Lena.

“The ring wants to be given with love, if you do then it will return always to the one it was given to.”

Lena raised an eyebrow but carefully took the ring and turned to Kara with a small smile. Kara returned the smile and placed her hand in Lena’s. Lena hesitated for a moment then looked at Kara and smiled a little wider sliding the ring into place on her finger. Kara felt a small rush of emotion as Lena gently slid the ring into place. There was a faint glow from the ring and Narim sank into her chair with a groan.

Kara and Lena looked at her with concern. She lifted her head seeming older by a few years.

“Now if you take it off it will return to your hand if you think of that moment,” Narim said.

Kara promptly removed the ring with a grin and closed her eyes. The ring shot back onto her finger. Kara and Lena stared at it in surprise. Narim hissed softly in clear amusement. Kara did it twice more putting more space between her and the ring each time. On the third return she looked at Lena with bright eyes.

“Magic,” she said excitedly.

Lena rolled her eyes. 

“It’s not magic,” Lena insisted. 

Narim hissed softly an amused smile on her face.

“It is magic,” Narim said. “Rock magic.”

Lena sighed and signed the cheque handing it over. 

“Well as long as it works tomorrow just as well as it does today.”

Narim gave Lena a look.

“It will return as long as you love her.”

Lena raised an eyebrow and Kara grinned wrapping her arms around Lena from behind.

“Just accept it’s magic,” Kara said putting her head on Lena’s shoulder. “You got me a magic ring.”

Lena sighed again looking at the amused Narim and gleeful Kara.

“It is simply a science unexplained at this time,” Lena said.

Kara laughed and they said their goodbyes thanking Narim.

“Don’t you need a ring too?” Kara asked.

Lena smiled and shook her head.

“I’m the man in this. I’ll only need the wedding band.”

Kara smiled and looked almost sadly at her ring.

“On Krypton we had bracelets instead of rings.”

Lena looked at her.

“Would you like to have bracelets when we marry instead of rings?”

Kara looked at her in surprise.

“Is that still legal?”

Lena laughed loudly.

“Yes Kara, the only real requirement is a licensed celebrant and the paperwork. Everything else is up to you.”

Kara smiled at her ring then Lena.

“Would you… mind having a matching bracelet instead?”

Lena smiled and reached out taking Kara's hand. She carefully entwined their fingers before bringing Kara’s hand to her mouth. She carefully pressed a kiss to Kara’s ring as she looked at her with a very gentle expression.

“No I wouldn’t mind,” she said. “If you want matching bracelets instead of rings we’ll get matching bracelets.”

Kara felt her heart melt into a puddle as she looked at Lena. 

“You have got to be the most thoughtful person in the world,” Kara said.

Lena laughed and the moment broke. They got into the car and Frank easily joined the afternoon traffic. Kara was pleased when she noticed Lena hadn’t let go of her hand. Lena caught her looking and Kara quickly tried to think of something to say.

“Are we going to dinner at… five thirty?” she asked looking at her watch. 

Lena laughed softly and gave their joined hands a squeeze.

“No, we’ve got another meeting first. I sent our notes to the architect for our new house so we’re going to meet with her to discuss the preliminary plans.”

Kara blinked at her surprised.

“She has plans already?”

Lena laughed again.

“Yes darling. I want everything underway as soon as possible so we can move in. If we’re very lucky it might even be done before aos is born, though I doubt that.”

Kara gave her a look.

“How big is this house expected to be?” she asked.

“Well that entirely depends on you darling. How big do you want it?” 

Kara hesitated for a second thinking.

“Remember, you can have anything you want. Style, location, colours… okay I do have some limits for colours,” Lena said throwing her a teasing smile. 

Kara smiled back then sighed.

“That’s not what I was worried about. I was just thinking about… well the options for um…”

Kara hesitated wondering if it would be a good or bad idea. Lena turned to look at her more fully and Kara met her gaze for a second before looking away. It felt rude to think about considering everything. 

“Additional children?” Lena asked gently. Kara sighed and gave her a look. Lena smiled. “It’s okay darling. I’ve been your best friend for some time I know how you feel about children. A minimum three I believe it was.”

Kara sighed and nodded.

“We can adopt the others,” Lena said.

Kara looked at her for a long moment her heart full of that same warmth as before. 

“How can you be so perfect?” Kara asked.

Lena laughed and squeezed her hand.

“I’m your best friend, and I have a lot of money.”

Kara laughed and leaned against Lena feeling another invisible weight lift off her shoulders.

“God I feel tired,” Kara said with a sigh.

Lena wrapped an arm around Kara holding her close. 

“Rest,” she said. “We’re in NC traffic and our meeting is at six fifteen.”

Kara sighed and snuggled against Lena closing her eyes as she breathed in the smell of Lena’s perfume and listened to the regular beat of her heart. 


Lena gently woke her a few minutes before they arrived. They got out at a skyscraper across the city in the ‘other business district’ near the port. The office was on the thirty second floor with a neat logo of a Chinese dragon around the words Magnus Construction and design. They were met by a polite receptionist who offered them tea or coffee before taking them straight through to a large office with a view over the suburbs and towards the mountains.

A young woman of Chinese descent rose to meet them. She had the kind of effortless neatness that only seemed to come from money. Her sleek dark hair was in a neat bun not a hair out of place and her dark blue suit looked as fresh and clean as if she’d only just put it on. She extended a hand to Lena with a bright smile. Lena shook it returning the smile. The woman turned to Kara looking at her with startlingly blue eyes. Kara blinked in surprise and the woman smiled wider at her. 

“Kara meet Liying Magnus she’s the person who will help us find and or build our new home.”

Kara smiled and shook Liying’s hand.

“It’s nice to meet you.”

Liying smiled a little wider and tapped next to her eyes.

“I got them from my father.”

Kara laughed. Lena held out her hand and Liying handed her a stack of papers that Lena quickly flicked through. She smiled at Liying and looked back at Kara.

“Her father is like yours,” she whispered. “She can see through things.”

Kara gave Lena a confused look then turned back to Liying. She looked at Kara then her eyes seemed to lose focus for a moment and a second set of white eyelids slid across her eyes. Her eyes widened as she looked at Kara’s chest in surprise. Kara looked at Lena who smiled back a little smugly. 

“How do you know so many aliens?” Kara asked.

Lena laughed.

“I made it my business to for one very specific reason,” she said cryptically 

Kara sighed and looked at Liying who was looking very amused.

“Aliens don’t take bribes from Lex Luthor,” Liying explained.

Kara nodded slowly looking at Liying with new interest. Liying smiled back holding her look for a moment before turning to Lena.

“I have received your notes Ms Luthor and that of your head of security. With them in mind I have three courses of action I can recommend for fulfilling your desires in the time frame given. You can either do another penthouse in a new building, we can renovate your family townhouse here in the city, or there are a few places in the mountains we could renovate or build on.”

“Which will be best security wise?” Lena asked.

Liying seemed to think about it.

“The mountains would be safest but it will increase your commute.”

Lena nodded and took a seat.

“We’ll start with the plans for that then.”

Liying unlocked a tablet and opened a few things. The wall behind her lit up under a projector.

“So I have four possible locations.”

“Start with the most secure and work down from there,” Lena said. 

Kara took a seat beside Lena as Liying tapped her screen and a new image opened.

“There are three properties in the area here. This one overlooks the city and will give best consideration for any… flights you wish to make. It does however have one possible disadvantage in case of earthquake as it is close to the cliff edges. We could alternatively completely knock down the building and build further back. That would however add a few months to…”


They left Liying’s office two hours later after having chosen to build in the mountains. Liying had a few preliminary plans drawn up in terms of house designs. Kara and Lena had both soundly rejected a wooden cabin style for practical reasons. The house would be made of stone.

“Less possible damage by small and chaotic beings of super strength,” Lena said with a small smile. Kara laughed and nodded her agreement.

Liying promised to have the properties and permits secured as soon as possible and another meeting was set for a month’s time to go over the revised designs. 

Kara was starving by the time they left so Lena had Frank stop at a nearby Big Belly Burger to allow Kara to eat something before they went to dinner. 

Kara smiled at Lena as they were seated on the terrace at a cliffside restaurant Kara suspected had a long wait list.

“I can hear cameras,” Kara muttered her eyes flicking over to the three paparazzi hidden in a distant set of trees.

“Will it be gal pals or have they twigged?” Lena asked giving her a smile.

Kara looked at her hand and very obviously examined her new ring. 

“Maybe they’ll work it out if I stare enough,” Kara suggested.

Lena laughed.

“Maybe,” she agreed. 

Kara looked at her.

“They’re never gonna work it out are they?” she asked.

Lena shook her head with a smile.

“Not unless we start doing something exceedingly inappropriate under this table.”

Kara started laughing.

“Do you want to slide under the table or should I?” Lena asked with a wink.

Kara covered her mouth as she started choking on her water. Lena laughed softly and Kara shook her head.

“You’re going to get us in trouble one day.”

Lena smiled at her. 

“Probably,” she admitted.

Kara felt a happy glow inside her as she looked at Lena sitting across the table from her. It was a warm night and the restaurant was exactly the type of place she loved going to with Lena. The portions were generous from what she could see and the nearby flowers gave off a pleasant scent mixing with the enticing smell of cooking meat and rich sauces coming from the kitchen. They were partially hidden by a series of vines growing over a set of trellises but the view over the city was still exceptional. But most importantly to Kara, Lena was smiling at her with that soft happy smile looking far too beautiful in her red suit and matching lace shirt.

Not wanting to give away her growing feelings Kara looked out over the view and was momentarily struck by exactly where she was and with who, and what it all meant. The events of the last two hours replayed in her mind and she felt the first stirrings of something almost like guilt.

“What are you thinking?” Lena asked gently interrupting her thoughts.

“I’m trying to find a way to… Lena I know you’re rich but I think in the course of this afternoon you’ve spent at least two million dollars and you’re going to be spending tens of millions more on having a house made for us and I just…”

She didn’t even know what to say when she wasn’t even sure what she was feeling. Lena sighed and picked up her water.

“You’re having a moment about the stupendous amount of wealth I have aren’t you?”

Kara shrugged and sighed. She gave Lena an apologetic look.

“I… I’ve never dealt in this kind of money before. It just feels a bit…” 

Kara hesitated not wanting to insult Lena, especially considering her money was a big part of how Lena could protect herself and their child. Lena sighed softly and gave Kara a very understanding smile.

“Ridiculous,” Lena suggested.

Kara made a face and Lena laughed again.

“Kara I am well aware how my wealth was amassed and the many better things it could be used for. I also know just how much money a billion is, I’ve seen it. I work with obscene amounts of money in my job. L Corp has an estimated worth of 18.6 billion, approximately 17,000 employees and four main offices, Metropolis, National City, Berlin, and New Delhi. We predominantly do business to business work which means most of my business deals are in the hundreds of millions. I don’t usually see anything in less than a hundred thousand on a balance sheet.”

Kara looked at her wide eyed. Lena sighed and leaned forwards covering Kara’s hand with her own.

“You’re allowed to be uncomfortable with the amount of money I have. It was made by my father and brother paying people, mostly people of colour, as little as possible and not caring what they made as long as they could sell it with a wide profit margin. My father made millions selling fertiliser, weed killer and tractor parts. My brother made billions selling weapons and cutting edge software for agricultural machines, then he charged twice as much to debug the software when it inevitably started having issues.”

Kara looked at Lena somewhat stunned.

“What- what are you going to… Are you going to do something about that?” Kara asked uncertainly.

Lena smiled and nodded. 

“Do you know the first thing I did when I became CEO of L Corp?”

Kara shook her head.

“I doubled the wages of 11,000 people. Our front line workers were all on minimum wage and I doubled their hourly pay. Do you know what that cost me?”

Kara shook her head again.

“About 3.5 million extra a week. L Corp now has the best paid and insured workers in our industry. I had to fight the board to do that. I had to fight to pay a living wage to our workers using less than two percent of our profit. I looked at a damaged prototype the other day that cost me about a week’s wages for our front line workers and it will be completely written off without question.”

Kara gave Lena a concerned look as she picked up her glass. Lena sighed waving her glass in a small frustrated gesture.

“Not that it’s not a problem. It is six million and I could have fired several people over it but I’m trying to make L Corp a force for good. I’ve been switching everything over to green energy and moving us from making weapons and what effectively amounts to poisons to focus on agricultural and aeronautical software and developing improvements to medical machines. My shareholders hate me because our profits are no longer being buoyed by military contracts but my employees love me.”

Lena sat back sipping her water her eyes going to the view. Kara considered her for a minute trying to understand this side of her friend she had never really considered.

“If you think it’s excessive why do you…”

She waved a hand. Lena gave her a sad smile.

“Because my family is still alive. There are thousands of lawyers, accountants, and consultants who make millions hiding the money of the rich from governments around the world. Lex has access to, I estimate, about 1.2 billion in funds hidden all over the world under various shell companies and alias’. To find his money I need to have access to the same people who hid it. I need to know how they hide it, where, and using which methods. The easiest way is to learn that is just to hire them for myself and then get them to tell me.”

Kara stared at her wide eyed.

“You… you hide your money offshore?” she asked.

“Some of it. Nowhere near as much as Lex and mother have but enough to keep those financial consultants who do such things on my side. I worked out how much I would have paid in tax on it and make sure I donate an equivalent amount to various public causes. I actually have an archive of sorts full of information about how it’s done and detail about any of Lex's funds I've found. Feel free to take a look anytime you want.”

Kara frowned.

“Is your name going to come up on the next Panama papers?”

Lena laughed and flashed Kara a smile.

“Darling, I was in the original documents. Lex was in them three times, but no one else has worked that out. His love of anagrams gave him away.”

Kara sat back feeling something in her chest as she thought about it.

“Are you okay?” Lena asked giving her a concerned look.

Kara sighed heavily.

“Yeah it’s just… that’s not a problem I can like-” She waved her hand in a flying motion. “Fix.”

“Well not like that,” Lena said giving her a smile. “But there’s a group of journalists all over the world looking into this particular type of corruption and money laundering. If you want I can put you in contact with a few. It may not be something you can beat into submission but you may be able to expose some of the rampant corruption involved with your words.”

Lena leaned forwards giving Kara a very soft smile.

“Sometimes Kara Danvers is more powerful than Supergirlin the fight against corruption.”

Kara blushed at the compliment.

“I- I think I’d… I guess I sometimes forget about those kind of problems when there’s much more visual ones to write about.’

Lena sighed and nodded.

“Lex may know how to build a flying armoured suit to fight Superman but that means little if he doesn’t have any money to buy the components.”

Kara smiled at the idea of Lex without any of his secret slush funds. The waiter appeared and they ordered. When he left Lena picked up her glass again and looked at Kara. Kara returned the look with one of her own. Lena sighed.

“I'm also not technically in control of the whole of my family's estate. Father didn;t want us able to squander everything too early. When I turn thirty I get access to the rest of my trust and maybe the rest of Lex's. Then depending on how things are looking I’ll probably give up running L Corp to use my family fortune to make something truly my own. Maybe then all that money can be put to use giving back more than my family has taken.”

Lena looked off into the distance for a minute her eyes far away as her mind worked on distant plans. She shook herself out of it and looked at Kara with a mischievous smile.

“Aos should be about to start school then. I might even be able to arrange it so I can be the one who picks them up from school every day.”

Kara laughed and nodded. 

“I guess that leaves me with the morning run then,’ Kara said with a small smile. “Unless that’s a job for the staff.”

Lena laughed and shook her head.

“Even with a driver one of us is going with them. One thing my Luthor upbringing taught me was how important that time to and from school was. When I was young Lionel would sometime surprise me by coming in the car with me in the morning or picking me up and that time is some of my most treasured memories of him.”

Kara’s face softened as she looked at Lena. Lena sighed heavily and shook her head a little as though the movement might dislodge the memories. She gave Kara a quick smile and leaned forwards almost conspiratorially. 

“At the moment I spend about three million a year on my personal security, not including the setup of my home protection system. We could potentially get that down to two million by the time aos starts school. And if we play our cards right our personal security might be in a good enough place we could safely become millionaires by then without too much risk to our safety.”

Kara looked at Lena then gave her a mock look of horror.

“So you’re not going to be a billionaire for all of our marriage? I’m devastated,” she joked.

Lena laughed.

“Sorry darling but I plan to become just a regular multi millionaire and I’m afraid that will mean you will be too.”

Kara did an exaggerated sigh.

“Worst Luthor ever. Who taught you to have morals?”

Lena smiled but it didn’t reach her eyes. Kara gave her a small questioning look. Lena shook her head but Kara urged her to explain with a small tip of her head.

“It’s probably a surprise given everything but, Lex. He taught me my morality.” Lena sighed and picked up her water glass again her eyes locked on some other distant memory. “He showed me how money made you powerful, and how that power corrupted him. Then Jack taught me how much things really cost.”

“How did he do that?” Kara asked softly.

Lena laughed and gave Kara an almost guilty look.

“We were working on a university project one night, he asked me if I had enough left in my account to split a pizza and I looked at him confused and said of course. Then we had this whole moment and he calculated how much it cost to buy everything he owned new and then we worked out how many of my things we could resell to get the same amount. I’ll give you a hint, we didn’t finish the shoes but otherwise we only needed my student wardrobe.”

Kara made a face and Lena laughed.

“We did have to exclude the underwear though because apparently there is a market for such items and we lost a whole two hours to learning about it.”

Kara’s jaw dropped. Lena gave her a mischievous look and tapped her chin thoughtfully.

“I wonder how much mine would be worth now…” she mused shooting Kara a look.

Kara laughed and then she got a horrified look as she contemplated it.

“Oh God how much do you think Supergirl’s would…”

Lena pulled out her phone. She wiggled it at Kara.

“Do you want to find out?”

Five minutes later Kara was staring at Lena’s phone in horror.

“About two million,” Lena said. “Give or take a few hundred thousand depending.”

“I am both disgusted and amazed,” Kara said.

Lena looked at her and smiled.

“And you thought you’d need to rob a bank.”

Kara rolled her eyes and poked her tongue out. 

“I do have one big question I wanted to sort out today,” Lena said.

Kara smiled.

“Sure, what is it,” she asked leaning forwards with a smile.

“When do you want to announce our engagement?” Lena asked. "I haven't spoken with my PR people yet but I wanted to know your wishes first."

Kara sighed as they both leaned back to let the waiter deliver their entrees. 

“Can you give me 24 hours before you let them do any big announcements. I want to speak with Eliza and Alex first." She looked at her ring again. "I want them to hear it from me. But once they know you can speak with your PR people and see what they think would be best given everything."

Lena smiled and nodded picking up her fork.

"Of course darling. You let me know when you're ready and I'll call my team to put together a plan."

Chapter Text

Kara decided to do the easier call first. Not that she wasn’t anxious as she waited for the call to connect she just anticipated less yelling with this one.

“Kara,” Eliza sounded excited to be getting the call from her.

“Hey Eliza,” Kara said a little awkwardly.

“Sweetie what is it?” Eliza asked now concerned. “Is something wrong?”

“No, no,” Kara said quickly. She sighed she should have known Eliza would know instantly that she was nervous. “I- I have something to tell you. Or rather I have two things to tell you but…” 

Kara wasn’t really sure how to tell her. She had a moment worrying what Eliza would say. Would she be angry, disappointed? She might even tell Kara she was doing something wrong, that it was too much to risk.

“It’s okay sweetie, you know you can tell me anything,” Eliza said her voice soothing as though she could read Kara’s anxious thoughts.

Kara rubbed her face tiredly. Then she had another thought.

“Did Alex tell you-”

“No sweetie,” Eliza said gently cutting her off. "She hasn’t told me anything, well anything specific. I do know she’s been worried about you this week but I’d rather hear whatever it is from you.”

Kara nodded then remembered Eliza couldn’t see her.

“Okay right. So I’m uh…” She took one last deep breath. “I’m pregnant.”

She heard Eliza suck in a worried breath.

“Sweetie that-”

“It’s Mon-el’s but he ran off the moment I told him so we’re kind of done but it’s okay because- because…”

She wasn’t even sure how to explain. Did she say the events that led up or just come out with the marrying Lena part first or was there like a rule about-

“I’m so sorry Sweetie. I’m sure he’ll come around and in the mean time just tell me what do you need and I’ll be there to help,” Eliza said.

Kara smiled at Eliza's instant offer of support and assistance.

“Nothing,” she said. “I don’t need anything but love and support because I- Lena and I are engaged and we’re going to raise this baby together and Eliza… Eliza I’m so happy.”

Kara could feel tears rolling down her cheeks as she realised just how true those words felt. She was happy. She laughed wiping away her tears with the sleeve of her sweater.

“I am really,” she rushed on. “I- Lena is being so wonderful and I feel so safe with her. I know you’re probably worried because she’s a Luthor but she’s so good Eliza. She’s kind and thoughtful and the moment I told her I was pregnant she was there to help me with anything I needed while knowing nothing else and when I told her why I was so worried, when I told her who I am she- She proposed and offered me all she has to protect the aos and I- I can’t even explain it Eliza but I feel so loved and supported by her. She’s genuinely doing everything to protect our child and I know she’s going to be an amazing parent to them and I- I’m sorry you’re probably waiting for this ramble to stop so you can say something.”

Eliza sighed very softly. She was quiet for a moment and Kara felt her anxiety start to grow as she fidgeted with the edge of her sweater waiting for Eliza to speak.

“Well I’ll admit I am a little worried given everything you just told me. It sounds very sudden but… I trust you, and I trust Alex. If you’re happy I’m happy. And,” Eliza’s voice took on a more cheerful tone. “I’m excited about my future grandchild. Tell me everything. How far along are you? Do you have an ultrasound? Also when is the wedding? I’ll need to make sure I have time in my calendar to come down and attend, and I want to see you both beforehand. I need to check she really is looking after you.”

Kara smiled and started excitedly telling Eliza everything.

When she got off the phone an hour later she was ready for the next call. Then she thought better of it and decided to do it in person. Alex was likely to think something was terribly wrong if Kara didn’t show in person for something this big.

She flew over to her sister’s apartment and did a quick check she was alone. Satisfied she wasn’t about to interrupt anything between Alex and Maggie Kara headed up and knocked on the door. She fiddled nerously with her sleeves as she waited for Alex to cross the short distance to her door and open it. Alex looked tired but she quickly smiled seeing Kara waiting for her.

“Hey you,” she said sounding a little confused.

“Hey Alex. I- I wanted to talk to you about something,” Kara said stepping in. 

Alex smiled and nodded closing the door behind her.

“Okay. I’m guessing this is Mon-el and baby related,” Alex said giving her a small smile.

Kara nodded. She took a deep breath. Best to just dive in. She held up her hand to show Alex the engagement ring. 

“I’m getting married,” she said smiling.

Alex’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened in shock as she stared at the phone.

“Holy shit!” she said grabbing her hand to look at the ring up close. “Who did Mon-el rob to get you a rock like-”

“Not to Mon-el,” Kara said frowning at her sister. “He’s still MIA and at this point I don’t care if he stays that way forever. No, I’m marrying Lena.”

She gave Alex a bright smile that faded quickly at her sister’s horrified look.


“No. No no no,” Alex said looking at her with a horrified expression. “Kara you can’t. That is a terrible idea!”

Kara felt herself getting immediately defensive at Alex’s reaction. She glared back at her sister.

“It’s a great idea thank you. And I’m very excited about marrying her,” she said crossing her arms and increasing the intensity of her glare.

Alex gave her a frustrated look.

“Kara, you’re Supergirl. You can’t marry a Luthor. What do you think is going to happen when she finds out-”

“She knows.”

Kara continued to glare at her sister as Alex sucked in a worried breath.

“Okay how long has she known we need to evaluate how-”

“I told her.”

“You what?” Alex yelled angrily. “Kara what the hell were you thinking telling a Luthor your secret identity?”

Kara was feeling more and more infuriated by her sister’s continued rejection of Lena.

“I told her the same night I told Mon-el about the aos. She didn’t get angry or upset, well except about the alien detection device and that was more amused frustration because she’d spent so long trying to work out why it broke.”

She gave Alex a smile. Alex did not look reassured so Kara quickly got back on track.

“Look the important part is, she’s been really nice and helpful and once I’d told her everything and explained my worries about the government taking my child she offered a solution. I marry her, I become famous for non-Supergirl reasons and gain access to her considerable resources. She has enough connections, security personnel, and money to prevent anyone from ever separating me from my child. And…”

Kara looked down at her stomach with a smile her hand moving over the place she knew the aos was growing. 

“She’s going to be a great mum. I just know it.”

Alex made a frustrated noise.

“Kara it’s bad enough you told her without talking to anyone else about it first but it would be worse to marry her. Especially when you don’t love her,” Alex waved her hands angrily. “You know she probably thinks you love her or something otherwise-”

“But I do love her,” Kara protested. “She’s my best friend. I-”

“Not like that!” Alex said pacing quickly back and forth in front of Kara. “Okay I need- I need- I-”

“Alex you don’t need to do anything I have this all handled. I just want you to be my sister and support me through-”

Alex walked quickly away from Kara grabbing her coat from the couch.

“I’m going to get some answers. You stay here,” she ordered.

Kara glared at her sister but Alex didn’t seem to care as she swept out of the apartment and the door slammed behind her. Kara sighed and sat down her head in her hands. She had really thought that would go better but Alex had to get stuck on the Luthor bit. Kara sighed and took off her engagement ring tossing it on the table. A moment of concentration later she smiled as the ring shot back onto her finger. 

She sighed looking around her sister’s apartment. Resigned to waiting she opened her phone ordering herself some pizza. Alex would be back eventually and if Kara wasn’t there she’d get worried and go looking. Angry though she was at her sister she didn’t want Alex to spend all night frantically searching for her. If she didn’t apologise though Kara resolved that perhaps a little frantic worry might do her sister good.


“Alex,” Lena stood up from her behind desk greeting her with a polite smile. 

Alex seemed almost cautious as she entered Lena’s office her eyes moving carefully around the space as though checking it for traps. She turned from her examination of the room to look at Lena as she came around to the front of her desk. Alex’s face was serious as she moved forwards. She stopped in front of Lena and seemed to be working up to something.

“I’m not about to get the shovel talk am I?” Lena teased.

She gave Alex a smile but Alex didn’t return it. Alex was watching her very closely as though trying to decipher something.

“Oh, so it is the shovel talk,” Lena said flashing Alex another smile. She stepped back and leaned against her desk spreading her hands. “Well now you have the height advantage for extra intimidation factor, go for it.”

Alex was quiet for another minute looking from Lena then to various objects around the room.

“Lena, why are you doing this?” she asked quietly.

“Marrying your sister or talking to you?” Lena asked giving Alex another smile as her heart started racing.

“You’re about to open yourself up to a world of personal attacks, possibly a lot of legal trouble, and your family is going to lose their minds. Why?” Alex asked.

“Well those things all happen to me regularly anyway,” Lena said with a casual shrug. “And I’m doing it because Kara is my friend. She is the only person who has ever believed in me despite my family name and all evidence to the contrary. Why wouldn’t I help her? Especially when doing so provides me with so many benefits.”

Alex gave her a look.

“Lena…” Alex fell quiet for a moment. “You’re going to marry her. You very explicitly signed up to marry her and become the parent of her child. That’s a bit more than friends. So I just- I want to know what you’re getting out of this. I want to know why.”

Lena sighed heavily and moved to sit behind her desk putting a little space between them.

“I am doing this because I am the only person who can protect her and the aos.”

“Ay what?” Alex asked.

Aos, it’s Kryptonian for baby or infant. It’s what we’re calling the baby until they’re born.”

“Right,” Alex said looking confused.

“Don’t you speak Kryptonian?” Lena asked giving Alex a confused look.

Alex shook her head.

“No, why would I?”

“Because Kara does and she’s your sister,” Lena said confused. 

She’d always assumed the Danvers spoke Kryptonian, otherwise why else would Superman have left Kara with them? Surely he hadn’t abandoned his cousin alone on a strange planet with strangers who couldn’t even speak her language.

Alex opened her mouth and froze as though her mind had ceased all activity when she realised something.

“Wait you speak Kryptonian?” Alex asked.

“A little,” Lena said waving her hand in a dismissive gesture. “I can read it but I suspect Lex’s pronunciation was always a little off so I can’t confidently say I speak it.”

Alex was staring at her again.

“Why would Lex’s-”

Lena sighed. Her brother seemed to come up in every conversation she had these days. Well except those she had with Kara. She looked at Alex again. 

“He taught it to me one summer. He said it could be our secret language. I worked out the truth a year later, but at the time I thought he just wanted to give me something that could be special to us. Now I think it was probably in case he ever brought me in to help him with his plots against Superman. He liked to write some of his more illegal ideas in Kryptonian.”

Alex seemed to refocus at the mention of Lex’s plots.

“And did you?” she asked her voice cold.

Lena scoffed.

“No Alex, I did not. Hence the multiple attempts to kill me. But I suppose it will be nice to take something he taught me intending violence and use it for something positive.”

Alex was looking at her seemingly bewildered. 

“So Kara told me you were getting married for the baby and I just… Lena this is serious for Kara. You can’t agree to this and then decide later that it’s inconvenient to be married and a parent or-”

“Alex I’m going to stop you there,” Lena said holding up a hand. “I am well aware of what I signed up for and, as I told Kara, I am all in. I am one hundred per cent committed to our joint future. I am marrying your sister and I am fully expecting, planning, and intending, to be married to her until the day I die. As well as being a mother to the aos, and any other children we may add to our family. ”

Alex was watching her still seeming confused. But at least she didn’t look hostile.

“Why?” she finally asked.

Lena laughed.

“Why wouldn’t I? Surely you’re not suggesting something must be wrong with me for wanting to marry Kara that would be a bit-”

“No, that’s not-” Alex made a small frustrated noise. “You are, to be blunt, a beautiful, successful, exceedingly rich woman. You could have offered her a billion dollars and solved her issues the same way but you offered her marriage I want to know why.”

Lena sighed heavily and looked at Alex for a long minute.

“If I gave her a billion dollars that would draw attention, if I gave her a million dollars it would draw attention. If I give her anything without a clear exchange for something else it would draw attention from someone and they would keep digging until they knew why. If I marry her then no one will question it. But more importantly the moment we marry a half dozen tabloids around the world report on the gay Luthor and her bride. Overnight every senior politician and gossip monger in this country knows her name. There will be hundreds of articles within days and then by the end of the first week they’ll disappear. But that will mean the moment anything comes up about her people will pay attention. They will recognise her name. She becomes famous for non Super reasons and in so doing she becomes untouchable by most bureaucracy. There are different rules when you have more money than God and you know it. She becomes a Luthor and the very systems and people who protected Lex from justice for so long will protect her child from ever being taken. It’s not right, it’s not fair, but it’s the truth and we both know it. I can protect her better than the DEO because I can protect her from the DEO.”

There was a long moment of silence as Alex looked at her. 

“How do you know about-”

Lena scoffed.

“My brother was obsessed with ridding the world of aliens using technology. Who do you think made the containment cells you use?”

Alex recovered from her surprise and looked almost guilty. Then she looked at Lena with an odd expression.

“You keep deflecting,” Alex said.

Lena chuckled and leaned back trying to seem relaxed.

“Do I?” she asked with a teasing smirk.

“Yes,” Alex said her tone sure and her face serious. 

Lena sighed. It seemed Alex was determined not to let this conversation be at all friendly. Well she couldn't really blame her considering everything.

“And what am I deflecting?”

“Answering why,” Alex said.

Lena raised an eyebrow.

“Really? Because I could swear I answered that one already.” She held up her hand and pretended to tick things off her fingers. “Best friends, more money than God, piss off my family, able to protect Kara and the baby better than the DEO…” Lena pretended to think for a moment. “Yes, I do believe I explained all that.”

Alex sighed placing her hands on her hips. A pose that seemed copied from Kara, or perhaps Kara had copied it from Alex. 

“No, I got all that but you’re hiding something. People don’t suddenly propose to their best friend and offer to raise a family to-”

Lena watched Alex’s face suddenly transform as she looked at Lena her eyes widening. Alex actually took a step back in surprise. Lena frowned at Alex as she looked her up and down her jaw slack.

“You’re in love with her,” Alex said.

The words felt like a kick to her gut even if Lena didn’t show it. Lena automatically smiled through her panic.

“No of course I’m not,” she said quickly. “We’re best friends. Friends help each other, and their children.”

She looked away then realising her mistake looked back quickly. Alex was very quiet. Lena gulped and resisted the urge to close her eyes in frustration for doing such an obvious tell.

“Wow,” Alex said not looking away from her. “I really didn’t expect this would be why. But now I think about it… Maggie was right I have terrible gaydar.”

Lena rolled her eyes.

“My bisexuality is-”

“You’re a lesbian aren’t you,” Alex said cutting her off.

Lena raised a single challenging eyebrow.

“I just said I was bisexual.”

“I know of one ex, name of Jack. No others,” Alex said slipping into agent mode. “Your only other close friend was Andrea Rojas. I did my research on you when you arrived Lena. You have a total of one name on your list of known romantic entanglements. Going to university in Metropolis as the sister to the famous Lex Luthor you would have been exceedingly popular, especially with a certain crowd. But you avoided everyone and in particular you avoided romantic relationships. I can think of only a few reasons you would do that. From what I’ve heard and seen you’re certainly not asexual or aromantic so you must have either been extremely discreet or you didn’t have any. Now knowing your family’s history with queer people I can guess at why.”

“You’re forgetting Jack, we were together quite happily for years,” Lena said.

Alex looked at her. Lena focused on keeping her heart rate in a somewhat normal range.

“You left him after three years to come to National City for a fresh start but you hardly ever speak of him. I know because if you had I would have heard about him from Kara. You were friends with him all through university and didn’t start a relationship until after your father died. Within that month actually. A time when you would have been quite vulnerable emotionally, and a romantic relationship with an long standing friend would have made sense. Then despite a long, seemingly happy, relationship the moment you had the slightest reason to break up you took it and never looked back.”

Lena sighed rolling her eyes as she continued to try and downplay the startlingly accurate assessment that had come from Alex. Well she was a federal agent, some deductive reasoning skills were probably required.

“That’s still evidence of bisexuality not-”

“I was straight until I realised I wasn’t,” Alex said. 

“You’re projecting,” Lena shot back.

Alex sighed.

“I’m not trying to attack you, I-” 

Alex sighed again, this time more heavily and it was like all the fire went out of her. She seemed suddenly tired, and stressed. She looked like a woman with the weight of the world on her shoulders. Lena supposed when your sister was Supergirl it might be.

“I’m not going to tell Kara about your feelings,” Alex said quietly. “That’s a conversation for you two to have when you’re ready.”

“She knows I’m not straight Alex, it’s never bothered her,” Lena said.

Alex gave her a look seeming surprised or perhaps confused. She straightened again as though remembering herself.

“The point is Kara’s straight, like really straight. I wonder sometimes if she’s actually asexual considering how weird she gets about sex.”

Lena chuckled softly. Alex gave her a look. Lena smiled. Kara was definitely not asexual. She’d heard enough about her relationship with Mon-el to be sure of that.

“The key thing Lena is if you’re in love with her you need to know no matter how long you’re together, you’re not…” She sighed. “Kara’s not going to wake up one day and suddenly have feelings for you. She’ll love you, she does love you, but I’m telling you now it’s not going to be in the way you want. She doesn’t work like that.”

Lena sighed heavily and stood up. She was going to settle this and she was going to make damn sure Alex never brought it up to Kara.

“Alex, let me make this very, very, clear to you.”

She braced her hands on her desk and stared directly into Alex’s eyes.

“I am a Luthor. We don’t marry for love. I know Kara’s never going to fall in love with me. I know our relationship will only ever be friends, no matter what we tell the press or how we pretend otherwise in public. I am walking into this with my eyes wide open. I never expected to ever have a relationship where I fell in love with someone and they with me and we got to live happily ever after. That was never going to happen for me, my family ensured that.”

“What about Jack?” Alex asked quietly.

Lena scoffed and gave Alex a look.

“You have already explained how I could never love him like that.” Lena sighed sadly. “No matter how hard I sometimes tried.”

Alex was looking at Lena with a very sad almost pitying expression. Lena glared at her. Luthor’s never accepted pity. 

“Marrying Kara, having a friend and a child to love and raise without all the messed up manipulative shit my family and their ilk enjoy, that’s more than I ever thought I’d have. I’m not doing this to buy her love. I’m not stupid or delusional. I know she’s never going to want me like that. I know.”

Lena took a deep breath and sat down again. She looked up and saw Alex watching her very carefully. 


Lena snapped. She was done.

“Since you seem determined to follow this path I’ll be blunt. I have never expected anything with Kara, I won’t lie I had hoped in the very beginning that there might be a possibility of something. I thought there was some spark, some interest, but I worked out very quickly she wasn’t interested so I left it and we became friends. And yes I…” 

She looked away for a moment unable to bring herself to say it. She hadn’t planned to. Not to Alex, not to Kara, not to anyone. She flexed her hand against her desk and returned her eyes to Alex’s with determination.

“I am going to give Kara what she needs because I love Kara, and I love the aos. So I will marry Kara and I will be the parent of the aos. As far as I am concerned they are my future and nothing you say or think will change that.”

Alex gave her a very soft look her voice barely above a whisper.

“You’ll want more one day Lena. You’ll need it and she won’t-”

“Alex,” Lena cut her off sharply. “Not to be crass but I can afford discretion. My needs are never going to be a problem. Now is there any other argument you have against me marrying your sister or are we done?”

She tried to sound irritated not afraid. Her heart was pounding in her ears and she knew if she tried to stand her knees would buckle but she hid it well as she glared at her soon to be sister in-law. Alex looked back at her for a long minute and then she sighed very softly looking almost defeated.

“I’m not here to convince you not to marry her,” she said quietly. “You’re right. You can protect her and the baby in ways I never can. I came here because I was expecting some kind of long game not…”

Lena grit her teeth together daring Alex to finish that sentence so she could eviscerate her. Alex sighed again as she looked at her.

“You are deserving of love too Lena.”

Lena blinked and her hand twitched. She hadn’t expected that. She went with her classic raised eyebrow again.

“Just, remember that please. I know your family must have… been difficult. But you are- you deserve love as much as anyone and you don’t need to seal yourself off from it and accept only friendship and encounters measured by the hour. Please…”

Alex didn’t seem able to finish her thought as she sighed one last time. 

“Goodnight Lena. I expect I’ll see you soon.”

“Goodnight Alex. I expect you will,” Lena replied coolly.

Alex left looking… older. 

Lena turned on her TV and saw Supergirl out over an ocean somewhere bringing in a ship that got stuck. She sighed watching Kara hauling the ship by a thick chain that looked almost as big as she was. She waved to the camera a bright smile on her face as she flew.

Supergirl saves stranded cruise ship.

Lena turned off the TV and sent a message to her driver before she gathered her things. Thunder rumbled overhead and the first drops of rain hit her balcony window. 

She went home. 

Her apartment was pristine and silent except for the sounds of the storm overhead. She headed to her bathroom stepping under the giant rain showerhead and let the hot water wash away the stress of her day and the visit from Alex. 

She stepped out and dressed in the faded blue Midvale Festival t-shirt she’d borrowed from Kara and had yet to return. She wondered when they were married if Kara would notice her sneaking a few of her t-shirts to sleep in. She doubted Kara would want to sleep in the same bed no matter the appearances. But she also doubted Kara would mind her wearing a few if she said they were softer than her own.

Lena curled up under her blankets on fresh sheets and one of the best mattresses you could buy. She looked over at the lone picture she kept in her bedroom. It was of her and Kara. One of a dozen pictures Kara had taken of them doing lunches together. But this one she’d sent to Lena. 

They weren’t really doing anything special that day. It was the first time Kara brought Big Belly Burger because Lena was having a difficult day and needed comfort food. They were being silly and watching funny dog videos and then Kara had decided they needed a picture. It had turned out well. Kara had her arms around Lena and they were both smiling and happy pressed cheek to cheek looking at the camera. 

Kara had sent it to her because they’d looked so good in it on the first try. Lena had secretly printed it out and framed it placing the picture by her bed so in the morning she could look over and remember that someone cared.

“I promise,” she said looking at the picture. “There is not a line in the universe I will not cross to keep you and our child safe.”

Chapter Text

Kara was fuming by the time Alex returned. 

“So did you just tell Winn to hack Lena again or did you skip that to go overboard and assign a DEO task force to spy on her?” Kara asked shooting her sister an angry look.

Alex didn’t say anything instead going straight to her liquor cabinet and poured herself a few fingers of whiskey. She drained the glass then refilled it. Kara sat up glaring at her sister as she finally turned and looked at her.

“So you’re marrying Lena,” Alex said her voice a little high.

Kara nodded.


“Are you sure you want to do that?”

“Yes!” Kara yelled throwing up her hands.

Alex nodded and then looked at her whiskey.

“Congratulations,” she said. “When’s the wedding?”

Kara considered her sister carefully. Alex just leaned against the counter and sipped her whiskey again.

“Where did you go?” Kara asked.

“To see your fiancee.”

Kara’s head jerked up as she gave her sister a furious look pulling out her phone.

“If you did anything to upset her Alex I swear to Rao-”

She sent Lena a quick message.

Are you okay?? Alex just told me she went to see you. I’m so sorry I didn’t realise she’d do that once I told her. I’ll make sure she doesn’t do it again.

She glared at her sister again.

“I can’t believe you!” she said angrily. “Seriously Alex what the-”

“She’s still very on board with marrying you,” Alex said quickly. 

Kara continued to glare at her sister who seemed to be recovering somewhat and gave her a very forced smile.

“She uh… I’m convinced,” Alex added.

Kara took a step back and considered her sister carefully trying to work out what Lena could have said. Her phone went off and she gave Alex one more dirty look before checking her messages.

She did. It’s okay. I think it was just her version of the shovel talk.

Kara looked up at her sister and then back at her phone.

“Don’t ever threaten her again,” she ordered. 

“I didn’t this time,” Alex muttered into her glass.

Kara huffed and returned her attention to her phone.

Well she’s still in trouble with me for not consulting me before doing it. Marrying me isn’t an act of villainy.

Lena sent back a laughing emoji and Kara smiled. She looked up at her sister.

“So…” Alex looked around obviously trying to think of something to say. “You’re marrying your best friend.”

Kara took a deep breath and let it go.

“Yes, and we’re going to be raising a family together.”

Alex nodded. Kara looked at her for a long minute not even sure what to say to her sister about this.

“Don’t do that again,” Kara said very quietly.

“Do what?” Alex asked.

“Treat Lena like she’s a villain. She’s not, she’s my best friend and future wife and… I love her.”

Alex gave her a confused look. Kara stood there for a moment longer looking at her sister.

“Don’t make me choose,” she said quietly.

She left then. Alex, wisely, didn’t try to stop her. 

Back in her apartment Kara sat on her couch and looked at the ring on her finger. She took it off holding it in her hand for a second then watched as it shot back onto her finger.

She sighed and picked up her phone again. She decided to call instead of texting.

“Kara?” Lena sounded nervous.

“Was Alex mean to you?” Kara asked nervously. “Because if she was I’ll-”

She was silenced by a soft laugh from Lena.

“Only a little,” Lena said with a sigh. “It’s okay Kara I would have been more surprised by her not doing a shovel talk.”

Kara grumbled and sat back on her couch.

“Well I’m not happy about it,” she muttered.

Lena chuckled.

“And why’s that?”

“Because you didn’t deserve it,” Kara said frustrated. “She didn’t give Mon-el a shovel talk.” Kara frowned trying to think back. “At least I don’t remember her doing one and Mon-el never mentioned it, and he would definitely have mentioned it.”

Lena sighed and Kara heard the faint metallic squeak as Lena sat back in her office chair.

“Well he didn’t have a family like mine.”

“He also couldn’t keep his mouth shut for ten seconds about us being together, and when I told him I was pregnant he literally ran away. You’ve been nothing but kind and supportive of me and she freaked out.”

Lena sighed again and Kara lay on her back staring up at the ceiling.

“She thought I was marrying Mon-el at first,” Kara said wrinkling up her nose. Lena scoffed and Kara smiled. “I know, she asked who he robbed to get me the ring.”

Lena laughed then and Kara’s smile grew.

“Well now she knows who you’re really marrying and why,” Lena said.

Kara nodded then put her hand over the aos. She sighed again.

“I’m sorry, you didn’t deserve to be treated like you were.”

Lena was quiet for a moment then she let out a long low breath.

“I won’t say it was a pleasant conversation but I think she’s at least not actively against us marrying now, which is a good thing.”

Kara growled unhappily. She wasn’t about to forgive her sister anytime soon.

“Come on, stop brooding, it can’t be good for the aos,” Lena teased.

Kara pouted.

“But I’m angry,” she muttered.

“Darling,” Lena said gently. “She’s just being her usual over protective self.”

“She didn’t even let me finish telling her everything,” Kara mumbled. “She just heard it was you told me I couldn’t then did a whole freak out and told me to wait while she went and did something.”

“Well it’s done now and you can probably guilt a dozen potstickers out of her at the next sisters night,” Lena said.

Kara sighed.

“Yeah, but I’m still…”

She didn’t know what she was feeling. She just knew she was tired of it. And frustrated. Very frustrated.

“Why didn’t she just listen to me?” she burst out her frustration welling over. “Why is it the only way to get people to listen to me is to wear my suit. Why is it everyone listens to Supergirl but no one listens to Kara Danvers? Even when they know they’re the same person.”

Lena sighed and Kara hugged herself wishing she was with Lena for this conversation so she could snuggle into her side and feel Lena do that thing where she ran her fingers through her hair in a little zig zag patten.

“Kara,” Lena said softly.

“Lena,” Kara replied just as softly smiling when she heard the small laugh that came from Lena.

“You know, until Lex went- well until he was known to have killed people, I was just Lex’s little sister. No matter what I did, no matter how many times I did something better than him, even when I did something completely different he was always the person I was most strongly associated with. Once he killed those people I was seen to be just like him. Even now everything I do is compared with him. I never get to be just Lena, I am Lex Luthor’s sister. I will be for the rest of my life in a way. Everyone's just waiting for me to turn out just like him.”

Kara scowled at her ceiling.

“It’s not fair that everyone does that.”

“No it’s not,” Lena agreed softly. “And I think people look at Supergirl the same way. They look at you and the symbol on your chest and think of Superman. So, it’s not really that they don’t trust Kara Danvers but they do Supergirl, it’s that Supergirl got a leg up from Superman by association.”

Kara scrunched up her face and huffed.

“I don’t want to be the girl Superman,” she muttered angrily.

“I know. I don’t want to be the girl Lex.”

“You just want to make a name for yourself outside your family,” Kara said smiling at the memory.

“Yes,” Lena said. “But to do that I have to use what my family taught me. I need to use their name, their company, their wealth. Even my brother’s reputation at times. I need to use what they gave me and make it my own. I can be confident and in control because I was told I would be someone worthy of that. Times where I might have otherwise have been stopped I can keep going because I have that to fall back on. Kara Danvers doesn’t have that kind of family past to help her push past that. Kara Zor-el does. So if you want people to listen to Kara Danvers…”

“I need to stop forcing myself to be the person I was told I had to be to survive and let myself be Kara Zor-el,” Kara finished with a sigh.

“Yes. Your sister told you to wait and you did. Would Kara Zor-el have waited?” Lena asked.

Kara rubbed her head feeling very tired.

“No, she would have followed and stopped her.”

“Then maybe next time something happens where Kara Danvers would be quiet, Kara Zor-el can speak.”

Kara smiled and looked at her ring again.

“But then she wouldn’t be sweet Kara Danvers anymore.”

“Well Kara Danvers is going to be Kara Luthor in the not too distant future. I think it would be safe for a little of the Luthor pride to rub off on her.”

Kara smiled brightly.

“Well I did score you as my future wife. That’d give anyone a confidence boost.”

Lena laughed.

“See, I’m already rubbing off on you,” Lena teased.

“In more ways than one once we’re married,” Kara said.

Lena’s surprised gasp made Kara laugh.

“Kara Danvers!” Lena said shocked. “Did you just…”

Kara laughed louder.

“I think I might be a bad influence if this continues.”

“Well you did corrupt sweet innocent Kara Danvers,” Kara said grinning at her phone.

Lena scoffed.

“Innocent? I remind you you’re the one who’s pregnant. You can’t be that innocent.”

“Lights off, missionary position only,” Kara said quickly.

Lena choked then started laughing loudly.

“You liar!”

Kara found herself laughing again as she listened to Lena’s muttering about knowing Kara’s secrets.

“No one will ever believe you,” Kara said.

Lena sighed her laughter slowly fading.

“No, I suppose they won’t.”

Lena yawned and Kara looked at the time.

“Are you home?” she asked.

“No, but I probably should be,” Lena admitted.

“Yes you should,” Kara said her tone hardening.

“Okay Darling, I’ll leave right now. Ehroshbem.”

Kara felt tears gather in her eyes as she smiled.

“Did I say it right?” Lena asked a little nervously.

Kara hugged herself tighter a warmth filling her from just hearing her Lena speak Kryptonian.

Ehroshbem is more for when you’re physically going places,” she said.

Lena sighed and Kara found her smile growing.

“I knew Lex’s journals were incomplete,” Lena muttered.  Kara giggled.  “What would be better?”

“In this conversation, okhahshbem, it translates literally as sleep good, but it’s closer to sweet dreams,” Kara said.

Okhahshbem Kara,” Lena whispered.

Okhahshbem Lena.”

They hung up and Kara sighed happily. She looked at her ring then down at the small bump that had been growing on her stomach.

“Hey there,” she whispered. “I hope you know how lucky we are to have your Mum. She’s always taking care of us.”

She moved her hand over her stomach with a sigh.

“We just need to make sure we take care of her too. She’s been through a lot and she needs someone to look after her.”


Kara found herself distracted yet again by her ring. It was just so shiny. She subtly wiggled her finger watching the way it caught the light.


Kara looked up and gave James an apologetic look. He gave her a quick smile.

“Meeting’s over,” he said a trace of a laugh in his voice.

Kara realised everyone else was packing up and leaving and quickly grabbed her things almost breaking her pen in her haste. James laughed and motioned for her to stay. She slowed down.

“Sorry,” she said once the others were gone. “I’ve just been distracted today. I had to get my article done early so I could leave for lunch with Lena and we’re going to the doctor’s-”

James gave her a look. 

“Why are you going to the doctor?” he asked confused. 

It was at that moment that Kara remembered only four people knew she was pregnant, including herself. Well five if you included Mon-el but he still hadn’t contacted her. According to Winn’s tracking he was still alive and using his bank account. He’d apparently gotten all the way to Utah and a quick check of local cameras had shown him alive and well.

“Wait is Lena ill?” James asked looking at least mildly concerned. “Is that why you’re so-”

“No, no she’s fine. Great actually. Last I heard she was fit as a… whatever people are fit as.” 

Kara gave James a nervous look. She fidgeted with her bag.

“We’re going to see a doctor for me. I’m…” 

She hesitated. She didn’t know why she was hesitating to tell one of her best friend’s she was pregnant. Granted her recent track record of telling people stuff hadn’t been great. Well except with Lena that-

“Kara?” James asked his worry evident.

“I’m pregnant,” she whispered.

James’ whole body went rigid in shock and he stared at her for a second then his eyes dropped to her stomach.

“Lena knows. She and I-” 

Kara hesitated then straightened up a little. Lena had said it was totally fine for her to tell anyone she wanted. James would probably be excited for her. She smiled at him. They could probably even give Catco an exclusive scoop with the wedding photos.

“I told her who I am and well…” She gave him a nervous smile holding up her hand to show the ring more clearly. “We’re getting married.”

James didn’t move, he didn’t even breathe for a moment but his heart was racing and his eyes were wide staring at her.

“Lena Luthor knows you’re-” He made a flying motion with his hand.

“Yes,” Kara said still smiling. “I told her during the conversation where I told her I was pregnant. She- Mon-el ran off and when I told him and I went to Lena after and told her everything. About being an alien, about being scared to do it on my own, and about my fears the government would try to take my child away and she well…” Kara smiled looking down at her ring with a small smile. “She neatly solved everything when she proposed to me. Which was a bit of a shock at the time but then it just made so much sense the moment I thought about it. Now we’re getting married and we’re going to-”

“What the fuck Kara?”

Kara’s head jerked up in surprise. James swore almost as rarely as she did and to hear him suddenly drop the f word was almost more shocking given what she’d been saying.

“What do you-”

“She’s a Luthor!” he whisper yelled.

He looked genuinely horrified as he stared at her. Then he just looked frustrated with her. Kara immediately felt defensive. Why was it the people closest to her were all so concerned about her marrying Lena? Couldn’t one person just be happy the moment she told them?

“What the-” he made a frustrated noise as he rubbed his face. “Okay I’m sure we can fix this. We just need Mon-el to say he’s changed his mind and-”

“No!” Kara said immediately. “There is nothing to fix here. I am very happy to be marrying Lena she’s going to be a great-”

“Kara she’s a Luthor,” James said cutting her off. “She might seem all nice and supportive now but I guarantee the moment your baby is born she’s going to be up to something with it. You cannot marry her and you certainly can’t raise a baby with her.”

Kara glared at James. She had always thought him a reasonable and often open minded person.

Perhaps when Kara Danvers would be quiet Kara Zor-el should speak.

“James I’m going to give you one chance to take all of that back,” she said slowly. “Lena is not like her brother. She isn’t up to anything nefarious, and in fact offered everything she has to prevent the very thing you’re suggesting from happening to my child at the hands of the government. I am going to marry her and she will help me raise this child and you can either be on board or-”

“Kara you-” James looked both worried and exasperated as he returned her glare. “This is a terrible idea. You can’t-”

“Don’t you dare tell me what I can and can’t do,” she said her voice dropping dangerously as her eyes itched. “You have no right to tell me what I can or can’t do in my situation. You do not get to pass judgement on Lena for the crimes of her family and you certainly don’t have the right to tell me what to do to protect my child. I love Lena and I trust her. I’m going to marry her James and you’ll just have to accept that.”

She turned and left then before she said or did something she would regret. She was almost to her desk when she heard his office door open.

“Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to marry her,” James called after her. “You have other options.”

Kara stopped mid step as everyone turned to look at her. Kara felt her jaw drop as she stood there. Had he just- 

Slowly, and in a very controlled manner, Kara turned to glare at him. 

“Why does everyone have such a hard time believing me when I say I love her?” she demanded.

James opened his mouth but Kara went on.

“What about this is so hard for everyone to believe? Anyone with eyes can tell she’s beautiful. She’s successful, brilliant, funny, kind, and she’s my best friend. Everyone’s always saying you should marry your best friend.”

She turned from James to slowly look at her silently watching coworkers. None of them met her eyes. Kara looked back at James staring him down.

“I know it seems sudden but in a way that’s kind of the point. If I hadn’t gotten pregnant I would still be dating Mon-el and being happy just having fun being with him and dropping by Lena’s office for lunch twice a week. I wasn’t changing anything because there was no reason to. But I’m pregnant, it’s not just me anymore and I needed to do something. I had to make a choice about what I would do and I needed to change.”

She sighed as she looked at James again.

“After Mon-el ran away, after me just telling him I was pregnant, I didn’t need to think or assess my options. I knew who I really wanted in that moment. And guess what, it was Lena. She has always supported and encouraged me. She’s called me out when I’ve made mistakes and always trusted me to call her out when she made hers. From the moment we met Lena has always treated me as an equal. She never made fun of me for the things I like, or told me I needed to act differently to fit in better. She’s always trusted my judgement, and whenever we have a disagreement she always talks it out with me instead of talking over me. So yeah I’m having a baby and it wasn’t planned but guess what, she’s going to be the one who I raise this baby with. And it’s not because she’s rich, or because I have no other options, but because I love her!”

Kara was breathing hard as she finished yelling at James. There was a moment of silence as everyone stared at her.

“I love you too,” Lena said quietly.

Kara whirled around shocked to see her standing there.


“She said with surprise in her voice for some reason,” Lena teased.

Kara found herself smiling instantly. Lena took two steps and wrapped her in a tight hug. Kara sighed sinking gratefully into her arms. Something about Lena’s hugs always made her feel better.

“I’m guessing someone’s a bit jealous they weren’t your pick for super dad,” Lena whispered in her ear. 

Kara laughed and gave her a small shrug as they separated. Lena looked at James who was looking between them his gaze calculating. 

“So this is the story you’re selling is it,” he said glaring at Lena.

“Excuse me?” Lena asked her arm still around Kara’s waist. “What story?”

“He thinks I’m marrying you for your money,” Kara said leaning into Lena’s arms with a sigh.

“And here I thought it was my good looks and charm,” Lena said smiling at her.

Kara felt her breath leaving her in a rush at that smile.

“Well you are very pretty,” she said.

Lena’s smile grew a little and for a second Kara thought Lena was going to kiss her but instead she just pressed their foreheads together with her eyes closed. Lena took a deep breath. 

“I am well aware of just how pretty you find me. You’ve made that abundantly clear everytime you stare at my… assets.”

Kara blushed. She hadn’t realised Lena had noticed her staring. She started stuttering and Lena laughed softly. The sound so close to her ear sent Kara’s stomach into a weird fluttery state.

“We can discuss it more over lunch,” Lena said pulling back with another smile.

James sighed.

“You’re both straight,” he said.

Lena immediately started laughing.

“Oh Mr Olsen. I can assure you I am not,” Lena said smirking at him. “Nor have I ever been, straight. I remind you, I went to an all girls boarding school in Europe.” 

Kara took advantage of James’ momentary distraction to gather her things. Lena smiled and held out her hand as Kara slung her satchel over her shoulder.

“Shall we?” she asked.

Kara smiled and carefully entwined her fingers in Lena’s. They left ignoring the whispers that erupted in their wake. 

In the elevator Kara let go of Lena’s hand to wrap her in a gentle hug from behind.

“Thank you,” Kara whispered hiding her face in Lena’s shoulder.

Lena laughed softly and patted her cheek a little awkwardly.

“Anytime darling.”

They made it out of the lift and headed for Lena’s waiting car, Kara stealing Lena’s hand again as Lena scrolled something on her phone. They greeted Lena’s driver Frank as they got in and the car set off. Lena sighed still looking at her phone.

“We’ll need to look extra cute over lunch today. I expect there’s going to be a few cameras. I’ll have them seat us outside if you have no objections, to make it easier.”

“What why?” Kara asked confused.

Lena looked up from her phone and gave her an amused look.

“Well firstly I’ll be the only CEO of a fortune 500 company that is a queer woman, not the first ever, but definitely the only one at the moment and that’s going to be a story. But also one of your coworkers live streamed everything five minutes ago and as an infamous person it’s going to be a thing. Ah and now my head of PR is calling, do you mind if I take this?”

Kara quickly shook her head and Lena gave her a smile.

“Hello Dean, how can I-”

Kara tuned out the conversation looking towards the window with a smile. She realised she was still holding Lena’s hand. She looked down at their entwined fingers with a smile. Despite the time having passed Lena had yet to take it back. Lena squeezed her fingers gently.


Kara looked up at Lena trying to pretend she hadn’t been staring at their hands for what had apparently been some time. Lena’s amused smirk told her she failed. Lena had evidently finished her phone call and been trying to get her attention.

“Do you mind if we do some low level PDAs to help sell this better for people, hand holding, a few light touches I’ll warn you first. Nothing extreme just enough to show we’re a couple.”

“Lena I’m totally fine with all that. We are getting married after all,” Kara said leaning towards Lena and holding up their still joined hands.

“Is a kiss on the cheek also fine?” Lena asked.

Kara gave her a look then immediately kissed Lena’s cheek earning a laugh that warmed Kara somewhere deep inside. The faint pink blush of Lena’s cheeks only making her happier.


There was indeed cameras over lunch. They turned up just in time to catch the end of their lunch and Kara repeatedly choking on her food as Lena told her about some revenge plot she’d gotten involved in with someone called Andrea at boarding school. There had been a lot of dye packs involved.

As they left Kara wrapped her arms around Lena and kissed her cheek thanking her for lunch. Lena smiled back at her and Kara was sure her heart stopped for a moment as Lena looked at her. Her memories did too because the next thing she knew they were in the car on their way to the doctor.

The choice of gynaecologist had been… delicate. Alex was many things but she wasn’t a gynaecologist and so they needed to find one. But finding one who could potentially help with a Kryptonian birth had been challenging to say the least. As Alex had told her "The number of people capable of checking dilation in a Kryptonian isn't long." The answer had come from Lena again. The moment Kara said she hadn’t picked a doctor yet Lena said she knew one who would probably be perfect. Apparently one of the doctors at the Luthor Children’s hospital was a “Remarkable woman with experience, great strength, and a willingness to sign a lot of threatening paperwork.”

Kara had been a bit sceptical but she relaxed as they entered the office to be greeted by a tall dark haired woman with a lot of lean muscle and a smile that turned playful as she saw them. Something about her just radiated competence and an almost childlike joy in the world.

“I’m understanding all the paperwork now.” she said leaning forwards slightly her eyes on Kara. “ Shall we dispense with the lies and address each other by our real names? Kara Zor-el.”

Kara blinked at her and sighed turning to Lena.

“Is she an alien too?” she asked.

Lena laughed.

“No. Kara meet Diana Prince, or if we’re using her formal title, Princess Diana of Themyscira.”

Kara sighed as she dropped her bag beside the chair.

“Wonder Woman,” she said looking at Lena in disbelief. “You hired Wonder Woman as a gynaecologist?”

“Technically she hired me as a pediatrician,” Diana said with an amused smile.

Kara laughed and sat down shaking her head. Lena smirked at Kara and sat down next to her. Kara sighed and gave Lena an exasperated look before she turned to Diana.

“I thought you went missing in the seventies,” she said.

Diana smiled and nodded.

“I did in a way, I went home. But I came back a decade later and I decided to study the one thing I couldn’t back home, pregnancy. I’ve been a qualified gynaecologist since the mid nineties and I decided to expand my knowledge to children in the mid 2000s. I was head hunted by Ms Luthor a year ago. I don’t think she was anticipating that my skills would be personally needed though.”

“No, I just thought you’d be useful in combating any of my brother’s schemes,” Lena said.

Diana chuckled and then looked at Kara.

“I’ve only prevented two.”

“Six,” Lena corrected.

Diana sighed and gave a small conceding shrug. She turned back to Kara and gave her a very warm smile.

“I’m going to need whatever files you can give me from the fortress on Kryptonian pregnancy and birth but I’m expecting, since you and Lena were compatible, that everything else is much the same.”

“Oh we didn’t- It was an accident not-” Kara stammered quickly motioning with her hands. “My ex boyfriend, a Daxamite, got me pregnant. Though yes most of it is the same.”

Diana gave her a look then looked at the ring then at Lena.

“So why isn’t he-”

“Because he’s an idiot,” Lena said placing a hand on the back of Kara’s chair in an almost possessive move. “So now I’m marrying her and we’re raising the baby together. The government would never be able to steal a Luthor heir.”

Diana smiled very sweetly at Lena.

“And I’m sure that’s the only reason,” she teased.

Lena rolled her eyes but Diana was already looking at Kara again.

“Shall we start then. I’m guessing if I want to do the usual blood work-”

Lena reached into her bag and slid a stack of papers across the table.

“A gift from her regular doctor. If you want anything else her number is on the back. Discretion please Diana.”

Diana grinned and scanned the tests. Kara gave Lena a confused look her eyes flicking from the paperwork to Lena and back again. Lena gave her a small shrug.

“I had Jess send Alex a message requesting the files this morning. I thought it might save time.”

Kara blinked in surprise and nodded. Diana flicked through the papers her eyes moving rapidly over the various results. She nodded to herself and put the papers down.

“Alright, I’ll need to go over the fortress files and consult a little with your regular doctor but nothing here is alarming me so shall we do the fun ultrasound part then book in for two weeks time where I can do the more intensive checks if needed?”

They nodded and Diana rose. She motioned for Kara to lie down on a padded bench as she got the ultrasound machine ready. Kara looked at Lena who smiled and gave her shoulder a reassuring squeeze before getting up and offering her hand. Kara took it and they walked over to the bench together. Kara cautiously lay down not sure why she felt so nervous all of a sudden. 

Lena sensing her nerves gave her hand another gentle squeeze. Kara gave her a smile then undid the buttons on her pants and lifted her shirt. Diana turned around and gave her a reassuring smile as she opened a tube of gel.

“So this is going to be a little cold,” she warned then squirted it onto Kara's stomach.

Kara, despite being a Kryptonian, flinched and Lena rubbed her arm soothingly. Kara relaxed a little. Diana placed the sensor and quietly hummed a vague tune as she moved the sensor around. Kara looked at Lena and saw Lena watching her. They exchanged a brief smile and Lena’s hand found Kara’s again linking their fingers carefully.

“There we are,” Diana announced softly. 

As one Kara and Lena looked at the screen and saw their baby for the first time. Kara felt her heart melt as she looked at the slightly fuzzy form on the screen.

“Aos,” she whispered smiling.

She looked up at Lena and saw she was transfixed by the image her face softened completely into something like awe. Kara felt a rush of affection for Lena as she looked from her to their baby on the screen and back again. A part of her wanted a picture of Lena in that moment. Something she could hold up everytime anyone even suggested Lena was just like her brother. Because no one could see Lena’s expression in that moment and still believe she was a threat to their child. Kara watched a tear roll down Lena’s face and felt her smile grow impossibly wider.

Lena seemed to collect herself as she quickly wiped her tear away and looked at Kara.

“We’re… we’re having a baby,” she said sounding almost shocked at that.

Kara nodded quickly.

“Yeah we are.”

She felt a few tears on her face and quickly wiped them away with her free hand. She looked back at the ultrasound and it suddenly hit her.

“Oh Rao I’m pregnant,” she whispered. “Lena, I’m pregnant. There’s like a baby inside me. Like an actual baby inside my body growing and doing the living thing and I have to like breathe and eat and do all the things for it.”

“Well yes, that’s how all this works,” Lena said the edges of her mouth ticked up in an amused smile.

“But I hadn’t actually thought about what it meant until now,” Kara said a little panicked. “Lena there’s a baby inside me.”

Lena’s lips trembled slightly as she tried to hold it in then she started laughing. Kara could hear Diana laughing quietly too. Kara gave Lena a horrified look.

“Lena it’s going to grow bigger and then I’m going to- Oh Rao Lena I’m going to give birth to them. Like a whole living, breathing, pooping- Stop laughing I’m serious!” she whined. 

Lena laughed louder while giving her an apologetic look. Kara crossed her arms and started pouting. Lena was still laughing as she leaned over taking Kara’s face very gently in her hands.

“Oh Kara,” she said softly. 

Kara felt her breath catch as she looked up at Lena. Her face was so close and the look Lena was giving her was nothing short of adoration.

“Yes you are,” Lena said still smiling as she held Kara’s face in her hands. “You’re pregnant and there is a baby growing inside you, and yes you’re going to give birth to them. And… I couldn’t be more excited for that day.”

Lena leaned forwards and Kara closed her eyes as Lena pressed a very gentle kiss to her forehead. Kara felt every part of her melt into a happy puddle. 

“Me too,” she whispered.


Kara dropped onto the couch beside Lena with a soft laugh.

“Are you gonna stop staring at that anytime soon?” she asked nodding at the ultrasound.

Lena shrugged and looked at her with a very soft smile before her eyes returned to the picture in her hands.

“I’m sure in a week or two I’ll be able to stop for five minutes or more,” she said.

Kara giggled and leaned against Lena’s shoulder with a sigh looking at the ultrasound too. Her hand drifted down to protectively cradle their child.

“You should stay tonight,” Lena said softly.

Kara smiled at her.

“It’s barely nine,” she teased. “I don’t need that much sleep.”

Lena laughed and then her heartbeat picked up a bit.

“That’s not why I suggested…” 

Lena sighed heavily and carefully put the ultrasound on the coffee table in front of her. Kara watched Lena subtly fidgeting with her fingers.

“You um… well now people know it might be best…” Len gulped and took a breath the fidgeting getting worse. “Given everything…”

Kara reached out and covered Lena’s hand with her own stopping the increasing fidgeting. Lena looked up and sighed.

“Sorry,” she muttered.

Kara wasn’t sure why Lena would be apologising but smiled reassuringly as Lena tried again.

“Now everyone knows that we’re engaged and you’re pregnant. You should probably…”

Lena stopped again and blew out a breath clearly nervous. Kara chuckled and rested her head on Lena’s shoulder.

“What are you trying to say?” she asked.

Lena gently rested her head against Kara’s in return her heartbeat slowing a little as she looked at the ultrasound again.

“You should move in with me so people believe we’re serious.”

Kara smiled and looked up at Lena.

“Was that so hard?” she asked.

“Yes,” Lena said smiling back.

Kara laughed and wrapped her arms around Lena pressing a kiss to her cheek just to make Lena blush.

“I’d be delighted to move in with you Ms Luthor.” She casually waved a hand to indicate the penthouse with it's state of the art kitchen and sweeping view over the city. “You know, for appearances sake.”

Lena snorted and looked at Kara. She casually bumped her shoulder against Kara’s then frowned when she didn’t move. Kara smirked. 

“Supergirl remember,” she said.

Lena huffed and then tried to roughly shove her. Nothing happened. Lena’s eyes narrowed as she placed both her feet on the ground and her hands on Kara’s arm and pushed. Kara giggled as Lena strained against her with increasing frustration putting her full weight behind it.

“Just because I now know you’re a Kryptonian doesn’t mean you get to showoff all the time,” Lena said glaring at her.

“Oh I’m sorry. I’ll just-”

Smiling Kara let her muscles relax and Lena let out a surprised eep sound as she found herself half over Kara as they both fell back on the couch. Kara laughed as Lena muttered about showoff Kryptonians. With a final little huff of annoyance Lena lifted her head and glared at Kara underneath her.

“So… can I pick my bedroom?” Kara asked with a wide grin.

Lena sighed heavily and moved back. 

“Yes, you can have any room you like,” she said.

“Including yours?” Kara teased.

Lena glared at her.

“Except that one, it already has all my shoes in it.”

Kara laughed then her eyes lit up as she had a sudden realisation.

“What shoe size are you?”

“7.5 wh- Kara no!”

But Kara was already off racing to Lena’s “closet” and her considerable shoe collection. Lena raced after her diving into the room to see Kara trying on a pair of black pumps with the classic red Louboutin sole. Kara smiled at Lena and wriggled her feet in the heels. Lena gave her a look akin to horror.

“Are we actually the same size?” she asked.

Kara nodded and then made a face as she considered the six inch stiletto heel.

“But I can’t actually walk in anything over four inches. My balance isn’t good enough so I have to float in them or I break the heel,” she confessed.

Lena looked at her for a long moment then started laughing. Kara grinned back.

“Okay I’ll make you a deal,” Lena said coming closer. 

Kara motioned she was listening as she carefully returned the heels to their place on the literal wall of shoes.

“You can wear any of my shoes whenever you want, but I get to steal any of your t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies whenever I want.”

Kara smiled and held out a hand.

“Deal,” she said.

Lena smiled back and they shook hands. Then Lena gently tugged Kara to her feet.

“Come on, we can watch one more episode before we go to sleep. Tomorrow morning you can spend as long as you want picking out a pair of shoes to match your outfit.”

Kara smiled and let Lena lead her back to the lounge where they curled up together under the soft blue blanket. Lena quickly fell asleep the ultrasound in her hand. Instead of waking her she just picked Lena up and carried her back to her bedroom tucking her into bed and placing the ultrasound on the bedside table.

Kara spent a minute trying to work out which of the dozens of cables was the one for Lena’s phone and plugged it in to charge. Lena groaned and turned blinking as her phone made a noise. Kara placed her hand on Lena’s shoulder keeping her from rolling over.

“It’s okay I just plugged it in to charge, go back to sleep,” she whispered.

Lena mumbled incoherently and Kara placed a final kiss on her cheek with a smile. Lena sighed happily her heart slowing and her breathing evening out in seconds. Kara smiled down at her for a moment longer and left to find her bed for the night, and really for the future. 

Chapter Text

When Kara walked into the DEO the next morning she was greeted by Winn. 

“Oh my God!” he said hugging her tightly. “Congratulations!”

Kara beamed at him as he excitedly placed his hands on her stomach then quickly pulled them away.

“Sorry,” he said. “I’ve heard that drives pregnant women crazy. I’m just so excited!”

He certainly looked excited. He was practically vibrating with energy a bright grin on his face. Then he spotted her hand. 

“Oh my God is that the ring?” Kara nodded smiling as she held out her hand for Winn to gush over the ring. “Is that-”

“Blue diamond and nth metal,” she said. “Don’t ask how much it cost you don’t want to know.”

Winn made a noise then looked at her stomach.

“You are going to be the luckiest kid ever!” he said. “Your mums are a Super and a Luthor. You’ll be able to fly and your first car will be like a Lamborghini or something.”

“By the time they’re old enough for a car Lena wants us to be regular multi millionaires so it may just be a Mercedes,” Kara said with a shrug.

Winn snickered and Kara felt a rush of affection for her friend. She smiled and took off her ring.

“Wanna see something cool?” she asked. 

Winn nodded quickly. Kara tossed the ring away then closed her eyes thinking of Lena and felt it return.

“Whoa!” Winn exclaimed his eyes gleaming as he looked at the ring.

“It’s a magic ring,” Kara said smugly. “Not that Lena will call it magic. She said it’s just a science unexplained at this time.”

Winn laughed his eyes still on the ring peering at it closely as though that might let him work out how it’s magic worked. J’onn appeared around the corner frowning.

“Hey J’onn,” Kara said.

“Was there…” J’onn looked around still frowning. “I could have sworn I just felt a telepathic wave come from someone.”

Winn and Kara exchanged a look.

“What kind of wave?”

“A wave of… love,” he said shaking his head.

“Oh,” Kara said her eyes lighting up. “I think I know what it was. Watch this.”

She removed the ring again and thought of Lena feeling the ring return. She looked up at J’onn who seemed vaguely horrified.

“Who were you thinking about?” he asked. 

“Lena. She knew an alien jeweller who bonded the ring to my finger somehow. Apparently it wanted to be given with love so Lena put it on my finger and now I can summon it back by thinking of her.”

J’onn looked at her for a long minute.

“Did they say anything else?” he asked quietly.

“Uh…” Kara looked at the ring. “That the ring would return as long as Lena loved me.”

J’onn nodded slowly his expression thoughtful. Then he straightened up and came over giving her a very gentle hug.

“Congratulations, on both counts,” he said giving her a very warm smile. Then he pressed a very gentle kiss to the top of her head. “I wish you both a very happy life together.”

“Thank you,” she said with a grateful smile. 

He returned the smile and left with a sigh muttering about kids messing with powers beyond their knowledge. Kara smiled at Winn.

“Thanks Winn,” she said.

“What for?” he asked.

She shrugged trying to find the words.

“For being happy for me and Lena.”

Winn gave her an awkward shrug in return the tips of his ears getting a little pink. 

“Well it’s not like I can really judge anyone else for murderous family members,” he said.

Kara smiled again and hugged Winn once more ignoring his protest about his ribs and the baby. Kara put him down with a quiet laugh as Alex came around the corner. She stopped as she looked at Kara her eyes almost immediately captured by her shoes.

“Where did you get those?” she asked.

Kara smirked and looked down at the shoes she’d picked out that morning.

“One of the perks of marrying Lena, I get to wear her shoes,” she said.

Alex’s jaw dropped as she looked at the shoes again.

“Are they-”

“Real Louboutin? Yes, the new collection came out last week and these are part of it. Lena hasn’t even worn them yet.”

“Does she know you’re wearing them?” Alex asked crossing her arms.

Kara nodded smirking at her sister.

“Yes. Though she did also say if I broke them I had to fly to France and get her a replacement pair.”

“Fair,” Alex said with a nod.

Alex looked like she was about to say something else but Kara wasn’t in the mood, even if it was an apology.

“Anyway I’ve got to get to work. I just came to drop this off to you.” She handed Alex Diana’s card. “She’ll be consulting with you regarding aos and-”

“Are you sure we can trust her?” Alex asked looking at the card suspiciously.

Kara scoffed.

“Yeah she’s wonderful.”

Alex gave her a confused look but Kara just smirked again.

“You’ll work it out. Anyway, see you later.”

And with that she left heading to Catco. 

When she got close she spotted the crowd of photographers waiting outside and ducked into a side street. It took barely three seconds of listening to them for her to decide to employ a little extra stealth and entered Catco via the roof. 

Heads turned as she exited the elevator walking into the office. She pretended not to notice as she walked through the bullpen to her desk and powered up her computer. James was with her almost immediately.

“You have a call,” he said.

She looked at him confused and went to take out her phone.

“In my office,” he added.

Kara gave him a bewildered look but got up and walked into his office. She picked up the phone seeing call waiting on line 1.

“Kara Danvers speaking,” she said.

There was an annoyed huff and Kara felt a twinge of fear as she recognised the sound.

“Finally, you’re late,” Cat said.

Kara double checked the clock.

“I’m early,” she said feeling a little stupid.

“Well your period certainly wasn’t,” Cat said. Kara looked at the phone in surprise. Cat kept talking. “Seriously Kiera you didn’t think I’d call after hearing. I’ve already chewed out Mr Olsen for his lack of support. Catco has always been supportive of the gays and you’re marrying a Luthor. That’s probably the biggest story of the decade. A real Cinderella romance. He should’ve gotten the exclusive on that and kept it secret. Instead he went blurting it out all over the office and now we’re now competing with everyone else.”

Kara made a noise she hoped could be taken as some kind of agreement as she gave James a questioning look. He just held up his hands looking a little panicked.

“Right,” Kara said trying to work out what her mentor wanted from her.

“So to get us back on top again you’re going to write a piece about this whole whirlwind romance you and Lena went through. Try to keep your romantic gushing over your future wife to a minimum though. While your relationship is the focus only you care about the exact shade of green her eyes are.”

Kara scrunched up her face as a blush crept up her cheeks.

“I’ll do my best,” she said.

“And make sure you put in something about how it was you got pregnant as a warning to others about frat boys.”

“S-sure,” Kara said confused.

“Chop chop,” Cat said. “It needs to be ready for the evening updates.”

“R-right. Okay I’ll get right on that.”

“Good. And tell that fiancee of yours to get her assistant to put my name on her VIP list. I am not someone to be kept waiting.”

“I- I’ll let her know you want to speak with her.”

“Excellent. I shall await my invitation to the wedding.”

Cat hung up as Kara stuttered her promise to send one. She stood for a minute just holding the phone and turned to James.

“I- She said I had to write an article,” she said.

James sighed and nodded.

“That would be helpful.”

Kara nodded and put the phone down heading back to her desk ignoring everyone watching her as she took out her phone and sent Lena a message detailing Cat's request. Lena sent back a laughing emoji. Kara smiled.

I take it you’ve heard she wants to speak with you.

Kara had just opened a new word document when she got the reply.

Hector and Jess are terrified of her calling again. Apparently she challenged even their considerable professional training. I’ll call her back before lunch.

Kara smiled at her phone and sighed. She looked at the empty word document and tried to think where to even begin. In the end she started with the key points of their story. It was as good a starting point as any.

By lunchtime she was starting to think she had it mostly ready, even if telling so much about herself felt weird. Wary of the paparazzi still hiding out to get pictures of her she flew to the DEO for lunch with Alex.

Alex was apparently having a busy day as she glared at a screen and muttered to Winn about scrubbing history and manipulating images. Kara glided over in a chair and offered them pizza.

“What’s happening?” she asked.

They both looked at her surprised.

“We’re trying to hide everything we can about you to prevent people from making the Supergirl connection.”

Kara gave them both a confused look.

“Why? I thought we scrubbed most of that online when I first started and all personal pictures of me are altered not to show up in recognition. Besides Lena says it’ll go away quickly once the novelty wears off. And… well no one is expecting me to be Supergirl.”

Alex sighed and nodded.

“It would still be good if we could have some way to head off people making the connection. Someone’s bound to at some point. Cat showed us that.”

Kara shrugged.

“Then maybe we should do the same tactic. Face it head on.”

Alex looked at her a bit horrified. Winn was thoughtful.

“Or we could not-”

“Hang on let me call Lena she knows these kinds of things.”

Before either of them could stop her Kara picked up a desk phone and called Lena’s office.

“Ms Luthor’s office,” Hector said.

“Hi Hector, it’s Kara Danvers. Is Lena free for a quick call?”

She heard a soft laugh from Hector.

“From you, always. Give me two seconds.”


Alex gave her a confused look.

“Hector?” she whispered.

Kara moved the speaker away from her mouth to answer.

“Lena has two assistants, Hector and Jess. Hector is technically more a guard as he carries a gun but he also answers the phone whenever Jess isn’t there.”

“Oh,” Alex muttered frowning slightly.

Kara heard the click and couldn’t help her immediate smile as Lena’s voice filled her ear.

“Hello darling.”

“Hey sweetheart,” Kara said spinning happily in her chair.

Alex gave her a confused look then just sighed. Kara ignored her.

“We had a question I think you can help with.”

“Who’s we?” Lena asked her voice teasing.

“Me, Alex, and I guess the DEO. How do we cover the whole Supergirl thing. I was thinking a body double. I had an issue last year with Cat Grant making the connection and that’s how we solved that. But then it might just be opening more questions.”

Kara heard Lena tap a finger on her desk as she considered it.


Kara had just sent her article to James for editing when she heard the surprised gasps of her coworkers. She looked up and smiled as ‘Supergirl’ strode into Catco from the balcony.

“Kara Danvers!” Supergirl called a smile on her face.

Kara got up with a bright smile.

“Yes Supergirl?” she asked. 

‘Supergirl’ put her hands on her hips in the classic pose giving her a mock glare.

“How is it that I am apparently the last person to find out you’re engaged to a Luthor? And you didn’t even tell me yourself, I had to hear about it from the tabloids.”

Kara laughed going over to ‘Supergirl’ with a smile.

J’onn had added a couple of centimetres to her height, a few shades darker to her tan, and a little more yellow to her hair for contrast. He’d also changed her face just slightly to be thinner. Just enough for people to see a clear resemblance but also enough for it to not be a direct match.

“Well I’m sorry it's not like I could just send you a text. And we were trying to keep it quiet,” Kara said.

J’onn rolled his eyes and Kara was wrapped in a very careful hug. As they broke apart she held out her hand wriggling her fingers. J’onn gasped as he looked at the ring.

“Oh that is beautiful,” he said. 

“Thank you. Lena as usual is going all out.”

“That woman doesn’t do anything by halves,” J’onn agreed.

“She really doesn’t,” Kara said with a smile. “Most people just prepare a nursery for a baby, she’s decided to build a whole new house.”

J’onn laughed.

“Sounds like Lena. How big is the wedding set to be?”

“Small,” Kara said firmly. “She wants to get it done before the baby is born, something about Luthor bastards having a bad time.”

She and J’onn exchanged a look.

“Well tell your fiancee to send me my wedding invitation the moment you have the date so I can arrange for Superman to cover everything while I attend.”

Kara laughed.

“I shall.”

Supergirl’s face softened a little.

“How are you? It sounds like it’s been a bit sudden in a lot of ways.”

Kara sighed heavily.

“We’ve been engaged less than a week at this point and I confess it’s all a bit overwhelming for me. But Lena as usual is completely in control of it all and is insisting I take it easy and let her handle all the paperwork.”

“And how do you feel about that?” J’onn asked giving her a look

“Relieved,” Kara said with a small laugh. “I wouldn’t even know where to start.”

J’onn smiled and placed his hands on her shoulders looking down at her stomach for a second.

“You two…”

Kara waited. J’onn looked up and Kara found herself mirroring the smile. 

“You’re going to have quite the journey ahead of you, but I think you’re actually going to do well. Congratulations, on the baby and the engagement.”

Kara smiled back.

“Nahkluv.” Thank you.

J’onn hugged her once more and left in a rush of air. Kara smiled after him and saw her shocked coworkers. She gave them a small shrug.

“Cat introduced us.”

No one said anything as she went back to her desk and started tackling the mess that was her inbox.


Lena got the alert at five exactly. Kara’s article was online. She smiled seeing the title.

Yes we’re really getting married.

She opened it. 

It has been my experience that when we make decisions that will define the course of our lives, we make them in less than a second. Whether we realise it at the time or not.

When I found out I was pregnant I had to decide rather quickly what I wanted. Some things I already knew, I wanted to have a family and be a mother. But it wasn’t until I had to tell him that I realised I didn’t want that with my then boyfriend.

When I thought about who I wanted to raise a family with it was almost terrifying how immediate the answer was. The person I wanted beside me through everything that is to come, the person who has supported and encouraged me from the very first time we met, the person whose arms feel like home to me; that person is Lena. It has somehow always been her...

Lena finished reading the article and saw the picture accompanying it. She recognised it immediately as the beside her bed. She put down her phone as her heart swelled in her chest. She almost immediately reread the article then typed a half dozen messages to Kara and deleted them all. In the end she just sent a single red heart.

Kara’s reply was almost instantaneous.

I meant every word.

Lena felt a rush of affection at the response. She sat for several long minutes holding her phone looking at the message. Then she herd a soft whoosh as someone landed on her balcony. She smiled putting down her phone.

“Ms Luthor.”

Lena froze momentarily then sighed disappointed. She recognised that voice. She had almost expected this to happen, but she hadn’t anticipated it so soon. She turned slowly and saw him standing there. Superman, in all his caped glory.

Putting on a polite mask she rose to greet him.

“Superman,” she motioned for him to enter. “How can I help you?”

Superman did not return her smile as he stepped into her office. Instead he looked at her very intently.

“I was hoping you could explain something to me,” he said his eyes not leaving hers.

Lena nodded.

“I can certainly try. What do you want to know?”

He considered her for another moment.

“I want you to explain what you are planning with my cousin and her child.”

Lena raised an eyebrow.

“You wouldn’t be asking me that if my last name was Smith,” she retorted.

She watched the tiny twitch of his jaw.

“No,” he agreed. “But your family has a history with mine.”

“Correction, my brother has a history with you. He has no history with Kara, beyond his general hatred of all aliens. Granted my mother does share his views and has made several attempts to harm her, attempts if you remember, that I helped prevent. That’s two people out of an entire family line, hardly a proper family history.”

“You’re arguing semantics Ms Luthor.”

Lena nodded.

“So are you. Your suspicion of my motives and intent are based solely on my family name.”

“I’m basing my concern on knowledge of your personal history,” he said his voice hardening a little. “I know you and Lex were close once.”

“Yes, were,” Lena said taking a step closer. “Then he killed dozens of people. The brother I once loved died the day he put his own obsession above the lives of innocent people.”

Lena glared at Superman- Clark. 

“He’s still the person who was closest to you growing up. I knew Lex for many years and he used to be… different,” Clark said.

Lena held up her hand to silence him.

“Kara and I are best friends, you and Lex were best friends, but it's not the same. You think my brother changed suddenly. You think he suddenly went crazy when he realised who you were. But he didn’t. That charming, intelligent, friendly man who you loved as a brother never changed, just who he thought you were. When he thought you were the clumsy reporter from Smallville with a passion for making the world a better place, he loved you. When he found out you were the alien who could fly above him, he saw you as his enemy. He never changed, you just never saw that part of him. You never really looked for it.”

Clark drew himself up a little higher.

“I moved to National City to be the Luthor who shared their home with a Kryptonian. I didn’t anticipate it being as… literal as it has become but I’m certainly not complaining,” she said with a smile.

Lena turned walking back to her desk and sitting down once more. She looked over at Superman again.

“I am not my brother and she is not you, so stop acting like we are somehow the same as you and Lex. I am not a villain and you have no reason to treat me like one.”

“I want to believe you,” Clark said his tone gentle.

Lena scoffed and turned back to the stack of reports she had been going through.

“That’s the difference between you and Kara. Kara actually does. She can see past my family name to the person I am. You can watch me all you want Mr Kent but I will never be Lex. I want what’s best for Kara and the aos and what’s best for them is the protection of the Luthor name. Something you should really understand better. From what I’ve heard, you gave her to the Danvers because you couldn’t protect her as your alter ego. I’m making sure she never has to make the same sacrifice.”

She saw an error in the report before her and corrected it. Clark was quiet for a long time. Lena ignored him as she continued reading through the report correcting errors when she found them.

“How do you feel about her baby?” Clark asked quietly.

Lena glared at him furious.

“I love them,” she said. “As far as I’m concerned that’s my child too and everyone else can get fucked. Including you.”

Clark was silent for another long moment then he nodded.

“One thing I do know about Luthors,” he said. “They never do anything by halves. And neither does the house of El.”

He came forwards and held out his hand.

“Welcome to the family, Lena.”

Lena considered his hand for a moment then cautiously shook it. Clark gave her a small smile. 

“I’m sure we’ll see more of each other.”

Lena cautiously nodded. 

“I’m sure we will. I expect you’ll be invited to the wedding.”

