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No Doubt In Her Mind

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“We are going for a drive to see the pretty foliage,” Therese helps Rindy buckle up inside the backseat.

“What’s full edge?”

“When all the leaves on the trees change into pretty colors—red, orange, yellow…” Therese pecks her on the head before pulling away to close the door shut. She glances over to find Carol departing from Harge’s parents who stand together outside their New Jersey mansion home.

Carol pulls open the passenger door with Therese getting behind the wheel. With the car running, she waits for her lover to spend a few seconds greeting their daughter with a tickle on her stockinged legs.

“How’s my girl?”


“You want to get going then?”


Therese drove them through the countryside road with both hands on wheels. Her eyes were focused straight ahead with Carol tousling her dark hair.

“Your hair’s getting long,” she observes. “Like a movie star’s…”

“I’ve been meaning to cut it short again,” Therese grins, revealing her dimple.

Carol holds onto the young woman’s chin with admiration until Rindy whines and kicks her feet.

“Mommy, don’t do that,” she goes.

Carol drops her hand to look back.

“What, darling?”

“You can’t be mushy with Tez!”

“Why not, Rindy?” Therese gazed at her through the rear view mirror.

“It’s bad for mommies to like other mommies.”

“No it isn’t, honey. Loving each other is what makes us different, not bad.”

“Look out the window—you’re missing all the trees!” Carol changed the subject with her throat tightening. Her sexuality was never an easy one to discuss. Therese was more patient about it, which made Carol feel like she could trust her with anything and be anyone.

Rindy naps by the time they’ve stopped to fuel the car. Therese quietly thanks the gas station man while he fills up the Packard before going around towards Carol leaning against the yellow hood smoking anxiously.

“Hey. I’ll get us a cream soda or bag of cashews…?”

“No, thank you,” Carol declines. She lowers the cigarette, blowing out smoking. Therese stands there helplessly with the sun glowing the back of her head like some Greek goddess.

“I’m bad for loving you,” she whispers, hearing the gas pump clunker out and the station member putting it away with a whistle.

“Stop it,” Therese warns her. “You know that’s not true.”

Carol nods and drops the Chesterfield on the ground before moving to get back in the car.