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The Durmstrang delegation consisted of 15 students, seven girls and eight boys. Nine of them in year seven, and the other six from years four, five, and six.

And Seungwan was in much displeasure. Maybe most students would have been honored to be a part of the delegation, in fact all her friends were, but Seungwan was not. If she were in year four or even five or six she would have been thrilled.

But she's in year seven, meaning she, along with the other eight years sevens, had to put her name into the goblet. Sure, she had an 11% chance of being chosen but it was 11% too big and she was not up for it.

"Wan." Seungwan nearly jumps out of her skin when a hand finds itself on her shoulder "Whoa, relax." the hand's owner laughs and Seungwan mutters an apology "Are you going to put your name in, Seul?" she asks. The seventh year Hufflepuff shakes her head "No way. I'm not trying to die before I take the N.E.W.T." Seulgi chuckles "I'm still surprised the tournament hasn't been banned yet. Do they think banning students under seventeen to participate would make it less dangerous?"

Seungwan sighs as Seulgi starts going on about how crazy and dangerous this whole thing is.

She stares at the parchment in her hand, her name and school written neatly. Seulgi hums "Then again, it is entertaining, and no one died in eleven consecutive tournaments so..."

"Seungwan." the Durmstrang headmistress frightens Seulgi and the Hogwarts student leaves her friend with a little “I'll be inside” before rushing into the hall where all the other students, as well as the goblet of fire, were in. The intimidating woman stops in front of her, eight other Durmstrang year sevens behind her "Come." she says before leading the students to enter their names. Seungwan gulps and she trails behind the rest.

They drop their names off one-by-one, Seungwan getting more anxious as the already short line of nine gets shorter. Before she knows it, she's made it pass the age circle and is standing right before the goblet of fire, clutching her piece of parchment tight.

She looks around for Seulgi but instead her eyes land on a beautiful girl in a silky blue uniform. The girl offers her a pretty smile and Seungwan returns one nervously.

She lets out a shaky breath and raises her hand up to enter her name.

"The Beauxbatons champion is" Seungwan shakes her leg. Already nervous and nervous on behalf of whoever will be picked "Jung Soojung!" everyone claps and the Beauxbatons students cheer as the gorgeous girl stands and bows at everyone thankfully before bowing to the headmasters and leaving the great hall.

"Psst." Bora slaps her shoulder. Seungwan turns to her, leg still shaking "Y-yeah?" "There's a bet going on that someone will die during this tournament." Bora snickers and Seungwan frowns "That's insensitive..." "There are also bets being placed on which champion is most likely to die and so far we have the lowest bets." Bora proudly and very smugly grins. Seungwan wants to be smug too but she happened to be a rare creature, a cowardly Durmstrang student, a mess of a Ucilena.

"The Hogwarts champion is" their focus is back on the Hogwarts headmaster and Seungwan was going insane. Why'd Durmstrang have to be saved for last? "Kim Namjoon!" loud cheers fill the great hall as the boy stands, waving and bowing, and thanking the headmasters for the honor before leaving as well.

Now Seungwan's heart was beating at a notorious amount, it feels like it could implode in any second. She turns to look at her fellowmen and they all seem anxious but not for the same reason as her, they all had fingers crossed hoping to be the champion meanwhile Seungwan's crossed fingers were hoping she wasn't chosen at all.

"And the Durmstrang champion is" Seungwan's heartbeat was for sure heard by everyone in the room as they silently wait to hear which intimidating student will represent their equally intimidating school.

"Son Seungwan!"

Seungwan's eye twitches painfully before she passes out on the spot.

Seungwan blinks "I'm sorry, can you repeat the question?" "Do you think you can break Durmstrang's Triwizard Tournament losing streak?" if it were any other Durmstrang student, they'd cockily respond. She's read the newspapers, Durmstrang girls and boys becoming over confident and making promises that never see through. Seungwan sucks some air in through her teeth.

"No." the interviewer's perfectly drawn eyebrows shoot up and the headmistress smacks her own forehead. Seungwan smiles awkwardly "Are we done now?" she chuckles nervously. The headmistress asks the interviewer to leave them be and Seungwan apologetically waves her goodbye. Seungwan apologetically turns to the woman "Headmistress Kim–" "You can leave too."

Seungwan nods and she bows before leaving.

