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The holomyth’s house is having a tranquil night, for a change of pace. Amelia and Calliope on the couch, each on a side with a relatively large space between they, as they lean uncomfortably against the couch’s arm to take a closer look at their phone screen. Ina and Gura at the table, the priestess reading a manga while Gura waits a chance to get up and sit next to the detective.

The moment that she’s about do that, Kiara runs down the stairs, saying a “Hey” to everyone and walking towards the couch where the detective and the reaper’s resting. She sits at the blonde girl side, leaning against her and looking at what’s keep her attention. This behavior left Calliope and Gura frowning. Ina chokes a laugh with a “Oh ho” and backs her attention to the manga.

“Ameee.” Kiara holds the detective’s arm between hers and pulling her slightly.

“What’s up, Kiara?” She chuckles moving her gaze off her phone to meet the phoenix’s. It’s also given her the almost perfect angle to see the reaper glaring at her. Or at Kiara, with some luck.

Kiara pulls her own phone and shows the screen. “Let’s do a collab with this game, please? It’ll be fun!” She bats her eyelashes dramatically.

“Pff.” Amelia laughs, it helped her not blush and ignore the soft warm on her arm. “Why not? Of course, we can do that.”

“Thanks, Ame! It’s a deal.” She giggles and gets up, heading to the kitchen.

Amelia and Calliope stare at each other with equally confused expressions. Gura gets up and sits at the detective side, leaning against her and holding her arm in the same way that the phoenix.

“You’re sure being requested, huh, Watson?” Calliope chuckles as the shark girl leans even more against the detective.

“You’re welcome to come close too, Calli.” Amelia laughs, then Gura’s gentle hold turns to a death grip. “Or no.” She whines. “Please, don’t get close.”

That made Ina burst out the laugh she was holding all the time, making the other girls laugh too.




“Inaaaa.” Kiara dashes to the priestess, hugging her tight.

“Kiara?” Ina says with a worried tone as the phoenix looks really stressed. She pats Kiara’s back before leans back to look at her. “What’s happening?”

“I’m running out of ideas to my new building on mine and I really need it done for my next stream…” She whines releasing her and groaning.

“Oh. I can help you if you want. I’m free now.” She smiles sweetly as phoenix’s eyes light up.

“Really?! Thanks, Ina!”

Three steps away, Calliope watches the scene frowning. Right, it’s not unusual Kiara being clingy to her genmates, it’s her nature sticky on them every now and then. But it’s because that’s strange. Kiara’s clinging to everyone besides her, so the reaper’s starting to think she’s done something wrong. Calliope’s not the type to like having someone close to her all the time, but she doesn’t dislike Kiara clinging to her. Not that she will admit it.

The reaper decides to talk to her, but it’s a little late and the phoenix and the priestess was already going stairs above, giving her no chance to try anything. She takes a deep breath and shove her thoughts away, she won’t start to think weird things, it’s not like she can help with the phoenix’s current problem anyway, considering her lack of abilities on that game.

“Did you two have a fight?” Gura asks from behind the reaper.

Calliope jumps, startled by sudden approach. She stares at the shark girl with a frown before sighs and looks stairs above again. “No. I guess. I’m not sure.”

“What?” Gura laughs heading to the couch, the reaper follows her and they sit down to watch the TV. “It’s already a few days since last time that I see her clinging to you or heard a ‘CALLI!!’” She mimics Kiara’s voice. “Before she almost tackles you down.”

“I-I don’t know what’s it’s about.” The reaper looks away feeling her cheeks warming up as Gura remember her that she asked Kiara to cease that in front to the girls. “I just asked her to don’t be so clingy. But it’s not the first or second time.” She shrugs, grumping words that Gura doesn’t understand.

“So… Is she doing what you asked?” Gura says while thinking about it, Calliope looks at her with a raised brow. “You’re always asking for it, then she’s on the mood of ‘consider it done’ meme.” Gura chuckles moving her gaze back to the TV, unaware that she just blow up the calm that the reaper was trying to build up.




