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One More Minute

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Three months had passed since her last chemo treatment. Olivia was sitting outside of her doctor’s office. She’d had her follow-up visit.

She’d been terrified of getting her test results back. So anxious she’d wanted to go alone. She hadn’t told anyone the date of the appointment to avoid them insisting.

It was a beautiful spring day. Olivia sat on a bench outside of the hospital and just breathed in the air. Just breathed. She almost regretted not telling Fin about the appointment.

The squad was working on a case at the moment. It had made sneaking out easy. Plus, Elliot had gone to the beach to spend time with his mom, again. No one had been there to notice when she ducked out of the precinct.

Olivia slumped down on the bench. She tilted her face toward the sun with her eyes closed. She’d always enjoyed the city in spring.


Olivia opened her eyes to find Fin standing over her with a cup held out to her. “Hello.”

“Snuck out while we weren’t watching?” He sat beside her. “I told Barba you had a doctor’s appointment coming up. Just because you didn’t write it on that calendar on your fridge.”

Olivia took a sip of the tea he’d brought. It was perfect. Just the way she preferred it. “I didn’t want to have an audience for bad news.”

“And was it bad news?”

“No.” Olivia couldn’t hide her relieved smile. “Good news. No signs of the cancer having returned. The tests they did last week. They all came back clear. I’m…cancer-free.”

“Cancer free.”

“There’s a chance it comes back. I have a follow-up visit in three months. Then if it’s all clear, once again in six months after that.” Olivia barely had a chance to react when Fin yanked her into a hug. She held her tea away from them to keep it from spilling. “Fin?”

Fin eased back. His hand came up to gently glide up her neck to rest on her head. He adjusted the beanie she was wearing. “I told myself I had to wait until you were recovering.”

“Wait for—” Olivia was cut off by his lips gently brushing against hers.  She melted into him when his arm wrapped around her, drawing her closer. She felt him grin against her lips when she moaned before he pulled back. “Fin. I wouldn’t have gotten through this without you.”

“Don’t sell yourself short, baby girl.”

“I’m serious. You’ve been my rock.”  Olivia glanced down at her cup, picking at the lid. “I guess this means things go back to normal.”


“Work. Life. No more late nights arguing about why a movie is terrible.” Olivia laughed when he adjusted the beanie on her head. “I’m going to miss you.”

Miss him even though they’d spend time at work. Olivia didn’t really expect him to continue showing up at her place every night. He’d always been such a private person; she didn’t think he’d want her invading his space now that she was no longer potentially dying.

“That wasn’t a last kiss, baby girl.” Fin said confidently after coming in for another kiss. “That was a ‘this is all I can do in a public place’ sort of kiss. You really think I’m gonna just stop showing up for you? What kind of punk do you think I am?”


“I ain’t going anywhere, Liv.”