He gave her a slightly bigger smile.

“I look forward to it. Good day Ms Luther.”

“Good day, Superman.”

Chapter Text

“Okay so I’m going to be home late tonight, I have an interview this morning with the fire chief and then one this evening with the Nighthawks captain about the team’s fight for get equal pay. Considering they have three championships and the boys team have none, they should definitely be paid more not the same but…”

Lena smiled and sipped her coffee watching Kara move around the kitchen in small bursts of superspeed as she packed her bag talking about her upcoming day. Kara stopped and looked around for a second.

“Okay so game night is on Thursday and…” Kara hesitated. “Is that still okay?”

Lena laughed softly.

“Yes darling, I am still okay with us hosting game night.”

Kara sighed and gave her an apologetic look. 

“Sorry I just… I don’t want to intrude on your space.”

Lena smiled and put down her coffee holding out her hands. Kara automatically came around the counter to hold them. Lena gave Kara’s hands a squeeze as she smiled up at Kara.

“Darling, this is, until we get the house built, our home. What’s mine is yours, we’re getting married remember.”

Kara nodded and Lena pulled her a little closer smiling up at her.

“And much to my lawyers’ horror there will be no prenup.”

Kara giggled.

“Because you, me, and aos,” Lena moved a hand to gently touch the rapidly growing bump that was their child. “Are all in this together. So darling, stop worrying about overstepping. If I have an issue with something I’ll tell you and we can talk about it. I promise.”

Kara sighed and gave her a small smile.

“Sorry, I just… I keep worrying about annoying you or that I’m coming in and completely disrupting your life,” Kara admitted. 

“I think it might take a concentrated effort for you to actually annoy me. As for disrupting my life…” Lena looked down and gently rubbed her hand over Kara’s stomach. “You technically are, and I couldn’t be happier about it.”

Kara sighed and Lena looked up at her.

“Have I told you lately that I really love you,” Kara said.

Lena smiled at her.

“Yes, last night when I bought you fifty potstickers.”

Kara laughed and Lena smiled feeling Kara wrap her in a very careful hug. Lena allowed herself a moment to bury her face in Kara’s neck, breathing deeply as her hands carefully cradled the bump that was their child.

Sometimes she would remember that she really was marrying Kara and they were going to raise a child together and she’d have to sit down as her whole world got very shaky and she would have to actively work to control her smile. 

Lena couldn’t remember ever being as happy as she was now. Waking up in the morning was no longer a bleary slog until she had her coffee. Instead it was a peaceful half hour that started with her wandering out to see Kara moving around her kitchen in cartoon pyjamas and humming show tunes. Kara always seemed to know when she was awake and somehow managed to time her coffee to be ready at the exact same time she sat down. 

She would sip her coffee as Kara devoured her usual stack of pancakes appearing and disappearing in short bursts of speed as she she got ready talking to Lena in between. Lena wasn’t really awake until she’d finished her first cup, but it was nice to just hear Kara talking, telling her plans for the day or filling her in on some rescue she’d done the night before.

By the time Lena had finished her first coffee Kara would be ready. Then Lena would get a hug goodbye before she watched Kara disappear either via the balcony or through the door to be driven to Catco by Frank. After which Lena would shower, dress and head to work where on her second coffee she could finally bring herself to eat whatever breakfast Jess had for her.

Pulling back from the hug Lena brushed a hair behind Kara’s ear. She felt a sudden spike in her near constant urge to kiss Kara and suppressed it. She gave Kara a quick smile.

“Now, what time should I be home by tonight?”

Kara smiled back.

“Seven thirty.”

“Seven thirty,” Lena repeated. “I’ll see you then.”

She pressed a kiss to the tips of her fingers and placed them on Kara’s stomach her eyes dropping to their growing child.

“And you behave,” she instructed the aos.

Kara laughed and Lena had to resist the urge to press a proper kiss to Kara’s stomach. She fantasised about it far more than she probably should. How it would feel to press her lips to the bare skin of Kara’s stomach right where she knew the aos’ head was. She pushed away the urge with another gentle sweep of her thumb over the place and looked up at Kara.

“Go on, or you’ll be late even with super powers.”

Kara hesitated for a moment giving her a very soft look. Lena raised an eyebrow and the moment passed Kara disappearing in a rush of speed and reappearing at the door now in her coat with her bag over one shoulder and her phone in her hand.

“Seven thirty, don’t be late,” Kara ordered with a mock glare.

Lena smiled and crossed her heart. Then Kara was gone. Lena sighed and turned back to her coffee. She read through an email as she finished and headed for her shower. If her morning shower was now a few minutes longer due to an increase in certain desires, well that was no one else’s business. Especially not when she was now having a harder time not saying the name of a certain blonde out loud everytime she came. The increasing closeness of Kara’s hugs allowed her to feel just how accurate the title ‘the girl of steel’ was, and Lena might be having trouble not thinking about the possibilities that offered.


Lena smiled reading the latest tabloid article about her and Kara as she ate her lunch. They’d been very careful so the few pictures they’d been able to capture of her and Kara were still being circulated everywhere. The only ones they had of them as a couple were from the two dinner dates they’d had. Everything else was individual pictures of them both either getting out of the car or getting in. 

Lena smiled looking at the latest picture of Kara making the rounds. It was of Kara getting out of the car the day before, the faint smear of lipstick on her neck circled in red with an exclamation point. The lipstick had been Kara’s idea. Reportedly James had taken to almost paranoid levels of surveillance of anyone coming in that might be trying to take pictures of Kara to the point she’d just decided to spare everyone and swap to doing interviews and otherwise working from home unless she had a meeting. 

It apparently helped save her needing to make excuses to disappear for Supergirl duties now that someone was always watching her wherever she went. She spent the day doing various interviews and chasing up sources then typed them up using superspeed in the evening. 

Watching Kara transcribe audio playing at ten times speed was surprisingly mesmerising to Lena even if the audio sounded like something from a horror movie to her. It left Kara’s days far more open for her Supergirl duties and the tedious work of following up leads for articles. 

Her newest supersuit was also doing well at hiding the baby bump. The added armour protection around her chest and stomach had eased a lot of Kara’s fears about the aos being hurt. Still she had been stepping back her activities in preparation for her 'super maternity leave'. 

Alex and J’onn had reportedly been doing a lot of brainstorming on how to explain her absence. So far their best story idea was an off world trip for an unspecified reason. Clark had suggested she explain it after she returned but Lois had shut that down and said they needed to give a reason or the whole world would think she died. So far they had yet to come up with an explanation. Lena was tempted to offer them the name of her PR firm just so they stopped throwing the same three ideas at the wall over and over.

She looked up just in time to see the breaking news come through of a fight downtown. Lena smiled seeing Kara land and do her usual attempt at defusing the situation. This time it didn’t work. A car was thrown at her. Lena smiled as she saw Kara catch it and roll her eyes as she flew at her attacker. 

Lena indulged herself watching the fight for a few minutes enjoying the way the skirt showed off Kara’s legs. Her enjoyment of the view suddenly turned to horror as she watched the alien grab Kara’s right wrist and then saw Kara’s cry of pain. Then she saw Kara hit the alien with her left fist sending them crashing to the ground. 

Kara looked at her wrist again and Lena saw a small flash of fear. Lena got to her feet moving closer to the screen her eyes focused on Kara’s right hand. She watched the brief flash of movement as Kara touched something in her ear and launched into the air now moving around avoiding the blows and using her heat vision. Her right hand she kept protectively close to her chest.

Lena heard the door open but didn’t turn around as she watched the fight continue. The newsreader was speculating about her change in tactic but Lena barely heard it. Then to her surprise Martian Manhunter was there. He charged headlong into the fight as Kara stayed back providing support using her heat vision and freeze breath. The fight ended quickly and he gave her a nod the two of them flying into the air the alien in tow. 

“Ms Luthor?”

Lena’s head whipped around and she looked at a confused Jess.

“Yes?” she demanded.

Jess blinked surprised at her unusually blunt tone.

“You asked me to let you know once the new plans for the-”

“Cancel the rest of my afternoon I have a personal emergency. Tell Frank to meet me downstairs.”

Jess nodded and hurried out as Lena moved to gather her things. She sent a message to Kara and kept one eye on her phone as she put on her coat. She had just gotten in the car when Kara replied. It was just an address. Lena was able to interpret. Frank picking up on her distress drove a little faster than normal.

They arrived at the address given and waited. A metal roller door lifted up letting them through. A group of four agents moved immediately to check over the car. Frank was led to one side while Lena was shown up a staircase by one agent.

Lena did her best to keep her anxiety hidden, but even though she knew she was technically walking the agent who had let her in was jogging to keep up with her. The agent motioned to the left and Lena found herself in a quiet corridor then another left into the med bay and she saw Kara. 

Lena let out a relieved breath as she saw Kara sitting on a bed still in her supersuit her right hand held out as Alex examined her wrist. Kara looked up and turned to Lena with a smile. Lena started moving, somewhat rapidly, to her side.

“I’m okay,” Kara reassured her as she arrived. “I’m just not healing like I should.”

Kara pulled Lena into a hug with her left arm. Lena held her tight for a moment then looked down one hand automatically moving over Kara’s armoured stomach reassuring herself they were both fine.

“They’re is good too. Trust me, nothing went anywhere near our aos,” Kara said.

Lena breathed a small sigh her hand still in place as she looked up at Kara. Kara gave her a small smile in return. Alex cleared her throat.

“Sorry but I uh, still need to run a few tests to determine exactly what is happening.”

“Call Dr Prince to consult, her abilities may be of use,” Lena said not looking away from Kara.

Alex sighed.

“I am very familiar with Kryptonian-”

“Alex,” Kara gently cut her sister off. “Call Dr Prince and have her come up to consult.”

Alex was quiet for a moment but then she sighed sounding rather frustrated.

“I’ll be right back.”

Lena nodded and Kara gave her sister a smile. Once she was gone Lena moved closer being careful not to bump Kara’s injured wrist.

“Thanks for coming,” Kara whispered.

Lena choked out a laugh as she looked at her. She met Kara’s gaze and raised a hand to carefully brush back her hair. The urge to kiss her increasing with every second. Lena dared not let herself look directly at Kara’s lips in case she did give in. Instead she looked down and carefully deactivated the armour setting it aside. She hesitated her hands hovering over Kara’s stomach.

She glanced back up at Kara.

“May I?” 

Kara smiled and covered Lena’s hands with her own gently pressing Lena’s to her stomach.

“You’re always welcome to touch our aos,” she said.

Lena gave her a small grateful smile as she ran her hands over the bump. She swallowed as she considered just what could have happened. 

“Hey,” Kara said softly. “We’re okay.” 

Lena glanced up and saw the concerned look Kara was giving her. 

“I promise, we’re okay. My wrist is broken but the rest of me is fine. I’ve still got all my other powers from what we can tell.”

Lena nodded and closed her eyes. She couldn’t quite resist completely and pressed her forehead against Kara’s breathing deeply as she fought for control of her emotions.

“I was worried,” she confessed. “I saw you fighting and it was fine then I saw you get hurt and I was so worried. So very worried, about both of you.”

She moved closer her hands staying in place on Kara’s stomach as tears threatened. 

“I could have lost you both today.”

The words were less than a whisper but Kara heard.

“Lena,” Kara said gently. “I promise you’re not going to lose us.”

“You can’t promise that,” Lena said a tear escaping as she opened her eyes to look at Kara. 

Kara looked back and smiled.

“Well I am,” she said. “Aos and I, we’re not going anywhere. You and I are going to get married and then we’re going to raise this child together, and they are going to be a chaotic monster that will run us ragged I can feel it.”

Lena smiled and nodded.

“They’re probably going to be one of those babies that cries all the time,” she agreed.

“I’m definitely going to end up living in stained sweatpants not having showered in days as I contemplate the ever growing mountain of dirty nappies,” Kara said.

Lena laughed softly.

“And Jess will need to check on me constantly as I’ll be half dead from getting up to feed them during the night,” Lena added.

“They’re definitely not going to like toilet training.”

Lena felt her smile growing.

“But they’ll be early to walk just to make life difficult.”

“We’ll spend years completely unable to put anything below waist high.”

“Try chest high,” Lena said meeting Kara’s gaze again. “Superkid is definitely going to be a climber.”

Kara’s smile was beautiful as she looked at Lena.

“Superkid?” she asked.

Lena shrugged a light blush creeping up her face.

“Well they’ll need a security call sign. I figure Superkid for aos, then the others, if you still want more after this terror, can get their own nicknames.”

“Destroyer of worlds,” Kara suggested. “For the grumpy one.”

“No, we’re definitely calling the grumpy one Sunshine. The youngest will undoubtedly be a sweetheart and they can be Trouble. Destroyer of worlds can be the cat one of them inevitably finds in a dumpster and begs us to let them keep.”

Kara laughed and rested her head on Lena’s shoulder with a soft sigh. Lena found herself gently rubbing small circles over Kara’s stomach.

“Superkid, Sunshine, and Trouble,” Kara said slowly. 

“Or we can just give them hero names as their call signs. But they’d be powers dependant,” Lena added.

“You think they’re gonna be heroes?” Kara asked.

“With you as their mother, undoubtedly, even if they all just become firefighters or paramedics.”

Lena felt Kara’s quiet chuckle.

“Maybe they’ll take after you,” she said.

“God I hope not,” Lena muttered. “Do you have any idea how much trouble I got into as a kid. I built a missile with Lex when I was eight and nearly broke my arm trying to position a satellite to steal data from NASA. And the less said about my history of hacking the government the better.”

Kara laughed and sat up again. 

“It’s probably a really good thing we never knew each other as teenagers.”

Lena smiled.

“Can you imagine the trouble we’d have gotten in?” she asked.

“There would have been a whole team at the FBI dedicated just to finding us,” Kara said grinning at her.

“Try Interpol,” Lena said. “If I knew you could fly we would totally have been breaking into the Louvre to swap around the paintings.”

Kara nodded quickly.

“Of course, and I would have broken you out of boarding school every weekend to stay with me in Midvale.”

“And I’d eventually have convinced you to take me to the fortress so I could play with the tech there.”

Kara groaned.

“We would have done something monumentally stupid.”

“Built a spaceship and crashed it on the moon?” Lena suggested.

Kara snorted.

“I was thinking more build a portal to explore the multiverse.”

Lena’s eyes lit up.

“The multiverse?”

Kara grinned at her.

“So I have this friend-”

“Wonder Woman!” Alex yelled.

They turned to see her staring at them her expression seeming stuck between horror and amazement. 

“Your gynaecologist is Wonder Woman?” Alex asked only marginally quieter.

“Technically she’s also a pediatrician,” Kara said.

Alex sighed and gave Kara a very disappointed look.

“And how do you know she’s Wonder Woman?” Lena asked.

Alex stepped to the side as Diana walked in wearing her headband and bracers, the lasso was attached to her waist.

“Because I climbed the building instead of going through security,” she said.

Alex stared at her as she strode towards Kara grabbing a nearby trolley of medical equipment to bring with her.

Lena moved to step aside but Kara grabbed her hand and gave her a pleading look. Lena smiled back and gave her hand a squeeze. Diana came forwards and made a small tutting noise as she looked at Kara’s wrist gently probing with her fingers as Kara made quiet pained noises.

Lena stroked Kara’s arm soothing her. Kara looked at her with tear filled eyes as Diana gently put her hand back against her chest. Diana gave Kara a soft smile.

“If you’re a brave girl and let me run some tests I’ll give you a lollypop.”

She pulled one out of her coat pocket and held it up. Kara looked over at Alex and smirked.

“She’s now my favourite doctor.”

Alex threw up her hands and muttered about bribery.

Diana and Alex ran a series of tests Alex giving Diana wide eyed looks a few times as she watched her be able to probe Kara’s muscles with an ease she’d clearly never seen. 

After two hours they seemed to have answers. Diana had plastered Kara’s hand using a piece of actual steel she bent with her fingers then wrapped in a layer of plaster. Kara could break it but the resistance should be enough to stop her on habit alone. 

Kara’s metabolism was too powerful for most painkillers and with the possible changes due to pregnancy they didn’t want to risk anything so she’d been lying on the sun bed her head in Lena’s lap watching dog videos as Lena played with her hair.

“So it looks like your super healing has… temporarily left you internally,” Alex said walking over with a clipboard.

“So she’s not invulnerable right now?” Lena asked her hand tightening on the edge of the bed.

“No, she’s still got her powers and if anyone tried to shoot her the bullet would just bounce right off,” Alex said quickly. “It’s the healing. Her body is either diverting too much to the baby or it’s actively stopping it to allow the baby room to grow. She’s still healing much faster than a human would but it’s much slower than it should be.”

“Considering how her internal organs have to shift to make room for the baby it is possible that her body is having trouble recognising that it needs to do something about her hand,” Diana said. “Or perhaps it’s slowed the healing so that it doesn’t accidentally go too far and damage the baby. Unfortunately we can’t be certain at this stage but I expect her internal healing will return after the baby is born.”

Lena sighed and looked down at Kara.

“Darling, I think you might need to hang up the cape for a bit.”

Kara nodded immediately.

“Yeah, I’m not risking our aos. I’m sure the others can handle whatever comes up.” She ran a hand over her stomach. “I suppose this also gives an explanation for Supergirl not being around,” she added with a sigh.

“She’s off world getting some kind of medical treatment?” Alex asked.

“Perhaps she’s off seeing an alien specialist about her injury,” Diana suggested. “Or she could even be undergoing some kind of mutation. The body does tend to have some permanent affects from pregnancy so it would be helpful should some things stick.”

Kara huffed.

“So I’m off world going through alien puberty, great.”

Lena smiled down at her.

“Considering no one knows your age here we could say you were only sixteen when you first came out or even say you’re going through some kind of hibernation.”

“I like hibernation,” Kara said. “At least then when I come back it will explain why I look so worn out.”

“Hibernation cycle it is,” Diana said. “I’m sure Clark will be happy to use that excuse the next time Lois wants a vacation, or when they decide to have a baby themselves.”

Alex looked at Diana concerned.

“I know Batman too, but he’s far more obvious,” she said.

“Do you know where he is?” Alex asked.

Diana gave her a very cryptic smile. Lena looked down at Kara who looked unusually exhausted.

“Well since the tests are done and Supergirl is now hibernating, should I take you home to eat six pints of medicinal ice cream?”

Kara nodded then gave her best sad puppy eyes.

“Can I get potstickers for dinner again?”

Lena nodded and they got up. Alex briefly looked between them as Lena helped Kara put on her coat making sure not to bump her sore wrist. Kara gave her a small pout then looked at her coat buttons. Lena chuckled and did the buttons up for her then fixed her collar. Satisfied Kara was appropriately covered Lena brushed some nonexistent hair out of Kara’s face and then offered her hand.

“Come on, there’s choc brownie ice cream and access to every streaming platform on my TV.” 

Kara smiled and tucked herself against Lena’s side.

“Will you stay with me?” she asked.

Lena nodded and dropped a kiss on Kara’s head.

“Yes, I had Jess clear the rest of my day due to a personal emergency.”

Kara beamed at her.


“Yes, my charming fiancee fractured her wrist.”

“Oh no, how’d she do that?” Kara asked.

Lena laughed at Kara’s faux shocked expression. She kissed Kara’s cheek and smiled as Kara immediately blushed.

“Well she’s a clumsy woman and despite what I’ve said a thousand times about looking where she's going, she was trying to send an email while she walked and of course tripped over a crack in the pavement and broke her wrist trying to prevent her fall.”

Kara gave her an impressed look.

“You’re really good at coming up with convincing lies,” she said.

“I grew up in the Luthor family. You learn quick how to explain anything from a copy of playboy among your engineering books to a loose Ostrich in the house.”

Kara laughed.

“What happened with the Ostrich?”

“He escaped the zoo, yes we had a private zoo. It wasn’t as fun as you’d think. It was a five minute drive on the estate and more for bragging rights than anything. I didn’t even know about it until I was seven and I was never allowed to just go and look without a really good reason. Lillian was very strict about it. She said it was because there was dangerous animals but I know that’s a lie because they would have had to pay more to the keepers then. The most dangerous animal in that zoo was the Ostrich.”

Kara made a sympathetic noise.

“I did get to pat the wombat for my tenth birthday. His name was Tubby and he weighed almost as much as I did at the time, but he was also really cute. I think there might still be the picture Lex took of me patting him somewhere.”

Kara gave her a pleading look and Lena sighed.

“I’ll see if anyone can find it, but I make no promises. Mother probably hid it in the fourth floor east lounge or something so no one saw it but she could still say there were pictures of me on display around the house.”


Kara sighed as she failed yet again to actually pick up a potsticker with her chopsticks.

“Here,” Lena said picking up one with hers and offering it to Kara. 

Kara gave her a grateful look as she ate it. Lena had spent the whole afternoon with her the two of them lounging around on the couch watching trash TV as Kara ate her way through what was probably an obscene number of snacks. 

She wasn’t exactly hungry the food was a distraction, but not from her hand. Her hand had thankfully stopped hurting more than a dull throb with occasional sharp spikes if she tried to use it. No she needed food as a distraction from Lena. Lena who was sitting so close the faint traces of her perfume was taunting Kara everytime she leaned over to reach for the food or remote. 

Living with Lena had felt almost too easy at first. Lena had arranged for movers to transfer all her things for her so that Kara simply came home one evening and all her stuff was already there and put away for her. She no longer had to deal with the inadequate water pressure of her old shower, or the sound of her neighbours constant arguments. She was awoken by the soft hum of a whisper quiet motor as the blinds rose at six exactly bathing her in the early morning sun. 

The second sound she became aware of each morning was the Lena’s steady heartbeat in the next room. She would listen to it as she got ready. When Lena’s blinds rose to wake her at seven she would hear the adorable little noise of protest Lena made every time as she tried to hide her face from the light. That was Kara’s signal to start her coffee.

The time from that noise to Lena padding out looking adorably grumpy about being awake was almost exactly one minute. Kara hadn’t failed to notice that Lena apparently slept exclusively in her stolen t-shirts and plain cotton boxers that always seemed just a little too big to stay in place. One side was always slipping down to reveal a tiny sliver of pale skin under the t-shirt. Usually on the left side, not that Kara had been counting.

Okay maybe she had but it was only because first thing in the morning was one of the only times she could stare at Lena for as long as she wanted without Lena noticing. She needed that time each morning to stare so she could partially get it out of her system before Lena was awake enough to notice. If she did Lena would definitely say something about it and then Kara would have to find some kind of explanation that wasn’t how she might, possibly, just a little bit... be getting feelings for her. Romantic feelings. Romantic and sexual feelings. Romantic and sexual feelings she was starting to think she'd had for some time.

The episode ended and Lena leaned past Kara to click the remote to say yes they were still watching. Kara found her eyes dipping down to look at the exposed skin. Lena had ditched her heels and jacket when they got home, but that still left her in a tight grey skirt and a white business shirt that seemed to be unbuttoned just enough for Kara to catch glimpses of the white lace underneath but not enough to actually show anything when she sat back. It left Kara stealing glances at her whenever she moved in the hope she’d catch a glimpse. 

Lena seemed not to notice. Nor did she notice when Kara’s eyes were glued to her legs after she got up to collect their dinner order. She’d covered her obvious drooling on Lena’s return trip by pretending to be excited for potstickers.

“You okay?” Lena asked.

Kara blinked pulling herself out of daydreams involving Lena’s legs around her head. 

“Yeah.” She glanced around for something more to add. “Just sad I can’t use chopsticks by myself.”

She gave Lena an exaggerated sad face and got a laugh in return.

“I can get you a fork,” Lena said.

She moved to get up but Kara quickly stopped her. She didn’t think she could convincingly cover her drooling over Lena in that skirt a second time.

“I’m just going to use my fingers,” Kara said.

She plucked a potsticker from the container. 

“Oh that’s classy.”

“You know me.”

Lena smiled at her and Kara choked. Lena laughed and Kara rolled her eyes dropping back against the couch. Lena continued to smile at her as Kara managed to swallow the rest of the potsticker. She picked another one out of the container and poked her tongue out at Lena. Lena rolled her eyes and turned back to the TV.

Kara lay in place watching Lena. She liked watching Lena. The way her dimples would sometimes appear as she laughed and how when it was just them she was incapable of sitting normally. She would tuck her feet up close and it always seemed to draw attention to how small she was. Small and cute and… Kara’s eyes dropped as Lena sat back her shirt parting for a moment giving Kara a glimpse of her bra again.

Lena glanced over and Kara quickly pretended to be contemplating the potstickers.

“Hey,” Lena said softly. “You okay?”

Kara nodded.

“Just sore I think,” she said holding up her wrist with a sad expression. 

Lena made a sympathetic noise and gently squeezed her hand. 

“Anything I can do to help?” 

Kara looked at Lena and felt a few butterflies start moving inside her as her mouth suddenly felt dry.


Lena was leaning over slightly to hold her hand and her shirt had opened again to give another glimpse of white lace. 


Lena was smiling as Kara blushed and looked away.

“Can you do the thing where you hold me and stroke my hair?” she mumbled.

Lena nodded opening her arms. Kara sank gratefully into her embrace and then Lena’s hand was in her hair moving in those little zig zags.

Kara made a soft humming noise and relaxed further her eyes closed as Lena dropped a kiss on her head. Kara wrapped her arms around Lena and her head fell oh so conveniently against Lena’s chest. She breathed a deep sigh of contentment and resisted the urge to bury herself deeper. 

Lena didn’t seem to notice. Or if she did she didn’t say anything. Kara relaxed further enjoying the moment. 

The moment apparently lasted the rest of the episode because all too soon Lena was gently tapping her cheek and smiling down at her as the credits rolled. Kara blushed and turned to hide her face which meant she stuck her face right into Lena’s cleavage and then she stopped breathing. Lena did too then Kara flew back with a startled noise somehow not crashing into anything as she tripped over the coffee table and landed on the floor with a heavy thump that had to be tripping an alarm somewhere.

Lena started laughing. Kara cautiously peeked at Lena through her fingers. Lena sat on the couch shaking with laughter as she looked at Kara still sprawled over the floor.

“Areyou okay?” Lena asked getting control of her amusement. 

Kara made a pained noise and covered her face with her hands again which of course meant her wrist gave her a sharp reminder of her injury. Kara lay on the ground and pouted at the ceiling holding her broken wrist. 

She heard Lena get up and a few seconds later she appeared over her holding out a hand.

“Come on Supergirl. I think you might need to go to bed.”

Kara sighed and nodded accepting the offered hand. Lena pulled her carefully to her feet.

“Will you tuck me in?” Kara asked giving her best hopeful look.

“Of course,” Lena said wrapping an arm around Kara's waist to support her. 

Lena pulled back the blankets as Kara sped through her bedtime routine and flew to the bed. Lena smiled as she appeared on the bed in front of her and accepted Kara’s phone. Lena bent down to collect the cord and plug it in as Kara pulled up the blankets. Then she saw Lena’s ass and all capacity to think drained away as she stared.


“Mmm?” Kara asked quickly pulling her attention from Lena’s ass.

“Is there a reason you’re eyeing my tits and ass like they’re the last potstickers on earth?” Lena asked with a teasing smile.

Kara blushed and gave Lena an apologetic look.

“Sorry,” she mumbled looking away.

She started silently berating herself, in English and Kryptonian just for good measure. Lena sat on the bed next to her.

“That wasn’t a complaint Kara. I was just wondering at the change. Normally you’re so much more circumspect, but tonight you’ve barely looked away.”

Kara sighed covering her face in her hands again as her blush got worse.

“I swear my hormones are driving me crazy,” she mumbled. 

Lena smiled and gave her hand a comforting pat.

“I’ve heard they can be… intense.”

Kara huffed and nodded.

“I feel like a teenage boy. It doesn’t matter how much I masturbate it’s not enough because it’s not someone else. Not that I really can at the moment with my wrist but still.” 

Lena laughed again as Kara glared at her broken wrist. Then Lena said the words that would probably feature heavily in Kara’s fantasies for the next ten years.

“You know, I can help you with that.”

Chapter Text

“What?” Kara said her eyes wide.

For a second her brain supplied images of everything Lena could be meaning and most of them involved Lena’s mouth between her legs.

Lena raised an eyebrow and gave her another look this one tinged with mischievousness.

“I’ll give you three guesses,” Lena said her tone clear.

Kara immediately started choking.

“I couldn’t ask you to do that Lena I’ll be fine. It’s just-” 

Lena was leaning closer and Kara was having trouble thinking of why this was a bad idea. 

“I’m not opposed to it at all,” Lena said softly her eyes on Kara taking in every tiny movement of her face. “You know I’m not straight and well, we are engaged…” 

Lena started trailing a hand up Kara’s leg and it was becoming very hard for Kara not to immediately part her legs to grant Lena access to her alarmingly ready body. 

“If you have a need, an itch.” Lena’s eyes met Kara’s. “I can scratch it for you.” 

Kara was not breathing very well and her heart was pounding very loudly in her ears. 

“Are- are you serious?” she asked.

Lena did one of those little shrugs that seemed to convey so much and not enough. Then gave her another mischievous smile.

“Darling you need sex, clearly, and you’re gonna struggle to do it yourself in your current injured state so I can help. Isn’t that what fiances do afterall?”

Kara knew this was a terrible idea. Having sex with Lena would not help the feelings thing. What if she was terrible? No this was Lena, she’d be amazing at it just like she is with everything else. 

Lena pulled down the blanket and Kara’s shiver had nothing to do with the cold as Lena moved a little bit closer.

“If you don’t want it then tell me to stop,” Lena said her mouth enticingly close.

Lena’s hand was gliding up Kara’s bare leg her short nails scratching very lightly against her skin. Kara found her legs falling open of their own accord and Kara was trying really hard not to moan as Lena’s hand moved higher between them. Her hand hovered over the covered space between Kara’s legs not touching but oh so close. If Kara shifted her hips just that tiny bit Lena would touch her.

“I can see the worry in your eyes. It doesn’t need to mean anything. It can just be sex,” Lena whispered in her ear. “Tell me to stop Kara and I will.”

Kara couldn’t tell Lena to stop now even if she wanted to. Everything in her was begging for her to just lie back and let it happen. To let Lena pull down her shorts and slide those beautiful long fingers deep inside her until the tension that had been building inside her all day finally broke. Lena’s perfume was invading her senses making it harder and harder to think of anything else. She smelt so good and Kara wanted her.

Then Lena was touching her thighs again. Her hand felt almost hot on Kara’s bare skin. Kara bit her lip so she wouldn’t moan as she felt Lena’s hands move higher to touch her bare hip then her fingers slid under her t-shirt those wonderful hands going higher and higher.

“Kara if you don’t stop me soon my hands are going to be all over you,” Lena said her voice cracking slightly.

“Please,” Kara whispered. “Please Lena, touch me.” 

There was a second then Lena’s hands were on her breasts and Kara felt instant relief. She melted into the bed as Lena’s thumbs flicked over her nipples. 

“Close your eyes and just picture whoever you want,” Lena whispered.

Kara started to frown trying to work out what Lena meant when her shirt was lifted up exposing her to Lena’s hungry eyes.

Before Kara could even begin to feel embarrassed Lena’s mouth was on one nipple sucking firmly a hand sliding between her legs.

Kara’s hips bucked as Lena’s fingers begun sliding under the elastic of her shorts and then lower.

“Oh Rao Lena,” she moaned as Lena’s fingers somehow knew exactly where the sensitive little bundle of nerves was.

“Kara,” Lena whispered.

Kara moaned. It felt like Lena’s voice had just rubbed all over her and Kara couldn’t imagine anything better than Lena saying her name over and over in that same soft whisper.

Lena’s fingers slid lower and Kara moaned again as Lena’s fingers gently delved into her entrance as she lay there panting. Lena trailed her wet fingers back up to Kara’s clit and started circling it quickly. Kara gripped the bed with her good hand as her breathing got faster. Her orgasm was already so close. 

“Lena,” she begged.

“Yes?” Lena asked sounding pretty breathless herself.

“I’m close,” Kara said gripping the sheets tighter.

“Then come,” Lena said moving her hand faster her fingers finding exactly the right spot. 

For a moment Kara looked at Lena incredulous she couldn’t just- 

She cried out as her body proved her wrong. Kara was shaking and panting chanting Lena’s name over and over as she came and came and came. It was intense and so very very good.

She collapsed back on the bed with a low moan as Lena slowed her hand and then removed her fingers. Kara lay under her panting as she tried to think what to say. 

“Lena, that was- that was-” She didn’t think she had the words. “Wow.”

Kara looked up at Lena and smiled. Lena smiled back looking very smug as she pulled Kara’s shorts down her legs and tossed them on the floor. 

“I’m not done,” she said.

Kara had just long enough to process those words before Lena was moving down the bed and between her legs.

“What are you-” 

Lena spread her legs wide and her tongue moved in a long sweep from her entrance to her clit where she stopped to suck moaning softly. 

“Oh Rao. What-”

Lena had her mouth between her legs and Kara was having trouble mentally processing the change but her body apparently wasn’t.

“You need help, I’m helping,” Lena said lifting her head for a second to stare into Kara’s eyes. “You didn’t think I’d just give you a quick orgasm and leave did you?”

Kara could only moan in response as Lena’s mouth moved lower her tongue delving inside her oh so gently. It was maddening how careful Lena was being. Kara groaned wanting to put a hand in Lena’s hair and force her to stay in place, to grind against her. Instead she gripped the sheets tighter as Lena continued her gentle exploration.

“It’s a half Kryptonian half Daxamite aos Lena I think you can use your tongue as- oh Rao.”

Lena was apparently taking her at her word and Kara was in heaven. Lena Luthor was between her legs enthusiastically eating her out and Rao she was amazing.

“Oh wow, oh wow, Lena-” 

Kara moaned unable to stop herself from lifting her hips a bit to press Lena closer. Lena took the encouragement as a sign to double her efforts.

“Rao Lena what are you doing with your tongue?”

She heard, and felt, Lena’s quiet chuckle as she paused then immediately dived back in her tongue flicking around inside her body. Kara moaned again. 

“Lena that’s so good. I- I- Lena…”

She was coming again and it was somehow better the second time as she felt her body pulsing around Lena’s tongue as it drove her higher and higher. 

She came down and Lena was stroking her hip then her hair as she held her in her arms dropping a few soft kisses in her hair as Kara continued to gasp for breath.

“Lena two minutes and-”

Lena laughed softly and her fingers were back between Kara’s legs teasing her, making her gasp and squirm. 

“Still not done,” Lena whispered.

Kara moaned again. She wasn’t sure if it was frustration or anticipation because there had to be something magic about Lena. Or maybe it was just her excess of hormones.

“But what about you?” Kara asked.

Lena gave her a confused look.

“What about me? This is about you.”

And with that she was kissing her way down Kara’s neck and lower until she was between Kara’s legs once more.


Lena let Kara finally push her off her clit as she sucked in heavy breaths after what was probably her eighth orgasm. 

“Lena I swear to Rao if you do that to me one more time I will die and you will forever be known as the only human to outlast a Kryptonian in stamina.”

Lena laughed and crawled up the bed to be next to Kara. Kara was breathing heavily her body covered in a layer of sweat and she was smiling very happily. Kara looked well and truly fucked and Lena felt very good about it. 

Kara looked at her and then pouted.

“How are you still dressed?” she whined.

Lena smirked at her.

“I don’t need to take off my clothes to get you off,” Lena said.

Kara groaned and pulled her closer using her good hand.

“No fair I’m supposed to make those jokes,” Kara mumbled her face buried in Lena’s neck.

Lena laughed and wrapped her arms around Kara hugging her tightly for a moment. Kara clung to her for a minute breathing deeply.

“Rao, thank you. That was, embarrassingly, the best sex of my life,” Kara said nuzzling her neck a little.

“It was no problem really. You are my future wife afterall,” Lena looked down and gave Kara a smile. “I should perform a few wifely duties every now and then.”

Kara gave her a look apparently still catching her breath. 

“I’ve gotta ask who did you do that to before?”

“Who says I’m not just a fast learner?” Lena said smirking at her.

Kara smacked her playfully then made a small pained sound because she’d used her injured hand. Lena sighed dramatically and sat back.

“Oh fine, I had a rebellious phase.”

“Really?” Kara said disbelieving.

“Okay it was a little longer than a phase so I may have some experience with women. Mostly a lot of anonymous hookups during university, then a few-” a lot. “After I broke up with Jack. I did tell you I wasn’t straight.”

Kara gave her a look.

“Lena I can barely feel my legs in a very good way. I have no idea what time is and I swear if I could move I would be all over you right now.”

Lena laughed and kissed the top of her head.

“Get some sleep Kara.”

Kara looked like she wanted to protest but Lena didn’t give her a chance. She got up and grabbed the blanket from the end of the bed. She paused halfway and bent down pressing a soft kiss to Kara’s stomach.

“Goodnight aos,” she whispered.

She saw Kara looking at her with sleepy adoration. Lena smiled back covering her with the blanket and tucking her in. Kara despite her best efforts was already falling asleep. All she managed was a pout and a sleepy goodnight.

Lena turned out the light and closed the door. She made it back to her room and somehow managed to remove her clothes in an orderly manner before she went to her shower turned on the water and stepped in. 

She didn’t waste any time as she put her hand between her legs steadying herself against the wall as she brought herself to a quick orgasm remembering the way Kara had chanted her name over and over the first time. 

Lena gasped and clenched her fist as her legs threatened to give out at the force of the orgasm that tore through her. Her jaw ached but she kept it firmly clenched shut so that she wouldn’t say it.

She hadn’t been able to stop. It had been heaven to be between Kara’s legs watching her come over and over hearing her moan and whimper begging her not to stop. It was better than she’d dreamed. 

Lena leaned against the wall for a moment catching her breath as the water poured over her. She could still taste Kara in her mouth. 

“Lena, Lena, oh Rao Lena Yes.”

“Please Lena, faster, please fast-”

“How are you doing this? Rao Lena you’re so good at-”

“Don’t stop, please oh- yes yes yes Lena please Le-”

“Oh Rao yes there, right- right there. Lena.”

Over and over Kara saying her name. Kara looking at her with desire, moaning and squirming underneath her. 

Lena dropped her head against the wall and let the tears fall as she slowly sank to her knees on the cold tiles. She dared not make a sound as she cried. She knew she needed to wash it off but somehow she couldn’t quite bring herself to. She wanted the taste of Kara on her lips for the rest of her life so she could always remember. So she could know it wasn’t some elaborate dream or trick her mind played on her.

A part of her was sure it had to be. Kara would never have done that. She would never have let Lena fuck her over and over. She would never have chanted her name as she came. Kara didn’t want her like that.

Except apparently she did. At least while her hormones were driving her crazy she did. Then again if that was it then probably anyone conventionally attractive would have done. Eventually the three showerheads did their work and she could no longer taste or smell Kara on her face, just the salt of her tears.

Lena forced herself to stand and then she was scrubbing herself with her soap the smell of orange and cinnamon surrounding her. But some part of her could still smell Kara so she washed her hair next the smell of jasmine mixing with the orange and cinnamon. Then the mint of her toothpaste as she brushed twice. She scrubbed herself over again with the soap and used the nail brush to make absolutely sure she left no traces she might smell later.

She emerged from the shower exhausted and pink from the heat. She put on her moisturiser and walked back into her bedroom to see her pyjamas waiting. Kara’s soft blue NCU t-shirt taunting her. Lena picked it up holding it to her face as she breathed deeply. Kara.

Lena felt fresh tears forming as she carefully put the t-shirt on and crawled under her blankets. She carefully set her alarm and then having a sudden thought sent Jess a message and turned off the light. 

She tried to sleep but it didn’t work. She tossed and turned for another half hour Kara’s moans and cries of ecstasy teasing at her until she gave in her hand sliding between her legs again. It didn’t take long before she was three fingers in with her other hand rapidly circling her clit until she came again Kara’s name escaping in barely more than a whisper as her body relaxed into sleep at last.


Kara woke as the whisper motor hummed pulling up the blind. She smiled and stretched then winced as she felt her wrist protest. Kara looked at it with a deep sigh. She rolled over enjoying the feel of whatever ridiculously high thread count Lena’s sheets were against her skin. How had she not noticed how nice they felt against her-

Memories of the night before hit her in a sudden wave. Kara felt her whole body reawaken with them and she groaned burying her face in the pillow torn between the urge to laugh or scream. She had sex with Lena and it was amazing. Kara hadn’t realised sex could feel like that. One orgasm after another until even her superpowered body was covered in sweat. She wasn’t sure if that was a Lena thing or just a women thing. She had intended to experiment in college but she’d only ever managed to kiss a few girls at parties. 

She’d have to ask Alex about it. Or not considering her recent behaviour. Then again who else could she ask? Kara sighed and rolled over then heard Lena’s phone ring. She sat up. Lena.

Would things change between them now? Would they do it again and again? Oh Rao she hoped so. Then she felt a sudden spike of fear. Did Lena regret last night? Was everything suddenly going to change between them? Was Lena angry that she hadn’t reciprocated? Oh Rao she’d come so many times and Lena hadn’t even taken off her clothes and-

“Thank you Jess, I’ll be in shortly,” Lena said.

Kara shot out of bed ignoring the sharp pain of her wrist as she sped into some clothes and then to the kitchen. She pressed the button to start Lena’s coffee then she realised Lena hadn’t started down the hall and instead was in her closet getting dressed. Kara waited listening as Lena dressed and then headed for her bathroom. 

Lena emerged ten minutes later her makeup perfect and her hair in a simple bun. Kara had her coffee waiting, reheated by heat vision to the perfect temperature. Lena smiled gratefully as she accepted the cup.

“Thank you darling,” she said sipping it. “There’s some kind of issue in the European labs and so I have to head in and sort out if it’s actually an issue or if someone just miscalculated something again.”

“Does that happen often?” Kara asked trying not to show how affected she was by the view Lena was giving her in that red silk blouse.

“Far more than I’d like,” Lena said taking another sip of her coffee with a sigh. “I need to replace the director but unfortunately there’s no one there with the experience or knowledge to step up and replace him. If this isn’t something important I may have to actually start headhunting someone this week.”

Lena gave Kara a soft smile.

“How are you this morning?”

Kara opened her mouth then she blushed and smiled.

“Good,” she mumbled.

“Really?” Lena asked her eyes making a slow path up Kara’s body. Then her phone chimed and she glanced at her watch. “Ugh, we’ll have to talk later I’m afraid.”

Lena put down her mostly empty coffee cup and kissed Kara’s cheek.

“I’ll see you tonight.”

“Y-yes,” Kara stammered watching Lena head for the door her Louis Vuitton bag in one hand and her phone already in the other.

Lena stopped at the door and smiled back at Kara before disappearing her attention on her phone already.

Kara listened as Lena made her way downstairs and greeted Frank. Kara looked around the empty apartment and sighed. She looked down at her stomach.

“I guess it’s just us today, at least until we have lunch with Auntie Alex.” 

She looked around then back down at her stomach putting a protective hand over the place aos’ head was. She thought about what to do. Diana had given her a ‘sick note’ for her broken wrist the night before so she had the whole day off, at least according to a text James had sent her. With no Supergirl duties she felt a little like she was at a loose end. 

Kara contemplated the TV then she got an idea. She looked down at the aos.

“Hey, why don’t we test out the swimming pool Lena claims is a bath?”

An hour later she was still relaxing in the ridiculously large bath of Lena’s enjoying the probably horrendously expensive scented bath salts Lena used. Kara genuinely had no idea what the scent was but it was very soothing. Her phone ringing wasn’t even enough to disrupt her relaxed state. She answered it with one hand her eyes still closed as she soaked in the steaming water.

“Kara Danvers speaking.”

“Hello darling.”

Kara immediately sat up ignoring the splash of water over the edges.


Lena’s quiet laugh sent her heart racing even as her anxiety eased.

“What are you doing?” Lena asked. 


Kara looked around at the bag of Swiss chocolates she’d been eating then to the laptop by the sink that was playing Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Then at the steaming bath.

“Kara,” Lena’s tone was teasing. “Are you in the bath?”

Kara sighed.

“Yes,” she admitted. “Sorry I’ve just been itching to try yours out ever since I first saw it.”

Lena’s laugh had her settling back into the water.

“You’re welcome to use our bath whenever you want.”

“I should also add that I used what was probably an excessive amount of the bath salts you had in that little black dish,” Kara said leaning back again.

“That dish is the measurement for the bath so if you used less than the whole dish you’re actually not using enough.”

Kara looked at the half empty dish.

“Now I just feel like I cheated myself by being economical. By the way what is the scent for these it’s wonderful.”

“No idea,” Lena said with a small laugh. “Some specific Japanese blend. I was gifted a bag years ago when Lex had me help out on some joint project with a Japanese robotics lab. I liked them so much I’ve just been buying them ever since.”

“I thought you could read and write Japanese,” Kara said swirling her hand in the water.

“I can, just because I can translate the kanji doesn’t mean I know what the plants are. The only things I can recognise on the ingredient list are the actual salts. The rest is just plants, or I’m assuming they’re plants, again I don’t actually know.”

Kara laughed softly.

“So you’re telling me the brilliant Lena Luthor has been using the same bath salts for years but she has no idea what the scent is?”

Lena sighed. 

“Even I have my knowledge limits. And I assume it’s a flower of some kind and again it smells nice so…”

Kara quietly hummed her agreement.

“As much as I hate to ask you to interrupt what I am sure is a very enjoyable bath…” Kara laughed softly. “I was wondering if you could tell me if my laptop was still sitting by the door in my Chanel bag.”

Kara turned her head and used her xray vision.

“Yes, did you want me to drop it off?”

Lena sighed.

“It’s okay. You stay in the bath. I’ll send Frank to-”

Kara was already standing up and pressing the button that apparently controlled the plug.

“Don’t worry about sending Frank. I can do it. I have lunch with Alex soon and I’m much faster than a car.”

Lena sighed softly.

“Thank you darling, that would actually be very helpful.”

“Anytime,” Kara said. “I’ll be there in the next five minutes, as Kara though because Supergirl is hibernating at the moment.”

Lena chuckled softly and they hung up. 

Kara sped into her clothes again and seeing the time gathered her things. Alex would be on her way to lunch already.

She landed in an alleyway near L Corp and headed in smiling at the security as she showed the badge Lena had gifted her. One swipe and she was on her way up to Lena’s office. 

Stepping out of the elevator Kara was greeted by Jess with a smile and a small wave as she spoke to someone. She motioned for Kara to go right in as she tapped the intercom to alert Lena.

Walking into Lena’s office Kara found herself suddenly a little nervous as she saw Lena sitting at her desk her head bent over something, a stack of sticky notes held in one hand and a pen in the other. Lena looked up momentarily confused at the interruption.

“Hi,” Kara said giving her a nervous wave. 

Lena smiled back.

“Hi there,” she said. 

Kara fiddled with the bag she was holding then quickly moved forwards offering the laptop to Lena. 

“Sorry, here’s your laptop.”

Lena smiled accepting it as she stood up.

“Thank you darling. I completely forgot about it this morning.”

Lena moved around her desk to greet Kara with a kiss on the cheek.

“No problem. Did the labs all work out?” Kara asked.

Lena blinked seeming momentarily confused then she nodded quickly.

“Yes, nothing major but not too far beneath my scope so the director gets to keep his position.”

Kara smiled back her eyes caught on the pulse at Lena’s throat then lower. She heard the slight increase in Lena’s heartbeat and quickly looked back at her face. Lena smiled and raised an eyebrow.

“Seeing something you like?” she asked.

Kara stuttered for a moment and blushed scarlet.

“Hey,” Lena said moving closer. 

She held Kara’s hands gently with her own.

“Are you having regrets about last night?” Lena asked. “It’s okay if you are-”

“No,” Kara said quickly.

Lena fell silent looking at her. Kara looked down at their hands and bit her lip. Lena gave her hands a comforting squeeze.

“What’s on your mind?” she asked.

Kara sighed.

“I just… I’m worried about- about…”

Her mind was whirling as she tried to think how to describe it. Lena rubber her thumbs over Kara’s hands in a soothing gesture.

“You can tell me anything, remember. It’s okay,” Lena said.

Kara looked up and met her eyes seeing only love and kindness shining back. She sighed.

“I’m just worried you’re upset about it. I feel a little like I took advantage of you with you doing so much for me and I not… returning the favour.”

Lena laughed softly.

“Kara,” Lena was giving her a look. “This might seem a bit forward…”

Kara scoffed.

“I think you can be forward after last night, you did have your tongue inside me,” she said.

Lena smiled and took a step closer subtly pressing Kara against her desk. Kara gulped as she felt every part of her suddenly remember exactly what it felt like to have Lena touch her.

“Well then I’ll be forward,” Lena said quietly. “You are a very attractive woman and I am… well I have a liking for women. What we did last night was no hardship for me. It was in fact very enjoyable. I enjoy getting women off.”

Kara was having trouble focusing as she pictured it.

“We’re also getting married and we’re going to raise a child together so when you put last night in perspective it’s really not that big of a deal.”

Lena placed her hands either side of Kara her mouth dangerously close to her ear. Kara bit her lip so she wouldn’t whimper as Lena’s warm breath washed over her neck. 

“In fact, if I were to bend you over this desk and eat you out it would hardly be an imposition. Quite the opposite really I could use a little stress relief.”

Kara knew she was panting but she couldn’t quite help herself. Her body was more than ready for whatever Lena was offering to do. 

There was a small buzz sound and Lena sighed reaching over to press the intercom.

“Yes Jess?”

“Apologies for the interruption Ms Luthor but you have the call from Merlin enterprises in two minutes.”

“Thank you Jess.”

Lena sighed again and looked back at Kara. 

“Sorry Kara I’m afraid this will have to wait until later.”

Kara nodded not quite able to move. Lena smiled at her as she stepped back.

“You good there Supergirl?” she asked.

Kara forced her unusually weak legs to move so she could straighten up.

“I’ll um… see you tonight, at home,” Kara said.

Lena nodded and stepped close again. She pressed a soft kiss to Kara’s cheek dangerously close to that spot by her ear that always felt so good. 

“See you tonight, darling,” she whispered.

Kara managed to get her legs to move as she heard Lena’s quiet chuckle. She somehow made it outside Lena’s office and looked over at Jess. She was giving Kara a very amused look as her professional mask cracked a little. Kara took a deep breath.

“Can I ask you something?” she said looking at Jess.

“Of course Ms Danvers,” Jess said brightly.

“She uh… she’s actually going to marry me isn’t she?” She pointed at Lena’s office somewhat unnecessarily. 

Jess pressed her lips together to prevent a smile as she nodded quickly.

“Yes, yes she is.”

“Me,” Kara said pointing at herself. “Lena Luthor is going to-”

Jess nodded again.

“She’s very excited about it,” Jess said. She frowned for a second. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile that much, and I knew her before Lex tried to kill people.”

Kara blinked at Jess surprised. Jess shrugged.

“Internship program. Her office was on the same floor as my supervisor’s. I saw her around the office three days a week when she wasn’t in her lab. Jack surprised her once by coming back from something a day early and she didn’t smile half as much as she did when she told me you were engaged.”

Kara processed this and found herself a bit lost for words.

“So… uh…”

Her phone buzzed and she pulled it out seeing a message from Alex asking where she was. Kara sighed.

“Would you like me to have Ms Luthor’s driver meet you outside and take you wherever you need to go?”

Kara looked at Jess surprised.

“Am I allowed to steal her driver?” she asked.

Jess gave her an amused look and nodded. 

“Ms Luthor has made it very clear that she wants me to make sure you are well taken care of whenever you’re here.”

“Was that all she said?” Kara asked suspicious.

Jess smiled.

“That’s all she’s said… but everyone has heard about lab 302.”

Kara laughed softly and felt a blush creeping up her cheeks.

“Right, I guess that um…”

Jess lifted the phone giving Kara a questioning look. Kara’s phone buzzed with a second message from Alex. She sighed.

“If Frank, I’m guessing, isn’t too bothered by an extra errand today a lift would be great,” Kara said.

“I’ll have him meet you downstairs,” Jess said with a smile. 

Kara headed to the elevator as Jess made the call.

“Frank, Ms Danvers is heading down-”

The elevator doors closed and Kara looked down at her phone shooting Alex a quick message to say she was on her way. 
The doors opened and Kara found herself being greeted by a smiling security guard.

“Ms Danvers, this way please.”

She saw three other guards quickly appear on her other side all with very friendly smiles. The men escorted her through the lobby creating a wide protected space around her. Kara shook her head at the excessive protection but the moment they emerged from the building she remembered why they might be necessary. 

A photographer rushed forwards his camera raised. One of the guards broke off blocking him quickly as the others led her to the car where Frank was waiting. One rushed ahead opening the door for her.

“Enjoy your day Ms Danvers,” he said smiling.

“Thank you,” she said sliding into the car.

Frank took off the moment the door was closed Kara safely inside the comfortable interior of the car.

“Where to Ms Danvers?” Frank asked with a smile.

Kara gave the restaurant name and street as she did up her seatbelt.

The car pulled up directly outside the restaurant and Kara saw Alex lower her phone to watch as Frank got out and rushed around to open the door for her.

“Thank you Frank,” Kara said smiling at him.

Frank smiled back.

“Anytime Ms Danvers. Just give me a call.”

Kara laughed softly and headed over to Alex who was giving her a look.

“I’m guessing that’s another perk of your engagement,” she said getting up and hugging her.

“I’ll have you know that was purely so you wouldn’t be waiting for me,” Kara said. 

Alex laughed.

“I wasn’t complaining,” she said sitting down again. “Right now I’d rather have you in Lena’s extravagant armoured car than wandering the mean streets of National City.”

Kara scoffed and picked up the menu looking at it even though she knew what she wanted already. Alex apparently did as well because when the waitress appeared a minute later they placed their order. Alex started filling her in on all the agent shenanigans that had occurred thanks to Diana’s visit.

Kara tried to pay attention she really did, but she kept thinking about Lena the night before and how close she’d come to letting Lena eat her out in her office.

“Are you okay?” Alex asked. “You seem far more distracted than usual.”

Kara hesitated and Alex’s heartbeat kicked up.

“Okay so don’t freak out,” Kara said quickly.

Alex narrowed her eyes.

“I’ll try,” she said. 

Kara gulped and glanced around. Alex was watching her closely waiting for the explanation.

“I was a bit… frustrated last night and Lena noticed and she uh, we uh- So Lena and I might have uh…” She gulped again as Alex leaned closer. “We might have had sex and it was amazing and now all I can think about is having sex with her again and I thought it would be awkward and a terrible mistake but she’s been so good about it and she’s apparently quite willing to keep doing it and I just- Alex she’s amazing!”

For a second Alex just looked at her confused then her eyes widened.

“Wait so she actually said something?” 

“Said something about what?” Kara asked confused.

Alex’s heart started beating faster.

“Oh nothing,” she said quickly looking down at her empty plate.

Kara looked very seriously at Alex.

“She said something abut what?” she repeated.

Alex gave her an apologetic look.

“I promised I wouldn’t say-” Alex held up a hand to stop Kara interrupting her. “And I don’t think it’s my place to break that promise. Lena’s allowed to share her secrets when she’s ready. Just suffice to say I think she’s a bit more interested in a traditional marriage than she lets on.”

Kara muttered unhappily but accepted Alex’s words. Her phone chimed and she saw a message from Lena. Kara smiled and opened it.

And my call is already done. I should have kept you here as a reward for sorting it so quickly. Ah well, I should be home about seven. Let me know if you want me to get anything specific for dinner.

Kara barely resisted the temptation to send “You, naked” as her response. Instead she suggested pasta and forced herself to put the phone down and focus on her lunch with Alex. A lunch Alex paid for, Kara hadn’t entirely forgiven her yet.

Chapter Text

Kara returned late from sister's night. She sighed as she walked through the door and blindly tossed her keys in the key bowl hearing the little metallic ding as they hit the side. They'd changed to a metal bowl after Kara accidentally broke three china ones by throwing her keys that little but too hard. Following the sound of her voice Kara found Lena on the phone in her home office talking to someone in what sounded like fluent German. 

Standing in the doorway she watched Lena for a minute as she typed something while continuing the conversation. Lena noticed her watching and smiled. Kara returned it feeling a light blush creep over her face and she quickly looked down and played with her ring for a moment.

When she looked up again she saw Lena watching her with that smile. The one that was just that little bit lopsided and full of mischievous intent. Kara gulped and felt her blush deepen. Lena wrapped up her call and closed her laptop removing the earpiece.

“Hello,” she said softly. 

“Hi,” Kara said giving her a small wave. 

Lena rose slowly and Kara could swear she was stalking towards her.

“How’s your hand?” Lena asked her eyes dropping from Kara’s to her wrist.

“F-fine,” Kara stammered as Lena’s hand came up to gently cradle her bandaged wrist. “Diana said it should be completely healed by the end of the week.”

Lena made a soft humming noise her fingers gently stroking the bandaged hand. Kara was having a little trouble breathing as she remembered just what those hands had done to her the night before, and the night before that.

“How are you feeling?” Lena asked her hand coming up to brush a hair from her face. “Being injured must be especially tiring for you.”

Kara didn’t respond for a moment too overcome with Lena so close then she nodded quickly. Lena gave her another smile.

“You seem a bit distracted,” she said her voice dropping an octave and sending a shiver of anticipation up Kara’s body. “Ah, I see.”

“I- I wasn’t-”

Kara wasn’t especially sure how to finish that statement because Lena’s hands were already sliding over her body and it was getting harder to string a sentence together. 

“Just say stop and I will,” Lena whispered in her ear as her hands gathered the edge of Kara’s dress bunching it slowly at her hips. “Otherwise, just let me take care of you.”

Kara knew some kind of response was typical but Lena’s mouth had moved from her ear to her neck and she was kissing and nipping in a way that was drawing all the air from her lungs. Kara collapsed against the doorframe with a soft whine. She heard Lena’s soft chuckle as she hooked her fingers around Kara’s underwear and pulled it down.

Kara knew she was breathing heavily but only because when she watched Lena’s teasing descent down her body to the ground she could see the way her chest was rising and falling rapidly. She groaned as she felt Lena’s shoulders brush against her bare thighs and the gentle tap of Lena’s hand to signal her to lift her foot. 

Kara did so and then found it casually draped over Lena’s shoulder as she moved forwards her tongue sliding easily into the waiting heat.

Kara moaned loudly and Lena chuckled as she started to lick and suck at Kara’s clit as two fingers teased at her entrance not quite going in.

“Lena, please,” Kara begged.

The fingers slid in easily. Kara sighed and then moaned as they started moving. 

“H-how?” she gasped feeling her orgasm already rushing towards her.

Lena hummed an answer and fucked her oh so gently.

“Kryptonian and Daxamite,” Kara reminded her.

“But you’re far more human than we thought these days,” Lena said moving her head back to smile up at her. “And I worked you over pretty hard last night.”

Kara moaned at the reminder and Lena’s mouth returned to it’s previous place.

“Rao Lena,” Kara whispered her hands moving back to cling to the wall as best the could.  

Lena continued to torment her with her fingers moving them oh so gently inside her as she worked her clit with lips and tongue drawing soft gasps and pitiful moans from Kara as she struggled to stay upright her body pressed against the doorframe pinned in place by Lena’s mouth and hands.

Then all of a sudden it was three fingers inside her and Kara was lost. Her hands pressed harder against the wall as her eyes closed and she rocked her hips into Lena’s mouth.

“Lena. Please, please, please,” she begged.

Then Lena twisted her fingers a little her tongue moving faster and Kara came her mouth open in a silent cry as she struggled not to collapse to the floor as pleasure flooded her. Lena’s fingers and tongue worked faster pushing her higher then carefully easing her down.

Kara’s leg slipped off Lena’s shoulder as she felt her whole body relax. Lena pressed a gentle kiss to the aos while she was down there before she rose pulling down Kara’s dress once more and wrapping her arms around Kara’s still quivering body.

“Rao you’re so good,” Kara said collapsing against Lena with a sigh.

Lena laughed softly.

“What are fiancees for,” she said kissing Kara’s cheek.

Kara laughed and turned to look at Lena more directly.

“Well I think by that logic it’s my turn to return the favour,” she said one hand coming up to tease at the top of Lena’s pants.

She heard Lena’s soft sigh as she tugged gently pulling her a little closer her fingertips brushing against the smooth skin underneath. Lena smiled and gave her a soft look as her hand came up to carefully cradle Kara’s face.

“I’m okay you don’t need to. I know you’re tired and your hand is probably still hurting,” Lena said smiling at her. “Go have a shower and get some sleep I know you’re probably exhausted.”

Kara looked at her confused but Lena didn’t seem to notice as she kissed Kara’s cheek once more and left heading to her room humming quite happily. Kara sighed. She was tired. Sad at the loss of Lena she dragged herself to the shower stepping under the hot water with a sigh.

The heat from the shower may not hurt her but it still felt good on her aching muscles as she let her mind go over her latest problem.

It kept happening. The sex, or more accurately Lena getting her off, usually repeatedly. She would come home late or just be sitting around and look at Lena, then Lena would notice and before Kara could form a complete sentence Lena would have her quivering and moaning against the nearest hard surface. It had happened eight times now and after every time Lena would kiss her cheek and suggest she shower, or sleep, or eat something or just pick up her phone and keep working as Kara tried to string words together again. 

Everytime Kara offered to return the favour Lena somehow had something else to do or she was gone before Kara could even get her mouth open to suggest it. It was becoming a bit confusing and Kara wasn’t sure why Lena apparently hadn’t even considered having her reciprocate. Or kiss me. A small voice in the back of her head added. 

Kara tried not to dwell on the thought. Lena was already far more physically affectionate these days. She was always holding her hand, kissing her on the cheek or touching her stomach. Kara had noticed just how much Lena loved doing that, almost like she was constantly checking Kara was still pregnant. She also talked to the aos whenever she got tired or forgot Kara would also hear her. 

Kara found it incredibly adorable. She particularly loved anytime they were curled up on the couch and Lena would accidentally touch her stomach and then pause to apologise to the aos. Four times now Lena had kissed her stomach and said a quiet goodnight to aos as she tucked Kara in and all Kara wanted was to wrap Lena in her arms everytime she did it and get a kiss of her own.

Yawning she dried off and didn’t bother with pyjamas as she collapsed onto the bed and fell almost instantly asleep her uninjured hand wrapped protectively around aos.


When Lena came padding into the kitchen the next morning Kara was ready for her. She had her coffee and she’d made breakfast for them both even though Lena always insisted she didn’t need to. 

Kara smiled watching Lena stumble out wearing her usual stolen t-shirt and a pair of loose boxers. Considering Lena’s wardrobe included a collection of very pretty silk nightgowns (none of which went past her thighs) and a number of barely touched cotton pyjamas Kara found herself touched to see Lena’s clear preference for her t-shirts.

Lena smiled accepting the cup of coffee and took her first sip with a sigh. She looked down and smiled at Kara’s increasingly evident baby bump.

“Good morning Kara, Aos.”

Kara smiled and her hand automatically smoothed over the bump.

“They’re growing much faster. It won’t be long before Alex is making whale jokes and I start demanding those foot rubs.”

Lena hummed her agreement taking another sip of her coffee.

“I am here to provide any and all comfort you desire,” Lena said.

Seeing her opening to bring up the sex question Kara opened her mouth but Lena turned to her with a bright smile and pressed a kiss to her cheek before continuing.

“Now while I’ve got you captive, the wedding. Are you okay with us doing it on the sixth. I can get things sped up with the magic of money and we can make it a small private thing and time it for the honeymoon to be between the release of the Catco monthly edition and before the K2 project goes into development.”

Kara nodded quickly giving Lena a happy smile as she leaned against the counter.

“Sounds great. I’ll just need to put in my leave request, I think I have a week or two still.”

“If you want longer off just tell me,” Lena said giving her a smile. “You know I’m happy to support you however long you want to take off.”

Kara sighed and nodded.

“I know, and I know money really isn’t a problem for us I just…” She fiddled with her cup.

“You just?” Lena prompted.

Kara gave her an apologetic look as she sighed again.

“I don’t want to take advantage of you,” she said.

Lena laughed, soft and low. Kara bit her lip and looked at Lena. Lena put down her coffee and moved towards her.

“But taking advantage of me always feels so good,” she purred. 

Kara’s brain started scrambling to think of a response. Somehow that soft purr with the hint of an Irish lilt had become a signal that turned her into a needy puddle. 

“Afterall taking advantage of my mouth has gone so well for you already,” Lena said moving closer. 

Kara found herself pressed against the kitchen counter as her breathing turned ragged and needy. Lena pressed against her and Kara moaned.

“Lena how- how are you able to do this to me?” Kara whispered. “I’m starting to think you’re a witch.”

Lena laughed softly as her hands made their way to Kara’s hips slowly pulling up her dress.

“No witchcraft, just a combination of pregnancy hormones and experienced hands,” Lena said. 

Kara laughed then moaned as Lena’s hand moved between her legs. 

“Well it feels good,” Kara said turning her head to look at Lena. 

Lena laughed and then her fingers were in Kara’s underwear and she could already feel herself falling under Lena’s spell. Witchcraft or not. 

Somehow Lena knew the exact amount of pressure and speed she needed to have Kara moaning and whimpering. She looked at Lena seeing the way her gaze had darkened and her heart was speeding up. Kara licked her lips and moaned as Lena’s fingers found the exact right spot.

“Lena, Lena I-” She gasped as Lena’s hand moved faster. “I need-”

“What do you need?” Lena asked her face so close as though she could already sense Kara’s request even as her fingers moved faster.

“Kiss me,” Kara whispered.

Lena looked at her for a split second and Kara was worried she would say no then she surged forwards and Kara felt every teasing millisecond before Lena’s mouth touched hers. 

She had expected it to be rough and needy, full of fire and passion but instead it was almost tentative as though Lena wasn’t quite sure if she wanted to and had hesitated at the last moment. But then her lips brushed against Kara’s and then more firmly. It was soft and sweet and perfect and Kara parted her lips kissing Lena back with equal gentleness. Lena’s almost silent sigh was the final thing to tip her over the edge and Kara’s moan was lost against Lena’s lips as she kissed her properly. 

Kara sighed her whole body relaxing and her hand coming up to hold Lena’s face as she chased Lena’s lips with her own kissing her again. She pressed a little harder opening her mouth to taste Lena’s properly. She listened to the way Lena’s heart raced and her breath hitched for a second almost in surprise, then she was kissing Kara back.

Kara moved so she was the one pressing Lena against the counter her mouth moving against Lena’s as she held her face with the care she reserved for only the most delicate of things. Lena however was kissing her back with an increasing eagerness that stole Kara’s breath.

She moaned again pressing forwards more eagerly and hearing Lena’s answering sigh as her nails dug into Kara’s back. Then their positions were reversed again Lena pressing back against Kara sending her stumbling into the cupboards with a loud thump, not that either of them noticed as Lena continued to devour Kara in the very best of ways.

Kara was in heaven. One hand moved down and she groped Lena’s ass for the first time and they both moaned. Then Lena was pressing closer biting at Kara’s mouth and rolling her hips against Kara’s thigh.

The sound of a phone ringing made Lena suddenly jump back. She blinked for a moment as Kara tried to work out what was going on.

“Sorry darling,” Lena said stepping away to check her phone. “Jess, what’s happening?”

Kara stayed against the cupboards breathing heavily as she tried to get her body to function again. Lena sighed.

“I’ll be in soon,” Lena said and hung up.

Kara turned to her and Lena gave her an apologetic look.

“Sorry darling the European labs again. I’ve got to go.”

Kara nodded absently her attention caught on the damage done to Lena’s neat bun by her hands. She looked so very thoroughly kissed and Kara wanted nothing more than to return to what she’d been doing.

“I’ll make it up to you later,” Lena promised kissing her cheek and moving to leave.

Kara nodded and then realised exactly what she meant as Lena was stepping out the door. Kara sped over to catch her and pressed her lips against Lena’s again.

Lena froze for a second then kissed her back for a moment before she pulled away.

“What was that for?” Lena asked her tone playful.

Kara glanced down at her feet.

“I uh, I want to be able to… considering everything um… well-” She cleared her throat. “We’re getting married,” she finished awkwardly.

Lena smiled at her.

“Yes we are,” she said and leaned forwards giving Kara a soft peck on the lips. “I’ll see you later, darling.”

And then she was gone.


Lena slid into the car and waited a minute to be sure Kara wasn’t listening before she let herself feel everything again. She pressed her fingers to her mouth and let her mind go over the kiss again and again. She had kissed Kara Danvers. A small almost hysterical laugh came out of her mouth before she could stop it. She pressed her fingers harder against her mouth as an excited scream hung in her throat threatening to escape. 

She fought it down and let herself sit there for the whole ride the kiss replaying over and over in her head. 

Jess was waiting for her when she stepped out of the elevator offering her a danish and a folder. Lena accepted both her mind still somewhere in her kitchen pressing Kara against the counter as she kissed her.

“Ms Luthor?”

Lena forced herself back to the present.


“Are you okay? You seem, distracted.”

“Yes, sorry Jess. I was just thinking about the wedding. I want a shortlist of possible wedding planners today so everything can be set. Can you have the list sent to me the moment it’s ready?”

“Of course, I’ll make sure Hector gets it to you before midday,” Jess said quickly.

Lena gave her a quick smile and headed into her office. As she sat down she found herself smiling again. She had kissed, and been kissed by, Kara. And she was going to get to do it again. She found another laugh escaping and then she was blushing for absolutely no reason. 

Lena hid her face behind one of the files cluttering her desk taking several deep breaths until she got herself back under control. That achieved she lowered the file and then she was smiling all over again. She’d kissed Kara.

“No, stop it,” she ordered herself as another laugh threatened.

Pulling together all her Luthor training she started to get control of herself. 

“She doesn’t feel the same way. She doesn’t love you like that, it’s just hormones,” she reminded herself,

Her excitement got under control at the reminder. She took a deep breath.

“It’s not real,” she said quietly. “We’re just friends.”

She sighed and then allowed herself one small smile. Friends who get to kiss sometimes. 

By two that afternoon she had the wedding planner picked and in a rush of efficiency even arranged a cake tasting for the next morning. An efficiency she was grateful for when there came an actual emergency as one of her main suppliers had a factory fire stopping all production and she had to spend hours trying to find a work around so her own production didn’t stall. 

She stumbled home late that night and saw a note waiting for her.

Aos and I wanted to stay up for you but when we called Jess said you weren’t going to be home anytime soon and I think Diana might actually kick me if I didn’t at least try to get proper sleep. There’s leftovers in the fridge and dessert if you want it. Love Kara.

Lena felt her heart turn to mush as she looked at the note. Then as she opened the fridge to see the box of noodles with her name on it, and a perfect slice of raspberry cheesecake just below it. 

She was halfway through her reheated noodles when Kara came shuffling out in a robe.

“Hey,” Lena said softly. “Why are you up?”

Kara came forwards with a smile and Lena found herself wrapped in a very careful hug.

“We missed you,” Kara said kissing her cheek. 

Lena smiled and hugged her back.

“I missed you too,” she admitted. 

Kara rubbed her stomach.

“Aos has started moving around I think.”

Lena’s eyes lit up and she placed her hands on Kara’s stomach. 

“Hey aos, are you moving around and keeping your Jeju awake?” she asked.

Kara nodded.

“They were very unhappy their mum hadn’t given them a kiss goodnight.”

Lena grinned at her and carefully opening Kara’s robe she crouched down and pressed a soft kiss to the place aos head was.

“There now, all better?” she whispered sweeping her hand over their child wishing, not for the first time, that she had xray vision so she could look deeper and see them moving. 

“Does Jeju get a goodnight kiss too?” Kara asked.

Lena smiled and stood up to give Kara a very gentle kiss on the cheek.


“No, a proper kiss,” Kara said pouting.

Lena laughed softly and held Kara’s face in her hands giving her a very gentle kiss.

“Better?” she asked pulling back a little.

Kara slowly opened her eyes and licked her lips.

“Yeah,” she whispered.

“Goodnight Kara.”

Kara looked at her for a long moment then smiled.

“Goodnight Lena. Sweet dreams.”

Lena returned the smile and watched Kara head back to bed with a soft sigh. 

She dropped into bed ten minutes later and smiled as she looked over at the picture by her bed, it had been joined by the ultrasound in a matching frame. Once the aos was born they were getting a family portrait done.

She sighed and closed her eyes letting herself fall asleep facing the pictures so she could wake up to them.


Lena was late to the tasting after losing twenty minutes trying to get the ongoing supply issues sorted only to be told the person who actually had the authority to sign off on her request wasn’t available for another week. She was feeling rather irritable right up until she stepped into the upscale bakery and saw Kara. 

All her anger and frustration melted away when she saw Kara’s welcoming smile.


“Hello darling, sorry I’m late. Someone decided to test my patience,” she said dropping her bag and greeting Kara with a kiss on her cheek. 

Kara made a small sad sound and presented her lips. Lena laughed and gave her a proper kiss. She added a second one by Kara’s ear so she could discreetly whisper in it.

“Does someone like being kissed?”

“Just by you,” Kara said smiling back at her.

Lena grinned back and quickly sat down as a young woman came over.

“Hi, I’m Steph, the head baker here. We’ve got a selection of our most popular cakes for you to try today. Here’s the rating cards so you can make notes as you go.”

She slid two pieces of paper across the tables and then added a set of matching pens with the bakery name. 

“And I’ll be right back with the first cakes.”

They both gave Steph a quick smile as she left. Kara turned to smile at Lena. Lena smiled back. Kara kept smiling.

“What?” Lena asked her own smile growing.

“Sorry,” Kara said blushing a little as she glanced away. “It just feels like it’s been ages since I saw you not working. Whenever you’re home you seem to have one hand occupied by your phone and the other flicking through a report. The only time you’re not working is when you’re uh…”

“Assisting you with your needs,” Lena suggested with a sly smirk.

“Yes,” Kara said blushing a deeper shade of red. “I just… I’m worried you’re overworking yourself. You need to relax.”

Lena gave her a very soft look. She reached out and gave Kara's hand a gentle squeeze.

“I’m sorry. I’m just trying to get everything sorted so I can work less once aos is born. The world just refuses to cooperate. And I assure you,” Lena lowered her voice slightly. “Helping with your needs is a very relaxing activity for me.”

Kara sighed.

“Lena, getting me off does not count as a hobby. You-”

There was a choked off laugh to her left and Kara felt her blush deepen as Lena hid her smile behind her hand. Kara turned to see a very amused Steph holding a plate with several small cakes on it.

“Sorry,” Kara said hiding her reddening cheeks behind her hands. “I didn’t mean for you to uh… Sorry.”

Steph was clearly fighting to control her amusement as she nodded and put the plate down.

“I’m guessing that’s going to be all over the tabloids tomorrow,” Kara muttered.

Lena smiled and shook her head. Kara looked back at Steph who smiled.

“I’ve signed a lot of paperwork,” Steph said with a wink.

“Less than the aliens,” Lena whispered.

Kara nodded in understanding.

“Good to know. I’m uh… just going to drown my embarrassment in cake,” she said looking at the beautiful set of cakes in front of them. 

Steph smothered a laugh as she nodded. She cleared her throat and managed to speak in a somewhat professional tone.

“These are the cheesecakes. Starting from the left is matcha, strawberry, classic lemon, and mixed berry swirl.”

They both thanked her and Steph left. Kara heard her professionalism crack as she reached the kitchen where she started snickering. Kara sighed and looked at Lena. Lena handed her a fork.

“I know your first instinct is to say chocolate cake with extra chocolate as your number one preference but I thought you should at least pretend to consider something else as a possibility. So I’ve said they’re only allowed to give us three chocolate cakes to test and only after we’ve tried the other flavours,” Lena said. 

Kara laughed softly and picked up her fork. She moaned as she tried the matcha cheesecake.

“This is so good.

Lena laughed and leaned over to steal half. Kara couldn’t blame Lena for the decision to delay the chocolate for last. After the cheesecakes there was a selection of sponges, then tarts. Lena had only a taste of each writing down her own notes in neat lines. Kara ate everything and her tasting notes seemed to consist mostly of the words amazing and delicious.

“It’s a shame we’re only doing a small wedding,” Kara said. “If we did a big one we could have multiple cakes.”

“Darling if you want we can do a second bigger wedding after aos is born,” Lena said. “I have enough business and charitable connections that we could easily do something with anywhere from fifty to a few hundred guests.”

Kara’s eyes lit up.

“How many cakes can I have for that one?” she asked.

Lena laughed.

“You can do a special testing and every cake that makes you moan will go on the list.”

“What if that’s all of them?” Kara asked.

Lena raised an eyebrow.

“Then we get all of them.”

Kara grinned and Lena looked at her for a second. Kara saw the tiniest twitch of her muscles as though Lena had gone to lean forward and stopped herself. Before Kara could ask the final plate was put in front of them. Three chocolate cakes and one red velvet. Kara made an excited noise and carefully reached for the red velvet cake after Lena took her single mouthful. Kara took the rest.

“This is amazing,” Kara said licking her fingers as she wrote down an 11/10 on the little card for the red velvet cake. 

Lena smiled and shook her head in fond amusement. 

“Oh darling you’ve got-”

Lena motioned around her mouth. Kara quickly wiped at her mouth and Lena laughed softly her hand reached out and Kara froze. Lena carefully wiped the trace of frosting from Kara’s mouth with her thumb. She brought it to her mouth sucking it clean as Kara watched her eyes fixed on Lena’s lips.

“What?” Lena asked smiling back.

“I swear you’re teasing me as part of some villainous plot to make me kiss you and never stop,” Kara whispered. 

Lena laughed louder and leaned closer.

“You know, you are allowed to kiss me.” Lena leaned forwards and continued in a mock whisper. “Normally we’d try to keep the PDAs appropriate in public but I think we can relax the rules a little. We are picking our wedding cake it might be a little strange if we didn’t.”

Kara laughed and leaned forwards to press her mouth to Lena’s stealing the kiss she’d been longing for all morning. Lena easily moved against her the slight racing of her heart the only indicator of anything unusual about the moment.

“Y’all are the cutest,” Steph said grinning at them. “Do you mind if I post a few pictures to our social media, it just helps with promotion and the like.”

“Of course,” Lena said quickly. 

Kara grinned at her as Steph took out her phone. Kara stole Lena back for another kiss earning a soft laugh from Lena. 

“You taste like chocolate,” Kara whispered.

Lena laughed.

“And your real motive becomes clear,” she teased. “You don’t care about kissing me at all you just like chocolate.”

Kara made a noise of protest.

“Not true, I’ll kiss you after you eat kale to prove it.”

“Well I do know your feelings on kale,” Lena murmured her hand gently stroking Kara’s cheek. 

Kara stole another kiss because she could. 


Lena came home at nine thirty feeling very tired. She tossed her keys into the waiting bowl.

“Honey I’m home,” she said.

She heard Kara’s faint laugh from the kitchen. Lena walked through and found Kara sitting on the counter eating a very large bowl of pasta with her phone propped up against the fruit bowl.

“I wasn’t expecting you this early,” Kara said putting down her fork.

“Well, I realised I was neglecting my personal time and-”

“Jess kicked you out your emails again didn’t she.”

Lena opened her mouth and then sighed. 

“She has to change the password every week, and this week it's apparently go home and kiss your future wife @ boss 1.”

Kara tried to contain her amusement for half a second then gave up as she laughed at Lena’s betrayed look.

“Well I think that’s a great password, you should keep it,” she said grinning at Lena.

She put her hands around Lena’s neck. 

“Well I have to, at least this week.”

“Does that mean I’ll get a kiss everytime you have to open your email?”

Lena pretended to think about it.

“Well, if you wanted one everytime, I suppose I could.”

Kara grinned then bit her lip.

“I kind of do.”

Lena smiled and moved a little closer. She gave Kara a very soft kiss.

“There,” she whispered. 

Kara sighed happily.

“I uh, Lena I… I know this arrangement is all, well it’s both the two of us going all in on the future to protect our aos but I… recently we…”

Lena did her best to keep her heart from beating right out of her chest as she watched Kara stumble over her words. Kara was looking at her silently begging her to understand something. Lena very gently stroked Kara’s cheek drawing her eyes upwards.

“All in remember,” she whispered.

Kara nodded.

“I know all the, the sex and kissing is, well I know you’re doing it for me and I really, really appreciate how, how willing you are to uh…”

Kara was blushing and Lena could see her struggling with her words and some emotion that was rapidly filling her eyes with tears.

“I wouldn’t say I’m doing it just for you,” Lena said gently. “I enjoy kissing you.” 

Lena leaned forwards and kissed Kara as softly as she dared. Kara sighed against her lips pulling her close again. 

“Can we just…” Kara struggled for a moment clearly trying to find the right words. “Can we kiss forever?”

Lena smiled and nodded.

“Yes Kara, we can kiss forever.”

She leaned closer kissing Kara again and again. 

“Can I kiss you good morning?” Kara whispered against her lips.

“Yes,” Lena said kissing her again. “You can kiss me good morning and goodnight. You can kiss me hello and goodbye, you can kiss me for bringing you food, and for remembering your favourite ice cream flavour.”

Lena punctuated her words with more kisses  gradually moving down Kara’s neck feeling her melt against her. 

“You can kiss me however and whenever you want. Asleep, awake, when I’m wearing makeup and when I’m not. You are Kara Zor-el, and you are going to be my wife and the Jeju to my aonah. You can kiss me anytime.”

Lena's lips returned to her mouth. Kara moaned softly as she kissed Lena harder her hands exploring every part of Lena’s body she could reach. Lena gasped as Kara’s hands found her ass squeezing it just hard enough to hurt. Lena moaned softly and kissed Kara harder pressing closer her own hands sliding up Kara’s legs and under her skirt to find the warmth waiting for her. 

Kara gasped as Lena’s fingers touched her clit.

“Oh Rao please Lena.”

Lena moved her fingers faster.

“You have me Kara, for everything and anything,” she whispered kissing Kara again and again. “Whatever, and however you want.”

Kara’s hands flew to the kitchen counter gripping it tightly.

“That’s it darling,” Lena whispered her hand moving faster. “Take whatever you want.”

Kara turned her head capturing Lena’s lips with her own then she came with a cry the sharp crack of the marble ignored by them both as Lena pushed her higher as she bit and sucked at Kara’s neck whispering encouragement as she did.

Parts of the counter turned to dust as Kara cried out again before collapsing against Lena twitching and moaning softly. Lena held her close breathing deeply as Kara’s breathing slowly returned. 

“How are you so good at that?” Kara mumbled.

“Because I love you,” Lena said quietly. “And I want you to feel good.”

Kara made a soft humming noise.

“I love you too.”

Lena smiled.

“I know you do.” 

Kara looked up at her seeming surprised.


Lena rolled her eyes.

“Well I wouldn’t be your best friend if you didn’t,” Lena said. 

Her eyes caught on the damage done to the kitchen counter. There were cracks heading off in several directions two fistfuls missing, apparently now dust.

“That’s going to be hard to explain to the repairmen,” Lena muttered.

Kara made a noise like a laugh and Lena looked at her. Kara wasn’t looking at her but then she was hugging her and Lena sank into the hug holding Kara tight.

“I’m always going to be your friend,” Kara said.

Lena tightened her hug.

“I know, you promised and you’re not allowed to break a promise.”

Kara chuckled and looked up at her a few tears in her eyes.

“Shall we move to the lounge and watch some trash while we eat carbs?” Lena asked stroking her cheek.

Kara nodded quickly. Lena gently pulled Kara to her feet and they made their way to the lounge. 

Kara spent the whole time quietly snuggled in Lena’s arms. When Lena’s head started drooping at ten thirty Kara ordered her to bed, but not before Lena took a moment to kiss aos goodnight. She saw something like longing in Kara’s face as she straightened again. 

Lena took a guess and kissed her. It seemed she guessed right as Kara kissed her back eagerly for a moment before firmly ordering her to sleep.

“You have a lot of work to get through tomorrow.”

Lena smiled and stole one final kiss before going to bed. 

Chapter Text

Lena was still happy after getting a good morning kiss from Kara as she entered L Corp that morning. She reached her office and had barely opened the approvals in front of her before Jess was on the intercom.

“Mr Hunt from Hunt and Pike consulting is calling. Says it’s about a recent spike of media activity.”

Lena sighed.

“Put him through,” she said. There was a click as the call transferred. “Okay Mr Hunt what’s the problem-”

“Ms Luthor I can’t believe you’re not letting us take advantage of this,” he said somewhat breathless. 

“Advantage of what?”

“Your impending wedding. It’s a goldmine of positive media.”

“What?” Len asked confused. “The tabloids already-”

“Not the damn tabloids Ms Luthor. Social media! The pictures of you and Ms Danvers doing the cake tasting exploded overnight. Everyone wants more. We’ve been telling you for years you should be using…”

Lena opened a new tab finding the posts. She’d approved the pictures the day before but couldn’t remember anything all that special about the posts. It had just been a set of three pictures. One of Kara biting her nails trying to choose between the three chocolate cakes as Lena smiled at her, one of them kissing, and one of them both sitting at the table smiling at the camera. 

Lena double checked they hadn’t added a fourth picture but no, it was the bland PR post she’d approved.

Lena Luthor and her fiancee Kara Danvers stopped by to pick the cake for their upcoming wedding. 

She looked at the number of comments and likes and-


“Ah, I take it you’ve seen it,” Mr Hunt said.

“Why the fuck is there a million comments on a post about us doing a cake tasting?” Lena demanded scrolling. “And why are half of them about my jawline?”

She heard Mr Hunt start laughing. Lena kept reading. 

“I take it you’ve never actually opened the social media accounts we have for you.”

“No, if I wanted to read my hatemail I’d just open my personal security reports.”

Mr Hunt sighed.

“We send you such nice emails about the comments,” he muttered.

“The last time I read the comments on something about me it was full of personal threats, sexual advances, and-” She sighed looking at one particular comment. “Mr Hunt please tell me the reason everyone is calling me Daddy is because I have a child on the way.”

Mr Hunt laughed.

“I believe it’s because of the suit,” he said.

Lena sighed.

“What do you want to do?” she asked.

“We would like it if you would allow just a few posts about your personal life on social media. A cute video or something. Pictures of you and your fiancee being… domestic.”

“I’ll speak to Kara about it but I make no promises. I really want to avoid having her become a target for online hate.”

“Understood Ms Luthor. We’ll do our best to protect her.”

Lena ended the call and picked up her phone to message Kara when Jess came in looking worried. 

“If this is Europe I’m going to-”

Jess’ face told her it was. Lena sighed again, she knew she should have replaced that director sooner.


Lena arrived home at elven that evening exhausted. Kara was waiting for her with a plate of food and a glass of wine. Lena gratefully sank into a chair and ate. She was halfway through her dinner when she remembered Hunt’s request about social media.

“Kara did you know the pictures of our food tasting went viral?”

Kara nodded.

“Yes, and I only read 500 comments, Daddy.”

Lena made a face and Kara laughed.

“My PR team wants us to make some posts that are… domestic.” 

“Does this mean we’re getting a cat?” Kara asked with a bright smile.

Lena gave her a look.

“We’re getting a dog first. If we’re having a pet I want it to be obedient and willing to eat anything aos tries to feed me.”

Kara giggled and Lena smiled, then she yawned.

“So what kept you so late tonight?” Kara asked getting up to clear their plates.

Lena rubbed her face.

“So that director of the European labs, who was a problem, and is now a catastrophe. Turned out he was an especially sexist asshole, which explains a lot of the shit he kept shovelling up the line to me, and has a string of sexual harassment victims. Now he’s drowning in twelve sexual harassment suits and one criminal charge for sexual assault after he cornered an intern in his office after hours.”

Kara sucked in a breath and gave her a sympathetic look.

“And the next in charge was the one who kept covering it up because apparently he didn’t think it was that big of a problem if the boss made a few jokes or touched women on the shoulder because he’s French that’s just how they are. So he’s on my shit list too. I’ve got a temporary replacement lined up. Dr Smith runs the Metropolis labs and speaks enough German to be able to jump in but she’s going to need a few days to sort herself out and then fly to Berlin, so until I can get her a replacement in the next month I…”

Kara had returned and her hands were on Lena’s shoulders providing a massage that was perfect. Lena moaned as Kara’s fingers found the knots she’d been ignoring.

“God that’s good,” Lena said falling forwards in her chair.

Kara laughed quietly.

“So her replacement?” Kara prompted.

“Huh? Oh I’ve got HR on it, but until Smith can get there and start I’m going to have to coordinate as best I can from here. Jess is sending what she can to Sam but it’s difficult. Sam is talking about coming back to NC to be more available and leaving Metropolis in Smith’s hands. If she can get Europe back on track while I get her replacement I’ll agree to a permanent shift without guilt.”

Lena felt her body turning to a puddle of loose muscle as Kara moved lower finding the next set of tight muscles. Lena couldn’t help her moan as Kara dug her fingers in again.

“Well since you’re going to be busy this week why don’t I handle the social media thing?” Kara suggested.