“It’s stupid.” Calliope growls with herself, spinning on her gamer chair. She stares the ceiling for a few minutes, then release another growl. “I know it’s her plan! Arrg, fine, I’ll fall for it.” She inhales sharply before leaving her room.

Calliope stands in front at Kiara’s room, glaring at the door as if it’s enough to make it open. Another annoyed growl leaves her throat, then she gives up and knocked the door. Don’t matter what she said before or if Gura’s right and it’s just her words backing to her, she misses Kiara too much and her pride isn’t that important right now. The door opens a few seconds later and Kiara’s eyes widen for a second, she smiles sweetly and Calliope can’t help but smile back.

“Do you need something, Calli?” Kiara asks when the reaper says nothing.

“I- I just- Listen.”

Calliope struggles to say what she wants and Kiara sighs knowing that nothing is coming after that. Instead, the reaper hooks her arms around the phoenix, hugging her tight and hiding her face on the other girl’s shoulder. Kiara freezes for a second but hugs her back, nuzzling into her, forgetting what she was doing before. But the sound of a gremlin laugh remember her, making her face warm up, Calliope tenses but don’t move at all.

“We can continue chatting later.” Ina says trying to hold her giggles and failing as Amelia isn’t holding back at all and they head out to leave the two immortals alone.

Kiara sighs softy, petting Calliope’s hair and whispers close to her ear. “What’s that? You told me not to do that in front of them.”

“You’re doing it on purpose!” Calliope leans back to look at her in the eyes, she frowns, gripping on Kiara’s shirt.

“Yes, and I won’t to apologize.” She giggles giving a peck on the reaper’s lips. “But I missed you too.”

“Are you trying to make me insane?” Calliope growls, but she can’t be mad as Kiara’s smiling at her, that pretty universal eyes looking at her with the softest gaze. “Fine! It was my fault! I’m sorry. Please let me spend more time with you.” She whines hiding her burning red face on the crook of Kiara’s neck.

Kiara hums, pulling her inside the room, she uses her powers to close the door because she can’t move with the reaper still clinging to her. She tries take a step back and the grip around her tightens.

“Calli.” Kiara giggles, she loves it whatever Calliope act that way. “Let me-”

She doesn’t finish as a cold hand sneaks on her nape and the reaper crash their lips together, giving her the long and sweet kiss that they’d both been craving for the past few days. The next thing Kiara feels is the soft of her bed on her back. Calliope straddles her waist and leans down to kiss her again, sliding her hands inside the phoenix’s shirt, groaning against her mouth as Kiara’s fingers tangles on her locks. Kiara gasps feeling the reaper’s cold hands on her skin, squeezing her thighs together as Calliope kisses and nibbles her neck.

Calliope was about lift the phoenix’s shirt as a loud and annoying sound starts to echo in the room. She snarls to the alarm and reaches to grab it, almost throwing the annoying object into the wall, if not for Kiara stopping her.

“Calli, no!” Kiara takes the alarm of the reaper’s hand, laughing despite being equally flustered.

“Just throw it away.” The reaper groans against Kiara’s skin, giving light bites on her neck.

“Calli ~.” Kiara shivers, she doesn’t want to stop, but she knows that sound. “It’s not my ‘lift your lazy ass off the bed because it’s late’ alarm. It’s for my stream.” She giggles.

Calliope leans back and stares at the phoenix with narrowed eyes. “Are you kidding, right?”

“Nope!” She holds the reaper’s face between her hands and kiss her again. “Sorry, but your timing was not good, I guess.”

Calliope sighs, sure, she knows Kiara’s schedule, but she was too distracted with her own needs for remember that. She leaves the bed after a few more kisses (because Kiara chases her away) and walks lazily to leave the room. Before closes the door, she demands.

“Come to my room when you’re done.”

“All right.” Kiara says with a grin. “But what if I forget? Will you come here again?”

“I’m sure that you will remember. Or the girls will remember that your bedroom walls aren’t that thick.” She chuckles seeing the phoenix’s face turn completely red and closes the door when a pillow comes in her direction. “I’ll be waiting.”

“Yeah. Me too.” Kiara smiles soft even though she knows the reaper can’t see.