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horn(y) discovery

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Ganyu was a halfling. And thus, while she looked mostly human, her head was adorned with a pair of dark, sturdy horns. She tried to deny the truth, using a poor excuse—telling it’s just a headpiece. Some people even believed that, sparing them only a quick glance and shrugging it off.

But she can’t hide it from her partner.

Keqing already knew it for some time now even before they got together. She could’ve suspected as much—she’s quite perceptive, and not a fool. But only when the distance between them shrunk was she able to really get a closer look.

“Ganyu?” a voice from above called out quietly from the dimness of their bedroom.

“Yes?” Ganyu responds, feeling the weight on top of her slightly shifting. A pair of bright rose eyes settled on her face. They blink once.

“Can I feel your horns?” Keqing asks.

It takes a moment for Ganyu to fully process the question, her mind numb from the warm comfort of her girlfriend cuddled up to her body, holding her tightly.

When her mind finally reaches enough clarity she swallows down, nervousness making its way inside.

“My horns…?”

“Yes, I—I’d like to touch them,” Keqing confirms, gaze curious and craving. “If you don’t mind,” she adds. Her tone is gentle, not demanding as it sometimes tend to be when she’s in Yuheng work mode. It’s reassuring in a way that tells Ganyu she won’t be mad if the adeptus was to refuse.

Ganyu considers it carefully for a longer minute. It’s not that she didn’t trust Keqing but was she really ready to expose such a vulnerable part of her? When they touched each other tenderly Keqing always avoided the horns, fingers brushing through and over the hair instead. It was like an unspoken rule between them.

She brings a hand from Keqing’s shoulders to her head, dipping it in the violet waves of loose hair—missing the usual two buns. Sometimes Ganyu wondered how did Keqing end up with this hairstyle. Wearing hair in buns wasn’t unusual, but having two of them on the sides, and their refined shape… It almost made her feel like they’re matching. It was a silly thought but one that she was fond of.

She combs through Keqing’s hair with gentleness, causing the latter to close her eyes. The softness of it caressing her hand back with each stroke is calming. Keqing being so relaxed is a good sight as well, filling her heart with happiness.

She’s sure that Keqing would love to caress her horns in the same way. It would be enjoyable for both of them. She only hopes that her senses won’t be running too wild so that she doesn’t embarrass herself.

She takes a deep breath.


Keqing opens eyes to stare at her, head propped up on Ganyu’s chest. “Are you sure?” she mumbles into it.

Ganyu’s hand stills. “Yes,” she responds with resolve.

Keqing sends her a smile, slowly lifting herself up. Ganyu’s arms loosely fall off onto the mattress, eyes observing her partner’s movement. Keqing still hoovers over Ganyu half-laying underneath, but she’s no longer pressed into her. She sits up, legs straddling the half-qilin.

Her arms remain in place though, and she leans in to press a warm kiss to Ganyu’s forehead. If it was meant to relax her further it works like a charm—Ganyu melts under it like a snowflake, anticipating what comes next.

Keqing reaches out, fingertips only brushing over the base of one horn. Ganyu remains calm, the barest touch being a promise that her lover will be gentle. Sensing and seeing her so relaxed, Keqing leans in a bit closer, settling her fingers down and pressing them together. She moves them back and forward just by an inch, stroking and feeling the surface.

“Pretty smooth. Just as I thought,” she comments quietly. Ganyu is looking up at Keqing when she says so, and their eyes meet for a moment. She stays silent—waiting for Keqing to continue and wondering what else she’ll have to say.

Keqing gives her horn a longer stroke and stops halfway through. She goes over its length with her eyes, inspecting crimson marks breaking through the dark, deep color of the bone.

Then she strokes it fully. “I like their shape. It’s nice to move my hand along,” Keqing comments.

Ganyu’s breath hitches. Keqing strokes it again, and then once more.

Half-qilin’s breath steadily quickens and she finds that it cannot be stopped. Each brush on her horns feels better than the last one. The change in her reactions doesn’t escape Keqing’s attention who suddenly halts any movement and takes her hand off.

She looks at Ganyu with concern, “Are you okay?”

Ganyu’s cheeks get rosy when she catches her breath. “Yes, don’t worry…” she tries to reassure but her voice comes out a bit weak.

“What happened?” Keqing furrows her brows.

The question hangs in there between them when Ganyu slightly opens her mouth but nothing comes out. She closes it, only to open again. “It’s just… they’re a bit—” she pauses, unsure.

“A bit?” Keqing prompts her impatiently.

“Sensitive.” Ganyu looks away in shame, her face feeling hotter than before.

Keqing raises a brow, taxing the woman before her with a look that could say a hundred things.

“That’s interesting. Can you tell me more?”