Lena made an affirmative noise. She probably shouldn’t have started that second glass of wine she was half asleep already.

“Come on Lena,” Kara whispered. “I think it’s your bedtime.”

Lena wanted to argue but then strong arms were carrying her to bed and she was being undressed by gentle hands.

“Did you want a shower?” Kara asked.

Lena shook her head. Then she looked at Kara who was smiling at her. Lena saw her eyes drop for a second. She laughed softly and Kara blushed. She turned around and held out the t-shirt and boxers with one hand.

“You can look,” Lena said taking the clothes from Kara's outstretched hand. “I’ve seen all of you.”

Kara’s blush got deeper. 

“W-well I-”

She glanced over and Lena smirked catching her looking. Kara looked away again. Lena smiled and finished getting dressed. Then she wrapped her arms around Kara from behind.

“What are you thinking?” Lena whispered in her ear.

Kara shivered and then she was turning around and shaking her head at Lena.

“No, I will not allow you to tempt me into something…”

“Something?” Lena prompted.

Kara tossed back the blanket and gave Lena a firm look. Lena sighed and lay down.

“What time am I setting your alarm?” Kara asked plugging in her phone.

“Why bother I’ll get a call at three am anyway.”

Kara sighed and shook her head muttering under her breath.

“Seven?” she asked.

“Six,” Lena muttered bitterly.

Kara smiled and set the alarm. 

“Goodnight Lena.”

“Goodnight Kara.”

Lena rolled over and motioned Kara closer. 

“Are you wanting a goodnight kiss?” Kara asked.

Lena smiled.

“Yes, but I want to say goodnight to aos first.”

Kara’s smile grew as Lena propped herself up on her elbow to place a kiss on Kara’s stomach. 

“Okhahshbem aos,” Lena whispered.

She glanced up and saw Kara’s heart melting. Lena beckoned her closer and Kara kissed her. It was soft and sweet and… everything. Lena melted into the bed as Kara drew back with a soft smile.

“You’re amazing,” Kara whispered.

Lena smiled.

“I can make you feel ama-”

Kara pressed a finger to her lips.

“And you need sleep. No matter how much I want to kiss you all night you have a company to run and I have a prescribed minimum seven hours of sleep to get.”

Lena let herself be tucked in. Kara paused at the doorway and smiled back at her for a moment. Lena felt an urge to beckon Kara back so she could sleep wrapped around her. But then Kara was gone closing the door behind her and Lena was rolling over to sleep curled around a pillow.


Kara waited until nine before calling the number Lena had left for her. Hearing her name the very professional sounding secretary put her straight through. A very excited man answered barely ten seconds later.

“Ms Danvers! A pleasure to speak with you at last.”

Kara couldn’t help her smile at his exuberance.

“Mr Hunt, I understand you were hoping for some increase in Lena’s personal posts to social media.”

“Indeed I am,” he said quickly. “Ms Luthor has a tendency to… value her privacy and that of those closest to her to the detriment of her reputation.”

Kara felt her smile growing.

“Mr Hunt are you suggesting Lena makes things harder for herself than they need to be?”

He laughed.

“I would never suggest such a thing Ms Danvers. She’d argue with me.”

Kara laughed.

“Well, fortunately for you she has given me permission to handle this for her, and I think it’s time the rest of the world saw how amazing she is.”

Mr Hunt laughed.

“Ms Danvers, I don’t suppose you’d be willing to get your own social media, I understand you don’t have any at this time but-”

“Unfortunately there is a reason I don’t," she said gently interrupting him. "My personal media presence is scarce for a reason. I know that may sound strange considering how often I have been photographed in recent weeks but there is a uh…”

Mr Hunt sighed.

“A distinct resemblance between yourself and a certain caped hero that might be obvious were you to be photographed with your hair down and without your glasses.”

Kara was quiet for a long moment.

“How many NDAs have you signed?” she asked.

Mr Hunt chuckled.

“None specific to that, but I’m sure Ms Luthor can send one to me.”

Kara made a pained noise. Mr Hunt laughed again.

“I’m a media professional Ms Danvers. I specialise in reputation repair and management and I’ve worked for the Luthor family for nearly two decades. I worked for Lionel and now I work for Lena. I worked with Lex for exactly nine months and six days before I saw he was a lost cause and to be honest I didn’t want to have any connection to the mess he was going to make. All that is to say I have experience in recognising persons of importance no matter their styling. The average person doesn’t expect to see a celebrity standing behind them in the shopping centre. I know that if they are they will be in a pair of jeans, an oversize hoodie, and a hat usually by designer brands.”

Kara sighed.

“A hairstyle and glasses works well. But I see the problem for you. As that is off the table, perhaps we could do a little experiment to show your lovely fiancee that a few social media posts won’t be the end of her closely held privacy.”

Kara smiled.

“What did you have in mind Mr Hunt?”


Kara was waiting as Lena came home that night. Her phone already recording as Lena opened the door. Lena didn’t see her at first as she tossed her keys into the dish and hung up her coat. 

“Hi there,” Kara said. 

Lena turned and did a double take.

“Well hello,” she said her eyes trailing up Kara’s bare legs. 

Her attention was caught by the phone in Kara’s hand.

“What are you doing?” Lena asked suspicious.

“Making a video,” Kara said grinning at her.

Lena’s eyebrows shot up.

“Darling if this is your way of suggesting we make a sex tape I’m gonna have to decline, your phone camera is shit.”

Kara started laughing.

“No. It’s for your social media.”

“So definitely not a sex tape then?”

Kara laughed at Lena’s confused expression. Lena sighed heavily and pointed at the door.

“Can I just redo my entrance with no mention of sex tapes?”

Kara shook her head and Lena gave her a pained expression as she stood there deciding what to do.

“Why would you think I was suggesting we make a sex tape?” Kara asked.

“Because you’re sitting on the couch surrounded by soft lighting, wearing nothing but a white shirt, and you were giving me the smile that means you’re up to something. What was I supposed to think?” Lena asked throwing up her hands.

“I’m wearing underwear!” Kara said trying not to laugh at Lena’s continuing confusion. “I only took off my pants.”

Lena gave her a look then sighed.

“I feel like I should question you about that but I’m tired. So I’m just going to stand here and look sad until you put down your phone and give me a kiss.”

Kara lowered the phone with a smile and used her superspeed to send it to Mr Hunt as she walked to Lena.

Probably not what you were expecting.

Lena wrapped her in her arms and sighed in relief as Kara held her in return. Kara leaned down and kissed her. Lena made a soft humming noise before slumping against her. 

Kara made a soft sound as she held a very tired Lena. Lena in turn placed her hands on the aos and gently rubbed her hands over the bump. She hummed softly and Kara smiled. 

“Did you have lullabies on Krypton?” Lena asked.

Kara gave a half shrug.

“In a way, ours were prayers that were said in a soothing tone. Yours are prettier.”

Lena sighed softly. For a minute they just stood there Kara holding Lena and Lena gently caressing her stomach.

“I can’t remember mine,” Lena whispered. “I’ve tried to find one that I remember. I’ve listened to dozens of lullabies from all around the world. But none sound right. For all I know my mother made one up and sang that to me.”

Kara looked down confused but Lena stayed in place looking down at her hands as she continued to stroke Kara’s stomach. 

“I don’t know what to sing to aos when they’re born.” Lena looked up tears in her eyes. 

Kara held Lena very gently in her arms.

“Hey, it’s okay,” she said. “We’ll pick one.”

Lena nodded and then she sighed softly and wiped away her tears.

“Aren’t you supposed to the be the suddenly emotional one?” she muttered.

Kara laughed and picked Lena up.

“I spent my day doing very little while you worked from dawn to midnight trying to do four people’s job.”

Lena mumbled something that not even Kara could understand and let Kara carry her down the hall. She was practically asleep by the time Kara got her into bed. Kara looked back at the doorway and sighed softly. Lena was curled in a ball around her pillow and looking far younger than usual. Kara fought down a wave of affection and forced herself to close the door instead of crawling into bed beside her.


Kara had a plan, helpfully supported by Keith -Mr Hunt- and she had the password to Lena’s social media. He’d posted the video that night with a caption that started a new game.

How long before you think she notices we gave her fiancee access to her social media? -LL’s PR Team

She and Keith had settled on seven posts total giving people an insight into their lives, just small moments. The goal being to humanise Lena a bit for people. 

“Show them a little of the woman you fell in love with. The woman she is when not being a Luthor.”

Kara had shared a picture of Lena’s shoe collection the first morning as she picked out her heels.

Get you a woman who shares her shoe collection with you.

Next she did a video of her stealthily opening Lena’s bedside draw and lifting up the copy of The Prince by Machiavelli -it’s spine pristine- to reveal the well worn collection of romance novels hidden underneath. She casually flicked through revealing the covers. 

I found a well kept secret…

She sneakily took a picture of Lena that night standing on a chair to reach the top cupboard.

This is why she wears heels all the time.

The next picture was kind of cheating, she got Jess to take it. Lena was in her lab wrapped in a fluffy white blanket as she typed something on the computer.

She gets cold in the labs.

Kara borrowed Jess again for the next one, well her phone. She took a video with one hand as she used her phone to show Lena a picture of a kitten showing their feet on glass. Lena smiled at it.


Then Kara showed a picture of a puppy doing the same thing. 

“Oh my God,” Lena cooed her eyes glued to the screen. “He's got little pink toe beans.”

She tells everyone she’s a cat person but that’s a lie.

Lena still hadn’t noticed. So Kara decided to make it a bit more obvious. 

When Lena sat down at the kitchen counter the next morning she had her phone ready and recording. Lena looked at the empty counter in front of her confused for a moment. Then she was very quiet as she continued to look at the empty counter in front of her. Then there was a quiet sniffle.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” Kara asked.

Lena looked up at her with the most adorable sad expression she’d ever seen. She could actually see the tears in her eyes.

“Coffee…” Lena said sadly.

“What about coffee?” Kara asked trying very hard not to laugh.

“You didn’t make my coffee,” Lena looked at her seeming devastated.

“Aw sweetheart,” Kara said grabbing it from under the machine and sliding it towards her. “Of course I did.”

Lena’s eyes lit up as she wrapped her hands around the cup and breathed in the aroma. She took her first sip with a happy sigh. It was exactly three seconds later that Lena’s eyes snapped open and she glared at the phone.

“Are you doing what I-”

Kara stopped recording and hid her phone using superspeed. Lena just shook her head.

I’ve gotta admit I find it hard to believe she’s an evil genius intent on world domination when she reacts like this over me not making her morning coffee.

The next post was a picture of Lena frowning at Kara’s stomach one hand spread over aos.

She just informed the baby that they’re not allowed to hate vegetables because she is not having “that argument” with every meal.

Kara was trying to sneak a video of Lena carefully organising her stack of papers when Lena noticed.

“What are you up to this time?” she asked with a small smile. “Going to share that I do organise my own desk?”

Kara smiled and shook her head. 

“No I was going to get a picture of you when I asked if you wanted to get Thai for dinner.”

Lena tried not to smile but she couldn’t help it. Kara’s smile in return got bigger.

“Yes darling I would like to have Thai for dinner tonight.”

Then Lena’s phone chimed and she checked her messages and groaned.

“Sorry darling I need to-”

Lena started muttering under her breath as she turned to her computer and started typing. Kara ended the video and put her phone away. She got up and pressed a very soft kiss to Lena’s cheek.

“I’ll see you tonight.”

Instead the final picture she took was of Lena half asleep under the fluffy blue blanket, or more specifically her hand covering aos. 

Somehow the baby can tell the difference betwen my hand and Lena's and will keep me up all night unless she’s touching them. 


Lena looked a the comments on the final post and sighed. She had a half hour. She called Mr Hunt.

“Ms Luthor,” he exclaimed. “A pleasure to hear from you.”

Lena sighed.

“Message received. What do you want?”

She heard him chuckle.

“Well there’s a lot of people with a lot of questions. Would you be willing to sit for a Q&A, moderated of course.”

Lena groaned. She hated Q&As.

“You can do it from your apartment over a half hour and if we do it live you won’t even have to think about it again.”

Lena started weighing her options.

“You can do it with Kara…”


Kara smiled as she sat next to Lena on the couch and they turned to the blonde reporter sitting on on a stool to their left. They were given the thumbs up by the camera operator and Vicki Vane started her intro. Lena watched the live feed suddenly start filling with messages at a somewhat alarming rate.

“Okay so first question for you Lena,” Vicki said looking from the live feed to Lena. “What is your favourite part of Kara?”

“Like physically?” Lena asked a little confused.

Vicki thought about it then nodded.

“Yeah physically…”

Lena smiled at Kara her eyes travelling down her body then back up. Kara grinned back.

“Definitely her eyes, they’re very expressive, and whenever she looks at me it’s with love,” Lena said with a smile.


Kara looked very obviously at Lena’s breasts.

“Her lips,” she said. “They’re definitely my favourite.”

“Well you do seem to like kissing me,” she said her eyes flicking back to the live feed that kept scrolling as more and more people jumped on.

“I love kissing you,” Kara said leaning closer.

“What’s something about the other that people probably wouldn’t believe?” Vicki asked interrupting the moment with an amused smile.

Lena sighed.

“I’ve never seen eat a salad. The one time I fed her kale she gagged.”

Kara laughed.

“Well Lena likes musicals-”

“Liar!” Lena said immediately. “I do not. I only watch them to make you happy.”

Kara mouthed she does behind her back. Lena pretended not to see.

“Who’s the most excited for the baby?” Vicki asked.

“Lena,” Kara said immediately. “She says goodnight to them every night and is always excited about any new change and if I made her empty her pockets right now you’d find the latest ultrasound in her pocket.”

Lena tried not to blush as she hid her face in Kara's shoulder. Vicki of course insisted she empty her pockets and sure enough there was a copy of the latest ultrasound.

“I’m just looking forwards to being able to hold them,” she mumbled leaning into Kara.

“Me too,” Kara said exaggerating her movements as she rubbed her back. “They’re getting heavy and it’s actually giving me back trouble so it’ll be nice to be able to just hand them over to you.”

Lena laughed and put her hand on aos.

“You hear that,” she said leaning down to talk to them. “She’s suggesting you’re too heavy but we both know she’s really complaining so I’ll give her a massage later. You’re not heavy at all are you? You’re perfect. She’s just whiny.”

Kara laughed and Lena smiled and rubbed her thumbs over aos once more before sitting upright again.

“I’m going to remind you that you said that once they’re out and I can make you carry them all day,” Kara said pointing a finger at Lena.

Lena’s smile in response made Kara melt.

“And I’ll still insist they’re perfect,” Lena said softly.

Lena watched as Kara melted her whole face softening as she looked at her one hand moving to carefully cradle aos.

“Don’t do that to me on camera,” Kara said tears gathering in her eyes.

“Do what?” Lena asked.

“Give me that smile after you say such things. It’s not fair. You’re making me feel things,” Kara said dramatically.

Lena’s smile got a little bigger as she leaned closer.

“Am I?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Kara whispered.  

Lena smiled and then not quite able to stop herself she moved closer and kissed her. She felt Kara sigh into the kiss her body melting as Lena's hand came up to hold her face, her thumb gently brushing her cheek. There was a polite cough and Kara blushed the two of them separating quickly. 

Kara’s eyes flicked to the live feed and Lena deduced from the deepening of her blush that a lot of the comments had turned highly sexual in nature. Lena looked over and managed to read a few before they disappeared.

“Again with the Daddy thing,” she muttered.

Kara quickly smothered a laugh as Vicki choked. Lena sighed and hid her face in Kara’s shoulder.

“That was on the list of things I was told not to mention wasn’t it,” she mumbled.

Kara’s immediate laugh was her answer. The feed dissolved into people yelling Daddy at her. Often accompanied with requests for her to step on them. Lena sighed heavily. At least Kara was amused.

“And this is why I don’t like doing things live. Something like this always happens,” she muttered.

Kara laughed.

“Next time we’ll do the interview with puppies instead,” Kara said.

Lena’s head jerked up suddenly.

“Wait, that’s a thing we could have done?”

Kara laughed at Lena’s sudden excitement.


Kara had hoped she’d have a chance to talk to Lena after the Q&A but unfortunately they had an event that night and the moment it was done Lena was on another call to Europe, thankfully Dr Smith had now arrived. Ten minutes into Lena's call Kara found herself welcoming in a hairstylist and makeup artist who had arrived followed by a general stylist, three assistants, six security personnel, and a general clutter that was not conducive to any kind of private discussion.

Kara smiled politely and let them do her hair and makeup then she was dragged into her room by the stylist and dressed in a pale blue dress that clung to her in ways she was a little uncomfortable with, no matter how good it looked. Also tape. She had not expected tape. Especially not in the places the stylist put it. Kara did believe them however when they said she’d be glad of it later.

Lena emerged from her bedroom at the same time Kara left hers. Lena stopped her eyes on Kara. Kara smiled back.

“Hi,” she said.

Lena’s eyes made the trip down her body then back up.

“Hi,” she whispered.

Kara found herself blushing but there was no time as the stylist was rushing towards Lena followed by an assistant with a black dress and ordering Lena back into her bedroom so she could be taped into her dress. Kara found herself essentially on enforced rest in the kitchen as Lena was surrounded by the tiny flock of attendants. The only benefit being she could cover herself with a blanket under the guise of being cold.

Kara took the chance to sneakily eat a half dozen snacks. Lena had warned her the food situation would probably not be made to feed a Kryptonian. Kara was just debating whether she thought the make up artist would murder her for eating another cupcake when they apparently finished with Lena. 

She rose and Kara found herself frozen as she looked at Lena in a tight black dress that showed her every asset to it’s best advantage. Lena stopped seeing Kara standing in the middle of the room staring. She smiled as Kara continued to stare. Her eyes glued to Lena’s prominently displayed… assets.

She was vaguely aware Lena was saying something but her attention was caught and no matter how many people were likely watching her openly gape drool over Lena she couldn’t quite get herself to look away. Then Lena was moving closer and Kara managed to snap herself out of her daze.


Lena laughed softly and put her hands on her blanket covered shoulders rubbing gently.

“I was asking if you were cold,” Lena said. 

Kara blushed and nodded as Lena wrapped her safely in her arms.

“The uh, dress is a bit more… exposed that I’m used to,” Kara whispered.

Lena gave her a very gentle smile.

“I have just the thing to help.”

Then she was walking away. Kara watched her go with a small sigh noticing the way the dress clung to her backside. But then she returned something white and silk in her hand. 

“Here,” Lena said gently tugging the blanket away.

She flicked her wrist and the white cloth cascaded from her hand. As it was wrapped around her Kara and she found herself looking down at what she now realised was a silk wrap. Kara smiled as Lena easily covered her exposed shoulders, chest, and upper arms in some elaborate wrap style.

“There,” Lena said gently. “Now you won’t get cold.”

Kara gave her a grateful smile. Lena winked.

“And only I will be able to see underneath,” she added.

Kara’s smile brightened a little and she moved a little closer her gaze dropping to Lena’s lips.

“You can have one kiss now, but then we’re doing the final touch ups so you can arrive on time,” the makeup artist, Nina, said.

Lena smiled at her then gave Kara a very soft kiss. Kara tried really hard not to let on how weak her knees had become. She probably only partially succeeded. 

They emerged from the car twenty minutes later. Lena got out first and offering her hand to Kara, who was grateful for the assistance as she tried to exit gracefully without accidentally ripping any of the tape that before had been fine but was now straining to contain her. They were quickly guided down the red carpet by someone in all black wearing a headset. 

“What is this for again?” Kara mumbled.

“The National City Ball. Basically the city’s movers and shakers all turn up under the guise of arts funding. But more importantly someone always makes a fool of themselves in a big way about halfway through. Hence the media presence. They wouldn’t want to miss the action.”

Kara laughed softly and they moved along to stand in front of the provided backdrop for the official photography. Lena easily shifted Kara into position whispering directions on how to pose as she wrapped her arms around her from behind. Kara nodded quickly and smiled as Lena’s hand carefully rested on aos as they stood in front of the cameras for about ten seconds of blinding light before being told they could move on. Right into an ambush.

“Ms Luthor,” a reporter said excitedly stepping into their way. “And Ms Danvers. The couple of the moment.”

They gave her polite smiles as the camera beside her moved to focus on them.

“I would hardly call us the couple of the moment,” Lena said. “There are several far more famous pairings coming tonight.”

“Ms Luthor I think you’re being modest. You’ve been trending all night,” the reporter said with a toothy grin.

Lena sighed and Kara confused took out her phone to check. She sucked in a breath as she found the article and scrolled the comments. Lena looked at her and sighed.

“Is everyone calling me Daddy again?”

Kara looked from her phone to Lena and back again. She gave her an apologetic look. Lena sighed again and held out her hand. Kara handed over her phone and watched as Lena saw the headline.

Luthor a queer icon after stealing pregnant girlfriend.

Lena frowned as she scanned the article then scoffed.

“I didn’t steal you from your ex,” she said with a huff. “I just made a very good offer after he made his lack of interest in being a father clear.”

Kara laughed taking her phone back.

“Is that what you’re calling it?”

“Well how would you describe my proposal?” she asked wrapping her arms around Kara and smiling at her.

“Uh…” Kara thought about it for a moment then smiled back at Lena. “Probably the single most dramatic and romantic gesture anyone has ever done for me followed by… a very good night.”

Lena smiled at her.

“That would sound a lot more impressive if I didn’t know up until then the most romantic moment for you was your ex saying you were his kryptonite.”

Kara laughed. 

“It was still very dramatic,” Kara said wrapping her arms around Lena and holding her a little closer.

“So what exactly happened with this dramatic proposal?” the reporter asked interrupting them. “Neither of you have said exactly what went on.”

“It wasn’t anywhere near as dramatic as she makes it sound,” Lena said smoothly.

Kara scoffed.

“Lena you said marry me and I promise I will give you and this child everything I can. It was very dramatic.”

Lena groaned and hid her face in Kara’s shoulder. 

“It was less dramatic in context,” she said.

Kara smiled.

“In answer to your question I went straight to Lena after my ex ran away and I was a mess. I was crying on Lena's shoulder, telling her all my problems and Lena was being very supportive and then she looked at me and... in short said well if Mike isn’t going to step up I will. She made a big declaration of her love, and then proposed to me making her best argument for how much she could offer me in the future and I just looked at her and well… like I said it was all very romantic and by the next morning I couldn’t have been happier with my choice.”

Lena grinned at her. 

“I was very persuasive,” she said. 

Kara smiled back and felt herself melting a little. 

“Yeah…” she whispered.

They moved along to be jumped on by a second reporter.

“Ms Luthor, Ms Danvers,” he said. “It’s a big night tonight for National City with many famous faces. How are you feeling about the guest list?”

Lena smiled politely.

“There’s a lot of very interesting guests attending from what I’ve heard so I’m sure it’ll be a fun night for everyone.”

Kara gave her a confused look.

“Didn’t you just say that every year someone makes a fool of themselves,” Kara said.

Lena grinned at her.

“Oh they do, and I have a few names on my list who I really hope make this year their year.”

“And who are those names?” the reporter asked with a wide smile.

Lena smiled back.

“Privileged information I’m afraid.”

They moved on and finally made their way into the event. There was a lot of introductions and shaking hands. Lena handed Kara a glass of water at the first opportunity then seemed to be content just steering Kara through the dozens of meetings. 

They finally found the seating chart and headed for their table. They were seated with what seemed to be a mix of high level public figures and business persons. To Lena’s left was a Senator and his wife, but to Kara’s right was a man she quickly detested, Morgan Edge.

The moment Lena had seen him at their table she’d groaned and drained her glass of champagne before grabbing a fresh one and drinking half of it too. Her reasoning had been immediately evident the moment he greeted her.

“Well if it isn’t the last Luthor standing.” He turned to smile at Kara. “So how much did she pay you to get you to join that cursed family?”

“Morgan Edge,” Lena greeted him coldly. “Who let you out from your cave?”

He smirked at her. 

“Unlike Luthors I am welcome everywhere. How much did you pay for your invite tonight?”

Lena smiled at him and Kara could feel the rage Lena was restraining.

“I didn’t have to buy my way in Edge. Unlike you I got invited for my contribution to the city. How’s that docklands project of yours going? Last I heard it was a bit of a disaster. Lots of empty apartments and shops.”

Edge’s jaw twitched as the hit landed.

“These things take time,” he said coldly.

Lena nodded.

“Oh I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before people start to move,” Lena said.

Kara carefully chose to sit between Lena and Edge. Edge immediately looked her up and down. Kara glared at him. He smirked and looked around the table. The Senator leaned towards Lena.

“So Ms Luthor have you considered-”

“Yes Senator I have and my decision is the same as when I took over, we appreciate the offer but no thank you. L Corp is not interested in that type of work.”

The Senator looked like he wanted to say something else but Lena turned to smile at Kara.

“If you look to your right you’ll see the captain of the NC womens volleyball tem.”

Kara grinned at her and turned looking over to see the woman sitting down with another woman. Kara looked back at Lena.

“I take it you’re acquainted,” she said.

Lena winked.

“L Corp may be major sponsors of the league.”

Kara laughed. 

“So if I wanted to see a game…”

Lena smiled a bit wider. 

“I could probably get us tickets. The semi finals are going to be in National City next week if you want to go.”

Kara did her best puppy dog eyes and Lena laughed.

“I’ll get tickets,” she said taking out her phone. “Did you want to bring Alex too?”

Kara nodded.

“You know Sharon and I were thinking of going too,” the senator said.

Kara noticed Lena’s jaw clench for a beat before she smiled politely at the senator.

“Well I’m sure it will be quite the match. They’re up against Central City. I’ve heard they’re quite a formidable team this year.”

“Yes I’ve always been a big supporter of women’s sport. Along with my party of course,” he said.

Kara suddenly recognised the senator.

“Really?” Kara asked giving him a sickly sweet smile. “Because you look and sound an awful lot like that senator who cut the funding to women’s sport in half ten years ago. Something about women shouldn’t be risking their reproductive capacity by pushing their bodies to unnatural extremes.”

There was an awkward beat of silence as the senator looked at her in shock then Lena started laughig. Then the others at their table were laughing too as the senator stared at Kara in shock. Lena was smiling at her and Kara felt rather pleased with herself.

“God I love you,” Lena said.

Kara smiled back and leaned a little closer. She was delighted when Lena mirrored her and a moment later they were kissing. Lena pulled back.

“How good is your memory?” she whispered in Kara’s ear.

Kara smiled and turned her head to whisper in Lena’s ear.

“Near perfect compared to most humans but I need something to trigger it I can’t just pull up memories by date and time.”

Lena grinned at her. The conversation around them had moved on and they let it. Kara noticed the heavy drinking happening around her and she noticed even Lena seemed to be partaking more than usual But that may have been because of the number of sly jabs being constantly levelled at her by Edge, the now sulking senator, and his increasingly homophobic wife. 

The only reprieve came during the official speeches. But even then there was whispers. Kara did her best to distract Lena by playing with her hair and whispering whatever secrets she was overhearing. Lena had to fake a coughing fit at one point when Kara informed her the editor of the Tribune had just been led into a bathroom stall by the director of National City’s Opera.

Dessert was finally brought out as the speeches finished, almost seeming a reward for sitting through them in the first place. Unfortunately Edge thought dessert was the perfect time to turn his attention back to Lena. The three glasses of wine he’d had during the speeches undoubtedly assisting him.

“So Luthor did you decide to become a gay before or after you heard about the bonus to public opinion?”

Lena sighed. 

“Edge if you’re asking me when I realised I was bi I’m going to have to say the time I saw a girl call Talia punch a boy at a Christmas party.”

Kara smothered a laugh. Lena shot her a small smile and finished her fifth glass of champagne. Then a throat was cleared just behind Lena.

“Well hello there,” a voice slurred. 

Kara felt Lena’s exasperated sigh as she turned. 

“Mr Draper,” she said politely.

“Ms Luthor. It’s been a while,” he said stumbling a little. “You decided to drop our contract discussions so quickly when you became CEO. It makes a man wonder at your motivation. It was set to be very… profitable for us both.”

Lena was very tense and she looked a Mr Draper continuing to encroach further into her personal space.

“L Corp has no interest in building prison locks Mr Draper. I’m sure someone else would be happy to partner with a man of your talents.”

Mr Draper smirked and leaned down further one hand resting on the back of Lena's chair.

“But I was really wanting to partner with L Corp,” he said putting his other hand on the table. 

Kara had been twirling her fork in one hand decided to casually let it slip through her fingers. It shot forwards and buried in the table right next to Mr Draper’s hand.

For a second everyone stared at it in shock as the handle waved slightly from the force of impact.

“Oh sorry,” Kara said giving Mr Draper a very forced smile as she leaned forwards casually dislodging his hand on the back of Lena’s chair. “I’m so clumsy.”

She pulled the fork out of the table with a flick of her fingers. 

“Sorry I don’t think we’re met. I’m Kara Danvers, Lena’s fiancee.”

There was a moment of silence as she glared at Mr Draper. He looked at her for a long moment. 

“I don’t suppose you know a man called al Ghul?” 

Kara took a leaf out of Lena’s book and just raised an eyebrow. Mr Draper moved back slowly.

“Good evening Ms Luthor, Ms Danvers.”

Kara watched him walk away itching to hit him with her heat vision. When she turned back Lena was smiling at her. She gave her a very soft kiss on the cheek.

“My hero,” Lena whispered.

Kara blushed and Lena gave her another smile.

“Who’s al Ghul?” Kara asked.

Lena to her surprise laughed quite openly.

“Ra’s al Ghul. An old friend of my brother’s. Not a very pleasant man. His daughter is hot though.” 

Lena sighed somewhat dreamily. Kara felt a small spike of jealousy.

“Sounds like you knew her well,” Kara muttered. 

Lena smiled at her and gave a small half shrug.

“I only knew her for a night in Venice.”

Kara’s eyebrows rose.

“And what happened during this night in Venice?”

Lena smiled and leaned closer to Kara so she could whisper in her ear.

“Well there might have been a-”

There was a sudden yell and they all turned to see the Mayor with what looked like a glass of red wine dripping down her face glaring daggers at a man Kara vaguely recognised as being a fashion influencer.

Lena looked at Kara and gave her an I told you so look as people everywhere started taking pictures and filming as the argument proceeded in growls between the two. Hearing the words animal testing Kara turned back to smile at Lena. Everyone else at their table was distracted by the increasing fight.

“I think this is our chance to escape,” Kara whispered.

Lena nodded and offered Kara her hand.

“Would you like to dance?”

Kara smiled and they quickly got up heading for the dance floor. The fight was broken up by the time they reached it and now the entire room was buzzing with discussion about the “fight.”

There was a dozen drunkenly swaying couples on the dance floor and one very drunk man who look vaguely familiar trying to start a conga line with what looked to be a Rabbi and an Imam neither of whom looked keen on the idea. Avoiding that disaster in motion Lena guided Kara to the opposite side of the dance floor and positioned Kara's hands on her waist and then wrapped her own around Kara’s neck. Kara smiled at her as they swayed together.

“How long before this all descends into chaos?” Kara asked.

Lena smiled.

“Oh I hope soon,” she said. “Last year there was a brawl between a council member and the head of surgery at NC General that resulted in a bloody nose and a broken table.”

Kara gave her a concerned look.

“What did they fight over?”

Lena’s smile widened a little. 

“The councillor insulted the surgeon’s favourite country singer. He took offence and well…” Lena shrugged. “Fuck you and Dolly Parton may have been yelled by the councillor as he shoved the surgeon into another table.”

Kara looked aghast.

“Who hates Dolly Parton?”

Lena giggled and hid her face in Kara’s shoulder. There was a yell and a very loud slap. They turned to see Morgan Edge on the floor clutching his face as a string of obscenities was yelled by the volleyball captain who was now being restrained by what looked like her very amused partner and a police chief.

Lena smiled as Edge yelled about suing only to be loudly drowned out by the captain engaging in some very creative swearing.

“Well tonight’s going better than I thought it would,” Lena said watching the disagreement.

Kara smiled and Lena turned back to her as they continued to dance together. Edge started yelling back and then more voices joined the chorus of angry yelling. Kara didn’t bother trying to decipher it as she looked at Lena. Lena smiled back and pressed a little closer. 

“Since they’re all distracted,” Kara whispered. “Do you think anyone would notice if you kissed me right now?”

Lena’s smile grew and she leaned forwards kissing her as the angry voices got louder. Kara tried not to moan as she sank into the kiss. They stopped dancing entirely as Kara put her hand on Lena's face holding her gently as she deepened the kiss. 

“We’re going to cause a bit of a scene if you don’t stop kissing me soon,” Lena whispered arching her neck for Kara to continue kissing down it.

Kara smiled and tucked a lock of Lena’s hair behind her ear. 

“Then why don’t you take me home?” she suggested.

Lena smiled and immediately pulled her away. They made their way out through a side door and into the car. Lena managed to give Frank instructions and then the partition was up and Lena was in her lap.

Kara moaned as Lena kissed her again and again her hands roaming all over her body. Kara quickly returned the action sighing as she finally got her hands on Lena’s perfect breasts. Lena moaned softly her hips grinding against Kara’s for a moment as Kara gripped hard enough to feel the tape give way. The drive ended much sooner than Kara expected but then Lena was pulling her from the car her hair unbound and lipstick entirely gone as she wrapped herself around Kara whispering promises in her ear. 

Kara pressed Lena up against the mirror in the elevator the moment the doors closed. She started moaning again as Lena’s hands roamed over her back pulling her closer as their mouths met in a kiss that left her breathless and needy. 

The moment they were in the apartment Kara sped them to Lena’s bed. Lena glanced around in surprise then grinned and kissed her again as her hands started pulling down the zip on Kara’s dress and then tearing at the tape.

“Please,” Kara begged as Lena pushed the dress off her to crumple on the floor.

“I promise darling,” Lena said between kisses. 

Kara moaned as Lena dropped down for a moment stripping her underwear off and pressing a brief kiss to the tops on her thigh. Then she was standing again and kissing her as her hands found their way to Kara’s breasts. Kara’s own hands were fumbling with Lena’s dress struggling to find the hooks.

“Don’t worry it won’t get in the way. I’ve got a lot of practice moving in tight dresses,” Lena said giving Kara a slight push towards the bed.

Kara shook her head as she pulled back. She wanted to see her. She wanted Lena.

“I want to see and touch you too,” Kara said. “Please Lena.”

Lena smiled at her for a moment seemingly debating something in her head. Then she kissed Kara again holding her face very carefully in her hands.

“Okay,” she whispered.

Kara sighed in relief as she watched Lena reach behind herself and pull down the zip then the slight jerk as she ripped ithe dress down with the tape. Her dress slid down her body in a remarkably smooth motion and pooled on the floor. Kara moaned softly as she looked at Lena in just a pair of black lace underwear. 

“Rao Lena you are beautiful,” Kara said reaching for her. 

Lena smiled stepping closer.

“So are you,” she whispered kissing her once more.

Kara found herself melting under the sweet onslaught of Lena’s mouth. Then she was crawling backwards on the bed as Lena followed crawling between her thighs. Lena’s mouth moved down her neck biting and sucking at all the right places.

“Rao Lena what are you doing to me?” Kara whispered.

“The things you like,” Lena replied then paused to press a soft kiss to her stomach. “Go to sleep aos, this is grown up stuff.”

Kara laughed and Lena gave her a smile before moving further down to press wet kisses to her hips and thigh. Kara was about to say something when she felt Lena’s tongue on her clit and the words became a low moan. 


Lena’s head was spinning a little and she knew from the happy buzz she was feeling she was a bit drunk. But that wasn’t important as she continued to lick and suck. Kara was moaning louder underneath her as she sucked harder.

“Yes Lena! There, right there. Please,” Kara begged.

Lena moaned and heard Kara’s immediate cry of pleasure as her hips jerked and then a hand in her hair for a moment before Kara remembered and pulled it away with a curse. 

Lena doubled her efforts grinding her hips into the mattress trying to relieve the aching need between her legs. It did nothing but inflame her as she heard the crunch of wood and Kara’s increasing moans. 

Lena couldn’t resist her hand moving between her legs and starting to play with her clit. She moaned at the feeling and Kara gasped. 

“Lena are you- Oh Rao-”

Then she came and Lena moaned hearing Kara scream her name as the taste of Kara grew stronger on her tongue.

It was so good and she was so close. Her hand moved faster as she felt her orgasm rushing towards her. It wouldn’t take much.

“Lena, please-” 

Lena moaned against Kara’s clit as she came her whole body tense as she found herself lost in the feeling her hand moving faster as she pushed herself higher. The taste of Kara in her mouth and the sounds of her pleasure still in her ears as her world disappeared in the overwhelming rush of pleasure as she came. 

Lena realised she was panting her head against Kara’s thigh as she came down from her orgasm. She removed her hand from between her legs and forced her still shaking body to move as she looked up at Kara. Kara was staring at her with something like awe then a small pout appeared.

“I wanted to make you come,” Kara muttered.

For a second Lena was stunned then she laughed and crawled up Kara to kiss her again enjoying the soft sigh that escaped Kara’s lips as she melted back into the bed.

“Maybe another time,” Lena whispered.

Kara hummed and relaxed further. Lena smiled and forced herself to pull the blankets down and cover Kara pressing another soft kiss to her stomach as she did.

Kara smiled at her already half asleep. Lena smiled back and tucked the blanket in. She’d sleep in one of the other rooms so as not to disturb her. 

“Goodnight Kara,” Lena said kissing the top of her head. 

Kara’s hand caught hers.

“Stay, please.”

Lena looked at Kara and saw her pleading look. She hesitated her heart aching to give in immediately and pretend for one night that Kara wanted her the way she did. 

“Please Lena, I want you to stay with me.”

Lena immediately softened and nodded. She walked around to the other side and turning out the lights before she slid in beside her. Kara wriggled closer and made a pitiful sound. Lena smiled getting the message she rolled to meet her in the middle of the bed.

Kara sighed happily as Lena wrapped her arms around her and snuggled close. Kara turned her head in the darkness and kissed her softly. Lena melted. She could let herself pretend tonight. Just a little. She’d claim it all being the result of getting drunk if Kara questioned her in the morning. Kara held her in her arms for a moment then sighed heavily.

“You have to be the big spoon until aos is born,” Kara muttered. 

Lena laughed softly and let her hand move down to rub soothing circles over Kara’s stomach. 

“I’ll still be the big spoon after,” she whispered.

Kara made a noise of disagreement but Lena could already feel sleep pulling her in. She smiled as Kara sighed snuggling further into her arms.

“Why am I so sleepy these days,” Kara mumbled around a yawn.

Lena smiled and kissed her shoulder.

“Because you’re growing an aos.”

“Aoskah,” Kara whispered. “Our baby.”

Lena felt a rush of happiness as she held Kara tighter for a moment then pressed a kiss to her cheek.

“Aoskah,” she agreed.

Kara made a happy humming sound and Lena found herself relaxing further as she listened to Kara’s breathing even out.

“Aoskah,” she whispered her hand moving over their child. “Ukiem khuhp rraop. I love you.”

Lena finally gave in to her exhaustion and let herself sleep her body wrapped protectively around Kara one hand on their child. She could pretend for one night that this would be her future.

Chapter Text

“Here you go darling,” Lena said handing Kara the last of her nachos. “You can finish mine.”

Kara gave her a kiss on the cheek before starting to rapidly devour the food. Kara noticed Alex watching her wide eyed. She gave her best what? look. Alex shook her head and turned back to the game just in time to see one of the National City players send the ball straight past the defenders to score a point. 

Kara joined in the applause as the team congratulated each other. Maggie was yelling her approval. Kara rolled her eyes and looked over to see Lena watching the match with a much higher level of interest than she’d expected.

“What has you so invested?” Kara whispered in her ear.

Lena glanced at her and had an almost guilty look on her face.

“What?” Kara asked.

Lena bit her lip hesitating then gave her an apologetic smile.

“I just like the uniforms. Especially the shorts,” she said.

Kara’s jaw dropped as she looked at Lena who was working to hide her faint blush as she scratched the back of her neck.

“Lena Luthor! Are you checking out the players?”

Lena struggled for a moment then gave her a small shrug. 

“Maybe,” she said.

Maggie started laughing and one of the players turned to smile and wink at Lena. Lena winked back then looked at Kara who was looking at her with narrowed eyes.

“What?” Lena asked.

Kara crossed her arms and glared at Lena. Alex stole the nachos and begun devouring the last of them at speed. Kara pretended not to notice as she kept her glare firmly on Lena. Lena looked back confused.

“What?” Lena asked.

“Damn Luthor, digging your own grave there,” Maggie said with a laugh.

“I-” Lena looked between the players and the glaring Kara. “What?” 

Maggie and Alex both started smothering laughter. Kara’s glare intensified as Lena gave her a bewildered look.. 

“It’s because I’ve gotten fat isn’t it?” Kara said.

“No!” Lena said immediately sounding a little panicked.

Alex started choking on the stolen nachos as Maggie started laughing openly. Kara’s glare increased. 

“I-” Lena actually seemed to be panicking a bit. “I- You know I still find you very attractive. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and- and you’re not fat you’re pregnant. You’re carrying aoskah.”

“Then why aren’t you checking me out?” Kara asked.

“I- I was watching the game.” 

Lena was looking at her very confused and increasingly alarmed as she kept moving her head back and forth between Kara and the players as though somewhere between them was a solution. Kara having learned of it’s efficacy from Lena kept quiet and raised a single eyebrow. 

“They’re jumping around in short shorts and you’re sitting next to me and-”

Kara cleared her throat. Lena gulped and Kara sighed turning away shaking her head for a moment.

“Sorry darling. I shall um…  Would you like more nachos?” Lena finished.

Kara gave her a look.

“Well I am hungry and mine have been stolen.”

“I’ll just go get you more,” Lena said. Kara sighed again. “And maybe some chocolate,” Lena added carefully getting out of her seat and backing away slowly.

Kara watched her go. Once Lena was out of sight Kara's face transformed into a bright smile as she turned back to the game. She was aware her sister and Maggie were staring at her.

“Did you just…” Alex didn’t seem able to finish that sentence. 

Kara flashed her sister a smug smile. Maggie started applauding.

“Oh Bravo little Danvers. That was-”

Maggie did an exaggerated chefs kiss motion. Alex was looking at Kara in amazement. Kara took the opportunity to steal the last handful of nachos.

“What? I’m hungry,” she said.

“Did you really just play jealous girlfriend to get extra nachos?” Alex asked.

Maggie started laughing again. As did a couple of the National City players who were apparently close enough to hear. 

Lena returned and cautiously offered Kara a fresh serve of nachos with all the extra toppings. Kara accepted it with a stiff “Thank you.” as Lena sat nervously watching her. Lena cautiously held out a bag of m&ms. 

“I also got you chocolate.”

Kara gave her a smile and took the bag as Alex and Maggie hid their laughter. Kara gave Lena a kiss on the cheek. 

“Thanks sweetie, I’m starving.”

Lena nodded quickly.

“Anything for you darling.”

Kara’s smile got a little bigger. Then Lena seemed to notice and she glanced around at the people around them who were hiding their own amusement. She looked back at Kara. Kara grinned at her. Kara watched the gears turn in her head as Lena’s eyes flicked between her devouring the nachos and the players then Alex and Maggie. Lena’s mouth fell open as she realised she'd been played. Kara couldn’t help her laugh.

“You could have just asked for more food you know,” Lena said sounding very put upon.

Kara smiled back as Alex and Maggie laughed louder. 

“But that was much more fun,” Kara said.

Lena opened her mouth then closed it staring at Kara. She sighed and sat back. Kara gave her another smile and Lena stuck her tongue out making Kara laugh. Lena smiled and went back to watching the game. Kara watched as her eyes quickly wandered. Kara waited a moment for Lena to be sufficiently distracted then lightly smacked her arm. Lena turned to her in surprise. Kara gave her a look. Lena sighed then she looked at Kara for a moment her eyes trailing down her body in clear appreciation.

“Yours is better,” she said leaning forwards and giving Kara a quick kiss.

Kara wanted to hold out but then she smiled and Lena was smiling back. Lena casually tucked Kara’s hair behind her ear and then pressed a second kiss to her cheek. Kara watched as Lena turned back to watch the game, actually paying attention to the ball this time. 

After the game they were of course invited to see the team in their change room. The team were in a celebratory mood having made it through to the grand final so the locker room was crowded and noisy. Alex and Maggie were quickly engrossed in a conversation with a few players who had a lesbian pride flag over their lockers. Lena was captured upon entry by some team representative to have a conversation about the league.

Kara happily stood off to one side watching all the excitement.

“So you’re Kara Danvers,” one of the players said beside her.

Kara looked at the player and saw she was giving her a very friendly smile. Kara smiled back.

“Yes I am. And you are?”

“Amy Peters, I was uh, the one who winked at your fiancee.”

“Oh,” Kara said with a laugh. “I would be jealous but I got extra nachos because of that.”

Amy laughed and leaned casually against her locker.

“Well I’m happy to be of service.” Amy gave Kara a slow smile and turned around. “Since I know what your girlfriend thinks of my ass what’s your rating?”

She gave her butt a little shake and Kara had to admit it was nice.

“Uh, it’s fantastic. I can see why she was looking,” Kara said quickly. 

Amy smirked.

“Better than hers?”

“Oh I uh… really couldn’t say,” Kara said quickly a blush climbing up her cheeks. 

Amy smiled at her as she leaned back against her locker again.

“Aw cute you’re blushing.”

“I-” Kara coughed. “You did just…” She motioned with her hands. “Shake your… at me.”

Amy nodded.

“It’s a volleyball thing. We smack each other on the ass all the time.”

Kara nodded.

“I uh, noticed,” she mumbled. 

Amy leaned a little closer.

“You ever…” She made a small swatting motion with her hand. “With Luthor?”

Kara’s eyes widened as her blush returned in full force.

“No, nope, no, never. I really don’t think that would go well for me at all,” she said quickly.

Amy laughed softly.

“And here I was thinking you were the top.”

“Top of what?”

Amy raised her eyebrows and bit her lip giving Kara a look. It took a second.


Kara struggled for a moment to try and think what to say as vivid memories of Lena pressing her up against various hard surfaces started playing before her eyes. She gulped. Amy laughed softly.

“I’m gonna take that as Lena’s the top then.”

“Um… Not always,” Kara mumbled. “Sometimes I uh, it’s just harder to uh, be on top while pregnant.”

Amy gave her an intrigued look.

“So you switch?”

Kara felt wildly out of her depth in the conversation and worried she’d somehow said something wrong but decided to just nod. Then suddenly there was a familiar pair of arms sliding around her waist.

“There you are darling,” Lena said pressing a quick kiss to her neck.

Kara managed not to shiver, somehow, as Lena held her closer.

“And who are you?” Lena asked.

Amy smiled at Lena.

“I’m Amy Peters, you winked at me.”

Lena nodded holding Kara a little closer.

“So I did.”

There was a pause then Kara realised Lena was looking at her. She gave Lena a quick smile.

“What have you two been talking about?” Lena asked.

“Oh uh, you actually.”

Lena hummed softly smiling at her as her thumbs moved in slow soothing circles over aos.

“Aw you’re sweet,” she said giving Kara another kiss on the cheek.

Kara felt her blush returning for the third time. 

“Are you sure you top her because I ain’t seeing it,” Amy said.

Kara started choking and Lena laughed.

“W-well I uh…”

Kara desperately looked at Lena for help. 

“She has her moments,” Lena said smiling up at Kara.

Amy’s eyes were flicking between them.

“I don’t suppose you two ever-”

“No,” Lena said gently cutting her off. “She’s mine.”

Amy sighed and nodded.

“Always the way. It was nice to meet you both.”

They smiled and nodded at her as she turned and left heading over to one of the other players greeting her with a light smack on her butt. The player laughed and wrapped an arm around Amy pulling her close. 

Kara looked at Lena and saw her glaring at Amy.

“Hey,” Kara said. 

Lena quickly turned to smile at her.


“Were you jealous she was flirting with me?”

“No,” Lena said quickly. “I was just… keeping up appearances.”

“Uh huh,” Kara said wrapping her arms around Lena. 

Lena’s phone rang and they both sighed. Lena gave her an apologetic kiss on the cheek as she saw the caller ID.

“I’m starting to really dislike your phone,” Kara muttered.

Lena gave her a second kiss, this one on her mouth. 

“I’ll make it up to you later,” she said. 

Kara nodded and then sighed as Lena left the change room to answer the call. Kara listened for a moment as Lena and Dr Smith begun talking about some project or other having a major setback. Kara sighed once more and went to join Alex and Maggie.

Lena returned and threw her a smile from across the room as she was pulled into a discussion by one of the other players. Kara turned her attention back to what Maggie was saying about some high school volleyball tournament she’d been in. Then Lena’s laugh reached her ears and she automatically tuned in.

“Maybe I’m just naturally this good looking,” Lena said. 

Kara glanced over and saw the player was leaning close as she gave Lena a flirty look.

“I bet all of you looks good,” the player said looking Lena up and down with a smile her hand reaching out to brush Lena’s arm.

Lena laughed and winked then headed directly for Kara with a warm smile. Kara smiled back and greeted Lena with a kiss. It was maybe a little more intense than one would have expected but Kara wanted to stamp her claim. Too many players here seemed to think they could make a move on her fiancee. Lena slowly pulled back.

“Possessive today are we?” Lena whispered in her ear wrapping her arms around Kara.

Kara hummed noncommittally. Lena laughed softly and pressed a kiss to her cheek. Alex cleared her throat. Lena turned back to Alex and Maggie and the two players who were watching them.

“Ah the honeymoon phase,” one of the players said.

Lena laughed and hugged Kara a little tighter.

“Well our actual honeymoon is fast approaching. A whole week to ourselves in Ireland.”

Kara smiled at Lena.

“Are you going to leave your phone behind?”

Lena gave her a guilty look. Kara pouted.

“But I won’t be logged into anything and Jess is going to change all the passwords so I can’t cheat. It's just in case something big happens so they’ll still be able to contact me.”

Kara sighed and gave Lena a kiss on the cheek.

“I’ll allow it,” she said.

Lena laughed and turned back to the others. The conversation turned to a European tour the team had done which included Ireland. Kara let her attention wander again as she enjoyed the feeling of Lena holding her. Then she heard Lena’s name and once again found herself shamelessly eavesdropping. 

“God can you imagine how hot she’d be in bed,” one player muttered.

“I can and fuck what I would give to see Luthor unravel on my fingers. I bet she’s a screamer.”

“Oh definitely.”

Kara’s jaw twitched as she tried not to react to the words.

“I’d let her ride my face for hours. I don’t care if I couldn’t breathe that would-”


Lena’s voice interrupted Kara’s eavesdropping and pulled her attention back. Lena was giving her a concerned look. 

“What are you thinking about?” Lena asked her hand brushing non existent hairs away from Kara’s face.

Kara looked at Lena picturing it. She imagined Lena riding her fingers or sitting on her face as Kara ate her out. She didn’t need to breathe for hours. Lena’s body would give out before Kara’s did and some part of her wanted to test and see just how long Lena would last. 

Lena gently squeezed her hand pulling her back from her thoughts.


Kara leaned down to whisper in Lena’s ear.

“Take me home.”

She heard the sudden increase in Lena’s heartbeat and the subtle change to her breathing as she looked at Kara. Then Lena was smiling. She turned back to the others.

“We’re going to head off, it was great to meet you all.”

Kara smiled and added her own goodbye before letting Lena lead her away as a confused Alex watched.


Kara waited until they were back in the apartment before grabbing Lena and kissing her roughly. Lena was surprised at first but quickly returned the kiss falling against her with a quiet moan. Kara’s mouth moved down her neck sucking gently. Lena gasped.

“Kara wha-”

“I want to try being on top,” Kara whispered and gave Lena’s neck a careful bite.

Lena made a soft noise of pleasure and nodded.


Kara picked her up and Lena made a surprised noise as she was sped through the apartment to the bed. Kara gently threw Lena on it and then she was on top of her. Lena moaned as Kara’s thigh found it’s way between her thighs.

Kara fumbled with Lena’s buttons for a minute her mind racing as she thought of all the things she wanted to do to her. The buttons were taking too long. Kara growled in frustration and just ripped her shirt open the buttons scattering around the room. For a second they both stared at what had been Lena’s shirt. 


Kara was about to apologise when Lena threw herself upwards kissing Kara with a fire and passion she hadn’t been expecting. Lena’s shirt was quickly gone and Kara tore off the rest of Lena’s clothing delighting in the soft moans that spilled from Lena’s mouth as she did her hands tearing at Kara’s clothes with increasing desperation. Kara quickly shed her clothes kissing Lena back eagerly as she shed her own underwear. That final barrier removed they were both naked and falling on the bed hands all over each other. 

Lena's hands moved seeking the place between Kara’s thighs but she pushed them away. Kara had a goal. She wanted Lena to come and this time, this time it would be from her.

She heard Lena moan as she pressed her thigh higher.

“Fuck Kara,” Lena sounded breathless. 

Kara rocked against her and then Lena had a thigh between her legs too and with a roll of her hips Kara moaned. Kara copied the movement and Lena gasped her nails digging into Kara’s back.


Kara did it again then again. She quickly found a rhythm with Lena returning it the two of them holding each other close gasping and moaning as they pushed each other closer and higher. 

“Kara you’re-”

Kara captured Lena’s mouth with hers moving faster. Her hand moved down to grip Lena’s hip holding her in place as Kara moved on top of her.

“Oh God,” Lena moaned her heart racing as Kara increased the pressure of her thigh just slightly. “Oh God Kara. Kara-”

A high pitched beep from Kara’s watch suddenly filled the air. Kara stopped recognising it immediately.

“Clark,” she said.

Lena froze and gave her an alarmed look.

“Your cousin?” she asked horrified.

“He’s in trouble,” Kara said before speeding into some clothes.

“Oh good,” Lena mumbled falling back on the bed. “I was worried.”

“I’ll be back,” Kara promised and flew away.

She recognised the alert coordinates as the fortress and flew there as fast as she could. She landed on the roof and looked down to see two figures with alien weaponry pointed at Clark.

Kara checked the surrounding area making sure they were the only ones before she dived down. The intruders spun to meet her attack but she was just that little bit faster landing hard on one crushing him into the ice and punching the other one in the jaw. Clark was there next taking the second assailant down with his own hit leaving the two of them standing in the snow over two unconscious figures.

“Hey Clark, did someone actually try to rob you?” Kara asked with a smile.

Clark laughed and then gave her a small shrug.

“Apparently. Kelex gave me an alert about these two trying to open the doors and when I turned up they were surprisingly resilient.”

He picked up one and threw him over a shoulder. Kara quickly searched the other for anything potentially dangerous and grabbing them by the ankle took off heading back to National City and the DEO.

J’onn was surprised as they landed and held up the two would be robbers.

“We have a few would be thieves for you,” Kara said.

J’onn looked between them to the two figures.

“What were they trying to steal?”

“Something from the fortress,” Clark said. 

J’onn gave them a concerned look and nodded. 

They put the two in different containment cells and waited. Kara sent a text to Lena and Alex to let them know what was going on.

It didn’t take long before both came around and started looking at their surroundings confused. Alex arrived in time to join the interrogations. J’onn took the lead. Clark watched from behind the glass with Alex as Kara and J’onn sat down with the first one.

“What is your name and planet of origin?” J’onn asked.

The alien before them remained silent. J’onn asked the same question in five of the most common alien languages in the galaxy. Kara watched the alien recognise some of them then pretend not to understand. So she decided to try.

She tried the ten main ones from her own galaxy. He looked at her very carefully when she spoke Daxamite. He said nothing but it was enough. Kara sighed and got up to get Alex.

“They’re Daxamites,” she said.

Alex sighed and they went to interrogate the next one together. Alex sat down and glared at the second Daxamite. It took a few hours going back and forth but they finally got one to answer their questions.

“We have come for Mon-el,” he said.

“And you thought he’d be in the fortress why?” Kara asked.

“He was with you, then he was gone.”

“Yeah he ran off. What do you want with him?” Alex asked drawing their attention back to her.

“We were sent by his mother to take him home.”

Kara looked at Alex and gave a small shrug. She got up with a sigh.

“Well he shouldn’t be too hard to find,” Kara muttered. “Just follow the path of least resistance.”

She left the room and waited. Alex emerged a moment later.

“Are you okay?” Alex asked gently.

Kara nodded and sighed.

“I’m gonna-” she sighed again. “I’m gonna go home. Let me know if you need me.”


Alex was watching her with a worried expression. Kara waited knowing her sister had something she wanted to say.

“Do you-” Alex hesitated. “Do you want him back?” she finally asked.

Kara laughed. Why her sister thought she would ever want him back was beyond her.

“Rao no! I have Lena why would I want Mon-el?” Kara shook her head and turned away. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow. See you Alex.”

“See you,” Alex echoed her expression thoughtful as she watched her leave.


Kara arrived back at the penthouse and walked through to the bedroom. Lena was fast asleep in a pair of underwear and her MIT sweatshirt. A book was open on her chest and the glasses she wore at home falling off her nose. Kara barely resisted the urge to take a picture. Lena looked soft and warm and everything in her wanted to curl up beside her and just sleep. 

Kara smiled and carefully removed the book from Lena's loose grip putting in the bookmark and setting it aside. Next was Lena’s glasses carefully folded and placed atop the book. Then came the hard part where she had to somehow get Lena under the blankets without waking her up. 

She was not successful. Lena mumbled something incoherent as soon as Kara moved the blanket. Kara smiled as Lena blinked sleepily at her.

“I was just tucking you in,” she whispered.

“M’wake,” Lena said.

Kara smiled and shook her head. Lena shivered as her legs touched the cold sheets. Kara quickly covered her and changed in a subtle use of her superspeed before climbing in too. She’d been casually sleeping in Lena’s bed for nearly a week now, each time with a different excuse. 

Lena never seemed to mind. Quite the opposite if her snuggling was to be trusted. Lena it seemed was one of those people who would wrap themselves around the nearest heat source and hang on all night. Tonight was no exception. The moment Kara was in the bed Lena was rolling towards her and snuggling close. 

Kara turned to drop a quick kiss on Lean’s head enjoying the quiet hum of pleasure that came from Lena as she did.

“Is Clark okay?” Lena mumbled.

Kara sighed holding Lena closer for a moment.

“Yes, just a pair of Daxamites that were looking for Mon-el.”

Lena growled. Kara blinked at her surprised but then Lena was holding her closer and snuggling into her shoulder one hand moving down to protectively cover aos.

“Mine,” Lena mumbled. “I keep you.”

“Promise?” Kara whispered smiling at Lena.

“Always,” Lena mumbled sleepily. “I love you.”

She yawned and moments later Kara felt her slip back into sleep. Kara lay awake feeling the tiny twitches of Lena’s hands and legs until they eventually stopped as she fell deeper asleep wrapped protectively around Kara and aos.

Kara lay in the dark watching Lena sleep feeling aos move inside her. 

“We were sent by his mother to take him home.”

Kara felt a part of her almost celebrate at the idea. Mon-el going back to his family leaving her behind. It almost seemed like the best solution. She sighed looking up at the ceiling for a moment then back to Lena. She watched the slow rise and fall of Lena’s shoulders and felt peace roll over her. Kara covered Lena’s hand with her own feeling aos shift underneath. 

“I love you,” Kara whispered. “And I’m not going anywhere. I promise.”


“Alex,” Lena greeted her with a somewhat forced smile. “How can I help you?”

Alex’s face was serious as she came and sat down on the other side of her desk.

“We need to talk.”

Lena sighed heavily and sat back in her chair.

“Well I’m sure this will be a fun conversation. Does Kara know you’re here?”

Alex gave Lena a frustrated look then sighed.

“Sorry,” she said looking awkwardly at her hands. “I uh…”

Alex sighed again and straightened her shoulders.

“I owe you an apology for… for our last conversation.”

Lena raised an eyebrow and Alex’s jaw twitched but she controlled it.

“Go on,” Lena said.

Alex glanced around for a second.

“I’m sorry,” she said returning her gaze to Lena. “I um… I-”

“Forgot you were challenging your future sister in law about her sexual identity, not trying to get a confession out of a suspect,” Lena suggested.

Alex nodded.

“Yes,” she conceded. “I um, I get a bit…” She waved her hand. “When it comes to Kara I tend to…”

“Get tunnel vision,” Lena finished for her. “I know. Alex I’m a Luthor, we get a pretty good education in basic psychology.

Especially around finding people’s weaknesses and manipulating them.”

Alex gave her a look. Lena sighed putting down her pen.

“Your problem is that you had a super powered sister you didn’t ask for and had to deal with a combination of jealousy and frustration as so much of your parents approval shifted from the usual achievements to be around your actions in protecting her.”

Alex looked at Lena in shock.

“This was compounded when you grew close to your sister and found yourself gaining a lot of your self worth and validation from her. It’s hard to dislike Kara, she’s sunshine personified and she makes everyone around her feel special. But she’s also someone who has a deeply tragic personal history, and as one of the few who knew her when she first arrived, it’s hard for you to not see her as she was then; a scared little girl in need of care and protection. In fact the only time you don’t see her like that is when she puts on that suit and flies around. Even then you slip a bit though.”

Alex’s jaw was hanging open as Lena went on.

“Your view of your sister is so firmly set in your past that you have failed to notice the changes that have occurred over time-”

“I have not!” Alex said immediately.

Lena scoffed and leaned forwards.

“Alex, I don’t say this to be mean but more for your benefit. Kara is a full grown woman with a world of experiences you have no idea about because you never asked.”

“Like what?” Alex asked glaring back at her.

“Like anal,” Lena replied.

Alex’s eyes widened in horror.

“Not with me,” Lena said holding up a hand. “She tried it in college. It did not go well.”

“How do you know?” Alex demanded.

Lena rolled her eyes.

“Because Kara and I drank two bottles of wine and swapped bad date stories over dinner once.”

Lena thought about it and smiled realising Kara had told her everything stone cold sober. She refocused on Alex.

“I understand why you behaved like you did, I simply ask that now you’ve realised I’m not Lex 2.0 that you not to do anything like it again.”

“That’s uh… okay. I… won’t.”

Alex was looking at Lena a little alarmed as Lena leaned back in her chair. Lena waited. Alex cleared her throat.

“Please never tell me about my sister’s sex life, or psychoanalyse me ever again,” Alex said.

“I didn’t psychoanalyse you Alex, I just read your DEO psych eval.”

“What?” Alex yelled jumping up. “Jesus Lena that’s a massive invasion of privacy and-”

“You read mine,” Lena said. “Which is inaccurate by the way.”

Alex glared at her.

“You think I hacked the DEO and looked at your file but I didn’t check my own? I started there then read the ones of everyone who read mine.”

Alex sat down again glaring at Lena.

“I read yours as part of an investigation into-”

Lena scoffed.

“You had nothing on me other than my mother being shady. But because my name is Luthor you had Winn Schott hack all my personal devices, without a warrant by the way, and had some idiot who barely passed developmental psychology do a write up that basically amounted to evil bitch who likes abstract lesbian porn.”

Alex looked at her for a minute and nodded.

“Yeah that was… odd.”

“They thought the German murder mysteries I was watching were porn.”

Alex gave her a concerned look. 

“Naked people turn up in them and there’s lesbians fucking in the first five minutes. They get murdered.”

Alex sighed and sat back rubbing her head.

“Right so let’s never talk about any of that again and I’ll explain why I’m here.”

Lena nodded.

“It’s about the wedding.”

Lena sighed and braced herself for the inevitable request for someone to be added to the guest list or the demand for a change in date.

“You weren’t at the last planning meeting,” Alex said.

Lena nodded trying to work out what the problem was.

“Yes, I had a meeting to discuss the firing of the director-”

“I’m sure it was a very important meeting,” Alex said cutting her off. “But the problem is Kara didn’t want to make any decisions without your input in case you didn’t like them.”

Lena gave her a confused look. Alex sighed and muttered something under her breath before she straightened up.

“Okay, I’m not sure why you’re not getting this given what I’ve heard about your relationship recently, so I’m going to spell it out for you.”

Lena raised an eyebrow at her tone but Alex ignored it.

“Kara is excited to be marrying you. She is looking forwards to the wedding and everything after.”

Lena nodded slowly as Alex gave her a look.

“But she thinks you’re not.”

Lena frowned.

“She didn’t want to make any major decisions without your input so she didn’t. Add in that Kara tends to be indecisive about these things already and it was a bit… tedious for the planner who may or may not want to murder Kara now. So I’m here to tell you to either give Kara more detailed instructions than small and you can have whatever you want, or you need to come to the next meeting so decisions can be made. Even if all you do is tell Kara you like whatever she’s picked.”

Lena nodded.

“I’ll make sure I’m at the next one,” she promised.

Alex sighed in relief.

“Thank you.” 

For a moment they both sat in a moment of unusual awkwardness.

“Um, have you bought the rings?” Alex asked.

“Bracelets, and no I have left it to Kara to pick those. She wanted to check the colours weren’t taken in the matrix and I just told her to make them a surprise and have Narin send me the bill.”

Alex nodded awkwardly.

“You know a lot about Kryptonian culture.”

Lena shook her head.

“I know the basics of the language, everything else is just things Kara’s told me over the last couple of months. You probably know more about it than I do.”

Alex awkwardly cleared her throat.

“Uh, right. Do you know about how marriage worked on Krypton?”

Lena heard a small chime from her computer and looked over to see an email from Dr Smith marked urgent. She sighed and clicked on it.

“The basics really. Pairings were made by the matrix and they moved into assigned housing after the wedding. They usually worked in separate guilds, shared child raising, and generally did all the same things human couples do.”

Alex sighed as Lena typed a short reply giving her approval and sent it.

“They don’t do divorce Lena.”

Lena shrugged.

“I don’t intend to ever divorce so…”

She shrugged and saw another email. She sighed reading the subject line. She blamed Lex for her senior staff all thinking they constantly needed her approval for everything.

“Kara doesn’t do divorce. She will be married to you until the day she dies,” Alex said.

Lena looked over at Alex and nodded not quite getting whatever Alex was getting at.

“Considering her health and mine I expect I’ll die first.”

Alex sighed again.

“Lena, if there’s bracelets Kara is marrying you as a Kryptonian. She will never take off that bracelet, she is planning to marry you properly for the rest of her life.”

“I know,” Lena said giving Alex a confused look.

Alex looked taken aback.

“If- if you know then wh-”

“I’m not an idiot Alex. I know she is doing everything to set up for the rest of her life, we have a child on the way. That’s not a small commitment. We’ve discussed adopting other children. She’s not the kind of person who would just do that without actually committing to it.”

Alex was silent for a long moment.

“So things are… serious between you now?”

Lena looked at Alex confused.

“It was always serious. Again there’s a child involved.”

Alex looked at her for a long moment then sighed.

“Okay well as long as it’s all… clear to everyone involved. Apparently I just wasn't... nevermind. I’ll see you at the baby shower.”

Lena nodded and watched as Alex left muttering to herself. Lena rubbed her head feeling tired. She took out the ultrasound and smiled at the picture. 

“Your Jeju loves you, and so do I,” she whispered. “We won’t let anyone take you from us.”


Lena came home that evening to find Kara sitting in front of the couch piles of papers and fabrics scattered all over the coffee table. Kara smiled in greeting then held up two pieces of beige cloth.

“Which one do you like more?” she asked.

Lena came over and looked at them. There was maybe two shades difference.

“I’m not sure, which do you like more?” she asked 

Kara shrugged.

“Probably this one,” she indicated the darker one.

“I agree, lets use that one.” 

Kara huffed and gave her a look.

“You don’t even know what it’s for,” she muttered.

Lena laughed and shrugged. She didn’t really care. 

“You can’t just go along with whatever I want it’s your wedding too,” Kara said the edge of a pout appearing.

Lena smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek and sat down beside her.

“Okay, let’s make the decisions then. What else did you want me to do?”

Kara leaned over and gave her a proper kiss then turned back to the papers around them.

“Are you sure you don’t want to have more than three people for this wedding. I know you don’t seem to have a lot of friends and-”

“Yes Kara. Sam, Jess, and Diana are probably the closest thing I have to friends. I haven’t been very lucky when it comes to making friends and I used to have…” Lena sighed heavily her mind sliding to Jack and Andrea. “I used to have more general friends but well, Lex took care of those kinds of connections. So I only get invited by people to official things or something where they want a donation. I got invited to a lot of weddings for a while so I’d give a large and expensive gift. I started sending my apologies and making my gift a large donation in their name to some local charity.”

Kara laughed and leaned into Lena. For a few minutes Kara just held things up for Lena to approve. The invitations, the menu, the plan for the ceremony. When they had gone through all the main things Kara leaned closer resting her head on Lena’s shoulder.

“So have you decided what you’re wearing?” Kara asked.

Lena nodded.

“I've got a fitting with the dressmaker on Tuesday.”

Kara looked up at her.

“What colour?”

“Red, with white flower embroidery and a white wrap.”

Kara smiled at her. 

“Thank you,” she whispered. “I know white is the usual but on Krypton-”

Lena kissed her cheek interrupting her apology.

“Kara, I really don’t care what colour my dress is as long as you’re the one standing at the altar with me. I am not a traditionalist and I think we’ve well established that I am certainly not virginal.”

Kara laughed, then she sighed looking almost on the verge of tears.

“Hey,” Lena whispered wrapping her arms around Kara and holding her close. “What’s wrong?”

“I just… my parents aren’t going to see me get married,” Kara whispered. “They’re never going to see their grandchild.”

Lena immediately wrapped her arms around Kara holding her close as she cried. Lena felt her own heart breaking as she held a sobbing Kara in her arms. Kara started saying something in Kryptonian. Lena tried to follow what she was saying but her words were garbled by her tears rendering most of it incomprehensible to Lena. She caught one word though. Chahvymah. Alone.

“I’m here,” Lena whispered. “You’re not alone, you’ll never be alone again.”

Kara looked up at her eyes full of tears.

“Vrreiahv?” Promise?

“Vrreiahv khuhp,” Lena said placing her hand over aos. “Khuhp zhao rrip.” I promise. I love you.

Kara surged upwards kissing her. Lena returned the kiss tasting the salt of Kara’s tears on her lips. Kara pulled away as tears continued to roll down her face.

“Can I sleep in your bed with you tonight?” she whispered.

Lena smiled and nodded.

“You can sleep in my bed whenever you want,” she said helping Kara to her feet. 

“Really?” Kara asked.

Lena smiled softly at her and nodded giving Kara a very gentle kiss. She wrapped her arms around Kara holding her close for a moment.

“You can sleep in my bed with me every night for the rest of our lives if you want,” Lena whispered.

Kara’s arms tightened around her. 

“I’d like that,” Kara said. 

Lena smiled and held her tighter for a moment. She pulled back taking Kara’s hands in hers.

“Come on darling, let’s go to bed.”

Kara smiled at her and let Lena guide her down the hall to bed. As they curled up in the middle of her bed Kara sleeping peacefully Lena silently thanked whichever God it was that gave her this. She was starting to think she might have to start believing in Rao because no Earth God had ever been this generous to her. She held Kara closer and breathed deeply enjoying the moment. It likely wouldn’t last beyond her pregnancy but Lena was determined to enjoy having Kara in her bed while she could.

Chapter Text

Kara woke as the sun did, she always had. She sighed and turned her head to see Lena still asleep wrapped tightly around her. It was almost like she was scared she would disappear in the night. Kara smiled and pulled Lena that little bit closer. Lena made a sleepy noise and buried her face deeper into Kara’s shoulder a silent protest about the light.

Kara glanced at the time then smiled and pressed a line of kisses down Lena’s neck. Lena’s sleepy hum encouraged her to do it again then her hands were moving higher and she held Lena closer.

“Mornin’,” Lena mumbled snuggling closer.

“Good morning,” Kara said sliding her hands under the edge of her t-shirt and over Lena’s back. 

Lena hummed again and a soft sigh escaped her lips.

“I take it someone’s awake,” Lena mumbled.

Kara laughed softly and smiled as Lena opened her eyes. There was a quiet moment as Lena looked at her then a soft smile was spreading over her face. Lena’s hands moved over Kara’s stomach. 

“And how is aos this morning?” Lena asked.

Kara opened her mouth to reply and felt a kick. She sighed.

“You just had to wake aoskah,” she muttered throwing back the covers and heading for the bathroom followed by Lena’s sleepy laugh.

Kara climbed back into bed a minute later and Lena returned to her arms with a quiet sigh. 

“It's my day off. I’m not getting up,” Lena mumbled.

“You don’t need to,” Kara whispered pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “We can stay in bed all day if you want, well until the party then I’m afraid we’ll have to get up and put on pants.”

Lena smiled and held her closer. Lena relaxed slowly as her body pulled her back towards sleep. Lena fought it with a sigh and looked at Kara.

“How are you this morning?”

Kara sighed.

“I… better,” she said.

Lena held her closer for a moment.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

A part of Kara wanted to say no. She wanted to let the morning be warm and sweet but as she looked at Lena she found the words escaping.

“I want my aunt,” she whispered.

Lena gave her a confused look but her hand rubbed her arm soothing her.

“She uh, she was here, she… last year she tried to mind control everyone to save the planet and I just… I loved her so much. She was strong and smart and a general in the Kryptonian army and she was…” Kara found her voice faltering as the words tried to escape.“She was my hero.”

Lena shifted closer and held her tighter. Kara looked back at Lena and saw the softness there. An understanding.

“She- she always had time for me. And she never lied to me, not even about the danger our planet was in. She was… I miss my parents. But I have learned things about them in the last year that just- They were never who I thought they were, but she was. She killed someone, attacked me, tried to take over the world, and yet…”

A few tears escaped and Lena brushed them away.

“I can forgive her all that because even through it all she still… I still loved her. I understand her actions better than those of my parents. I don’t know if I can ever forgive my parents for their actions. Not in the same way, at least Astra was willing to show remorse and at least she… she would never have sent me away. She would have taken on everyone and everything to save everyone. She did in a way. She may have been a murderer but at least she was one willing to admit to it. She knew it was wrong but she also believed it was worth it to save everyone. And in the end she was right, our planet did die because of the inaction of my parents and those like them. They died because no one heeded her warning they all…”

Kara fell silent as her mind went back to the moment Krypton exploded.

“What happened to her?” Lena asked softly. 

“Alex killed her.”

Lena was quiet for a long moment then she held Kara tighter and tighter. Kara leaned into it her eyes fluttering closed as she remembered her Aunt’s final moments.

“If she was… if she was here what would she… what would she do?” Lena asked.

Kara smiled and looked up to meet Lena’s eyes.

“Well first she’d have told me not to sleep with a filthy Daxamite because they are hedonistic simpletons.”

Lena laughed softly.

“I think I’d have liked her.”

Kara smiled wider as she looked at Lena.

“She’d have loved you. She’d have come for dinner and told all my embarrassing childhood stories and you would have laughed at all of them. Then she’d have told me I was an idiot for sleeping with a Daxamite and then hugged you close and wrapped her cloak around you saying at least she was getting another niece out of it. After we said our vows she would have welcomed you to the family and made a toast at the wedding.”

Lena was smiling then she looked at Kara and pressed a kiss to her cheek.

“What about your parents? Or would they also do that?”

Kara was quiet for a moment and she heard Lena’s heart race a little in worry. Kara stroked Lena’s hand with her fingers in silent reassurance.

“My father would have liked you very much. He’d have convinced you to tell him all about your work and then I have no doubt the two of you would have spent hours going over various differences between Earth and Kryptonian science until my mother and I came to drag you both to dinner. My mother was… a quiet woman in her way. Very considered. She was a judge so she knew the power of words. She would have been quiet and I’m sure you’d have been worried she hated you until she finally decided that she had a good opportunity to say something. Which she would have said to me. She’d want to keep you a little on edge always wondering, just to make sure you always looked after me.”

Lena laughed softly.

“She sounds like a good mum, even if I would have been terrified of her.”

“She was,” Kara said quietly.

They fell silent for a time then Lena had her hand on Kara’s face gently turning her to look at her.

“You’re allowed to still love her. I remember someone once telling me how my mum was still my mum, and that she’d spent a lot of time wishing she could talk to people who were no longer here. Maybe part of why you can forgive your Aunt for her actions is that you had a chance to speak to her again. You got to say goodbye, whereas with your parents… you never got that moment of closure. You got to confront your Aunt about her actions and she got to defend herself. You’ve never had that chance when it came to your parents and their actions.”

Kara looked at Lena again. She sighed softly as her eyes traced every part of Lena’s face in the early morning light. With one hand she reached out to stroke her fingers over Lena’s cheek then her lips. Then Kara was moving forwards to kiss her. 

It was soft and sweet and felt so achingly like home that Kara wasn’t sure what to do as she felt Lena’s hand come up to stroke her cheek as she kissed her back.

“How is it you always have some way to explain the mess that’s in my head,” Kara whispered.

Lena laughed quietly.

“Because I spent years learning about psychology trying to fix my own issues. Some of it had to sink in.”

Kara sighed softly and let her head fall to Lena’s shoulder. Lena started playing with her hair her hands doing that little zig zag motion that felt so good. Kara rubbed her hand over her stomach as aos kicked again trying their best to stretch inside her.

“Is aoskah being active this morning?” Lena asked.

Kara nodded then fell silent for a moment.

“Thank you,” Kara said quietly.

“For what?” Lena asked.

“For… I miss my culture but you, you let me have pieces of it back again.”

Lena kissed her head.

“I confess I’m not sure what I do that is so helpful but I’m happy to keep doing it for the rest of our lives.”

Kara smiled snuggling into Lena a little more.

“You speak my language to me, and to aoskah. You’re willing to change our marriage ceremony to follow Kryptonian practises, and just the other day you were asking me about the rites for children at birth. No one in my life has ever… ever asked me about my culture.”

Lena held Kara’s face very gently in her hands the tips of her fingers moving in tiny strokes to comfort her.

“I know what it’s like to lose every connection you have to a past,” she whispered. “And I know how they can bring comfort. I um…” Lena’s hands fell from Kara’s face as her eyes shifted to the wall. “I know one thing about my mother that I- that I was told about her, as a person. I know she was Catholic. Irish catholic if you want to be specific.”

Kara reached up to stroke Lena’s face drawing her back from wherever her mind was headed.

“I only know because Lillian said something about how it would have been better if my mother hadn’t been catholic, because then she would have gotten an abortion and she wouldn’t have to deal with me.”

Kara frowned.

“Well that’s a horrible thing to say,” Kara said holding Lena a little tighter.

Lena gave her a small smile.

“She said worse. But it stuck with me because it was something I realised had to be true. My mother had been catholic. Once I was old enough to make such demands I went to midnight mass on Christmas eve. Lionel took me. He was not a particularly religious man, the Luthors fake a Christian set of beliefs for political reasons. But I… I would class myself as agnostic. I’ve never been a practising catholic, unless we count probably as a child, but… Every year I go to the Christmas mass, because I think it’s something she would have taken me to. Something I think she did. It… it feels familiar.”

Lena looked at Kara. 

“The year after Lionel died Andrea took me. She hates all churches thanks to one of her step mothers but every year, back when we were friends, she’d go to mass with me so I wouldn’t have to go alone. Then Jack did. So I, I understand the need to cling to some small piece of your past. Even if you can’t normally practise it. Even if you… you are no longer connected to the culture that came with it.”

Lena was quiet for a long minute her eyes fixed on some point far in the past. Kara ran her hand over Lena’s cheek. Lena blinked as she looked back at Kara.

“We can go together,” Kara promised. “As a family.”

Lena’s whole face softened as she smiled at Kara. 

“Thank you,” she whispered. 

Kara smiled.

“Would you… um…” She wet her suddenly dry mouth. “Would you mind learning a few prayers. For… for when I celebrate certain holidays. It would be nice to- to have you say them too. The Danvers well I uh, we couldn’t really, no one asked and I just-” Kara cleared her throat again trying to dislodge the burn that was building in her throat and eyes. “I had to hide anything that would make me stand out and celebrating alien holidays would have been… noticeable. It’s okay if you don’t want to I-”

Lena kissed her silencing the coming ramble. 

“I’d be honoured to learn them,” Lena said holding Kara’s face very gently in her hands. “I would never and will never ask you to give up your culture and beliefs. If you want me to learn them then I will. If you wanted to speak only Kryptonian around aos until they go to school then we can. I- You don’t need to hide Kara, not from me, not in our home.”

Kara kissed Lena pressing closer. Lena returned the kiss with a soft sigh. Kara deepened it her hands moving over Lena’s body pulling her closer. Kara felt a sudden wave of affection for Lena. She pressed harder against Lena. Her mouth moved hungrily against Lena's as her body came suddenly very awake.

“Kara,” Lena whispered her voice cracking slightly as Kara’s hands moved higher.

“Lena,” Kara whispered. “I- I want-”

She kissed Lena again and again. Lena’s hands started moving over her body in return as Lena made soft noises of approval. Kara pulled back breathing heavily as she looked at Lena. 

“What do you want?” Lena asked with a smile.

“It’s probably easier if I just show you,” Kara said moving forwards again and kissing her way down Lena’s neck.

Lena hummed happily as she stretched lazily under Kara’s mouth.

The sound of a ringing phone made Lena tense and then her attention was gone. Kara felt a wave of disappointment as the moment disappeared and Lena rolled over apologising as she grabbed her phone. Kara sighed and barely resisted the urge to tell her to leave it. She hoped whatever it was was quick.


“Ms Luthor, I am Dr Courtney with the Northwest penitentiary.”

Lena was suddenly very focused her whole body tense as her fingers reflexively gripped the phone tighter.


“There’s been an incident with your mother…”


Lena walked past the two officers standing guard by the door and looked at her mother.

“So apparently you have stage 3 liver cancer,” she said trying to keep the accusatory tone out of her voice.

Lillian sighed and gave her an exasperated look from her hospital bed.

“You say that like you care about me,” Lillian said with a raised eyebrow.

Lena rolled her eyes and Lillian gave her a stern look. Lena looked back unrepentant. Lillian sighed.

“Apparently I drank a bit too much for a few too many years and now I’m paying the price,” she said settling back a little in her bed.

“You drank? I’m shocked,” Lena said walking closer.

Lillian gave her an irritated look.

“Your concern for my wellbeing is very touching.”

Lena gave her mother a long look and sighed the animosity draining out of her. She sat down in the guest chair beside the bed.

“How long?” she asked her tone somewhat less accusatory.

Lillian showed her first sign of weakness as her fingers playing with the edge of the blanket.

“Six months if I’m lucky,” she said at last.

Lena felt something inside her revolt and a sudden nausea seemed to rise within her. She fought it down keeping her mask in place.

“Well hang in there and you’ll see your first grandchild. Not by blood of course but they will inherit your wealth just the same,” she said smirking at her mother.

Lillian nodded.

“Yes, I know.”

Her voice was oddly quiet. For a minute they both sat in silence Lillian looking at the far wall and Lena at the clouds just visible out the barred window. Lena looked away from the window and saw Lillian watching her with a small smile. 

“Your whole world is going to change the moment you hold your child,” Lillian said her voice unusually soft. “You’re going to be terrified of making a mistake and at the same time so very proud of every tiny thing they do.”

Lena raised an eyebrow.

“I didn’t realise you were going to share your wisdom about being a parent,” she said. “You sound almost sentimental mother. Next are you going to tell me how not to raise a spoilt brat, or perhaps give your advice on instilling good table manners.”

Lillian raised a shoulder in a small almost sad shrug.

“I am certain you intend to take no lessons from my parenting of you and Lex.”

Lena smiled.

“That’s where you’re wrong mother. Whenever I have a parenting question I’ll just ask myself what you would do, and then I’ll do the opposite.”

Lillian sighed heavily.

“I did do some things right,” she said glaring at Lena.

Lena sucked in a breath and scrunched up her nose.

“Did you though?” she asked in clear mockery of her mother.

Lillian sighed again sounding exceedingly exasperated. Lena felt a small thrill of some petty victory.

“You seem determined to be antagonistic today,” Lillian said her irritation slipping through into her tone.

Lena smiled back.

“I just found out my dear mother has only months left to live. I’m grieving. I’ve heard it can make people lash out.”

Lillian was not amused. She glared at Lena for a good ten seconds then sighed once more the irritation draining out of her.

“I’m not going to say it, I have cancer I’m not dying. Not just yet anyway, I still have time.”

Lena scoffed.

“Firstly I think the not dying is debatable if you only have six months and secondly, I don’t need to hear you say it. You never meant it before so why would a little liver cancer change that.”

Lillian gave her a long silent look.

“I always meant it,” she said sounding almost insulted. 

Lena looked at her in disbelief. Lillian sighed again and muttered something under her breath as she rubbed her head.

“You’ll be fine,” she said a bit louder. “I’m sure you’ll be just like your mother. All soft smiles and sweet words. Even if you will be raising someone else’s child with the person you love.” She looked up at Lena again. “Just like I did.”

Lena glared back at her mother and rose angrily.

“Unlike you though, I want my child.”

Lillian looked at her for another minute then conceded with a small nod.

“I suppose time really makes fools of us all.”

“Goodbye mother,” Lena snapped.

“Goodbye Lena.”

Lena left not bothering to speak with the doctors. She made it home and found Kara sitting on the couch a bowl of popcorn in her hands and a cartoon show of some kind on the TV.

Kara took one look at her and opened her arms. Lena dropped her bag and made her way quickly to the couch snuggling into Kara’s welcoming embrace with a long sigh. They stayed like that for some time, Lena letting herself relax as Kara held her the sound of the TV the only marker of time. Eventually Lena broke the silence.

“She’s dying. Liver cancer. She has less than six months.”

Kara immediately held her tighter.

“I’m sorry Lena,” she whispered.

Tears came then. Lena wasn’t entirely sure why but suddenly she was crying. Her chest heaved with sobs as she clung to Kara her hands fisted in the neat pink cardigan she wore as she tried to choke down each sob only for it to escape anyway her tears soaking into the soft pink wool. Kara gently rubbed her back as she cried holding her close. 

“I don’t know why I’m crying,” Lena growled out. “I hate her.”

Kara made a soothing noise and kept rubbing her back gently. 

“I hate her,” Lema repeated louder.

Kara held her tighter.

“She’s still your mother,” she said gently.

Lena clung tighter to Kara as she cried harder forcing herself to look up into the sympathetic blue eyes that were watching her.

“She’s an evil bitch who made my childhood hell!” Lena said angrily. “I hate her!”

Kara gave her a gentle look. Lena curled into a ball as she fought her tears shoving her feelings deep into a box as she tried to clear the lump in her throat that seemed to burn. She finally got her tears under control.

“I don’t want to love her. She’s a horrible person and I shouldn’t love her,” she whispered.

Kara held her tighter.

“It doesn’t make you a bad person to still care about her.” Kara hesitated looking down at Lena. “Or Lex.”

Lena looked back at her feeling almost guilty.

“You are a brilliant, kind-hearted, beautiful soul and it does not lessen you one bit to still care about either of them, even after everything they've done to you.”

Lena held her tighter as her feelings escaped their box and sobs forced their way out again. Kara stayed with her arms around her rubbing her back gently and continued to murmur soothingly until Lena stopped crying and then Lena’s hands were moving over aos. There ws eventually a small kick under her hand. Lena felt a tony smile at the edge of her mouth. She kept her hand in place and soon felt a second kick. She looked up at Kara.

“Can we- can we go somewhere else for a while?" she whispered. "Maybe a walk to get some ice cream? I just... want to be somewhere with people.”

Kara smiled and nodded. They got up and Kara wiped Lena’s face clean. Lena put on a hat and sunglasses and Kara held Lena’s hand as they walked three blocks to a little ice cream parlour that made massive sundaes with extra whipped cream that Kara loved, and had gourmet gelato in a dozen flavours that Lena loved. Then they walked to the park and sat watching the ducks as they ate. 

They didn’t talk, Lena too lost in processing her thoughts to even be more than peripherally aware of the world, and Kara seemingly content to wait. She alternating between eating her ice cream and rubbing Lena’s hand in silent support. Lena stayed silent her eyes on the birds as she slowly ate letting her mind slowly go through her feelings before locking them all away again.

Eventually she turned to Kara.

“Did you know we had ducks at the Luthor manor?” Kara shook her head. “It’s right along the migration path of one breed of duck, I don’t remember which one.” She shook her head. “It’s not important. They used to land on the pond during their migration. So one year after Lillian told me I was getting too fat I put two in the window of my parents room and closed them in. They shit all over everything and when Lillian came in they were fucking on her pillow.”

Kara spat out her ice cream as she snorted with laughter. Lena finally smiled.

“Do you think if I bribe them enough a guard will put one in her cell? You know, for old times sake.”

Kara laughed again and looked at Lena.

“I’d do it just to see you smile,” she said.

Lena smiled wider and leaned over giving Kara a very soft kiss. 

“My hero,” she whispered.

Kara smiled and leaned closer chasing Lena's lips to kiss her again.

