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One More Minute

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It was late at night when Olivia made her way to Fin’s apartment. She had to do this before her courage failed her. He answered after the fourth knock, frowning in complete confusion at her presence.

“Liv? You all right?” Fin stepped back to let her inside. He grabbed her by the arms when she just stood staring at him with tears in her eyes. “What’s wrong, baby girl? Who am I cutting for you?”

“I need a favour, Fin.” She couldn’t stop shaking. He led her into his living room and made her sit on the couch. “I’ve wasted so much time. I don’t know if I have a minute left to waste.”

“You’re starting to scare me.” Fin stared when she pulled a piece of paper out of her pocket. He skimmed through the word. “What am I—”

“Cancer.” She wrapped her arms around herself, closing her eyes against the pain in his. “I was so tired after Lewis. So tired. Kept losing weight. I finally went to see my doctor when it didn’t seem to be getting better. I’m having surgery. Chemo after. I’m going to be very sick.”

“But you’ll live.”

“They don’t know how far it’s spread yet.” Olivia hadn’t wrapped her mind around the meaning behind those words. If it had spread. Her doctor had kept talking about options. She hadn’t been able to listen. “Fin. I need….”

“Whatever you need, baby girl, I’m here.” Fin would go to war for her. She didn’t think cancer would be intimidated by him.

“You’re going to think I’ve lost my mind.”

“Stabler.” Fin proved once again how well he knew her. “Want me to find him for you?”

“I just….” Olivia didn’t know how to explain to Fin. “I just think I’m going to need everyone for this fight.”

And it still might not be enough.

“I’ll drag his ass here. Promise.” Fin settled against the couch. “You got someone to go with you to the doctor’s office?”

“You going to hold my hand?”

“I’ll even hold your hair back when you’re puking your guts out.”