Ganyu shuffles awkwardly underneath, not exactly wanting to escape but not feeling brave enough to just take this on. She remains silent and Keqing waits.

“I can show you,” she finally responds.

Keqing’s intense eyes light up, even more intrigued now. “Let’s see then,” she says while firmly putting her hand back on the horn, pressing with confidence. She traces her two fingers over the length of the horn, along the crimson lines on top of it. The pressure is stronger than before, and it quickly makes Ganyu’s breathing irregular again. With hand going from the base all the way to the tip Ganyu’s exhales loudly.

She can feel Keqing’s eyes snapping to her face immediately, curiously focused and observing the reactions. The rounded tip of her horn gets thumbed down, Keqing probably checking whether it feels sharp or not. Her finger slides over it easily. Seemingly satisfied with the test, she brings up the other hand to simultaneously rest them on the base of each horn. Ganyu looks at her wide eyed but doesn’t stop her. She gulps down instead, suddenly feeling nervous. Her eyes flutter shut when Keqing now properly envelopes both horns at once, hold steady and pressing all around.

The pressure stays there—unmoving—as if she was letting Ganyu get used to the feeling. Keqing tips forward to kiss her forehead again, then the base of her nose. Ganyu breathes deeply but manages a  short sweet smile over the little break that Keqing allowed her to have. Few more breaths and the smile disappears. Instead, a whimper escapes when Keqing moves her hands towards the rounded tips.

Then she retreats them, slower and gentler. Ganyu dares to peek at her lover’s face and is greeted with half lidded eyes, lower lip lightly bit on. She can almost see the gears in her head turning and it makes her blush.

Keqing strokes the horns forward again, faster and harder. Ganyu’s eyes are tightly shut when it sends a bolt of pleasure through her body. A shaky exhale escapes her.

She was falling deeper into it now. The feeling of her lover’s hands on her bringing both nervousness and excitement.

“You like it?” Keqing asks.

“Very much,” Ganyu manages to whisper back.

She wraps her arms around Keqing’s torso to bring her closer, the latter’s body warmth more prominent now.

“You’re adorable,” Keqing mutters fondly.

Ganyu doesn’t even have the time to answer because it was at that moment Keqing started steadily moving her hands back and forth, pressing into the smooth surface. The friction warms up the horns and Ganyu moans. Keqing keeps going and so Ganyu’s labored breath matches each strong stroke. The fuzzy feeling in her body gets overwhelming, head feeling heavy.

Despite that she wants more. Needs more. Fingers digging into Keqing’s sides she calls out her name, pleading and begging. Hearing that Keqing diligently complies, doubling her efforts and tightening her hold on the horns. The pressure is so bold and strong now, squeezing out more whimpers and groans out of Ganyu. Maybe she’d feel more embarrassed about it if she wasn’t so lost in the delightful way everything tingles and her tummy tightens.

“Good girl. You’re doing so well,” Keqing praises her, love and affection overflowing. It makes Ganyu’s body get even hotter, sweat running down. She loved when Keqing was getting all soft with her. Though it wasn’t that she’s a different person at work and in private, she was always kind-hearted and caring. It was all interconnected, sometimes you’d just need to take a closer look to realize it.

Ganyu was enamored with all sides of her, because they all made Keqing the person that she is.

Right now, she was definitely enamored with the side of Keqing that would murmur compliments into her hair and make her body shake with pleasure.

Ganyu’s horns might be sensitive, but Keqing’s skilled hands and the feelings they share are the turning point for innocent horn-stroking to tip into something more passionate.

“Will you need me down there too?” Keqing asks in a hushed voice. She keeps holding onto, mercilessly gliding her hands over the horns all the way up, until she reached their ends.

As if on command Ganyu moans lowly, pleased and aroused. She can’t help dipping her head backwards, trying to move along with Keqing’s ministrations. The sounds and her flushed cheeks are all the answer Keqing needed. She slows down the strokes until her hands are settled on the base and stop there.

Her thumbs are running slow circles over the sides of both horns, letting the half-qilin catch her breath for a bit. Ganyu slowly opens eyes, her sight a bit blurry. She focuses on the familiar face in front of her, light blush complimenting the cheeks.

“This was very informative. Thank you,” Keqing says with a cheeky smile.

Ganyu chuckles weakly. “You’re… welcome.”

Then she whines quietly when her horns are suddenly left alone, missing the warm embrace of her partner’s hands. The tension in her abdomen remains.

“I’ll make sure to save this knowledge for later,” Keqing adds, gently prying Ganyu’s hands off her back to free herself and move back a bit.

“But now,”—she slides her hands over Ganyu’s sides, then hips, to finally rest upon thighs tightly squished together—“i will help you out here, love.”

Ganyu’s eyes light up, legs trembling underneath Keqing’s touch. “Please do.”