She sighs as she takes her cape off, throwing it on the floor in frustration. She was a complete embarrassment to the Triwizard Tournament. Everyone had already bet that someone was going to die and every single bet was on her– that's a bit of an exagerration but it still stood true. Even Seulgi and Bora were doubtful. Nobody believed in her and she didn't believe in herself either.

"You shouldn't be leaving your things on the ground." Seungwan stands up from the squatting position she was in. She turns a deep shade of red and she picks her cape up. She bows at the Beauxbatons girl "Hi, hello– Hey– You..." Seungwan didn't know her name but Soojung did tell her she was single. Why Soojung told her that? She will never know. It's not like she's infatuated with the girl... well maybe she did find her very attractive– but that's about it.

The girl giggles and even that was beautiful.

She puts a hand on her shoulder, asking her to stop bowing "Park Sooyoung. Fifth year, Beauxbatons." "I'm–" "I know who you are." she grins "The Durmstrang girl who fainted after being selected champion." Seungwan's face gets even hotter if that was possible. She frowns "Is that really what people call me?"

Sooyoung's (even her name is amazing) smile turns into an apologetic one and she rubs Seungwan's shoulder "Yeah but don't mind them." Sooyoung's hand goes up to her cheek. She pulls away when she feels the heat but her hand shortly returns, a teasing grin on her lips but she doesn't say anything about it "They're just jealous that you were chosen as a champion instead of them." Seungwan looks up into her eyes, seeing sincerity "Because strangely enough, a large amount of students want to participate in the tournament." Sooyoung's brows furrow and Seungwan smiles at how utterly adorable she looked.

Sooyoung smiles at seeing Seungwan's mood being brought up "I should probably go in case a reporter shows up and makes some news." Sooyoung's cheeks are tinted pink as well and she takes her hand off her cheek "I'll see you around Son Seungwan, good luck."

Seungwan was unable to wipe away her smile for the rest of the day, not even when the interview asked what she thought about students betting on her death.

Here she was now. Standing in the waiting tent, preparing herself for the first task.

Up until now, the first task was unknown to them because “The first task is to test your daring. Courage in the face of the unknown is an important quality in a wizard. Therefore we are not going to be telling you what it is.”.

Which was complete bullshit. The first task was unknown to them but it wasn't COMPLETELY unknown to them. Namjoon was told by the Hogwarts groundskeeper that the task involved acromantulas, Soojung was told the same by a Beauxbatons delegate that was sneaking around and listened in on the conversation, and Seungwan was told the same by Headmistress Kim who obviously knows since she is one of the judges.

She's a bit worried that Headmistress Kim might rig the game but she's also not out of respect for the woman who she knows knew better than that.

"Psst!" Seungwan follows the source of the noise and pulls the tent open slightly. Sooyoung. Seungwan lets her in "Hey, hi." "Soojung kicked ass and Namjoon's killing it right now–" "He's killing the spider?" Seungwan's jaw drops "Is that allowed?" and Sooyoung laughs while ruffling the champion's hair. Seungwan usually gets uncomfortable when someone she isn't close with gets touchy but she supposes Sooyoung is an exception "No, silly. I mean he's doing well right now–"

Cheers erupt from outside the tent, cutting her off "I think he just succeded." Seungwan feels herself get dizzy "I think I'm sick." "Awe," Sooyoung frowns "you can do it! I'll cheer for you!" "You're from Beauxbatons..." Seungwan murmurs. Sooyoung scoffs "So? I want to support you, let me support you." she grins. Seungwan's heart nearly bursts but not because of the cannon going off to signal her to exit the tent.

Seungwan enters the stadium with some confidence oozing out of her. The stands were mostly silent, there were some laughs and some inappropriate “Rest in peace”s thrown around, but it was whatever. Sooyoung was back in the stands, watching her from there right now.

"You're awfully smiley." Seungwan points her wand, twirling around to look for the giant talking spider "You're smaller than the other two, much easier to defeat. Might not make me as full but at least I'll get to have dinner." before Seungwan knows it an unpleasant sound is being made and she jumps out of the way when the acromantula spits its deadly poison "Obscuro!" she screams and it surprisingly doesn't go wrong "Oh!"

Her excitement, as well as the shocked crowd's and Sooyoung's cheery claps, is short lived as the blinded spider begins to thrash around, nearly hitting the golden egg she was supposed to secure "Wan! Get the egg!" Seulgi screams and Seungwan goes for it but the spider's leg alone was three times her size and she's pushed away by it when she tries to get it, her back hitting one of the boulders very painfully.