“Are you okay for the party tonight?” Kara asked gently. “We can reschedule-”

Lena shook her head cutting her off.

“I’m okay now. I just… in a weird way I wasn’t expecting Lillian to ever die. If that makes sense.”

Kara nodded.

“I didn’t expect mine to. Granted there was… more to that than in your case but parents are… they always seem immortal in their way.”

Lena nodded her agreement. They sat for a moment longer then Lena rose and held her hands out to Kara. Smiling Kara accepted the help up, and stole another kiss. 

“Come on, we have a baby shower to go to and I think Winn has some very stupid games he wants to try and convince us to play.”

Lena laughed and let Kara lead her back.


In the interest of time constraints the baby shower was also a combined hens night. Kara had requested it be a games night and Lena had no objection. Their guests arrived in a few close waves. Winn would have been first but he got distracted examining the lock Lena had on the door and so didn’t knock until Alex arrived with Maggie, Eliza, and J’onn. 

James was close behind coming in as everyone was still standing in the entrance doing greetings. Despite the warm words from everyone Lena was anxious until Sam turned up a minute later. Sam smiled at her and silently held up a bottle of whiskey. Lena nodded and Sam wrapped her in a tight hug. A hug Lena gratefully sank into.

“I heard about Lillian,” Sam whispered.

Lena held Sam a little bit closer. She was about to say something when the ding of the elevator had them separating again. A young woman in what appeared to be a slightly rumpled military uniform came out with a piece of hand luggage in her hand. Lena offered her a smile and turned welcoming who could only be Lucy Lane. Sam whispered something about pouring her a glass for when she joined her. 

Lucy greeted Lena with a firm handshake and a warm smile.

“So I hear you’re now the title holder of worst relationship with their sibling in our little group.”

Lena to her surprise laughed. Lucy smiled back.

“Well someone had to provide competition,” Lena said.

Lucy gave her another quick smile and Lena turned to welcome Diana who had just arrived and gave her a very gentle hug in greeting. They joined everyone else who had migrated to the lounge and everyone had drinks in their hands. Kara quickly claimed Lena with an arm around her waist and a kiss on her cheek that made Lena smile.

Sam handed her a glass with a sympathetic look as James and Winn argued over which game to start with. The dispute was solved by J’onn declaring they should start easy, and so they started with Uno. Diana won in a brilliant stroke of luck.

Lena found herself relaxing as the party continued. The whiskey helped. Lena initially suspected Kara had given everyone a talking to about being nice to her, that or they were all too happy about there being a party to care about her last name. She discovered two games in her initial suspicion turned out to be wrong. Lucy was apparently her defender, something about not letting people be defined by their siblings. Lucy kept herself between Lena and James at all times and made an effort to bring her in almost as much as Kara did. Diana and Sam’s presence helped too, even if they did seem increasingly interested in each other.

By the time food arrived, pizza and potstickers, Lena was having a good time. Lena eventually relaxed enough after eating to wrap her arms around Kara her hand gently stroking aos as they watched J’onn obliterate Alex and Sam in go fish. She felt snuggly and warm and… happy. She watched Alex jump up and accuse J’onn of cheating as he took her last card. J’onn insisted he was not. 

Lena gave Kara a confused look. Kara leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“J’onn can read minds. He doesn’t but he can and well, he says sometimes people are thinking things very loudly.”

Lena tensed trying to think quietly.

“Like what?” she asked nervously.

Kara smiled.

“Like three three three please have a three,” J’onn said looking over at Alex.

Alex immediately yelled a protest and everyone else started laughing. There was a lot of laughter and Eliza pulled out scrabble insisting no one would be able to use mind powers for that, and she would keep score to settle any disputes.

J’onn declined with a smile. Alex said she was going to get a drink to recover from the betrayal. James went to take a moment on the balcony quickly joined by Winn. 

Lena, Kara, Lucy, and Maggie all decided to play Scrabble as Sam and Diana talked in a corner looking very close. Lena decided not to say anything as she sat beside Kara around the coffee table accepting the bag to select her pieces. 

It took less than one round before they all got competitive. Or rather Kara and Lucy did, Lena and Maggie were apparently just along for the ride, well mostly.


“Zhao is a name not a word,” Lucy said glaring at Kara.

“It’s a Kryptonian word,” Kara said triumphantly. “Now that’s a triple letter score on the z and remember my points for of,” she said smiling at Eliza.

Lucy didn’t give up that easily.

“You know the rules. You can’t use a word that no one else knows and since no one else here speaks Kryptonian-”

“Lena does.”

Lena smiled at Kara as she collected her own letters to make a word.

“I can confirm it is a real word. It means love,” Lena said.

“Bullshit!” Lucy said. “Love is ukiem.”

Lena smirked at Lucy.

Familial love is ukiem. Such as the love between parent and child,” Lena said. “Zhao is erotic or sexual love. So…”

She turned to Kara and put her hand over aos. 

“Khap ukiem aoskah,” she said smiling at Kara’s stomach. Then she looked up at Kara. “Khap zhao rrip.” 

Kara surged forwards and kissed her. With close to three glasses of whiskey in her Lena had no hesitation in returning the kiss with a matching enthusiasm her hands coming up to pull Kara closer. There was a series of whistles from Maggie and Sam then Alex was yelling at them to break it up as J’onn and Eliza laughed.

Lena pulled back smiling at Kara a blush creeping up her cheeks as Kara continued to smile at her. For some reason the moment felt precious. Lena found herself looking at Kara who was looking back at her with a look of deepest adoration the others all making some kind of noise be it encouragement or protest.

Lena bit her lip and glanced down at aos. She smiled stroking her hand over the bump and then glanced back at Kara to see she was blushing too.

They turned back to the scrabble game. Lena looked at Lucy.

“So under the house rules zhao is an allowed word,” Lena said firmly. 

Lucy sighed and nodded. Lena triumphantly put down her letters.

“And so is zealot, that’s a triple word score by the way.”

Lucy threw up her hands as Lena smirked at her and a grinning Eliza added the points to Lena’s score to put her in first place a position she comfortably held to cruise to a fifty three point victory over the others. Eliza called for dessert to be brought out before things turned bloody between Kara and Lucy over second place.

They all gathered around the table where a selection of desserts had apparently been arranged after being snuck in via the balcony by the others during scrabble. They all took seats as fresh drinks were provided and Lena found herself being quickly pushed into a seat beside Kara in front of a very large cake covered in whipped cream, chocolate, and cherries. 

Kara stood up getting everyone’s attention. 

“Uh, so um… where I… grew up this kind of event, well it is a tradition for someone to say something and well, as the only one here who uh… so I’m just going to say something and I’d appreciate if you could all, let me say it. I’ll um, stick mostly to English for this so more than Lena will understand it.”

There was a lot of smiles around the table along with the faintest flickers of confusion. Lena gently squeezed her fingers and Kara felt some of her tension ease as she lit a candle in front of Lena. 

“Kluv Rao,” Thank Rao. “For this blessing. We gathered here in celebration. A new family has begun and with a new life. And I as a daughter of yours give you my thanks for both aosni and…” she looked at Lena. “For the woman who I am to share the rest of my life with.”

Lena smiled at her and Kara felt something warm and light build in her chest. 

“I could not have imagined a better person if I gave you a list of my wishes. You have given me someone who has both challenged and supported me, who has become central to my life in a very short time. From the moment we met there was your light between us and though I did not see it at first now I understand this connection. I understand where it came from.”

Lena was giving Kara a very soft smile as she looked up at her holding her hand.

“While the start of our family is not at all what I expected or planned, it is very much... us. And I cannot help but think your hand must be in play here, even so far from you, your light still reaches your child here. You guide and protect us so that we may find your light in this other world.”

Kara fell silent her eyes fixed on Lena who was still looking up at her with such a tenderness it seemed to wrap around her heart filling it with warmth and light. Lena turned her head slightly not breaking eye contact as she kissed her fingers.

“To Kara, Lena, and the future littlest Danvers,” Maggie said raising her glass. 

There was a general cry of approval as the toast was made. Kara barely heard it as she looked at Lena who was smiling at her. Lena tugged her hand gently pulling Kara back down and captured her lips in a gentle kiss. 


After they had waved off the last of their guests hours later Lena collapsed into bed not even bothering to take off her clothes. Kara came in from the bathroom and laughed softly.

“I think you need you might need to get undressed,” Kara teased.

"Too tired and too drunk," Lena mumbled into the bed.

Lena felt the bed dip slightly as Kara climbed onto it. 

"Come on then," Kara said.

Lena groaned as Kara gently rolled her over undoing the buttons on her shirt. Lena took the opportunity to smile up at her. Kara laughed when she noticed.

“What are you looking at?” Kara asked.

“My future wife,” Lena replied. “Got a problem with that?”

Kara smiled brighter and leaned down to kiss her. Lena pulled her closer with a sigh and slipped her tongue into Kara's mouth. Lena started tugging at Kara’s shirt. Kara pulled back muttering about how she was undressing Lena not the other way around. Lena sighed and let her finish undressing her. 

She closed her eyes for a moment and was then being woken by Kara, who upon climbing under the blankets pulled Lena closer. Lena smiled and snuggled close putting her cold toes on Kara. Kara sighed but didn’t complain.

They were quiet for a long moment then Kara shifted.

“Hey Lena,” she whispered.

“Mmm?” Lena hummed on the verge of sleep.

“Khap zhao rrip.”

Lena smiled.

“Khap zhao rrip,” she echoed snuggling a little closer as she relaxed into sleep. 

Chapter Text

The phone call came through at 2:32 am. Lena found herself awake very much against her will as Kara mumbled a sleepy protest at the noise of her phone. Lena didn’t bother to force her eyes open to read the caller ID she just accepted the call mumbling her name as she sat up rubbing her eyes.

“Ms Luthor, I’m sorry to tell you but your mother passed away tonight. Her condition was already serious and…”

Lena had a sudden ringing in her ears as the words started to sink in. Lillian was… dead? The world seemed to be swirling around her almost violently. Her mother was dead

Kara’s hand on her shoulder brought her crashing suddenly back to the moment.

“What?” Lena asked trying to keep the confusion from her voice. “H-how? She- she had months…” I had months…

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone.

“Ms Luthor, your mother was given less than a month two weeks ago. The cancer was discovered sometime last year and was declared inoperable. She has…”

The doctor kept talking but Lena heard none of it as her final conversation with Lillian played over in her mind. Kara gently took the phone from her numb fingers and started talking quietly to the doctor.

She had months.

The words kept repeating in her head as Lena sat in shock trying to understand what it was that had happened. 

“Time makes fools of us all. Goodbye Lena.”

She… she said goodbye. Suddenly everything made sense. Lillian had been acting oddly because she knew what was coming. She had known she was going to die and was saying goodbye. 

Lena became aware Kara was holding her very gently and the phone was no longer in her hand. The warmth of Kara’s arms around her helped her become aware of the world again. Her mind slowly begun working again as the shock started to wear off. 

“I need to organise the funeral,” she said quietly. 

Kara rubbed her arm squeezing her tighter for a moment.

“I’ll call Jess for you.”

Kara didn’t let go of her as she picked up the phone again. The call was short then Kara was wrapped around her again.


Lena turned her head to look at Kara. 

“I- I don’t know how I feel,” she whispered.

Kara nodded holding her that little bit tighter. 

“Lie down, rest. You can deal with it all later.”

Lena wanted to say she couldn’t sleep now, that she had work to do but she found her body obeying as Kara guided her to lie down once more the blanket coming up to cover her as Kara held her very gently in her arms. Then Lena closed her eyes and found herself asleep once more.


Kara didn’t sleep. She stayed awake her mind going through everything as she held Lena through the night. Aos almost seemed to be able to understand something had happened. Or perhaps her own stillness made her more aware of what was a usual level of movement from their child. She listened all night waiting ready should anything disturb Lena's sleep. When the blinds rose Lena did her usual grumpy protest and then she rolled over. 

Kara saw the exact moment the memory of the late night call hit Lena. It came as a wave of sudden stillness went over her body the sleepy mumbling stopped as Lena stared unseeing up at the ceiling. Kara reached under the blankets and squeezed her hand. 

“You don’t need to do anything,” she said quietly. 

Lena was quiet for a long time. 

“I don’t know what to do,” she finally whispered.

“You don’t have to do anything. Jess will take care of the funeral and everything else can wait. Just take a few days off.”

“I can’t I’ll already be gone for-”

Kara silenced Lena with a hand on her face gently turning Lena to look at her. Kara stared into the unusually blank face of her fiancee. 

“Sam will handle it," she said firmly. "There’s nothing big at the moment. Your mother just died, L Corp can wait.” 

Lena didn’t seem quite able to understand but finally she nodded. Kara sighed in relief and moved forwards to kiss Lena’s forehead gently. Lena sighed quietly. 

Lena didn’t seem quite ready to move for some time. Kara got up and made breakfast bringing a cup of coffee and a warm croissant to Lena in bed. She ate but barely. It seemed almost a reflex.

At ten a call came from Jess and Kara listened as Lena gave instructions. The call ended after Jess gently asked if there was anything else Lena needed. Lena said she was fine. 

Kara knew differently. Lena got up then and showered. She dressed in her usual skirt and shirt combo then sat down again. She didn’t move until Kara came into the bedroom and collected her bringing Lena to the lounge and positioning her with a cup of tea in an armchair by the window.

It was strange to watch the normally so active and driven Lena so still and untethered. Lunch came and went the only sign of the passing time being the plate of barely touched food beside Lena’s cold tea. 

Sometime in the midafternoon Lena’s phone rang. Kara watched as Lena glanced at it and freeze. Kara saw a tiny spark of something reach Lena's eyes. Lena reached out and carefully picked it almost like she half expected the call to stop. Kara was about to tell her she didn’t need to answer when Lena looked almost happy as she pushed the accept call button. 


“I confess I wasn’t expecting to hear from you,” Lena said.

Andrea sighed. 

“Lena, I made you a promise and you might hate me for what I did, but we both know this is different. This is about mothers and if anyone can understand your relationship with that bitch it’s me.”

Lena wanted to argue, habit told her to. Instead she just sighed and rubbed her head. The strange emotional void that had filled her all day seeming to recede at Andrea’s voice. Somehow still familiar and not at the same time. 

“I don’t hate you Andrea, not anymore,” she admitted.

Andrea let out a very quiet breath. 

“Well that, I’m glad to hear that,” she said her voice a little shaky. “But we’re not talking about the past, we’re…” Another breath. “I’m sorry.”

She said it so gently with such understanding that Lena felt something in her chest seize. Because Andrea did understand. Andrea had been with her all through those years as she ranted and raved about how much she hated Lillian. The two of them bitching about their parents and their ridiculous expectations while at the same time neither calling the other out whenever they did something for the approval. Because they understood. Andrea understood her need to earn that small smile of approval or even that tiny nod of her head from Lillian, rare as it was. They both knew it was ridiculous and a manipulation and… and sometimes the only thing they had to hold onto as they got torn to shreds for a tiny mistake. Andrea seemed to sense where her head went.

“I love my father, he is my Papa and I… I love him, but that doesn’t mean I like him. Nor does it mean I agree with him about… anything, or approve of what he does, or even want him around me ever again. But that doesn’t mean I won’t always love him, or who he once was to me, or who he could have been.”

Lena was quiet for a long moment as the words seemed to settle somewhere just under her heart.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

She heard Andrea clearing her throat. The two of them overcome by an emotion only really understood by each other.

“You jump, I jump. I may have… but that doesn’t mean I ever stopped caring,” Andrea muttered.

Lena felt a few tears roll down her face. She looked over at Kara in the kitchen preparing her a cup of tea. Kara glanced up and gave her a small reassuring smile.

“I’m uh… I’m getting married,” Lena said the words coming from that space just under her heart that seemed to exist now.

Andrea laughed softly.

“I heard. Congratulations. From what I have seen she makes you genuinely happy and I know how rare that is.”

Lena found herself nodding even though Andrea couldn't see.

“It’s um… would you uh…” Lena cleared her throat feeling awkward as she worked herself up to it. It took her a minute but Andrea waited. Understanding again. “Would you, come to my wedding?” 

There was a moment of silence then she heard Andrea let out a breath almost as though she’d been holding it.

“I’d love to. Have your assistant tell me when and where and I’ll be there.”

“Thank you,” Lena said feeling almost like a small weight was lifting off her shoulders. 

“No, thank you,” Andrea said her voice picking up a little energy. “Do you know how many people are desperate for an invitation to your wedding? I’ve heard Supergirl is going.”

Lena laughed softly.

“She might be putting in an appearance,” she said looking at Kara.

Kara winked at her. Andrea laughed.

“I take it cameras are strictly forbidden then.”

Lena shrugged.

“More anything you want to capture requires permission from all parties involved,” she said. “And you uh… well I’m sure you’ll work it out.”

Andrea made a noise of agreement.

“I’m sure I will. I was always the smart one between us.”

Lena laughed again, a real laugh that came up from somewhere deep inside her.

“You liar! You were the hot one, I was the smart one. You barely passed advanced calc.”

Andrea started laughing too.

“I remind you we were both the hot and the smart one. We were the best of everything. Andyou know that was only because Sister Augusta hated me.”

Kara came over and handed Lena the cup of tea. Lena found her smile getting bigger. 

“You suggested she try pole dancing,” Lena said accepting the cup. “And yes we were, at most things.”

She took a sip of the tea feeling the warmth enter her mouth and bring feeling back to a body that had gone numb over the last few hours.

“I thought we established that was for the benefit of the world. We couldn’t be hot, smart, and good cooks it was too much raw feminine power,” Andrea said with her old bravado.

Lena found herself laughing again. Andrea laughed along with her as they both remembered their disastrous cooking lessons. 

“Hey Lena,” Andrea said gently.

“Yes Andrea?” Lena teased.

“Have you spoken to Jack?”

Lena sighed feeling her laughter fall away and something complex and almost twisty take it’s place in her stomach. She missed Jack in a way, missed having someone in the lab to make her laugh and scream in frustration. She hadn’t realised she could miss his constant teasing until it was gone.

“Not since I left,” she said putting down her tea.

“Well you should, he’s probably looking at his phone trying to decide whether or not to call you and you know he’ll work himself into an anxious mess for days if you don’t save him. Remember when my cat died and he sent me a giant bouquet of sympathy flowers with a three page poem he wrote about loss because he wasn’t sure what level of sympathy was appropriate so he went all out.”

Lena felt herself smiling at the memory. Jack had spent three days looking for the perfect poem and then ended up writing one himself because none of them were right. It had been an awful mash up of ten poems but he was so sleep deprived and anxious by then he couldn’t tell.

“True. I didn’t have the heart to tell him you hated that cat,” Lena said the smile returning.

Andrea laughed again.

“I didn’t hate her I was allergic, but no one believed me. I still maintain she was actually a dog in a cat’s body because no cat should be that affectionate.”

Lena smiled remembering Andrea’s many complaints about her cat rubbing herself all over her at every opportunity to send Andrea into a sneezing fit.

“You should invite Jack too,” Andrea said with surprising firmness.

Lena looked at her feet as she bit her lip. A part of her did want to, if for no other reason than to see him again. She found she did miss him.

“Isn’t it bad luck or something to invite an ex to your wedding?” she mumbled.

“Probably,” Andrea said. “But he was always a friend before he was your boyfriend, and I know he’d love to see you happy, even if it’s not with him.”

Lena sighed and nodded.

“I’ll… yeah.”

She didn’t really know what else to say. Andrea seemed to understand, again. A part of her was concerned at how well Andrea could still read her.

“I’m always here if you ever want to talk, until then I’ll see you for the wedding.”

“Thank you, I’ll see you at the wedding.”

They hung up and Lena looked at Kara. Kara smiled and held out the tea again, warming it slightly with a flash of heat vision. Lena smiled and sipped it enjoying the aroma of the chamomile and the warmth in her hands.

“Do you mind if I uh…”

Lena felt nervous very aware she’d just added another guest to their wedding without consulting her soon to be wife. 

Kara smiled at her and wrapped an arm around Lena’s shoulders pulling her closer.

“I don’t mind,” she said gently.

Lena leaned into her embrace allowing herself a moment to just enjoy being with Kara. The moment stretched out and Lena became aware she was dozing against Kara her mind and body lost in some strange in between. She felt tired and she couldn’t explain it. A part of her knew it was grief, or depression. But she also couldn’t quite understand why she would feel it over Lillian. 

She pulled herself from the half awake state and put down her now cold tea. She got her phone out again and called Jack. He answered on the third ring.


Lena found a smile already stretching over her face at his relieved tone. Andrea had been right.

“Hello Jack,” she said quietly.

“Lena I am so so so very sorry about your loss. I’ve been trying to find the right words and I just… I’m so sorry. How are you?”

Lena smiled.

“Were you looking up poems about grief again?” she asked.

Jack was quiet for a moment then he sighed.

“Yes,” he admitted.

Lena found herself smiling.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“For what?” he asked.

“For still being you after everything.”

Jack sighed very softly.

“I’ve always been your friend Lena. Granted you did kinda break my heart when you left but, welllet's just say I saw a picture of you smiling at your new love and it made me feel better knowing you found someone who could make you happy in the way I wished I could.”

Lena felt fresh tears, these ones of a very different kind.

“I still missed you,” she admitted. “I’ve had no one to threaten with death by microscope.”

Jack laughed.

“Well probably a good thing as you’d definitely get in trouble for threatening an employee. Oh speaking of I’ve made an incredible breakthrough and-” He cut himself off remembering why she was calling. “I mean um…”

Lena smiled and relaxed into Kara feeling her arms wrap easily around her warming her further.

“Jack, I didn't just call for sympathy I- I called to, to ask you something.”

“Anything,” he said immediately.

Lena found herself smiling.

“I… I’m getting married next week and I wanted to invite you.”

Jack sucked in a breath.

“I’d love to but-” Lena waitedfeeling uncomfortable now as she considered what he might be about to say. “Are you sure your future wife will be okay with me? I don’t want to step on any toes or-”

“Jack,” Lena getting cut him off. “Trust me she’d love to meet you. I think she might be under the impression I have no friends. Also Andrea’s coming so you know how it’s going to go.”

Jack laughed.

“Then I’d love to come. Have someone send me the details and I’ll be there to stop Andrea testing the waters with your new bride.”

Lena smiled. Now that she was talking to him she remembered just how much she'd missed him. 

“Now, tell me about your work, I know you’ve been dying to.”

Jack sucked in a deep breath then he was off detailing all the changes he’d made and the plans he had and the advances and the setbacks as Lena sat listening to him making the appropriate noises as he went on and on detailing it all for her from the tests and setbacks to the successes and ideas he had about uses.

At some point Kara went to do something and Lena found herself lying on the couch listening to Jack. It felt so… strangely domestic. She looked up when the doorbell rang and saw Kara collecting a bag from security.

“… and I was going to try human-”

“Uh Jack, did you fix the issue from the first theoretical blood trial?” she asked.

Jack was silent for a second.

“Fuck!” he yelled.

Lena laughed.

“Lena I was two days away from injecting myself! I could have died!” he yelled.

Lena laughed louder.

“I could have become a nanobot. A nanobot person Lena! I would have been a robot.”

Jack fell into a ramble about his close shave with death as Lena smiled at Kara. Kara was giving her a concerned look. Lena shrugged. Kara sighed and bent down to get a plate. Lena enjoyed the view.


“Sorry Jack, I was just starring at Kara’s ass. You were telling me how I just saved your life, again.”

Jack laughed and Kara turned to look at her while still bent over. She did a little wiggle that made Lena smile wider.

“And why were you staring at her when I was so busy thanking you for saving my life. How do I rate below-”

“Because the last time I didn’t check her out she tricked me into buying her apology nachos.”

Jack laughed louder.

“Fair enough. Well I’m going to go try and fix the issues with the nanobots so nobody becomes a swarm and I’ll see you at the wedding.”

Lena smiled.

“Until then. Be good, and uh, please don’t test on yourself without at least telling someone,” she said a little concerned.

“Promise,” he said. 

Lena smiled as Kara brought the food over. She sighed and looked at Kara smiling as her eyes moved to look at aos. Kara smiled as she handed Lena a plate. Lena returned it as she picked up the remote turning on the television.

“…the well known wife of billionaire and philanthropist Lionel Luthor died this-”

Lena turned the TV off as everything came crashing back. Lena sighed and felt Kara’s hand on her shoulder keeping her grounded. 

“Can you maybe… talk to me about something, anything,” Lena said.

Kara nodded. She paused for a moment thinking.

“There’s a debate happening three floors down about whether it would be theoretically possible to cut down a tree with a herring.”

Lena looked at her confused, then started thinking about it.

“What are the main points on each side?” she asked.

“Well they’re considering whether you have to keep the herring in it’s original form or if it can be made into a mini saw using the parts of a herring, also what exactly cut down means or if you could just find a very big herring and a very small tree and hit with enough force to snap it in half and have that count.”

Lena considered it.

“How long has this argument been going on?”

“About an hour. They were discussing whether a rabbit could actually bite hard enough to open an artery in the neck and kill a man before that.”

Lena gave Kara a very concerned look.

“And what happened with that argument?”

Kara laughed.



The funeral was longer than Lena would have liked. There was, as Kara put it later, “a lot of ceremonial excess that bordered on guilt tripping” but Lillian had apparently put her wishes very clearly in her will so the funeral happened as she wanted. With one exception, Lex was not present in any way. Lena, the authorities, several politicians, and an army of lawyers ensured it. He would be allowed to watch fro his cell but he would not get to participate in any way. 

Kara stayed beside Lena the whole time holding her hand gently in her own. They wore the demanded black dresses and hats. Lena had sunglasses to hide the dry state of her eyes as she stood outside the church with the priest politely accepting the stream of whispered sympathies from people she barely recognised. Paparazzi took photo after photo from their designated place by the fence their camera’s poised for any sign of drama. Sam stood just behind Lena with Jess providing their silent support, and in Jess’ case providing instruction on what to do as they all moved into the church then to the coffin. 

Lena stood for the requisite moment of silence in front of it and then turned taking her seat for what would be a long service. Kara held her hand as Lena sat in the front row in full view of the nearby camera.

As per Lillian’s request only close family was permitted in the front leaving Lena with only Kara to support her through the next three hours. Jess and Sam sat behind her as moral support but there was little they could do in the circumstances as the service dragged on with a half dozen people each giving their own glowing tribute to Lillian. Lena barely moved keeping her attention firmly and politely fixed on the podium as everything continued. 

Kara held her hand silently reminding Lena she wasn’t alone with the tiny brushes of her thumb over the back of her hand or the gentle squeeze of her fingers whenever someone mentioned Lillian’s generous nature. 

Lena managed to control herself for the most part. Kara less so. Anytime someone praised Lillian’s generosity, dedication to the betterment of all, or her kindness Kara’s face apparently couldn’t quite help but twitch. Lena knew because the moment Kara’s facial expression showed any kind of subtle disagreement the three photographers permitted inside all started taking a lot of pictures their cameras focused on them both.

As the priest described Lillian as a gentle, kind, and loving mother to her children Alexander and Lena Kara scoffed which quickly became a cough and Lena had to work not to laugh as Kara got the side eye from one of the priests. It was the sole moment of levity for them both as they worked to control themselves for a minute. 

Lena squeezed Kara’s hand a small smile on her face as she leaned against her in thanks. Kara gave her a half apologetic look then shrugged. Lena’s smile grew a little. Kara put her arm around her pulling her a little closer. Lena gratefully leaned into her as the priest continued for another eight painful minutes of praise for her mother’s generous Christian nature.

Once the service was finally over the coffin was lifted onto the shoulders of several of Lillian’s long time staff and carried out. They all rose and followed as a procession. Lena leaned tiredly on Kara as they made the journey to the cemetery where Lillian was placed in the crypt beside Lionel. Lena stood there for a moment watching as her mother was sealed in beside her father.

The priest said his final words and people begun to move away. Lena stayed trying to remember how to make her feet work. Kara looked at her for a moment then stepped forwards. 

“You have been the sun of our lives, our prayers will be the sun that lights your journey on the way home. We will remember you in every dawn and and await the night we join you in the sky. Rao’s will be done.”

Lena gave her a confused look. Kara sighed.

“Sorry, my religion encourages it. Also…” She leaned a little closer to Lena lowering her voice. “Just think how mad Lillian would be if she ended up in an alien afterlife.”

That made Lena smile. She looked at Kara and in a small moment of rebellion pulled her closer giving her a very gentle kiss.

“Thank you,” she whispered pulling back a little but not letting go. 

Kara wrapped her arms around Lena holding her close, the two of them taking a moment in the middle of everything. Lena held Kara tighter again her hand shifting to rest over aos before they turned to join the waiting Sam and Jess for the walk back. A car took them to the nearby Luthor manor where the wake was to be held. 

Lena felt exhaustion weighing heavily on her as people stood in clusters talking quietly about her mother and the "lovely" service. She tried to nod along to the usual platitudes but it got harder and harder as a ringing in her ears seemed to start and her hands felt sweaty as another pasty faced person made sad noises at her speaking about how sad they were at her passing. The room was too hot and the only thing that seemed to be keeping her standing was Kara’s hand around her waist. Jess noticed and Sam quickly moved in distracting the man for a moment so Kara could lead her gently from the room.

Kara guided Lena through a long corridor and out a side back door to the gardens where a mossy stone bench sat under a tree. Lena sat and looked out over the gardens as the ringing slowly disappeared. She slowly calmed her breathing returning to normal and her heart slowing as she looked down the lawn to the pond Kara insisted was really a lake. Kara sat beside her watching as a few ducks swam on the surface of the water ducking under it every now and then. She smiled turning to look at Lena.

“Are those the same type of ducks you locked in her bedroom?” Kara asked.

Lena smiled and shook her head.

“I don’t think so. Wrong time of year.”

Kara sighed sounding a little disappointed.

“Wanna stick some in her room anyway? You know, for old times sake.”

Lena smiled then and looked up at Kara. 

“It seems a little unfair to the staff,” she said quietly. “And I doubt she’d see from all the way down there.

Kara sighed again and nodded dropping her head onto her hand as she peered down the hill towards the lake. Her fingers did a little drumming motion against her cheek as she thought about it.

“What about putting them in the crypt then?” Kara asked looking back at Lena again. “That’s much easier to clean and she’ll get to spend the start of her afterlife with duck poop.”

Lena laughed then. It was soft and quiet but it was a real laugh. Kara seemed pleased to have heard it though. Some small weight apparently easing from her shoulders as she reached out taking Lena’s hand. Lena looked up at Kara and sighed reaching out to brush a loose blonde curl back into place.

“Take me home," Lena whispered. "I want to spend the rest of my day curled up in bed with my favourite person.”

Kara smiled and rose easily pulling Lena to her feet. Lena sent Jess a message to let her know she was leaving with Kara and then Kara wrapped her in her arms and, after a quick check no one was watching, they flew away.

Back at the penthouse Kara followed Lena into what Lena now just called their bedroom. They kicked off their shoes and by silent mutual agreement changed out of the uncomfortable black dresses into pyjamas. Kara was waiting on the bed as Lena emerged from her bathroom face now free of makeup. 

She opened her arms and Lena gratefully wrapped herself around Kara her right hand resting on aos. They lay together for a minute Kara letting Lena just process the feelings inside her. What little feelings there were. Her shock had worn off leaving a strange empty numbness behind. Lena shivered moving a little closer to Kara. Kara held her closer warming her.

“That was a prayer wasn’t it,” Lena said.

Kara hummed an affirmative her hand coming up to play with Lena’s hair.

“They are to be said by the last surviving woman. Technically you should have said it because I’m older than you but… well.”

Kara shrugged. Lena nodded her hand moving slowly over aos. She felt a small kick in response and felt a smile. Then she had a thought and her hand halted as she wondered if it would be impolite to ask it.

“Lena,” Kara prompted.

“How many times have you said that prayer?” she asked as quietly as she could.

Kara sighed.

“Too many times.”

Lena expected her to stop there but Kara sighed again her hand stilling in Lena’s hair.

“The first night I was on Earth I sat on the roof and recited it for everyone I could remember. My parents, family, friends, teachers, people my parents worked with or just anyone I’d seen on the streets. When Jeremiah died I said it again. I didn’t say it again until last year when my aunt died. My uncle Non and I… we met in the sky for the funeral and I said the prayer over her body before we sent her into space. We sent her home.”

Lena held her tightly for a moment.

“Wha-” Lena felt a lump in her throat and cleared it before continuing. “I should probably ask what you want if anything ever… happens.”

Kara shifted to look at her as lena fought a wave of tears that seemed to be filling her eyes.

“My home is here now. When I marry you I… I want to go with you. I want our bodies placed together so that we may travel together, and not to Rao, not now our family will be here. I want to go to Sol. If you-” Kara cleared her throat awkwardly. “If you’re okay with it that is you don;t have to. It's just an idea and it's totally fine if you want like a catholic service and-.”

Lena smiled at her. Kara stopped talking looking very awkward.

“I am happy to join you in your afterlife, however you want,” Lena whispered.

Kara seemed nervous as she bit her lip her hands twitching against Lena as though she wanted to fidget. But her eyes stayed held on Lena’s.

“Then I want you and I, in a pod, with our family saying their prayers and thanks over us before the youngest woman in our family says the final prayer and they send us to the sun, so we may light their lives.”

Lena smiled very softly at her and nodded. 

“Then we shall. Whichever of us is first might need a little preservation, but then we can make that final journey together.”

Kara sighed very softly her eyes closing as she pulled Lena closer into a gentle hug. Lena hugged her back.

“Thank you,” Lena whispered.

“For what?” Kara whispered back.

“For- for saying that for my mother. I- I would never wish her on anyone and I know she’s done horrible things to you and others. But I still… I hope she finds some kind of… peace now. Wherever she goes.”

Kara held her tighter for a moment. Kara’s stomach growled and Kara glared at it. Lena smiled.

“Why don’t you grab something to eat and we watch something trashy she would have hated, while we eat in bed, something she always expressly forbid.”

Kara smiled and nodded getting up. She returned with ice cream. Lena barely ate any as Kara rapidly devoured the whole tub the two of them watching the TV. Lena didn’t really see anything as the strange numbness crept back over her. 

Once the ice cream was gone Kara fell asleep in less than a minute. Lena smiled looking at Kara sleeping peacefully in the afternoon sun. She wrapped herself carefully around her and sighed softly letting Kara warm her. She closed her eyes and let herself doze.


Kara was tired. She was constantly tired these days. Or perhaps it was more accurate to say she was sleepy since it apparently had nothing to do with actual exertion of any kind. After five minutes stationary either sitting or lying down she always seemed to find herself waking hours later not quite sure when she fell asleep. 

She woke slowly feeling warm and comfortable. She couldn’t quite tell what woke her until she heard Lena whispering. 

“And I’m going to do everything I can to be the best possible parent to you. My parents were… awful but I’m going to do everything I can to not be like them at all. My father was never around and my mother she… well she’s dead now so we never have to worry about her now. My birth mother was nice though and I’m going to try to be like her. I don’t really remember her but I remember how she felt. She was gentle and I’m going to try to be gentle with you too. And I'm going to try and be around as much as I can for all your games and plays and awards nights and so on. I can’t promise I’m going to be very good at this whole being a mother thing but I’m going to try.”

Lena fell quiet for a little bit her hands moving very slowly and gently over aos.

“I promise I will always love and support you to be whatever you want, even if you want to be something stupid like a magician or a footballer.”

Kara barely managed to suppress her laugh at that.

“I promise I’ll do my best to always be patient and kind and to not push you too hard. But most importantly I promise to do everything I can to make sure you know I love you, that I wanted you more than anything, and that you are never a nuisance or a burden to me. You are the best, most important part of my life and there is nothing I won’t do for you, or Jejuni.”

Lena shifted then and Kara felt the warm press of Lena’s lips on her stomach over aos.

“I love you aoste, and I love Jejuni very, very, much,” Lena whispered.

Kara smiled and turned her head making a small sleepy noise to get Lena’s attention. Lena looked up and gave her an almost nervous smile.

“Hi there,” Kara mumbled.

“Hey,” Lena said softly.

“Are you talking to aos?” Kara asked doing a small stretch.

Lena gave a small sort of embarrassed shrug. Kara smiled at her.

“Good, they need to know your voice so they can love you as much as I do.”

Lena laughed and lowered her face as a blush crept up her cheeks. She stayed like that for a minute looking up at Kara with a very soft expression hiding behind the ever growing bump of their child. Then Lena sighed sitting up.

“I should probably give the wedding planner the final approvals so everything can go ahead on Thursday.”

Kara smiled her hand coming up to brush Lena’s hair out of her eyes. She felt a rush of happiness thinking in just under a week she would be married to the woman in front of her. She was going to marry Lena and become Mrs Kara Danvers-Luthor. She knew she was probably smiling quite a lot all of a sudden but she couldn’t help it she was excited. Lena gave her a smile in return while raising an eyebrow in question.

“So…” Kara played with her fingers running them awkwardly over the patten on the blanket. “I think, I’m maybe… just a tiny itty bitty bit-” She tapped her fingers together and looked at Lena. “Excited about our wedding.”

Lena laughed and moved further up the bed to wrap her arms around Kara properly.

“Well it’s less than a week away so I should hope so,” Lena said with a small smile. 

Kara laughed and bit her lip looking at Lena. Lena smiled back and gave her another kiss.

“I’m excited about the wedding too.”

Kara felt herself smiling at Lena and watched the effect it had on Lena’s smile. It grew bigger and then there was a softness that came over Lena’s face.

Lena’s phone chimed. Kara groaned as Lena gave her an apologetic look and rolled over to grab it.

“Seriously?” Kara muttered. 

Lena laughed and rolled back giving Kara an extra kiss to get rid of the pout.

“After the wedding you’ll have me for a whole week, just the two of us.”

Kara gave her a look.

“You promise?” she asked. “Just you and me for a whole week?”

“I promise,” Lena said smiling and giving her another kiss before picking up her phone and starting to type a reply of some kind.

Kara sighed and snuggled into Lena’s side letting her eyes close again. She could wait. 

Chapter Text

Lena looked at Sam and Jess then around her office and her clean desk and shut down computer. She felt the probably very irrational urge to just turn her computer back on and check her email. Not that she could at the moment as Jess had changed the password again and she wasn’t sharing. Lena had tried Getbacktoyourhoneymoon and We’vegotit. Neither worked so Jess had probably made an actual password. Lena turned back to Sam and Jess who were both giving her a determined look.

“Are you sure that’s everything?” she asked for probably the tenth time.

“Yes,” they chorused. 

“We’ll handle anything that comes up from now on and the week you’re gone,” Sam said giving Lena a stern look.

“We’ve got this, you just relax and enjoy tomorrow and your holiday,” Jess insisted. “You’re marrying the love of your life, for once Lena just switch off and enjoy yourself a little. You don’t get a choice in this.”

“For a whole week you are not going to get a single work call,” Sam added.

Lena sighed and nodded. She was going to enjoy the time with Kara. Their honeymoon was all planned, she had everything double and triple confirmed to prevent any issues when they left. There was no big projects or releases planned. The whole executive team knew she would be away and that Sam would handle it. Sam via Jess had the numbers for where they were staying and nothing would go wrong. There was three backups and contingencies in case they had any trouble getting onto her. All she had to do was call Frank to take her to the hotel and she was effectively on holiday.

“Now, one last thing,” Jess said.

Lena’s head snapped up as she tried to think what she might have overlooked. Jess smiled at her and Lena had a feeling something last minute and wedding related was coming. Sam stepped forwards and picked up her bag.

“It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding so tonight you’re going home with me,” Sam said.

Lena looked at her confused for a second.

“I was just going to go to the hotel-”

“I know, but I think you should let me enjoy a little of the privileges I have as maid of honour.”

Lena sighed and gave Sam a small smile.

“Okay, lead on Sam.”

Sam smirked at her and Lena sighed. She let Sam lead her down to her car and got in to see Frank smiling at her in the mirror.

“I remind you both we already did the getting drunk and-”

“Lena, it’s the eve of your wedding. I would never be so foolish as to get you drunk the night before,” Sam said. “Kara would pout and then Alex would murder me. No, I consulted a few people and decided it would probably be nice for you to do something you haven’t in a long time…”

“And what would that be?” Lena asked.

“Dinner with friends who aren’t Kara.”

Lena laughed.

“And who would these friends be?”

“A few I know you haven’t seen in quite some time." Sam gave her a very gentle smile. "I thought it might be nice for you to get to sit down with Andrea and Jack before your wedding. Give you a chance to actually catch up with them before tomorrow.”

The car came to a stop and Lena smiled at Sam.

“Thank you,” she said quietly.

Sam smiled back.

“Sometimes people other than Kara know you pretty well too.”

Lena laughed and they got out. They walked into the mostly empty restaurant to see a probably jet lagged Andrea and a smiling Jack. They both greeted her with a bright smile and a cheer as they raised their glasses. Lena found herself smiling too. It had been a very long time since she’d been greeted like that, and at the same time university felt only days ago.

“Who let you two start drinking already?” she teased. 

They both laughed and Lena approached the table She was carefully wrapped in a very tight hug from Jack. She smiled hugging him back as she breathed in the familiar smell of his cologne and the faint pine of his beard wax. It hit her then how much she had missed her friend. The warmth of his hug filled up a space she had forgotten existed. She pulled back and he smiled down at her for a moment then stepped aside for a somewhat less sure Andrea who was looking at her. 

For a moment they both stared unsure at how to greet each other. Andrea solved it by stepping forwards and quickly wrapping Lena in a hug that felt so very familiar but also held a new tightness that told of the time it had been. Lena tightened her own grip in response, a silent encouragement for them both.

“I’ve missed you,” Andrea whispered.

Lena pulled back with a smile.

“I’ve missed you too.”

They exchanged another smile a few tears prickling at the edges of their eyes as they looked at each other. Sam thankfully saved them from any more emotional displays by insisting that they order now before they all got started on catching up. There was a chorus of agreement and they all took their seats.


Kara accepted the pint of ice cream with a bright smile. Eliza shook her head smiling as Kara dug into her third tub.

“That is some alien metabolism there,” Maggie muttered.

“I’m always hungry, well more than before actually. I don’t think I’ve stopped eating for the last week. That and sleeping.”

Eliza laughed softly.

“Pregnancy will do that to you,” she said.

Kara smiled and ran her hand over her stomach.

“Aos keeps growing heavier every day.”

“For you to call them heavy they really must be,” Alex muttered.

Eliza laughed.

“All babies are heavy while inside. I’m sure once they’re outside you’ll be wondering where all that weight went,” Eliza said with a smile.

Kara smiled and nodded.

“Lena won’t,” Alex said. “She’ll have to lift weights soon to make sure she can carry them around.”

Kara smiled picturing Lena holding their child.

“How is Lena?” Eliza asked softening her tone. 

“She’s good,” Kara said. “Well not good,” she amended. “But she’s handling it well. She’s still kinda grieving but she’s also been excited about the wedding and been working late to make sure everything at L Corp is set.”

Kara sighed thinking of all the late nights over the last week where Lena came home and showered before effectively passing out beside her. Alex gave her a concerned look. Kara shrugged.

“It’s sucked over this last week, but Lena’s promised things will be easier once we get back she’s apparently just getting all her work for the week sorted so that when she comes back there won’t be a giant backlog waiting. I checked with Jess who confirmed she is genuinely just working, and Sam has also been keeping an eye on her for me.”

Eliza reached out and put a gentle hand on Kara’s shoulder.

“Has that been… difficult for you?” she asked. “Being alone at home and pregnant. Do you need more-”

Kara shook her head.

“Not really, yes I’ve missed Lena but I’ve also been working during the day and it’s only been the last week. It’s also not like I’ve been powerless. I don’t really need Lena around to pick things up for me or anything like that. I can lift the dining table with one finger and when I can’t bend down I can just fly so like, it’s not an issue. Though…” She sighed rubbing her face to stop the creep of sleep already trying to pull her in. “I confess my body is starting to ache in places and again I keep sleeping all the time without realising it. It’s like aos just decides to grow a bit and my body just powers down to draw the energy because whenever I wakes up I’m starving. I ate three boxes of donuts the other day then Lena came home with burgers and I then ate three with no problems.”

Alex looked thoughtful.

“What did your doctor say?” Eliza asked.

“She said it was most likely just that,” Kara said with a shrug. “She suggested it could be my body needing to power down while aos grows which would explain why I’m sleeping so deeply when I do, no superhearing.”

Alex and Eliza exchanged a look.

“Have you-”

“Every three days,” Alex said nodding. “All her powers are still there, though they do seem to be taking longer to reach their full strength than before.”

Eliza frowned. Kara checked out of their discussion as her phone chimed. She picked it up and opened it with a smile.

Luthor meets with ex for dinner ahead of wedding.

Kara found her smile growing as she looked at the picture of Lena at the table clearly smiling and laughing at a man Kara recognised as Jack who was saying something with his hands. Sam was visible with another brunette both of them obviously also smiling at Jack. A second photo showed Lena smiling as she pointed her finger at the brunette who was clearly doing a not me gesture.

Photo, left to right: Jack Spheer, Andrea Rojas, Sam Arias, Lena Luthor.

Kara scrolled back up to the first picture and looked at Lena again. It had been a long time since she’d seen Lena looking that relaxed in anyone else’s company. Her usually stiff posture was gone as she was leaning back in her chair one elbow on the table as she held her wine glass. 

“What are you smiling at?” Maggie asked.

Kara looked up to find the others all looking at her.

“Just some tabloid article. They got a picture of Lena out to dinner with friends.”

“And who are these friends?” Alex asked looking over her shoulder. 

Kara smiled and turned the phone to show her.

“Jack and Andrea.”

“So her ex and…”

“Her best friend from boarding school.”

Maggie laughed and they all looked at her.

“Did they ever…” Maggie motioned with her hands and Alex looked at her. “What? I’m just curious if they did their experimenting together is all.”

Kara thought about it as Alex and Maggie had some kind of debate with their eyes.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they did,” Kara admitted returning to her ice cream.

Alex looked at her surprised.

“Lena apparently had a rebellious phase.”

Maggie laughed apparently delighted by this.

“So your future wife is out to dinner with her exes right before your wedding?” Alex asked confused.

“Yes, well and Sam. And they’re both coming to the wedding. So be nice,” Kara said narrowing her eyes.

Alex held up her hands.

“I’m always nice,” she said. 

Kara glared at her sister.

“What did Alex do?” Eliza asked her tone sharpening slightly.

“Nothing!” Alex said quickly.

Eliza apparently wasn’t convinced and started interrogating Alex even as Alex insisted it had just been a short discussion with Lena at the start of their engagement. Eliza apparently disagreed.

Kara turned to Maggie as Alex got up protesting she had already been chewed out for it and she didn’t need a lecture on friendliness from her mother. Maggie gave her a small encouraging smile. Kara hesitated. 

“What is it little Danvers?” Maggie asked.

Kara sighed.

“Um… do you know any reason why uh… why a woman might not be… keen to let another woman… reciprocate?” she asked.

Maggie’s eyebrows rose a little. 

“Reciprocate how?” she asked.

“Like… um,” Kara lowered her voice. “Sexually.”

Maggie frowned thinking.

“What’s happening when you try?” she asked.

Kara hesitated glancing at Alex and Eliza in the kitchen. She looked back at Maggie.

“Okay so everytime she’s very happy to get me off, she instigates it most of the time and it’s amazing but the moment I try to turn around and return the favour she’s always putting it off saying she’s fine or has to do something or sidestepping it entirely by disappearing before I can even suggest it. She seems almost confused about me wanting to do it and like the first time she didn’t even take off her clothes and I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or-”

Alex and Eliza were coming back.

“What do I do?” she hissed.

Maggie rubbed her chin thinking. 

“She didn’t take her clothes off at all?” Maggie asked.

Kara shook her head.

“Who didn’t take their clothes off?” Alex asked dropping into her spot beside Maggie.

Kara blushed.

“Ah, Lena,” Alex said nodding.

“What’s Lena doing?” Eliza asked returning to her seat with a concerned look.

“Uh she uh…” Kara struggled for a moment.

Eliza gave her a look.

“I’m guessing this is something about your sex life,” Eliza said.

Kara nodded hiding her face a little as she blushed.

“It’s perfectly normal sweetie, I remind you I did give you and Alex your sex ed.”

“Yeah after you saw our search history,” Alex muttered.

Kara hid her smile.

“Well considering one or both of you was searching how to enjoy cock and the other was looking up is the clitoris a tentacle I thought it might be best to prevent misinformation.”

Alex looked vaguely ill as Maggie started laughing. Kara found herself smiling at the memory.

“So, based on the comment before I’m guessing Lena is of the lights off and under the blankets variety and you’re wanting to change that.”

Kara sighed.

“She won’t let me… reciprocate,” Kara mumbled.

Eliza nodded slowly as Alex choked on her wine.

“Seriously?” Alex asked seeming shocked. “Not even once.”

Kara shook her head.

“She didn’t even take off her clothes until the National City Ball and I think that might have been because she was a bit drunk, but even then I had to almost beg her to.”

“Maybe she’s shy about her body,” Maggie suggested.

Kara looked at her confused.

“You have seen Lena right? She wears dresses and skirts that are practically painted on and-”

“Yeah but that’s clothed," Maggie cut in. "Good tailoring can hide a lot.”

Alex nodded her agreement. 

“Try when the lights are off,” she said.

“Or just while she’s still dressed,” Maggie added.

Kara frowned remembering how close they’d come after the volleyball game.

“I don’t know if it’s that exactly…” she said frowning.

Eliza reached out and touched her hand drawing her attention.

“From what you've said Lena grew up in a particularly... strict household. It wouldn’t be at all unexpected for her to have some issues around sex. Especially if she used it as a way to act out during a rebellious phase. It’s also quite possible she's had some negative experiences in the past. Jack from what you’ve told us was likely a very positive experience for her but considering the time frame of how long they were friends first it is quite possible she has something that’s holding her back.”

Kara nodded feeling somewhat reassured by Eliza’s words.

“So how do I…” Kara fidgeted with the ice cream in her hands.

“Try providing her reassurances about your feelings and focus on making her feel safe and supported whenever you do anything. Don’t push her when she shows reservation just back off and talk. You’re going to have the whole week of your honeymoon together, maybe take that time to talk with her about it. Spend some time just being together, go out to dinner, flirt a little, tell her about all the things you love about her and her body. The rest will follow.” 

Eliza gave her a reassuring smile. Kara smiled back and felt a little better. She kept eating as the conversation turned to some of Maggie’s more disastrous exes. Kara settled back against the couch. She had a whole week ahead of her with only the two of them. Whatever it was that was holding Lena back that was plenty of time to work it out.


It was midnight when Sam, Lena, Jack, and Andrea finally parted all of them still talking as they were gently guided out of the restaurant to the car a friendly four way debate still going over who was the best character in War & Peace as they got into cars and final goodbyes and see you tomorrow’s were shouted over the noise of the busy street.

Lena relaxed back into her seat with a happy sigh as Frank pulled away. Lena looked over and smiled at Sam. She looked quite pleased with herself.

“Thank you I-” Lena sighed. “I forgot how much I enjoyed their company.”

Sam nodded.

“I know how much you love Kara and her friends are great, but at the game night I had a moment where I realised you hadn’t brought up books. There was discussion of movies, science, and games, but you didn’t talk books or poetry, not once.”

Lena sighed.

“Kara and I do. She read thousands of books to cover as much of the cultural mix of western literary canon as she could to be able to understand the references. So she and I talk about them sometimes. But there’s a… shared hatred Jack, Andrea and I all have for certain parts of the literary world. Our parents made us all read the same books as children. Add to that the religious teaching we all suffered through and well…” Lena shrugged.

Sam laughed nd nodded her understanding.

“The hatred the three of you had for the Great Gatsby was interesting.”

Lena made a face.

“Kara loves that book, and she loves it for all the reasons I hate it. We had an hour long disagreement once about whether it was actually worthy of it’s position in the literary canon.”

Sam smiled.

“How did it end?”

Lena smiled at the memory.

“We shifted to discussing what flavour of queer all the characters were. Common ground and all that.”

Sam laughed softly. They sat in silence for a few minutes neither of the feeling any great urgency to keep talking.


Sam gave Lena a look. Lena returned the look with a raised eyebrow.

“I’ve had three glasses of wine, and I’ve gotta ask…”

“Yes,” Lena prompted smiling at Sam. 

“What’s she like?”

Lena gave her a slightly bemused look. Then she realised.

“Oh uh…” Lena coughed feeling heat creep up her face. “Well um…”

“Are you blushing?” Sam asked with a laugh.

“No!” Lena said immediately her face turning redder.

“Oh my God!” Sam sounded utterly delighted. “She uses her powers in bed doesn’t she.”

Lena looked everywhere but at Sam.

“No,” she said quickly. “It’s not like that.”

“Uh huh, so what is it like then?” Sam asked giving her a small nudge.

“Um, well I…”

Sam seemed to notice Lena’s hesitancy. She straightened a little.

“Have two not…” She motioned with her hands.

“Oh we have,” Lena said. “I just uh…” Lena gulped.

Sam was looking at her very intently.

“I haven’t let her… to me uh…”

Lena was having trouble finding the words. Sam reached over and held her hand for a moment.

“Is here a reason for that?” she asked very gently.

Lena shifted awkwardly unable to meet Sam's eyes, then nodded.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Sam asked.

Lena quickly shook her head. Sam nodded and gave her hand another comforting squeeze before sitting back a little.

“So, you’re going to be a mother in a few months…”

Lena instantly smiled thinking of aos. She nodded and Sam gave her a small smile in return.

“Your whole world is going to change the moment you hold them,” Sam said quietly. 

Lena bit her lip.

“Mum said that,” she whispered.

“It’s a universal thing,” Sam said with a small shrug.

Lena nodded. They fell silent again as Lena thought about the aos.

“I can’t wait to hold them Sam,” She said turning to look at her. “I want to hold them so badly it hurts sometimes and at the same time I terrified I’m going to fuck this up it’s not like I had good role models and I’m a fucking mess and-”

“Hey, hey,” Sam reached forwards holding Lena’s face with her hands as the panic started to rise. “Breathe okay.”

Lena nodded and took a deep breath.

“You are going to be an amazing mother,” Sam said firmly.

“How can you be so sure?” Lena asked.

Sam sat back with a smile.

“Because I know you. I know you’re mushy and sweet and you are going to shower your child with so much love and care and you’ll make mistakes, we all do. You can’t help it. But you’re never going to fuck up your child the way you were. That baby is going to come into the world and know from it’s first breath that they are wanted, loved, and most importantly, that their mother is a strong, brilliant, complete badass, who will always be there for them.”

Lena couldn’t help her smile at that. 

“And who they will have wrapped around their little finger from that first breath.”

Lena scoffed. 

“No they won’t.”

Sam gave her a long look.

“That kid is gonna turn to you with Kara’s pout and you’re gonna cave every single time.”

“Will not.”

“You so will,” Sam said laughing.

The car came to a stop. They got out still bickering and Lena followed Sam into her kitchen. Final glasses of wine were poured and they took their places on the lounge. Lena looked around then back at Sam.

“Is this where I’m sleeping tonight?”

Sam shook her head.

“No, you get Ruby’s bed. I’m picking her up in the morning from a friend’s while you’re busy getting pampered by your team at the hotel with Jess.”

Lena smiled.

“They might not let me keep my booking as I didn’t show-”

“Oh no they will. Andrea and Jack are in your room.”

Lena choked on her wine.

“Seriously?” she asked.

Sam nodded.

“Jess figured it would be easier than trying to get them a booking elsewhere. And considering how many photographers were hanging out waiting for your arrival…”

Lena sighed. For a few minutes they sat quietly letting the quiet settle over them. Lena looked at her wine then Sam. She hesitated. Sam noticed.

“What’s on your mind?”

“We’re friends, right?”

Sam shifted and looked at Lena concerned.

“Yes,” she said.

Lena hesitated again.

“I-” She glanced around. “Will you… I’m going to have, questions. Just, sometimes about- about being a mother and I don’t really have… family to- to ask. Kara does but I… I would-” 

Words were rapidly disappearing as Lena felt awkwardness creeping in. Sam put her wine down and wrapped her arms around Lena holding her close.

“I’m here to help you however I can. That’s what family does, blood or chosen.”

Lena smiled hugging Sam back.

“Thank you.”

Sam pulled back a little with a smile.

“Everyone should have a sister.”

Lena leaned into Sam’s embrace.

“The last time I got a sibling they turned into a mass murderer,” she whispered. 

“Well I can promise I’ll do everything in my power not to,” Sam said with a small laugh.

Lena found herself laughing too. She sat back with a sigh and looked at Sam. Sam smiled back.

“You know this means you’re going to have to look after Ruby for me though.”

Lena laughed again and nodded.

“Okay, but when she’s sixteen I’m totally going to make her babysit aoste for me.”

Sam scoffed.

“God I hope so. If she’s looking after your baby on Friday nighs I’ll know she’s not going out getting drunk like I was.”

Lena smiled. Sam gave her shoulder a small pat.

“Come on, you need your sleep before tomorrow.”

Lena took a deep breath and nodded.

She collapsed into Ruby’s bed with a sigh and pulled out her phone. For the first time in what was probably years she only had two notifications. One the regular reminder of Frank’s finishing time she got every night. The other a message from Kara. She smiled opening it.

Aos is missing their goodnight kiss and snuggles… And so am I.

Lena smiled and sent a message back.

Tomorrow Darling. I promise, I’m all yours.

Chapter Text

“Lena relax,” Sam pleaded.

Lena barely glanced at her as she continued to pace anxiously. She could feel them all watching her and Andrea was probably moments away from insisting Lena was making her dizzy as she checked her makeup in the mirror.

“Sit,” Sam said getting up. “And for the love of God relax, seriously.”

She gently pushed Lena into a seat. Lena did not relax. She was in her wedding dress, her hair and makeup done, minutes away from getting married and she was trying very hard to not panic.

She took several deep breaths and Jack gave her a concerned look from his place near the door awaiting the call to begin.

“Everything is going to be fine,” Jess said in her most reassuring voice as she moved closer touching Lena’s hand.

Lena clung to her.

“What if she doesn’t show and this is all some elaborate-”

“Zeus!” Diana exclaimed turning around from her place by the window. She gave Lena a rather worried look. “Lena nothing is going to happen. She’s here already and… who hurt you?” 

“Her family,” Andrea said walking over with a glass. “And some bitches we went to school with. Lena here, scotch.”

Lena grabbed the glass Andrea offered with a desperation bordering on insanity.

“No, don’t let her-”

Sam sighed as Lena drained the glass then eyed the bottle.

“And she didn’t even cough,” Jess murmured impressed. 

“Of course not, I taught her to drink,” Andrea said with a scoff.

Jess seeing Lena’s attention on the bottle of scotch moved it a bit further away with a warning look. At a motion from her mother Ruby collected it and hid the bottle from view in a cupboard. Lena sighed then looked out the window then back at Jess. Jess noticed her ongoing panic and moved to be in front of her blocking the view of the empty garden beyond. 

“Hey, Lena it’s okay. In a few minutes you and Kara are going to walk out there, say your vows and exchange bracelets, then she will be your wife. We’re going to have a party and get very drunk, and then wave you off on your honeymoon. You're going to have whole week of just you and Kara in Ireland exploring old libraries and undoubtedly having a lot of sex.”

Lena nodded slowly taking a deep breath trying to calm herself. Then suddenly her fears started coming out of her mouth.

“But what if she decides she doesn’t want to marry me anymore?” 

There was a few exasperated sighs around her. Jack moved forwards but Sam blocked him with a hand as she stared at Lena.

“Lena! Kara is not going to back out now, trust me,” Sam said firmly.

“We’re two minutes behind schedule Sam what if she’s debating whether she really wants to marry me and then decides she doesn’t and she just leaves and-”

There was a knock on the door. They all turned. Lena felt a wave of terror at what could be about to happen. Jack being closest opened it to reveal a frustrated looking Lucy Lane.

“Message from Kara, yes she is still going to marry you and nothing is going to stop her, so please stop worrying. We’re just waiting for Superman to stop choking up long enough to finish the damn prayer. Also can we put Cat Grant on your side because she and my sister are one snide comment away from stabbing each other, wedding or no.”

Lena blinked at Lucy for a second then smiled.

“Of course,” she said feeling some of the weight lift off her shoulders.

Lucy gave her a relieved look then left. Andrea turned to Lena.

“Why is Superman saying a prayer?” she asked.

“Because he’s her only living relative,” Lena said surrendering her glass to Jess.

“Kara’s related to-”

There was a moment then Andrea realised. Her eyes went wide and she turned to Lena in amazement.

“You’re marrying Supergirl!” she yelled.

There was a second of silence then a thump as Jack dropped into a chair followed by a small squeak sound as Ruby realised too. Lena smiled and nodded at Andrea’s stunned expression.

“Well who else is in attendance?” Andrea demanded.

“Kara’s adoptive family, a few of her close friends-”

“I meant superheroes. Is there-”

“I’ve heard Wonder Woman might be coming,” Sam said casually.

“Bullshit!” Andrea said turning to her in amazement then back to Lena. “Have you met her? Is she still hot? She was hot in the seventies but no one’s seen her for ages.”

Lena smiled.

“She’s definitely still hot,” Sam said.

Andrea turned to Sam surprised.

“And how do you know?”

Sam smiled looking very smug.

“We had a lovely evening recently.”

Andrea looked at Sam in amazement.

“You- you fucked Wonder Woman?”

“Technically I fucked her,” Diana said with a smile. “But I prefer the term made love.Sex is more than just the physical actions.”

Ruby made a yick sound as Andrea turned to stare at Diana wide eyed. The door opened and Cat Grant stood there.

“It’s time,” she said.

Lena took a deep breath as everyone looked at her. She rose and Jess quickly did her final check before nodding her approval.

As the closest thing Lena had to a younger cousin Ruby got to escort Lena out. Jack opened the doors and Lena stepped out to the gardens beyond. 


Kara turned her head and felt her breath catch as she saw her. Lena seemed to notice her at the same moment and they both froze looking at each other. Kara felt Clark pause beside her stopping the whole procession.

Lena looked stunning in her red gown a trail of tiny white plumerias stitched over the skirt and up to the bodice. Her hair was in what was probably a deceptively simple half up half down style with a few white plumerias carefully situated in her hair. A pair of ruby earrings hanging from her ears. 

Kara could feel Lena staring back with a bright smile as she took in the Kryptonian dress in white and gold. Her red cape was carefully draped over her shoulders to hide her family crest as James took photos.

There was a gentle clearing of a throat by J’onn and they both resumed walking towards him neither able to take their eyes off the other. They came to a stop in front of J’onn. 

On Krypton they would have stood upon the jewel in the marriage hall and made their vows before a priest of Rao. Clark upon hearing this had cut a piece of the fortress to the same specifications as the jewel for them and carefully embedded it into the ground with only the very top as a small platform. That way even if she couldn’t have the marriage hall she could get married on a piece of Krypton.

J’onn smiled at them both and they stepped up onto the ice crysatal. Clark gave Kara a smile as he let go and stepped back. Ruby did the same with Lena and they turned to each other. Kara slowly lifted her hands and Lena copied her gently entwining their fingers. 

J’onn started speaking softly reading through the ceremony in Kryptonian then English. Kara couldn’t pull her eyes away from Lena. For her part Lena didn’t seem able to look away either as J’onn clasped the nth metal bracelets onto their wrists. Then Lena was speaking, Kryptonian falling from her lips as though she had been speaking it all her life as she gave her pledge to Kara swearing not before Rao, but to Sol. 

Kara felt her heart racing faster as she recited the prayer in return, she didn’t waver as she swore her pledge before Sol as she would have sworn to Rao. She did not think Rao would object. The sun seemed almost warmer in response as though Sol had heard her promise and was blessing them too.

There was a moment of silence then J’onn declared them married in Kryptonian prompting a sniffle from Clark, then in English earning a cheer from the crowd of their friends and family. 

Kara felt her whole world become a little brighter as Lena became her wife. She let go of a breath she wasn’t aware she had been holding and then Lena was pulling her in for a very soft kiss prompting cheers and a whistle from Lucy. 

Kara couldn’t seem to stop smiling as they separated Lena’s hand moving over aos for a moment the connection there a silent promise. Kara felt tears well in her eyes then she was pulling Lena in for a second kiss this one a little less soft and a little more desperate. When they broke apart a moment later Lena’s heart was racing. 

They were congratulated by everyone and there was very gentle hugs and kisses on the cheeks and Alex was trying very hard not to cry. Eliza and Clark were openly weeping on each other’s shoulder as Lois and Lucy gave them identical looks of exasperation. 

Kara looked back to Lena smiling. There was a polite cough and J’onn apologetically reminded them they did have to cover the legally required vows and sign the marriage certificate. A process that felt a little less profound than the Kryptonian ones but once that was done Kara found herself being pulled once more into a kiss with Lena as Sam and Lois signed as witnesses. 

Kara turned and saw a beaming James capturing everything with a camera. Cat standing beside him barely resisting her usual urge to give directions. 

Kara turned back to her wife. Lena was grinning back at her.

“Hi… wife,” Lena whispered. 

“Hi, Zrhemin,” Kara replied.

Lena somehow smiled wider and pulled her in for another kiss. It took a few minutes before Kara was even able to stop holding Lena close let alone move, but eventually Alex got them separated then moving with a combination of playful shoving and the promise of food.

They walked under a rose archway and emerged onto a cliff. A circular table stood under a pair of large trees covered in a tablecloth that was the exact shade of cream Kara had picked out. They walked forwards and took their places in the two chairs decorated in red and positioned to give them the best view of National City spread out below. 

Kara was vaguely aware of some shuffling and awkwardness around them as everyone found their assigned seats (there was a brief pause as Diana and Cat switched due to the proximity of Cat to Lois) and then food was served. Kara still hadn’t looked away from Lena for a second as she picked up her cutlery. Andrea muttered something about them only lasting another hour before they were fucking in the bathroom.

This earned her a smack from Sam for using such language in front of Ruby. Then a second smack, this time from Alex on her other side because “That’s my sister!”

They finally looked away to laugh as Andrea glared at Alex and Ruby giggled. Food begun to be eaten, champagne was drunk, and then much to most of the superfriend’s shock Lena jumped right into a conversation with Andrea and Jack about some past wedding they’d all attended that ended in disaster. The three of them falling into what was clearly an old dynamic that quickly encompassed the whole table leading to a near constant flow of good natured ribbing that led to stories of various exploits usually ending in one of them doing something embarrassing.

Kara remained fairly quiet happily eating as she watched James, Cat, and Alex try to recognise the relaxed laughing woman beside her. Kara couldn’t help feeling a bit of amusement at their shock when Lena did an exaggerated look of betrayal as Andrea recounted some of their university antics, with Jack adding commentary and dramatic support. Everyone else quickly joined in adding their own stories. 

Kara couldn’t help her happiness as she watched the two sides smiling and laughing together. She knew things were going well the moment James jumped in with Lois to share a story of Clark forgetting about the lens cap on his camera leading to three rolls of film all showing nothing of the president’s visit and Perry White’s near apocalyptic response.

She relaxed in her seat and smiled capturing Lena’s hand with her own gently bringing it to her lips for a kiss. Lena smiled back and leaned over to capture Kara’s lips with her own. They broke apart ignoring the catcalls from the rest of the table. Kara kept hold of Lena’s hand through the rest of the meal.


“No my favourite was when Andrea…” Lena turned to look very smugly at Andrea. “Was scared she could get pregnant from getting certain digital penetration.”

Lena held up two fingers and wriggled them as Andrea gasped in mock horror.

“Traitor, I told you that in confidence!”

“Oh bullshit, you confessed it during truth or dare with six other girls,” Lena shot back. 

“If I remember correctly that was also how someone got their first kiss and then gave poor Elise Sturgen a black eye,” Andrea said smirking at Lena.

Jack immediately started laughing as Kara looked between a horrified Lena and a smug Andrea with increasing interest.

“No!” Lena said pointing a threatening finger as Andrea who now looked downright predatory. “You are not telling the Elise Sturgen story at my wedding!”

“Oh yes she is,” Cat said looking at them both. “Who was Elise Sturgen?”

Andrea laughed as Lena started protesting. Andrea pointed at James. 

“Okay you with the camera, I’m on glass four… or maybe six, point is I’ve forgotten your name, make sure you capture this because it’s my favourite memory of Lena and the whole world should know about it.”

Lena groaned covering her blushing face with her hand as Kara wrapped her arms around her holding her close as she looked eagerly at Andrea who seemed entirely in her element as she soaked up her interested audience.

“So we were in our dorm at Mount Helena’s…”

Lena leaned further into Kara hiding her face.

“It was well past our bedtime, we were very much not supposed to be up and the only light we had was from the candles we’d snitched from the chapel. Also we had a spread of contraband alcohol and snacks all around us. Being smart we’d set an alarm so we could hide everything before Sister Grace did her rounds. Also important to know, it was a very catholic all girls school. One whiff of lesbian activity and you got to sit in chapel for three months reciting everything they could find against sexual deviancy in the bible for two hours each night.”

There was a few looks exchanged around the table and Maggie made a yikes expression. 

“Which of course meant everyone in an act of rebellion and mutual destruction took part in the lesbianism. You couldn’t snitch if you’d kissed a girl too. Being teenage girls we of course decided to play truth or dare one night. You all know my answer for if I’d ever had a pregnancy scare. Lena, the sweet baby of the group-”

“One year younger did not make me a baby,” Lena protested.

“It did at Mount Helena’s. So as I was saying as the sweet, innocent, naive-” Lena threateningly held up a fork. Andrea continued undeterred. “Baby of the group, she was of course very shy. So Elise Sturgen, who was the… shall we say least personally restrained in her affections of us all.”

“She can probably sue you for defamation,” Lena said giving the camera a meaningful look.

“Oh please, she confessed to three blow jobs and anal that night she was a slut, and a very good one at that,” Andrea said waving her hand dismissively.

Lena rolled her eyes.

“As if you ever-”

“Stop interrupting,” Andrea said pointing a warning finger. “Next interruption and I bring up your first time.”

Lena quickly fell silent. She did not need that story on any kind of record.

“Now, as I was saying, Elise being the woman of free love she was had already discovered Lena had never kissed anyone thanks to Greta, who for the record I still don’t believe kissed Oliver Queen at her birthday party. Anyway I’m getting sidetracked. Elise hearing that decides she’s gonna help Lena out and give her her first real kiss. So it’s her turn and she dares Lena to kiss her. Now Lena immediately starts stuttering and blushing and looking generally a little terrified. At first we all thought she wouldn’t do it but she’s a Luthor so she squares up before Elise, who by the way was the captain of the basketball team so had a good foot on Lena.”

Andrea paused here and Lena drained the rest of her glass. 

“So there we were surrounded by a good three weeks of detention material and Lena just got offered her entrance into the mutual destruction club, a real Mount Helena’s rite of passage. So, she squares up and in a moment of commendable bravado and zero skill grabbed Elise and pulled her in for probably the wettest first kiss I’ve ever seen. There was tongue, Lena’s specifically, everywhere.”

Lena tried to hide her blushing face deeper into Kara’s shoulder as the table erupted into laughter. 

“Oh it gets better,” Jack said smiling at Lena.

“Indeed it does Jacky boy. As Lena is valiantly sticking her tongue down the very surprised Elise Sturgen’s throat, and getting to second base if memory serves,”

Lena groaned again.

“We hear a noise outside our door. Of course we all immediately panic thinking it’s Sister Grace coming to do her rounds early and Lena, in a moment of panic, pulled back from Elise and thumped her right in the face with a stunning right hook that dropped poor Elise like sack of potatoes.”

The table erupted in laughter as Lena uncaring about how it would look just gave in and hid her bright red face in Kara’s lap as a laughing Andrea continued.

“A move I later found out was based on the decision that it would be better to be caught engaging in a secret fight club than lesbianism as the punishment for that was only three weeks detention.”

The laughter got louder.

“So there we all are our contraband half collected frozen in shock after tiny little Lena had just dropped the captain of the basketball team in one hit. Then Elise started crying at the top of her lungs calling an increasingly panicked and apologetic Lena a bitch. We all start scrambling to hide the contraband because we can now hear the thump of footsteps as Sister Grace comes racing up the stairs to see Lena standing over the sobbing Elise looking completely lost as the rest of us are all doing our best performances of the suddenly awake.”

Lena was very tempted to just hide under the table for the next bit but Kara was rubbing her back.

“So Sister Grace demands to know what’s going on and Lena’s just standing there wide eyed. She turns to Sister Grace as Elise starts blubbering about how Lena just punched her in the face for no reason. So Sister Grace turned to Lena and demands to know what she could possibly have been thinking to punch another girl. Lena just stood there looking at her bare feet for a moment as Sister Grace demands answers, and…”

Andrea took a deep breath savouring the attention of the entire table on her. 

“Eventually she very quietly said she got up to go to the bathroom and was on her way back when she bumped into Elise and mistook her for a lesbian so she punched her lest she be tempted into a mortal sin.”

There was a second of silence then the table collapsed into a fit of laughter.

“I was fifteen!” Lena yelled.

“You had a whole ten seconds to come up with an answer!” Andrea shot back.

“I panicked!”

“Clearly. So end of the story, Sister Grace says that sounds like a crock of lies and she got three weeks kitchen duty for engaging in unladylike behaviour, a note sent home, and Elise told everyone she was a terrible kisser.”

Lena sighed and Kara wrapped her arms around her pulling her back into view before kissing her still blushing face.

“For the record Lena is now an excellent kisser,” Kara said smiling at the camera.

“Thank you darling,” Lena said. 

“Yeah because she spent the entirety of the two week French trip kissing anyone and everyone to prove she wasn’t as bad as Elise said.”

Lena sighed and turned to kiss Kara again as there was more laughter. Kara returned the kiss with a smile.

“No, but seriously that’s my favourite memory of Lena,” Andrea said sitting down. “Whenever I’m sad I mentally replay the look of shock on Elise’s face after Lena hit her.”

Lena sighed hiding her face in Kara’s shoulder again as everyone laughed. 

“Well just to make it even Kara broke the nose of the first person she kissed,” Alex said.

There was another round of laughter as Kara started protesting that wasn’t her fault. Lena laughed along with the others as she smiled up at Kara. Her wife

“Well if we’re talking about our favourite Lena stories,” Clark said leaning forwards with a smile. “I remember a certain eventful afternoon when a young Lena shamelessly used her brother escape punishment for the crime of owning pornography…”

There was a series of gasps and Cat snapped her fingers at James signalling him to capture this.

“Go on…” Diana said leaning towards Clark with a smile.

He smiled at her then turned to look at a surprised Lena.

“So this was back when I was friends with her brother, and on this particular afternoon we were just sitting around discussing nothing in the library when Lillian stormed in dragging a sixteen year old Lena behind her and brandishing a copy of Playboy.”

Lena laughed as the table erupted in cheers. Clark smiled at them all as he waited for the noise to subside.

“Now it was very obvious Lena had been caught in possession of the magazine, but as she was standing there looking vaguely terrified she gave Lex the biggest, saddest, most desperate pleading look I’ve ever seen. As Lillian said that she’d found the magazine in Lena’s room, in her bedside table, and when confronted she insisted it wasn’t hers, it was Lex’s and had somehow gotten mixed up among a stack of books he’d given her to read.”

“Damn Lena, just immediately blaming your big brother. You little mercenary,” Lois said with a smile.

Lena grinned back nodding.

“So Lex looked at Lena, then his mother, and then finally the magazine. Then to everyone;s surprise he very awkwardly took the magazine from his mother and gave an even more awkward apology about the mix up. He of course had not intended to introduce his little sister to such materials and he had simply gotten it for the articles.”

Lena was smiling very widely as she remembered the look of absolute shock and horror on Lillian’s face.

“To say his mother was unimpressed would be an understatement.”

Everyone around the table laughed again.

“Livid, would probably be more accurate,” Lena added with a smile.

“Lillian of course demanded to know where he even acquired such an item, and of course Lex never one to ever miss an opportunity where he sensed one, rubbed the back of his neck and turned to me.”

Lois nearly fell of her chair laughing.

“Then he turned back to his mother and just said he had his ways. She gave me the dirtiest look I’ve ever had the misfortune to be on the receiving end of, then stormed off saying she was going to call their father. Once she was gone Lex turned to a very red faced Lena to demand why she didn’t keep her porn in the library like everyone else and Lena’s response stunned myself and her brother…”

Clark turned to Lena who smiling picked up her wine.

“I do believe I said, because she found the magazine she didn’t find the vibrator.”

There was a second of silence then the table erupted in laughter. As things calmed Alex sighed shaking her head.

“Well that’s definitely better than the time Kara got caught with a copy of Playgirl…”

There was a moment of silence then everyone turned to the blushing Kara in surprise. Kara hid her face in her hands as Eliza started laughing. Lena turned to James.

“I feel like this story needs to be recorded too.”

“Oh don’t worry, I’m still recording,” he said giving her a smile.

Lena smiled turning back to Alex expectantly.

“I think Kara should tell this one,” Alex said sitting back with her glass of wine.

Kara sighed.

“So it was within my first two weeks in Midvale…” She sighed again. “I noticed this group of girls all looking at something and seeming very excited so of course I was curious and went to get a better look. As I walked around the corner to find out what they were so interested in a teacher started approaching them so they scattered. As they just ran past me one of them shoved the magazine into my arms. I had no idea what it was so I opened it and then I was trying to work out why there was a photo of a mostly naked man in this magazine, which apparently made me look very guilty because I’d turned it around to look at it.”

Lena started laughing.

“Then the teacher saw me, grabbed the magazine and I was dragged to the principal’s office where I explained what happened but they didn’t believe me so they called Eliza and well…”

She looked at Eliza who smiled and took over.

“So I come down to the school having been told my child has been involved in an incident with inappropriate material. At the time I of course had assumed it was Alex.”

Alex gasped and gave her mother a betrayed look prompting a laugh from Kara and Eliza.

“Why would you have thought it was me?” Alex demanded.

“Because Kara didn’t know what pornography was,” Eliza said smiling back.

Alex conceded with a nod.

“So I get to the school and I sit down very surprised to see it was Kara in trouble, then the Principal drops the magazine on the desk and I just sighed and looked at Kara and asked what happened. She told me, and then asked to know why she was in trouble. I then had to explain the concept of pornography to her, in front of the principal and well… her reaction to that pretty much sold him on it not being hers.”

Alex jumped in next.

“Then she returned to class and asked me what section of the library was the one with pornography. When I asked why she said so she could return the magazine for the girls and then held it up in the middle of biology. I was then confiscated by Mr Hawkins who said he’d deal with it.”

“I didn’t understand why it wouldn’t be available in the library if it was a genre,” Kara grumbled.

Lena leaned over and gave her a kiss to get rid of her rapidly appearing pout.

“It’s freely available to all in Themyscura,” Diana said. “We have a wonderful collection of both informative and specialised books and scrolls.”

As one every woman at the table, and Winn, turned to her intrigued. 

“Where exactly is this secret island with all the hot muscular women and informative sex scrolls?” Lucy asked. 

Diana smiled and sipped her wine. Before Lucy could press her the wait staff arrived bringing dessert. Everyone sat back talking quietly together as the staff quickly placed the cakes on the table with smiles before providing Kara and Lena with a large knife then leaving once more. 

Alex rose almost nervously. Lena felt Kara’s hand find hers under the table and entwine their fingers. She felt her smile grow just a little bit at the contact.

“Okay so before we start dessert I guess this is probably a good time for my apparently required speech as sister of a bride. I’m not really… good at the speeches, that’s kind of Kara’s thing.”

There was a ripple of laughter around the table 

“As some of you may know by now from the many stories told already, Kara and I… didn’t get along when she first joined us.”

Kara and Eliza both laughed loudly.

“It would probably be accurate to say we hated each other,” Alex amended. “But, well we worked through that and now I love her very much. And sometimes, I admit, I’m a bit… overprotective of her-”

There was a lot more laughter at this. Alex held up her hands in acknowledgement. 

“But she’s my little sister and I can’t bear the thought of her getting hurt. She deserves the best, and well…” 

Alex looked at Lena.

“I didn’t really like when Kara started hanging out with Lena. I mean who would want their sweet baby sister hanging out with some mysterious billionaire who fills her office with flowers, provides Supergirl with tips about alien fighting rings she was invited to, and has a quarterly assassination attempt, but…”

Alex sighed heavily looking at the two of them.

“I’ve never met anyone who made Kara as happy as Lena does, and that’s the most important thing to me. Kara’s happiness. I know Kara’s always wanted to find her perfect partner at game night, someone who knew everything about her, and I think we can all agree she’s found it in Lena.”

Alex picked up her glass.

“Lena, I know we’ve had some… trust issues.”

There was another laugh at this.

“But I trust you with my sister’s heart and I can’t think of a higher compliment I can pay you than that.”

There was a series of aw’s around the table as Lena smiled at Alex. Alex smiled back and raised her glass. 

“El Mayarah,” she said.

Tears rolled down Kara’s face as she smiled at Alex. Alex smiled back and there was a chorus of El Mayarah from everyone then Kara was suddenly around the table hugging Alex very tightly.


The hugs goodbye took far longer than they really should as Kara and Lena were hugged multiple times by everyone who after the five hour meal and seeming unlimited supply of alcohol were mostly very drunk. The only exceptions being Clark who was supporting the Lane sisters as they tried to outdo each other in their goodbyes in some kind of competition, and Ruby who'd somehow gotten James’ camera and was gleefully recording Cat’s surprisingly emotional final hug of Lena before they got in the car and more goodbyes were yelled after them as Frank carefully took off.

The moment they turned the corner Kara covered Lena’s face with a dozen tiny kisses.

“What was that for?” Lena asked smiling at her.

“For the wedding,” Kara said with a smile. “I know we could have done something very basic just to have the paperwork but you went to all this effort and made it special.”

Lena blushed a little and leaned forwards kissing Kara very softly.

“I wanted to give you something nice, even with the time constraints,” she said her thumb gently stroking Kara’s cheek.

Kara smiled and kissed her again.

“Well it wouldn’t have happened without the time constraint,” she said looking down at her stomach.

Lena smiled stroking her hand over aos.

“The best time constraint,” Lena said.

Kara smiled and kissed her again. 

They arrived at the hotel and a grinning Frank opened the door to let them out. Kara eagerly pulled Lena from the car and into another kiss. Lena moved back with a smile and led her into the hotel. The receptionist looked at them in surprise and quickly straightened.

“Hello and welcome, do you have a reservation?” she asked.

“Yes, for the honeymoon suite under Arias,” Lena said. 

Kara took advantage of Lena’s lack of movement to wrap herself around her from behind and press a kiss to her neck.

“Wait Arias?” Kara asked confused.

Lena nodded and smiled as the receptionist quickly typed something in her computer.

“Every journalist and gossip reporter in the city is staking out the entrances of the five hotels with a booking for Luthor. No one ever thinks to check under Sam’s name.”

Kara laughed and the smiling receptionist held out a room card. Kara stole it and begun gently tugging Lena towards the elevators.

“Please tell them to knock when they bring up our bags,” Lena said before allowing Kara to pull her onwards.

The receptionist laughed and nodded as she watched Kara dragging Lena away. The moment they were in the elevator Kara was kissing her. Lena quickly returned the kiss with a happy smile the whole way up.

At the threshold of their suite. Kara looked around then grinning at Lena picked her up. Lena let out a shocked gasp then laughed as Kara carried her through the door and into the suite.

“That’s supposed to be of the house,” she said laughing.

“Oh I fully intend to do that when we return too,” Kara said putting her down.

The lights were on in the suite revealing several large bouquets of flowers and more importantly a trail of rose petals no doubt leading to the bedroom. Lena sighed shaking her head at the cliche but Kara was happy as she pulled Lena along the trail that did indeed lead to the bedroom and a ridiculously large bed, also covered in rose petals. 

Lena begun kissing her way down Kara’s neck as she felt Kara slowly pulling down the zip on her dress. She fumbled under the cape to find the zip for Kara’s dress. She was hindered by Kara’s mouth moving lower as her dress begun to slide down. Kara moaned softly as she saw the red lace of her bra underneath. Lena couldn’t help her quiet chuckle in response.

“The underwear matches,” she said.

Kara let out a shaky breath that felt a little like an arctic breeze. Lena shivered and Kara begun a trail of warm, wet kisses down her stomach. Lena sighed softly her eyes drifting closed as her knees got weaker and weaker with every kiss.

There was a knock on the door and Kara looked away staring at the wall for a second.

“There’s our bags,” she said.

Lena smiled and pulled Kara up to give her another kiss before stepping back and out of her dress.

“Did you want to let them in?” she asked.

Kara sighed and gave her another kiss before she went to answer the door.

Lena took three steps and collapsed on the bed with a sigh kicking off her shoes. The last 24 hours quickly catching up with her. The anxiety before the wedding, the wedding, and then the reception, and what was probably the residual exhaustion of her last week of late nights all coming down on her at once. She sighed crawling up the bed her eyes drifting closed as buried her face in a pillow.


Kara thanked the smiling bell boy and gave him a couple of fifties as a tip. He blinked in shock and gave her profuse thanks. She smiled back closing the door behind his quickly retreating form. The moment he was gone she raced back to the bedroom and Lena.

“So it’s- Lena are you seriously going to sleep on me right now?” Kara asked with a laugh.

“Humans need sleep,” Lena mumbled.

Kara laughed and begun kissing her way down Lena’s neck. Lena made a gentle humming noise.

“Didn’t you sleep last night, or even this morning?” she asked.

“Couldn’t, too nervous something would go wrong,” Lena mumbled.

Kara kissed a little lower and Lena made a small noise of pleasure. Kara gently rolled her onto her back. Lena didn’t resist. Kara found herself needing a moment to appreciate Lena lying before her in the matching red lace. She looked soft, sexy, and entirely too beautiful to real. 

“Well you can just lie there then and I’ll enjoy my dessert,” Kara said her hands sliding reverently over Lena's body.

Lena laughed quietly.

“How are you still hungry?”

“I wasn’t going to eat food,” Kara said her fingers toying with the edge of Lena’s underwear.

Lena’s eyes flew open and her heart started racing as she looked at Kara. Kara gave her a very gentle and hopefully reassuring kiss on her hip.

“That got your attention,” she whispered.

“Well- I- You- You don’t have to do that I’m fine,” Lena stammered.

Kara laughed.

“Lena, it’s our wedding night.” She crawled up the bed and gave Lena a very gentle kiss. “Would you prefer if I turned the lights out?” she asked.

Lena gave her a look then gave a tiny shrug. 

“If you would prefer,” she said her voice unusually shy.

“Well I prefer getting to see all of you because you are absolutely gorgeous,” Kara said.

She gave Lena another kiss her hand gliding over Lena’s body down to her hip. She enjoyed the tiny hitch in Lena’s breath as she pressed closer. 

“But if it makes you more comfortable…”

Kara got up and turned off the lights then returned to the bed crawling back up and on top of Lena.

“There, now it’s just you and me-”

Aos chose that exact moment to kick her bladder. Kara sighed and glared down at her stomach.

“And aoskah who is interrupting!”

Lena’s soft chuckle soothed her annoyance. Then a kiss eased the last of it.

“I swear it’s like they know exactly where it is and when it would be most inconvenient. I’ll be back in a minute,” Kara said with an apologetic look.

Lena hummed softly and stretched back on the bed with a smile. 

“I’ll be waiting.”

Kara gave her a smile and saw it returned by a very soft looking Lena laid out on the bed. Kara paused and then a second kick sent her into the bathroom. 

Once she’d resolved the immediate problem she also took a moment in the mirror to check her hair and loosen all her clothes for easy removal. She checked her reflection once more and looked down at aos.

“Please behave for like, an hour, more would be better,” she whispered.

Aos moved some more but there was no more kicking. Relieved Kara stepped out of the bathroom.

“So where were-”

Kara sighed seeing Lena clearly passed out on the bed.

“Well there goes that entrance,” she muttered turning out the light. 

She walked towards the bed and gently touched Lena’s shoulder. 


No reaction. She pressed a little firmer giving a small shake.

“Lena, sweetie.”

Lena mumbled something and rolled over. Kara sighed heavily. 

“I’ve got all week. I’ve got all week,” she reminded herself.

With a sigh she undressed folding her clothes neatly and draping them over a chair. Lena’s dress she laid over the couch to prevent it getting damaged by either of them stumbling around in the morning. Then she returned to the bed and Lena. She carefully removed Lena’s underwear and covered her with the blankets before she got too cold.

For a minute Kara just stood there looking down at her. Lena always looked so peaceful when she slept. Kara gently stroked her cheek with one hand.

“Zrheminte,” she whispered leaning down to press the softest kiss she could manage to her face. “My wife.”

