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17. Treat

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“Really, Patrick, is this necessary?”  The Captain grumbled as Pat led him outside, reaching up awkwardly to cover Cap’s eyes while still steering him out through the front door.  Pat manoeuvred him to a halt.

“Ok, open your eyes!”

“Ta da!” Alison said while pulling a pose like a gameshow hostess.  She and Pat grinned idiotically at the Captain’s stunned silence.

“That’s a mark three Bedford Armadillo!” he finally managed.

“I know,” Alison couldn’t stop smiling.  “I met this guy in the pub who owns it, he only lives in the next village so he said he’d bring it over.  I told him Mike wanted to see it.”

“But there were only 55 made.”  Cap said, slightly dazed.

“Er, yes, and here is one.”

The Captain couldn’t take his eyes from it, fascination radiating from him.

“Why is it here?”

“I asked him to bring it over.  For you.”

The Captain stopped inspecting the vehicle and looked at Alison with confusion.

“For me?”

“I thought you’d like to see it and I could hardly take you to it.  It’s a little treat for you.”

The Captain’s jaw moved but no words came out.

“Well, I… for me?”

“Yes, Cap,” Alison said with a smile, “for you.”

The Captain cleared his throat.

“That is extremely thoughtful of you, Alison.  I, well, I find I’m quite touched.”  He swallowed back the lump that seemed to have appeared in his throat.  “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.  He’s not collecting it until tomorrow, you can look over it as much as you want.”

The Captain gave her a tight nod, not trusting himself to speak further.  Pat and Alison left quietly and let him enjoy his treat.