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My Tits Are Bigger Than Yours

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“Beca, Stacie you are both being ridiculous. CR and Fat Amy, you two are NOT helping right now.” Chloe overheard Aubrey as she walked back into the living room after grabbing drinks from the kitchen of the Treble’s house.

“Bree, what’s going on?” Chloe asked her best friend as she handed Beca her usual drink (whipped cream vodka and orange soda, cause it apparently tastes like an orange dream sickle).

“Thanks, babe” Beca replies as she takes a sip from the drink before rolling her eyes at Aubrey’s response.

“Those stupid frat boys over there, who think they are being subtle and whispering but are too drunk to notice they really aren’t, are comparing our girlfriends chest sizes. Fat Amy made a remark that they should help the boys out by seeing which of them can pop the buttons on their shirts.” Aubrey says, ending by pointing at the tight navy blue button up Beca is wearing and the tight black one Stacie is.

Looking at where Aubrey had pointedly glared when mentioning the boys, Chloe sees a group of six guys she recognizes as being in Gamma Phi Theta. Four of them are from the Barden Knights Baseball team. The other two she thinks she recognizes from the Barden football team, but can’t be sure since their backs are currently turned to her. As she watches them she sees Tanner Watson, the Baseball captain, look over and smirk at Beca and Stacie before hearing what he and his buddies are whispering about them for herself.

“No way, dude. The taller one has a bigger rack. And bigger is always better when it comes to tits.” Tanner says.

“Not true, man. I mean, I don’t want some flat chested chick, but I don’t want them too big either. Anyway, the shorter girl has the bigger tits. Maybe not in cup size, but definitely in proportion to their bodies. She’s smaller, but still has a gorgeous rack.” Chloe now recognizes Aiden Spenser, captain of the football team, when he turns around to look at the girls too.

“How drunk are they to not notice we can hear them and are looking right at them?” Jessica says as she wanders over with Ashley from the dining room.

“I spiked their drinks with absinthe.” Chloe jumps when she hears Lily whisper from next to her, not having seen her come into the room.

“Beca, I’m a fucking double D, don’t kid yourself.” Chloe now hones into what Stacie is arguing with Beca over.

“That may be true, but this isn’t about size. This is about chest muscle, Stace.” Beca smirks, standing a little straighter to try to gain height, making Chloe bite her lip at how cute it is when her girlfriend tries to act badass.

“Beca, I workout daily. Your argument is still invalid.” Stacie replies while rolling her eyes.

“What makes you think I don’t workout?” Beca asks, even more offended now.

“Beca, we all know your lazy ass only sleeps, fucks around on your laptop, goes to lectures ONLY because your dad and Aubrey make you, and rehearse with us because Chloe makes you.” Stacie levels her own smirk when the other Bellas murmur their agreement, sans Chloe.

“Chlo, back me up here please!” Beca exclaims, throwing her hands up in exasperation and spilling some of her drink she forgot she was holding. “Shit.” She murmurs as she wipes her hand on a nearby armchair, clearly getting drunk.

“Actually Stace, Becs doesn’t do cardio but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t keep in shape.” Chloe says vaguely, now interested in this competition brewing.

“Chloe! Don’t encourage them.” Aubrey exclaims, turning on her best friend with a glare.

“I got $20 on Stacie.” Cynthia Rose says quietly to Flo, who has remained uncharacteristically quiet through this exchange.

“In my country, the button popping off your clothing is a sign of the Chupacabra being near. I’ve always felt kinship to the beast, sooooo I’m in.” Flo responds, shaking CR’s hand.

“Put me down for Stacie, the obvious win.” Ashley says, skipping over to the gambling duo a little tipsily.

“I’m in too, my money’s on Beca. I have a feeling she’s gonna surprise us.” Jessica says, joining CR, Flo, and now Ashley in the corner.

“Obviously I’m betting on my busty friend here. Fifty bucks.” Fat Amy says, slapping Stacie’s shoulder.

“Hey, I thought I was your best friend!?” Beca exclaims petulantly.

“You are, but you are also a Shortstack. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.” Fat Amy shrugs her shoulders.

“Put me down for $100 on Beca. I believe in my girl.” Chloe says, winking at Beca who smiles back and blows a kiss her way.

“You are all ridiculous.” Aubrey mutters just loud enough that Chloe, Stacie, and Beca hear her. “I got $100 on my girl.” She finishes with an eye roll.

“Hell yeah! Lily, you gonna make this a tie?” CR directs to where Lily was standing just a second ago before furrowing her brows when she doesn’t see her.

“$50 on Beca. I can see the future. Don’t go to Louisiana between August 26th and September 1st in 2021.” Lily says quietly, only the girls in the corner hearing her, as she seems to land from the ceiling onto the floor next to CR.