She sighed again feeling a twinge of need between her legs. She ignored it and slid into the bed. Apparently sensing her presence Lena wriggled closer wrapping herself around Kara with a sleepy sigh. Kara closed her eyes and breathed out slowly as she felt Lena’s naked body wrap around hers and another needy pulse between her legs.

“Tomorrow,” she promised herself.

Chapter Text

Kara found herself being awoken by a series of very gentle kisses down her neck. She hummed happily and shifted to give Lena more room. Lena’s mouth continued lower and Kara found herself spreading her legs. Lena laughed softly and she moved between them then the kisses continued and-

Kara’s eyes flew open as Lena’s lips wrapped around her clit sucking gently. She moaned as the sensation continued. 

“Lena,” she moaned. “Oh Lena what-”

Lena’s lips moved from her clit and then that marvellously talented tongue was inside her. Kara gripped the sheets trying her best not to push too hard against Lena’s mouth. Lena’s mouth moved and Kara was about to protest when she felt two fingers enter her and Lena’s thumb teased her clit. Her hips jerked and her head fell back as Lena started to fuck her. 

“Yes,” she moaned.

Oh she'd missed this. How had she gone over a week without Lena's fingers and mouth? Lena’s mouth made it’s way up to her breasts sucking on first one nipple then the other as Kara panted and moaned underneath her. 

“Lena please,” she begged.

Lena’s hand moved faster and then she was back between Kara’s legs her tongue lapping at her clit as Kara continued to moan and plead underneath her. She came with a silent scream tearing the sheets in her hands.

Lena slowed her hand but didn’t stop building tension but not overstimulating her. Kara knew what that meant. She moaned again, loudly.

"Again?" she managed to gasp out.

“Well I figured I should make up for last night,” Lena said raising her head for Kara to see her smile over aos. “You know, as your wife.”

Kara felt her whole body react to those words. Lena chuckled softly as she felt Kara’s muscles clamp down around her fingers.

“Did you like hearing that?” Lena asked.

Kara nodded quickly.

“Yes, yes Lena I liked-”

She moaned again as Lena’s fingers slid out and moved to her clit circling it slowly.

“Me saying wife,” Lena said with a smile.

“Yes,” Kara gasped.

Lena hummed softly moving higher up the bed as her hand moved a little faster.

“So you like hearing that we’re married?”

Kara nodded vigorously her hands tightening in the sheet again.

“You like knowing your wife just fucked you.”

Kara gasped her hips jerking as she felt her second orgasm building faster now.

“I do too,” Lena whispered in her ear. “I love knowing that you’re my wife.”

Lena kissed her roughly and Kara found herself melting in Lena’s arms.

“Which is why I’m going to make you come for me again.”

Kara let out a soft cry as Lena’s hand moved faster.

“The whole world knows now. They know you’re my wife. They know I’m yours. Zrhemini.”

A second wave of pleasure flooded Kara's body as she moaned against Lena’s mouth. She felt herself suspended for that one blissful moment in Lena’s arms. In her wife’s arms.

She came down breathing heavily and smiling. She turned to Lena and before she could escape quickly wrapped her arms around Lena pulling her in for a kiss. Lena made a noise of surprise at the sudden movement then she was laughing as Kara kissed her again and again. Taking advantage of Lena’s distraction Kara slid her thigh between Lena’s and rolled her hips against her earning a soft sigh. She pressed a little harder and moaned as she felt how wet Lena was.

“Darling we need to get breakfast,” Lena said her hands gliding up Kara’s body.

“Breakfast can wait a few minutes while I return the favour,” Kara said rolling her hips again.

Lena smirked at her and raised an eyebrow.

“A few minutes?” she asked.

Kara blushed and Lena gave her a quick kiss.

“Sorry darling but we do need to get up if you want to properly enjoy breakfast before our flight.”

Lena gave her another kiss and gently pushed her away. Kara rolled onto her back with a sigh as she watched Lena get up and collect her robe.

“Isn’t the point of having a private jet that you can fly whenever you want?” Kara asked a pout forming.

Lena smiled at her.

“Yes and no. I still need clearance and the flight plans, especially for a flight like this, need to be given to the authorities. As this one has already been set up ahead of time I’d rather not risk a fine from some international aviation authority for delays.”

She walked back to Kara and gave her a soft kiss removing the pout.

“Why don’t you order us breakfast while I have a shower?”

Kara smiled at Lena and pulled her in for another kiss.

“Okay, you want your usual?”

Lena hummed and gave her another kiss.

“I think I’ll be daring, since I’m on holiday, and have waffles. Can you get me some with strawberries and a little ice cream.”

Kara grinned and nodded. Lena gave her a final smile before leaving heading for the shower. Once she was out of sight Kara sighed rubbing her face in frustration.

“Supportive and reassuring,” she muttered. “I’m being supportive and reassuring.”

She heard the water start in the bathroom and closed her eyes against the sudden rush of images as her brain begun to picture Lena in the shower. Kara forced them away as she picked up the phone calling the kitchen extension to place their order. 

She gave them Lena’s order first then her own request for a triple stack of pancakes, and all available sides, extra ice cream, and could they send like an extra large side of the chocolate fudge? That done Kara looked around and found the second robe covering herself with a resigned sigh. She was about to walk out of the bedroom when she heard Lena’s soft gasp. She froze and turned using her xray vision to check on her. 

She saw Lena leaning against the wall eyes closed, one hand between her legs her whole body trembling. Kara stared confused for a moment then she realised what she was seeing. She stood there bewildered unable to work out why Lena would turn her down one moment then get herself off in the shower barely two minutes later. She watched as Lena in near silence straightened and begun quickly washing herself. 

How long had she been doing that? And more importantly, why?

Kara sighed heavily and rubbed her head the questions continuing to grow in number. She followed the trail of rose petals back to collect their bags carrying them into the bedroom as Lena emerged wrapped in a fluffy white towel drying her hair with another.

Kara gulped and quickly looked away busying herself with their bags. Then she stopped. They were married. She was trying to show Lena she was interested.

Kara turned back to Lena and let herself look. She let her eyes trail up Lena’s legs and linger as Lena bent over. Lena looked up and apparently noticed her. She smiled at her and Kara smiled back. Then she slowly approached wrapping her arms around Lena and holding her close. Lena made a soft humming noise in the back of her throat sinking into the contact for a moment. 

“Have I told you how beautiful you are?” Kara whispered.

She watched the slight shiver go through Lena and smiled.

“You’ve mentioned it once or twice,” Lena said giving her a smile. 

Kara returned the smile her hands moving over Lena’s body. Lena sighed softly and then Kara was dipping her hand into the robe.

“Well just to make sure you’re absolutely, 100% aware I think you are probably the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

Lena laughed softly.

“Darling I think you might be biased.”

Kara hummed her disagreement and pressed a kiss to Lena’s neck, then another, and another. Lena sighed softly tilting her head to the side.

Kara’s fingers teased under the robe making small circles that got higher and higher until she was teasing just under Lena’s breasts.

“One of these days I’m going to have to join you in the shower,” Kara murmured.

Lena chuckled.

“What for?” she asked.

Kara smiled and gently nibbled on her neck.

“I’ll give you three guesses,” she whispered her hand going that little bit higher.

Lena gasped and Kara bit back a moan as she finally, finally got her hands on Lena’s breasts again. Lena arched into her hand and Kara nearly died as she gently squeezed feeling the softness as Lena moaned.


Kara turned her head capturing Lena’s mouth with her own. Lena made a soft noise one hand coming up to touch Kara’s face as she kissed her back the other covering her hand. Kara squeezed again then moved so her thumb was flicking over the nipple as it rapidly hardened.

Kara found herself feeling almost dizzy with excitement as she pulled Lena closer her second hand coming up and then she was touching them both her hands full of the most exquisite softness she’d ever held. Lena’s robe was falling down as Kara begun to add a little more pressure squeezing harder drawing a soft moan from Lena. She started rolling the nipples between her fingers. Lena begun panting her hands gripping Kara tighter and tighter as small moans and mewls escaped her lips.

A polite knock of the door made them freeze. Lena quickly pulled away giving her a smile as she corrected her robe heading quickly to the door and greeting the wait staff on the other side with a bit too much enthusiasm.

Kara sighed feeling the moment slip away as Lena called her to have breakfast. She found her suspicion correct as she entered the room to see Lena already starting on her waffles. Kara gave her a smile and sat down to eat. She had all week.


After a ten hour flight, mostly spent curled together with Lena reading while Kara dozed against her side, they landed at a private airfield reportedly just outside Dublin. Lena was unusually dishevelled after their flight. A state not helped by their unusually rough descent during which she had clung to Kara. The occasional flashes of lightning out the window and crack of thunder around them clearly not helping with her anxiety.

Once they had finally landed and the cabin doors were disarmed Lena relaxed again. She stepped off the jet and walked down the steps with her usual poised confidence into the private hangar.

There was a group of four waiting for them all in dark suits. two women and two men. 

“Welcome back to Ireland,” one woman said coming forwards and greeting Lena with a smile.

Lena extended her hand with a smile. 

“Rose, lovely to see you again.”

Rose nodded and indicated the others.

“Please allow me to introduce the team. Naomi, Tom and Brendan.” Each of the team gave them a polite nod at their introduction. “Hannah, and Juliet are already at the hotel. As requested we will do our best to not interfere with your personal space and we have been briefed on your requirements regarding your wife’s protection.”

Kara gave Lena a look at the mention of her having protection. Lena gave her a small smile and turned back to Rose.

“Excellent. We’ve had a long flight and would like to head directly for the hotel,” Lena said. 

Rose nodded and with a wave of the hand the team started moving towards a pair of black SUVs.

A far more luxurious town car was waiting between them with a smiling chauffeur, in an actual chauffeur uniform and cap, standing ready. He opened the car door as they approached. 

“Welcome to Ireland. We do apologise for the turbulent arrival but the weather should be much improved tomorrow,” he said with a smile.

Lena waved off his concerns with a smile saying they hadn’t come to Ireland for the sunshine. He grinned at them both and Kara found herself getting into what was probably a ridiculously expensive car. She didn’t pay much attention because she was now awake and they were on the ground and Lena was giving her a very pretty smile as they waited for their luggage to be loaded into the car. Kara wasn’t sure which one of them started it but there was kisses and then it was a bit of a blur as she tried not to get carried away while Lena’s hands roamed freely over her clothed body.

Lena eventually pulled away promising her later. She turned and gave the chauffeur an apology for their behaviour getting a laugh in return. 

“That’s okay Mrs Luthor, it’s your honeymoon, it’s kind of expected,” he said smiling at them in the mirror.

Lena blinked for a second then turned to smile at Kara.

“Did you hear that?” she asked.

“It’s our honeymoon,” Kara said grinning at her. 

Lena’s smile was a touch predatory as she shook her head moving her lips teasingly closer.

“No, he said Mrs Luthor.”

Kara moaned softly.

“Zrheminte,” she whispered.

Lena made a small noise in the back of her throat and then kissed her again, this time harder. Kara heard the soft laugh of the chauffeur but then she was distracted by a tiny moan from Lena and she found herself far more focused on kissing her over and over than worrying about the chauffeur seeing. 

The car eventually came to a stop and Lena handed over what was probably a ridiculous cash tip before pulling Kara out into the rain. Neither of them caring about the sudden cold or being willing to wait for the doorman rushing out with an umbrella.

Kara looked up and froze. They had arrived at a castle. A real castle with turrets and everything. She made a noise of delight and gave Lena another kiss before she skipped up the steps dragging a grinning Lena behind her as a smiling doorman tipped his hat at them doing his best to cover them with an umbrella.

The interior was clearly in some specific historical style but Kara’s attention was immediately caught by the crystal chandelier high above them and then Lena’s amused laugh as she stared at it in wonder.

“If you’re impressed by that I should show you the Luthor manor in Metropolis. It has three chandeliers and no less than five grand staircases,” she said.

Kara rolled her eyes and turned to Lena.

“Just rub it in,” she muttered.

Lena smiled and Kara found herself being tugged close again. Lena gave her a quick kiss and then led her to the reception where a smiling blonde with a strong Irish accent greeted them and had just begun their check in when the manager appeared to personally welcome Lena. 

Lena politely shook the man’s hand as he gave his profuse congratulations on their marriage and assured them if there was anything they could do to make their stay more pleasurable they had only to let him or his staff know. 

“Thank you. Is my car here?” Lena asked.

The manager nodded quickly. 

“Yes Mrs Luthor, it arrived yesterday and the keys were delivered to your room to await your leisure, as requested.”

Lena smiled and signed the form the receptionist slid before her. 

“Wonderful.” She turned to Kara. “Since it's still afternoon, how do you feel about going for a short road trip? We could explore a few bookshops and get lunch.”

Kara grinned and nodded wrapping her arms around Lena. 

“My car will of course need to be checked by my security but that shouldn’t take long. Rose.”

Lena turned to the other woman.

“Can you have that-”

Rose nodded and the two men headed for the garage.

“Shall we?” Lena asked smiling at Kara as she held up the keycards the receptionist handed her.

Rose and Juliet followed them into the elevator. Kara had to admit it was amusing to have security following them. Lena noticed but said nothing.

They met Hannah and Juliet at the doors to their suite the two women standing guard. Both were very tall and fit with blonde hair and would not have looked out of place in some Sweedish sports team. Apparently they’d done a full sweep of the room before their arrival for all the usual suspects whatever that meant.

Their suite was in one of the turrets giving them an excellent view over the nearby countryside. Kara took the time to appreciate the view while Lena went on an examination of their rooms. Their luggage was brought in by a nervous bellboy who Lena promptly tipped generously on her return. Kara smiled as she saw Lena scoff at the note accompanying the complimentary bottle of champagne and a large bouquet of flowers dominating the coffee table.

Lena tossed a set of keys to Juliet with a smile. Rose informed them they’d be outside when they were ready to leave.

“So the security…” Kara said giving Lena a look as the door closed.

Lena laughed and gave her a quick almost apologetic kiss before moving away again.

“Hazard of international travel I’m afraid. Around National City I can mostly get away with just Frank and building security at the penthouse or L Corp. Whenever I have an active threat I have additional protection and a standby team from one of the local companies." Lena gave her a smile as she reached the door. "Not to mention a certain super with a knack for saving me. But as this is unfamiliar territory for us both, and despite you admirable capabilities, there are some appearances to keep up.”

“Are any of the team aliens?” Kara asked following Lena through the suite.

Lena shook her head.

“Not that I know of, but Rose is married to one. A Lalorian. Her father was also one of my father’s bodyguards decades ago so there’s a bit of a connection there. Ah, here they are.”

Lena had stopped in the bedroom. Kara smiled seeing the ornate four poster bed and gently crackling fire. There was even some kind of thick fur rug before it. Kara immediately started thinking of ways to convince Lena to lie on it with her.

“I’m guessing this place is in some particular theme…” Kara said waving her hand to indicate the bed and classical paintings on the walls.

Lena laughed and nodded. 

“Yes, the early 15th century. Though all the plumbing and electric fixtures are thoroughly modern. There is a claw footed bathtub though if you want to take a long semi period appropriate soak.”

Kara hummed softly as Lena’s arms wound around her neck.

“Would I have company in the bath?”

Lena smiled and gave her a soft kiss.

“If you wanted it.”

Kara sighed softly melting a little as Lena kissed her again and again. But then Lena was pulling away with a smile. 

“Shall we change into something more waterproof and head out?” Lena asked. 

Kara nodded and then tried not to sigh too loudly as Lena bent over to open her bags.


Lena casually stacked her pile of books on the counter for the cashier.

“I see someone’s a fan of romance,” he said scanning the books for her with a bright smile. “Looking for one yourself?”

Lena smiled politely.

“Not really,” she said getting out her card.

“A pretty lady like you, you deserve to be swept off your feet,” he said giving her a charming smile. “You deserve some guy who’ll make you feel loved and spoil you with all the books you could want.”

Lena laughed softly and looked at the cashier.

“And I’m sure you know just the guy for the job,” she said giving him a look.

He smiled wider.

“I might.”

Lena laughed again.

“Okay I think that’s all the ones I want,” Kara said a little breathlessly.

She dropped a stack of six books on the counter. Lena smiled at her and casually slid them towards the cashier.

“Are you sure you only want six?” Lena asked.

Kara nodded quickly.

“It’s our honeymoon so I’m not really expecting to read that much.”

Lena laughed and held out her card to the cashier.

“Oh you’re on your honeymoon?” the cashier asked giving Kara a smile.

They both nodded.

“So where’s your husband then?” he asked still smiling at Kara.

Lena bit her lip and looked away so she wouldn’t start laughing. Kara put an arm around Lena moving closer.

“Right here,” Kara said beaming back at him.

Lena watched the confusion then he nodded quickly.

“Oh right, one of those… things. I get it.”

He smiled at them, this time it was a bit more strained. His eyes kept flicking between them for a second before he busied himself putting their books in the bag. Lena tapped her card to the machine and he waved awkwardly.

“Enjoy your uh… holiday.”

They nodded and Lena carried the bag as they exited the shop followed by Rose who was apparently amused by the interaction.

“That’s the third person today,” Kara huffed the moment they were outside.

“Third person?” Lena asked.

Kara gave her a smile.

“Aw, your accent is changing,” she said.

Lena laughed and kissed Kara’s cheek before opening the door of the Aston Martin.

“Lillian never did manage to entirely eradicate it. No matter how many speech therapists she sent me to.”

Kara made a noise of displeasure and slid into the car accepting the bag of their bag of books from Lena. Lena walked around to the driver's side and opened the door.

“Right,” she said smiling at Kara. “It’s getting close to dinner time, shall we head back to the hotel?” 

“Yes, before anyone else decides to hit on you the moment I’m gone.”

Lena laughed and nodded to Rose giving her a small hand signal. Rose nodded back and got into the SUV to follow them. Lena got into the drivers seat and started the car. She smiled as the engine came to life.

“You seem to really like this car,” Kara said smiling at her.

“Father got it from James Bond,” Lena said with a smile.

Kara’s jaw dropped.

“Wait, really?”

Lena laughed pulling out into the traffic.

“Same model, different car though. Hollywood likes to keep the originals. My father was a big fan of the books though.”

Kara muttered something Lena couldn’t hear but when she glanced over Kara was smiling out the window. Lena felt her own smile grow before returning her eyes to the road. 

Lena was casually drumming her fingers on the wheel waiting for the lights to change when she felt Kara’s hand slide over her thigh. She threw Kara a smile and got a very bright one in return.

“So, got any ideas what you want to have for dinner?” Lena asked trying to ignore her building arousal as Kara's hand moved a little higher.

“I have a few,” Kara said her voice a little deeper than normal.

The lights changed and Kara removed her hand. Lena smiled and relaxed into her seat. She had missed driving in a way. She’d been a bit cautious at first not having driven for months, but the skill was quickly returning to her. There was something so very enjoyable about driving a fast car. Something about the immediate response of the engine the moment she put her foot down. She wondered if Kara felt something similar when she flew. 

She turned to ask when she saw Kara staring out the window her mind clearly occupied. Lena decided to let her be. She was probably tired.

When Kara still hadn’t spoken by the time they had returned to the hotel Lena knew something was up. She tossed the keys to Brendan and headed straight up to their rooms with Kara. The moment the doors closed she put their purchases down and turned to look at her. Kara was still apparently lost in thought absently playing with her bracelet.

“Kara, hey. What’s wrong?” she asked moving closer.

Kara turned to look at her and surged forwards. Lena made a small noise of surprise but then Kara was kissing her. Lena happily returned the kiss her hands coming up to tangle in Kara’s hair. Kara pulled back with a sigh.

“I want you. I want to enjoy my honeymoon with my wife,” Kara said surging forwards to kiss Lena again.

“Whatever and however you want,” Lena said with a smile gently pulling away. “But I’m thinking there’s something more on your mind.”

Kara sighed and Lena pulled her down onto one of the plush leather sofas.

“I just…” Kara sighed looking at her a blush creeping up her face. “Everyone keeps hitting on you,” she muttered. “And it’s getting a bit ridiculous. The moment I turn around there’s some random Irish guy suddenly beside you trying his best lines. First it was that waiter when we got cake, then that guy when you were looking at the engineering notebooks, and then the cashier it’s- We’re married! It’s on every bloody tabloid in the US and like three here but still-”

“Hey,” Lena said gently cutting her off. 

Kara fell quiet a pout appearing. Lena quickly kissed it away her hands gently rubbing Kara’s arm.

“I’m yours,” she whispered kissing Kara again. “All yours, no one else’s.” She begun kissing her way down Kara’s neck. “I’m your wife and no dumb Irish boy is going to ever tempt me away from you.”

Kara growled something and Lena smiled kissing her again and again her hand moving lower. 


“Shh,” Lena said her hand already up Kara’s skirt pulling down her underwear. “Clearly I’ve been neglecting you."

Her fingers begun teasing between Kara’s legs. 

“No you’ve been- Oh Rao!”

Lena hummed softly as her fingers slid inside Kara. She sighed happily feeling the instant response of Kara's body as her thumb flicked over Kara's clit. Kara always felt so good. Lena allowed herself a moment to enjoy the feeling as she drew her fingers out then slowly slid them back in.

"You haven't been neglecting me," Kara said one hand shifting to grip the couch.

“If you think I’m going to be tempted away by some boy with a few quick lines and a smile then I must have been neglecting you,” Lena said speeding up her hand.

“No Lena you’ve- you’ve-”

Kara moaned as Lena moved faster. Kara's eyes fluttered closed. A part of Lena always wanted to ask what Kara was picturing when she fucked her. Who she thought of.

“I’ll have to rectify this,” Lena said leaning forwards to kiss Kara’s neck and shoulder. “If you’re getting this excited this easily you must be in need.”

Kara moaned and shook her head in protest but Lena sped up her hand curving her fingers just right to-

Kara cried out her back arching off the couch.

“Don’t worry darling I’ll fix it,” she murmured soothingly. “I’ll fuck you just like this until you come, and if you’re still not done then I’ll use my mouth to slowly bring you to another.”

Kara moaned again her hands forming fists as she struggled not to break anything. 

“If that’s not enough I’ll get the strap on out of our bags and I’ll spread you over the bed and fuck you until one of us can no longer feel their legs.”

“Lena,” Kara moaned as she came trapping Lena in place as her body shook and came apart in Lena’s arms.

“Feel better?” Lena asked kissing her neck again.

Kara laughed and nodded as she relaxed into the couch.

“Yes, now how about you and I have-”

“Dinner?” Lena asked with a smile.

Kara opened her mouth then her stomach growled and Lena laughed. Kara glared at it. Lena gave her a kiss pulling her underwear back up.

“Shall we order something from room service?” she asked rising from the sofa and heading for the phone.

“Uh- why don’t we go out?” Kara asked.

Lena turned to her surprised.

“Aren’t you hungry now?” she teased.

Kara rolled her eyes.

“I’ll have a snack now but how about we go out for a nice… romantic dinner together?” Kara sounded almost unsure as she looked at Lena.

Lena smiled.

“Sure, it is our honeymoon after all. A nice romantic dinner sounds like just the thing.”

Kara grinned at her jumping up and wrapping her arms around Lena.

“Anywhere in particular?” Lena asked.

“Um… somewhere with a good scotch for you and large portions for me,” Kara said.

Lena nodded and giving Kara a smile moved away to flick through the hotel guide. Kara followed wrapping her arms around her again.

“There’s a distillery nearby that has an attached restaurant that’s supposed to be excellent. I’m sure they will be able to fit us in if we ask nicely.”

Kara nodded quickly holding Lena that little bit closer.

“I’m pretty sure no one here would dare deny service to you,” she said placing a kiss just under Lena’s ear.

Lena bit back a sigh and forced herself to breathe normally.

“Well I do have a reputation of tipping excessively well."

Kara laughed softly. Lena kissed her cheek and sent a message they were leaving soon for dinner and where. She got an almost immediate affirmative from Rose and looked up at Kara.

“Since we’re going out for dinner I might put on a dress and heels, since we’re being romantic.”

Kara grinned and her hand came up to adjust her glasses.

“I think I will too.”

Lena gave her another kiss and headed for the bedroom to change.

Chapter Text

Lena smiled at Kara over her plate. Kara was feeling pretty good about how things had been going. Lena had a couple of glasses of wine as she ate and seemed very relaxed. They’d been flirting all through dinner. And perhaps more importantly to Kara’s interests that evening, Lena seemed highly receptive to her overtures.

“Soon darling I’ll give you anything you want,” Lena said smiling as she handed her card to the waiter.

“I want you,” Kara said her eyes on Lena.

Lena winked.

“As soon as we get back,” she promised.

Kara quickly got to her feet almost knocking her chair over in the process. Lena laughed and tucked her arm in Kara’s dropping a kiss on a blushing cheek before leading Kara out into the rain. The freezing rain did nothing to ease the building heat between them. The car ride was thankfully short and full of soft intimate little touches that had Kara practically vibrating with energy.

The elevator ride felt like some kind of torment as they both struggled to keep their hands off each other while standing there with Hannah and Rose who seemed aware of, and amused by, their predicament.

The moment the door closed though all restraint was gone and Kara found herself kissing Lena as they stumbled deeper into their suite throwing off their rain dampened coats and kicking off high heels as they went.

Lena shoved Kara against a wall eliciting a moan as her lips moved from Kara’s mouth to her neck.

“Was there anything in particular that were you wanting?” Lena asked kissing that spot under Kara’s ear that always made her shiver.

“You,” Kara whispered moving closer to Lena.

“I got that darling,” Lena said laughing softly. “But how do you want me, mouth?” She kissed Kara’s neck lower down. “Or fingers?” Her hands trailed down Kara’s arm. “Or am I pulling out some toys from the suitcases and bending you over that ridiculously large bed?” 

Lena kissed her softly and her hands moved down to pull Kara closer.

“What if I want to be the one doing that to you?” Kara asked kissing Lena’s exposed neck and shoulder.

Lena laughed again and Kara heard the sudden tension in it along with the skipped beat of Lena’s heart.

“I’m fine. Do you just need something quick to calm your hormones down or is there a want for something longer?” Lena asked her hands trailing down Kara’s hips.

Kara frowned and in a rush of speed swapped their positions pinning Lena against the wall hearing the soft gasp as she did. Then she took a step back looking at Lena. Lena smiled at her raising one eyebrow.

“Well?” Lena asked.

Kara listened to Lena's racing heart. She frowned at Lena silently cataloguing the signs of arousal trying to work out what she was missing. Everytime she wanted sex Lena seemed more than eager to give it to her but whenever she tried to reciprocate Lena put her off. She clearly wasn’t shy about her body. So what was it?

“I want to get you off,” Kara said as clearly as she could. “I want to put my hands all over you and hear you come apart from what I do to you. I want to lick and suck and taste your body. I want to make you feel good too.”

Lena seemed stunned for a moment then she shook her head quickly and gave Kara a nervous smile as she tugged at the fabric of her dress. 

“It’s okay Kara, you don’t have to do that I’m- I’m fine.”

Lena moved to step around her. Kara stopped her with a hand on her arm.

“You keep saying that but- Why won’t you let me touch you in return?” she asked her eyes searching all over Lena’s face trying to find some explanation. 

She had a sudden thought and dropped her hand.

“Do you not want me like that?” Kara whispered. “But you’ve been-”

“Of course I want you,” Lena said immediately.

Kara looked at her confused.

“Then why won’t you let me?” Kara demanded her frustration returning tenfold. “Lena, there’s clearly something you’re not telling me and I want to-” Kara sighed and gentled her tone. Supportive and reassuring. “Talk to me,” she pleaded. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s fine,” Lena said looking away. “You don’t need to take care of me like that. I can look after myself. I know you’re not interested in that and-”

“But I am interested and I do want to,” Kara said cutting her off. “I don’t know how I can be clearer about this. I want to do to you what you do to me. I want to make you feel just as good as I do.”

Lena looked away her arms crossed as she shrunk into herself. Kara took a step closer her hand coming up to gently brush Lena’s arm.

“Tell me Lena,” she said her voice barely above a whisper. “Why won’t you let me touch you. What’s stopping you from letting me give you pleasure?”

“I don’t-” Lena was struggling. “I don’t have a right to anything more from you.”

Kara looked at her bewildered and a bit angry.

“A right?” she asked her voice rising slightly. “Lena what-”

She looked at Lena her mind scrambling to try and think what Lena was on about. What right could she possibly be talking about?

“Just forget it,” Lena mumbled trying to step around her again. “Let’s not talk about it. It's not important.”

Kara quickly stopped her again.

“No, we’re definitely talking about this,” She said quickly. “We’re- we’re married! What right are you- What do you think is going to happen if you finally let me touch you?”

Lena didn’t say anything. She was staring at the wall opposite her throat moving as she swallowed. Kara could hear Lena’s heart racing and see the tears threatening to spill from her eyes. She took a step closer cautiously placing a hand on Lena’s arm again.

“Lena,” she begged. “Please just tell me. I’m right here and… I’m your wife. Please talk to me so we can work this out, together.”

Lena seemed to be struggling to breathe. 

“Zrhemin… please,” Kara whispered.

Lena closed her eyes 

“I- I-” Lena swallowed again. “I um…”

Lena kept struggling the words clearly not coming as she opened and closed her mouth. Kara moved closer wrapping her arms around Lena holding her as she waited.

“I’m a lesbian,” Lena whispered into her shoulder.

“Okay,” Kara said holding her tighter. She pressed a kiss to Lena’s head. “So how does that-”

“I’m in love with you.”

Kara froze as the words registered. Then a sudden rush of warmth and excitement flooded her as she pulled back a little to smile at Lena. Her smile faltered as she saw Lena’s devastated expression.

“I’m sorry,” Lena said. 

Before Kara could even think of a response Lena plunged on her voice getting more and more desperate.

“I’ve been in love with you for a long time and I know you don’t feel the same way. I didn’t do all this to trap you I swear. I don’t care that you don’t feel the same way and I know you are never going to love me the way I love you but I don’t need that. I’m just happy you like me at all. I don’t need you to love me back because you even letting me hold your hand…”

Lena was struggling to breathe as she looked at Kara seeming absolutely terrified. Kara stared back her mouth opening and closing as she struggled to even begin to address Lena was saying. Lena looked suddenly panicked.

“You being my best friend and letting me help raise your child is more than I ever expected. Please, Kara I don’t care if you use me to get you off without feeling the same and you never need to return the favour or if you want you can have an affair the whole time we’re married as long as I get to be with you.”

Lena was crying now clinging to a stunned Kara.

“You can have anything, everything from me as long as I get to be beside you through it. As long as I get to keep you and aos in some form I don’t care because I know I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve the sun, or a miracle. I haven’t deserved love since my mother died. Not since I stood on the that shore and watched her drown and did nothing. I-”

“Lena-” Kara whispered.

Lena clung tighter her panic evident as she talked faster.

“I know it’s selfish. But I’m weak and selfish and I’m sorry. But please, please Kara. I will do anything for you and aos. I have no boundaries for you because I love you and always have. I just want to keep some tiny piece of you as mine. I want to just let you warm me a little, I want you and the aos, just a little light in the darkness, just a little happiness and love. I know you feel like you’re supposed to return the favour but it’s fine you don’t have to, I know you don’t want to do. I don’t want you to reciprocate because I know it’s not something you really want it’s just hormones and-”

“Lena please stop,” Kara begged.

Lena fell silent tears rolling down her face as she looked away.

“I love you too,” Kara said. 

She held Lena’s face in her hands trying to gently force Lena to look at her that warmth bloomed inside her chest again. Lena loved her.

“Khapp zhao rrip. I am in love with you too Lena. I am in love with you and I want you the way you want me.”

Kara moved forwards trying to capture Lena’s lips with her own but Lena pulled away. Kara stared at her confused the warmth that had grown in her chest fading a little as Lena pushed away from her. She wouldn’t look at Kara as she tried to walk away.

“You don’t have to pretend I-”

“But I’m not pretending,” Kara insisted catching Lena’s hand. 

Lena was shaking her head as though to deny everything. 

“I love you,” Kara said moving closer. “Why won’t you believe me?”

Kara looked at her for a moment and then pulled Lena close again. Lena frowned then Kara kissed her again and again. She added a little more force than normal pushing Lena back against the wall as she kissed her. Lena dragged her lips away gasping for breath.

Kara moved her lips lower sucking and biting at Lena’s neck her hands moving to Lena’s skirts gathering them in her hands as she pressed closer.

“You don’t need to I’m fine,” Lena whispered.

It almost sounded like an automatic response at this point and Kara ignored it.

“I want to,” Kara said hoarsely. “I love you. I am in love with you Lena. You deserve love Lena. It’s me who doesn’t deserve you. I want you so badly it’s been tearing me apart for weeks. I want to touch and kiss every part of you. I want to make you feel as good as you make me feel. If you don’t want that then say so and I will stop.”

Her fingers reached the edge of Lena’s underwear teasing along the edge but not going in just yet, not until Lena said it was okay. She returned to kissing Lena’s neck.

“Kara I can’t stop you,” Lena whispered. “Whatever you want I will give it but please don’t pretend, don’t ever pretend because I cannot survive that.”

Kara used her spare hand to lift Lena’s face so she could look deep into her eyes.

“Lena Kieran Luthor, I love you. I want you. Please let me show you. Please.”

Lena moaned her eyes falling closed and Kara slid her hand into Lena’s underwear. She was soaking wet. Lena gasped her hips bucking against Kara’s fingers as the tip of one of Kara’s fingers touched her clit. Kara moaned coating her fingers in the evidence of Lena’s arousal.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to put my hand between your legs,” Kara whispered.

Lena whimpered in response her eyes firmly shut as she pressed against the wall. Kara couldn’t tell if Lena was trying to escape or needing the support to hold herself up. Kara started slowly circling Lena’s clit feeling how hard it was under her fingers. Lena pressed her lips tightly together as though forcing herself not to speak.

“You feel so good Lena, so so good. I have dreamed about this and you are better than I imagined. You feel better than I imagined,” Kara whispered placing a gentle kiss on the edge of Lena’s mouth.

Lena moaned.

“Kara- Kara I-”

Kara moved a little faster and Lena came with a sudden harsh gasp her head hitting the wall as she stiffened her body trembling as her heart rate skyrocketed and more tears leaked from her eyes.

Kara kissed them away as she drew out her orgasm a little longer before slowing as Lena collapsed against her.

“Please don’t be lying,” Lena whispered.

“I’m not,” Kara promised. “I love you Lena. I’m in love with you and I think I have been for a long time.”

Kara could feel the freah tears on Lena’s cheeks as she clung to her panting. Kara kissed them away holding Lena’s face in her hands kissing her again and again.

“I’m going to show you how much I love you. I’m going to show you over and over until you finally believe me. Even if it takes the rest of our lives.”

Lena made a small almost pitiful noise in the back of her throat hiding her face in Kara’s shoulder. Kara picked Lena up and carried her limp body to the bedroom kissing her again and again. She lay Lena on the bed and kissed her way down Lena’s body tugging down her dress as she did. 

“Please don’t be lying,” Lena whispered. 

Kara moved back up the bed and kissed Lena softly.

“Look at me Zrhemin.”

Lena opened her eyes. She looked afraid.

“I’m not lying,” Kara whispered. “I promise.”

She kissed Lena again her hand moving down to be between Lena’s legs. Lena’s legs parted immediately.

“I love you,” Kara whispered.

Lena moaned as Kara easily slid two fingers inside her. 

“I love you so very much. I have loved you from the moment you filled my office with flowers.”

Lena choked on her laugh for a moment then she was moaning loudly as Kara continued to slowly fuck her. 

“I have wanted you from the moment you asked why you didn’t see my name on the byline.”

“Please don’t lie.”

“I'm not. What I wrote in that article about us, it was the truth. The moment I actually thought about who I wanted to have a family with it was you. It’s always been you. I love you.”

Lena’s hands were fisted in the sheets her eyes squeezed shut and her jaw locked trying to fight off the feelings inside her body. 

“I am in love with you Lena. I have been long before aos. The moment you offered to marry me I wanted nothing more.”

Lena gasped her head thrown back.

“I married you because I wanted to. I wanted to be able to introduce myself as Mrs Kara Luthor. I want to call you my wife for the rest of my life. I want you beside me through everything that’s coming ith aos and any other children we have. I want you. I love you. You are my wife and the mother of my child.”

Lena gasped her body stiffening as she clawed at the sheets. 

“Our wedding day was the happiest day of my life.”

Lena made a strangled sound halfway between a sob and a cry.

“I love you. I love you. I love you.”

“Don’t lie,” Lena begged.

“I’m not lying, I promise,” Kara said moving her hand a little faster watching the shudder that went up Lena’s body. “You are the love of my life. I don’t want anyone but you. My Lena, Zrheminni, my wife. Let go.”

Lena’s body clamped down on Kara’s fingers as she cried out the orgasm finally dragging her under. Kara continued to increase her speed driving Lena higher. Lena’s whole body was tense her hands gripping the sheets so tightly it looked like they might rip. 

Kara eased her down as a second sob broke from Lena’s lips. She kissed Lena softly. She kissed away the tears and pain as Lena clung to her sobbing. Kara murmured soft reassurances over and over in English and Kryptonian telling her over and over that she loved her. 

Lena continued to cling to her breathing heavily as the sobs slowly eased and her remaining tears were kissed away. 

“It’s okay. I’ve got you. I’m here. I’m here,” Kara whispered. “Zrhueiaoni Lena. Zhaoni.”

“I love you,” Lena whispered. “I love you so much. Please- please don’t lie-”

“I’m not,” Kara said. 

“I can’t take that I can’t-”

Kara pulled her closer.

“I love you Lena. You are my wife. You are the mother of my children, by blood or not they are yours just as much as they are mine. I’m not lying. I love you. I love every part of you. Believe me. Please, in this believe me.”

“I- I-” Lena kept opening and closing her mouth trying to talk. “I can’t,” she whispered.

“Why?” Kara whispered.

She started to kiss away the fresh tears that leaked from Lena’s eyes.

“I don’t deserve you,” Lena whispered.

“Yes you do,” Kara replied. 

Lena shook her head but Kara stopped her with a finger holding her steady until Lena looked at her again. She closed her eyes almost immediately. 

“I’m sorry,” Lena whispered.

“For what?” Kara asked. 

Lena hid her face in Kara's shoulder. She was quiet again but Kara could wait. She would always wait for Lena. Her patience was finally rewarded when Lena gave her answer in a whisper so quiet ishe could only catch it with her superhearing.

“For being broken.”

Kara turned her head and wrapped Lena in her arms holding her close and kissing her over and over.

“You are not broken Lena,” she said between kisses.

“I don’t know… love. I thought I did but I just… I don’t know if I ever really have. If I’m too much of a Luthor to understand it if I once did.”

Kara felt her heart breaking as she looked at Lena and then she kissed her softly.

“Yes you do. You are loved by me, by Sam, and Jess, and Jack, and Andrea, and by aos. Here.”

She placed Lena’s hand on her stomach. 

“You are loved Lena. You know how to love. You know love.”

“I watched my mother drown and said nothing, what kind of child says nothing-”

“A loved one,” Kara said interrupting her.

Lena looked up at her in surprise.

“You said nothing because you couldn’t understand that something bad was happening, because nothing bad had ever happened to you before, not seriously.”

Lena stared at Kara confused.


“Why would you be upset or alarmed by your mother going in the water if she said she was going to do just that? Why would you be confused by her diving under? You were four Lena. I am sure you were warned about water at least once by your mother and I am just as sure she would have reassured you should you ever get caught underwater she was strong enough to save you.”

Lena stared at Kara for a long moment her eyes fixed on Kara’s. Kara held Lena’s face gently in her hands willing her words to sink in.

“You didn’t say anything because you never doubted she would come back. You were a child. To children parents are like superheroes, they always come back smiling.”

Lena’s lower lips trembled as Kara moved that little bit closer not releasing Lena’s face as she willed her words to be understood. 

“You are not broken. You do know love. You were loved by your mother. You have always been capable of love you just trusted your heart to the wrong people. Lex, Lillian, and even Lionel. You trusted your family to love you like your mother had, and they betrayed you. But that never meant you stopped understanding it. They did not deserve your love, but you, you have always been worthy of love, you have always deserved it. I know it’ll probably take a long time before you can really accept what I’m telling you. I know scars don’t go away overnight but… You do know love. You have been loved, you are loved, and you will be loved.”

Kara gently placed Lena’s hand on aos.

Lena looked down and her fingers gently moved over aos. Aos kicked and Kara saw the smallest smile reach Lena’s face. Lena softened her eyes on aos her hand in place as aos kicked and stretched pushing against it.

“Easy now,” Lena said her other hand coming up to stroke Kara’s stomach as aos continued to move around. “It’s okay aos I’m here.”

Kara felt tears well in her eyes as she looked at Lena. Lena sniffed and lowered her head to place a soft kiss over aos. When she looked up her eyes met Kara’s.

Kara pulled her back up and kissed her. And Lena kissed her back. Kara deepened the kiss enjoying the way Lena melted for her.

“I want you,” Kara said. 

“I’m right here,” Lena whispered before kissing her again.

Kara moaned into the kiss and felt that warmth rush back into her chest. Lena loved her. Lena was in love with her. She stopped and just enjoyed the moment smiling at her. Lena looked up at her a little nervousness creeping into her posture.

“I love you,” Kara said, a little breathless. 

Lena gave her a very shy smile. Kara pressed closer kissing Lena again.

“I love you,” she said a little more firmly. 

Lena still looked a little afraid as she nodded. Kara rewarded her with another kiss.

“So you asked if I wanted fingers or mouth earlier…” Kara murmured. 

Lena’s eyes widened as she looked at a smiling Kara. 

“Kara you don’t need to I-”

Kara looked at Lena as she struggled to speak.

“But would you like it?” Kara asked her tone gentle.

Lena choked for a moment her eyes fixed on Kara.

“Do you want it?” Lena asked.

Kara gave her a look.

“Lena,” she said imitating Lena’s CEO voice. "Do you want it?"

Lena gulped.

“Yes,” she whispered. 

Kara grinned and lowered herself to her knees between Lena’s legs enjoying the sudden hitch in Lena’s breathing. 

“See you’re getting it. A few affirmations and you’ll start believing me.”

Lena laughed then.

“Affirmations?” she asked smiling at Kara.

“Yes, now I think about it affirmations are probably an excellent way to get you to start believing me.”

“I don’t really think that’s going to work,” Lena said an edge of her usual teasing coming back again.

Kara grinned at her wife.

“Not completely, but I’ve heard repetition is key.”

Lena scoffed and Kara got a sudden idea.

“Well then let’s make it a bit more fun,” she said separating Lena’s legs further with her hands. She tore her eyes away from Lena’s sex to look up at her face. “If you want me to go faster say you love me.”

Lena raised an eyebrow.

“And you think me saying I love you is going to-”

“No you’re saying that I,” Kara pointed at herself. “Love you.”

Lena hesitated slightly and Kara leaned forwards and kissed her clit as softly as she dared. Lena’s hips bucked at the light touch.

“Just see how it feels,” she said gently.

Kara glanced up and saw Lena nod.

“You love me,” she whispered.

Kara smiled and took just a second for herself to look at Lena spread out before her and then did what she’d wanted to do for a very long time. She put her head between Lena’s legs and finally got to taste her. 

“Oh my God. Oh my God, ohmygod,” Lena said as Kara’s tongue swept out licking over her in long broad strokes.

Kara couldn’t help her smile at this as she glanced up at Lena as her tongue rolled over Lena’s clit. Lena moaned her head falling back onto the mattress. Kara slid her hands under Lena’s hips lifting her a little higher as she slowly entered Lena with her tongue and moaned at the taste. 

Lena cried out and then her hands were in Kara’s hair holding her closer.

“Please Kara,” she begged.

Kara kept to the same pace sliding her tongue inside Lena gathering her taste then going higher to lick over her clit. She repeated tis over and over.

“Kara,” Lena moaned as her tongue once more teased Lena’s clit.

Kara pulled herself away from Lena just enough to speak.

“Say I love you and I will suck-”

“You love me.”

Kara immediately sucked on Lena’s clit hearing her curse and moan her hips rolling up as her hands tightened.

“Oh God, Kara.”

Kara sighed softly hearing Lena moan her name. 

“You love me, please harder.”

Kara obliged her whole body started feeling hot as Lena’s moans and pleas continued. She felt her own hand drifting to the space between her legs as Lena begged her to go faster. 

Kara moaned as her own fingers touched her clit. She was vividly reminded of Lena doing this same thing. She moaned again her hand moving faster as she teased and sucked Lena’s clit between her lips.

“Oh God, are you seriously touching yourself while you eat me out?” Lena said.

Kara lifted her head to see Lena looking down at her with wide eyes.

“Is that a… problem?” she asked.

Lena quickly shook her head.

“No Kara, that is the opposite of a problem,” Lena moaned.

Kara grinned and licked Lena’s clit enjoying Lena’s resulting loud moan. Kara hummed as her hand moved faster.

“Oh fuck,” Lena said. “How far away are you?” 

Kara smiled and lifted her head again.

“Probably not that long if I-”

Lena grabbed her head and shoved it back between her legs grinding against her tongue.

“I want you to come while you eat me out.”

Kara moaned her hand moving faster as she went back to licking and sucking at Lena’s clit keeping to the same pace as before. 

“You love me,” Lena said breathless. 

Kara went faster feeling the tremble starting in Lena’s legs as she pressed Kara closer.

“Please Kara,” she begged. “Please come for-”

Kara gasped as her body shook and she cried out as her orgasm washed over her the waves of pleasure growing as her hand moved faster and faster urged on by Lena’s moans.

As she came down from her orgasm her mouth returned to it’s previous work determined to give Lena the same feelings. Lena gasped her hands tightening in Kara’s hair her hips thrusting up against Kara’s tongue begging her to move faster. 

“You love me, you love me, y- y-” 

Lena’s whole body jerked and then her body arched off the bed her mouth open in a long silent scream of pleasure as Kara drove her higher. Lena’s hands so tight in her hair that were Kara human she’d likely have ripped some out.

Kara continued to lick and suck her tongue moving faster until Lena dropped back down once more her body twitching and her hips twitching away from Kara’s tongue. 

Kara dragged her tongue over Lena once more delighting in the taste of her as Lena groaned at the pressure on her now hypersensitive clit. Kara let go of Lena's hips and crawled back up the bed to lie beside her. 

Lena was lying seemingly unable to move her eyes closed chest rising and falling with her breaths. Kara kissed Lena softly then moved her lips to kiss away the traces of Lena’s tears.

“My Lena,” Kara whispered. “My love. Khap zhao rrip.”

Lena sighed softly and Kara pulled them up the bed and covered them with the blankets as Lena curled around her side one hand moving down to rest protectively over aos.


Lena was woken the next morning by her phone. She groaned and heard Kara’s immediate protest as she rolled away and went searching. A pair of strong arms wrapped around her as she fumbled for the device in her bag on the floor. The moment she had the phone in her hand she found herself pulled back into the bed and under the covers. She let out a surprised squeak at the movement then laughed. Kara nuzzled into her neck and Lena checked her caller ID. Rose Irish Sec.

She answered the call trying to ignore the way Kara was burrowing deeper under the blankets her mouth moving lower placing wet sucking kisses as she went. 

“Good morning Rose.”

“Good morning Mrs Luthor.”

Lena looked at the clock beside the bed. 10:21.

“Ah,” Lena said. “I’m guessing you’re calling to check we’re still alive.”

“You would be correct Mrs Luthor,” Rose said a small laugh. 

“Well can confirm definitely still very much alive and unha- harmed.”

Lena looked down at Kara in alarm. Kara didn’t seem to notice or care as she slid a second finger inside her. Lena barely managed not to moan.

“I’m afraid we do need to do a visual check Mrs Luthor.”

“Yup,” Lena was having trouble keeping her breathing regular. “Uh we’re a bit- uh… how- how long before-”

“Within the next two minutes to ensure a check within twelve hours,” Rose said her amusement evident now. “Sorry Mrs Luthor but it is a requirement.”

“Right- um… Kara, darling?” Lena looked at Kara. Kara stared back her fingers sliding out then thrusting back in very deliberately. Lena barely suppressed her whine. “The- the team just needs to do a check we’re both still alive and…”

Kara stared back and then very deliberately lowered her head and started slowly licking Lena’s clit in long soft sweeps. Lena moved the phone back to her mouth.

“Are you sure you can’t delay that by-”

Rose coughed to cover her laugh.

“I assure you Mrs Luthor we’ve seen everything in this job. It’ll taken ten seconds then you may return to enjoying your honeymoon.”

Lena looked at Kara. Kara casually flicked her legs up so she was floating naked and upside down in the air her head between Lena's legs the blankets sliding off them to one side. Kara's tongue started moving faster as her fingers found the exact right angle.

“Wanna bet?” Lena asked a little breathless.

Rose laughed.

“Sure. Again sorry Mrs Luthor but we are-”

“I know I know. Protocol requirement. Just… give us thirty seconds.”

“We’ll count it down,” Rose said.

Lena hung up and looked at Kara a little panicked.


Kara hummed softly. Lena moaned as the vibration went straight to her clit. Lena gripped the sheets in her hands.

“Kara can you come down for a moment so they can do the-”

Kara moved her fingers faster. Lena’s head fell back. Kara’s mouth moved.

“If you want me to do that then you need to come or say I love you.”

“I love you!” Lena said immediately. 

Kara grinned moving her hand faster. 

“No, you need to say that I,” she pointed at herself. “Love you.” She pointed at Lena.

Lena moaned as Kara twisted her fingers in just the right way with just the right pressure.

“And now you also need to say you deserve me.”

Lena groaned as Kara returned her mouth to it’s previous work.

“Kara please-”

“Fifteen seconds.”


Her orgasm was very close now but not quite close enough. Kara hummed and Lena’s hips jerked.

“Fuck Kara.”

Kara’s hand moved faster. 

“Ten seconds.”

“Oh God!”

If they didn’t stop now then they were definitely going to be seen. An idea that was not as unappealing as it was twenty seconds ago. 

“Kara- You- You-”

“Yes…” Kara prompted. “Five seconds.”

Lena felt her orgasm so close.


“I am.”

Lena gasped as Kara’s fingers moved even faster.

“They just opened the door.”

Lena looked at Kara alarmed.

“You love me and you deserve me.”

“Almost right,” Kara said smiling at her.

Lena was having trouble breathing.

“Kara,” she hissed.

Kara grinned back her hand speeding up again.


There was a knock on the door and then a rush of speed and Lena found herself covered by a blanket with Kara curled at her side looking exceedingly pleased with herself. And more alarmingly her fingers still inside Lena.  

Rose and Juliet entered both of them struggling to keep a professionally neutral expression as they did so.

“Mrs’ Luthor,” Rose said.

“Hello Rose,” Kara said brightly. “How’s things on the security front this morning? Everything all… secure?”

Lena turned to glare at Kara as Rose tried not to laugh.

“Yes, everything is secure and we’ve had no surprises or issues to report.”

“Excellent,” Kara said brightly. “So how often do you need to do these checks?”

Lena bit her lip to prevent a gasp as Kara removed her fingers. 

“It depends Mrs Luthor, in a location like this which we consider secure, overnight, we have a twelve hour check from last time of contact. We last saw you both at ten twenty three last night so we’re checking in now. During the day we do hourly to two hourly if you’re not going anywhere. Normally we'd have someone in the room with you at all times or outside the door. But, as this is your honeymoon your wife requested we not do that. So we’ll be doing a check every hour from now until we get told you’re going to bed.”

Kara nodded thoughtfully. 

“And if we’re in a location that’s not considered secure?” she asked.

Lena glared at her. She could still feel the ghost of Kara’s fingers inside her.

“Darling maybe we can discuss the security arrangements later,” Lena said giving Kara a look.

Kara smiled back.

“I’m just curious about the procedure-”

“Can you be curious about the procedure ten minutes from now?” Lena asked.

“Are you sure you’ll need the whole ten minutes?” Kara asked sweetly.

Lena’s glare intensified.

“Thank you, that will be all for now,” Lena said not looking away from Kara.

“Mrs Luthor,” the security women said.

Lena waited until she heard the door close before she threw off the blankets and grabbed Kara’s hand guiding it back to it’s previous position as she kissed her.

“You, are, a, tease,” she growled between kisses.

Kara laughed and slid two fingers back inside her. 

“What did I do?” she asked still laughing.

“You know what!”

Kara smiled and kissed her.

“Aw, your accent gets thicker when you’re angry.”

Lena gaped at her.

“It does not.”

“Yeah it does.”

Kara’s hand started moving faster.

“Oh fuck,” Lena moaned her head falling back as her orgasm drew closer again. “Whatever, just don’t- don’t-”

“I love you Lena.”

Lena’s whole body jerked at those words and then her orgasm was crashing into her. A cry forced it’s way out of her throat and Kara’s hand sped up pushing her higher and higher until she finally came crashing back down the other side into Kara’s waiting arms. Kara held Lena as the shaking stopped and she could breathe again.

“Well that’s one way to start my morning,” Lena saidtossing Kara a bright smile. 

Kara smiled back.

“Who says it’s over?”

Kara’s stomach growled and Lena laughed. Kara sighed a pout appearing. Lena wrapped her arms around her and gave her a consoling kiss.

“Let’s order some breakfast so we can feed aoskah,” Lena said her fingers sliding into Kara’s hair. “And while that’s cooking we can find out how many times I can get you off before it arrives.”

Kara moaned and Lena kissed her again. 

“Then what are we going to do?” Kara asked.

“After breakfast, we can have a nice hot bath to relax my aching muscles, and go explore a ruined castle this afternoon to look for faeries,” Lena suggested.

Kara’s eyes lit up at and Lena laughed.

They did not make it to the ruins that day, not because of the bath which turned out to be too small for anything remotely comfortable for them both despite it’s supposed size. Instead the heavy rain kept them curled on the couch Kara with her head in Lena’s lap the two of them reading from their stacks of new books stopping every now and then to read the best lines to each other, periodically getting interrupted by the security team doing their hourly checks and the almost as frequent arrival of food for Kara.

Chapter Text

Lena woke slowly pulled from her dreams by the press of kisses against her shoulder moving up her neck to her jaw then slowly towards her mouth. Lena smiled turning her head that tiny bit to capture Kara’s lips with her own. 

Then she felt a hand moving between her legs.

“Are you going to-”

Lena moaned as Kara easily slid two fingers inside her.

“Wake you like this every morning?” Kara finished. “Probably only on our days off. You’d be too distracting when I have work to go to.”

Kara’s fingers moved at a steady teasing pace inside her. Lena gripped her pillow as she started rocking her hips trying to make Kara go faster. Kara indulged her for a minute her hand moving faster pressing in just the right place. Lena felt her orgasm building quickly. She spread her legs a little wider and gasped as Kara changed the position of her hand ever so slightly.

“Yes,” Lena moaned. “Faster.”

“Are we in a rush this morning?” Kara asked stilling Lena’s hips easily with one hand as she slowed her hand lazily fucking her.

Lena whimpered her grip on the pillow tightening.

“We do have a flight to catch,” she said.

Kara’s hand stilled and Lena couldn’t help a small needy whine at that. She was getting so close.

“You’re quite right Zrhemin we should get ready now so we’re not late.”

Suddenly Kara’s hand was gone. Lena’s eyes widened and she quickly rolled over. She watched a smirking Kara get off the bed.

“We’ve got time,” Lena said. “A few minutes won’t make much difference to our overall flight time.”

Kara gave her a bright smile.

“Are you sure? I wouldn’t want you to get a fine of-”

“Kara!” she whined.

Kara grinned.

“Yes Lena?”

Lena did her best impression of Kara’s pout.

“Was there something you wanted from me?” Kara asked. “If you want something you need to ask for it.”

Lena narrowed her eyes at Kara. 

“I’m starting to think you’ve been getting too cocky over this last week.”

Kara’s smile got bigger.

“Whatever could you mean? I have-”

“Kara Zor-el Danvers Luthor, you get back in this bed and you finish fucking me right now,” Lena ordered.

Kara’s eyes widened and a moan escaped as she dived back on the bed her hand returning to it’s previous work between Lena’s legs. Lena sighed and then tugged Kara closer to kiss her as her hand moved faster.

Lena broke the kiss panting as her head fell back and her hips rolled upwards to meet Kara’s fingers. Kara moaned softly.

“I cannot wait until after aos is born and I can do this with a strap on,” she whispered.

Lena clung tighter to her feeling her orgasm suddenly very close as she pictured it.

“Oh fuck-”

“Will you ride me if I ask nicely?” Kara asked kissing her way down Lena’s neck then sucking hard on one nipple.

“Yes- Yes I’ll-”

Kara bit down a little and Lena moaned loudly. 

“Kara- Kara-”

“Do you want to ride me?” Kara asked her voice maddeningly gentle as she kissed her way over to the other nipple.

“Yes! Fuck yes I want to ride you,” Lena said quickly. 

Kara’s lips sealed around their target and Lena’s hips jerked at the bite of teeth.

“How badly?” Kara asked.

“Very!” Lena choked out.

“You’re going to look so good when you do,” Kara said her fingers shifting slightly. “You always look so good on top of me. I love it. I love watching you come apart on top of me.”

Lena cried out her orgasm so very very close she just needed Kara to-

“I love you,” Kara whispered her thumb flicking over Lena’s clit.

Lena came moaning Kara’s name the orgasm dragging her under with alarming strength.

She came back down shaking and sweating feeling Kara’s hands and lips soothing her as her breathing begun to even out. Kara groaned and dropped onto the bed beside her pulling Lena closer.

“Aos, I love you but you are getting too big,” Kara muttered. 

Lena laughed softly and turned to smile up and Kara as her hand came out to gently caress aos.

“Big is good though,” Lena said. “It means they’re growing.”

Kara sighed and looked at her.

“Says the one who isn’t going to have to push them out of their body in a few months time.”

Lena laughed and shifted up to kiss Kara.

“Let me make you feel better Zrhemin,” she purred.

Kara sighed happily and spread her legs as Lena kissed her way down. Kara huffed again. 

“And they keep blocking my view.”

Lena lifted her head to smile at Kara over aos.

“Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?” she asked teasing her fingers over Kara’s clit.

Kara tried to pout but then she sighed her body reacting quickly to Lena’s touch. 

“We’re going home,” Kara mumbled.

Lena smiled.

“Are you sad our honeymoon is ending?”

Kara gave her a look and then nodded.

“I think I’m going to have trouble adjusting to not getting to have sex with you all the time.”

Lena laughed.

“Is that really what you’re sad about?”

Kara nodded.

“I’ve gotten used to eating you out before my lunch it’s just not-” Kara gasped as Lena slid two fingers inside her. “Not going to taste the same.”

Lena smiled down at Kara.

“Well I’m sure I can get Jess to add a few extra minutes to my lunch break so you can sneak in and eat me out first.”

Kara grinned at her.

“And how do you intend to explain that change to Jess?” she asked.

“I’ll simply tell Sam over dinner then ask Jess to add the extra time the following morning. I won’t need to explain anything because Sam will have already told her.”

Kara laughed and then moaned as Lena’s hand moved faster. There was a knock on the door and they scrambled to cover themselves before Rose stuck her head in. She sighed as they both smiled at her.

“Good morning Rose,” Kara said.

Rose nodded back.

“Good morning Mrs Luthor. I trust you slept well.” 

Kara nodded and Lena scoffed. Rose sighed and closed the door again. 

“She’s going to think I’m a nymphomaniac or something,” Kara muttered.

Lena laughed and pulled Kara in for a kiss.

“Well considering how much time we’ve spent in bed I think she might have good reason to,” Lena said.

“Well I had to make up for lost time,” Kara said. “And it’s our honeymoon.”

Lena smiled and then Kara sighed looking out the window. Lena looked too and saw the first day of actual sunshine. 

“So since it’s a lovely clear day shall we have lunch at the cliffs?” Lena asked. “It’s a three hour drive so if we set off soon our timing should be perfect. I can even have the jet meet us nearby for our return trip.”

Kara smiled and wrapped her arms around Lena.

“Sure, it’ll just be you, me, and our security team.”

Lena laughed and let Kara pull her towards the shower to finish what she'd started.


The drive had been surprisingly quick. Probably because of how much fun Lena seemed to have driving the car for the final time that trip. That and the musical sing along Kara made Lena partake in for her own amusement. It had taken a lot of pleading before she finally got Lena singing along with her to N’SYNC and Madonna but she considered Lena's slightly off key singing well worth it.

When they pulled over it was in a picturesque spot among some trees qith an excellent view. A picnic blanket and the two baskets of food were produced from the car and laid out. Kara happily lay on the blanket with Lena feeding her small bites as she read. The security team had spread out around them leaving a discreet distance to provide some privacy as Kara now full from lunch relaxed with her head in Lena’s lap. 

Lena absently played with Kara’s hair as they relaxed. Kara sighed happily and considered taking a nap. All around them she could hear the sounds of birds, the rhythmic crash of waves far below and the distant sound of cars on the highway. A distant bark of some dog and the giggles of two boys playing some kind of game doing little to disturb the peace she felt lying with Lena. Her hearing slowly tuned to Lena’s heartbeat. Kara let her eyes close enjoying the quiet as Lena’s fingers slid through her hair again.

The sudden sharp scream of a child cut through her thoughts.

Kara’s head whipped up and she turned to look spotting the children quickly. One was clinging to the cliff as a second rushed to try and help him. Lena was instantly aware something was wrong.

“Go,” Lena said.

Kara didn’t need to be told twice as she sped off giving her body a moment to adjust to using her powers before she leapt off the cliffs into the air flying for the child clinging to the cliff face opposite. She was coming in a faster than normal but she didn’t have time to slow as she saw the boy slip. 

She slammed into the cliff in a small explosion of rock just in time for the boy to fall into her arms.

She smiled as he suddenly stopped screaming and stared at her in awe. She flew him slowly upwards and gently collected his stunned friend from the edge depositing them both far back from the cliff edge.

The two boys stared at her with wide eyes and slack jaws. She quickly scanned them both for injuries. Minor bumps and bruises, no need for a trip to the hospital.

“Please don’t play near the edge of cliffs,” she said.

They both nodded quickly and she smiled. Then she remembered the damage she’d done to the cliffs.

“Oh and when you tell people what happened you were rescued by Superman okay? You did not see me, and you especially did not see this.” She waved her hand to indicate her stomach.

They nodded again and she gave them a bright smile.


That done she quickly flew back to Lena landing without her usual grace and forming a small crater as her feet sank easily into the soft earth. The security team were staring at her in amazement as she extricated herself from the ground using her powers of flight and landing far more gently the second time.

“That has got to be my messiest save in over a year,” Kara muttered looking down at her now bare and mud covered feet.

Lena started laughing. Kara looked over at the hole she’d made in the side of the cliffs of Moher.

“Aw darling,” Lena cooed. “Did you destroy part of a national monument again?”

Kara glared at her. Lena smiled back and patted the blanket inviting her to join her once more. Kara sighed and dropped down next to her taking out her phone. She called Clark. He answered almost immediately.

“Kara, what can I help you with?”

“Hey, did you know Superman made a trip to Ireland?” she asked. “He crashed into the cliffs of Moher catching a falling child.”

There was a split second of silence then Clark started laughing.

“Did he now?” he asked.

“Yeah, made an awful mess and he also might have landed poorly at a lovely spot across the water from it.”

Clark scoffed. Lena started picking bits of rock out of Kara’s hair and tossing them away.

“Out of practice?” he asked.

“No, well probably, but… ugh being pregnant has thrown off my aerodynamics. You try making a sudden stop when you’re seven months pregnant my centre of gravity is completely different and I can barely control my speed.”

Clark started laughing again.

“I’m sure it’s very difficult. I’ll tell him to drop past to add a little credence to any claims,” he said.

Kara smiled.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, enjoy the last of your honeymoon.”

“Oh I will,” Kara said looking over at Lena.

Kara hung up as Clark laughed again. Lena was smiling at her.



Kara did her best puppy dog eyes.

“I lost my shoes,” she said.

Lena smiled and leaned over kissing her once, twice, three times.

“My poor darling, with your impervious skin and ability to fly, whatever will you do?”

Kara whined and got another kiss.

“You’re supposed to offer to have someone bring me new ones or some other rich people thing.”

Lena laughed softly. 

“We’re flying out in just under two hours,” she said. “Our luggage is already on the jet.”

Kara sighed and lay back on the blanket. 

“Would cake help?” Lena asked.

Kara pouted but then Lena had a red velvet cupcake unwrapped and was teasingly holding it a few inches from her mouth. Kara smiled and lifted her head trying to bite the cupcake as Lena pulled it further and further out of reach towards her face until Kara just took the hint and kissed her. 

Lena smiled and Kara stole the cupcake from her hand the two of them falling back to the blanket.

“I’m sorry to interrupt the moment Mrs Luthor, but can we please just address the fact that your wife is Supergirl!” Rose said.

They looked over at the security team.

“Ah, yes,” Lena said smiling at Rose. “You signed an NDA with a certain… clause.”

Rose looked at Lena in amazement.

“Normally that’s about sex workers not your wife’s alter ego.”

Lena shrugged.

“You have a clause for sex workers in your NDA’s?” Kara asked surprised.

Lena smiled.

“No darling, I have a clause about them not disclosing the details of my private life.”

Kara smiled and returned her head to Lena’s lap.

“Just to be clear Mrs Luthor, so your wife is bulletproof, has superspeed, strength, hearing, xray vision and-”

“Do you see now why her security plan is different?” Lena asked turning back to Rose. “Though she does still require protection while she is pregnant and well... we do have appearances to maintain.”

Rose nodded and turned back to the rest of the team then looked at Lena once more. She gave Lena a stiff nod and then turned around to continue scanning the area muttering about how pointless she now felt.

There was a rush of air and they saw the streak of red and blue as Superman flew past. He stopped to give them a wave and get one in return. Kara listened as Clark found the boys and offered to fly them home. She smiled and finished the cupcake.

Their flight back to National City was mostly spent sleeping. Or at least Kara slept. Lena was wrapped around Kara half dozing in the darkened cabin for most of it the two of them content to simply be together. 

Kara woke slowly as the pilots quietly informed them they were about to begin the descent. Lena sighed and extracted herself taking a moment to feel up Kara as she did. Kara smiled as she felt Lena's hands on her body. She made a soft pleased noise that Lena likely didn't hear over the engines. Sighing Kara sat up.

It had taken most of the week but Kara was feeling confident that Lena finally believed her about her feelings. At least the sex ones. It had taken a couple of days before Lena got over her nerves when it came to initiating anything for herself but Kara had been ecstatic when Lena had finally gotten tired of her teasing in the shower and decided to make a demand grabbing her by the hair and pushing her to her knees with growled orders to stop being a tease before wrapping her legs around her face.

Kara shivered at the memory. Lena looked over to check on her. 

“The shower,” Kara said.

Lena smiled and gave her a soft kiss. 

“We can have one when we get back,” she promised.

Kara sighed softly. She wasn’t sure if her current appetite for Lena was just her current highly hormonal state or the pent up excitement of finally being allowed to have what she had been craving for so long. Either way she was enjoying it.

They landed a half hour later exiting the plane to bright sunshine and a smiling Jess. They thanked the flight crew and walked over to Jess who was standing with Frank and a waiting car.

“Hello Jess,” Kara said with a smile. “I didn’t expect we would be seeing you so soon.”

Jess smiled back.

“Only briefly Mrs Luthor,” she said.

Kara tried not to show how giddy she felt being called that so casually by Jess. Jess seemed to notice but said nothing.

“Mrs Luthor,” she said turning to a smiling Lena. “As requested I have the summary for you of everything that has occurred while you’re away as well as your schedule for tomorrow. It’s a late start and I have been asked by Mr Schott to remind you that game night is at his place tonight.”

Lena nodded absently.

“Please let him know Kara will-”

“Don’t even think about it,” Kara warned. “You're still on holiday so we're both attending so you can kick everyone’s butt at Monopoly and then I can destroy everyone at trivial pursuit.”

Lena smiled and then nodded. 

“Whatever you say dear.” 

Jess covered a scoff as Lena turned back to her. 

“Please inform him we will be attending and make sure Frank has the address.”

Kara hugged Lena. Frank stepped forwards and opened the car door for them. They all thanked him as they got in. Jess settled opposite Lena giving her a quick rundown as Lena scanned the folder Jess had for her.

“Well everything looks good,” Lena said after speed reading the pages. 

“Shockingly,” Jess teased.

Lena smiled at her assistant. Jess turned to Kara.

“And how was your honeymoon?” she asked.

Kara’s face split into a bright smile as she wrapped her arms around Lena again.

“Wonderful,” she said.

Lena smiled and turned giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. Jess seemed pleased as she then presented Lena with a second folder.

“Your new security plan, the updates on the house construction, the breakdown from Mr Hunt -he’s very pleased- and a summary of the personal correspondence you’ve received.”

Lena smiled as she flicked through. Kara sighed.

“We’re back less than two minutes and you’re already working,” she said.

Lena gave her a smile.

“I’m only getting an update. I still can’t access my emails and I’m all yours this afternoon and evening. This is just to make sure nothing blindsides us on arrival,” Lena said.

Jess nodded her agreement and gave Kara a smile.

“I’m just here for the drive. Promise.”

Kara gave Jess a smile and then looked over Lena’s shoulder to scan Mr Hunt’s summary.

“I see the wedding pictures are tracking well,” she said.

“Indeed,” Jess said. “The videos even moreso. Your first kiss was very popular.”

Kara’s eyes widened a little and then she had her phone out searching for the video.

“Oh no,” she muttered finding it.

Lena looked at the view count and sighed resignedly. The car came to a stop and Jess said her goodbye getting out at L Corp before Frank continued on.

“Apparently my public perception has shifted from Lex’s evil sister to disaster lesbian,” Lena muttered still reading Mr Hunt’s summary. “Ah, and you’re… sweet and innocent, well that’s wrong.”

Kara laughed and closed the folder pulling Lena in for a kiss. 

“I want to enjoy the last of our time off,” she said. 

Lena set aside the folders and pulled her in for a long kiss that seemed to last until they arrived at the penthouse. They headed directly up and Kara sighed happily as she walked into the bedroom and then stopped and looked at the bed. On the left was Lena’s stack of books, a charging pad and…

Kara walked over and picked up the new picture. It was from the wedding, the two of them smiling at each other after exchanging their vows. She looked at Lena and saw her standing a little awkwardly in the doorway.

“I um, on day three I sent some instructions to the housekeeping staff and Jess to make a few changes.”

Kara found herself smiling wider as she put the photo down and walked over to her wife.

“Oh yeah, like what?” she asked wrapping her arms around Lena.

“Um, well there’s a few of the wedding pictures on the walls, your clothes have now been put in my closet. You can of course still use the other bedroom whenever you want I just... considering how much you seem to prefer sleeping with me and-”

Kara kissed her. Lena sighed and Kara gently pulled Lena towards the bed.

“I do,” she whispered. “I love sleeping with my wife.”

Lena moaned and they were falling on the bed hands fumbling with buttons and zips as they kissed each other over and over.


They barely arrived on time to game night. Standing in the hallway outside Winn’s apartment they quickly adjusted their hastily donned clothes as they waited for him to open the door. He greeted them both warmly giving a still somewhat awkward Lena a quick hug and then Kara. He paused for a moment to gently greet aos before leading them in. James was already there a beer in his hand and a game of Jenga already partway through. And much to Kara’s delight Lucy was sitting next to him.

She let out an excited squeal and Lucy jumped up coming over and giving her a tight hug. She then gave one to Lena. Lena accepted Lucy's hug with less awkwardness than she had Winn's.

“Maggie and Alex are running late,” Winn said looking at his phone. “Apparently they’re picking up pizza for us though.”

Kara smiled at the mention of pizza and greeted James who smiled at her and Lena.

“Hey, good to see you both,” he said.

Lena gave him a careful nod but was quickly distracted by Lucy who was saying something about a recent policy change from the government and it’s possible affect on some consumer law. Lena was quickly captured in the conversation and Kara sat down looking at the Jenga game then James.

“Sorry to start without you but they got competitive,” he said giving her an apologetic smile.

Kara smiled back. Conversation begun to flow between them all as the game finished (Winn lost to Lucy) and they started another. When aos started kicking Kara let Winn feel causing his eyes to light up in excitement as he felt the movement.

“Aw baby kicks!” he said his hand against Kara’s stomach with a bright smile. “You’re a tiny wee superhero.”

“They may be tiny but they’re stealing all my calories,” Kara said finishing a bowl of pretzels.

“I’ll get you some more,” Lena said taking the bowl from her.

“I’ll help you,” James said getting up as well.

Lena gave him a surprised look but didn’t object the two of them heading for the kitchen. Kara tried not to eavesdrop as she took her turn. 

“Lena I-” James sighed. “I’m sorry about how I’ve treated you. You’ve never done anything to deserve my suspicion and it was wrong of me to treat you as just another Luthor. Especially around everything to do with… well to do with Kara’s pregnancy. I should have trusted you both. I shouldn’t have assumed your sexuality and I certainly shouldn’t have been so…”

“Public in your criticism?” Lena suggested.

James nodded.

“I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry. You didn’t deserve the treatment I gave you and I- I understand now why she picked you.” He took a deep breath. “You make her happy and as her friend I can’t think of anything more important to me for her than happiness.”

Lena was quiet for a long moment. Kara looked over as Lena gave James a small nod.

“Apology accepted Mr Olsen.”

James smiled back.

“James, please,” he said.

Lena nodded again.


She picked up the bowl and they returned to the lounge. Lena sitting beside Kara once more and handing her the bowl. Kara gave her wife a quick kiss on the cheek and had just picked out her first handful when she heard Alex’s voice on the stairs.

“Pizza,” she said excitedly. 

Lena managed to save the bowl of pretzels as Kara jumped up and headed for the door greeting her sister with a tight hug as she struggled with a stack of pizza boxes. 

Maggie rescued the pizzas on her way in so Alex could properly hug Kara back.

“I missed you,” Kara said.

Alex laughed and hugged her back.

“And yet you didn’t call,” Alex said.

Kara gave Alex a look she’d intended to be apologetic but apparently was not.

“Lena!” Maggie said loudly. “You’re looking very relaxed. Good honeymoon?”

Kara turned to see Lena laugh and nod.

“Yes, we had a lovely time,” Lena said.

“The real question is if you ever left your hotel suite,” Lucy said.

“I’ll have you know we left five of the seven days we were there,” Lena said laughing at Lucy.

“And the other two?” Lucy asked.

Lena winked and picked up her glass of wine as everyone else laughed. Alex looked at Kara.

“I take it things-”

Kara nodded and gave her sister another quick hug.

“Yes, we’ll have to do sister’s night soon so I can ell you everything but…” Kara looked at Lena sighing softly. “We talked and things are going well.”

Alex gave her shoulder a pat and they headed into the lounge joining everyone else as Winn pulled out Clue. 

Kara found herself smiling as she sat with Lena listening happily as Lucy and Maggie both having decided they knew the answer two rounds in were already racing each other to the middle. She smiled watching Lena as Winn made a dramatic declaration about Miss White in the library with the gun. James immediately undercut it by showing him a card.

Lena noticed Kara looking and turned to smile at her. Happy warmth filled Kara's chest as she looked at her wife. She leaned forwards to steal a quick kiss when there was a knock on the door. Kara turned confused and then so did Alex and James as the knock came again. Lucy being closest got up to answer, telling Maggie not to roll until she got back.

Lucy’s smile dropped as she pulled open the door and stepped back. They all fell silent as Mon-el walked in with a determined look. No one said anything as they looked at him standing in the middle of Winn’s lounge looking at them all one by one his eyes stopping on Kara.

“Mon-el, dude,” Winn said getting up and quickly flashing Mon-el a smile. “What’ve you been doing man?”

Mon-el barely glanced at him before looking back at Kara.

“Thinking,” he replied. 

Kara could hear Lena’s heart racing and feel the tension in her as she looked at Mon-el. She quickly covered Lena’s hand with her own giving it a reassuring squeeze. Mon-el seemed to gather himself as he smiled at Kara with every bit of his old charm.

“I’m ready now,” he said.

“To do what?” Kara asked bewildered.

“To be a father.”

Chapter Text

There was a long stunned silence as they all stared at him. Lena was gripping Kara’s hand tighter and tighter as they all stared at Mon-el. Mon-el apparently not picking up on the tension kept talking.

“I’ve done a bunch of soul searching over the last few months and, I’m a changed man. I’m here to be the man you and the baby need,” Mon-el said.

Lena forced herself to turn and look at Kara who was glaring at Mon-el evidently furious.

“Well that’s all very good for you,” Kara snapped. “But I’ve already moved on with someone else and-”

“I heard,” Mon-el said drawing himself up a little to stand taller. “I’m sorry you felt a need to do that but I’m back.” He looked at Lena. “Thanks for covering Lena but it’s okay. I can take it from here.”

“Fuck off!” Lena yelled rising angrily to her feet.

How dare he come marching back and try to take everything from her. Mon-el actually looked surprised at her outburst. Then he actually took a step back as he saw Kara had risen with her. 

A stream of Kryptonian too rapid for Lena to fully understand burst from Kara in a tirade of increasing volume. Lena was barely able to pick up what were apparently the key words months, gone, married, and failure.

When Kara took a step towards him Mon-el held up his hands taking another step back and then he started arguing back just as quickly.

Time, support, father, father, married, father, time, think, think, father, baby, baby, baby, my baby.

Lena’s whole body tensed at the last one not even listening as Kara yelled back her voice rising. There was a knock on the door and they all fell suddenly silent. Winn cautiously moved around Kara and Mon-el as a second knock sounded and then he was opening the door. 

“Mrs Hopper were we too loud I’m so sorry-”

Lena stopped listening as she looked at Kara her eyes were glowing red as she glared at Mon-el. 

“Hey so maybe we should end game night early,” James said cautiously getting up and moving between Kara and Mon-el.

Alex gave Lena a look from her place on the couch on hand on her gun. Lena nodded reaching up to place a gentle hand on Kara’s shoulder. Kara’s head whipped around to stare at her so fast Lena didn’t even see a blur of movement. The glowing disappeared as Kara looked at her with a very sad expression.

“Maybe we should head home,” Lena said gently wrapping one arm around Kara's waist. 

Kara nodded and Lena felt Kara melt into her arms a little. Lena shot a glare at Mon-el as she carefully guided Kara around him to the door. Kara was tense as they walked downstairs and a confused Frank pulled up. Lena shook her head subtly as he moved to get out. She opened the car door and Kara got in. 

“Home please Frank,” Lena said. 

Frank nodded and Lena turned to look at Kara. She was playing with her engagement ring twisting it angrily in her fingers. 

“The nerve!” Kara suddenly yelled. 

Frank earned his ridiculous paycheck when the only sign of his surprise at the sudden outburst was the slightest tensing of his body and a quick check in the mirror.

“He runs away for months and then comes back expecting me to just forgive him and-” 

Kara made a loud frustrated noise pulling off the engagement ring then it shot back onto her finger. Lena nodded rubbing Kara’s arm in a hopefully soothing manner as she watched Kara’s hands. Over and over she squeezed the ring then pulled it off then called it back as she continued to rant. 

When the car stopped Lena took a moment to notice then she carefully guided Kara out and to the elevator. Kara added a few tiny cracks to the pavement as she continued to silently seethe. The ride up Kara continued playing with her ring. Squeeze, rip, pull, return. They stepped into the penthouse and it was like Kara suddenly lost all her energy as she stood very still in the lounge. 

Lena cautiously took a step closer.

“Kara,” she whispered. 

Kara turned to her with a trembling lower lip. Lena barely had a moment to realise what was about to happen before Kara was sobbing in her arms. She held Kara tightly as tears welled in her own eyes the two of them slowly sinking to the floor as Kara broke down. 

Lena held her close murmuring soothingly as she felt her own heart break. In her excitement over the last week she’d let herself forget him, the father. Lena sighed holding Kara tighter. 

She knew it was going to happen eventually. She’d been too happy. Everything had been too good she’d forgotten to be constantly be looking for trouble her mind instead full of Kara and aos, and the future she’d been offered. 

Lena looked at the bracelet around her wrist and then Kara’s. She tried to focus on it. Kara was her wife. They were married. Kara promised she would never leave her. Kara promised…

“Lena,” Kara whispered.

Lena looked down and saw Kara staring up at her with big sad eyes and a pleading expression.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

Lena held her tighter. Sorry for what? For the harsh crash back to reality, for the drama of the evening, or for… for loving him more.

“It’s okay Kara,” she said forcing a small smile. “Let’s go to bed shall we.”

Kara nodded quickly.

“Probably a good idea.”

Lena helped Kara stand and then she guided her to the bedroom taking off her shoes and helped Kara lie back against the pillows. Kara gently pulled her closer. Lena tried not to cling to tightly. She placed her hand on aos and did her best to feel the tiny life underneath. She took a deep breath. They were both still there. Kara hadn't left.

Kara’s phone rang. Lena quickly got up stopping Kara before she moved. She went back into the lounge and picked it up from where it had fallen. She checked caller ID before taking it to the bedroom.

“It’s Alex,” she said handing it over.

Kara nodded and sat up a bit wiping her eyes as she accepted the phone. 

“I’ll- I‘ll let you talk with her and- I’ll just have a shower,” Lena said forcing herself to smile at Kara. 

Kara nodded and tapped the answer button. Lena carefully made her way to the bathroom to hide. 


“Hey Alex,” Kara said with a sigh.

“Hey, so uh… that was an eventful game night,” Alex said. 

Kara scoffed.

“Oh you know, just my ex boyfriend turning up after months away, no big,” she muttered angrily. 

Alex laughed then sighed. Kara listened as the water started running in the bathroom her mind automatically drifting to Lena stepping naked under the spray. Then she felt some part of her mind start pulling some kind of alarm but she wasn’t sure over what.

“How are you?” Alex asked.

Kara sighed scanning the room for any danger.

“I’m having a minor breakdown over his return because pregnancy hormones suck.”

Alex hummed her agreement. 

“How’s Lena taking it?”

“Good, she’s honestly been amazing with all the emotional swings from the pregnancy and-”

“I meant your ex and the father of your baby turning up not you crying,” Alex said sounding almost exasperated with her.

Kara felt a pang of guilt for not checking.

“I don’t know. I was kinda crying for a bit because again hormones then you called and-”

Alex made a frustrated noise.

“Kara,” she growled.

Kara frowned trying to get her hormone riddled brain to start piecing together what alarm was at the back of her mind. Something about the shower… Alex apparently took her momentary silence as some kind of question.

“Oh my God, Kara she loves you and probably thinks Mon-el is going to try and take you and the baby away.” 

“How could Lena think that?” Kara asked bewildered. “I love her. I just spent a whole week-”

Alex made another frustrated noise.

“Kara, she’s had people she thought loved her betray her repeatedly. Get off the phone and go tell your wife you love her and want her more than him before she starts spiralling,” Alex yelled.

Kara suddenly realised Alex was right. Then she noticed she wasn’t hearing Lena moving in the shower. Cursing in Kryptonian she tossed her phone aside and raced for the bathroom. She opened the door and saw Lena curled up under the water hugging her legs her eyes closed. 

Kara stripped and entered using her speed wrapping herself tightly around her wife. Lena’s head jerked up and Kara saw the evidence of tears. She held Lena tighter.

“I want you and only you,” Kara said kissing Lena repeatedly. “I promise Mon-el won’t take me or aoskah away from you.”

Lena looked at her her with a heartbroken expression as Kara sat on the base of the shower and held her wife close.

“I’m sorry,” she said quickly. “The crying wasn’t about missing him it was about having to deal with him again. I love you. I want you. You are my wife. Zrheminte.”

Lena was a little unresponsive but the longer Kara held her and the more words of reassurance poured out of her she slowly relaxed sinking into Kara's arms more and more.

“I am yours,” Kara whispered. “Only yours.”

She kissed Lena’s face and finally Lena tilted her mouth just a little towards her. Kara took the invitation and kissed her. 

“I’m sorry,” Lena whispered.

“No,” Kara said quickly. “I’m the one apologising. You did nothing wrong. I should have realised faster that you needed reassurance.”

“You were crying,” Lena mumbled her head dropping to Kara’s shoulder.

“Stupid pregnancy hormones,” Kara said. “I was angry and then I just felt upset for no reason. I suppose it’s the whole what goes up must come down thing.”

Lena sighed and Kara held her a little closer. 

“Please don’t leave me,” Lena whispered.

Kara held her tighter.

“Never,” Kara said firmly. “I promise.”

Lena didn’t respond. Kara gently rested their heads together. 

“We’re a family, you, me, and aoskah.” She placed Lena’s hand on her stomach over aos. “And no dumb frat boy from space is gonna change that.”

Lena finally let out a small laugh and then her fingers moved gently stroking aos. Kara held Lena tighter and pressed another kiss to her head.

“I think I’m going to have to ban you from showering without me,” Kara muttered. “You seem to always end up overthinking in them.”

Lena held her tighter and nuzzled into her neck.

“I wouldn’t object,” she mumbled. 

Kara silently vowed to start joining Lena in her evening shower as often as she could. She waited a minute just holding Lena in her arms. Then she carefully lifted them into the air and turned off the water. Lena didn’t object and Kara held her in one arm to gather a fresh towel. Nor did she say anything as Kara carefully dried them both before carrying Lena back into the bedroom. 

They curled up in the bed together and Kara sighed as Lena snuggled closer pressing a kiss to her shoulder as her hand moved to rest over aos again. Kara carefully tipped up Lena’s chin and gave her a kiss.

“El Mayarah,” she whispered.

“El Mayarah,” Lena echoed. 

Kara kissed her again.

“No one will ever take us from you,” she promised. 

Chapter Text

Kara was feeling “a bit sensitive” at least according to James. Considering she she’d nearly cried after he offered her a brownie it was likely a fair assessment. Her morning had started well she’d woken first, thank you aos, and then taken full advantage of that to carefully wake Lena with increasingly passionate kisses then an orgasm and probably a few too many extra kisses to be normal but after missing the signs Lena needed reassurance the night before Kara wanted to make absolutely sure that Lena was aware of just how much she loved her. 

Lena had of course picked up on this after the fifth good morning kiss but certainly hadn't complained. Then there had been a small moment of completely shameless pleading on Kara’s part when Lena emerged from the closet for her to cancel work for them both so Kara could stay in bed with Lena and her sexy boss lady suit.

Lena had smiled and promised to make it up to her later before adding a reminder about how Kara needed to go to work to finish her series on the proposed revisions to the alien amnesty act before they were set to go to the senate next week. 

Kara sighed as she sat at her desk to continue typing up her final article. It was more of a key points article summing up everything else she’d written a month ago but still, it was work. This was also the one set to go in the print edition instead of online. At least she had donuts to help her. Alex had dropped by Catco first thing with them to check in that she and Lena were okay. An action Kara would allow herself to think on later.

Kara angrily rubbed her face trying to rid herself of the dread that had taken up a place somewhere in her stomach since Mon-el’s return. She forced herself to finish a couple of paragraphs about the glaring holes in the amendment to the marriage act. She was contemplating a polite way to say 'complete incompetence' when she noticed her colleagues falling quiet. There was silence around her as a shadow fell over her desk.

Kara sighed. A part of her already knew who would be standing in front of her even before she looked.

“Go away,” she said glaring up at Mon-el.

He held up his hands.

“I’ve come to apologise.”

“That’s new, you really must have done some introspection,” she muttered turning back to her article.

“I realise my approach last night was probably… wrong,” Mon-el said.

Kara snorted.

“So you came to me at my place of work, to interrupt my workday, and speak to me about it in front of all my coworkers. You’re not really improving much on that approach,” she said.

She waved a hand to indicate that everyone was staring at them.

“I wanted it to be public so you well-” He chuckled softly. “So you wouldn’t melt my face off.”

Kara glared at him. He quickly became serious again.

“Look.” He took a deep breath. “I meant it when I said I wanted to improve things. I have changed and I want to be-”

“I suggest you choose you next words very carefully,” Kara said feeling the edges of her heat vision coming in.

“Kara I love you and-”

Kara barely resisted snarling at him as she felt her eyes burn.

“I know some things have changed,” he added quickly. “And I know I have a lot to make up for but-”

“First of all!” Kara yelled standing up angrily. “You fucking ran away.”

There was a lot of shocked faces at the f word coming out of her mouth but she didn’t care.

“For four months! Without a word. You do not get to just come back and decide you’re ready now. Secondly I am married to Lena. I love her! I love her more than I ever loved you. She is my favourite person in the whole world and I have never been happier than I am with her. So understand I really mean it when I say I don’t want you. I didn’t even want you when I first found out I was pregnant. I got the positive result and almost immediately realised I didn’t want to do it with you. I was expecting you to be involved to some degree but, again, you ran away. For months! With no way to contact you, after just being told I was pregnant.”

Mon-el flinched taking a small step back at her anger.