But she does not give up.

"Impervious!" she yells at the same time the spider blindly spits venom and the spell protects her from getting hit. Most of her. Her boot gets its poisonous venom and Seungwan nearly passes out because she doesn't know what will happen next because she hasn't studied a thing about acromantulas and if they talked about this in class, she probably wasn't listening.

She was too busy panicking in her head to notice the acromantula charging at her and the screams from everyone to “Move!” “Watch out!” “You're going to die!”.

"Seungwan! Move!" Sooyoung's voice seems to snap her out of it and she jumps out of the way. A little too late as the acromantula's leg pierced her arm and trapped her at the same time it crashed head first on the boulder.

And just to her luck, her wand had flown out of her hand during her attempted escape.

"You're naughty. I don't like playing with my food, you know." the spider husks.

Everyone was screaming, she was pretty sure the headmasters were ready to interfere, the acromantula's piercers were wide open.

And Sooyoung was on the verge of tears.

Seungwan musters up all her energy into forcing her arm out from the pin, nearly ripping it off along the way.

The panicked screaming was now replaced with cheers, the headmasters had returned to their seats, and Sooyoung was wiping away a lone tear that had escaped.

"Now get the egg!" someone yells and all of a sudden everyone's yelling. She picks up her wand and sprints to the egg, turning once to yell a "Stupefy!" at the spider and stunning it before grabbing the egg.

The crowd erupts in cheers but all she really hears are Sooyoung's shouts of joy.

She then gets knocked over by its giant leg, still hugging the egg in her arms.

"That's right! Son Seungwan did not die in the first match!" Bora yells, the Dursmstrang students cheer too. Though they're replaced with disappointed groans when Jackson tells them to pay up. Seungwan gets off Jinyoung and Jaebeom's shoulders when she sees the Beauxbatons girl entering the great hall.

Sooyoung sees her too and she runs to her. Seungwan only opens her arms– arm. The other was currently in a cast –and that's all it took for Sooyoung to pounce on her and lift her up, spinning her around "You did it!" "I came in third!" Seungwan laughs, having a hard time breathing because of Sooyoung's tight hug "You still did it! You're amazing!" Seungwan is finally let go. The two stare at each other, breathless and smiling. Maybe she did fancy Sooyoung a little.

Sooyoung clears her throat "By the way, don't open the golden egg." "Hmm? Why–" once again, they're interrupted. This time by a shrill whine that causes everyone to cup theirs hands over their ears. Jackson shuts the egg and apologizes. Sooyoung takes her hands off her ears "That's why..." Seungwan uncups her ear (the damn injured arm prevented her from covering her other ear so she may be deaf in one ear now) as well "We're still trying to figure out how to access the message. I'll tell you when we figure it out."

"Wow." Seungwan giggles like a giddy girl, she is "You're betraying your team?" "Not betraying my team." Sooyoung shyly tucks a strand of hair behind her ear "Just helping you." they both blush like idiots.

Sooyoung coughs "You-r team, I mean." Seungwan frowns for a second but she wipes it away and nods "Thanks."

Seungwan awkwardly gives her a pat on her shoulder and the two just smile at each other before it's cut short by a sharp pain on her bum.

Seungwan turns around to see an angry kid in Gryffindor robes. She looks back over to Sooyoung who shrugs.

"Yes Yeri?" she asks the girl who she recognized as that kid who always played tricks on Seulgi "What can I do for you? I really need to go back to the Durmstrang delegation–" "No you don't." Yeri cocks a brow "You just want to continue talking to your girlfriend." the two girls blush. Yeri huffs "I'm mad at you for not dying and costing me my knuts but I'm rooting for you now. Please take a photo with me." "Oh– sure."

Yeri tosses a camera at Sooyoung and after getting a photo with Seungwan, she gives the Durmstrang champion a kick on the shin before leaving.

Sooyoung chuckles "I cannot tell if she's a fan or not." "I can't either." Seungwan laughs, rubbing her shin "So," she looks up at Sooyoung "do you really need to go back to the delegation or do you want to continue talking to your girlfriend?" she sticks her tongue out. Seungwan gulps.

Okay, maybe that little infatuation of hers is not so little.