“Oooookay. So, we’re tied up. Alright, Stacie can start us off. You only get one shot. Whoever pops their buttons wins. Arms stay at your sides, no straying in behind you, that’s too much leverage. You can only use your chest, obviously. Whenever you’re ready, Stace.” CR winks at the tall brunette.

“Come on, baby. You got this!” Aubrey exclaims, her competitive nature coming out now.

Stacie smirks before taking a deep breath as she raises her arms to her sides and puffs out her chest, popping the button off on her shirt right between her breasts. She then flexes, opening her mouth and having her tongue hang out while she laughs and spins slowly so the girls can see. Chloe rolls her eyes, seeing a glimpse of the pale blue bra through the gap in her shirt.

“That’s my girl!” Aubrey purrs, kissing Stacie and rubbing her fingers along the expose lace in the hole of her girlfriend’s shirt. “That was really hot.” Chloe hears her best friend whisper in Stacie’s ear.

“Alright Shawshank, you’re up next. Since Stacie succeeded, we need another way to determine a winner if you do as well.” Fat Amy says, looking around at her team for ideas.

“How about if she pops more than one, she wins?” Chloe turns and glares at Tanner, who is the one who just spoke up, noticing the group of jocks have made their way to the group of singers.

“Works for me.” Stacie smirks at the shorter brunette, knowing there’s no way Beca will pop the buttons of her shirt with her significantly smaller bust, let alone more than one.

“Prepare to wipe that smirk off your face, Stace.” Chloe says, earning confused and questioning looks from the other girls at the confident grin on her face.

Beca doesn’t take a deep breath like Stacie had, but does flex her arms at her sides and puffs her chest out. Stacie’s and Aubrey’s jaws drop when they’re both hit with navy blue blouse buttons. Beca’s black silky bra on prominent display through the large gap now in her shirt from where three buttons have come free. Beca mocks Stacie’s earlier ‘victory’ pose of sticking her tongue out while flexing before flipping the girls off who bet against her.

“Pay up, pitches. I believe you owe my girl two hundred bucks. What are you gonna do with your winnings, gorgeous?” Beca says, wrapping her arms around Chloe’s waist and grinning at the beautiful redhead.

“Taking your sexy ass to Fogo for date night.” Chloe says, putting her hands in Beca’s shirt and rubbing her chest before remembering the horny guys that are watching them.

“You do love me!” Beca exclaims happily, looking forward to going to one of her favorite restaurants tomorrow for dinner.

“Was it ever in question? Here.” Chloe says, pecking Beca’s lips before taking the thin denim jacket she had wrapped around her waist for an early 2000s/all of the 90s look and putting it on Beca, buttoning it up to cover her now exposed chest.

“It’s so hot when you get protective of me.” Beca whispers in Chloe’s ear before bitting her earlobe, smirking when she feels Chloe shiver and her hands tighten on her shoulders where she was smoothing the fabric.

“Okay, what the fuck just happened?” Stacie and Aubrey call out at the same time, having apparently just come out of their shock.

“Seriously, how the hell did that just happen?” CR says, throwing her hands in the air, having been (along with the rest of the Bella’s, it seems) jolted from the outburst of Aubrey and Stacie.

“Beca does weight lifting at the campus gym five days a week. She can bench 150lbs. Makes for some fun times in bed.” Chloe answers, winking at the girls who all have their jaws dropped.

“Now if you’ll excuse us, I think I’m gonna make use of those skills now.” Beca says, making Chloe giggle as she picks her up and throws her over her shoulder in a fireman carry before rushing out the front door and to the Bellas house next door.

“Remind me to make sure Shortstack doesn’t find out about me using her headphones when I have sexy Skype time with my boyfriends.” Fat Amy says, breaking the silence.

“If I wasn’t already gay before, I would be now.” CR says after watching the couple leave.

“Me too.” Jessica and Ashley say at the same time, smiling at each other as they lace their fingers together and head to the kitchen to grab themselves drinks.

“I seriously lost a tit competition.” Stacie says with a pout.

“Aw babe, your tits are amazing. I think the gremlins shirt was just smaller, that’s all. She must’ve gotten it from the toddler section of Sears.” Aubrey says, kissing her girlfriend’s pout to cheer her up. “If you want, we can go to our room. You’ve been begging me to see if you can make me scream louder than Chloe.” She finishes with a breathy whisper, making Stacie grin mischievously before taking her hand and practically dragging her as she runs them out the house.

“We need to come to these lame acapella parties more often.” Aiden says with his mouth hanging open, earning a nod from the rest of the frat boys.