“You want to be part of the aos’ life, fine. I can't really stop you. But guess what Mon-el, you don’t get to come back and play happy families with us. Lena isn’t my wife because you didn’t show up and I needed a stand in. She’s my wife because when I asked myself who I truly wanted and needed by my side she was the person who I thought of first and always. Lena is who I think about when I think of my future. Now take your half hearted apology and get out of my sight!”

Mon-el hesitated. So Kara lowered her glasses. He got the hint and left. The rest of the office was openly staring at her. Kara resisted the urge to say something about it. James thankfully came over before she snapped.

“I see Mon-el didn’t get the hint,” he said giving her a slightly forced smile.

“You know,” She looked at James feeling her anger recede slightly. “Since I’m pregnant I could probably punch him and Lena’s lawyers would be able to claim temporary insanity and get me off with just community service.”

James smiled at her. This one looked more genuine.

“I’m pretty sure Lena’s lawyers could get you off on community service even if it you weren’t pregnant.”

Kara nodded. Considering the way Lena spoke about them he probably wasn't wrong.

“There is a lot of them. Or she talks like there is,” Kara said frowning.

James nodded absently.

“She probably has a few on retainer.”

“Sounds about right,” Kara said rubbing her head.

She could feel a headache beginning and she wasn't happy about it. James put a hand on her arm drawing her attention away again.

“You should tell her about this. Give her a call now and-”

“No,” Kara said with a sigh. “She was in a good mood this morning and I don’t want to her to worry about it all day.”

James gave her a very serious look.

“You should tell-”

“I will,” Kara said sighing. “But tonight, I want to tell her face to face and I already know she’s working through her lunch with some issues around supply chain something. The last thing she needs right now is to be thinking more about Mon-el on top of everything.”

She sat back down once more. Picking up her phone she opened her text chain with Lena sending a short message. 

I miss you.

She got a near instant response.

I miss you too.

Kara sighed a smile creeping up her face. She then noticed the ongoing silence around her. She glared at her coworkers and they all suddenly had something to do.


Lena sighed as she rubbed her eyes after finishing the call with Dr Smith. The European labs had stabilised but there was now issues around recent legislation changes to chemical testing and the lawyer who usually gave information around it was on vacation in the Maldives so she had to deal with his replacement. To the man’s credit he was qualified for the position but he was also no where near as succinct in his explanations and prone to saying ‘maybe’ and ‘it depends’ even more than a normal lawyer.

Lena sighed and resigned herself to just going over the legislation herself. Her German may not be perfect but it was good enough to understand the dry text of the latest policy changes. Even if it was excessively detailed and broadly encompassing. She made a note to find out the reason behind that. Normally policy was not this general so someone had to have done something.

Her phone chimed and she smiled letting herself be immediately distracted by Kara’s text. She opened the message and saw Kara in their bed a pout on her face and a book in her lap.

Aos is protesting your absence by kicking more than normal.

Lena found her smile growing as she typed her response. 

I’m almost finished. I just need to finish reading this policy and send an email then I’ll come straight home.

She put her phone down and turned back to the policy. She barely picked up the papers to continue reading when her phone chimed again. She looked over smiling still as she opened the message.

We’ll be here.

She put the phone down again and went back to reading. She turned the page and highlighted a few words. The door opened and she sighed glancing at her clock.

“Hector you’re early I-”

“What are you doing with her?” Mon-el demanded.

Lena looked up from her paperwork surprised to see Mon-el standing in the middle of her office glaring at her. She controlled her expression putting on a mildly irritated air.

“Good evening Mon-el. If you mean Kara I am building a life with her.”

She looked back at her paperwork again.

“You can’t build a life by taking what’s not yours,” he said storming forwards putting his hands on her desk aggressively glaring down at her.

Lena scoffed and stood up glaring back at him over her desk. She placed her fingertips on the desk looking him straight in the eye as she leaned forwards slightly.

“I’m not taking anything Mon-el. I stepped up when you didn’t and now I’m getting the rewards.”

Mon-el’s face twitched then a small sneer started.

“Really?” he muttered. “Are you sure about that? Because from where I stand it looks like Kara thought she was backed into a corner and needed protection.”

Lena controlled her face as she remembered their first conversation. 

“Kara I can do that. I can protect your baby from the government and anyone else who wants to hurt them.”

She forced that memory back into a box as she continued to stare down Mon-el. But he’d noticed the tiny flinch. She could see the spark of victory in his eye. She glared back.

“Afterall what better protection is there from Luthors than to have one on your side. It’s not like Kara isn’t a gifted liar,” he said leaning forwards slightly.

“Get out,” Lena growled.

Mon-el smirked.

“You might be the one married to her but I’ll always be the baby’s father, and I did some research. I can start a whole lot of trouble for her as a result.” He rose a little higher looking down at Lena. “I’m going to be so much better than you because I’m actually the father. How long do you think she will stay with you, a Luthor, when she sees me being what she always wanted? Especially with how much you work. You might be able to manage it now because she’s pregnant but the moment it’s born who will she go to when she needs an emergency babysitter, or when she’s having a bad day. It won’t take long before she starts calling me first and you never.”

Lena glared at Mon-el her mind working through the possibilities. She quickly considered her options and sighed.

“How much will it take?” she asked.

“Huh?” he asked.

Lena sighed again shifting back slightly as she fixed Mon-el with a cold look.

“How much money will it take for you to go away forever?”


Lena walked through the door with a sigh. She tossed her bag aside and looked up to see Kara waiting for her. She was standing in the hallway wearing a t-shirt and sleep shorts and she looked… worried. Lena looked at her silently for a moment. Kara opened her arms and Lena gratefully took three steps and collapsed into them.

Kara dropped several gentle kisses on her head. Lena sighed feeling the tension from earlier falling away to be replaced with a deep tiredness.

“Mon-el came to speak with me tonight,” she said.

Kara sighed.

“He came to see me at work this morning.”

Lena groaned and pulled back a bit forcing herself to stand by herself.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Because he left and you couldn’t have done anything at the time. I didn’t want you to spend your first day back worried about me.”

Lena looked at Kara and sighed again rubbing her head.

“I need a shower,” she said.

Kara’s attention became very focused. Lena looked at her and smiled softly. She kissed Kara’s cheek.

“You can join me if you want. We can discuss all this Mon-el stuff once I am clean and tucked up in bed with my favourite person.”

Kara smiled and then led Lena down the hall. The shower was long and mostly consisted of Lena leaning heavily on Kara as the hot water poured over them both. Eventually they got out and dry. Nothing was said until they were both in bed Lena wrapped around Kara a hand on aos. 

Kara recited her argument with Mon-el and Lena couldn’t help a small smile as Kara muttered about just throwing him into the sun.

Lena sighed feeling Kara’s eyes on her clearly waiting to hear about her own meeting with Mon-el. 

“It was exactly what you’d expect,” Lena said tracing small circles over Kara’s stomach. “He demanded to know what I was doing with you, suggested you were only with me to protect aos from my family and..”

Lena felt Kara’s arm tighten around her holding her closer. Lena sighed and snuggled a tiny bit closer.

“I told Mon-el to name a price. He said he’d be in contact.”

“Don’t pay him a cent,” Kara said firmly.

Lena looked at her surprised. She shifted to be looking directly at her.

“Kara he’ll go away. We won’t have to deal with him again.”

Kara sighed and gently cupped Lena’s face in one hand.

“Yes, probably even for a few years. But then you will always wonder in some part of your mind if I would have chosen him if he stayed. And I refuse to allow any part of you to wonder.” 

Kara looked very seriously at Lena. 

“I love you Lena, and no dumb Daxamite boy is going to prevent you from knowing it.”

Kara kissed her. It was slow and soft and full of emotions Lena tried desperately to let herself feel. Kara pulled back looking directly into Lena's eyes.

“Lena Kieran Luthor, I know you’re scared right now, and worried about everything but,” Kara kissed her again. A soft press of lips against hers for a moment in silent reassurance. “You are going to be an amazing mother. You’re already sweet and kind and gentle and you’ve read all the books and no matter what I’m is going to stay with you,” Kara promised.

Lena stared back her anxiety clawing her insides as she tried to believe her.

“But what if he is better?” she whispered.

Kara laughed suddenly her amusement clear.

“Oh Lena.” Kara looked up at her with a gentle smile. “This is the same guy who when left on his own became an enforcer for a mob boss as his first job. He’s always taken the easy route and while he definitely got better he could never compare to the Lena Luthor. The most incredible, brilliant, wonderful woman I have ever met.”

Kara pressed a small line of kisses up Lena’s neck.

“He’s probably going to encounter his first dirty diaper and run away screaming,” she said chuckling softly.

“What about the time thing?” Lena whispered.

“What time thing?” Kara asked changing to kiss Lena’s fingers. 

“Kara I work all the time. I’m currently doing eleven hour days. What about when you need someone to look after aos and I can’t because of work?”

Kara sighed and tapped Lena’s chin prompting Lena to meet her eyes again. Lena reluctantly did so.

“Lena, as you’ve often reminded me, you’re a billionaire. I think we can afford a nanny or two.” 

Lena sighed softly her hand coming up to stroke Kara’s cheek before she pressed their foreheads together.

“I don’t really want to leave our child to be raised by others if we can avoid it,” she said.

Kara smiled and stole a quick kiss.

“Neither do I. Which is why I’m planning on stepping back from work and taking a year to get things settled.”

“You’ll be bored within weeks,” Lena said smiling at Kara.

“I would,” she said smiling back. “If I was just a reporter but I’m also Supergirl and once my powers are reliable again I’ll have Supergirl duties and I think we can hire an alien nanny or two with an ironclad NDA and-” She pressed a finger to Lena’s lips before she could say anything. “I’ll work on a larger project, a book maybe, or art. Maybe a picture book for children now I think about it. I can write my story as Supergirl and paint the pictures. Stories of growing up on Krypton and then leaving, ending when I landed on Earth and Superman was there.”

Lena bit her lip thinking.

“If you wanted to keep working I could be the one to step back. I-”

Kara stopped her with a finger to her lips again and a very gentle smile.

“No Lena. What you do is far more important. What you do everyday has a huge impact on everything. Bigger than people realise. And you need your work. You’ll definitely go crazy without L Corp to run.” 

“I’m sure I could find some kind of hobby,” Lena muttered.

Kara laughed and Lena barely resisted a pout.

“Zhaoni your last hobby was trying to cure cancer in a garage.”

Lena grumbled and let herself drop the last few inches to rest on the pillows. Kara laughed softly and kissed her again. 

“I might also find powerful boss lady Lena sexy,” Kara added her hand trailing down Lena’s body.

“Do you now?” Lena asked raising an eyebrow. 

Kara grinned and nodded.

“All those tight skirts and heels and that voice you use.” Kara moaned softly. “So sexy.”

“Which voice?” Lena asked playfully. She switched her tone to her usual professional one. “This one?”

Kara’s smile grew as she wriggled into a more comfortable position.

“Yes Mrs Luthor. Exactly that one.”

“Well then, if you have a few minutes perhaps we should go over your recent performance. There are one or two things I feel we should discuss in depth.”

Lena slid her hands up Kara’s legs enjoying the shiver that went through Kara as she did.

“Of course Mrs Luthor. If there’s anything I can do to- Oh!”

Lena easily slid first one then another finger inside Kara. She let herself be distracted by Kara’s soft pleas and whimpers. As they curled up together after she tried to focus on the happy warmth she felt at Kara’s goodnight kiss and not the fear sitting in the pit of her stomach that whispered how none of this could last.


“Okay, here’s aos,” Diana said.

Lena smiled looking at screen. Aos moved a little almost as though turning their head away from the ultrasound as it worked to show them.

“Lena say something to aos,” Kara said smiling at her. 

Lena rolled her eyes. 

“I’m sorry Kara but I just don’t believe aos can tell voices apart. They’re just reacting to sound,” Lena said shaking her head at Kara. 

“They totally can,” Kara insisted.

“Can not.”

Diana chuckled at their disagreement as there was a short stand off between them. Lena faced with the beginnings of a pout gave an exasperated sigh and moved her head down to speak to aos.

“You can’t recognise me can you aos?”

Aos on the screen turned their face towards her and Kara pumped her fist in the air triumphant.

“They’re in a fluid sack and all sound is muffled,” Lena argued sitting back.

“Uh aosni remember,” Kara said smugly. “They can probably hear you just fine.” 

Lena thought about it for a second then shook her head again. Diana seemed to decide it was time for her to assist.

“Well if it’s just sound then they will come to me too so…” 

Diana bent down on the other side of Kara.

“Aos is it just sound?” she asked.

Aos twitched their head but didn’t turn. Diana and Kara both looked at Lena smiling. She sighed.

“Okay, fine, you win. For now,” she muttered.

Kara looked utterly delighted at the concession and Lena couldn’t resist pressing a kiss to Kara's fingers earning a happy sigh.

“Everything is looking good,” Diana said  taking away the ultrasound and turning off the machine.

Lena accepted the cloth from Diana and wiped the gel off Kara. Kara sighed and rubbed at her eyes. Lena worried a little over how tired Kara was but Diana was quite confident it was just a side effect of her body needing to power aos’ growth when she slept.

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay tonight?” Lena asked gently.

Kara nodded giving her a smile.

“Yes, I’ll have Alex and Maggie to keep me company, or rather to sit next to my sleeping body as they watch some sci fi drama thing.”

Lena laughed softly and leaned forwards to kiss Kara’s head.

“Okay, I just have one call to do with Dr Smith to make sure we’re in line with the new policy and then I’ll come home.”

Kara smiled and Lena gave her another kiss. She smiled at Diana and left. The moment she was out of the room Hector rose to follow her. She raised three fingers and he signed back 12. She nodded and left with Hector close behind. 

As Mon-el had gotten into her office so easily she’d had her security become more visible. If Mon-el could reach her then something needed to change. As frustrating as she found it having people around her so regularly. In the car she nodded to Frank and then Pinky one of her new bodyguards. 

Pinky was bulletproof, or as she put it “mostly bulletproof” Maggie had vouched for her so Lena felt comfortable letting her join the team. Pinky wasn’t trained for bodyguard work but had reportedly been one of Roulette’s gladiators and was deadly with what Kara described as a laser spear. Pinky’s refusal to use any other weapon was less of a concern for Lena than her enthusiastic willingness to stand between her and a machine gun. 

The other new additions were Jay, a skinny man who looked about sixty who could jump 32 feet from a standing start and apparently survive a fall from an aeroplane so long as he landed on his feet; and an individual everyone called Singer who was two metres of bulging muscle and close to super speed with an abnormally large smile who apparently really loved cats and berry teas. He was completely unable to communicate in any human language but could whistle in a variety of tones to indicate messages and was learning sign language. 

Upon return to her office Lena was greeted by Singer with a small trill. She smiled at him and sat at her desk. Singer had also given Lena a paper dog he'd made during his interview which may or may not be why she had chosen him to be her in office guard. 

She took a deep breath and let it out. It had been two days since she’d seen Mon-el and he’d apparently disappeared again. She had her people out trying to track him and she knew Alex was as well. But so far he’d apparently disappeared again. Lena went through her days half expecting him to appear behind her. 

She knew Kara did as well the two of them going about their lives with a tension only noticeable by the increased text exchanges and the tighter than before hold they had on each other at night. 

Lena rubbed her eyes and set herself to work. Whenever she was stuck in the office she was working to limit her future in office workload as much as she could, preparing things, making plans, delegating. Choosing to go over reports and journals at home with Kara and keeping her meetings and any contact based work to as early in her day as possible. 

The late night meeting was unfortunately unavoidable given the changes. If it didn’t require her engineering expertise Lena would have asked Sam to take it. That and Sam didn’t speak German. Granted the government representative spoke English but Lena knew how much better it would be for them to stick to German. 

She forced herself to focus on the tasks before her. 

Late that evening Lena heard the door open and glancing at the clock knew who it would be. Lena glared at Mon-el as she put her folder down as Singer firmly put himself between them only to be waved back by her.

“And what can I do for you?” Lena asked letting her irritation at Mon-el show.

He took a deep breath pulling his eyes from Singer to look at Lena.

“I want 200 million.”

Lena hesitated.

Chapter Text

Lena looked at Mon-el. She really wanted to. Every part of her Luthor upbringing was screaming at her to do it, and to negotiate it down to 100 million. She could have the paperwork and NDA in the space of hours and with a few signatures Mon-el would never be a problem for her again. It would be easy…

“Don’t pay him a cent.”

She looked Mon-el directly in the eye and said one word.


Mon-el gave her a confused look.

“So you’re not going to pay me to go away?” he asked.

“No Mon-el I’m not,” Lena said with a sigh. “If you really you want to be a part of the aos’ life then you can. As much as I dislike your presence personally you do have the right to be a part of their life if you want. I am not my brother, or my father, and so I am not going to pay to make my problems go away.” Lena sighed heavily and sat down once more. “And despite what you may want me to think, I trust Kara and I… I believe her when she says she loves me.”

She saw the moment of hesitation on Mon-el’s face. He seemed to be trying to think of something to say. She didn’t want to hear it. She glanced at Singer and he came forwards again a low whistle coming from him as he looked at Mon-el. Mon-el looked at Singer then her and finally left. 

Singer turned to Lena and she forced a smile.

“I’ll be heading home directly after this meeting,” she said.

Singer nodded and Lena picked up her phone sending Kara a message letting her know Mon-el had come by. Then the call came through and she had to work. It was thankfully short. They were able to get a confirmation to go ahead and the necessary approvals were given. Half an hour later she was able to close everything down and collect her bag. As she was exiting her email one subject line caught her eye. 

Your package is on it’s way.

Lena frowned looking at the email. She had no memory of ordering anything, and she certainly wouldn’t have used her work email for it if she had. She decided to ignore it. There was probably a simple explanation. She’d have Jess to look at it tomorrow.

Shutting down her computer Lena nodded to Singer and headed for the door with him following.

Fifteen minutes later she walked into her kitchen and was immediately wrapped in a tight hug from Kara. Lena smiled and tilted her head up to get a kiss that quickly grew more heated as her tongue found it’s way into Kara’s mouth and her hands pulled her closer.

“Someone’s happy to see me,” Kara whispered.

Lena smiled before capturing Kara’s mouth in another kiss. Kara seemed quite happy to let her keep going as they headed towards the hallway. Lena remembered Alex and Maggie and glanced around looking for them. Kara apparently read her mind.

“They fell asleep an hour ago and I tucked them into the spare room furthest from yours.”

Lena smiled and went back to kissing Kara her hands wandering under the t-shirt moving higher as they got closer to their bedroom. Kara gently broke the kiss.

“Okay so I am so down for this, but can we maybe do it in the bath because my back is killing me,” Kara said.

Lena immediately stepped back a wave of guilt hitting her as she looked at her wife. Kara had clearly been in bed before she arrived and the first thing she did when she got home to her heavily pregnant wife was push for sex.

“Yes of course,” Lena said. “We don’t have to if you don’t-”

Kara silenced her with a kiss. 

“Good,” Kara said smiling at her. “I want to see how long I can hold my breath for while I’m pregnant, and that pool you call a bath means I can do it in comfort. I bet I can get you off at least twice before needing to come up for air.”

Lena tried to smile her feelings still a mess of guilt and growing shame. Kara caught it immediately her hands coming up to gently hold Lena’s face.

“Hey,” she said softly. “I want you. I want to have sex with you now and pretty much always.”

Lena glanced away trying to get control of the mess of feelings now burning in her stomach.

“Kara it’s okay if you don’t want-”

“I do,” Kara said cutting her off. “The moment I have my body back to just me,” Kara placed a hand on aos and giving them a mock glare before looking back at Lena. “Then I’m going to spend a few hours doing you in all the ways I’ve been dying to.”

Lena hesitated for a moment longer as she felt Kara pulling her towards the bedroom. 

“Kara you don’t have to make me feel better because-”

Kara pulled her in for another kiss. It did something to Lena’s knees because they started weakening. Kara took full advantage of the momentary weakness to pick Lena up and carry her into their bathroom. Lena blinked looking around as she heard the water start running in the bath. 

Kara returned and kissed her again her hands moving over Lena’s body caressing and squeezing pulling her closer again.

“First I’m going to finally get to take out that strap on hiding in the bottom of your bedside draws and do you against every surface in this massive apartment,” Kara whispered.

Lena moaned softly as Kara’s lips moved to her neck.

“Then I’m going to test out that sixty nine thing everyone always goes on about.”

Lena laughed. She found her smiling mouth captured in a kiss that seemed to end with her naked and being carefully lowered into the water. Kara gave her a smile as she moved back. 

“Let’s see how many I can get before you tap out or I need a breath.”

Lena’s eyes widened a little but then Kara was slipping under the water and strong hands were spreading her legs.

Lena gripped the edge of the bath as she felt Kara’s tongue begin to move over her clit. She took a few deep breaths trying to control her suddenly rapid breathing then Kara brought in the superspeed and she melted.

“Fuck Kara,” she hissed feeling her toes curl and the first orgasm already close.

It was barely two minutes before her head fell back and a low moan escaped as the first orgasm washed over her embarrassingly quickly. It left her gasping for breath and aching for more.

“O-one,” she said.

Kara’s hands ran over her shaking thighs her tongue slowing for a moment to allow Lena to recover. Lena let out a breath and felt her body relax back as she eased her grip on the edge of the bath. Then Kara’s tongue moved lower and Lena found herself smiling as Kara started to build her up again. 


Lena woke in the middle of the night and felt her heart stop as she immediately realised Kara was missing. Her head jerked up and she saw the light in the bathroom. There was the sound of running water and Kara appeared a moment later with a smile. Lena let out a breath and Kara’s smile disappeared to be replaced with a concerned frown.

Lena looked away a bit embarrassed by her sudden panic. She distracted herself by lifting the blankets for Kara. Kara quickly slid back into bed and Lena wrapped herself around her holding a little tighter than normal.

“I’m here,” Kara whispered pressing a kiss to Lena’s head. “Aoskah has just gotten so big they’re now kicking my bladder.”

Lena smiled and gently ran a hand over Kara’s stomach.

“Aos, why must you wake Jejuni? You know she gets grumpy when she’s tired.”

Lena smiled and looked up at Kara to see a strange expression on her face.

“Thank you,” Kara whispered. 

“For what?” Lena asked confused.

“For this, for being… for letting me be just Kara with you. I- I thought that at first it might just be  you had to process and realise that I was Supergirl and then you’d be like everyone else. That you were just going to… that things would change between us. But it never has. You- you love me as Kara not as Supergirl and- and you’ve let me connect with you as my whole self and I-I- Khapp zhao rrip, zhaote.”

Lena shifted to hold Kara’s face in her hands.

“I love you,” she whispered. 

Kara leaned forwards pressing their lips together in a soft kiss that seemed full of some emotion Lena couldn’t quite explain. 

“I love you. I love you. I love you.”

She whispered it over and over again as Kara kissed her until she found herself falling asleep once more wrapped in Kara’s arms her hand on Kara’s stomach and the promise of her love falling from her lips.


Kara smiled as she heard Lena stumble out of bed mumbling a curse as she dug around in their laundry for t-shirt and shorts. She waited until Lena had clothes on before pushing the button for her coffee. Kara smiled as Lena wandered out rubbing her eyes and looking far too adorable.

Maggie made a soft aw noise as Lena tripped over the edge of a blanket left abandoned on the floor and somehow got her foot stuck in it.

“She’s so clumsy in the morning,” Maggie said.

“Only before coffee,” Kara said carrying the now full mug to her wife.

Lena was still glaring at the blanket as she approached. Kara pressed the mug into her hands and kissed her before gently guiding Lena around the throw cushions still on the floor from last night and to a seat at the kitchen counter. Maggie smiled at Lena and then went back to devouring her breakfast. Lena took a sip of her coffee the liquid banishing the sweet look of helplessness as her mind started to function once more. Lena took a second sip then frowned at the bowl in front of Maggie. 

Maggie upon discovering Lena had a custom museli blend decided to try it and, after declaring it was actually good, had then poured the rest of the open box into her bowl along with half a tub of yogurt and some of nearly every fruit Lena had in the fridge.

“Did you leave any for my breakfast?” Lena asked.

Maggie smiled and spooned more of what Lena would no doubt later call an abomination into her mouth. Kara got out a bowl and slid it and a new box of museli towards Lena. She added the cup measure, yogurt, and the blueberries she'd saved from Maggie before Lena could ask. Lena gave her a smile and started putting together her breakfast.

“Hungry this morning are you?” Maggie asked smiling at Lena.

Lena paused her spoon in the yogurt tub. She turned to look at Maggie suspicious. 

“No more than usual,” Lena said her eyes narrowed as she looked at Maggie.

Maggie smiled and turned to look at Alex. 

“No more than usual,” Maggie repeated.

Alex’s expression darkened slightly and she sighed taking another sip of her coffee. Kara frowned at Alex confused.

“What?” she asked looking between Alex and Maggie.

Alex looked back with a resigned expression. Maggie snickered.

“Someone got up to get water at midnight and has regrets,” Maggie said smiling at them both.

Kara and Lena exchanged a look. Then Lena smiled picking up the tub of blueberries.

“What did you hear?” Lena asked a smirk appearing as she looked at Alex.

Alex looked at her coffee for a long moment and sighed heavily.

“Four,” Alex said. “I heard the word four, repeatedly. I would like to never get context for that.”

Lena tried to suppress her laugh as Kara awkwardly looked at the floor her cheeks turning pink. Maggie however smiled at them both.

“I on the other hand would love to know the context. We talking fingers or times here Little Luthor?”

Alex made a pained face and the rest of them laughed. Lena winked at Maggie and then slowly rolled her eyes back and shivered. Maggie snorted into her coffee and Alex made a disgusted noise.

“If you’ve all finished tormenting me this morning I have an early start for my shift so…” Alex looked at her watch and sighed. “Kara… hurry up and give birth so I can use you as a taxi again.”

Kara rolled her eyes.

“I can still fly you-”

“No,” Alex said cutting her off. “I saw what happened to the cliffs of Moher. I am not letting you fly me anywhere until after you’ve given birth and done at least three complete test flights.”

Kara sighed dramatically and picked up a piece of toast.

“Well you could just use the car service Lena has on standby. I’m not due at work for another hour and someone,” Kara turned to smile at Lena for a second. “Has been ordered by Jess to have a late start.”

Lena gave her a very smug look as she sipped her coffee.

“I’m not going to say no to a ride in that fancy car of hers. But before I leave there is something I wanted to talk with you both about.” 

Alex’s face turned serious as she looked at Kara and Lena. Lena immediately lowered her coffee giving Alex her full attention.

“Lena, have your people been able to track Mon-el?”

Maggie quickly picked up her coffee and wandered away to the balcony muttering about everyone always forgetting she’s a cop. Lena looked at Alex her expression serious.

“No,” she said quietly. “They think he’s being teleported onto a ship somewhere but we haven’t been able to find it. Has the DEO-”

Alex shook her head.

“Though our detection technology isn’t great no matter what anyone says. Winn is trying to make something by adding some martian tech to the scanners but he said it might be a week or more. I was going to ask J’onn to try and manually track him but that might not work if he's using a teleporter. I don’t suppose you have any tracking technology-”

Lena immediately shook her head.

“If he finds it I look like the bad guy and considering everything…”

Alex nodded her understanding. Kara put a hand on Lena’s shoulders giving her a reassuring squeeze. Lena gave Alex a small smile. 

“But I can tell you that Wayne tech has a new tracking goo that would be fairly easy to use if you can convince them to let you borrow it.”

Alex looked at Kara. Kara took out her phone.

“I’ll give Kate a call, see what she can do.”

Lena gave Kara a surprised look.

"Kate Kane?"

“Batwoman,” Kara explained.

Lena nodded taking a sip of her coffee.

“You took that news well,” Alex muttered.

Lena shrugged.

“I know who Batman is. Well I suspected and then Diana confirmed by accident.”

Alex gave her an intrigued look.

“If you know who Batman is how come you didn’t know who Batwoman is?”

“Because Batwoman hasn't broken into my brother’s office during a Christmas fundraiser.”

Alex conceded with a nod. Lena smiled picking up her coffee again.

“Did you know Batman carries sweets on him to give to children?”

Kara and Alex turned to her surprised. Lena smiled at them both picking up her spoon to start eating. Alex gave Kara a look. Kara shrugged. Considering some of the things Lena had reportedly gotten up to in her teens getting sweets from Batman was quite plausible. 


Kara was lying on the couch when Lena came home that evening. She didn’t get up and instead gave Lena her best sad puppy look. Lena stood in front of her looking far too good in a pencil skirt and white shirt as she considered Kara’s position. 

Kara had grabbed a large collection of pillows to support her back as she lay on the couch and there was no less than four blankets she’d gotten then discarded for not being soft enough. The coffee table was littered with a couple of empty ice cream containers and a dozen chocolate wrappers. 

“What’s wrong?” Lena asked giving her a small smile.

Kara sighed heavily and looked up at Lena.

“I can’t eat chips anymore,” she said.

Lena gave her a confused look and Kara pointed to the three bags of opened chips now all sitting on the balcony. She’d opened each and then gagged at the smell and abandoned them all. A look of confusion crossed Lena’s face quickly replaced with a smile. 

“Is that all?” she asked.

“No,” Kara said her infamous pout appearing. “My back hurts. So do my boobs, and my feet even though I’ve been half flying pretty much everywhere. I need to pee all the time. I can smell everything. I have stretch marks and I-”

Kara sniffed and then glared as she saw Lena’s smile growing.

“Darling,” Lena paused to smile at her for a moment. “I know this might be a surprise but, you’re pregnant.” Kara glared at her wife. “All of that is… well pretty standard for pregnancy. They also happen earlier for humans.”

Kara was not appeased.

“Stretch marks,” she said lifting her shirt to point at the lines she’d noticed in the mirror that evening. “What if my body doesn’t go back to how it was before?”

Lena was pressing her lips very tightly together as she looked at Kara. Kara increased the pout. Lena moved closer pressing a soft kiss to Kara’s pout.

“Imagine that, your body not being perfect despite zero effort,” she said sitting beside her with a very bright smile.

“Lena!” Kara whined. “I’ve never had to worry about any of this before and now I do and it sucks. I get photographed constantly. People will notice if Supergirl comes back having gone up a suit size.”

“I’ll make you a whole new suit that will hide that if your vanity truly can’t handle it,” Lena said laughing.

Kara glared at her.

“I am not vain!”

Lena gave her a look biting her lip to keep from laughing. Kara increased her glare. Lena quickly held up her hands in surrender.

“Of course not darling, you’re just having an existential crisis tonight over not being able to wear a skintight outfit after having a baby, because your abs may not be immediately visible anymore.”

Kara crossed her arms.

“I’m not feeling very supported here,” she muttered.

Lena laughed and leaned closer dropping a kiss on her cheek.

“I’m sorry darling. I promise I’m very supportive of all your concerns. And even if your body doesn’t go back to it’s previous muscular perfection I’ll still find you the most incredibly beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

Kara sighed and looked at Lena. Lena smiled back still looking very amused.

“Are you sure about that? I know how you feel about muscles,” Kara said uncrossing her arms.

Lena nodded running her hand over Kara’s arm.

“Yes darling. I didn’t marry you for your body, as stunning as it is. And… I admit there is one part of you I’m hoping doesn’t change back…”

Lena dropped her eyes to Kara’s increased cleavage. Kara giggled and Lena gave her a kiss that was quickly followed by a second much longer kiss.

“I have a suggestion,” Lena said pulling back slightly. “How about we order dinner, then you and I go to the bedroom and you get naked…” 

Kara gave her a look.

“And I give you a nice massage.”

“Where is that massage going to be?” Kara asked.

“I was thinking your back because you said it hurt, but I am happy to massage any part of you that needs one.”

“What if I ask for a foot massage instead?” 

Kara gave Lena her most pathetic look.

“I believe I promised you I would do those when I first proposed.”

Kara smiled and looked from her aching feet to Lena.

“Well your time has come,” she said dramatically.

Lena laughed and moved to the other end of the couch lifting Kara’s feet into her lap.

“Here,” Lena held out her phone. “Order us some dinner.”

Kara accepted the phone then moaned as she felt Lena’s fingers start their work on her aching feet. Lena laughed softly. Kara relaxed into the couch placing their order quickly and tossing Lena’s phone onto the coffee table.

As Lena’s hands moved higher massaging her calves Kara found her legs opening wider. Lena’s eyes flicked up meeting hers a smirk playing at the edge of her mouth. 

“Foot massage first,” Kara said. “Then you can do whatever you want to the rest of me.”

“Promise?” Lena asked.

Kara nodded quickly then moaned again as Lena’s fingers found a tender spot in the arch of her foot. She found herself melting into the couch as Lena’s hands eased the ache in her feet, then the one in her calves, then a trail of kisses up her thighs ended with Lena’s mouth easing a very different ache. 

Chapter Text

Kara was having a great last day at work. Well not last last day but last day for a year. She’d already finished her articles and was mostly spending her time accepting well wishes from her colleagues and a few small gifts. She was also avoiding Aiden from sports as he kept trying to get in his final opportunity to 'feel the baby’. She’d gotten good at dodging the random hands early and avoided accounting like the plague because Nannette would put her hands on her stomach and say how she was getting nice and fat.

James had joined her for lunch and got to feel aos kick. Kara had enjoyed the sudden widening of his eyes as he looked at her stomach. His almost childlike glee at the moment had given her a smile that lasted a good hour. The smile had gotten bigger after James told her there would be an afternoon tea to celebrate her leaving, with a triple layer chocolate cake. It was almost three so she was counting down the minutes until cake as she sent Alex cat pictures while pretending to be working.

Of course Mon-el chose to arrive at 2:59. She knew he was there the moment the elevator doors opened. Kara watched him approach with a silent glare. Her coworkers saw him then all quickly looked away. Kara rose and glared at him as he walked right up to her with a large manila envelope and a determined look. 

She didn’t bother with pleasantries when he stopped in front of her.


He slapped the envelope down on her desk. 

“I’m suing her for my rights as the father,” he declared. 

Kara looked from the envelope to Mon-el momentarily bewildered. Then the words caught up and she felt her anger rise in a sudden wave.

“What do you mean you’re suing?” she demanded. “Did it not occur to you to just ask?”

“I warned Lena.”

Kara glared at Mon-el.

“You mean she didn’t pay you a ridiculous sum of money to go away. Funny about that, almost like you couldn’t convince her that I don’t love her so you could profit.”

“I’ll see you in court,” Mon-el said turning around.

“I highly doubt that,” Kara said glaring at Mon-el’s retreating back.

James stepped into Mon-el’s path putting a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

“Mon-el, this is not how you get what you want,” James said giving him a concerned look.

Mon-el looked at James for a moment then shook his head.

“I’m up against a Luthor,” Mon-el said. “If I don’t do this then I risk my baby. I know you suspect her too.”

Kara’s head snapped around and she glared at Mon-el her heat vision itching at the edge of her eyes.

“What do you mean?” James asked frowning at Mon-el.

“You know what,” Mon-el muttered. “She’s a Luthor and my baby isn’t human.”

James froze. Kara glared at him. James tried to say something else but Mon-el just pushed past him heading for the elevators. Kara looked down at the envelope and quickly ripped it open to remove the legal papers. She used her superspeed to read them. Her eyes widened as he got to the end and her hands shook.

“Motherfucker!” she yelled.

Everyone turned to her alarmed. Kara turned breathing heavily looking for something anything she could- Her eyes fell on a large mostly empty desk and with one hand she picked it up sending the half dozen papers on it flying as she stood there breathing heavily as James gave her a panicked look.

There was absolute silence in the office as everyone stared at her then the heavy wooden desk in her hand. Wth a considerable force of will she dropped it ignoring the loud crash sound. Kara was working very hard to stop her eyes from lighting up. How dare he-

“Cake?” a timid voice asked.

Kara’s head whipped around and she saw one of the web designers, Uma, standing there nervously offering her a plate with a large slice of chocolate cake. Kara felt her lower lip tremble and she nodded carefully taking the plate as Uma patted her shoulder. 

“Thank you,” Kara said sniffing as she tried not to cry.

“It’s okay Kara, we all have those days.”

Uma gently guided her back to her desk as two nearby reporters cautiously moved forwards to right the table she’d dropped.


Lena looked at her ringing phone confused. James Olsen.

“James. How can I help you?” she asked.

“Hey Lena uh… can you come get Kara?” he asked.

“What’s wrong?” Lena asked panic creeping into her voice as she jumped to her feet.

“She’s fine. Sorry I should have started with that, but uh… Mon-el turned up and delivered some paperwork. Then she picked up a table and she said…” he lowered his voice. “Motherfucker.”

Lena froze for a second as she processed that. Then her body kicked back into motion.

“I’m on my way,” she said and hung up.

Lena ran to her door and threw it open sticking her head out.


“Mrs Luthor?” Jess asked jumping to her feet in alarm.

“Clear my day. I need to go get Kara. Have Frank meet me downstairs immediately.”

Jess nodded quickly diving for her phone and calling Frank.

“Of course Mrs Luthor, is she okay?”

“Yet to be determined, but she did say motherfucker so it’s probably bad.”

Jess actually dropped her phone in shock. Lena retreated to her office to get her coat and handbag. She walked out then stopped and turned. Siting on the couch looking very afraid of her were Drs Anderson and Casey. Dr Casey looked a little singed and Dr Anderson seemed to be covered in some kind of blue stains. Lena sniffed and smelt burning plastic. She glared at the two of them.

“I don’t have time to fix whatever you fucked up so you,” she said pointing a finger at Dr Anderson “Have until tomorrow morning to fix it. If you do a good enough job I won’t fire you.”

Dr Anderson nodded very quickly. Lena turned away then back.

“And if I find any traces of glue being used after I specifically said not to I will be very upset,” she added.

Dr Anderson looked like he might cry. Lena turned away again. She didn’t have time. Kara needed her. She went down and walked straight into her waiting car. Frank took off the moment the door closed.

When she stepped out of the elevators at Catco Lena was met by a worried looking James hurrying towards her. Her initial panic had eased somewhat on the drive over but he was still jogging to keep up with her as she walked into the Catco bullpen and looked around. She couldn’t see Kara anywhere. Though she did see several relieved looks from those watching as she walked further in.

She looked at James and he indicated a desk. Lena looked down and saw the red sole of a Louboutin. She walked over and looked behind the desk to see Kara sitting there eating the last of a slice of cake. Kara looked up at her with tear filled eyes and a trembling lower lip.

“Hi there,” Lena said gently.

Kara sniffed.

“Mon-el is trying to ruin our lives,” she whispered.

“Ah,” Lena said. 

She looked around then sat down beside her wife. Kara handed her the stack of papers beside her. Lena scanned the first page and got the general idea. Sighing she put the papers in her handbag. She’d send copies to her lawyers later.

“Come on,” Lena said leaning over and kissing Kara’s cheek gently. “Let’s go home.” 

“Is there cake at home?” Kara mumbled.

“I’ll get a cake just for you. We can snuggle in bed while you eat it, and if you ask nicely I’ll do that thing you like,” Lena said pulling Kara to her feet.

“The thing with your tongue?” Kara asked hopefully.

Lena laughed and kissed her.

“Yeah, the thing with my tongue.”

Kara smiled and Lena gathered Kara’s things handing the now empty plate to James. He gave her a grateful smile as she put a hand on Kara’s back and guided her out of Catco and down to the waiting car. 

Kara curled into her side during the ride not saying anything. Lena ordered three cakes to be delivered ASAP. Once they were in the penthouse the tears came. Lena guided Kara to the couch wrapping her arms around Kara and holding her close as the tears slowly soaked into her shirt. 

The arrival of cake led to the tears drying up in favour of eating. Two slices in Kara could talk again.

“He wants to cut you out of aos’ life,” Kara whispered. 

Lena felt cold dread settle somewhere in her stomach. She’d read enough to know Mon-el wanted her to be severely restricted in any contact she had with aos. It was a simple idea really cut Lena out of aos’ life to increase his chances.

Lena looked down at aos’ and thought of the ultrasound in her pocket. She seriously thought about it. About not being allowed to care for aos like they planned. To only get to hold them when Mon-el was also there, to have no say in how they grew up. To not get to be part of aos life at the start until they could prove his demands were unfair.

“Don’t,” Kara said glaring up at her. 

“If I step back and-”

Kara was suddenly clinging to Lena very tightly as she glared up at her.

Never! This is our child and I refuse to allow him to take any part of that from you. Aoskah Lena. Ours. Not his. He won’t get to win. No matter what.”

Lena looked at Kara and felt her fears fighting each other. The sound of Lena’s phone ringing broke into the moment.

“Never,” Kara said again.

Lena nodded and picked up her phone accepting the call.


“We have a package for you,” Pinky said. “It’s from London and the sender is… Lillian Luthor, and then it says estate in little brackets.”

Lena frowned the estate was still being handled by Lillian’s lawyers and apart from a note telling her she was a significant benefactor of her estate she’d heard very little since the funeral. Last she’d heard the lawyers were still sorting through the mess of additions Lillian had made to her will over the years. 

“Has it been checked?” Lena asked.

“Yup,” Pinky said. “We did the scans, swabs, and that little magnetic thing. Oh and that red stone waving thingy.”

Lena heard a small laugh escape Kara. She turned and Kara just shook her head.

“Okay, please bring it up,” Lena said.

“Will do,” Pinky said cheerfully.

Lena hung up and looked at Kara.

“You know, when I think of the intensive and highly technical scans and tests all my mail goes through I never thought two of the most advanced would be called that little magnetic thing and that red stone waving thingy.”

Kara smiled at her and Lena wrapped her arms around Kara’s neck letting her head rest against Kara’s. She let herself just stay like that for a minute trying to work out what she'd done to deserve Kara. There was a knock two minutes later and Kara accepted the large cardboard box from a smiling Pinky.

Kara placed the box on the coffee table and looked at Lena. Lena sighed.

“Today is already shit, let’s just see what mother dearest sent.”

Lena flipped back the edges and froze. She was aware Kara was staring at her but her attention was held by the large brown bear on top. 

"Miss Pizzly," she whispered.

Cautiously she reached out and removed her from the box. She held the bear tight burying her face in the soft brown fur breathing deeply. A familiar smell surrounded her, one that she had forgotten. Chanel perfume, a hint of makeup powder, and something else she couldn’t name but was so familiar. Tears filled her eyes as she held the bear tighter and tighter. It was her bear, and it smelt like Lillian.

A gentle hand touched her shoulder and Lena looked up to see Kara watching her. 

“There’s more,” she whispered.

Lena shifted forwards keeping her tight hold on Miss Pizzly and peered into the box. She looked at Kara and then at the box. Kara seemed to understand. She sat beside her and took the items out one at a time.

A faded brown photo album covered in peeling stickers; a letter addressed to her in Lillian’s hand; a couple of books, Peter Rabbit, The wind in the willows, and a couple of children’s picture books in what looked to be Gaelic; a bundle of hair ribbons; a set of wooden dominoes in a cloth bag; a wooden horse with a chipped mane; a yellow woollen scarf that smelled faintly of lavender; a rainbow coloured beanie that smelt strongly of pine; and a second photo album embossed with the Luthor family crest.

Kara looked at Lena. Lena stared at the items unsure of what exactly was happening inside her. She knew these items. She remembered them. They were hers. They were what she’d put in her backpack all those years ago.

“Can you open the first album?” Lena whispered.

Kara didn’t say anything as she picked up the brown photo album and opened it. Lena was sure she’d stopped breathing as she saw the picture inside. It was of a brunette with bright green eyes in a hospital bed holding a baby wrapped in a pink blanket.

“Mama,” Lena whispered.

Kara cautiously turned to the next picture showing what she knew was herself as a toddler laughing in the arms of a smiling woman of at least sixty. The woman had a wrinkled face and thick grey hair in a plait partially covered by the rainbow beanie.


Lena’s hand reached out of it’s own accord to touch the face of her grandmother. She remembered her. She remembered gentle hugs and laughter and the smell of herbs and dirt as she dug in the garden. She turned the page and saw herself at age three kneeling beside her grandmother the two of them covered in dirt and smiling. Lena was holding up her hands to show off a large potato they’d evidently dug up.

Lena reached out again turning to the next photo. She was two and sitting on Santa’s knee with her mother smiling and kneeling beside her. She kept going turning the pages of the photo album.

Her looking very unhappy covered in mud being held up by a smiling man in a green sweater. Her mother and grandmother in the kitchen wearing Christmas hats. Her grandmother in an armchair holding a white puppy and smiling. Her grandmother smiling as she showed a toddler Lena the dominos. Her mother, grandmother, and her standing behind a sponge cake smiling happily, a red third place ribbon clutched in Lena’s tiny hand. Her mother in a flower pattened dress smiling as she danced with a man in a white suit and a big smile. A picture of a large beagle by a fireplace. Lena and her mother in a field smiling wearing flower crowns green hills rolling out towards the sea behind them. Her grandmother asleep in a rocking chair an infant Lena in her arms.

The final picture was of her and her mother again. They were rugged up in front of a snow covered cabin the yellow scarf around her mother’s neck. Lena looked barely four, smiling happily in her mothers arms as her mother kissed her cheek. 
Lena wasn’t aware she was crying until Kara put the album down and wrapped her in her arms holding her tight. She took several deep breaths as she got control of herself again and reached for the second photo album. She took a steadying breath for what she might see.

The first picture was of her and Lex smiling together in the treehouse when she was five. Lex had taken it for her to start the album. Next from the same year a publicity photo from some fundraiser that same year. Lillian was holding her the two of them smiling at the camera wearing matching pink dresses. Lena started flicking through faster barely stopping to look at each photo.

Her and Lionel sitting on the steps as he did up her shoes. Lex carrying her on his shoulders through a forest. A family Christmas portrait. Lena age ten looking terrified as a python wrapped around her and a laughing Lex at a zoo. Lionel sitting in his office with Lex standing at his shoulder and Lena sitting in his lap. Lena collecting easter eggs on a large lawn. Her and Lex dressed as a vampires for Halloween one year. Lionel dancing with her at her thirteenth birthday party. 

Lex standing beside her the two of them behind a yacht wheel. Lillian and Andrea on either side of her the three of them in soft pink robes. Her and Andrea dressed as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern for their school production of Hamlet. Lena looking excited behind the wheel of a Rolls Royce with Lionel smiling beside her. The final picture was of Lillian standing behind her with her hands on her shoulders as Lena smiled in her high school graduation cap.

Lena cautiously removed the picture and turned it over to see Lillian’s handwriting. 

Lena and Lillian Luthor, day of Lena’s graduation from Mount Helenas’.

The date was neatly printed underneath. She put the picture back in it’s sleeve. Lena looked from the picture to the first album open on the coffee table showing her with her birth mother. She took it out and turned it over to see handwriting that she didn’t recognise. 

Elizabeth and Lena out the front after the big blizzard.

A second hand had written another note beneath it and Lena felt her heart seize.

The last photo ever taken by the great Lori Walsh. 

It was a long time before Lena was able to move the album aside to pick up the letter. She saw her hands shaking and dropped it. Kara caught it and then covered Lena’s hands with her own. Lena hugged Miss Pizzly tighter as she took a deep breath and carefully opened the envelope removing the letter.

Dear Lena,

I am sure you are upset that I have “kept” these items from you but in reality I had forgotten about them until your recent engagement and the announcement of Kara’s pregnancy. 

When you were younger Lionel used to take them away as a punishment for misbehaviour. One day he just never gave them back. I found them years later in a cupboard and he told me to just throw them out because you were fifteen and had no need for such things. I couldn’t quite bring myself to do so. They were put in a box with some of Lex’s things and put in storage. 

I had them gathered together and boxed up for you. The second photo album is for your future child in case they ever ask what you looked like growing up. I know you’ve never been especially sentimental about your childhood with us but children do ask such things and I remember you were disappointed when you were seven and I said I had no pictures of myself you could look at. I still have no idea why you were so disappointed by that at the time.

I know you say you are never going to have any biological children of your own but in case that changes you should know you had chronic ear trouble until you were about eight; you thankfully only showed asthma symptoms in childhood but your mother had it all her life; and your family on both sides have a strong history of seasonal allergies. 

I am not an emotional woman as you well know but as this is likely my last words to you it is probably prudent I tell you I am proud of you and all your achievements. You have grown into an impressive woman with a sound moral compass (mostly) and I am sure you will be an excellent mother to your coming child. 

I feel I should add, I do love you. I know it may not have often seemed like it given our history but that doesn’t mean it’s a lie. I will admit I have never loved you the way I do Lex, but that doesn’t invalidate the affection I have for you. 

It seemed important to tell you that. 

I hope these items give you some kind of comfort.

Your mother,


Lena carefully folded the letter again then picked up her childhood photo album looking at her young smiling face beside her grandmother. She put it down and with a strange knowledge she reached for the copy of Peter Rabbit. She carefully cracked it open to see the inscription written on the title page.

From Nanna Lori to her dearest granddaughter for her first birthday.

Lena cried then. The tears slowly rolling down her face as she held the book in her hands. Her father had taken away her final links to her mother and grandmother, and Lillian had given it back. She took a deep breath and caressed the book in her hands. 

 Lena took another deep breath and looked at the book then the picture of her mother kissing her cheek in front of the cabin. 

“My Nana used to read this to me,” she whispered. “I remember she did that.”

Kara gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze in silent acknowledgement. Lena looked at the book gain. Then wiped her face in Miss Pizzly's fur. She looked at Kara.

“My mama read to me every night and…” She swallowed down the lump in her throat. “I’m going to read to aoskah. Like my mama and Nana I'm… I’m going to read to aoskah.”

Kara smiled and nodded. She brushed her fingers over Lena’s face and captured her lips in a soft kiss. Lena set the book aside and turned to kiss Kara again and again one hand on her face the other on aos. 


That night Lena sat in bed reading The Wind in the Willows while Kara was having her shower. Everytime she glanced up she could see Miss Pizzly sat in the reading chair by the window. Lena would find a more permanent place for her tomorrow, perhaps in the spare room. Kara slid into bed beside her. 

Lena smiled as she felt Kara’s arms wrap around her and her lips press a kiss to her bare shoulder. Then a second and a third kiss. Lena giggled and rolled over turning the page as the kisses continued moving higher. 

“Kara!” she protested.

Kara hummed and continued to kiss Lena’s neck her hands sliding under her shirt then teased at the waistband of Lena’s shorts.

“I’m reading,” Lena said her smile growing even as she protested.

“You can keep reading. I don’t mind,” Kara said her fingers dipping under the waistband and into her shorts.

Lena laughed and put the book down turning to Kara with a sigh. She rolled over and straddled Kara as best she could.

“Just so we’re clear, under no circumstances are you allowed to get me off while I read children’s literature,” she said pointing a warning finger at Kara.

Kara grinned back.

“What about other books…”

Lena thought about it then she let out a small squeal as Kara easily flipped them and captured her lips in a soft kiss. Lena wrapped her arms around Kara’s neck as the kiss grew heated. Lena moaned softly as Kara’s hands found their way to her breasts.

Lena pulled back. 

“Hold that thought,” she said.

Kara looked at her confused as Lena pushed her off and got up. Lena quickly crossed the room and awkwardly turned Miss Pizzly around making sure she wouldn’t tip over in her new position. She ran back to the bed and dived under the blankets.

“Sorry we can continue,” she said returning to Kara’s arms.

Kara laughed and pulled her back in for another kiss. 

“Couldn’t do it with the bear watching?”

Lena smiled and shook her head. 

“No, I really couldn’t,” she said smiling. 

Kara pulled her in for another kiss her hands making their way between Lena's legs.

Chapter Text

They were woken early the next day by a call from Mr Hunt.

“Mrs Luthor I wanted to warn you about something…”

Lena was immediately awake and alert as he gave her the rundown. She felt Kara’s arms around her getting tighter and tighter as Mr Hunt explained that the headlines of the Tribune, National City Star, and several tabloid publications had all dropped with essentially the same story; Lena Luthor is an evil psychopath using her wealth and power to manipulate poor Kara Danvers to improve her public image.

Lena sighed heavily. She felt exhausted already.

“We’ve already begun work on rejecting the claims. I spoke with your legal team and they’ve already started on possible slander cases. We’re arranging meetings about this and…”

Mr Hunt sighed.

“Just tell me,” Lena said preparing for the worst.

“I’ve made a few calls and I feel confident saying they all came from the same source.”


“Possibly, but by way of Morgan Edge. It seems he gave the orders to his editors to put this story front page and make sure it stuck.”

Kara’s arms disappeared. Lena looked over to see Kara on her phone her expression murderous.

Lena quickly flung back the blankets stealing the phone before Kara could say anything. She checked the call ID. Mike Mathews. Lena hung up the call before it was answered.

“Thank you for the warning Mr Hunt. I’ll call you back at eight once I’m in the office,” she said.

Kara gave her a confused look.

“I’ll come in person,” he said. 

Lena thanked him and hung up. She sighed and held up Kara’s phone.

“Sorry, but rule one of these situations, don’t say anything into a recording device. Especially not when you’re angry about the situation. A good lawyer can twist just about anything and the last thing we need is for them to have any ammunition about you being a threat to aos.”

Kara breathed out slowly and Lena felt the temperature drop around them. 

“Sorry,” Kara mumbled.

Lena immediately wrapped Kara in her arms and gave her a kiss.

“Don’t apologise for wanting to defend me. I’ve just got a lot more experience with this stuff so I already know the rules. Trust my people. They’re very good at their job and this isn’t their first rodeo of Lena Luthor is evil.”

Lena tried to give her a reassuring smile. Kara didn’t seem especially reassured but she nodded. Lena held her tighter for a moment then placed her hands on aos her fingers moving in small circles as though calming them as well.

“We will probably need to make sure no one else says anything though so uh…” Lena gave Kara an apologetic look. “Can you call Alex and tell her that no matter what she really shouldn’t talk to anyone today without assuming it’s being recorded.”

Kara nodded and Lena gave her back her phone, then another kiss and went to have a quick shower. Lena emerged from her closet five minutes later to find Kara showered, dressed and holding a travel cup of coffee. She offered it to Lena.

“Jess called,” Kara said in explanation. “I’m coming in with you this morning.”

Lena nodded. She collected her bag and then checked her messages. There was a slew of notifications, three of them were identical.

I’m on my way.

Alex, Andrea, and Sam. Lena breathed a little easier. She had people on her side. She looked up and saw Kara. She wasn’t facing it alone this time. Lena gave her wife another kiss then took her hand the two of them heading down to the carpark where Frank and Pinky were waiting. Pinky looked especially pissed. Lena gave her a confused look.

“This all reminds me of something that happened with an ex,” Pinky explained.

Lena found a small smile curving her lips as she nodded and got in. She wasn’t alone. 


Kara sat beside Lena holding her hand in a meeting room with Jess, Sam, Andrea, Alex, Winn, and James listening to Keith who was looking a little rumpled this morning. Keith gave a breakdown of the plan. It was simple really, or Keith made it sound simple. They were going to ‘reframe’ the current discussion and ‘highlight’ Lena’s positive press and history. Her lawyers had already sent a few letters demanding corrections over the most egregious negative stories. They were expected to be taken very seriously.

Lena was apparently quite familiar with this kind of thing asking lots of specific questions around things like positive posting, story lines, and key points. 

Kara glanced around and saw Alex was nodding along writing notes of some kind. She felt a moment of surprise seeing this, then she saw Alex was just writing Kill Mon-el by followed by the different ways she could murder him. Most involved shooting him.  Winn was silent his focus on the laptop in front of him.

James was asking lots of questions about the ‘discourse’ happening. Andrea kept engaging in random back and forth discussions with Lena in a rapid mix of English and Spanish that only Sam seemed able to follow until Lena asked a clarifying question to Keith.

Sam was looking pissed as she made copious notes. The volume of notes she made was beaten only by Jess who seemed to be transcribing the entire meeting (including side discussions) on her laptop. Kara stayed mostly silent listening to the discussion around her. She held a solid steel ball in her right hand squeezing it out of shape then reshaping it back into a ball before squeezing it again. 

Half an hour in a couple of Lena’s lawyers arrived and then there was a discussion that turned jargon heavy on the side of the lawyers to be explained by Lena and Keith in their responses. 

“The only other major publication we’re missing is the Daily Planet,” Keith said. “I can give Perry a call but not many of his journalists are willing to write a pro Luthor-”

Finally seeing something she could directly help with Kara jumped on it.

“I’ll call Lois,” Kara said taking out her phone. “She’d probably love to help.”

Keith blinked and then Kara saw the gears in his mind click into place and he smiled.

“She would be very helpful.”

Another half hour later with a plan in place they were about to leave when two things happened almost simultaneously; Kara’s phone showed a message from Cat and Winn suddenly started swearing.

They all looked at Winn.

“So I was doing some… research into any connection with Mon-el and Morgan Edge and he’s apparently been working as a project consultant for Morgan Edge in Star City for two months now.”

Kara checked the message from Cat and groaned.

Someone is buying up Catco stock.

Kara showed it to Lena who sighed and to Kara’s surprise looked at Jess.

“Find me any connection between Edge and Catco stock.”

James looked suddenly very alarmed. Keith seemed to be in pain. Jess however was very focused on her computer for a minute.

“Edge is buying up Catco stock in large chunks. He doesn’t have the majority yet but-”

“How much for the remaining stock?” Sam asked. 

Jess frowned at her screen for a moment. 

“About 750 million.”

Lena sighed.


“We can do it,” Sam said checking something on her laptop. “We’d just need to push back the development of-”

“Sorry, but if I may,” Keith said gently interrupting them. “While we certainly need to prevent his getting the majority for Catco as it would give him a near Monopoly in National City, it should be noted that if you do purchase the company there will be a few small issues that could be-”

“I can do it,” Andrea said.

Everyone turned to her surprised. She gave Lena a small nod.

“You know I’ve always wanted to get into media.”

Lena to Kara’s surprise smiled.

“You did say that.”

With this new development the conversation shifted again and Keith was typing quickly into the plan as the meeting went on. 
Kara was grateful that Lena had Singer bring them snacks in the first hour because without food she would have passed out halfway through the second hour. She had to hand it to Lena and Keith, despite the eventual three hour length it was probably the most productive meeting she’d ever been in. As they finished everyone knew exactly what they were supposed to do and when.

Lena took Kara’s hand and led her back to her office for an early lunch. Kara sat down on the couch and saw Lena looking at her with a tense expression.

“There’s more isn’t there,” Kara said with a sigh.

Lena sighed.

“I just want to give you a warning. Our lives are about to fall under a lot of scrutiny and there’s going to be a lot of very unpleasant things said about us both. Me in particular. There’s going to be a lot of people trying to get a rise out of us and it’s going to really suck.”

Kara sighed and nodded.

“It’ll blow over eventually,” Lena said reaching out to squeeze her hand. “It just might take a couple of weeks.”


It was not a couple of weeks. Despite the impressive skill of her lawyers and PR team it did not go away. If possible, it got worse. The central driving force behind the media storm Kara now sat at the centre of had made it to the top of Kara’s throw into the sun list, somehow edging out Mon-el. 

Morgan Edge.

Kara hadn’t known much about the businessman before but after the last month she was now confident she could list him as her special subject on some kind of game show. 

He was primarily a real estate developer, or so he said. His dealings spread out over a wide variety of interests from medical equipment to organic baby food, and most importatly tabloid media. Edge’s slice of National City’s media was almost as powerful as Cat’s had once been. Thankfully that was now secured by Andrea swooping in with the remarkably believable story about being inspired to move into media after meeting Cat at their wedding. Cat had helped by confirming it, saying the two had spoken at length about the industry. Apparently the two women now had quite the correspondence as Andrea took over Catco and started doing a surprisingly good job. 

James had been initially concerned when he thought Andrea was attempting to turn the company towards click bait but had stuck around and one week in saw the full plan. Catco was going to take a more fashion and pop culture online presence shifting the physical magazine to be half the size, fortnightly, and with a strong investigative news focus around a social theme each issue. The first issue of Andrea's Catcohad focused on societal bias in the depictions of prominent women in media. The cover showed President Marsden surrounded by a large collage of the specifically gendered criticism she received in the media.

While the issue hadn’t mentioned them by name the articles within were almost always brought up in relation to the discussion around Kara, Lena, Mon-el, and aos. If Andrea had done a front page run about them it would have been called biased, but the focus on political and music figures had neatly sidestepped the problem while also allowing clear and direct comparisons. 

Lois had built on it in a similar vein having apparently “had a brief discussion with Cat about what approach might work best.” The approach apparently being calling out how famous women with close connections to famous men often found themselves being tarred with the same brush. She had used Lena as the example centring the article on how she was treated as Lex 2.0 despite showing herself to be quite the opposite. 

The two combined had the intended affect changing the conversation from “Lena is evil” to “the people calling Lena evil seem to mostly be people who have a history of misogyny and homophobia and we should talk about why." It wasn’t exactly the shift Kara would have wanted but it was certainly, as Lena reminded her, a positive step.

Kara clung to the positives as everything else around them continued to spiral. The media storm around their relationship had gotten worse even as the debate changed. The two sides quickly formed around political lines. They were now at the centre of what had become a national discussion on “the important role of fathers in their children’s lives” which seemed to be a thin veil to allow blatant homophobia and misogyny to be given air time under the guise of hearing all sides.

Right wing religious groups, family values organisations, and essentially anyone who had a problem with queer people, non traditional families, or “those damn feminists” had taken up Mon-el’s cause. Kara had known that being married to Lena would result in some additional media scrutiny of her personal life but she certainly hadn’t expected them to track down some of her old classmates to share stories of her awkward teenage years and hold them up as examples of how naive she was and how easy it would be for her to be emotionally manipulated by Lena.

Alex seemed to have developed a twitch at the mere mention of Mon-el and if it wasn’t for Maggie Kara was sure Alex would have shot a dozen people by now. Thankfully the paparazzi had mostly realised it was safest to leave Alex alone after one of them had gotten a bit too bold in his attempts to dig up dirt and found himself on the ground with a broken arm staring down the barrel of a dozen weapons held by a team of ‘FBI’ agents. 

Kara’s biggest worry however was Lena. During the first week a man with a semi automatic handgun tried to shoot Lena when she left L Corp late one evening. Singer had spotted him and moved in the way deflecting the bullets off the protective plates in his back as Hector tackled the would be assassin to the ground. 

Kara barely slept for the two weeks following the incident. Her dreams were plagued by nightmares of Lena being shot, stabbed, or blown up. She was terrified of Lena being attacked when she wasn’t around to protect her.

Lena moved to work almost exclusively from home to help ease Kara’s anxiety. When she did need to go somewhere Kara went with her, along with a full security team. It did help Kara feel less anxious, but she was still waking multiple times in the night just to check Lena was still safely asleep beside her. 

Lena at first seemed to be handling it all remarkably well considering the near death experience on day five and the level of vitriol being directed at her everywhere she went.

“Not my first media storm,” Lena said when Kara asked her about it. 

L Corp’s stock prices dropped the first day but no one seemed surprised. They didn’t rise again and Kara knew it was irritating Lena. The second week was the worst for them both as the media frenzy hit it’s peak with reporters camped out trying to get a glimpse of either of them. Mon-el had done a “personal interview” with Carrie Castle at the Tribune where he’d done an admirable performance of concerned expectant father and explained away everything. 

His initial running away: “My own personal fear of not being up to the responsibility. I knew at that time that I would be a burden to Kara if I stayed so I left.”

The lack of contact for months: “I realised I needed to grow up and change as a person to become the kind of man Kara and our baby need in their lives, and I didn’t want to burden her with needing to help me make that change. I had to do it myself.”

His decision to take legal action against her: “If it was just Kara and me involved I’d never even consider it. Kara is probably the kindest most selfless person I know, it’s a big part of why I fell in love with her. I have no doubt if it was just between the two of us she’d be very willing to let me have a significant place in my child’s life. But it’s not just between us. Lena Luthor married Kara, and I know Lena doesn’t want me anywhere near Kara or the baby. She thinks I’m a threat to her and she has the resources to bury a guy like me. Fortunately when Morgan heard about my concerns he immediately offered me all the help I could ever need to ensure I can hold my own against Lena and be a part of my child’s life. 

Which is what this is all about for me really. I had hoped that when I came back Kara and I could work to build a proper family together. I had foolishly thought her dating Lena was just tabloid fluff but then they got married and I realised it was serious and I had foolishly lost the chance to build a life with the woman I love. I know that was my fault, I should have been clearer with her about what I was doing and why, but I wasn’t and I didn’t and she’s made it very clear that I’ve lost her because of that. I will have to live with that, but I cannot live with not having a place in my child’s life. That’s my baby and I can’t give up the fight to be a father for them. They deserve that from me. My child deserves a father in their life and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure they have one.”

After reading the full article Kara had to take a trip to a scrap yard to destroy a half dozen cars before her rage at Mon-el became somewhat manageable. Then she’d gone home and spent the rest of the evening in bed fucking Lena over and over telling her a thousand times how much she loved her. Lena had a little trouble walking the next day but said it was worth it.

By the third week though even Lena was starting to show fraying around the edges. Kara watched her pace the penthouse and then spend an extra hour in the gym. Kara had appreciated the view as she watched Lena do squats, but then her appreciation turned to concern watching Lena voluntarily run on the treadmill without her personal trainer pushing her to. Lena openly hated running. Kara had never seen her go at more than a brisk walk for more than a few minutes. Lena had repeatedly said the only time she ran was when it was life or death. Watching Lena step off the treadmill red faced and covered in sweat after running for a half hour worried Kara on some deep level. 

Jack was the only other person who seemed to notice anything wrong with Lena. Though that could be the admirable front Lena put on with everyone else. Kara was grateful for his presence even from a distance. At a text from her he would call Lena with some ‘problem’ he was working on that would always get Lena to smile as she gave him suggestions. But the moment the call was over Kara would see the weight settle on Lena once more.

Then as if to make the whole thing worse Kara’s powers started playing up. One moment she was fine then the next the world would go suddenly very quiet and she would struggle to open a jar, then it would come rushing back and she’d be in the kitchen holding a now shattered jar of pickles. 

Diana came to the penthouse to do the examination and spent an hour in conversation with Alex. Kara lay on the couch with Lena running her fingers through her hair the whole time. Their final diagnosis being that the additional emotional stress was causing her powers to flare. It wasn’t exactly a hard diagnosis to make, but there also wasn’t an easy solution. Everyone kept telling Kara to try and take it easy, to focus on looking after herself and aos but she couldn’t relax as she watched the world attack the woman she loved while she was forced to stay quiet.

Diana wrote a beautifully worded letter stating that the stress of the media scrutiny following every “personal interview” Mon-el gave was having a negative affect on Kara's health and potentially the health of aos. It was sent to Mon-el’s lawyers. The response was not helpful and his media appearances continued. Andrea had Diana rewrite it to be more general then made the following Catco issue about the impact of mental health on physical health. Diana’s letter being used almost like a sledgehammer by quite a few groups to advocate for women’s health services.

Despite the wins Kara was still anxious when she looked at her phone to see Keith was calling her. She took a breath and fixed a smile on her face.

“Keith, lovely to hear from you.”

He chuckled.

“I’m calling with good news,” he said.

Kara sighed in relief.

“I could really use some good news.”

“I’ve arranged an interview for you and Lena.”


Kara wasn’t exactly sure how this was good news but considering how much they’d been avoiding any public appearances she supposed Keith being willing to put them in front of a camera was a good sign.

“It’s set for Thursday when you’re both in Gotham. Vesper Fairchild has a popular afternoon radio show in Gotham and is an old friend of mine. She's agreed to do an interview with you both about everything. She has a good reputation with both sides of politics as a neutral voice, and I know she’ll give Lena a fair go. The interview will seem like a natural extension of the discussion about the upcoming partnership with Gotham Pride.”

Kara nodded and then sighed.

“I’m guessing Thursday is going to be a big media day for Lena.”

Keith sighed.

“Yes, she’s going to do fabulously though. She’s always been great with a camera on her.”

Kara couldn’t help but agree. Then she sighed realising he was calling for another reason.

“So I’m guessing the possible issue is me.”

“No, I just have a couple of requests for you in that interview.”

Kara had a feeling that meant she was the possible issue but he didn't want to say that to her. She braced herself.


“Whatever part of you handles the media when not a reporter, use that. Don’t hesitate and don’t play meek Kara Danvers. I want you to show your strength, be firm, be confident, don’t leave any room for them to suggest you’re unsure or naive. Show them the confident, passionate, woman of truth and justice you are. And…”

Keith took a deep breath.

“You will be asked about Mon-el at some point and I have something I want you to say…”

Chapter Text

They landed early in Gotham to be greeted by a light drizzle that was promised to become sunshine, and a casually dressed Kate Kane leaning against a pair of waiting armoured vehicles. 

The partnership between L Corp and Gotham Pride was to set up six community gardens around Gotham. Half of each garden had been set aside for the students of local high schools as part of a program to teach them how to grow their own fruit and vegetables. L Corp would be providing all the tools, fertiliser, seeds and so on free of charge to the gardens. Gotham Pride was providing the space and paying for the staff of local gardeners who would assist anyone who wanted to set up a plot. According to Lena there had been a “nightmarish” amount of coordination and paperwork in the last year to get it all finalised but everyone involved seemed happy with the outcome.

Kate shook Lena’s hand and gave Kara a hug. They greeted Luke who looked dead on his feet, then a little concerned as he found them all looking expectantly at him.

“Luke, the schedule,” Kate prompted.

Luke made a noise of surprised then quickly begun tapping on his tablet.

“Right yes, sorry I’m not a morning person.”

Kara and Lena exchanged a look. Lena looked at Luke and nodded.

“Late nights are unfortunately often a requirement of our work,” she said.

Luke nodded absently apparently too focused on his tablet to realise what was really being said. 

“So, your assistant and PR team has sent the detailed list of the day’s events. First is of course the launch. Your security team has also been given all necessary clearances from the Crows who have promised not to interfere with your team, though they did wish to make it very clear that if you had wanted-”

Lena smiled at Luke and gently cut him off.

“I am quite certain they gave a very long and very pointed spiel about their suitability for my protection that I won’t force you to repeat. I prefer to work with people I know and trust. When they pester you about it later tell them I promised to consider them in future.”

Luke looked relieved.

“I think you might have offended them,” he said giving Lena a small smile.

Lena laughed.

“I’m sure they’ll get over it. Considering our target audience I don’t want police or Crows around. My personal security is more than capable of taking on any possible disruptions.”

Luke nodded and then Singer whistled to indicate it was time to move. They headed for the waiting cars and were taken directly to the launch. The launch was taking place at the largest garden, which coincidentally was the one in the “worst” neighbourhood. 

There was a lot of quick introductions of media personnel, staff, and a quick rundown again of the planned activities. Then the students arrived. There was a thankfully short speech from the school Dean and they got started. Kara was initially surprised to see that Lena was remarkably knowledgeable about plants and gardening in general, then she remembered that L Corp’s core industry was agriculture which was why Kate had asked Lena to partner on this particular program.

The activities involved a lot of Kate and Lena digging in the dirt with about thirty fifteen year olds. The students seemed very keen to make a good impression in front of the half dozen media groups that had turned up to photograph the event. If you counted the teachers with cameras, company PR representatives, and the Gotham University students who had decided they wanted to cover the event too, there was easily twenty cameras moving around capturing photos of the launch. 

For appearances sake Kara was staying mostly in a chair on the sidelines with Frank and Singer at her sides. Lena’s security looked relaxed and smiled at the students when they looked their way. Pinky, as the most obviously non threatening "least cop like” presence, was shadowing Lena. Kara with little else to do spent most of her time watching Lena and smiling at the snippets of teen gossip she could overhear. Once they started preparing the garden beds for planting she found herself leaning a little to the right to enjoy the view of Lena bent over a garden bed. Or more specifically the fit of her jeans as she bent over the garden bed.

Her enjoyment of the view was eventually interrupted by Kate calling out to her.

“Enjoying yourself there Kara?”

Kara looked up to see Kate smirking at her. She smiled and nodded returning her attention to Lena in those jeans. Lena turned to look at her curiously. Kara just smiled a little wider and motioned for her to return to her work. Lena did so shaking her head. Kara sighed happily. 

“What’s she doing?” Lena asked.

Kate just smiled but the boy next to her smirked.

“She’s been staring dreamily at your arse for the last two minutes,” he said.

There was a split second of silence as those words registered. A nearby teacher quickly reprimanded the boy as Kate and the other nearby students started laughing. Lena spun around to glare at Kara.


Kara smiled back.

“Yes Lena?”

“Have you been-”

“Yup, so turn back around I was having fun.”

Lena crossed her arms and glared at Kara as Kate started laughing again along with the teenagers around her. The press noticed all turning their cameras towards them.

“Kara,” Lena muttered a faint blush colouring her cheeks.

Kara could see her working very hard not to smile. Kara smiled back and fluttered her eyelashes.

“This is a school program,” Lena said.

“They’re teenagers Lena. I’m pretty sure most of them have already watched porn at this point.”

There was a wave of snickering and choked off laughter from the students. Several of the teachers looked horrified, the others amused. Lena stared at her for a long moment her eyes wide.

“What the hell has gotten into you today?” Lena muttered.

“Nothing,” Kara said giving Lena a smile. 

Lena narrowed her eyes and slowly turned back towards the garden bed.

“Which when you think about it is kind of the problem…” Kara muttered.

There was a lot of laughter at this as Lena whipped her head around again to glare at her. Kara grinned back unrepentant. 

“Okay so first of all that is bullsh-”

Lena’s jaw clicked shut. Kara felt her smile growing as Lena stood there one finger pointed at her and mind working very fast to try and salvage the situation while two dozen teenagers started laughing very loudly.

“Is?” Kara prompted.

“Is something we will discuss when we are not surrounded by impressionable young people,” Lena finished.

Kara scoffed.

“You know,” Kate said leaning towards Lena. “When I thought about which one of us was most likely to say something inappropriate in front of the students, I honestly thought it would be me.”

Lena chuckled as Kara gave Kate a look.

“Kate, haven’t you heard about pregnant women?” Kara asked indicating her stomach. “I should have been top of your list. I’m hormonal, I can’t bend over, everything from my neck down aches at random points, I’ve had to pee four times already, and if one more person tells me I need to stop stressing because it could affect the baby I may scream.”

Kate nodded quickly and begun randomly digging in the garden bed.

“Point taken.”

Lena smiled and motioned to Hector who unzipped a backpack offering the contents to Kara. 

“Mrs Luthor, would you like something to eat?”

Inside the backpack was an assortment of snacks and foods Kara had gotten cravings for over the last few months. She smiled reaching into the offered bag.

“Yes, thank you Hector.”

She removed a packet of cookies and tore it open devouring one with a sigh. Lena gave her a look.

“Would you like anything else, darling?”

Kara smiled.

“You to turn around again.”

Lena rolled her eyes but did so ignoring the laughter of everyone around them. Kara smiled hearing Kate mutter about Lena being whipped and Lena’s exasperated sigh in reply. 

Kara’s attention shifted as she ate listening in as the teenagers begun talking amongst themselves again. A few whispered words caught her attention. She straightened up her eyes on one of the students who was a good head shorter than the others. He had his hands buried in the dirt whispering in a language that was most definitely not from Earth.

He looked up and saw Kara watching him. She smiled and quietly drew the intergalactic symbol of safe harbour in the air. His whole face lit up in excitement. Then he tilted his head silently to the side indicating Lena. Kara smiled and held up her wrist. She tapped her bracelet and gave him a smile. 

He jumped up and ran over to the small pile of nearby construction materials. He picked up a chunk of wood and walked towards Lena. He hesitated looking at Pinky who moved a little to the side giving him a nod as silent permission. He glanced at Kara once more and hesitantly tapped Lena’s shoulder.

Lena turned smiling at him. He held up the chunk of wood and very carefully breathed over it. Lena’s eyes widened as the wood crumbled in the boy’s hand turning to a black powder. The sound of camera shutters suddenly increased tenfold as they all tried to capture the moment. The boy seemed not to notice as he sprinkled the powder over the soil.

“Decomposition helps plants grow,” he said giving Lena a very toothy grin.

Lena smiled back at him. 

“Yes it does,” she said. “I don’t believe we’ve been introduced.”

“Ash, I am of the Bari. The new generation.”

Lena's smile softened.

“I have heard of the Bari. It is a pleasure to meet you Ash of the new generation. I am Lena Luthor.”

Ash seemed very pleased with the greeting his little chest puffing up proudly. Pinky stepped to the side dropping to a knee in front of Ash. She pushed back her sleeves to the elbow revealing the faint blue scars on her arms. She stretched out her fingers and placed them on the cold concrete. Staring very intently at Ash she slid her fingers into the concrete until her hands disappeared. 

There was quite a few gasps and another rush of excited clicks as the media worked hard to get a good shot. Pinky slowly drew her hands back up and held them out to Ash palm up to show the dirt she’d collected in them. 

“For your family’s garden,” she said.

Ash quickly pulled a piece of paper from his pocket folding it into a makeshift envelope. Pinky turned her hands letting the dirt fall into it.

“My family thanks yours,” he said.

Ash gave Pinky a smile then nodded to Lena before returning to his classmates and the garden he had been working on before, the paper full of dirt carefully tucked into his pocket. Lena smiled and turned back to the garden bed in front of her. There was a lot of whispers from the surrounding media but Lena just kept digging holes for the seedlings Kate was separating with a very deliberate calmness her heart beating faster.

After the morning at the garden there was a meeting with the mayor, more photos, and then to Kara’s relief lunch. Which turned out to be with a few ‘movers and shakers of Gotham’ meaning approximately thirty of Gotham’s business and political elite. Much to Kara’s displeasure this meant the event had a strong Crows presence. Their security stuck closer than before. Pinky elected to stay with Frank and the cars. She and the Crows had an 'unpleasant history'. 

Singer took her place standing behind Lena as she shook hands and made small talk. Kara sat off to one side watching with Jay standing guard at her side. Hector seemed to have the job of bringing them both food. As she ate Kara heard quite a few whispers from the Crows about Lena’s security. They apparently especially disliked Singer who kept his usual polite smile the whole time he shadowed Lena. Jay seemed to be completely discounted by the Crows who thought Hector the only real ‘professional’ on her team. Mostly because he was the only one carrying a gun.

Kara noticed Hector’s tiny eye roll as he overheard one of the Crows muttering about Singer blocking the view. Lena seemed completely unconcerned by the Crows discontent. The few people who did seem somewhat put off by Singer’s presence seemed to be too intimidated to say anything to Lena about it. Kara smiled as Kate made her way over to sit down. 

“How does Lena do that,” Kate asked watching Lena smoothly escape a conversation with a man from Hamilton dynamics.

Kara smiled.

“She’s been trained from four to interact with people like this, she learnt a few tricks in that time.”

For a moment they sat eating and watching Lena move through the room shaking hands, swapping cards, and smiling politely as people made small talk.

“What is he doing here?” Kate muttered.

Kara followed Kate’s gaze to see Jacob Kane walk in and exchange a greeting with several agents. He looked around and spotted Kate with Kara. He gave them both a smile and approached quickly.

“Hey Kate. How’s everything going?”

“Hi Dad. It’s going well. I uh… didn’t know you were coming,” Kate said awkwardly.

“Well I was passing and had an invite from the Mayor. I thought I’d drop by, show my support for your latest work, and… maybe get a sandwich.”

Jacob looked briefly at Hector then he turned to Kara with a smile.

“Mrs Luthor, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Jacob Kane.”

He held out a hand and Kara politely shook it. She’d picked up a few things from watching Lena and decided to put them into effect.

“Hello Mr Kane, I’ve heard about you from your daughters.”

He kept smiling but she was a slight twitch.

“Well then I’m sure they were incredibly biased.”

Kara shrugged. 

“Having worked in media for so long I’ve found everyone is biased in their own way, despite all our best efforts otherwise.”

Jacob didn’t seem to know quite what to do with that so he continued to smile and nodded.

“Very true.”

Kara nodded back. He looked from Kara to Jay and Hector then at Lena. His eyes returned to Kara.

“I’m surprised your wife brought her own team to an event like this.”

Kara gave him her blandest smile.

“There’s been a lot of threats recently, it makes her a bit more cautious.”

Jacob’s eyes flickered to Lena then back to Kara.

“Normally people expand their protection when that happens.”

Kara shrugged picking up her sandwich again. 

“Lena isn’t normal, and our team is very capable.”

Jacob made a noise that could have meant anything from agreement to disbelief. He gave Kate a nod and excused himself. Kara exchanged a look with Kate.

“I insulted him didn’t I,” Kara said with a sigh.

Kate sighed and shook her head.

“No, he’s just extra sensitive at the moment and Lena having very obvious personal protection at an event protected by Crows makes it very clear she doesn’t trust them with her safety. It’s just kinda poor timing for Crows public image.”

Kara sighed and looked over to see Jacob offering his hand to Lena. She gave him a smile and shook it. 

“Mrs Luthor, a pleasure to meet you,” Jacob said.

“And you Mr Kane. My father spoke very highly of you.”

Jacob smiled a bit wider.

“And yet you didn’t wish to take advantage of the connection for your own protection on this visit.”

Lena’s smile got a little tighter. 

“I saw no need to hire additional security on this visit. My personal team is more than sufficient.”

Jacob gave Lena a concerned almost fatherly look. 

“When my team heard you were coming they did a preliminary check and saw quick a few possibilities where your security would likely not be sufficient.”

Kara sucked in a breath. A gauntlet had been thrown down. Lena clearly recognised this and gave Jacob a quick amused smile. The one specifically meant to soothe ruffled feathers.

“I’m here to launch a set of community gardens in some of the most over policed parts of your city. Considering the number of threats against me I'm sure the first thing your team would advise is that everyone entering those gardens be searched, then they would have stood around wearing a lot of tactical gear and holding large guns looking threatening. Two things which would have made those attending incredibly uncomfortable. So while I understand that you may feel it a bit impolite of me to come here and bring my own personal security despite the, I’m sure very talented and experienced personnel you have to offer; I’m afraid I couldn’t possibly have used them. The event we declined your protection at was with thirty teenagers and their teachers where we were planting vegetables. Hardly a high risk activity. My team numbers five and were more than enough protection under the circumstances.”

Jacob looked distinctly uncomfortable and somewhat annoyed as Lena gave him another practised smile. A few people nearby had turned to watch as the tension between them increased. Neither looked away from the other. Kate got up moving a little closer ready to intervene if needed. 

“I didn’t mean to suggest you had not considered your options and acted accordingly,” Jacob said giving Lena his own polite smile. “I am simply, as an expert in the field of personal security, confused why you would be so comfortable with your security at such a distance while out in the open, in one of Gotham’s most notorious neighbourhoods, but in here surrounded by one of the best teams in the city at what is honestly an exceedingly low risk event, with some of our most highly regarded citizens you’re keeping your own security so close.” He gave Lena another smile. “It makes me think you don’t trust us.”

Lena’s smile got a little sharper.

“Well, that would be because I don’t.”

There was a long moment of silence at this. The Mayor was standing a few feet away her eyes darting between Lena and Jacob looking worried. Jacob lost the smile fixing Lena with a very dark glare, her polite smile didn’t waiver.

“While I admit our recent press has-”

“Oh that had nothing to do with it,” Lena said casually cutting him off. “Since you seem so concerned with my choice to bring my private team over using the Crows please allow me to explain so there can be no question as to the reasons why. I would hate for there to be any confusion around my motives.”

Lena didn’t give Jacob a chance to deny her.

“I have been stabbed three times, knocked unconscious twice, been shot at no less than a dozen times, and been evacuated eight times because of bomb threats, over half of which resulted in an explosion. I don’t trust anyone on your team because I don’t trust anyone I haven’t personally vetted. You have twenty staff at this event. That’s twenty heavily armed and highly capable strangers with history, capabilities, and biases I am unfamiliar with. Who have never worked with me in an emergency, and whose motives and decisions you’re suggesting I implicitly trust not just with my own protection but that of my wife and child.”

Jacob nodded slowly.

“Mrs Luthor I can assure you the Crows are-”

“I’m sure your team is very professional and capable, and I’d like to think that were something to happen they would jump in to protect me and my family. I might be willing to trust your team normally but,” Lena gave a little sigh shaking her head before looking back at Jacob. “While my father spoke very warmly of you, my brother spoke very highly of the Crows.”

There was a moment of silence as those words sunk in. Lena didn’t let the moment last long enough to allow Jacob a chance to respond. Continuing as he opened his mouth.

“That of course doesn’t unnecessary make them a potential threat to me or my family. Your company is highly regarded by many and i am not aware of you and Lex ever meeting in person. However one of my security team is especially familiar with your organisation. She grew up in Gotham, in that notorious neighbourhood we went to this morning. During her interview for the role she informed me she can absorb approximately six full magazine of armour piercing rounds from your weapons before the amount of copper starts to get uncomfortable. She knows this because one night a team of Crows mistook her for someone else and opened fire upon her as she left her parents house. She said she was spitting up bullets for a week.”

There was a long moment of silence at this. Jacob cleared his throat.

“I’m not aware of any such incident. Does she have any proof?”

Lena shook her head.

“No, from what I understand your agents were confused that she wasn’t dead then shined a light on her face as she puked up half the bullets on the sidewalk. They then left. From what I can tell they never noted the incident in their records from that night but if you look up the date you’ll find six agents who logged the use of a magazine of armour piercing ammunition with no explanation.”

Jacob Kane was looking at Lena very intensely.

“I don’t suppose you could provide me with those details so I can investigate these allegations.”

“If you go downstairs right now you can speak with them in person. She’s the one with pink hair leaning on the armoured vehicle. I’m sure she’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.”

Jacob seemed to be very focused on breathing for a moment then he nodded.

“Please excuse me Mrs Luthor.”

He walked away and Kate looked at Lena.

“You know every Crow in this room hates you now,” she said.

Lena scoffed.

“I’ll do my best to contain my despair at this.”

Kate laughed and they turned back to the two councillors Lena had been speaking with before. Both of whom looked a little alarmed.

The lunch ended soon after and Kara took a long nap in Kate’s office as Kate and Lena discussed future plans and made adjustments to existing plans. It had all sounded very business heavy and Kara found herself happily drifting off to sleep in front of the large windows listening to the thousands of people moving around on the streets below. 

Lena woke her when they were set to go for their final official engagement of the day. The radio interview with Vesper Fairchild. 

Kara sat in the station foyer as Lena and Kate went first. They talked about the project and Vesper Fairchild had sounded unusually excited hearing about it. Apparently she was an avid grower of heirloom tomatoes and had been very excited that two of her favourite varieties were actually on the list of seedlings for the program. 

As the clock hit five the news headlines ran and Kara was motioned to go into the studio. Kate gave her a smile as they passed each other. Kara took a seat beside Lena smiling at Vesper. Headphones were handed over and Vesper gave her a warm smile as she got up to adjust the microphone height.

There was a camera in one corner that was pointed at them and a screen to the right showing the social media feed. Vesper gave them both a nod as the news headlines concluded. She reminded Kara to just speak normally the microphone would pick her up easily.

Kara nodded feeling a bout of sudden nerves as she heard the news music falling away. Lena reached over and gently took her hand giving it a squeeze. 

“El Mayarah,” she whispered.

Kara immediately smiled as she looked over at Lena. The light changed and Vesper gave them a final smile as she started talking.

“Welcome back Gotham, and have I got an exclusive for you this afternoon. You already knew I had Lena Luthor in studio, but what you didn’t now was that we’ve also got her wife, Kara Danvers, or formerly Kara Danvers, did you make the switch to Luthor or are you still Danvers?”

Kara smiled.

“I am still going by Danvers for my work, but I made the switch and became a Luthor right after our wedding.”

“Lovely, that makes things easier to remember. So firstly congratulations on your marriage. And secondly-” She turned to Kara with a wide smile. “Kara you look so pregnant right now. I’m amazed you can walk normally.” Kara laughed. “When I was that big with my son I wasn’t walking anywhere and sitting down was a five step process with much groaning and complaints, but you just strolled in here and sat down like it was nothing. How long until you’re due?”

Kara smiled at Vesper.

“Official due date is two weeks away.”

“And they let you fly?” Vesper asked amazed.

“We came on a private jet," Kara said. "I could move around quite comfortably and my doctor laughed at the idea of me getting a blood clot.”

Lena smothered her own laugh at the reminder of a memorable visit to see Diana. Vesper glanced between them. Kara gave a small shake of her head.

“I’m gonna guess there’s a really good explanation for that, and also that you’ll never tell me so in the interest of time I’m gonna let that slide.”

They both nodded and Vesper glanced at the sheet in front of her.

“Okay so now we’re warmed up it’s time for the real hard hitting questions. So… how are you?”

They both sighed. 

“Tired,” Lena said.

“Very tired,” Kara added. “And very much over everyone suggesting I’m some naive little girl and Lena’s an opportunistic sociopath.”

Vesper gave Kara a look.

“You sound pretty angry about that.”

Lena reached over and gave Kara’s hand a squeeze. Kara took a breath.