Seungwan fixes her cape. She sighs.

She wanted to ask Sooyoung to the yule ball but the rules had strictly stated that their dates had to be of the opposite sex, especially for the champions. It brought her no comfort either when Soojung told her a sixth year Hogwarts boy, from Slytherin no less, asked Sooyoung to go to the yule ball with him.

She was just glad that Jackson offered to be her partner, even if it was just for the opening dance.

"The Beauxbatons headmaster." Seulgi walks over to her with a dreamy smile "His aide rejected me." she grins joyfully, confusing the hell out of Seungwan "His aide rejected you?" "Yes, she said she doesn't dance with children." she bites her lip, seeming to try and contain her glee. Seungwan cocks a brow and Seulgi just explodes with delight "She doesn't dance with children! She never said she doesn't dance with women! Which means I have a chance because I'm turning eighteen in two months!" Seulgi twirls "Oh, I'm in love."

Seungwan smiles at the Hufflepuff as she spins, her green dress hitting Seungwan's legs but it went unnoticed.

Seulgi suddenly grabs her hand "Don't just stand there!" she pulls Seungwan and drags them both to the dance floor "Dance with me!" she places her hand on Seungwan's waist and the two friends dance.

Seulgi spins her around and Seungwan finds herself with a new partner "Hi Seungwan." "Sooyoung!" Seungwan turns to Seulgi who was now dancing with another person. Her sly friend gives her a smile. Her gaze returns to Sooyoung and she smiles at the girl.

Sooyoung looked so beautiful right now. Her long silver dress showing her curves, the thin straps holding it together on her shoulders.

"You look lovely." Seungwan pays her a compliment and Sooyoung smiles widely as they dance "And you look very charming." Seungwan's pulled closer to her by the waist "Much more handsome than any of the boys here."

They continue dancing, not even following everyone else when partners were exchanged.

"Let's get out of here." Sooyoung whispers in her ear and they leave, ending up talking in the empty hallway.

She's not sure how much time has passed but her cape was off by now, wrapped around Sooyoung's shoulders to keep her warm, and they were on their nth topic "You have a dog?" Seungwan laughs and Sooyoung playfully shoves her "In my defense, I had Haetnim before I found out I was a witch." Sooyoung pouts "Still, a witch with a dog?" Seungwan teases, Sooyoung growls "Weird, I know." "I think it's cute." Seungwan pokes her cheek, Sooyoung pretends to bite her.

"I really like you, Seungwan." Sooyoung says, leaning her head on Seungwan's shoulder "I like you too." Seungwan says, ignoring the way her heart beats loudly in her chest "Let's still be friends after the tournament ends."

Sooyoung goes silent. Seungwan doesn't say anything either.

She was self aware enough to realize that she just ruined a moment. She also wasn't dense, she knows that Sooyoung had meant that in more than a friendly way. And even though Seungwan wanted to ask her to the yule ball, gave her a pretty flower she saw, and confessed to her friends and Namjoon and Soojung that she was in love with Sooyoung, she didn't want to date her.

Well, she did.

But there are factors restricting them from being together.

"Okay." Sooyoung lets go of her hand.

The following days after Christmas night were awkward but things quickly went back to normal between them. They silently agreed to never speak of it. In fact, they never spoke of their relationship actually. They aren't dating, that's for sure. Although an article was still written about them nonetheless.

"Have you seen Sooyoung?" Seungwan asks Soojung. The three champions were standing on one of the three large decks in the Great Lake, which was where their second task was located (Namjoon deciphered the message first after he dropped the egg in the fountain, he tipped off the other two champions by giving them hints to open the egg underwater to get the message). Seungwan searched the crowds earlier but she just could not find Sooyoung. Soojung frowns "I haven't seen Jongin either." "Jungkook's gone too." Namjoon murmurs, he eats the gillyweed in his hand and gags.

"What are the chances of them being what was taken from us that we need to find in the merpeople's village?" he jokes.

The two girls don't get to react because of the cannon going off and they all immediately dive into the water.

Seungwan made use of the bubble-head charm and she noticed Soojung did too. Namjoon had gills on his neck while his hands and feet were webbed, a result of the gillyweed.

Seungwan swims through the thick, completely alone and lost from Soojung and Namjoon. Though the strange noises she hears around seem to disprove her thought of being comepletely alone. She chooses to ignore it and just hope for the best.