“I am. It’s frankly been driving me a little crazy. Not only is it wildly untrue but it’s honestly just appalling journalism.”

Vesper smiled.

“Really?” she asked.

“It would take three seconds to discover Lena and I have been friends ever since she came to National City, and that it was me who pursued a friendship with her.”

Vesper’s attention was suddenly very focused looking between them both.

“Wait what? So she pursued a friendship with you?” she asked looking at Lena.

Lena nodded.

“Yes. I’ve had… let’s just say a lot of bad experiences. As a young child I went from a home filled with love and warmth to the Luthor manor where I was… Let’s just say I found it a very stark difference. I was then sent to boarding school the moment I was old enough. It meant- Well I didn’t have a lot of friends growing up. I- Lex was the one person who made me feel welcome in the Luthor family and he turned out to be a sociopath who used me for his own ends. Then he… well everyone knows what he did.”

Lena’s voice faltered. Kara reached out taking her hand. Lena took a breath.

“It wasn’t until I met Andrea at Mount Helena’s that I actually had a proper friendship and that kinda, ended poorly. We’ve become friends again recently but it was a… somewhat traumatic experience for me at the time. I didn’t start a romantic relationship with Jack until we’d been friends for years, and even then it was after my father died and he turned up to support me that there was that shift. Jack is probably the only relationship I had before Kara that wasn’t tinged somewhere with a deep betrayal. But I was always expecting him to. When I left Metropolis I broke up with him and- well I think at the time I felt very much that I was just speeding up the inevitable. I was saving myself greater pain by breaking his heart first.” 

Kara gave Lena’s hand another small squeeze. Lena looked up and smiled at Kara her expression softening.

“When I came to National City I had promised myself that I would never trust anyone again, and then I met Kara. And she chipped away at my armour with her warmth and her earnestness and she convinced me to trust in people, in friendship again. At the time I thought it was against my better judgement, but… everytime I’ve needed someone to be there, to believe in me, to trust me, Kara’s always been that person. All the while I fell deeper and deeper in love with her.”

Kara smiled at Lena their eyes meeting as Lena looked at her.

“Okay, so I just wanna apologise right now because I am interrupting an incredibly sweet moment between you two,” Vesper said. “But this is also radio and dead air is a sin here.”

They laughed looking away from each other and back to Vesper.

“So, the rumours of Lena being a cold manipulative sociopath, I’m gonna guess you’re saying not true.”

Kara scoffed.

“Yes we’re very much disagreeing with those rumours,” Lena said with a smile. “And anyone who thinks Kara is a naive little girl well…”

Lena looked at Kara then very deliberately at aos. Kara grinned back.

“Again terrible journalism. Also just terrible observation skills really,” Kara said gesturing at her stomach. “I remind you, this was not a planned pregnancy.”

Vesper laughed.

“I’m guessing drunken mistake.”

Kara sighed.

“I wish, then I could blame alcohol. It was the classic, I’m sure it’ll be fine this one time. Spoilers, it was not.”

Vesper laughed. Kara placed a hand on aos and sighed. It was time to be Kara Zor-El.

“But it’s also a sign that no one has taken the time to dig into my history properly. Sure they dug into my adoptive family, traced people who knew me in high school, shared all manner of stories about my first year in Midvale… but no one dug deeper. Everyone knows I was adopted by the Danvers, but no one has asked about my birth family.”

Lena held Kara’s hand very tightly. Kara gave her a reassuring smile as Lena gave her a worried look.

“It’s okay Lena,” she said.

Kara turned back to Vesper.

“If anyone searches for any information on me before I was adopted by the Danvers they won’t find it. Any record of my past before my adoption is behind some very serious protections and disturbingly high security clearance levels. I will not be telling you why. Lena knows, I told her at the same time I told her I was pregnant. Mike, he knows and did from the start of our relationship. He is well aware that I am not naive. I may be a generally happy, optimistic person who has, well the comparison to a golden retriever has been made more than once.”

Kara smiled at Vesper who gave her a quick smile and a small nod in return. 

“That’s not because I’m naive. I have seen…”

Kara swallowed her mouth suddenly very dry as Krypton’s destruction played before her eyes. She shivered. Lena’s thumb begun carefully stroking Kara’s hand.

“I have experienced a lot of personal loss. My family, friends, culture… I’ve been through things that I would not wish on my worst enemy. There’s no denying I was a weird teenager. I didn’t understand a lot of references, or social cues, and I was… jumpy. I had weird reactions to loud noises and silence. I freaked out at seemingly random points and I… I was deeply traumatised by my past experiences and having to work out what felt like a whole new world, a new language, and entirely new social norms was hard for me and I made a lot of mistakes. Thankfully I had my family to support me through that time. I still have triggers, but they’ve gotten a lot less severe over time.”

She looked at Lena.

“Lena is the only person in my life who has never made me feel weird or abnormal even after knowing everything about me and my past.”

Lena smiled back.

“Well you’ve never judged me for my family. It would be a bit hypocritical to judge you for yours,” she said.

Kara laughed and they turned to Vesper who cleared her throat.

“I’m going to admit I wasn’t expecting… to learn that. But, thank you… Okay.”

Vesper looked at her sheet and sighed.

“So there’s a big question that keeps coming up. Your ex boyfriend and the biological father of your child, Mike Mathews, has been openly expressing concerns of being denied the chance to be a part of his child’s life. What do you have to say in response to that?”

Kara signalled Lena to let her take this one.

“I am well aware of all the things he’s been saying, and I want to make this very clear. We have never denied he’s the father of our child. We have never refused him a place in their life. At no point has it ever been suggested to him that he could not be an active part of their life. It was in fact affirmed to him, by Lena, that if he wanted to be a part of our child’s life he could. She very clearly said she wouldn’t stop him.”

Vesper looked at Lena surprised. Lena nodded giving a half shrug as Kara continued.

“I have never and will never deny him the chance to be a part of his child’s life. All those months ago when I told him I was pregnant he very clearly told me he didn’t want to be a father and left. Now he’s come back apparently having had some great emotional journey and become a changed man intent to be a central figure in their life. He’s certainly allowed to do that, and I’m not saying he’s lying. I confess to being very sceptical about his story knowing him as I do…"

Kara sighed heaveily.

"But that’s really irrelevant in this situation. He is allowed to be the father of his child and play a part in their upbringing, but he does not get to do that at Lena’s expense. He doesn't get to leave for months without contact and then come back and dictate what will happen with the child he showed zero interest in and actively rejected before I married Lena. He can go around and tell all the stories he likes about how he’s grown and changed and did so to be a father to his child but the fact remains that the only parts he’s so far played in the life of his child were to ejaculate and sue their mother.”

There was a few seconds of silence as she finished. Vesper drew a breath.

“And uh, we’re just going to take a short break to hear some messages from our sponsors. Then we’ll be taking a few calls from you Gotham.” 

She clicked a button and the light in front of them went off. They were quiet for a moment as Vesper adjusted her notes.

“When you see Keith next please tell him he was dramatically underselling you both.”

They laughed and relaxed back in their chairs. Lena gave Kara’s hand a kiss and let go taking the moment to check her phone. Kara sighed and shifted as aos begun wriggling around. Vesper gave her an apologetic look. 

“I can get them to bring you a different chair if you want. I know those ones aren’t especially comfortable for pregnant women.”

Kara smiled and shook her head at Vesper.

“The baby is just moving around. Lena could you-”

Lena immediately put her phone down. She leaned over placing her hands on Kara’s stomach with a soft smile rubbing circles over aos.

“Are you getting restless?” she cooed. “Do you wanna come out? Is that it, because if you keep squirming you will. You’ll stick a hand right out and-”

“Just a heads up we’re back in ten,” Vesper said.

Lena placed a kiss on aos.

“Behave,” she said. “For your poor Jeju.”

The light flicked back on and Vesper leaned forwards once more.

“Alright Gotham it’s time for you to talk to me, and my guests, Lena and Kara Luthor. Our first caller is Adam, Adam you’re on the air.”

“Hey so uh, my question is for Kara. Like I get that Mike screwed up by running away and not talking to you or anything but he came back and you’ve just flat out rejected him. Doesn’t the guy deserve a second chance?”

Kara sighed.

“Hi Adam, not with me he doesn’t. I also don’t think that you’ll find many women who would put up with it either. He ran away for five months. This wasn’t a week or two after saying he needed time to come to terms with the idea of being a father. He said he didn’t want to be a father then left for the majority of my pregnancy. He made zero attempt to contact me directly or any of our mutual friends. He cut all ties completely. In that time I very publicly got engaged and then married. He had ample time and opportunity to make an effort and he didn’t. And, I’ll just be honest, he was already on his fifth chance before I got pregnant.”

“Uh… okay then,” Adam said. 

“Thank you Adam,” Vesper said ending the call. “Next we have Jane, Jane you’re on the air.”

“Hey Vesper, love the show. My question is sort of for you both. So like Mike has been going around saying all this stuff but you two haven’t really been hitting back. And like… it sounds like you’ve got some ammunition against him especially with the whole running away for months so I just wanna know why you haven’t fought back with your own stuff about him?”

Kara motioned to Lena that she had this one. Lena gave her a smile sitting back.

“Hi Jane. So you’re not alone. I know quite a few people have wondered why we’ve been so quiet and not fought back as you put it. At first we just thought it best to ignore it, foolishly believing that the media would engage in the most basic of fact checking and recognise that what they were reporting was the words of a man with obvious anger and jealousy towards the new partner of his ex girlfriend.

But it’s been a month of this now and it’s not happening despite the many times this has been pointed out by those around us. We did discuss sharing information we have that would seriously discredit him. But if we did use our knowledge of his past mistakes to discredit him things would only get nastier than they already are, and while I’m sure Mike would experience some pain from it the person who would ultimately have the most negative consequences is our child. When they look up this time we don’t want them to see their parents engaging in petty point scoring, we want them to know that they were loved by all of their parents and our focus was always on making sure they had the chance to build a positive relationship with all their parents over any disagreements we had with each other. 

Mike is the father of our child and will therefore be a part of our lives for the next eighteen years or more. So we have no interest in engaging in a public mud slinging match against him at the expense of our child. We have no desire to ruin his life, cause him any additional stress or hardship, or ruin his reputation. He is the father of our baby and we don’t think it’s appropriate for us to go around talking about what a bad person he is just because he’s upset Lena and I are married. 

The only request we have made around this was actually for him to extend us the same courtesy because the stress of the media attention and threats against us has been causing significant stress to me in particular. Which, as was explained to him in a letter from my gynaecologist Dr Diana Prince, is having serious negative affects on my health and that of the baby.”

There was two whole seconds of silence after this before Jane spoke.

“Well fuck!”

Vesper immediately hit the censor button.

“Thank you Jane,” Vesper said quickly. “Okay we’re going to listen to a few more messages from our sponsors, then we’ll be back talking to you again.”

The light changed and Vesper looked at them again.

“I don’t know whether to thank you or not because I was seriously not expecting you,” she pointed at Kara. “To be tearing into your ex while you,” her finger moved to Lena. “Would be dropping hints of some tragic backstory.”

Lena smiled at her then turned to Kara taking something from her jacket pocket.

“Kara darling, are you hungry?”

Kara gave Lena a grateful look as Lena held up a chocolate bar. She devoured it in seconds and then they were back.

The rest of the caller questions were thankfully much easier to answer.


“Do you know the sex of the baby?”

“No, we’re going to let it be a surprise,” Lena said with a smile.


“Have you picked names?”

“Yes,” Kara said. “But following my family tradition the names will be kept secret until the official announcement is made of the birth.”


“Is the nursery all set up?”

“Yes. We’ve got all the furniture, basic supplies and far, far, too many soft toys and picture books.”


“Weirdest craving you’ve had?”

Kara laughed.

“According to me, broccoli, according to Lena it was peanut butter and pickles.”

Lena made a disgusted face. Vesper chuckled.

“Not a fan of broccoli I take it.”

Kara scrunched up her face.

“No, and I am still horrified that I actually enjoyed eating it,” she said.

Lena smiled.

“I had to take photos and send them to her sister because she didn’t believe me.”

Vesper laughed.


They went out for an early dinner with Kate and her sister Mary and flew back that night Lena going over the preliminary reports from Keith as Kara slept with her head in her lap. Kara felt better having had the chance to actually hit back a bit. Keith had sent her a text message full of hearts directly after the interview that made her smile. For a man in his fifties he used a lot of emojis. 

Their return to National City brought back most of the weight on Lena’s shoulders. It had been a nice break for them both but they had a meeting with Mon-el and his lawyers at the end of the week and the last thing either of them wanted to be was away from their friends and family longer than they had to be. 

While social media went wild immediately following the interview it took a day for the larger media machine to take the interview and churn out responses and opinion pieces. There was a distinct lack of paparazzi overtly camping out in an attempt to get pictures of them and a lot of scrambling on the side of Mon-el’s team to come up with justifications around the choice to not heed Diana’s warnings about Kara and aos health. 

Mon-el’s interviews got a little tougher and while no one threw him any really hard questions he fumbled more of his responses, especially those in regards to why he hadn’t stopped the personal attacks when he was told they were negatively affecting Kara. His response being a somewhat jumbled mess that came down to him not believing the letter was accurate and thinking it was more important to keep the important discussion going. 

Considering all recent pictures of Kara now showed her looking tired and worried it wasn’t a hard leap for people to start suggesting Mon-el had taken it too far. Keith pulled in a dozen of his media contacts and they got a whole two days of relief as tabloids around the country were suddenly awash with concern for her health and that of her child from the increased media scrutiny.

James had gleefully taken the chance to write an opinion piece about how men used the public sphere to punish women who they felt had wronged them. He used Mon-el’s treatment of Lena as a key example. Highlighting in particular how the media depiction of Lena had directly led to the most recent attempt on her life.

The ongoing attention still bothered Kara though. She found herself growing increasingly restless. While there had been a decrease in cameras focused on them she still couldn’t really fly away without taking a lot of additional steps and the lack of air time was making her increasingly moody. Not that she really should be flying with how temperamental her powers had been. 

When Eliza called late Friday afternoon to say she was coming to stay with them until after aos was born Kara felt an immediate sense of relief. She hung up the phone feeling a lot of the pressure lift. Eliza had a strong calming affect on them both and they sorely needed it at the moment. She immediately went in search of Lena, who was of course in her office.

Kara stopped in the doorway allowing herself a moment to watch Lena work. Her face was scrunched up in an adorable frown as she stared at her tablet showing a set of blueprints. Kara watched as Lena sighed and circled something making a note. As her face relaxed Kara saw she looked tired. 

“…The man is allowed to be worried, that’s his kid. A father’s got a right to decide who is in their kid’s life. Sure he freaked out at first but he came back and he’s willing to be there. He’s been actively fighting for that role. I know there’s been a lot of talk about how Lena’s not a bad person. But looking at it just objectively it’d be best for the kid to only have their mother and father in their life. Far less confusing. Personally I think he should have primary custody, clearly the guy is willing to be the primary parent and Kara will still be able to have time with the kid but Lena isn’t allowed which is perfectly reasonable because it ain’t hers biologically.”

Kara frowned hearing the commentary and turned to see Lena had one of the 24 hour news channels playing on the TV. It looked like some political panel thing with three men and two women. 

“But that completely dismisses Kara’s rights as the mother,” one of the women said. “There’s no evidence of her-”

“No one is saying Kara’s a problem but you have to agree that Luthor is clearly a highly manipulati-”

Kara snatched up the remote and turned it off. Lena looked up surprised at the sudden silence. She smiled seeing Kara.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to ignore you darling. I was just reviewing the recent design changes from Dr Anderson-”

“Why were you listening to that trash?” Kara demanded.

Lena blinked surprised then shrugged.

“I turned it on to hear the headlines at noon then got distracted and left it on.”

Kara sighed rubbing her face. She felt bad for snapping. Lena probably hadn’t even heard any of it as focused as she’d been and now-

“Hey,” Lena said softly.

Kara looked up and Lena gave her a worried look.

“You okay?” she asked. “Need me to send someone for another six jars of peanut butter and pickles?”

Kara found herself smiling as she shook her head.

“No, I came to tell you Eliza is coming to stay with us from tomorrow.”

Lena smiled and got up coming around the desk to give her a kiss.

“Considering our most recent stress relief methods she can have the spare room furthest from ours.”

Kara laughed and pulled Lena closer then frowned as she found that exceedingly difficult with aos in between them. Lena sensing her predicament took a step to the side and wrapped her arms around Kara from behind rubbing one hand over aos. 

“Someone is getting very big now,” Lena said smiling down at aos.

“And restless, they’ve been kicking me all day,” Kara muttered. 

Lena held her closer.

“Aw, poor aos. Is it getting cramped in there with all the peanut butter.”

Kara rolled her eyes.

“I didn’t eat that much-”

“Two kilos,” Lena said giving her a look. “You ate two kilos of peanut butter in ten minutes. You didn’t even use a spoon.”

“I was hungry, and you wouldn’t either if you’d accidentally eaten one that morning.”

Lena’s smile grew. 

“You ate a spoon?”

Kara sighed. 

“A fork. Power spike while I was having breakfast.”

Lena nodded and started gently rubbing her arm. 

“Is there anything I can do to-”

“You’re already doing everything perfectly,” Kara said turning to Lena. “I’m more worried about you.”

“I’m fine darling I promise. I’m certainly not enjoying the continued media scrutiny but it’s already lessening and I’m sure it’ll ease up once we meet with Mon-el and his lawyers. Then we can go back to our lives.”

Kara gave her a disbelieving look. Lena sighed and the smile dropped.

“I’m just restless being cooped up, that’s all.”

Kara smiled and pulled Lena in for a kiss.

“That’s easily resolved. Let’s go out,” she said brightly.

Lena laughed.

“And do what?” she asked.

Kara thought for a second then felt a kick from aos.

“Go shopping, then to dinner.”

Lena smiled.

“Shopping for anything in particular?”

“Things for aos to kick,” Kara said.

Lena laughed and picked up her phone with a sigh. She hesitated. Kara squeezed her hand drawing Lena’s attention.

“I’m tired of being cooped up too,” she said.

Lena nodded and sent the message to their security to get ready. She turned to Kara with a smile.

“Then lets go spend a ridiculous amount of money on things aos will probably never use.”

Kara laughed letting Kara lead her out of the room.


“Hey Lena, look what I found.”

Lena looked up from the pile of dinosaur themed sheets she’d been examining. Kara grinned at her and held up a baby onesie pointing at the writing on the front. I’ve got Daddy issues.

“How much trouble do you think we’d get in?” she asked.

Lena choked.

“So much trouble,” she said. 

Kara smiled at the onesie and looked back at Lena.

“So… Are we getting it?”

Lena nodded quickly and Kara smiled tossing it into the trolley among the pile of soft toys and blankets they’d already gathered. 

A store manager nervously approached them his eyes on the security team surrounding them in a protective circle as other customers tried to inconspicuously video them.

“Uh…” The manager shrunk a little under Hector’s cold stare. “Are you looking for anything in particular?”

“Not really,” Lena said flicking through a rack of alien themed onesies.

“Do you have anything with like a little cape on it?” Kara asked.

The manager nodded quickly.

“Yes, in our Supergirl section.”

Kara and Lena both froze then very slowly they looked at each other.

“In your what?” Lena asked not looking away from Kara.

“Our… Supergirl section,” the manager said anxiously looking between them.

“Show us,” Kara said. 

The manager did, giving them somewhat concerned looks as they stared up in awe at the wall of red and blue “super” themed baby clothes and toys.

“Is this a social taboo or can we buy these?” Lena asked her eyes roaming over the vast array of items covered in the house of El sigil and Supergirl puns.

Kara grinned.

“Ain’t nothing in Kryptonian religion that says we can’t.”

Lena laughed.

“Wait does that mean people unconnected with Supergirl can’t wear the symbol?” she asked turning to Kara with a frown.

Kara sighed and thought about how best to explain.

“It’s basically like waving the American flag if you’re not American. Nothing says you can’t and there’s lots of reasons why one might choose to, but it’s weird without context.”

Lena nodded turning back to the wall.


“Can we get all of it?” Kara asked.

Lena turned to her with a smile.

“Yes Kara, we can get all of it.”

Chapter Text

As they got closer to the courthouse Lena could see the dozens of cameras waiting for them on the steps . Mon-el and Edge were already there with their legal team. They stood in front of the main entrance nodding to the cameras as they answered questions. Kara sighed her hand moving over aos as Frank brought the car came to a stop in front of the courthouse. 

The press descended on them cameras flashing and pressing against the car trying to get as close as they could hoping to get a photo through the glass. Kara and Lena waited as Singer and Hector came to clear them a path.

“Ready?” Lena asked smiling at Kara. 

Kara nodded her eyes on the chaos awaiting them. She already looked tired. 

Lena knew Kara was worried about the meeting. The trip to Gotham and Eliza’s arrival had certainly helped but Lena could see the edges underneath. Kara kept flexing her hands and the night before they’d made a trip to another scrapyard so Kara could work off enough of her anger to sleep. 

The media shift over the last two days had helped. The footage from the gardens in Gotham had finally picked up traction and spread like wildfire through social media to the queer media then into the tabloids and major news sites. Everyone on their side had been falling all over each other talking about how sweet they were and how cute Kara’s teasing was. 

The interaction between Lena and Ash had turned up in a dozen side stories but hadn’t gotten much attention. Edge’s media didn’t seem to know whether to call the interaction staged to make her look more progressive or argue for it being a sign she was too progressive. Everyone else was just using it as another example of her showing good maternal instincts.

Vicky Vane had done an article showing the comparison between Kara from before the media scrutiny started and the footage from their interview with Vesper. The clear evidence of Kara’s increased stress level was picked up. Keith had suggested to Kara to try and appear a little more delicate when they were out and about to help spread this. It took one picture from James of Kara looking pale with a hand to her head as Alex and Lena gave her worried looks at game night to finally get Mon-el called out in the headlines.

Mathews continued media smear campaign despite warnings of danger to Danvers and child.

Hector tapped on the door to signal them as Singer took his position.

Lena gave Kara a kiss on the cheek before moving to get out. Singer opened the door blocking as many of the cameras as he could creating space for them to exit. Lena stepped out into the wave of questions and the flash of cameras. 

She ignored the press and instead turned helping Kara out of the car. Kara made the process longer than normal feigning her need to rely on Lena for support as the cameras continued to flash capturing every moment. Their names were shouted over and over in an effort to get them to look towards the cameras.

Lena put an arm around Kara holding her close as she glared at the media guiding her wife her up the steps as their security blocked the reporters from getting too close. They were almost to the top when Lena felt Kara tense. She didn’t get a chance to ask what was wrong before she heard the answer.

“Kara!” Mon-el called.

Lena saw the way Kara grit her teeth and the brief flash of light behind her sunglasses before she let out a breath. Lena gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. They turned to see Mon-el standing three feet away blocked by Jay. The media were all scrambling to record the interaction between them. 

“What?” Kara snapped.

Mon-el flinched and then his face softened.

“I just…” He gave Kara his best kicked puppy impression. “I wanted to say I’m sorry. I didn’t realise that I was hurting you and the baby by talking to the media. That’s the last thing I ever want, you know that. At first I was just trying to make sure I wasn’t steamrolled, making sure people knew my side before well… I think it got a bit beyond me and I’m devastated to know that meant you got hurt.”

He finished with an apologetic look. Kara looked at Lena. Lena quirked an eyebrow.

“Lena did you hear that?” Kara asked her voice dripping with scorn. “He said he’s sorry, and he didn’t want to hurt me or our baby at all it was just a bit beyond him. He’s devastated I was hurt by him.”

Lena nodded giving Kara a faux serious look.

“I did, so good of him to say he’s sorry,” she said her voice sickly sweet.

Kara nodded back and turned to Mon-el.

“Yes, it’s so good of you to apologise now,” her voice started rising. “In public, in front of dozens of cameras, after spending over a month ignoring my very pointed requests for you to stop, right before we walk into a courthouse to engage in mediation because you’re suing me. Great timing. It really makes me feel like it’s sincere and not at all a ploy to make you seem more sympathetic now that people are calling you out for your behaviour.”

Mon-el sighed heavily and awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck.

“I thought you’d think it more sincere if other people heard it,” he mumbled.

“Right, because the last time you did that I was so pleased with you for discussing our private business in front of other people,” Kara growled.

Mon-el looked up.

“Look I know you’re mad at me-”

Kara laughed. It didn’t sound good and Mon-el fell silent a flash of worry crossing his face. Kara took a step towards him.

“I am so beyond mad at you it’s-”

She sucked in a deep breath. Lena quickly stepped up behind Kara to start dispelling the tension gathering in her body. She wrapped her arms around Kara from behind one coming to rest on aos the other stroking her arm.

“Relax darling,” Lena whispered. “You’ll wake aos.”

She added a kiss to her neck. Kara let out her breath and glared at Mon-el again. He awkwardly looked at Lena. She smiled back her hand continuing it’s soothing motion on Kara’s arm.

“Hi Lena,” he mumbled.

“Hi Mike,” Lena said smiling at him. “Nice suit. Armani?”

“Uh, yeah,” Mon-el said opening his jacket to show the label. He gave her a small smile. “Yours too.”

Lena’s smile widened a little seeing a chance to be just a little petty.

“Thanks, it’s Kara’s favourite.” Mon-el’s smile disappeared. Lena felt a little thrill of victory as Kara laughed softly. “Excuse us, people tend to shoot at me if we stay in place too long.”

Lena didn’t bother waiting for a response taking Kara’s now relaxed hand the two of them heading into the courthouse meeting with her legal team. Vivian and the rest of their team was waiting in the foyer. 

She led them quickly into the secluded meeting room. They took their seats on one side Lena between Vivian and Kara. Jay discreetly leaned towards her handing over a plain file.

“From Jess,” he said.

Lena nodded and subtly added it to Vivian’s pile of folders as she was setting them out. Vivian didn’t visibly react to seeing the file added but she carefully swept it among a stack she was organising and shuffled it to the top.

Mon-el and Edge came in with their team and there was a lot of glares across the table. Mon-el took his seat opposite Kara. She ignored him focusing instead on the others around him. Lena sighed as a smiling Edge sat opposite her. She ignored him focusing instead on getting comfortable. She had a notepad and pen so she could take notes or just appear to, depending on how things went. 

Kara’s hand appeared on her thigh. Surprised Lena glanced at her wife to see her glaring at Mon-el across the table. Lena’s smile grew a little and she leaned over kissing Kara's cheek. Kara’s face immediately transformed into a smile and she turned towards Lena. 

Lena slid a sketch book and a set of pencils towards Kara. Kara gave her a grateful smile as she realised what they were for.

“You brought me something to do?”

Lena nodded.

“I also brought snacks.”

The door opened and the judge came in sitting down. He begun his preamble that came down to saying this was an initial meeting to try and come to some agreement on the most urgent matters so they could all hopefully avoid a lengthy courtcase.

“Now I’ve seen what Mr Mathews is asking for, was there any new changes or shall we start with the Luthors?” he asked.

Mon-el’s lawyer, Mr Huntington, shook his head. Vivian nodded to the judge and opened one of her folders.

“Thank you your honour. Firstly Mr Mathews demands are completely unjustified, have no logical founding, and are in a word, extreme. He has provided absolutely no evidence to justify a single one of his demands for the removal of Mrs Lena Luthor’s presence in the life of this child. Furthermore his own behaviour raises serous concerns about his ability to be a stable influence in the life of the child. My clients have endured over a month of personal attacks from Mr Mathews despite their own willingness to work with him. They have also engaged in no public actions against Mr Mathews…”

Vivian went on pointing out Mon-el’s many failures to engage in any prior attempt to be a part of his child’s life, his history of poor behaviour and the lack of any attempt to communicate with them about the situation before escalating it to the court. Then she begun listing all the reasons Lena deserved a place in the life of her child despite the arguments from the opposing council.

Much of it was petty and pointless. Vivian said Lena had a strong history of charitable activities, Huntington argued that attending fundraisers and writing cheques hardly counted as an activity. Vivian argued her clean criminal history, Huntington pointed out all the times she’d been accused of criminal activity. That one got nasty as her family’s activities were brought up and they had to take a ten minute recess before someone jumped across the table to strangle their opposition. 

Kara spent the ten minute break with Lena in an alcove making out. When Lena asked why Kara explained it was to prevent Mon-el from daring to approach her. He’d apparently been spending the whole time whispering under his breath for Kara to make the concessions so it didn’t get worse. 

When they got back from the recess the focus shifted and a few concessions were made by Mon-el’s lawyers, or rather a few of his demands were struck off by the judge for volating Kara's rights.

His demand to be present for the birth of his child was immediately struck down by the judge as a violation of Kara’s privacy. His team argued then that Lena shouldn’t be allowed in the room either but that was again blocked by the judge because Kara had the right to bring anyone she wanted as her support and as her wife it was perfectly reasonable for Lena to be that person. Mon-el did not look pleased by this.

Lena’s lawyers in turn however were unable to get an injunction against Mon-el’s continued media interviews as that would be a violation of his right to free speech.

It was clear however Lena’s team was winning. Huntington didn’t look pleased as the judge again immediately ruled out one of Mon-el’s demands. This one to be granted access to the files on Kara’s pregnancy as he had been “prevented” from following the progress of his child’s growth because he wasn’t “permitted” in the doctor’s appointments. It was again vetoed as a breach of Kara’s right to privacy.

Lena took out one of her own files and slid it across the table to Mon-el. He gave her a confused look as he stared at the folder.

“I’m assuming this is what you’re really after from her files,” she said. “The ultrasounds. You haven’t asked for them but I’m guessing you want to see what they look like.”

Mon-el glared at her then opened the file spreading out the images. For a moment his face softened and he smiled stroking the image of a tiny hand in the latest ultrasound.

“Is it a boy or girl?” he asked.

“We haven’t checked,” Lena said.

“Well I want to know so tell me,” he said immediately.

“We don’t know so we can’t,” Lena said rolling her eyes.

“I think you’re lying,” he said glaring at Lena.

Lena sighed and turned to Vivian. Vivian looked at the judge.

“Your honour my clients have not sought information regarding the sex of their child as they do not wish to know ahead of time for cultural reasons. The birth is expected within the next few weeks it would be an unreasonable burden for them to be forced to have this information obtained for Mr Mathews before then. Especially as it could very easily then be leaked to the media ruining what is to be a special moment for my clients.”

The judge nodded.

“Given how soon the birth is I’m inclined to agree this would be an unreasonable burden as well as the cultural-”

“What about my culture?” Mon-el asked. 

Kara scoffed.

“Your culture places no significance around knowing the sex of your child. Most people knowing from the start does not mean you can claim it as a practice,” she said. “Mine places an emphasis on not knowing so that when the child is born it is part of the meeting them properly for the first time.”

Mon-el crossed his arms looking to Lena very much like a petulant child.

“As I was saying,” the judge said. “Considering how close the birth is, the mother’s cultural beliefs, and the fact that this was not brought up by Mr Mathews at any point prior.” He gave Mon-el a very pointed look. “I will not rule for Mrs Luthor to discover the sex of the child. Now, I think we are done for today. I’m sure we all have much to review and we can continue this next week.”

Everyone started packing up. Lena turned and for the first times saw the sketches Kara had made. They were of her. She smiled seeing the only one that wasn’t of her, and had to have been sneakily done using superspeed showing Mon-el’s pout moments ago. Kara slid it across the table to Mon-el.

“There you go, proof I did look at you during this meeting,” she said.

Mon-el sighed and gathered up his things leaving quickly. Kara smiled at Lena then looked down at her notes. Lena had spent much of the time idly drawing upgrade ideas for Kara’s supersuit. Kara of course spotted the one design that wasn’t for her. She tugged the page out and looked pointedly from Lena to the “Mini supersuit” design she’d done. 

“Is this what I think it is?” Kara teased.

Lena smiled at her.

“I just want to be prepared, I know what your family is like.”

Kara laughed and leaned over to give her a quick kiss that felt far too short.

“Can I keep this?” Kara asked.

Lena nodded and stole another kiss.

“Of course darling.”

Kara folded it carefully and tucked it into her pocket as they headed out. Kara’s hand sought Lena’s as Vivian started talking about the judge's opinion and how different things might play next time. 

They didn’t linger long wanting to get out of public view and away from Mon-el and his team. Kara kept glaring in their direction clearly overhearing their discussions. They came out of the courthouse to be swarmed by the media once more. Lena moved closer to Kara their security closing around them as the reporters rushed forwards.

“Mrs Luthor how did the meeting go?”

“Did you concede at any point?”

“Was there another apology from Mike?”

Vivian stepped in front of the cameras.

“The first meeting resulted in some wins for my clients, in particular around the coming birth of their child. We’ve made it very clear that Mr Mathews requests don’t hold any legal water and put forwards an offer for him to have guaranteed minimum visitation with the option to have additional time upon request to be negotiated between himself and the Luthors. No final decisions have been made regarding the main questions surrounding the care of their coming child and we have all agreed to return at a later time for further discussions.”

They ignored the questions that continued to be shouted at them heading directly for the car. The crowd of reporters mostly shifted away as Mon-el emerged shouting questions at him instead.

“Mr Mathews! How do you feel the meeting went?”

“Are you suing to be the primary carer?”

“What agreements were made?”

They paused at the car to listen.

“I uh, so we didn’t reach any proper agreement today but I am hopeful we will next time,” Mon-el said.

“Mr Mathews why are you so determined to prevent Lena Luthor from having contact with your child when there is no evidence she's a threat?”

Mon-el took a deep breath.

“No matter how Lena tries to pretend she’s different from the rest of her family it’s obvious she’s not. She might hire aliens to protect herself, or have cute moments with them in public, but her brother was able to pretend at times too. I know what her family is like having once been defenceless at the hands of her mother, and I’ve seen that same cold, hate filled, poisonous heart in Lena. People like Edge can tell you what she’s like to deal with in business and they'll tell you she’s as ruthless as the rest of her family. I’m not sure if she’s done something to Kara or if Kara’s just too swept up in the fantasy, but the Kara I knew didn’t like being showered with gifts and waited on hand and foot by everyone around her like she seems to now. Seeing how obviously infatuated Kara is with Lena above everything it makes me question whether she would ever go against her. Lena would have free rein to do whatever she wanted to either experiment on my child or to turn them into a tool for her own purposes. Probably both. I can’t risk the safety and happiness of my child on Kara’s willingness to stand up to Lena. Not when I’m an alien, she’s a Luthor, and Kara seems willing to sell herself and our child for the life of a fairytale princess.”

There was a second of absolute silence after he said that. Then Lena was grabbing Kara as she turned towards Mon-el. Her face transforming under a wave of rage that swept over her. 

Gone was every trace of soft and sweet Kara Danvers leaving in her place the face of a vengeful goddess that rose higher as she stood to her full height the edges of her eyes glowing red as she looked at Mon-el. Every muscle on her body had tensed turning to solid steel. Her bare arms suddenly showing the perfect definition of each ligament and muscle the strength of her body that was normally hidden by her relaxed movements was now on full display and bulging slightly. Even her hair was somehow starting to unravel from the neat bun seemingly of it’s own volition. A glow seemed to be coming off her skin as though fire lit it from within. All sign of hummanity had disappeared leaving behind the Kryptonian. 

Singer and Jay both froze as they saw her their expressions shifting to sudden alarm. Lena felt a wave of fear as she realised what was happening. Kara Zor-El had appeared in all her fury and she had only one focus.

“Kara no! Kara sweetheart do not-”

Lena quickly stepped in front of Kara her hands going to her face brushing her fingers over Kara’s face and neck trying to get her to turn and look at her. But Kara didn’t seem to see or hear her as she set Lena aside with a terrifying gentleness taking the first step towards Mon-el the pavement cracking beneath her feet as her shoes fell to pieces under the force.


Kara could barely hear over the thunder of her heartbeat and the rush of blood through her body as she focused on the source of her rage. Kara couldn’t take it a second longer. She begun walking towards Mon-el her eyes itching as she barely resisted the urge to burn him to ashes. Mon-el turned to her and suddenly looked afraid. Good.

“Mon-el!” she yelled her voice booming across the steps and echoing off the stone facade.

Everyone turned to look at her and she saw the sudden glee on Edge and his lawyers faces turn to alarm as she continued walking towards them her the ground cracking beneath her feet with every furious step. She heard Lena behind her. Mon-el took several steps back as Kara approached. Lena caught up with her and was trying to gently pull her back as she took another step her whole body tight as she barely controlled herself from expelling every bit of pent up rage inside her and expending it directly into Mon-el.

She could hear Lena whispering in her ear that he wasn’t worth it, her lawyers and PR team would take care of it but Kara was done pretending. This was it. This was the tipping point. Mon-el had finally crossed the line and she wouldn't stand for it any longer.

Kara glared at Mon-el her eyes lighting up further as the glow overtook her eyes. She saw the moment Mon-el’s lawyers saw it too as they started scrambling backwards.

“How fucking dare you!” she screamed.

“Kara he’s not worth it,” Lena said quickly moving in front of her to block cameras from seeing her eyes. “He’s just a dumb frat boy from space remember? He is not worth what you’re about to do.”

“He’s a dumb frat boy from space that just crossed the line,” Kara said shifting her head to glare at Mon-el around Lena. “You know who I am, and you dare challenge my willingness to protect my family? I am Kara Zor-El, the last true Kryptonian. I am scion of the houses of El and Ze, a champion of Earth, and resident superhero of National City. I am Supergirl. And you, Mon-el of Daxam, stand there and suggest I would sell myself or my family for a life of luxury. You dare to smear my honour and family for your own gain. You have no right to dictate what I do with aoste just because you got me pregnant.”

He stared back seemingly frozen in shock. Kara was breathing heavily. She needed to destroy something. She needed to sink her hands into something and feel it tear. She turned her head and saw a large metal lamp post. Perfect. She set Lena aside again and sped over to it. She turned to look back at Mon-el and the gathered press all of whom seemed to be in the same state of shock he was. She placed her hand on the lamp post and met Mon-el’s eyes.

“You wanna talk about our relationship in public? You want the whole world to know what happened between us and the Luthors? Then let’s talk about it,” she said grabbing a fistful of the lamp post. 

She felt her fingers sink into the lamp post and pulled ignoring the pathetic whine of the metal as she did. 

“I had my powers forcibly pulled from my body by Lillian Luthor using an invention Lex Luthor made. Then I was beaten, strapped to a table, and had my blood stolen before I was thrown in a cell specifically made to prevent me breaking out.”

She ripped the lamppost from the ground and begun tearing it apart and crushing it down piece by piece in her hands. She was rising slowly into the air as she glared down at Mon-el and the gathered press.

“I went through that in order to save you Mon-el. After you got abducted and shot in the leg by Cadmus. The same people who let loose a virus in an alien bar killing everyone there except you. You would have died too if my people hadn’t saved you. It’s good to be a Daxamite right? Your body is close enough to Kryptonian that the same people who spent years of their lives dedicated to protecting and healing me could help you too.”

She started using her heat vision to melt the internal elements together as she continued to crush the lamp post in her hands.

“Do you know who was really useful during that whole Medusa affair? Lena. Lena Luthor. When I told her what was happening in less time than it takes for you to blink she came up with a plan and then she tricked Lillian Luthor, her adoptive mother and the queen of manipulation, into thinking she was on her side and that she was giving her what she wanted. But really she’d switched out the isotopes, called the police, and then testified against her. Y’all remember that right? It wasn’t that long ago. You all reported on it.”

She turned to look at the stunned press. 

“She saved every alien in the city from a virus that by the way my father made, and for some reason was in the fortress of solitude.” She turned to yell in the direction of Metropolis. “Kal-el clean up the evil shit in your space attic!”

Kara turned back to look directly at Mon-el.

“But it’s not really her I should be talking about right now, it’s you. Do you remember how you said you wanted to be a hero? I gave you all that training and took the risk of bringing you along on a mission. Then on your first mission you disobeyed me because you thought I needed protection more than the civilians I told you to protect. Then one of them got hurt. Remember that? Or hey what about when a fifth dimensional imp turned up wanting to marry me and you couldn’t stop being all macho dudebro for five minutes to let me deal with it. Not only did you not tell me useful information you had for how to banish him, you got yourself captured. Twice. You also antagonised him, and again didn’t listen to what I told you to do so I could handle it. Instead you kept mouthing off making the whole thing worse. You remember that right Mon-el?”

She glared at him waiting for a response. He slowly nodded.

“What about how not long after you woke up on this planet you got bored waiting around until you had control of your powers and convinced the agent watching you to take you out to a bar so you could get drunk, and then you crushed that guy’s hand because you were showing off? That was real mature of you wasn’t it? Or what about when I got you a job where I worked so you could start getting out and being independent and within ten minutes you were screwing a girl in the printer room, the same girl you gave all your work to because you didn’t want to do it. Yeah you got fired from that job real quick didn’t you? Your second job, also the first one you found by yourself, had you doing something very different didn’t it. Should we talk about that?”

She applied more heat vision to the mangled lamppost which was now significantly smaller as she continued crushing it in her hands. Heating and freezing it in front of her silent captive audience.

“Probably best we don’t, you probably haven’t told your lawyers about it. Our whole relationship seemed to be me telling you that you needed to listen to me, you agreed, then you’d decide not to do what you were told, and I’d have to work twice as hard to clean up the mess. But hey let’s go back to that first job I got you. That was how you met Lena remember? Yeah she turned up and invited me to a Gala and-” 

Kara turned to look at Lena her face softening instantly.

“Wait, was that supposed to be a date?” she asked.

Lena opened her mouth then closed it. She nodded.

“I was a bit nervous asking you outright so I thought if it went that way we could but yeah…” Lena gave her a small shrug. “I didn’t want to lose you as a friend if you weren’t interested.”

Kara sighed smiling at her wife.

“You looked beautiful that night.” She turned back to Mon-el her smile disappearing once more. “That was also coincidentally the first time she saved me. She had made a device to destroy the weapons a gang of thieves were using against me. She hid it at the event she'd specifically planned knowing they’d turn up. She planned it and managed to get me, as Supergirl, to turn up. Then right before I got hurt she managed to fix her device and save me so I could save everyone else. She’s always done things like that. She gave me the details of an alien fighting ring. You remember that right? Do you also remember our trip to Slavers Moon where you kept insisting that there was no way out. That we were stuck and saying everything was hopeless because we didn’t have powers there, and yet I was still able to get us, and everyone who had been kidnapped back safely. And I was able to do it because my friends came to save us. Because El Mayarah means stronger together.”

Kara paused in her shaping of the the former lamppost to look at her wife again. Lena was looking up at her with a very soft expression. Kara sighed feeling her heart fill with warmth as her eyes met Lena’s.

“Lena is the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful… most incredible person I have ever met. She grew up in the same house as Lex from the age of four. She was lied to, manipulated, hurt again and again by the people who were meant to protect and love her. And she came out of it all as the wonderful person she is, one determined to do good no matter the personal cost. She was working on a cure for cancer before she took over L Corp. Then when she took over she did it because she wanted to make something good from her family’s legacy. And you know what, she has. L Corp completely stopped weapons development and shifted to medical technology with a focus on making it cheaper and more accessible. They’re creating and improving technology that now saves thousand of lives every day. And yes she’s a ruthless businesswoman but that comes with the territory. She’s up against Maxwell Lord and Morgan Edge of course she’s going to be a bit ruthless. Everyone keeps insisting she’s going to be just like her brother but she couldn’t be further from him. She is warm, and loving, and was willing to be friends with some cub reporter from a magazine not exactly known for it’s hard hitting journalism.”

Kara looked at the rough metal ball she now held and felt tired. She dropped back to the ground again.

“I told her the exact same secret that apparently sent her brother off the deep end and instead of trying to hurt or manipulate me she offered to help me. I told her I was scared the government would try to steal aoste because they’re part Kryptonian, that they would try to make them into a weapon. Which by the way almost happened to me. A team of government agents turned up to kidnap and effectively brainwash me into being a superweapon for the government within my first year on earth. My adoptive father managed to make a trade giving himself to protect me.”

Kara sighed feeling a wave of sadness as she thought of Jeremiah. 

“The moment I told her who I was Lena offered me everything. She heard me tell her the whole world would come for my child and she offered me everything she had. She offered her wealth, her name, her connections. She offered her life to protect me and aoskah. Because she was right the government would never dare to try and steal a Luthor. Not when she has an army of lawyers and an extended security team that could be classed as a small army.”

Kara looked at Lena and saw the love shining back. She turned to glare at Mon-el and the silent press.

“But apparently a frat boy from space and a homophobic jackass with more money than sense thought they could.”

She sighed feeling more of her rage melting away leaving behind only exhaustion. Kara rubbed her face letting her body relax further.

“I'm tired Mon-el. It’s been a hell of a month thanks to you and your… patron. I am sore, grumpy, and I’m tired of hiding the truth. A Super fell in love with a Luthor, because how could I not? Lena is my best friend, the person who has believed in me no matter what, who looks at me and sees all of me, not just the cape or the glasses but me. Kar Zor-El, and she lets me be myself. And sure she’s not perfect, no one is, but she is perfect for me. She has spent every day of her life fighting against everyone who expects her to fall into madness like her brother. She was willing to go all in on everything so I could keep aoste. That’s the woman you’re saying is going to experiment on aoste. The woman who from the moment she knew of their existence has done everything in her power to protect them from that.”

Kara looked at the now smooth ball in her hands and then at Mon-el. She sighed heavily. She was exhausted, her back hurt, and so did her feet. And all she wanted to do was cry. 

“I really want throw this as hard as I can into your face in the hope it does enough damage that you will feel even a tenth as much pain as you’ve put my family through by being an entitled little shit. If you want to be aos father fine, you can be a father and have time with aoste. But you do not get to take away Lena’s time with them. Not when she is the one who stepped up when I needed help. Not when she is the one who has dedicated everything in their life to this child. She is the one who just by speaking to them can stop aos kicking me so I can go to sleep. Lena is the person who every night kisses my stomach to say goodnight to aoskah, and everytime she does she tells aos she loves them. So don’t you dare stand there and suggest she is just like her family. Don’t you dare stand there and suggest that just because you’re an alien and she’s a Luthor that she is a threat to aoste. Lena Luthor nahn Zrheminte.”

Kara wasn’t aware she was crying until then. She sucked in a breath and looked at Lena who was standing there looking torn between adoration and worry. Lena held out a hand to her.

"Zhaote," Lena whispered.

Kara felt more tears fall from her eyes.

“I think I might be a bit hormonal,” she said dropping the metal ball. 

She heard it crack the pavement below as she walked to her wife. Lena choked out a laugh.

“Yeah probably,” she said wrapping Kara in her arms.

Kara sniffed holding back tears as Lena held her tighter.

“I’m tired, my back hurts, so do my feet, and I’m very pregnant,” Kara said. “I just want to get through the rest of my pregnancy and see you hold aoskah for the first time. That’s all I want right now.” 

Kara sighed another feeling coming over her as she felt aos wake. She gave Lena a weak smile. 

“And I would really like some ice cream now I’m calming down because aoskah is awake so I’m hungry, again.”

Lena smiled and pulled back still keeping her arms around Kara.

“I’ll have someone get you some right now. Hector!”

He appeared at her side as Kara pulled Lena close again burying her face in Lena’s neck breathing in the smell of her perfume.

“Yes Mrs Luthor?”

“Could you please go get my wife some ice cream. Which flavour do you want darling?”

Kara was sniffling into her shoulder but she managed an answer.


Lena dropped a kiss on her cheek.

“Six litres of chocolate ice cream please Hector. You know which ones.”

“Of course Mrs Luthor. I’ll bring it immediately.”

Lena silently shook her head at the gathered media and lawyers as she pulled back again.

“Come on darling. I think we should go home.”

“Okay,” Kara mumbled. “Have I told you today that I love you? Because I really love you.”

Lena laughed guiding Kara into the car as their security team closed around them.

“You might have mentioned it once or twice.”

Chapter Text

Lena smiled as she woke that morning the sunshine streaming through the curtains of the cabin window. She snuggled deeper into the blankets as she cuddled against Kara’s side.

“Good morning,” Kara said.

“Shh,” Lena said. “It’s Saturday.”

Kara laughed.

“You have six meetings today.”

“Shh, no I don’t. Not for another hour,” Lena said. 

Kara laughed.

“But don’t you want to hear the latest updates on the riveting penthouse watch?” Kara asked.

Lena laughed and rolled onto her back so she could look at Kara.

“Okay, fill me in,” she said.

Kara smiled as she held up her phone to show the live feed. Lena smiled and gave aos their good morning kiss.

“So at midnight there was a lot of excitement, because they thought the automated lights turning off was us moving around turning them off. There was a lot of suggestion it had to be me using superspeed.”

Lena scoffed.

“Then there was a lot of curiosity at two am because the long range microphones started picking up on some noises which just turned out to be Pinky doing a walk through while singing a very off key version of F you, with some adapted lyrics. Singer was providing the beat via whistle.”

Lena found her smile growing.

“Then at four am some idiot tried to jump from a helicopter onto the balcony to be immediately shot by the goo guns and was stuck there for two minutes yelling about how it burned until Singer came out and sprayed him down with the dissolver. Then Hector arrested him. I didn’t realise you’d added a dye to the formula.”

Lena smiled. She’d disabled the lethal defences leaving the penthouse protected by the non lethal measures. Those being primarily the goo guns as Kara called them. A powerful glue that upon contact with air expanded. The guns would shoot fist sized balls of the glue at anything larger than a bird that touched her balcony sticking them place until her security got there.

“I also added glitter, just for added value,” Lena said.

Kara laughed and showed Lena the picture of a young man in a patterned shirt and khaki shorts with what looked like neon green paint covering the left side of his head and hair and the entirety of his torso, and lower legs.

“Perhaps we should let people know we’re not there,” Lena said reaching for her phone.

“But I was gonna turn the TV on and off in Morse code to tell people to go home,” Kara said with a pout.

Lena smiled and gave her a kiss. Kara immediately pulled her back extending the kiss. Lena laughed getting up

“We can continue that after we tell the world to stop staking out the penthouse.”

Kara smiled and picked up Lena’s second phone from the bedside table. She sent Keith a quick message to let him know what they were about to do and got an immediate thumbs up.

Kara smiled and opened the camera tuning on and then muting the TV. She switched it over to the live feed of the penthouse. She hit record.

“Hey, so we thought we should tell you we’re not at the penthouse, and never were,” Kara said. “We went straight from the courthouse to a different location.”

Kara turned the camera to Lena who threw open the blinds to show the garden beyond. She then opened the window so the sound of birds could be heard.

“Did everyone forget I can fly literally anywhere in the world?” Kara asked.

“And that I have over a thousand pieces of individual property around the world.” Lena said with a smile. Then she frowned. “Wait, 872 at last count, I sold some to buy shares for a clear majority in L Corp.”

Kara scoffed and Lena turned around to smile at the camera.

“So, have fun trying to work out where we are, before we move again.”

Kara stopped the recording and sent it to Keith to post. She tossed the phone aside and got up. Lena was looking at the muted TV shaking her head. Kara took advantage of her momentary distraction to sneak up behind her. She wrapped her arms around Lena and started kissing her way down her neck. Lena hummed happily and turned her head to kiss Kara’s lips turning around.

“So what’s the plan for tomorrow?”

“Well I have a lovely apartment in Rome.” Kara laughed. “But I think your sister wanted you to join her for sisters night so I’ll be crashing on Jack’s couch while you spend the night with Alex in my harbourisde apartment. Then we can meet with Eliza at the manor the following day. The Penthouse should be fine again after a few weeks and then it should only be another three months before our house is complete.”

Kara smiled and hugged Lena tighter.

“Have I mentioned how convenient it is sometimes that you’re filthy rich?”

Lena laughed.

“Whatever could you mean?” Lena asked.

Kara smiled at her.

“Well it’s just that you immediately had a half dozen locations for my friends and family to go to.”

Lena smiled.

“Are the boys still having fun in Metropolis?”

Kara sighed and picked up her phone.

“Winn sent me a message this morning. It came with pictures.”

Lena smiled as she looked at the picture of Winn standing in the middle of the shower wearing a pair of boxers a giant grin on his face as the five showerheads sprayed him from different angles.

“Well I’m glad Lex’s old apartment still has it’s uses.”

“Alex said she and Maggie want one of the mattresses for Christmas this year and Eliza wanted to know why the apartment three floors below the penthouse has the exact same layout but none of the same kitchen utensils.”

Lena laughed. 

“Because that’s where my security does their practice drills and also is used by them as a lunchroom so they bought all the utensils.”

Kara made a small huh noise as she thought about it.

“So…” Lena turned and pulled Kara in for a kiss. “Since I still have another forty five minutes before my first meeting did you want to-”

Lena’s phone rang.

They both sighed and Lena gave her a kiss before walking over to check her phone. Andrea. She answered.

“If you’re calling for an interview I’m saying no comment.”

Andrea laughed. Kara begun nuzzling Lena’s neck.

“No, I’m calling to ask if you found everything alright.”

Lena laughed.

“Yes, also I found my copy of Persuasion in your library.”

Andrea sighed heavily.

“Well forgive me for not returning it. Did you find anything else?”

“Not yet but I’ve got some time. Also your wifi password is apparently password.”

“It’s in the middle of a forest, no one can get close enough for it to matter.”

“I did see the fences,” Lena said with a smile. “The attack dogs warning was a nice touch.”

“I like the classics. I considered having a little robot made to have a fake attack dog patrol at night.”

“If you do, give it light up red eyes.”

Andrea laughed. Lena looked out the window at the small patch of garden and then the trees beyond her mind begun ticking away.

“Are you thinking about making me a robot guard dog?” Andrea asked.

“No comment.”

“A dinosaur would be cooler,” Kara said.

“If I turn up at my cabin next Christmas to be attacked by a robot dinosaur I will not be pleased,” Andrea said.

Lena smiled.

“I promise no dinosaur,” she said.

She made a mental note to make a tiny robot leopard and leave it for Andrea at Christmas. Andrea sighed.

“I gave you ideas didn’t I?”

“Would it help if I do the same thing to Jack when we stay in his flat?” Lena asked.

“Only if you send me the footage.”

Lena laughed.

“How’s Catco?”

Andrea sighed.

“Everyone has been gossipping all morning. Apparently they all knew but none of them wanted to say. I don’t believe most of them.”

Lena smiled and lay back.

“What have you been up to?”

“My pants are hanging off one of the rafters in the kitchen and your oven has been used for the first time. To reheat pizza though so technically it’s still never been used to actually cook.”

Andrea laughed.

“I’m glad to hear you haven’t sullied my kitchen by actually cooking in it.”

“Yet, Kara was thinking of baking muffins while I have meetings.”

Andrea made a noise of disgust.

“Baking. How could-” She sighed. “I have to go someone has done something flagrantly incompetent right in front of me and I need to yell at them.”

Lena laughed as she said goodbye. She’d barely made it to the kitchen when another call came through. K. Hunt, PR.

“Mr Hunt, how are you this morning?” she asked.

“I am fantastic Mrs Luthor, and yourself?”

Lena hummed her eyes drifting to her pants still hanging over the rafters.

“I’m doing quite well myself.”

“Wonderful. Would you like to know how many requests there are for interviews with you?”

Lena smiled.

“How many?”

“Two hundred and twenty seven.”

“And how many am I accepting?”

“I am debating twelve, they’re all on my nice list.”

Lena found her smile growing again.

“Did you divide the world’s media into naughty and nice?” she asked.

“And neutral,” Keith said. “But yes. And technically I made the intern do it. so...”

Lena laughed. 

“And how did you decide these parameters?”

“Those who engaged in spiteful, actively malicious, or just plain clickbait about you went on the naughty list. People who did their jobs and engaged in actual journalism are on the nice list and everyone else is on the neutral one.”

“Well I suppose that’s fair.”

“I thought so. Now how many interviews are you willing to do and do you have any special requests?”

Lena shook her head.

“No, I’m sure whatever you choose will be agreeable.”

“Then I’ll be in touch once decisions have been made.”

Lena thanked him and hung up. She turned and saw Kara lying on the couch looking at her. 

“Hey there Supergirl,” she said.

Kara looked back and let out a long sigh. Lena smiled.

“Is there a problem?” Lena asked.

Kara nodded holding out her arms.

“I haven’t gotten enough cuddles today.”

“That is a serious problem,” Lena said walking towards her.

She settled herself on the couch beside Kara wrapping her arms around her and holding her wife closer. 

“Better?” she asked.

Kara nodded snuggling into her. 

“You’re here,” Kara said tilting her face up. 

Lena kissed her. Soft and sweet. Kara deepened it with a sigh her mouth moving against Lena’s for a moment the two of them simply enjoying the moment. Then Kara pulled away with a sigh. 

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” Lena whispered. 

She ran her hand over aos and dropped a kiss on Kara’s shoulder. 

“Now, why don’t I reheat some pizza for you and make some museli for me so we can have something to eat before my first meeting.”

Kara smiled and Lena stole a final kiss before she went to the kitchen.

Chapter Text

Alex smiled as Kara and Lena walked in. 

“If it isn’t the most famous power couple in the world,” Alex said smiling at them. 

Kara laughed and hugged her sister.

“Hey little Luthor, little Danvers,” Maggie said smiling at them from the kitchen where she was making a cup of coffee. Or more specifically trying to make a leaf in the foam on her coffee.

Lena took a seat at the counter nodding to Alex and Maggie. 

“Have you two been having fun?” she asked indicating the somewhat alarming number of coffee pods in the bin.

“Yes,” Maggie said immediately. “I can almost do faces again, I used to be good at this.”

Lena smiled. 

“I’m sure. Just so you know I’ve also arranged for a new mattress to be delivered to your apartment in three weeks.”

Maggie grinned at her.

“My favourite Luthor right there,” she said. 

Lena smiled back. 

“And in more good news, my security has done their assessment and it looks like we should all be able to go home soon. There’s been no significant increase in threats, you two have barely been mentioned comparatively, and the increased protections visible around my penthouse has led to a drop in discussions around any attacks by Supergirl’s enemies.”

“The DEO had a similar assessment. Winn says he’s going to keep a close monitor on it,” Alex said wandering over.

Lena nodded.

“It was still suggested that everyone quietly move sometime in the next couple of months. Kara and I will be going to our house once it’s finished, and I’m happy to pay out your leases so you can all go somewhere else, or I have quite a few properties that could be made available.”

Maggie shook her head.

“My lease is almost up at my current place. It won’t raise any flags if I move instead of renew.”

“I’ve been on month to month for a few years now so I’ll just take a week off sometime and get a new place,” Alex said. 

Lena nodded and gave Kara a look getting an I told you so one in response.

“I’m guessing the boys took you up on your offer,” Maggie said. “Also, latte?”

Lena nodded accepting the coffee with it's intricate foam leaf from Maggie.

“Winn has already picked his new apartment and James is going to stay with him for a few months as extra protection just in case. I just think they want to keep playing video games together. Apparently they started some new online game and have a nemesis called NiatheDreamer who keeps kicking their arses.”

Maggie and Alex scoffed.

“What have you two been doing?” Maggie asked.

“I’ve been working, someone,” Lena smiled at Kara. “Has been watching Xena.”

“Hey, you weren’t complaining when you joined me for six episodes yesterday,” Kara said with a pout.

Lena smiled and gave her a kiss before taking a sip of coffee.

“No I wasn’t. It’s not like either of is watching anything approaching the news at the moment.”

There was a gentle whoosh sound and they all turned to see J’onn arrive with Eliza.

“And there’s my ride,” Lena said with a smile.

Kara gave her a worried look and Lena leaned up to give her another kiss.

“My security is meeting me there and J’onn will be with me the whole time. Besides, she’s not likely to be a threat. She’s basically a lawyer and then I’ll be with Jack and Andrea in Metropolis all night. Clark already promised to keep an ear out for me all night.”

Kara sighed and nodded.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Lena promised then gave her a final kiss and then gave one to aos before she walked over to J’onn with a smile. 

He smiled back at her and they disappeared in a rush of air. Kara sighed and then smiled as Eliza came closer.

“Hey girls, shall we get started?” she asked.

Maggie smiled and gave Alex a kiss on the cheek.

“I’m on night shift so I’ll see you all late," She gave Alex a kiss. "I'll come along and scrape you all off the couch. Have fun.”

They all called their goodbyes as Maggie left. Alex looked at Kara and then her mother.

“So… pizza?” Alex asked. “And then I think you might want to see something.”

“What is it?” Kara asked seeing her sister’s mischievous smile.

“The only interview Mon-el did since you came out,” Eliza said with a smile. “It did not go well.”

Alex laughed and Kara smiled taking a seat on the couch as Alex searched for the video while Eliza placed their food order. The title made Kara smile.

‘Mike Mathews’ gets roasted on Morning show.

The video came up and the morning show logo rolled across the screen and a woman in her early forties smiled at the camera wearing a bright green jacket in some kind of animal print with matching glasses.

“Welcome back, I’m Gossip Gerty and here with me this morning is a famous young man, and soon to be father, Mike Mathews.”

Mike smiled and nodded at her. She smiled back very brightly.

“So there’s been quite a few revelations about your relationship with your ex girlfriend this week. She very publicly called you out for your behaviour and perhaps more significantly outed herself as an alien and Supergirl in response to your accusations of her wife being, well evil.”

Mon-el shifted uncomfortably.

“So, what do you have to say in response to all the things Kara, also known as Supergirl,” Gerty flashed the camera a smile and a wink. “Said about you?”

“Uh yes,” Mon-el cleared his throat. “So I wasn't the best of boyfriends to her and she has some very fair criticisms of my past behaviour but-”

“She said you repeatedly ignored her wishes and disrespected her both personally and professionally,” Gerty said her voice getting just a little sharper.

Mon-el sighed and did his best to smile through his irritation.

“As I said I wasn't always a good boyfriend which is part of why I removed myself to become-”

“So you felt like the five months you just up and left were sufficient personal development to come back and as she put it dictate how the child you initially abandoned should be raised.”

“I didn't abandon-”

“Supergirl certainly saw it that way, and based on how it’s been described by you both most women agree you did.”

Mon-el grit his teeth looking distinctly frustrated.

“It was a very emotional time for us both,” he said.

“It certainly sounds like it,” Gerty said frowning at him. “She was realising she was pregnant and had hoped for help and support from the person who had been her romantic partner, and instead you rejected your child and left without contact for months-”


“Then didn't return until after she'd married one of her closest friends and according to all evidence a very loving and supportive partner.”

“Lena can be just as manipulative as-”

“A partner who despite no biological connection from the moment she was aware of the child’s existence has stepped up and offered to give Kara all she can to help protect them, a child that according to all close sources she is very connected to and loves as her own.”

“Again Lena can be-”

“But you, a man who according to your own admission was never a good partner to Kara, has made a lot of mistakes, and who at no point attempted to simply discuss with your ex girlfriend the situation and your concerns-”

“I did attempt,” Mon-el said crossing his arms. “I went to her when I returned and everyone knows I came to her at Catco.”

“Yes, you went to her workplace while she was working and tried to talk with her in front of all her colleagues, not exactly a good idea. As I was saying, instead you came back and demanded you be treated as the authority on what is best for this child, and when that was rejected you immediately dragged your ex and her partner into a very public court case, actively and knowingly causing her additional stress at a crucial time of her pregnancy. You can understand why hearing this so many of us are questioning your version of events.”

Mon-el glared at the Gerty.

“I'm not the problem Lena is,” he growled.

“Not according to Kara, her family, friends, or her doctor. Or even most of the public at this point. From what has come out it seems less like Lena is a problem and more that you're upset your ex moved on with someone who is just…” Gerty shrugged. “Better than you in every way.”

Mon-el glared at her for a moment then stood up and stormed out ripping off his microphone and tossing it aside as he left.
Gerty turned to the cameras and smiled.

“I don't think he liked hearing that.”

Kara laughed as the video ended. 

“Well I have a feeling I know at least one of the people on Keith’s nice list,” she said turning to Alex.

“Pizza’s gonna be a half hour,” Eliza said.

Kara and Alex looked at each other.

“Popcorn?” Alex suggested.

Kara grinned at her.

Eliza’s phone rang and she sighed.

“I’ll be back in a minute, behave yourselves."

She left the room as Alex jumped up and dug around for a minute to find an appropriate bowl. She looked at it then the pack of popcorn kernels. Her eyes met Kara’s and Kara gave her a very serious nod.

Five minutes later Eliza walked back into the lounge and sighed taking out her phone to film them. Kara threw the kernels into the air then shot them with her laser vision turning them into popcorn. Alex washolding out a bowl underneath trying to catch them. There was moderate success by both of them in their activities and a lot of mess being made. Eliza cleared her throat and they both froze.

Eliza gave them a look. They both immediately pointed at the other.

“She started it!”

Eliza sighed and ended the video. She shook her head at her daughters and collected the rest of the bag from Kara putting it in the microwave as she went to collect the partially filled bowl from Alex. They subtly hid the evidence of their recent efforts as the microwave beeped and Eliza took out the bag pouring the remaining popcorn into the bowl. She brought it over and gave them both a smile.

“You do realise that now everyone knows you’re Supergirl I can start sharing all the stories I have of you two doing that kind of thing,” she said.

“No you won’t,” they chorused.

Eliza sensing the clear challenge took out her phone and sent the video with an attached comment to Keith.

He sent back a string of heart emojis. Eliza smiled as her daughters. A minute later Kara’s phone chimed with an alert that Lena Luthor had made a new post.

Kara opened it up to see two changes. Firstly Lena’s bio now included the words “wife of Supergirl” which did something to her heart, and the follower count was in the hundreds of millions instead of it’s previous few million.

Noticing her adoptive mother’s continued smug smile Kara checked the latest post. The thumbnail clearly showed her on the couch her laser vision and Alex with the bowl outstretched.

It doesn’t matter how old they are some things never change- Eliza Danvers.

Alex looked at Kara’s phone. Eliza smiled at them both and picked up a handful of popcorn. 

“So what are we watching tonight?” she asked her stunned daughters.

Alex smiled as she answered her phone halfway through their second episode of Xena.

“Hey babe, miss me already?”

“I've got some big news,” Maggie said quickly. “Or rather some potentially big news.”

Alex frowned and put her on speaker. 

“Kara do you know the name of the Prince of Daxam?” Maggie asked.

“No, I know the king and queen were Rhea and Lar Gand, but the prince was only ever referred to as his majesty the Prince,” Kara said.

Maggie was quiet for a moment.

“So I was doing my usual stop to get information from people at Al’s and I was approached by a young woman by the name of Lea-Trax. I’m sending you a picture now.”

Kara’s phone made a little ding giving her the notification. Kara opened the picture and saw a beautiful young woman with small gold spikes instead of hair.

“She look familiar?” Maggie asked.

Kara nodded frowning.

“Yeah, she was on Slavers moon. We knocked out the guard holding her as we escaped. She was rescued along with the humans and a few others.”

“Well she had apparently been a pleasure slave on Daxam until about a week before it exploded. She’d lost the Prince’s interest and was then sent to be sold.” Maggie took a deep breath. “She identified Mon-el as the Prince of Daxam.”

Kara went very still. Alex and Eliza looked at her worried. Kara could hear a strange rushing in her ears.

“Alex do you still have those bounty hunters in the DEO?” she asked her voice remarkably calm.

“Yeah, they got a standard eight month sentence for attempted B&E with three months earth education.”

Kara looked at her sister. Alex didn’t need to be told she already had her phone out calling J’onn. 

It took only minutes. Alex didn’t bother telling Kara what he said, she’d heard him. Kara felt the world go quiet as her powers disappeared. She turned and walked over to the couch and very carefully sat down saying nothing.

“I'll get the ice cream,” Eliza said.

“I'll get Lena,” Alex said.


Lena arrived five minutes later having been flown in by Clark. She immediately went to Kara wrapping her arms around her wife and holding her as tight as she could.

“Lois and I will contact a few of our sources to see if anyone else can confirm the truth of-”

“It’s him,” Lena said.

Everyone looked at her surprised.

“I just had a meeting with a woman who is calling herself Mrs Fall. She was apparently once connected with a group whose name reportedly translates to green lantern corps. She worked with an individual called Tomar-Re, he’s not important.”

Kara nodded. She’d heard stories of them.

“She‘s a Ungaran and was as she describes it a trade lawyer. I had this confirmed by several others before we met. From what she’s told me she spent a decade on Daxam and has a deep knowledge of their legal system as a result. She told me a lot of things and I’ve put her in contact with Vivian to coordinate but… she,” Lena held Kara a little tighter. “She told me that Mon-el is indeed the crown Prince of Daxam.”

Everyone was quiet as Kara slowly nodded. 

“I uh… Alex can you uh, speak with those bounty hunters see what else they have to say and uh…”

She was struggling. Aos begun to kick and she closed her eyes. Kara turned to look at Lena.

“Can we go home tonight?” she whispered.

Lena nodded. 

“Of course darling.” 

She looked at Clark. 

“Can you-” she waved her hand at herself and Lena. “My powers.”

He nodded and gave her a very gentle smile.

“Of course.”

He flew her and Lena back to the penthouse. It was quiet but almost all of their things were still there. Kara felt herself relaxing a little at the familiar smells and sounds of the penthouse. 

“Hey,” Lena whispered.

She reached up placing her hand on Kara’s cheek.

“I’m here, it’s okay.”

“He is- just the worst!” Kara suddenly yelled her infamous pout appearing.

Lena laughed and wrapped her arms around Kara.

“We’ve all got one,” Lena said.

“Who’s yours?” Kara muttered.

Lena gave her a quick kiss.

“His name was Taylor, he was two years older than me, said dude a lot, was in a shitty rock band called Crystal Moth, only wore black, and smoked a lot of pot. He also liked to say I had terrible taste in music and wanted me to be a groupie. I was fifteen and stupid so I thought this was a great rebellion. Then mum paid him to break up with me.”

Kara seemed stunned for a moment.



“Well uh… At least he didn’t get you pregnant,” Kara said.

Lena smiled.

“He probably would have if he got the chance but I wasn’t going to sleep with him before I got Andrea’s stamp of approval and she told me never to fuck a boy who couldn’t make me come with oral first so…” Lena shrugged. “He didn’t like that rule.”

Kara nodded slowly as she looked at Lena seemingly having trouble processing that.

“I uh, think that may have been for the best,” she said giving Lena a concerned look.

Lena smiled.

“It was, but I was still mad about it until I discovered lesbians. I got to piss off my mother and have a good time. Best of both worlds really.”

Kara laughed. Lena gave her a kiss, then a second longer one.

“Why don’t we have a nice long bath, eat whatever snack foods are still in the cupboard and then curl up in bed and watch Xena kick some ass until we fall asleep.”

Kara smiled.

“Sounds good,” she said.

Lena gave her another kiss and led her down the hall to their bathroom.


Lena woke early and went to roll over only to find herself trapped. She pushed against Kara’s arm and found it as immovable as steel. She sighed and after a few moments of fumbling managed to get her phone. 

She saw a few messages from Jack. He and Andrea had apparently decided to spend the evening with a framed picture of her as a replacement. There was a half dozen pictures of them talking to it over their meal, sitting in front of the TV with it, Jack offering her picture scotch, then the two of them progressing to a drunken party the two of them dancing with the picture, and finally the picture face down in a puddle of wine surrounded by empty bottles. He’d captioned it with two words, next time.

She smiled. I seemed they’d had fun. 

She sent a reply and got an almost immediate response. She smiled texting him back. She lay there for a good half hour arguing science with Jack. When he asked for a reference to one of her arguments she informed him that she had one but she couldn’t give it at that time owing to her being stuck. He sent back a series of question marks.

Lena decided to have a little fun and set her phone against the bedside lamp and hit record. She silently lifted the blankets and pointed to Kara’s arm wrapped around her. She wriggled trying to escape demonstrating how very stuck she was.

Kara mumbled something and pulled her closer snuggling into her as she did and Lena let out a small squeak. She reached for her phone to end the video and found it now out of her reach. She struggled for a few moments trying to escape Kara’s gentle but immovable hold. 

She gave up when it was clear that wouldn’t work.

“Shit,” Lena muttered. She turned her head to look at Kara. “Zrhemin can you- honey, darling. Darling, wake up.”

Kara mumbled into her neck and held her closer nuzzling into her shoulder.

“No, still sleepy,” she said.

“You can stay in bed I just need to get up,” Lena said patting her hand.

“No Zrhemin stay.”

Kara tightened her hold. Lena sighed. Then put her hand under the blankets and reached behind her. She knew exactly where to put her hand.

Kara's eyes flew open.

“Now I have your attention,” Lena said with a smirk. “Could you let me go?”

Kara did so immediately. Lena removed her hand and rolled away.

“Tease,” Kara muttered snuggling deeper into the blankets.

Lena laughed and reached for her phone ending the video. She sent it to Jack.

Being married to the girl of steel is great until you literally can't get out of bed because you're trapped and she's sleeping too deep. Underhanded tactics are regularly needed.

He sent back a video of him laughing a minute later captioned with the words your face. This was then followed by a video of Andrea looking a little worse for wear on the couch laughing at her phone. Lena smiled as Andrea sent her a long message half in English, half in Spanish, and all about her expression when she realised she couldn’t reach her phone. It was followed by a much shorter message I’m sending this to Sam.

Lena got up and decided to make her own coffee since Kara was still asleep. She walked into the kitchen and started the coffee machine. While she waited for that she looked at her social media. The number of notifications was somewhat alarming. Then she saw the video from Eliza on her feed and clicked play. 

Kara wandered out as she started laughing. 

Kara apparently knew what she was looking at and pouted. Lena gave her a kiss. The pout disappeared. 

“So,” Lena wrapped her arms around Kara. “We have all morning to spend together before I have a meeting with Keith at eleven and then one with Sam and Jess, after which we’re meeting with Vivian about everything else.”

Kara sighed and nodded the crinkle appearing. Lena kissed it away then she gently pushed Kara against the kitchen counter and kissed her way lower. Kara's mood improved considerably. 


Lena smiled as Keith’s face appeared on the screen.

“Hello Mr Hunt.”

“Mrs Luthor,” he said smiling brightly. “Would you like to know how things have been going?”

Lena nodded.

“Sure, how are things going?”

“Smashingly!” Keith enthused. 

Lena laughed.

“You now have more than 230 million followers on social media. Last night’s post has exploded everywhere and I think every talk show in the country has found a way to mention it in some positive way.”

“So in short we’re still everyone’s favourite topic of discussion,” Lena said.

“Yes,” Keith said. “I’ll have my favourite mentions sent to you but in a nutshell, you’re now considered to be, charming, beautiful, an icon, and… well they’re still calling you daddy.”

Lena sighed. It seemed that wasn’t going away anytime soon.

“Kara did say something about getting that for me on a t-shirt.”

Keith’s eyes lit up. Lena had a feeling she’d be getting photographed in a t-shirt saying Daddy in the near future.

“What about the negative news?” she asked.

Keith hummed for a moment.

“Supergirl’s approval rating took a small hit. I dug into it and I’ll give you three guesses as to why.”

“Because she married a Luthor?”


“Because she had premarital sex?”


“Because she’s bi?”

Keith nodded.

“Well I suppose that’s to be expected,” Lena said with a sigh.

“She has however apparently gained more support from people who had previously seen her as a, well to put it politely, having a god complex. The news she has a very normal, well had before she married you, life with boyfriend drama and close seemingly normal friends has gone down well. Cat Grant helped that along with a post yesterday saying-”

Keith squinted at his screen.

“Somehow even with superpowers she still failed to answer the phone on time, though heat vision does explain how my coffee was always hot.”

Lena laughed.

“I’ll let Kara know.”

Keith smiled at her.

“And what about my latest nemesis?”

“Mr Edge has largely escaped criticism but that may just be because it’s early days. Mostly it’s been focused on Mr Mathews. He’s taken quite the public hit, apparently being a terrible boyfriend to Supergirl is bad for one’s social standing.”

“I’m shocked,” Lena muttered.

Keith smiled at her.

“In general he’s gone from sympathetic young man and underdog to frat boy who can’t accept his ex moved on with someone hotter.”

Lena tried her best not to show how happy that made her. She did not succeed if Keith’s laugh was anything to go by. 

“So going forwards?” she prompted

“Considering how the post last night tracked having the occasional post about what it’s like living with someone with superpowers would help keep the mystery of much of your private lives but also give people a little window to help appease their curiosity. Especially if it shows Kara in a more human light.”

Lena hummed and Keith gave her a look.

“I may have a video that fits that your requirements,” she said.

“What’s it of?”

“The everyday struggles of being married to a superhero.”

Keith smiled at her.

The video of her wakeup went viral worldwide in less than four hours. It was a popular meme in less than two. Lena sighed realising that was her life now. Hopefully things would ease up in the future. 

Chapter Text

They walked into the meeting with Mon-el and his lawyers and everyone sat down. Mon-el’s team were looking far from confident this time around. Lena slid another folder silently across to Vivian as Mon-el glared at her but it was Kara who spoke first.

“It’s interesting that you apparently lie about everything, Prince Mon-el of Daxam.”

There was a stunned silence from the other side of the table. Mon-el actually flinched as Kara glared at him.

“Here I thought you were just born on a cruel planet but it turns out you led it.”

Mon-el opened his mouth to speak but Kara went on. 

“I heard about all the things you used to get up to.”

Her eyes flashed dangerously as Vivian slid one of her folders across the table to Warner. Mon-el stared at her stunned.

“W-what do you know? Who told you?” he asked.

“One of your former… well lets just say your performance time in the bedroom apparently hasn’t really improved,” Kara said.

There’s a long silence from his side of the room as all the lawyers looked at each other. Mon-el gulped. Edge was gripping his chair very tightly. 

Vivian flicked open the folder she had before her.

“There’s copies there of everything,” she said.

Then she begun to systematically list the contents laying all their cards on the table. DEO reports from his first mission, the Mxy incident, his early escape to Al’s with Winn. His early psych eval. The records of his time as an enforcer with sworn statements from victims and gang members. Written statements from other aliens about the Daxamite royal family. And in a separate file the Lea-Trax's of everything she’d seen him do and engage in with her personally and others. Her statement was backed up by several other aliens corroborating things they’d heard or seen about the Daxam royal family.

Finally Lena slid one of Vivian’s folders across the table towards Mon-el her hand staying in place keeping it closed.

“This is photographs, a copy of the video, and a full written transcript of the conversations we had following your return.”

She removed her hand and Mon-el stared at the folder silently. Lena was looking at Kara. She was gripping the arms of her chair so tightly her knuckles were white. She reached out covering Kara’s hand with her own.

Warner’s angry hiss drew their attention.

“This witness says he kept her as a- a-”

“Sex slave,” Vivian said. “Yes. You’ll see multiple statements about Daxam’s deplorable history of slavery. As the crown Prince Mon-el was an active participant in the-”

“You can’t prove it. This is all circumstantial,” Warner snapped.

“It’s easily verifiable fact,” Vivian said glaring back. “And we have the statement of one of his victims.”

Vivian slid a photograph of Lea-Trax across the table. 

“I am sure Mr Mathews will be able to verify from this photograph if he recognises her.”

Mon-el looked at the photograph then at Kara who was glaring at him through narrowed eyes.

“I’m not that guy anymore,” he said immediately. 

“Then who are you?” Lena asked. 

Mon-el didn’t have an answer.

“This is blackmail!” Edge roared standing up.

He’d apparently taken a moment to read a few of the pages.

“No. This is fact,” Vivian said. “This will come out if you make us go to court properly.”

She slid her third folder across the table. 

“This is what we’re willing to offer. Mr Mathews can have visitation rights once a week, supervised, at a time convenient to my clients. As well as visitation during major holidays. You will not be at the hospital for the birth, you will cease all personal attacks on my client and publicly apologise for your previous statements. You will also undergo some basic parenting classes.”

“Lena didn’t have to take classes,” Mon-el muttered.

“I’ve got experience from my time at the Luthor children’s hospital in Metropolis,” Lea said with a sigh. “I spent a whole summer working under Dr Virginia Apgar assisting in research into children’s cancers and treatments. I have plenty of experience.”

Mon-el looked almost nervously at Kara and she scoffed.

“I used to look after Kal-el as a baby trust me I know how to handle an infant.”

Vivian cleared her throat and gave Mon-el a look.

“So Mr Mathews, do you agree to this arrangement as we have outlined?”

Mon-el looked back at Kara once more. She glared back.

“This is the best offer I’m willing to give you,” she said through gritted teeth.

Lena carefully lifted the top of her watch and pressed the button.

Mon-el picked up the pen and he signed. Then Vivian and Warner. Edge looked pissed. Lena barely noticed as she put the face of her watch back and watched Kara grip the arms of her chair the wood creaking slightly but it didn’t break despite the white knuckle grip Kara had on it.

“Done,” the judge said signing as well.

There was a collective breath released as the folder was closed.

“I’m so glad to hear that,” Kara said turning to to give the judge a smile. “Because I think I’m going into labour.”

There was a lot of noise as everyone around them realised what she’d said. Then Superman walked in. He gave Lena a nod as he scooped Kara up and flew her away. They were all gathering their things when he returned for Lena. She stepped easily into his embrace and he took off again. 

Lena closed her eyes as they flew, her flight to the hospital took longer than Kara’s had but it wasn’t long before they were landing at the Luthor children’s hospital where he sped her down into the delivery room. 

Diana was already there scrubbing her hands her tiara in place at Kara’s request. If a princess was going to bring her child into the world she should probably wear her crown. Kara sat on the bed breathing heavily. Lena rushed to her side.

“No powers,” Kara gasped.

Diana nodded. 

“That’ll probably fluctuate. There was another rush of air as the doors opened again and then J’onn was bringing Alex. Alex was holding a pair of large black briefcases. She gave Kara a quick hug then opened the cases and begun setting up a couple of lamps. 

Lena stayed close to Kara her arms around her shoulders as she breathed through her contractions.

“Rao that hurt. How long does this take?” Kara asked.

“Average 4-8 hours,” Diana said smiling at her as she dried her hands.

Kara gave her a pained look.

“Now I’m going to need you to put on a gown then I’ll see how far along we are.”

Kara looked at her for a long moment.

“That’s going to hurt isn’t it?”

Diana nodded.

J’onn gave Kara a smile and placed a hand on her shoulder. He shifted back to his martian form.

“I’ll be outside coordinating the security. Call if you need me.”

Kara smiled at him. Lena helped Kara off the bed as J’onn left and then helped her change into a gown. They returned and Diana put on some gloves. Alex had finished the setup and left to get Eliza. Diana had hand chosen her nurse for this, Etta Candy. She had a good thirty years experience as a nurse and had happily signed a lot of threatening paperwork. Though the only thing they’d really needed to know was that she’d been Diana’s friend for most of those thirty years.

After Eliza and Alex left everyone else was going to be shut out unless something went very wrong. There was a specialist surgical team on standby if needed, but everyone was hoping they wouldn’t be.

Diana smiled at Kara as she sat on a stool rolling over to the bed.

“So, just a warning, I think I told you but birth is…”

“A messy and deeply unpleasant experience,” Kara said.

Diana nodded giving her a smile. Kara looked at Lena. Lena somehow understood the meaning of her look as she smiled and nodded.

“Yes darling, I’ll still very much want to fuck you after seeing you give birth to our baby,” she promised.

Kara sighed her head falling back as Diana gave her a final smile before she started.


The delivery room was protected by the personal security teams Lena had called in from all over the world. Rose and her team standing guard outside the doors along with their personal bodyguards. 

At every entrance and patrolling the outside of the hospital were teams of DEO agents under J’onn’s direction and supervision. The very air around the hospital was guarded by Superman hovering high above, watching and waiting. The NCPD had a strong presence just beyond the DEO keeping the approach clear for any ambulances or other traffic while keeping the hospital itself protected. 

But the greatest protection came from the people themselves. From the moment word spread they came. Aliens shedding their human disguises to come stand guard behind the barriers the police had erected. Humans joining them. People saved by Supergirl, people who had someone saved, people who were just fans. Sports teams and clubs gathered together and made the journey down to take a place on the grass around the hospital.

The crowd grew as time passed the people of the city watching and waiting to hear. Food was brought in and distributed at random the crowd staying remarkably calm for it’s size. 

Cameras were everywhere and more than a few news channels had dedicated themselves to regular updates. The journalists filled the airtime by moving around asking different groups why they had come. One story came up time and again.

“She said the government tried to take her when she was a kid. I’m here so they don’t try that again.”


Inside the delivery room they were unaware of this as Lena held Kara’s hand and stroking her face reassuringly doing her best to help her through. Kara clung to her powerless through it all. It took nine hours and approximately twenty three minutes. At 10:16 that night aos finally emerged into the world.

She came out screaming at the top of her lungs. Lena was sure there had never been a sweeter sound than their daughter’s first cries. Diana grinned as she held her in her arms.

“Exactly what a doctor loves to hear,” she said. “Almost done Kara.”

Kara was relieved when she emerged fully. Etta took her and carried her off to do the initial checks. Diana was talking but Lena didn’t hear a word of it as she watched her screaming daughter be carried off by Etta to be weighed and wrapped tightly in a blanket. 

Etta brought her over with a bright smile.

“She’s 14 pounds and 4 ounces,” Etta called out with a smile.

“Kryptonian genes, don’t ask how much I weigh,” Kara said with an exhausted smile.

There was a laugh from Lena as she let Kara cling to her. Lena couldn’t tear her eyes from their daughter. Etta came back with her wrapped in a soft white blanket. Kara was in tears and Lena was beside her unable to stop staring in wonder as Etta placed the tiny baby in her wife’s arms. A pair of startlingly blue eyes stared up at them a small crinkle forming on her face as she glared up at them.

“Bezhgamehd, Lori Alura El Luthor,” Kara said.

Lena felt tears in her eyes as she looked at their daughter. Lori. She looked at Kara. Kara smiled back.

“She’s ours, and tradition means she must be named first from your family.”

Lena felt a few tears roll down her face as she looked at her daughter. She reached out hesitantly and then the tip of her finger touched the mess of dark hair on her head.

Diana softly cleared her throat. The red sun lamps were turned off and Lena dragged her eyes away from her daughter to briefly glance at Diana. She held out Kara’s cape, the one that had been Clark’s baby blanket. She placed it on Kara’s lap and Kara smiled as she carefully wrapped Lori in it. She looked at Lena. 

“Kryptonian tradition dictates the other parent introduce the child to the world,” she reminded her.

Lena nodded and carefully lifted her daughter in her arms for the first time. She felt so incredibly light and yet so heavy at the same time as she squinted up at her.

“Hello Lori,” she whispered. 

Her daughter blinked up at her with those perfect blue eyes and opened her mouth a few times making a soft whine noise. The door quietly opened and she felt a hand touch her shoulder. Lena looked up to see Clark. He smiled and his hand on her shoulder guided her out of the room. Alex and Eliza were just outside and they each took a moment to stare at Lori before Clark gently guided her onwards. Lena was peripherally aware of a dozen guards surrounding her as she walked through the hospital but her eyes were completely focused on her daughter who continued to blink up at her.

There was a lot of noise as she stepped out of the doors and looked up to see what appeared to be hundreds of lights behind the heavily armoured lines of the NCPD and DEO agents.

Lena lifted her head and looked out at what appeared to be a sea of people waiting. Superman turned to her and took a half step backwards. Lena took three steps forwards.

“Tiv ushehd National City bezhgamehd. Gavrrigas zrheminte i inahkah, Lori Alura El Luthor,” Lena said being careful to enunciate each word correctly. She gave the slightly confused humans a smile. “To the people of National City, welcome. My wife has given birth to our daughter, Lori Alura El Luthor.”

There was a sudden cheer that went up from the crowd and Lena smiled down at her daughter. 

“Nahkluv. Thank you.”

She stepped back and Clark guided her back through the hospital and to the room where Kara was waiting now under sun lamps. Lena smiled as she heard her wife talking.

“…hope that doesn’t scar.”

Alex laughed.

“Well it’s not like you have any other time.”

The door opened and Kara turned smiling at her and then looked at Alex. 

“I think it’s time for Auntie Alex to hold her niece,” Lena said.

Alex came forwards holding out her hands almost reverently. 

“Hello Lori,” Alex whispered. 

Lena smiled at Alex then went over to Kara. Kara looked exhausted but was happier than Lena had ever seen her. 

“Hello Zrhemin,” Lena said.

Kara looked like she was about to cry again as she pulled her close and kissed her. Lena sighed and kissed her back for a moment before they broke apart to watch as Alex handed Lori to beaming Superman. He looked at her for a moment making faces and wriggling his fingers at her. His face split in a bright smile and several tears rolled down his face.

Then it was Eliza’s turn. She cooed at Lori as J’onn tearfully placed a hand on her head.

“Welcome to Earth,” he said. 

What followed had to be a prayer of some kind but Lori seemed to like it as she looked up at J’onn opening and closing her mouth a few times. 

Kara’s phone buzzed and she glanced over to see the notification window. Mon-el

I would like to meet my daughter. 