She eventually comes across three bodies floating in the water and when she gets a closer look, she realizes its Jongin, Jungkook, and Sooyoung. Namjoon's joke was reality.

She swims to Sooyoung and sees her foot tied down. She takes her wand and she's about to break the rope tying her down when she hears a scream.

Namjoon was yelling.

Seungwan follows his voice and sees grindylows surrounding him, one was holding his wand and mocking him. Soojung was there too in the exact same position, trying to ward off the grindylows pulling at her hands and feet.

Thank fuck Seungwan learned about them in class. She non-verbally casts the revulsion jinx and the grindylows let go off Soojung. She quickly swims ahead after breaking free, she taps her watch as she swims by Seungwan, telling her they didn't have much time left.

Seungwan nods but she doesn't follow behind Soojung, instead she points at the swarm surrounding Namjoon and she casts the spell but it only wards a few off. She casts again but it only seems to irritate them instead of get rid of them "Just go!" Namjoon yells at Seungwan, still struggling to fight them off. She doesn't listen, she points her wand once more and as she casts the spell, they're all forced away.

Namjoon swims after his wand that the grindylow drops, and Seungwan turns around to see Soojung with her wand pointed. The latter keeps her wand and quickly swims away and after Seungwan is sure Namjoon has secured his wand (which was now bent), they head off together.

Soojung was already swimming up with Jongin's body. She breaks the tie on Sooyoung's foot and she swims up, holding the girl by her waist.

They both gasp for air when their heads are out of the water. She carries both Sooyoung and herself onto the deck and they hug as people rush to them with towels.

Namjoon comes out with Jungkook shortly after, only five minutes remaining on the clock.

Soojung came in first place, Seungwan in second, and Namjoon in third but after a merperson mentioned what she had done underwater, saving Soojung and Namjoon. She ended up tying with Soojung for first place and Namjoon bumped up to second place.

She was glad and absolutely thrilled to have won first but she was mostly happy that Sooyoung was okay.

"So I'm someone you'll sorely miss, hm?" Seungwan's arms give up and she falls in the middle of a push up. She stands up and smiles bashfully "It's been two weeks, give it up." Sooyoung teasingly grins "Never."

"Son Seungwan will miss me when I'm gone!" Sooyoung screams loudly and nearby students coo jokingly at them. Seungwan sighs with a small smile, she grabs her sweatshirt off a rock and puts it on "Okay, fine, I admit it." Sooyoung gasps "Are you happy now?" "I am the happiest I have ever been!"

"But..." the taller girl's tone turns serious and Seungwan frowns "I am a bit upset." Sooyoung murmurs "Did I do something wrong?" she worriedly asks. She didn't want to hurt Sooyoung in any way, shape, or form "Yes." the Papillonlisse nods "Son Seungwan, you stole my heart." Sooyoung does a heart with her hands "I want you to give it back."

She pouts cutely and Seungwan can't contain her smile. She cups Sooyoung's hands before putting her own hands in her pockets "No thank you. I want to keep it." she receives a squeal from Sooyoung as well as a slap on her shoulder "Stop it!"

Sooyoung turns serious once again but Seungwan doesn't, assuming she's still playing around "Date me." Sooyoung states. Seungwan blinks, she chuckles "What?" "Date me." Sooyoung repeats, making Seungwan's smile drop "Oh Sooyoung, we can't." "Why not?" Sooyoung asks, obviously fed up "Because the third task is in three months and after the tournament ends, we won't see each other again." "Wow, that's dramatic." Sooyoung scoffs.

Seungwan rolls her eyes, though she wasn't annoyed with Sooyoung at all "This is my last year of school. When this all ends, I'll be a healer in training and you'll be in your sixth year focusing on your examinations." Seungwan sighs "We won't even be able to keep in touch this summer because long distance relationships are hard, Sooyoung. Especially at our age. I even struggle to keep in touch with friends, what more a girlfriend?"

These were all excuses.

Of course Seungwan truly did have a hard time keeping in touch with her friends and based on what Soojung said about Sooyoung being the kind who craves attention and affection and all that such, it will definitely be hard to maintain a relationship with her especially when they're so far apart. But long distance always somehow works out in her favor, take Seulgi for example, they haven't spoken in years but now they're almost always together.

No. Truth be told, the problem was her family.