Kara sighed annoyed that he was undercutting her daughter’s first hour. She quickly sent a response and tossed her phone aside face down. She turned back to her family as Lori was handed over to Lena once more.

Lena placed Lori back in her arms and Diana came forwards. She looked at Kara and got a nod. Diana placed a hand on Lori and whispered in what was probably ancient Greek. She smiled as she removed her hand.

“I have given her a blessing from Artemis.”

“Thank you,” Lena whispered. 

Diana smiled at her and stepped back. The others headed out and Etta gave Kara some basic instruction so she could give Lori her first feed. It took a few tries before she latched on but she quickly got the idea. Kara smiled down at Lori her heart overflowing with emotion. Her daughter. Inah. She had a daughter. 

Lena shifted beside her and Kara lifted her head to meet Lena’s eyes. Lena smiled back. Lena looked tired too but at the same time so very alive. Her eyes were bright her face pink and a smile on her face that hadn’t disappeared for even a second from Lori's first breath. 

“I love you,” Kara whispered.

“I love you too,” Lena replied.

They both looked at their daughter who seemed tired of everything as her eyes begun to close and small almost grumpy noises came from her as she continued to feed.

“Inahkah,” Kara whispered.

Lena leaned forwards and pressed a gentle kiss to Lori’s head. Then she kissed Kara. Her whole world in that moment was perfect. 


Alex gave the all clear four hours later. The entire area had been scrubbed, all examples of her DNA were taken by Superman and Kara was dressed in her Supergirl suit once more, with a few small changes thanks to Lena. 

Lori had fallen asleep after her first feed and was looking very sweet in Eliza’s arms as the preparations were made. Lena took Lori back as was given a quick hug by Eliza who left with Alex. Singer came to give the go ahead. Kara smiled putting an arm around Lena and then Wonder Woman was on her other side, Clark standing guard behind. It was time.

They walked through the hospital smiling at the young patients who were looking through the windows as they went past their eyes wide and hands pressed to the glass. Once they reached the roof there was a lot of lights. Kara could hear everyone talking and she saw them for the first time. The people of National City. A sea of faces looking up at them. She smiled and waved hearing the responding cheer as she wrapped an arm around Lena and making sure Lori was safely tucked between them she took off into the air followed by Clark and Diana. Once it was clear she wasn’t about to fall suddenly. Clark broke off heading home and Diana followed as a safety measure behind them. 

They arrived at the meeting place to see Mon-el standing by a tree with an unhappy looking Pinky, and very calm Frank. Kara triple checked the area before landing. The moment she was down Mon-el was walking over with a bright smile his arms outstretched. 

“Can I see her please?”

Lena carefully handed over Lori her eyes darting around the space. Lori woke at the movement and made a noise wriggling a little. Mon-el’s eyes lit up as he looked at her.

“Hi there,” he whispered carefully taking her in his arms and staring down at her.

He was quiet for a moment seeming transfixed by the baby in his arms. He had a big smile on his face as he carefully traced his fingers over her eyebrows and cheeks.

“On Daxam we do a big announcement and there’s a parade when a princess-”

“No,” Kara said firmly.

Mon-el looked at her surprised and a little hurt. He gave her a small smile. 

“I think National City is going to throw a parade anyway-”

“No, she’s not a princess of Daxam,” Kara clarified. 

Mon-el frowned at her.

“But she can be a Luthor princess? I’ve heard all the commentary about my daughter they’re calling her the little heir of the Luthor family.”

He threw Lena a glare. She rolled her eyes.

“Yes, because she’s a Luthor,” Kara said. “You are not her father under Daxam law. To your family she is a bastard and therefore not a princess, but she is a legitimate child of the Luthor family as I am married to Lena.”

Mon-el sighed and then he smiled at Lori as she made another small noise.

“Can I at least give her a Daxamite name?” he asked.

“No, she has a name already or did you miss the announcement?” Kara snapped. “Her name is Lori Alura El Luthor. She is named for Lena’s family and mine.”

“So you can practice your religion with her but I can’t mine?” he asked looking frustrated.

“Name one Daxam cultural thing you want to do that we are preventing,” Kara said.

“On Daxam the father gets to name the child,” he said promptly.

Kara sighed heavily.

“Again according to Daxam religion and law you are not her father and so do not get to name her. Lena is her father in this, not you.”

Mon-el was annoyed and he glared at Lena.

“I guess you didn’t think you’d taken enough from me already,” he muttered.

“I didn’t take,” Lena said with a sigh.

Lori started wriggling and her small noises became cries. Mon-el looked down at her confused for a second then he quickly begun making soothing noises and gently bouncing her. Her cries increased and he looked a bit concerned. Kara sighed and stepped forwards holding out her hands.

“Give her back,” she said.

Mon-el hesitated but did so and Kara held Lori close singing softly the first words that come to her as she rocked from side to side. Lori soon calmed to quiet mutterings and the odd grumpy whine. 

“Did you really just use the lullaby from Xena?” Lena whispered.

Kara gave her an almost apologetic look.

“It was the first one that came to my head.”

Lena sighed and slowly shook her head. 

“I love you.”

Kara grinned back at her. 

“It worked didn’t it?”

Lena nodded still looking at her. Mon-el looked from Lena to the smiling Kara. He turned and left muttering a goodbye. Kara came forwards wrapping her arms around Lena. Lena wrapped her arms around Kara.

“Take us home Zrhemin,” she said. 

Kara smiled and lifted them gently into the air. 

They arrived back at the penthouse and slipped in through the roof. They gave their security the all clear and then the blinds went down. Eliza was sitting in the lounge smiling at them. Looking at the time they all collectively went to bed.

Eliza gave them all a final hug and smile before they went to their room. While they’d been at the hospital someone from the staff, likely Frank, had come in and put the crib at the end of their bed and added a small pile of the baby supplies for them.
Lena carefully placed the sleeping Lori in the crib and they gently covered her with the blanket. She wriggled a little but didn’t wake. They got changed and climbed into bed snuggling closer. 

Lena’s hand patted over Kara’s stomach.

“This feels so weird now,” she whispered.

Kara started laughing doing her best to not disturb their daughter as she looked at Lena who was smiling back. They both turned to stare at their sleeping daughter.

“Hey Lena,” Kara whispered.

“Yes Kara?”

“We’re parents.”

Lena grinned back at her and lifted her head to capture Kara’s lips in a very gentle kiss.

“We are,” she whispered.

Kara felt a rush of sudden happiness as she looked at Lena then their daughter. 

“How long before we stop staring at her in wonder do you think?” Lena asked.

Kara smiled and they snuggled together under the blankets watching the steady rise and fall of their daughter’s chest. 

At some point they fell asleep only to both wake the moment Lori uttered a tiny cry. They looked at each other.

“I’ll do the change and you can feed her,” Lena said.

Kara nodded her agreement and smiled as she watched Lena get up and then remove Lori from the crib talking to her in a hushed voice. She unrolled the change mat with one hand and got to work. Lena’s face as she saw the contents had Kara getting up to look as well.


“Very green,” Kara finished. “Like kryptonite green.”

“It only lasts a couple of days according to Diana,” 

Kara nodded and Lena finished cleaning Lori and then swaddled her once more. They settled back in the bed Kara removing her t-shirt and after a few minutes had Lori happily attached. Lena curled up beside her staring down at their daughter.

Once she was fed Kara put her over her shoulder and thirty seconds later felt something warm and sticky down her back. Lena snickered as Kara’s face twisted for a moment. She looked at her daughter.

“Please don’t make that a habit,” she said.

Lori looked back at her and stuck her hand in her mouth. A smiling Lena grabbed one of the wipes and cleaned Kara’s back. Lori cuddled with them for a little while settling quickly then went back to sleep the moment she was laid down again. 

She woke again a few hours later and the process repeated, minus the regurgitation. Kara looked away from her daughter to see Lena had passed out beside her. She smiled looking from her sleeping wife to her daughter, then out the window as the sun begun to rise. 

She smiled closing her eyes and feeling the warmth that seemed to fill her as the first rays of light peeked over the horizon. She looked back at Lori who was looking up at her with bright blue eyes as the first ray of light touched her face.

“Lori this is Sol, the god of this solar system. I wish you could see Rao but… if you could then- well then I wouldn’t have you or your mother. Your life is going to be complicated and hard and I am sorry for that. But I promise I love you and so does your mama and… You will always have your mothers. I promise Inah.”

She stroked her daughter’s face with the tips of her fingers smiling as Lori grabbed her finger holding it tight. 

“Welcome to Earth, our home.”

Chapter Text

Kara felt a rush as she flew through the air and into the fire to the trapped firefighter blowing out the flames with her freeze breath as she went. She heard the excited yells of the firefighters outside. She reached the surprised firefighter and quickly grabbed him from under the collapsed wall flying him out and leaving him by the truck before she went back in and worked to bring the rest of the fire under control from the inside.

She flew out after extinguishing the last of the flames and went to check on the firefighter she’d taken out. He was sitting by the truck an oxygen mask in place and another firefighter checking a small burn on his face.

“Hey there,” she said smiling at him. She did a quick scan of his body with her xray vision. “Just so you know, you have a fracture on your right tibia that will need medical attention.”

There was a laugh from some of the other firefighters. 

“Already back at work?” one of them asked.

Kara smiled at him.

“I got the all clear yesterday and Lori’s asleep at the moment so when I heard your buddy here get trapped I thought I’d just drop in and lend a hand.”

There was another laugh from the firefighters.

“How’s Lori?” another asked.

Kara smiled at him giving the full megawatt double dimple smile. He seemed a little dazed to be on the receiving end of it.

“I love her so much,” Kara said.

There was a lot of smiles from the firefighters in response.

“She apparently hates going down for a nap and I haven’t gotten through a single day without being covered in something she’s expelled in one way or another.”

There was another round of laughter from the firefighters at that.

“How’s Lena coping?” another firefighter asked with a smile.

Kara’s smile in return was almost radiant.

“She’s amazing. Everytime I see them together my heart just melts it’s-” She heard Lori start crying. “And she’s awake again. Sorry everyone, I gotta go.”

She took off once more the firefighters laughter following her as she flew back into the penthouse. Eliza was halfway across the lounge when she arrived.

“I’ve got her,” Kara said smiling at Eliza. 

Eliza smiled back and sat down again. Kara sped out of her suit and walked over to the crib where Lori was making a lot of unhappy noises.

“Hello Inah,” she said reaching in and picking her up. “Awake already? You’ve barely slept.”

Lori made a few small noises as Kara checked she was still dry and carried her back into the lounge.

“I just saved a man from a fire. He was trapped but I flew in and saved him, and put out the fire,” Kara said.

Lori made a series of noises wriggling in her arms. As usual the moment she woke she was hungry. Kara sighed as she undid her bra and settled Lori. 

“She certainly got your appetite,” Eliza said smiling at her.

“I’m starting to worry even my regenerative powers may not be enough to feed her,” Kara said with a sigh. “She wants to eat constantly.”

Eliza chuckled as she picked up her book again. Kara smiled looking down at her daughter. 

“And yet we still have a two month supply in the fridge.”

“Only because I refuse to be the only one feeding her,” Kara muttered looking back at her daughter. “Inahte, you are a bottomless pit, and I don’t have the time to spend all day being your personal milk machine.”

Lori didn’t seem to care as she continued to feed making her usual happy noises. Kara smiled as her phone chimed with a new message from Lena.

I see Supergirl is back at work.

Kara smiled looking at the picture of her standing by the firetruck smiling at the firefighters under the large banner headline. Supergirl back after week off following the birth of her daughter.

She smiled looking at the tiny stub of an article. More would probably follow once a reporter or ten got to the fire station to speak with the firefighters.

She sat back with a sigh and smiled down at Lori. Eliza wordlessly handed her the remote. She’d moved on from Xena, having now seen every episode she’d swapped to cartoons. She had started with cooking shows but they just made her hungry and so it was cartoons. Though everytime she saw the characters eat she got hungry. Eliza as if reading her mind handed her a brownie.

“Diana was right about you needing more again,” she said.

Kara nodded devouring the brownie in three bites and accepting another. She’d hoped that she’d be less hungry now she wasn’t pregnant but it seemed her appetite had actually increased. Probably because Lori seemed to need a solid three thousand calories a day and Kara’s body was still recovering. Thankfully according to Alex her breast milk was quite capable of giving her the needed calories, even if it did take most of Lori's waking time to actually eat them. 

An alarm beeped in the kitchen and Eliza rose taking whatever she’d made out of the oven. Kara finally got a good sniff and begun salivating at the rich smell of lasagna. Eliza looked up and smiled.

“I’m packing it up for you and Lena to have lunch together. Jess said she barely touched her morning tea and could use a break.”

Kara smiled as Eliza filled a couple of containers sticking them in the travel bag with a couple of bottles of milk. Kara made sure Lori was in a comfortable position before she floated over and let Eliza place the bag around her shoulder and wrap a blanket around Lori to prevent her being disturbed by the wind. Kara smiled at Eliza then took off out the window. 

The first time Kara had discovered she could fly while Lori was feeding had been a surprise to them all. But apparently as long as she didn’t move too fast Lori was unbothered by the world moving around her and would continue undisturbed. Diana had pointed out that unlike walking flying didn’t have a lot of motion and while she may be a Kryptonian she was still a baby and so she probably couldn’t see things at a distance that well.

Kara casually flew through the city not daring to go too fast. Hearing a child crying for help nearby she smiled and changed course slightly. She lowered herself until she was the same height as the child clinging to a branch.

“Hey there,” she said. He blinked at her in surprise. “Did you get a bit stuck?”

The boy looked at her for a moment seeming shocked to see her but then he nodded. Kara held out a hand moving a little closer.

“Sorry I’ve only got one hand right now so you’re gonna have to put your arms around me but I promise I won’t drop you.”

The boy nodded carefully wrapping his arms around her. Kara flew a little to the side and the boy glanced at Lori.

“What’s she doing?” he asked.

“Eating,” Kara said with a smile.

The boy’s eyes widened in alarm.

“She eats you!”

Kara laughed.

“No she’s drinking milk.”

She carefully landed on the grass so the boy could put his feet down and smiled at the worried looking teacher who had come running when the boy had first cried out.

“So you’re like a cow?” the boy asked. 

Kara laughed again and then shrugged.

“Kinda, I’m sure your teacher can explain this one to you far better than I ever can.”

The teacher smiled at her and nodded indicating they’d handle it. Kara took off again and finished her flight to L Corp. She landed on Lena’s balcony and smiled seeing Lena frowning at a spreadsheet. She carefully floated in and put her feet down.

“Lunchtime,” she said.

Lena jumped and then spun around with a smile. Kara smiled back. 

“Well if it isn’t my two favourite people,” Lena said getting up. 

Kara smiled as Lena unwrapped the blanket and smiled at Lori who hearing Lena decided she was no longer hungry and instead wanted her mother. Lena smiled carefully taking her in her arms and laying her over her shoulder.

“Can I have a-”

Kara immediately held out a cloth. Lena smiled at her and they moved to the couch. They had learnt their lesson well after the third time Lori had ruined a Valentino. Lena positioned Lori over her shoulder patting her back as Kara set out their food. Jess walked in and then stopped. She smiled and then started to back out.

“I’ll hold everything for the next half hour,” she said.

“Thank you,” Kara said giving Jess a bright smile. 

Jess left with a smile of her own closing the door behind her. Kara turned to smile at Lena.

“How’s your day going?”

Lena laughed.

“Very well.”

“Yeah?” Kara asked with a smile.

“Yeah,” Lena said smiling back. “It’s the strangest thing, now that people know I’m married to Supergirl and we have a baby they’ve gone from actively fighting me on everything to agreeing with everything I say, or at the very least just going along with me.”

Kara scoffed and picked up her lasagna. 

“How strange,” she said.

Lena smiled and at a motion from Kara opened her mouth so Kara could feed her. A minute later Lena laid Lori on a blanket on the floor and accepted her food to eat properly. Lori begun to protest a minute later until Lena cooing softly picked her up again. Kara sighed watching Lori instantly settle.

“You’re the favourite aren’t you?”

Lena smiled at her.


Kara gasped.

“You’re supposed to disagree,” she said crossing her arms.

Lena laughed and pulled Kara in for a kiss. Kara allowed herself to melt a little.

“Are you jealous?” Lena teased.

“No, I’m disappointed that my wife isn’t even going to pretend I could be our daughter’s favourite.”

Lena laughed.

“You were her favourite all yesterday. And maybe if you changed her more maybe you’d be her favourite today too?”

Kara sighed dramatically and lay back on the couch. 

“But you’re so much better at it.”

Lena smiled and nodded. She received a gentle poke from Kara. Lena grinned at her. 

“Was I supposed to deny that as well?”

“How much time did you spend practising?” Kara asked.

Lena gave her a look and bit her lip.

“An amount that would generally be considered concerning. And that was just to win against Jack in a charity event.”

Kara laughed.

“And how is Jack?”

“He had a disaster date with a woman called Beth and is planning to come for a visit in the next couple of weeks so he can be challenge James' title for favourite uncle. Also I think Andrea went on a date with Sam but neither will admit it.”

Kara smiled. 

“And what makes you think they did?”

“Because they were both independently messaging me for my opinion about an outfit, not for any particular reason but did they look good? Or Andrea asked if she looked instantly fuckable but… same thing.”

Kara felt her smile growing as Lena kept talking Kara nodded along smiling and laughing feeling her heart soar everytime Lena paused to respond to the happy noises Lori was making in her arms. Kara having finished her food put it aside and leaned against Lena putting her head on her shoulder to look at Lori as Lena started talking about her plans to expand L Corp’s medical tech division. Focusing on making important equipment cheaper and easier to use. Kara hummed her agreement and relaxed against her wife with a sigh.


Jess walked in a half hour later and froze. Lena looked up and gave her an apologetic look. Kara was asleep leaning against her and Lori was in her arms half heartedly drinking from her bottle. Jess took out her phone and moments later Lena’s phone lit up with a new message. 

It became the first official photograph of them as a family. 

The second was posted three days later at three am having been taken by Kara. Lena was half asleep Lori in her arms drinking from her bottle Kara sitting beside them with a smile. But it was the text on Lena’s t-shirt that caused the biggest stir. The first and last letters were visible and it hadn’t taken the internet long to work it out what was missing between the D and Y.

Maggie got her viral moment when she posted about being the one to buy it and telling everyone there was also a custom onesie for Lori that had Watch out I’m a Luthor on it.

That one was shown to the world by popular demand when Alex and Maggie came for lunch and Lena made the mistake of letting Alex dress Lori after her bath.

The picture had been sneakily taken with Alex posing in front of Lori on the change table. She’d sent it to Kara who sent it to Keith who apparently skipped around his office as he posted it.

Our favourite Aunt came through with the goods for us- Team SL


Lena arrived at her office and found herself being stopped and wiped down on arrival by Jess for the third time that week. 

“Should I be worried how often your daughter covers someone in her breakfast?” Jess asked tossing the cloth into a locked box under her desk.

Lena sighed and shook her head.

“No, according to Diana she’s just greedy and keeps eating past her stomach capacity. She will apparently stop at some point but we’re going to try and limit her a bit. Halve her bottles and time how long she feeds for.”

Jess gave her a look.

“She is Kara’s so…”

Lena laughed.

“So I’ll be sending my dry cleaning with a bodyguard for a while yet,” she finished.

Jess smiled and shook her head. Lena continued her walk into her office with Jess following giving the rundown of her morning.

“And at three you’ll be finishing and returning home for the tests.”

Lena nodded quickly and sighed. It would be Mon-el’s first visit and they’d scheduled three hours as they were going to be doing some tests on Lori first. Out of courtesy, and perhaps a little pettiness, they’d scheduled it to ensure he would only need to come over once that week to be present when they tested Lori’s weaknesses and for his supervised two hours.

Lena was not looking forwards to it. She had in point of fact been dreading it a little. But if being a Luthor had taught her one thing, it was the long game, and while cutting Mon-el off completely right now would be satisfying in the short term it could come back and bite them later in more ways than she cared to think about. 

She forced herself to focus on her work. She had a brief window of opportunity to put through big changes to improve L Corp for decades to come and she was going to take advantage of it.


Lena arrived was concerned when she was immediately handed a pair of earplugs by Frank to put in before she went up to the penthouse. She did so giving her unusually strained looking staff a long look. When she opened the penthouse door, even with the earplugs, she was hit with the overwhelming sound of her daughter screaming at the top of her lungs. Lena stopped in the doorway and was immediately handed the red faced and screaming Lori by an unusually frazzled looking Eliza. Lena looked from her screaming daughter to the usually unflappable woman before her wearing earmuffs.

“What happened?” she yelled holding Lori close and rubbing her tiny back.

“We tried to limit her feed and she… is protesting,” Eliza yelled back. “Kara had to go to the DEO so Alex could get Winn started on some ear plugs for her… and because she really needed a break!”

Lena nodded quickly and begun walking with Lori in her arms singing to soothe her as her ears begun to ring. Eliza handed her a half full bottle. Lena managed to get Lori to stop screaming for a few seconds to start drinking. She and Eliza both breathed a small sigh of relief as Lori’s screaming suddenly stopped.

Lena looked at Lori then Eliza.

“Well her lungs are-"

“Excellent, yes. We might need to test just how loud she is because…” 

Lena gave Eliza a worried look.

“After we get some specialised earplugs,” she quickly added.

Lena nodded and they both looked back at Lori. Lori looked up at Lena and wriggled seemingly no longer upset now she had more food and her mother.

“So the limiting her feeds to stop her spitting the rest of it up…”

“Can wait,” Eliza said firmly.

“As my ears are still ringing, yeah I think so,” Lena said.

Eliza removed the earmuffs and pulled out a pair of earplugs. 

“I admit I thought I’d experienced the worst a baby could dish out,” Eliza muttered. Lena gave her a look and Eliza smiled. “Alex is lactose intolerant so she screamed for her first two months until we worked it out.”

Lena made a sympathetic face as she moved to sit on the couch where she could more comfortably hold Lori.

“Now, if you’re all good I’m just going to have a lie down,” Eliza said.

Lena quickly nodded and watched Eliza walk a little unsteadily down the hallway to the guest room. She waited until she heard the door click closed before she looked at her daughter, now seeming quite happy. 

“You’re definitely a Luthor,” she said with a smile.

Lori made a soft noise and finished the bottle looking up at Lena expectantly. Lena immediately got up to prepare another. She moved to put Lori down and heard the start of a cry and immediately decided against that. 

Kara arrived back wearing a pair of headphones that had apparently been modified with copious amounts of duct tape. She breathed out a sigh seeing Lori happily tucked in Lena’s arms looking sleepy as Lena talked to her.

“Have I told you today I love you?” Kara asked.

Lena chuckled and turned to greet Kara with a very gentle kiss.

“Still mad about me being the favourite?” she asked.

Kara shook her head.

“Nope, you are now the magic baby whisperer and you are the one who is handling all extreme meltdowns because that was agony. She wouldn’t even eat for us once we tried to bribe her.”

Lena smiled and stole a second then a third kiss. Lori made a noise and they both froze. 

“I was thinking,” Lena said returning her attention to their daughter who was squirming. “I am ridiculously wealthy and can certainly afford the expense of having a few extra outfits needing dry cleaning.”

“Agreed, no limits unless she’s getting distressed from spitting it up,” Kara said quickly.

Lena smiled at her.

“How bad?”

“She screamed for two hours. Eliza had to leave after two minutes until security got her some heavy duty earplugs and then also earmuffs. Earplugs have now been added to the essential equipment list for all our security with extras because if she does that in public we are so screwed.”

Lena nodded.

“So we need to get a proper check on that noise level so we know just how bad it is.”

Kara nodded her agreement.

“Thankfully there’s three floors and quite a few protective layers between us and the next neighbours here,” Lena muttered.

Kara laughed softly and wrapped herself around Lena from behind. She sighed and Lena snuggled back into her embrace.

“She’s not going to like her tests today,” Lena said. 

Kara nodded. She looked a little worried. Lena thought for a second. Lena smiled as the idea came to her.

“You know, we could suggest Mon-el hold her for them,” she said. “So that he’s getting his full two hours.”

Kara’s eyes lit up.

“Have I ever told you how much I love when you scheme against my ex?” she said dropping kisses all the way up Lena’s neck to her ear.

Lena hummed softly her smile getting bigger. 

“Is she even eating?” Kara asked.

Lena frowned and looked at the bottle. 

“I think she’s letting it drip into her mouth,” Lena said. 

“Well be careful taking it away. I don’t think I can handle a second meltdown,” Kara said with a sigh. 

Lena nodded and very gently took the bottle away humming as she gently shifted Lori to her shoulder. It took less than fifteen seconds for her to realise she’d forgotten a cloth. She sighed and looked at Kara who smiled back.

“So considering the possible super scream, constant demands to feed even though she isn’t actually hungry, and the mess she’s made of yet another of your silk shirts…” Kara drew in a deep breath and gave her an almost nervous look. “Is she still perfect?”

Lena sighed feeling her shirt sticking to her back, the mess slowly moving down as Lori wriggled in her arms. She turned and pressed a soft kiss to Lori’s head breathing in the soft baby smell.

“Yes,” she said looking back at Kara with a smile. 

Kara smiled and leaned in to capture Lena’s mouth in a very soft and oddly emotional kiss. Lena smiled kissing her back. She pulled back slightly after a few seconds.

“Perfect as she is, I will need you to hold her while I go change though,” she whispered.

Kara chuckled and nodded carefully taking their daughter so Lena could get up. 

By the time Lena had managed to remove the mess from her back, put on a clean shirt and bra, and thrown the dirtied ones in the laundry Alex had arrived and was distracting a grumpy Lori with a multicoloured ball.

Lena stepped into the lounge calling a greeting to Alex as her phone buzzed with the security alert.

The Prince is here.

Lena sighed and gave Kara and Alex a look. They all lost a little of their smiles and Alex straightened a bit. 

When Mon-el walked in he looked almost nervous. 

“Um… can I uh,” he motioned to Lori who was back in Lena’s arms.

“We thought you might want to hold her while we do the tests,” Lena said. “Considering you’re immune to kryptonite radiation and the lead won’t hurt you at proximity.”

Mon-el nodded.

“Sounds good,” he said quickly.

Lena smiled at him and handed over Lori as Alex unpacked her case. Kara set up a camera and tripod to record as Lena guided Mon-el to sit at the table and settled Lori in his arms.

He beamed at Lori making faces and wriggling his fingers at her. Lena very carefully stepped back and took a seat at the far end of the room. She’d still be visible in the camera’s shot but she’d also be furthest from any and all tests. She subtly put in her earplugs. Eliza chose to go for a walk instead of being around for the tests.

Kara carefully stepped back and braced as Alex begun. The first test was the worst, Kryptonite. Kara winced as the case was opened but Lori didn’t react until it was within a foot when she immediately begun whining and wriggling. Mon-el did his best to soothe her but she was already crying and then the brief prick of her heel by Alex caused an immediate scream that seemed to stun Mon-el for a moment. 

The screaming didn’t stop as the tests continued with increasing rapidity. Next was the lead which again got a reaction when Alex did the heel prick. Lena felt her heart hurting as she watched her daughter’s increasing distress as Alex did her best to make it quick as she drew a little blood and rubbed over the sting. Mon-el was sitting there holding her with a pained expression as the screams continued. But then Alex yelled she was done and Kara rushed forwards taking Lori from Mon-el and undoing her shirt.

It took a minute but then Lori calmed. Thankfully she seemed to find eating to be more important and soothing than anything else. Mon-el awkwardly stared at the ceiling as Kara arranged Lori more comfortably.

“Okay I’ll take this direct to Diana for testing and-” Alex checked her phone. “Yikes, and apparently she hit 131 decibels so…”

She gave them all a look. 

“She hit what?” Mon-el asked.

“Lori’s scream is as loud as a jet taking off. Or a gunshot at close range but the jet seems more applicable,” Lena said smiling at him.

He looked at her for a moment.

“You set me up,” he said.

“No, I just didn’t warn you. There’s a difference,” she said with a smile. “And in my defence we didn’t know about the super scream until a couple of hours ago.”

He sighed and then turned around then back again seeing Kara’s shirt still open. Lori had calmed after a few minutes and she was put on the floor with Kara telling Mon-el she had a schedule and they were trying not to disrupt it too much considering her earlier meltdowns.

Mon-el was thankfully fine with this. Lena suspected even his ears might have suffered under the torture Lori had subjected them all to that afternoon. Lena picked up some paperwork to go through and took a seat on the couch glancing up every now and then to watch Mon-el playing with Lori. Kara sat beside her. 

For a time they all stayed like that but then Kara gave Lena a kiss on the cheek and muttered about something in the bay before flying off. Lena glanced at Mon-el and forced herself to work even though she wanted to spend all her time watching Lori. She seemed relaxed though as Mon-el talked to her while wriggling a set of colourful wooden beads.

“Um… she smells,” he said awkwardly.

Lena looked up from her paperwork with a small smile.

“Well, then you should change her,” she said.

Mon-el nodded quickly. 

“Right yeah. I can do that…” He looked around. “Uh where do I do that here? Is there like a regular change spot or…”

Lena put down her paperwork and motioned for him to follow her to the nursery. She indicated the change table inside.

“Go on then,” she said the faintest edge of a challenge audible in her voice.

Mon-el nodded striding confidently into the room and putting Lori on the table. He started undoing the buttons on her jumpsuit and then had to quickly place a hand on her as she tried to roll over. 

Lena watched him struggle with getting her feet free then undoing the tabs on the nappy. The moment it was undone he gagged. Lena tried not to laugh. He looked around then at Lena.

“Wipes are the cloths in the blue tub, just tap the top to open,” she said. “Fresh nappies are in a stack underneath.”

He nodded and then hesitated he had the soiled nappy in one hand and Lori’s legs in the other holding her off the table. He looked stuck and Lori started to cry. He quickly put her feet down to free his hand to grab a fresh nappy from the pile. He then realised his mistake putting the nappy down instead and tried to catch Lori’s legs once more as she kicked and made a mess. He sighed frustrated and looked at Lena again.

“If you want help you need to ask for it,” she said smiling at him.

Mon-el sighed.

“Please help me,” he said.

Lena came forwards and wriggled her fingers at Lori distracting her for a moment.

“Strip off the jumpsuit, capture one leg then the other and wipe her then the table,” she said continuing to distract Lori with her moving fingers.

Mon-el did so.


“Red tub on the floor for the jumpsuit,” Lena said still looking at Lori.

Lena guided Mon-el through the change and then after he got stressed trying to carefully put her kicking feet in the clean jumpsuit she finished dressing her. Lena picked Lori up once she was dressed and kissed her cheek as she quietened happy to be warm once more.

“How come you’re so fucking perfect?” Mon-el muttered.

“I’m not perfect Mon-el,” Lena said with a sigh. “I’m just willing to work for this. I’ve practised changing a nappy hundreds of times. I’ve read dozens of books and spoken with multiple people about how to look after my daughter. I have spent many hours of my life in the lead up preparing for her arrival. I’ve always wanted this. I wanted Kara and Lori and I was willing to fight for it. But more importantly I was willing to work for it.”

Mon-el gave her a frustrated look as she stood in front of him gently rocking Lori in her arms. She raised an eyebrow and he looked away the frustration leaving him replaced by something sadder.

“I’m not really sure how prepared I am really,” he confessed. “For anything. I want things, Kara and Lori but… I’m not really sure how to be the person she wanted me to be. Or even who my parents want me to be.”

Lena looked at him. He looked like a lost puppy and she felt a tug at her heart she recognised as probably being part of why Kara had helped him in the first place. She sighed.

“My trick,” she said. “For the parents, you never will be. Don’t try to be who they want. As for Kara, all she wanted was for you to try and be a better person. And she wanted you to do it for yourself, not to impress her.”

“I’m not really sure where to start with that,” Mon-el said softly his eyes on Lori.

“Well you could start by putting the nappy and cloths in the white washing bag so they can be cleaned.”

Mon-el did so with a sheepish look. 

“Why no disposable stuff? Is it some kind of eco friendly thing?” he asked with a quick smile.

Lena shook her head and sighed again.

“We have to wash everything in house and then treat the water because people try to search through our trash for Kryptonian DNA samples.”

Mon-el’s eyes widened and he nodded looking at the laundry bag with a new kind of understanding.

“Oh so I’ll have to uh…”

“Yes,” Lena said with a sigh. “All samples need to be collected where possible. So if she pukes on you we’ll need you to leave your shirt to be cleaned.”

Mon-el nodded and rubbed the back of his neck looking guilty. He looked at her again.

“I’m uh- I’m sorry I was so… mean to you. It wasn’t my idea. And I- I guess I was projecting a lot of my issues and I haven’t handled the whole Kara breaking up with me and the Lori… everything well and I wanted someone to blame that wasn’t me so I kinda, I made that person you and it wasn’t right or fair,” he mumbled.

Lena nodded slowly.

“It’s not the first time someone’s done that and I doubt it will be the last,” she said.

Mon-el swallowed and nodded awkwardly putting his hands in his pockets.

“I just…” he gave her a small smile. “I thought I was being replaced and I didn’t like it.”

Lena scoffed.

“You would have had to be in the place to be replaced,” she said.

He gave her another smile. 

“Well I wa-”

“No you weren’t,” Lena said cutting him off. “Mon-el you literally ran away from Kara when she told you. You told her you couldn’t be a father that you didn’t want it and left. You weren’t a father. Kara came to me as a friend and I offered to help her and Lori. I asked her to marry me and offered to be a parent to Lori. I made an offer and she accepted it. You never asked, and you never wanted.”

“I asked for it later though. I fought for it in the end,” he said straightening up. “And that-”

“You demanded it,” Lena corrected. “You didn’t give her a choice. You never tried to talk with her about anything then got upset when she moved on with me. You didn’t ask for anything you came in said you had been replaced then got mad about it and demanded I give up everything I had so you could take it. You’re not a good person in this Mon-el. You demanded and then you were called out and then you tried to play dirty. You had to be threatened to back down and now you want to act like you aren’t a bad guy. You are. You could have gotten visitation and a place in Lori’s life if you asked. Kara would have given it to you in a heartbeat despite the disappearing act. Instead you demanded everything go the way you wanted and then pushed so hard against me that Kara came out as an alien, as Supergirl, in response just to stop you.”

Mon-el gulped. 

“But you just-” 

He looked down at Lori then at the change table.

“You think because I tolerate your presence and gave you life advice after I helped you change a nappy that I’ve somehow forgiven all that? No Mon-el. I am not Kara. I am a Luthor. I will never trust you because of what you’ve done. That doesn’t mean I’ll leave you to fumble completely because guess what, if I didn’t step in you wouldn’t have done it right. You would have made a mess and done a poor job cleaning then dressing her. If I let that happen Lori would have gotten a rash and been uncomfortable and upset. I helped you to protect my daughter.”

Mon-el seemed frozen in place unsure what to do.

“I really am sorry I told everyone I thought you’d experiment on her,” he said finally his eyes on the floor. “I never actually believed that.”

“Good, you should be. Now if you’re done being all hurt I haven’t gotten over the weeks of constant personal attacks against me and my loved ones, you can carry her into the lounge where she can lie under the mobile and play until she’s ready to go to sleep.”

She handed Lori back and walked out knowing he’d follow. Lena picked up her paperwork again and found her place once more as Mon-el carefully put Lori on her floor mat under the mobile.

He looked at Lena again and then away. Lena ignored him. Lori made happy baby sounds as she kicked and wriggled in her place on the floor trying to reach the objects hanging above her.

“I’m sorry,” Mon-el mumbled and left. 

Lena waited until he was definitely gone before putting down her paperwork and going to pick up her daughter. She held Lori in her arms and carefully pressed kisses to her face and hands.

“I love you,” she said looking at her daughter. “Do you know that Lori? I love you so so much it hurts sometimes.”

Lori wriggled and tried to suck on her fingers. Lena smiled and pressed another kiss to her head breathing in the soft baby smell doing her best to imprint the feel of her daughter in her arms before putting her down once more to keep playing. 

Her phone rang almost immediately and Lena sighed picking it up to see. Alex.

“Hey Alex,” she said. “How can I help?”

“Hi Lena.” Alex sounded tired. “I think we need to talk, about Mon-el…”

Chapter Text

Lena held a sleeping Lori in her arms as she looked around the conference table at the DEO. Winn looked at them all for a long moment then nervously tapped his tablet.

“So I got some strange energy readings around Mon-el and so I did a little digging into what he’s been doing for Edge.”

He tapped his tablet and the screen changed. Lena frowned looking at the mess of lines and elements on the screen in white. 

“There’s this strange energy signature around the lab, problem is it’s a mess. Nothing else has this signature, and trying to get a close match was next to impossible just because of how much is there. So... I tried another way and instead dropped the parameters and tried to separate him from the results and once I tried that I got this…”

The screen shifted as the lines and elements separated into four different energy signatures in different colours.

“So the green matches here, specifically the general radiation and energy of National City. More specifically the west near the bay where he's supposedly been working as a consultant for a private lab called Innovative Concepts.”

The name rang several alarms for Lena.

“The purple one I got a match from the Roulette case, it’s not exact but it’s close so I’m confident saying it’s the signature from the same or a close galaxy to Slavers Moon. Red is just his general Daxamite radiation signature, it’s close to Kara’s Krpytonian one but… weird. Like it’s three or more of the same signature, but that could just be because of other interference. Now the blue one I couldn’t work out until I dug into the work he’s consulting on itself. It’s well hidden but…”

He pulled up a new image, this one a blueprint for a machine.

“A portal,” Kara and Lena said in unison.

Winn nodded.

“There’s no way Edge has the brains for this,” Lena said leaning forwards looking at the plans.

“It’s apparently a joint project with Lord Enterprises they’ve been working on it for about six months now,” Alex said.

Lena sighed.

“That explains the use of his labs,” she muttered.

Winn nodded.

“It also explains why we didn’t notice this earlier,” J’onn said. “We’ve been monitoring Lord since last year but his projects have all been quite straightforward, we weren’t looking at the consultant projects.”

“We foolishly thought he would make sure he was personally in charge of anything with alien tech,” Alex said with a sigh. “An oversight on our part.”

Lena nodded her eyes flicking over the plans.

“We’re moving now to block his supply of key components for the designs but we cannot be sure how much he has already, they’ve been very careful and if there’s more than one Daxamite involved and a ship they could be sending them to other sites and transporting them anywhere without us being able to track them.”

Lena nodded thinking hard as she looked at the plans. 

“Mon-el mentioned his parents in his last visit. Based on his story about how he survived we can infer they would have been evacuated immediately and quite possibly on a better equipped ship than his,” Lena said.

There was several looks exchanged. Kara sat thinking for a moment. No one interrupted her.

“So the Daxamite fleet was primarily larger ships,” she said. “Heavy vessels that had crews of thousands. To even get in the air they would have taken hours so we can rule out those, or any larger invasion ships. They could probably have scrambled part of their military, but none of their big warships, no more than I’d say a quarter at best. Add in general civilians they’d have maybe a thousand possible military ships of small to medium size, the royal court and family… maybe ten tops if Mon-el didn’t lie too much about the time he had to escape…”

She was silent for a moment.

“So at a rough guess if they have been in communication and there hasn’t been any serious mutiny they could have a total of maybe 17,000 gh class- think D class ships. They’re powerful but limited range and weapons. Devastating by Earth standards but not galacticly. Civilians… maybe 3-7,000 private weaponised ships would have been out of the galaxy at large… If we’re talking how many they could have top estimate says 27,000 ships, military and civilian, and about 2 million people total with about half a million of those military personnel or military capable. If they managed to keep hold of all their slaves add another two or three million to the population but that would be unlikely. More likely a million slaves as part of their population… Okay top estimate we have a possible 4 million daxamites and 30,000 ships potentially coming for an invasion. Lowest says maybe a few hundred military and maybe ten thousand mostly refugees on their way. Most likely about twenty thousand ships a quarter of which with some weapons capacity, 300,000 strong military force, and about 2.5 million civilian Daxamites, with a million slaves spread amongst them.”

There was a lot of worried looks exchanged around the table.

“I’ll start checking Earth’s local space for ships,” Winn said.

“Alex and I will go and speak with Edge and Lord, see if we can find out how far along they are,” J’onn added.

“I’ll help Winn,” Lena said handing Kara Lori. “And I’ll see if I can get Jack in to consult, he has a few programs that could be useful in processing the data for the energy signatures and looking for any signs of the ships using gravitational pull on local objects.”

Kara nodded.

“Do it,” J’onn said. “If he can’t do it remotely call M’gann to pick him up.”

Lena nodded already placing the call to Jack to get him started.

“I’ll go talk to Clark and see what Kelex has for us about possibly either locating or blocking those portals,” Kara said turning and handed Lori to James who looked a bit surprised at her choice. 

Eliza gave him a smile as she stood next to him holding the nappy bag. 

“And we’ll take Lori back and lockdown the apartment until they’re done,” Eliza said. “How do you feel about helping me with a pumpkin pie?”

James smiled at her.

“Well I have been wanting your pie recipe for some time,” he said.


Kara returned late that night. She scanned the apartment and saw Eliza asleep in the spare room. James still fully dressed and covered by a blanket on the couch evidently having fallen asleep there. There was a note about food in the fridge but Kara wasn’t hungry.

She headed down the hall directly to their bedroom. She felt her muscles relax a little when she saw Lena asleep in their bed and Lori sleeping peacefully in her crib at the end of it. She changed into pyjamas and slid into bed behind Lena with a relieved sigh.

Lena made a sleepy noise and snuggled deeper in her arms. Kara let out a breath and looked over at Lori listening to her heartbeat and watching the tiny twitches of her hands as she dreamt. 

She felt her anxiety climbing as she continued to stare at her daughter. If Mon-el had a Daxamite army he could take her. Even if he only had a force of five thousand he could do it. He could tear apart all their defences, crush her and Clark and take Lori by force if he wanted.

“Hey,” Lena said softly wrapping her arms around Kara. “Zrhemin look at me.” 

Kara blinked surprised she hadn’t noticed Lena wake up. She reluctantly looked away from Lori to look at Lena. 

“No one is taking our baby from us,” Lena said firmly. “No one.”

Kara felt tears well in her eyes. She didn’t know how Lena knew, but she did.

“Trust me, I’m a Luthor. No one will ever take our daughter, no Daxamite army, no invasion force, no dumb frat boys from space will ever tear apart our family.”

Kara buried her face in Lena’s shoulder and wept as the fear churned inside her only to be released as tears. Lena held her through it stroking her hair and whispering in Kryptonian until Lori woke and begun whining softly and kicking her legs demanding attention.

Kara let go of Lena wiping away her tears as an apologetic Lena got up and retrieved Lori with a smile and a kiss on her cheek. Kara wiped her eyes as Lena stripped Lori out of her nappy and put her in a fresh one before she brought her to Kara.

Kara smiled at her daughter as she stripped off her shirt and cradled her in her arms. Lori, as always, moved her head immediately intent on finding food. Kara found herself smiling through her tears as she helped her attach and then held her close. Lori made little happy noises as she fed and Kara felt her heart swelling in her chest as she looked at her daughter. 

There was a quiet click of a camera lens. Kara looked up to see Lena had her phone out.

“This one’s just for me,” Lena said lowering her phone. “Supergirl at her most human.”

Kara smiled and sniffed as Lena returned to the bed letting Kara pull her in for a kiss. It quickly deepened until Lori made a noise of protest at their disturbing her meal.

Lena laughed softly and bent her head down kissing the top of Lori’s head.

“Sorry Lori, we’ll do the adult stuff once you’re asleep.”

Kara laughed softly. Lori didn’t seem to care as she waved a tiny hand. Lena carefully wiped Kara’s face clean of all evidence of her tears and gave her another kiss.

“She is ours. Inahkah.”

Kara nodded and looked back at Lori as Lena curled around her side. Lori fell asleep again a few minutes later still attached. Lena sighed looking at Lori.

“Of course she tries to eat in her sleep,” she muttered. 

Kara leaned over and kissed Lena’s cheek before she floated up and carefully put their daughter back in her crib. She made a noise of protest and Kara paused holding her close again. She waited a minute as Lori fell almost instantly back to sleep.

“I think she can hear our heartbeats,” Kara whispered.

Lena smiled at her.

“That would explain why she always likes to be held on the left,” Lena said.

Kara looked at her surprised. Then she smiled. 

“And how she knows when it’s not us holding her,” Kara added.

“She must have gotten used to hearing our hearts close when she was in the womb.”

Kara looked at Lena and then picked up the crib moving it to the side of the bed. She put Lori down and then returned to her usual place in the middle. Lori stayed asleep. Lena moved closer wrapping herself around Kara the two of them watching their daughter for another minute. 

“It seems she just wanted to be a bit closer,” Lena whispered.

“Here’s hoping,” Kara said.

Kara turned to look at Lena. 

“Khapp zhao rrip,” she whispered.

Lena smiled.

“I love you too.”

Lena kissed her. It was soft and sweet and everything.

Kara rolled over deepening the kiss. Lena made a small noise of surprise but then she was kissing her back just as desperately. Shorts were quickly kicked down and Lena’s shirt disappeared. Lena moaned softly as Kara’s thigh shifted between hers.

“What about-”

“She’s asleep,” Kara said before capturing Lena’s mouth in hers once more. “And I’ve missed you.”

Lena groaned and then gasped as Kara’s hands moved to her breasts squeezing them. 

“K-Kara. Oh God.”

Kara’s mouth moved to Lena’s neck licking and sucking at that spot under Lena’s ear that she knew she loved. Lena melted completely. Kara returned to kissing her as Lena’s hands dug into her back.

Lena started moving against her. Her fingers found their way between them and Kara gasped as Lena first slipped two fingers inside her to wet them then pulled them out and begun to circle her clit. Kara slid two fingers into her mouth and delighted in Lena’s soft gasp as she reached between them easily finding Lena’s clit.

“Kara I- I-”

Kara knew exactly what to do. She moved faster and just that little bit to the left before capturing Lena’s mouth in a kiss once more.

Lena’s eyes closed and her mouth fell open in a soft sigh as her orgasm washed over her. Kara kept going as Lena opened her eyes again and pulled her in for another kiss reversing their positions and sliding down between Kara’s legs. 

Kara sighed in relief as she felt Lena’s lips around her clit and two fingers slipping inside her.

“Have I ever told you how much I love when you do that?” Kara moaned.

Lena laughed softly and then sucked harder drawing a soft moan from Kara. Lena’s hands moved faster and Kara gently placed her hands on the headboard in preparation. 

“Lena,” she moaned.

Lena sucked harder her fingers moving faster. Kara’s eyes fell closed as her orgasm grew closer. She bit her lip being careful not to make too much noise as Lena shifted her fingers just that little bit.

Kara’s back arched up her toes curling and her hands gripped the headboard tighter feeling the wood splinter and her fingers wrapping around a metal pole. She gripped it harder feeling the resistance to her strength right as she came, a low moan spilling from her lips.

She came down slowly and smiled as Lena kissed her way back up her body. Kara wrapped her arms around Lena with a smile kissing her over and over. Lena laughed softly her hands coming up to hold Kara in place as she kissed her back.

“You know,” Lena whispered. “I’m going to need to develop some sound proofing for our bedroom otherwise Lori is never going to forgive us as she gets older.”

Kara laughed and kissed Lena once more rolling on top and spreading her legs.

“We still have a few-”

Lori made a soft cry and they both froze their heads turning as they watched Lori’s face scrunch up for a moment then relax once more. They kept waiting.

Once they were sure she was asleep again Kara leaned down to kiss Lena again. 

“How long do you think we have?”

“Until she wakes properly, maybe ten minutes.”

Kara laughed softly kissing Lena again.

“Then I better not delay any longer,” she whispered sliding between Lena’s legs with a smile.

Lena’s quiet laugh became a sigh of pleasure.


Cat gave them both a nod as they took their places on the couch Lori in Kara’s arms having woken from her nap and decided she wanted to spend the rest of it in Kara’s arms. The camera guy gave them a nod.

“So first of all, congratulations on your daughter,” Cat said. She turned to look directly at Kara. “And on finally coming out.”

Kara laughed.

“The parallels are not lost on me,” she said.

Cat gave her a smile. 

“So lets start with what I am sure is your favourite topic at the moment, your daughter.”

The immediate smile from both Lena and Kara as they both looked down at Lori made it clear how they both felt about that topic. 

“So, is she settling well?” Cat asked.

“No,” they said immediately.

Cat’s eyes flicked between their smiling faces.

“Sleeping through the night?”

They started laughing. 

“Eating regularly?”

“Yes, non stop,” Kara said with a sigh.

Cat gave them a smile as Lori apparently unhappy with the noise begun to squirm her mouth moving in it’s regular search for food. Lena quickly picked up a waiting bottle and held it out to Kara who hit it with her heat vision before letting Lena test it on her wrist. Lena handed it over as Lori made her first noise of displeasure. 

Cat seemed to notice their near immediate concern from Kara and Lena as the sound grew for a moment to be quickly silenced by the bottle. They both let out a small sigh. 

“Do I want to ask about that sudden tension?” Cat said smiling at them.

“She is already unhappy with the break in her routine this morning and can scream at 131 decibels,” Lena said with a smile. “Trust us, you do not want to deal with that.”

Cat’s eyes widened and she looked at Lori somewhat warily. 

“So she has superpowers?” she asked cautiously. 

They shook their heads.

“Just Kryptonian lungs,” Kara said with a sigh.

“My mother is currently acting as our babysitter until such time as we hire someone we can trust absolutely because she’s not super powered,” Kara said with a sigh. “Despite the super scream.”

“So there was a few tests done?” Cat asked looking between them.

Lena immediately held up her hands.

“Just to be clear I had nothing to do with any tests performed on Lori. They were all done by Kara’s sister Alex who has experience as the medical person for both Kara and Mon-el. She was supervised performing the non invasive tests by Kara, and Mon-el. There is video proof of me not being involved at all.”

Cat gave her a look. Lena looked back.

“I sat in a chair and touched nothing,” she said firmly.

“Which was a terrible idea,” Kara said with a sigh. “Lori was already in a mood that day and then she was taken from her favourite to be held by someone who to her is a stranger, then Alex poked her with needles. It’s how we got the decibel count.”

“So she has a favourite?” Cat asked with a smile looking at a smug Lena.

“Lena’s her favourite already. I’m just the lunch lady,” Kara said smiling at Lena.

“No, you’re also the one who makes a lot of noise changing her nappy and who always brings her extra toys,” Lena said returning the smile.

Kara’s head tilted to the side and then handed Lori to Lena without a word. She disappeared in a flash. Lena smiled and looked down at Lori.

“And there she goes, off to save the day,” Lena said smiling at Lori. 

Lori apparently able to tell she was being spoken to made a noise in response and kicked her legs. 

“You’re very sweet with her,” Cat said quietly. 

Lena scoffed and looked up at Cat.

“She is my daughter. Believe it or not I’m also sweet with my wife,” Lena said barely resisting the urge to roll her eyes.

“And how is married life with a baby? Are you getting enough sleep?” Cat asked sitting back.


Lena tried to think how to answer that one. She felt a blush creeping up her cheeks as she remembered everything they’d done the night before, or really everything they’d done that morning. Cat laughed.

“Well newborns and all that, sleep is a uh… small price to pay,” she said trying to force down the blush through force of will as she looked at Cat.

“Is it just the baby keeping you up at all hours Mrs Luthor or is there… marital relations?” Cat asked. “Taking from your sleep schedule too.”

Lena was definitely blushing.

“I’m guessing super stamina is a thing?” Cat teased.

Lena opened her mouth and closed it.

“I- I really couldn’t say,” she finally managed.

“Really? She is superpowered. Surely there are some things that are different with her.”

Lena cleared her throat.

“We do have a newborn which does tend to make everything… harder to um… plan.” 

Lena was really trying very hard and Cat was not backing down.

“Surely you’ve taken advantage of the time she has a babysitter, on a lunch break maybe.”

Lena caught the implication quickly. She straightened.

“So I would like to be very clear on this because I know there’s some speculation,” Lena said looking directly at Cat. “One that’s my office so nothing is happening in there because that’s a workplace, and secondly because I know the day we decide to do more than kiss in my office will be the day someone blows it up just to make sure people catch us. So again not happening.”

Cat laughed and seemed to decide to have mercy.

“So going back to the bigger picture in relation to yourself and your wife, how do you think people should separate what your wife does as a person against what she does as Supergirl.”

“The same way people can distinguish between what I do as a CEO and as a private citizen. There are of course exceptions but as a general rule Supergirl is a public figure. She is a symbol and she represents a certain idea and set of values. When she’s home with me and Lori she isn’t Supergirl anymore. She’s my wife and she’s allowed to be a person. She’s allowed to be a terrible baker and stumble over her words and argue over which Disney movie is best and insist kale is worse than kryptonite. But when she’s wearing that suit she is the person who saves the day, who speaks with confidence to reassure people, and who encourages all children to eat their vegetables, including kale.”

Lori made a noise and Lena looked down to see she was just drooling the milk onto herself. 

“Inah,” she sighed. “Are you actually drinking that or just holding it in your mouth?”

Lori wriggled making a small noise and Lena moved the bottle aside.

“Are you done yet or just thinking about it?”

Lori made another noise. Lena offered the bottle again but Lori pushed it away with a tiny fist.

Lena looked at the amount left and shrugged. Apparently just keeping Lori on her left meant she ate less, who’d have known. Not that she was taking any risks. She picked up the waiting cloth putting it over her shoulder before putting Lori into position and patting her gently.

“You seem rather practised at that,” Cat said with a sly smirk.

“The learning curve was quick and brutal,” Lena said. “I have lost two dresses to baby vomit and Kara now has five super suits so the others can be washed. She’s had to go to several incidents with vomit on her cape but thankfully so far no one’s noticed.”

Cat laughed softly and glanced around the penthouse. She gave Lena a look.

“I have to ask, just out of curiosity... how bad is her baking?”

Lena opened her mouth then closed it. She looked at Cat and then made a face as she tried to think of how to put it.

“My wife has many talents, baking is… not among them.”

“That bad?” Cat asked.

Lena nodded.

“I have no idea how she does it. I- I… I can’t cook. Or bake. I am not even remotely capable in a kitchen beyond the most basic of things but I can follow a recipe and produce something... acceptable. Kara will follow the exact same recipe and somehow end up with something wildly different.”

Lena sighed and then bit her lip.

“It probably doesn’t help that she always uses superspeed.” Lena looked at Cat and gave her a small smile. “As an aside, I know she can turn milk into butter in about five seconds.”

“How many times did she-”

“Enough that I bought a mixer and told her she was expressly forbidden from mixing anything by hand if she intended to feed it to anyone with a regular human digestive system.”

Cat was about to say something else when they heard something rush overhead that wasn’t a super. Lena quickly got to her feet moving to the windows as they watched large ominous looking ships flying out of portals in the sky and taking position around the city.

“Well fuck,” Lena muttered her eyes darting around as she counted the ships.

“Shit,” Cat agreed as one turned to focus on them through the window.

Chapter Text

Lena raised an eyebrow at the ship as a holographic projection of a woman in a garish tiara appeared in front of them, then all over the city. 

“I am Rhea, Queen of Daxam,” the hologram said. “We demand the return of our princess Ra-el, commonly known as Lori Luthor. If she is not handed over we will commence an invasion to retrieve her by force. You have one hour.”

The hologram disappeared and the ship outside the window turned what was unmistakably some kind of weapons towards them as M’gann and Eliza came running in. 

“Disarm them,” Lena said.

Cat looked at her surprised. There was a high pitch whistle and Cat turned in time to see Singer and Pinky land on the ship going directly for the guns and tearing them off as the protective shields around the penthouse slammed into place. 

Lena saw the camera guy had turned everything off and was already yanking out cords to make sure nothing could remotely record. She made a mental note to tell Cat to pay him extra. She flicked her eyes around the apartment as the rest of her security team came running in.

Lena had a plan she needed to follow. She looked at Lori and gave her a kiss on the top of her head breathing in her scent for a moment making sure she remembered every tiny detail of her daughter in her arms before she handed her to Eliza and grabbed one of the emergency bags. Heading to the fridge she grabbed the second bag of milk. She handed them both to Eliza. 

“Frank, Jay, get them out of the building. M’gann take Eliza and Lori to the lockdown location and enact the protocols. M’gann then to to the ship and wait for Kara. We’ll initiate the handover if and only if it becomes necessary after discussions.”

They both nodded and Lena allowed herself one last look at her daughter in Eliza’s arms before she turned away heading for the nursery. 

She grabbed the Kryptonian baby blanket and started digging through the laundry.

Kara called.

“Lori is going to the safe location with Eliza. Meet me at the labs near Catco, bring our core team.”

Cat looked at her watching carefully as she stuffed dirty nappies into a bag. Lena turned to Cat.

“Ms Grant, I believe your assistance would be most helpful.”

Cat nodded quickly.

“Whatever you need.”

Lena turned to Hector and then Pinky as she melted through the shields looking only slightly ruffled.

“I have a job for you both.”


Half an hour later Winn gave a final nod indicating he was ready. Cat looked at the camera giving the go ahead as Kara and Lena took their places in the background.

“Hello. I am Cat Grant, Queen of all media. I am here to speak with you on behalf of the citizens of National City.”

They waited. Rhea appeared. 

“The people of National City have no reason to be concerned, as long as they comply with our orders they will be unharmed. We are only concerned with the return of our princess to her father,” Rhea said. “After that we will leave.”

Cat stared Rhea down giving her best sceptical look.

“So you get Supergirl’s daughter and you all leave? Hundreds of ships hovering all over this city. I’ll just say it now I’m not buying it. You brought all these ships for a baby? One the father initially rejected and still has visitation with. What are you really after?”

Rhea smiled at Cat. It was not a nice smile. Rhea’s eyes turned to Lena and stayed. Lena glared back.

“Something to say Mrs Luthor,” Rhea asked.

“Yes,” Kara said stepping forwards.

Rhea looked at her and there was the smallest twitch of her eyes.


“Where is Mon-el?” Kara demanded.

Rhea laughed.

“You think I’ve hurt my son? You-”

“No, he is involved so he can step up and show himself,” Kara said glaring at Rhea. “So bring him out.”

Rhea gave them a smile and turned to look off camera.

“Mon-el dear, they want to see you too.”

Mon-el appeared on screen looking somewhat resigned.

“Kara, Lena-”

“What the fuck Mon-el?” Kara yelled.

Lena put a hand on Kara’s shoulder as Cat turned to her shocked. Mon-el flinched.

“You lose in court so you decide to bring an invasion force!” she continued. “What the-”

Rhea glared at Kara as Mon-el sighed.

“This isn’t an invasion,” he said cutting Kara off. “This is about the future of my people. Ra-el is my daughter and for our people to move on she must be-”

“Don’t even think about pulling that with me,” Kara said glaring at him. “You seriously got so upset that you lost the court case that you-”

“This isn’t his idea,” Lena said stepping forwards to get a better look at Mon-el. “Tell me, when did you find out you were suddenly expendable?”

Mon-el looked at her and said nothing. Rhea stepped closer again. Lena turned her gaze to focus on Rhea. Cat gently moved between them.

“So Lori is the princess of Daxam, according to you, but you also have your son the Prince. So why do you want her so badly? Surely he can have other children,” Cat said.

“We are going to rebuild Daxam with a fresh faced monarchy having Ra-el-”


Rhea gave Lena a very patronising smile.

“She was named for her grandmother and father by her Daxamite father,” she said smirking at Lena. “In our culture-”

“Bullshit!” Lena yelled stepping in front of Cat again. “I am her father by your laws-”


“Yes I am! I checked,” Lena said leaning towards the camera. “On Daxam between all married couples the father by right is the parent who does not give birth. I am married to Kara and I named her after my grandmother by birth. She is Lori Alura El Luthor.”

“We don’t recognise human-”

Lena held up her wrist to show the Kryptonian marriage bracelet there.

“We have a Kryptonian marriage too. Don’t even try to argue you don’t recognise those. Lori is my daughter because Kara is my wife. She is my child by your law. I am the father here so she is not your princess.”

Rhea froze for a second clearly shocked.

“Your understanding of our laws is incorrect.”

Lena smirked.

“No, it’s you who are incorrect,” Lena snarled. “You should have done a more thorough background check Rhea, Queen of Daxam. Maybe if you had you’d have realised what it means when I say I am a Luthor. I was raised by some of the most powerful, ruthless, and intelligent people on this planet. I did my research on Daxam when your son tried to take my child from me. You may not have realised it but there’s quite a few aliens here and I have met with several who have a deep and thorough knowledge of your culture and your laws.”

The door opened behind them and three aliens came in escorted by Pinky and Hector. All without their image inducers. Lena saw the momentary flicker of recognition on Rhea’s face.

“So I ask again Rhea, Queen of a dead planet,” Lena said glaring at Rhea’s image. “What do you want with my daughter?”

Rhea looked furious.

“Hand her over or we start bombing your city into oblivion.” She glared at Lena. “And I’ll start with the Luthor Children’s Hospital.”

Kara and Lena exchanged a long look. Kara nodded slowly. Her eyes were dry and her face determined. 

“What is it Lena Luthor, ruler of nothing, will you hand her over, or do I give the order?” Rhea demanded.

Lena took out her phone calling M’gann.

“Send her to them,” she said.

Rhea looked very smug as she looked down her nose at Lena. 

“So unwilling to make sacrifices-”

“Put Mon-el back on,” Lena snapped.

Rhea smiled and stepped to the side. Mon-el reappeared and Lena glared at him for a moment. Then she took a deep calming breath. She met Mon-el’s cautious gaze.

“I have been where you are,” she said quietly. 

Mon-el blinked. Lena took another breath straightening up.

“I know what it is to be the heir apparent. You are Prince Mon-el of Daxam. You were raised to rule. You were told to show strength, to never show weakness, and to take what you wanted with no concern for the consequence because consequence wasn’t something you would need to concern yourself with.”

Mon-el’s jaw twitched ever so slightly. 

“But I also know what happens when Kara looks at you and tells you that you can be a hero.”

Mon-el looked down.

In the background a voice said the scans indicated Lori was aboard and the ship was docking.

“Bring her to me,” Rhea ordered.

Lena glanced at her watch then looked back at Mon-el.

“I’m going to ask you to do something for her Mon-el. One day your mother will threaten her happiness. She will make a choice that will take away her freedom, her choice. Her chance to be her own person. She will stand between Lori and her best possible future-”

“You sound very sure of what you think my mother will do,” Mon-el said lifting his gaze once more and then looking slightly to the side.

“I know because my father was like your mother,” Lena said. “Because I know what it is that compels a child to cling to their parent’s leg and beg them to stay.”

Mon-el swallowed. Lena felt a familiar hand on her waist. She glanced to her side as Kara came to stand beside her.

“Look at us Mon-el,” Kara said gently.

Mon-el hesitated for a moment but then he obeyed. 

“You are the only person there who we can possibly trust will care more about her happiness than their own. You are the only one who will be able to keep her safe. She is going to need you Mon-el. She is going to need you to be her father and step up, to make the choice to protect her future no matter what it costs you.”

Mon-el straightened as Rhea stepped back into view. 

“I must confess I’m surprised you gave in so easily. I had expected some attempt at a negotiation or even an attempt to hide her away.”

“We are not willing to risk innocent lives in a pointless battle,” Kara said glaring at Rhea.

Rhea gave them a look.

“Not even for your daughter?”

“Your have an armada. If we thought we could win against you we would fight,” Kara said.

A pair of guards walked in one of them holding a baby in his arms. 

“Was there anything on the ship?” Rhea asked.

“We do not believe so. There was only the princess and what appears to be her soiled… clothing.”

Rhea turned to look at them questioning.

“She eats a lot,” Kara said. “We thought we’d give you a preview of where it all goes and how many you’ll need to change.”

Rhea smiled as she walked over taking Lori from the soldier.

“I have servants for that,” she said.

“You mean slaves,” Kara muttered. 

She and Lena watched as Rhea lifted her up with a smile.

“I wouldn’t do that,” Lena warned. “She doesn’t-”

Rhea glared at them over her shoulder.

“You have no-”

It was at that moment that the vomit hit Rhea. There was a moment of silence from everyone as they watched Rhea’s face twist with disgust. Kara and Lena started snickering as the green mush slid down Rhea’s face and into her dress. A smiling Mon-el stepped forwards and took her from his mother as a cloth was quickly offered to the Queen. Mon-el smiled at the baby as Rhea glared.

“Hello Lori, in your usual form today I see,” he said holding her close.

“On the right Mon-el,” Kara said.

Mon-el looked up.

“She likes being held on the right,” Kara explained. 

“How… cute,” Rhea said reappearing. 

“You have her, now leave,” Kara said.

Rhea gave them a disbelieving look. 

“You really are incredibly naive, we’re taking over the earth and renaming it New Daxam.” 

Mon-el looked horrified and immediately began to protest but Rhea turned to him.

“You will obey or she never knows her father.” 

Daxamite soldiers begun landing all over the city to begin corralling people as Rhea gave the order to begin targeting key locations. People around the city began to panic as weapons were drawn and the Daxamites started marching towards people. Then everyone froze as they heard Lena Luthor laugh.

Rhea spun around to see the trademark Luthor smirk on Lena’s face.

“Sorry Rhea but if you fire on the city you might hit your granddaughter. She wasn’t on that ship.”

Rhea froze her attention on the screen then looking back at the infant in a confused Mon-el’s arms.


Lena smirked at her.

“I’m a Luthor. You really should have trusted that part of you that wondered why we would hand her over so easily.”

Rhea’s expression darkened as she glared at Lena.

“Did you really think after everything I have done that I would just hand over my daughter because you said to? No. She is somewhere in the city and you have no idea where. So if you start bombing you risk her. Oh and by the way, if you check the roof of the Luthor Children’s hospital you’ll find a wonderful woman. Looks like you’ll have to rely on your little foot soldiers alone.” 

“You lie!” Rhea yelled.

“Do I?” Lena asked. "Did you forget I know a lot of aliens here, and some of them have special powers."

Behind Rhea M’gann transformed from into her green martian form trapping Mon-el’s right arm behind his back and holding him as a shield between her and the Daxamite soldiers.

“Sorry was I meant to be a baby?” M’gann asked with a smile.

She pressed the trigger in her hand and there was a loud explosion that rocked the Daxamite ship as M’gann and Mon-el disappeared through a small portal to appear behind them in the L Corp labs where Alex was waiting a large grey gauntlet on her hand. 

Before he could say a word Alex punched Mon-el in the face. He fell back with a groan and a broken nose.

“Okay, I feel better,” Alex said turning to look at Lena who had cut the transmission between her and Rhea as the Daxamites begun choking. 

Lena smiled at Winn.

“Nice idea with the lead asthma,” she said.

Winn grinned back.

“Well Jack gave us the tech to make it undetectable to the daxamites,” he said turning to Jack leaning against a table.

Jack smiled at him.

“Well my nanobots needed to be tested. I’d say they did a great for their first time out. Especially considering they were disguised as... shit.”

He threw a smile towards Lena who smiled back.

“I think they did a bit better than great,” Kara said turning to him. “I think they did super.”

Jack and Winn laughed and even Alex cracked a smile. Then they all turned to Lena who was looking out the window as the largest Daxamite ship slowly fell from the sky.

“What are we waiting for?” Alex asked.


Clark flew in.

“Right on cue,” Lena muttered.

“Sorry for the delay, the president was apparently on air force one coming out to personally intervene and I managed to talk her out of it,” Clark said.

Lena sighed.

“Every day I’m happier I voted for her,” Kara said smiling at Alex.

“Yes she’s very decisive and far better than the alternative but having a politician in the middle of this would be exceedingly unhelpful for what I’m planning,” Lena said.

“Uh,” Clark gave Lena an apologetic look. “I had to compromise with her being on the phone.”

Lena glared at Clark as he turned around the phone he was holding.

“And what is it you’re planning Mrs Luthor?” President Marsden asked.

“Nothing illegal,” Lena said straightening a little as she put on her CEO face.

“Well I’m sure you’ll be grateful to know the US government and the DEO already has contingencies in place for this possibility.”

Lena’s eyebrow twitched and several people exchanged concerned looks.

“And I’m sure that contingency has absolutely no glaring holes in it,” Lena said.

President Marsden narrowed her eyes at Lena. 

“The DEO has the positron cannon,” President Marsden said. “With that they can blast the Daxamites out of-”

“That won’t work,” Lena and Clark said in unison.

They looked at each other and shared a small smile.

“I ran a search in the fortress for information the moment ships appeared and saw it wasn’t strong enough to get past their shields,” Clark said. “How did you know?”

Lena sighed heavily. 

“Because the cannon will overheat three blasts in due to the cheap copper connections the contractors used in the firing mechanism.” 

Clark laughed as the DEO agents all exchanged shocked looks.

“How do you know about the canon?” J’onn asked crossing his arms as he looked at Lena.

“The moment I knew about Mon-el being a Daxamite I did my research, as part of that I looked into what safeguards you had in place and from there it was a simple matter to find the details on the canon,” Lena said with a shrug. “I confess I had an engineer's curiosity in how it worked and well… once I saw the plans I saw the flaw. I was going to let you know but I forgot about it as this was months ago and there were other distractions.”

There was a few unhappy looks from the various government agents. Excluding Winn, who was starring at Lena in awe but they had limited time and Lena needed help.

“And what is it you suggest we do Mrs Luthor?” President Marsden asked looking around.

Lena and Clark looked at each other again.

“There’s only one person on Earth I know who can possibly give us a solution,” Lena said quietly.

Clark swallowed and nodded.

“He will have something,” he agreed.

They both looked at the president. She didn’t look happy but Lena made the call and the presidential order was made so thirty seconds later a new voice came through the phone.

“Lena!” He sounded almost excited.

“Lex,” Lena growled. “What do you have?”

Lex hummed for a moment.

“If I remember correctly Daxamites have a lead allergy yes?”

“Yes,” Lena muttered.

“I have a device that was intended to be used with kryptonite but can be adapted for lead. It will turn the air lead heavy making this planet uninhabitable for the Daxamites. It’s in my bunker in Mt Noquay. You’ll need to change the dispersal meter but that is something we both know you are more than capable of dear sister.”

Lena grit her teeth and looked at her feet.

“Do you have an alternative that won’t hurt my daughter?” she asked.

There was a few seconds of silence then Lex sighed.

“No method possible in the current time frame beyond this, and before you ask yes it is permanent.”

Lena closed her eyes absorbing that. To save the world they would have to poison their daughter.

“I am sorry Lena,” Lex said quietly. “My hatred of aliens does not include my niece.”

Lena hung up. She took a deep breath aware of the dozens of eyes on her.


“Dakkum Ur,” he said.

Lena gave him a confused look.

“A fight to the death between myself and Rhea, the loser’s army and people must lay down their weapons in unconditional surrender-”

“She won’t fight you,” Mon-el said with a sigh.

Everyone turned to glare at him. He held up his hands as Alex raised her gloved fist in warning.

“She’s been here for months, she may not have done a very good assessment of Lena’s tactical capabilities but she’s studied Kara and Superman closely. Kara’s apparently stronger because she grew up under a red sun. Superman’s body doesn’t actually absorb the sun as well as hers does. Her muscles are also thicker on a molecular level as she’s actually done resistance training. Sorry Superman but my mother just thinks of you as some guy in spandex. A dangerous guy in spandex but just one. Kara on the other hand has the DEO and Lena has L Corp. As far as my mother is concerned Kara has an army to defeat, defeating you would mean nothing beyond taking out you.”

Lena looked out the window and at the smoke rising from parts of the city.


“I’ll do it.” Kara looked at Winn. “Call her back.”

Winn hesitated but Kara's glare got him moving.

Rhea glared at them from a different ship. Kara made the challenge, a furious Rhea accepted and the transmission was cut once more. Lena felt everyone look at her once more. 

“Alex, I suggest you have the DEO begin their coordination with other law enforcement and civilian groups to resist the Daxamites. J’onn, Superman, go get the device. We’ll need to prepare his plan just in case it-”

Lena’s voice suddenly stopped working. She tried to force the words out but they seemed stuck. Mon-el awkwardly cleared his throat.

“Um, I know I’m not exactly popular here but if that is needed I will take her off planet with me and-

“Thank you Mon-el but that won’t be necessary,” Lena said cutting him off. “I won’t give up my daughter when I can still protect her.”

Lena stared unseeing at the communication array before her.

“Hey uh, can y’all give us a minute,” Kara said quietly.

There was a few whispers and everyone left the door closing behind them. Kara approached Lena cautiously.

“What are you thinking?” she asked.

Lena felt tears prickling at the edges of her eyes.

“I love our daughter more than anything and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her,” Lena said her hands curling into fists as she tried to think of a solution. 

“Me too,” Kara said quietly.

Lena slammed her hands on the keyboard then ripped out a speaker and flung it against the wall hearing it smash. It wasn’t enough. She shoved everything off the desk. She stood before the desk breathing heavily as she tried to think. There was hundreds of options, hundreds of possible moves, and very few that wouldn’t result in thousands of people dying in a long, protracted, and bloody war against a stronger and better equipped enemy. But they all involved poisoning their daughter.

Kara carefully wrapped her arms around Lena holding her close as she continued to stand there breathing heavily tears burning in the back of her eyes. Kara tightened her grip for a second. Lena collapsed her legs giving out as Kara held her up. She tried to think.

“Lena what are you-”

“You need to win,” Lena said not looking up. “But even if you do I don’t trust her.”

“It’s to the death Lena. Not much she can do if I kill her,” Kara whispered.

“She has soldiers who will do her bidding and I have a feeling Mon-el isn't exactly in a political position to stop them.”

They were both quiet for a long moment.

“I’ll do it if she doesn’t keep her word,” Lena said tears burning in her eyes.

“What about Lori?” Kara asked quietly.

“Can the fortress be secured, no air in or out unless filtered?” she asked.

“Yes, for a time.”

“How long?”

“Two months, after that it will have trouble without someone opening up and manually cleaning the filters out.”

“Then I’ll have two months to make it safe for her here.”

Kara held her tighter.

“You know that once you do it the government won’t let it go away. It would mean the Daxamites return,” Kara said.

Lena found her legs regaining their strength as she straightened turning to look at Kara. 

“I will find a way to protect her. Even if that means I need to build a giant filtered dome for her to live in, or remove every tiny trace of lead from the air against government orders I will. She is inahkah and there is no line in the universe I will not cross to keep her safe.”

“I know Zhaote,” Kara whispered wrapping Lena in her arms once more holding her close. “We won’t lose her. I promise.”

Lena felt herself break for just a moment the Luthor facade crumbling. Tears poured out of her eyes as she clung to her wife. Things always went wrong. She couldn’t have-

“We’ll find a way,” Kara whispered cutting into her thoughts. “El Mayarah.”

Lena sniffed and looked up. Kara’s hands came up to cradle her face. 

“You and me, we’re in this together, all in. We’ll find a solution together. Nothing can stand against the might of a Kryptonian and a Luthor.”

Lena found a weak smile appearing on her face. Kara brushed away her tears. 

“One thing at a time. First we save the world, then we make it safe for Lori.”

Lena nodded and sniffed again pulling herself together. Kara kissed her again and again the two of them clinging to each other until a gentle knock on the door pulled them apart.

Cat opened the door and gave them an almost apologetic look. 

“They have Lex's device,” she said. 

They nodded. Kara turned to Lena and gave her one last kiss.

“Be careful,” Lena said. 

Kara smiled at her and nodded.

“I will. I’ll do whatever it takes to come home to you and Lori.”

Lena didn’t want to let go. She could feel her world falling apart around her as she felt Kara’s cape slip from her fingers. Kara gave her a final Supergirl smile before she left. Lena couldn't help but think maybe for the last time. Then Winn was in the doorway with a nervous smile and a screwdriver.

“Ready to team up again?” he asked.

Lena nodded and forced a smile. She had a job to do. 

Chapter Text

Kara landed with Clark behind her. Lena had chosen an empty airfield as the location for their fight, no nearby civilians and a clear view all around.

It was only a few seconds before Rhea and what must be her second in command appeared. They faced off across the empty tarmac. Kara glanced at Clark. He gave her a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

“You’ve got this,” he said smiling to her. 

Kara gave him a smile and a determined nod in return before turning back and taking a step towards Rhea. She could hear several cameras quickly focusing on them. One of them undoubtedly under Cat’s direction to capture the fight for the people of National City. 

“I see you brought moral support,” Rhea said.

“I see you did too,” Kara replied.

They started slowly walking closer. 

“So once you are disposed of,” Rhea said. “I have your word that your forces will lay down arms? That the city, the nation, and the planet will be surrendered?”

Kara took a deep breath and gathered herself. This was for her city, her planet, her family. She faced Rhea and did her best to show confidence.

“On my honour,” Kara said. “And if I defeat you your invasion ends? You leave, once and for all.”

Rhea nodded. 

Kara exchanged a final look with Clark and took the final steps forwards onto the tarmac to begin the fight. 

They both did the Daxamite salute.

“For the Earth,” Rhea said. 

“For the Earth,” Kara echoed.

For a moment her mind was on her daughter, and her wife. She would not lose.

The moment Rhea took a step Kara charged. She would show no hesitation, no mercy, nothing Rhea could exploit.

Rhea seemed momentarily surprised by the ferocity of her initial attack but returned it with her own intensity. 

As they traded blows it quickly became clear that while Kara had the greater strength and speed Rhea had greater experience. Kara’s powerful strikes were deflected and absorbed or anticipated with Rhea sending back smaller hits meant to keep Kara from getting any chance at a proper strike as Rhea wore her down. 

Kara danced back and then back again. She saw Rhea’s smile and decided to make a move, it was risky, and would hurt, but it would hurt Rhea more.

She charged in. Rhea could see her coming. At the last moment Kara shifted and instead of a strike she threw her whole body at Rhea knocking her to the ground. Kara could feel the impact hit Rhea and heard the gasp as the air was forced from her lungs. She pressed the advantage and at that moment she heard the first round of bombings begin. 

Kara turned around shocked as she saw the Daxamite ships attacking the city.

“What?” she asked shocked as thousands of people begun to cry out in fear.

“You will dishonour yourself before your gods,” Clark yelled.

“My Gods are only concerned with my victory,” Rhea snapped back shoving Kara away from her.

“What about Lori?” Kara demanded. 

Rhea scoffed. 

“I am no fool. I know you and your wife would never risk your daughter. We all have high morals until it comes to our children…” 

Rhea smirked as Kara glared back furious.

“If you destroy the city you will have nothing to-

“A city that’s destroyed will need a new leader to rebuild it,” Rhea said smirking back at her.

Kara didn’t take her eyes off Rhea.

“Go,” she said. “Protect the people.”

“El mayarah,” Clark said then flew away. 

Kara charged Rhea again determined to take her down. She went for her again and again not giving Rhea a chance to rest. She charged in hard and fast using every bit of her superior abilities over her to strike again and again. She would win, she would beat Rhea, she would go home to her family. 

Rhea fell under her attacks and Kara didn’t give up. Her fist came down hard on Rhea’s face and she gasped feeling the burn of kryptonite suddenly fill her lungs. She stumbled struggling against the sudden weakness in her body. 

Rhea laughed as she spat out something sickly green. Kara felt her knees weaken as Rhea turned to her. A line of green blood rolled down her face as she stared at Kara triumphant. 

“H-how?” she choked out.

Rhea smiled as she rose taking a step towards Kara the burn intensifying.

“Kryptonite destroyed my world. I’ve carried it across galaxies, it’s part of me now.”

Kara braced herself against the ground. The kryptonite stripped her abilities but her body was still Kryptonian. She could still hurt her. She swung her fist. Rhea blocked it then caught her other hand in her own as Kara brought it up to strike Rhea’s exposed stomach. Rhea grabbed her fist and twisted causing Kara to let out a cry of pain as her fingers were dislocated then returned to their places. Rhea threw her.

Kara felt her wrist snap then reheal as she crashed into the tarmac tearing it up as she slid several metres. She rose only to be hit in the face dropping her back to the ground.

Her lungs burned as she fought against the kryptonite forcing her body towards it as she turned to lunge at Rhea only to be caught and wrapped in a choke hold. She struggled against Rhea’s grip.

“And so you will end, Supergirl,” Rhea hissed her hold shifting.

Kara was struggling to breathe as she felt Rhea’s hold tighten the kryptonite burning into her very bones as Rhea’s blood dripped on her. 

Her struggles grew weaker as she kept trying. The kryptonite burning through her as she continued to fight but her hands were failing. She felt her fingers slip as the edges of her vision started to disappear. Her hands fell away from Rhea’s as she grabbed Rhea’s wrist her desperately trying to dig her fingers into Rhea’s searching for something to grab and pull to force Rhea’s grip to release her.

Kara felt the world getting fuzzy as she tried desperately to break Rhea’s hold around her neck as Rhea begun slowly turning her head away. Kara recognised what she was doing. In a moment Rhea would twist her hands and snap her neck and that would be the end.

I’m sorry, Lena. 

Rhea jerked and her fingers loosened as Kara felt the burn of kryptonite around her ring finger. She looked at saw her engagement ring now coloured green by Rhea’s blood.

Her heart picked up as she realised what had happened. Rhea was confused but Kara didn’t give her a chance to work it out. She tossed the ring away and pressed her fingers against the nearest part of Rhea she could reach, her shoulder. She closed her eyes as Rhea’s arm moved back to strike her unprotected face. She needed to think of Lena. She clung to the first memory that came to mind.

Lena reached out to a smiling Etta as Lori was placed in her arms for the first time.

Rhea’s cry of pain told Kara it worked as she felt the ring return to her finger her hand burning as more of Rhea’s blood came with it. Kara felt hope swell in her chest even as the burn of the kryptonite intensified. She glared at the shocked Rhea as she tossed her ring behind her again and shoved her fingers deep into Rhea’s thigh.

Lena smiling at her as J’onn placed the wedding bracelets on their wrists. 

Rhea stumbled backwards. Kara surged to her feet and Rhea lunged towards her as she threw the ring away again and advanced swinging her arm in a right hook that Rhea barely blocked. Kara twisted her fingers to press into Rhea’s arm.

Lena looking at her with a smile “Khap zhao rrip.”

Rhea cried out in pain and then fell as Kara brought her right fist up in a strike that sent Rhea topping back. Kara kicked out and Rhea fell on top of the ring.

Kara closed her eyes and pressed her fingers against Rhea’s chest. Rhea wrapped a hand around her throat and squeezed. Kara closed her eyes focusing on the memory.

Lena kissing her stomach as she whispered goodnight to Lori.

Rhea tried to dodge but wasn’t fast enough. Her sudden gasp was followed by the loosening of her fingers. Kara tossed the ring away again.

“Does someone like being kissed?”

Rhea begun choking as the ring tore through her neck settling on Kara’s finger again. Kara removed it pressing her fingers against Rhea’s stomach.

“Coffee…” Lena said sadly. 

Rhea gasped staggering back. Kara brought her right hand up slamming her fist into Rhea’s face. 

The Kryptonite burned. Oh how it burned. But she didn’t care. She wouldn’t let Rhea win. Not now. Not ever. She was Kara Zor-el Danvers Luthor and this was for her family, for her home.

She dropped the ring on the ground and slammed Rhea down on top of it her fingers pointed directly over her heart. 

Blood begun to pour from Rhea’s mouth as she choked and groaned. Kara glared down at Rhea. 

“I still win,” Rhea choked out. “New Daxam will rise and Ra-el shall rule.”

“Lori will never be your princess,” Kara growled. “She’s a Luthor.” 

The ring tore through Rhea’s stomach. 

“And so am I.”

Kara removed the ring and dropped Rhea’s head onto it. She placed her finger over Rhea’s eyes. Just one more.

“Kara, I am all in.


Lena watched the carnage around the city. She could see it all displayed for her on the screens from cameras around the city. Diana at the hospital fighting in full armour with Etta and what appeared to be a small army of nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff wielding guns and batons as the Daxamites charged them. 

Clark was in a fight downtown surrounded by ten Daxamites fighting for his life. His normally perfect hair a mess as he tried to block all their attacks.
Alex, James, and J’onn were outside facing off against a steadily advancing squad.

M’gann and Lyra were outside Al’s with a group of other aliens in some kind of all out brawl that was tearing up the street. Her eyes flicked over the screens showing the city below. Seeing the citizens fighting back. People in biker leathers working with what looked like the National City Nighthawks in their full football padding under the direction of their coach charging a squad on heavily armoured Daxamites. Teenagers still in their school uniforms throwing molotov cocktails into an advancing line of Daxamites.

Aliens, people in business suits, people dressed for a day at the beach, and everyone in between. All fighting beside the army, police, and fire department. They were fighting. The people of National City were on the streets throwing themselves against the near unstoppable force of the Daxamite army. 

And they were losing. 

Lena looked to her left seeing Winn staring at a map calling out where help was needed with Vasquez beside him coordinating the DEO forces after Alex had taken to the streets with Maggie. Mon-el sat in a chair nearby watching the fight between his mother and Kara his expression unreadable as the ground around them shook with the latest bombing. Lena looked at the screen showing Kara as she rose on shaky legs over Rhea’s body then crashed to the ground. 

Finally she looked at Eliza in the fortress holding Lori. Holding her daughter and looking back at her. Eliza gave her a small nod. Lena looked at Jack beside her.

Lena took a breath and hovered her fingers over the button. She hesitated. 

She couldn’t. 

She couldn’t risk her daughter without knowing she would be safe. She had to protect her-

She pulled her hand back. Jack looked at her surprised.

“I can’t,” she whispered turning her back on the device. 

Jack was immediately at her side wrapping his arms around her.

“She’ll be okay,” Jack promised. “We’ll find a way to protect her, we always do.”

Lena looked back at Eliza.

“It’s okay, she’s safe. Kelex has made sure of it,” Eliza said. “We have time. El mayarah.”

Lena took a deep breath. Her hands were shaking. She knew every second she delayed was another where someone else was hurt but something kept her stuck to the spot. This was her daughter. Her inah. This was Lori.

Jack held her tighter.

“It’s okay Lena. I’ll help you. You’re not-”

There was a whir sound behind them. Lena and Jack spun around shocked to see Mon-el standing in front of the device his hand falling off the button. He slowly looked up at Lena as the machine begun to glow powering up.

“What did you do?” she asked as a sudden terror filled her.

“You were right,” he said looking at her as the cloud of lead poured out of the device. “I am Prince Mon-el of Daxam. I am the bad guy.”

He started coughing. More on instinct than anything Lena and Jack moved forwards catching him as he fell. He looked at Lena. 

“You said I'd need to choose what's best for her and that's you. Which is why you couldn't, so I did. So my daughter would always have her heroes.”

Lena helped him to his feet Jack supporting Mon-el’s other side and they begun moving towards the door. They were halfway there when Kara appeared half crash landing onto the balcony. She took one look at them and grabbed Mon-el disappearing out the window.

Lena turned to look at Eliza who gave her a smile showing Lori in her arms. 

“Kelex has sealed us in. She’s safe. See.”

Eliza tilted Lori so Lena could see her face. Lori was happily chewing on the ear of a stuffed toy horse making little burbling noises as she kicked her legs. 
Lena felt the rush of air as Kara returned. She pulled her eyes away from the screen to look at Kara. Her supersuit was a mess, her face bloody and her hair all over the place. Lena found herself falling into her arms holding her as tight as she could. Kara hugged her back.

“I won,” she whispered. 

Lena held on tighter her eyes filled with tears. 

“Mon-el pushed the button, so I wouldn't have to,” Lena whispered.

Kara’s held her closer neither able to let go as a thousand things were said without either of them saying a word. 

They heard a yell and then Alex was running towards them. Lena quickly took a half step to the side to let Alex hug Kara only to find herself suddenly wrapped in a hug by Andrea and then Sam on her other side. 

“Wha- Where have you two been?” she asked looking at them both in amazement. 

Andrea was covered in what looked like some kind of blue dye and Sam had a shotgun on her back.

“We were having lunch at L Corp when all this went down, and kinda joined up with the security team against a squad of Daxamite soldiers,” Sam explained not letting go. “We were on the retreat when we got saved by the research team from lab 302”  

“Who, by the way, are apparently really good at making improvised explosives from the lab safety equipment,” Andrea added.

Lena struggled to take that information in as Sam and Andrea continued to hug her tightly. She was actually having a little trouble breathing as she gave a smiling Jack a vaguely panicked look.

“What were they even supposed to be making in there?” Andrea asked suddenly.

“A smaller version of the large scale generator ring,” Lena said somewhat baffled by her current situation as she attempted to pat the other two woman as best she could with her arms pinned to her sides.

“Well they made it into a chain of explosives in about two minutes that set off the safety system which kinda covered the Daxamites in some kind of improvised lead foam,” Andrea said.

Lena blinked at Andrea and Sam for a moment.

“Well I should hope so after they did it unintentionally so many times,” she found herself saying.