Despite being progressive and not as conservative compared to others, her parents were totally against her dating non purebloods. She had sent them letters about Sooyoung and they were fond of her until she sent them a letter after the yule ball mentioning that Sooyoung was a halfblood. She wasn't surprised when they disapproved of it but she was upset.

"I don't care." Sooyoung whines like a brat "We'll make it work, I'll send you letters and you can just acknowledge them all at once in one letter." "A relationship shouldn't be like that, Sooyoung. We both need to work for it and I just can't do that." Seungwan takes Sooyoung's hand. She felt awful, being unable to tell her the truth and hurting her this way "I'm really sorry. I really want to be with you–"

"No you don't." Sooyoung snatches her hand from Wan's "Cause if you really did, you'd find a way to be with me."

Headmistress Kim squeezes her shoulder "You don't need to be the first to touch the cup, Seungwan. I am very proud of you already." the woman smiles, something that the Durmstrang students have never really seen her do, and Seungwan returns it.

Her stare strays away from the headmistress and her eyes find Sooyoung in the crowd. The Beauxbatons girl wasn't wearing a smile like she always did and she even avoided Seungwan's eyes. Something she's been doing for three months too long.

The cannon goes off and the three champions enter the maze at the same time.

She watches the maze close behind her, shutting the crowd out and despite quivering in actual fear, she pushes through the thick fog, wand pointed.

She was scared shitless, absolutely ready to point her wand up anytime just so she could get out but no, not when she made it this far.

Seungwan's given up too many times. She gave up on getting into the quidditch team, she gave up on being an auror, she gave up on Sooyoung. She wasn't going to give up anymore.

She runs through the maze, disregarding the strange sounds that follow her and only turning when she felt a close presence. She was completely alone though.

But the moment she let her guard down the maze began to close in on her and she let out a panicked scream as she tries to run out. She managed well and landed in the arms of Namjoon "Seungwan." he was covered in gashes. He helps her stand up straight "You're bleeding." she looks down to see her sweater was torn and on her stomach was a quite big cut that was oozing blood. She hadn't even noticed "I'm fine. Are you okay?" she asks him, he nods "This maze is too dangerous." he sighs, Seungwan frowns too "Should we go together?" "No." he shakes his head "There can only be one winner. Stay safe." he pats her shoulder before running off. Seungwan runs away in the other direction.

The maze was huge and she was lost.

She continues to run though but she ends up tripping, cutting her chin on a vine. She points her wand at whoever grabbed her foot but she was surprised to see Soojung. Her body was wrapped in vines that were forcefully pulling her in "Seungwan, help me!" she manages to spit out as a vine goes in her mouth to her throat and chokes her "Reducto!" several vines let her go and the one in her mouth gets out, making it much easier for Seungwan to pull her out. Once she was up, she pushes Seungwan and runs.

Seungwan's eyes follow the direction Soojung was dashing to and she sees the shiny blue light that seems to stray further and further. She runs too. She catches up to Soojung, managing to run pass her but as Soojung tries to grab at her arm, they're both knocked back.

Namjoon puts his wand down and runs towards the blue light.

Soojung laughs "There can only be one winner." Seungwan laughs too. They both get up and run until they catch up to Namjoon. The boy grins at them.

The cup continues to get further away and they continue to race each other. The stupid maze hitting them, hurting them, and grabbing at them. Seungwan suddenly has a vine wrapping around her neck, Namjoon's legs are captured not too long after, and the maze begins to close in as Soojung gets closer to the trophy.

"It was obvious she was going to win." Namjoon chuckles as he gets dragged into the bush. Seungwan can only nod, her hands between her neck and the vine. She lets out a chuckle when she finally manages to push the vine off her neck enough "I'm just glad I didn't die." "Well you look like you're dying right now." they both laugh as they get pulled away.

The last thing they hear is a victorious scream from Soojung.

The great hall was filled with happiness but Seungwan's heart was full of nervousness as she paced outside the great hall while waiting for Sooyoung.

She wasn't even sure if the girl was going to show up but Seungwan was absolutely sure that she loves Sooyoung.

"I got your letter." she jumps at the voice that comes from behind her but she calms her heart quickly "Sooyoung." she sighs. She gives a soft smile which isn't returned "Thank you for coming, I– I wasn't expect– you—" "Get to the point, will you?" the tall girl cuts her off, irritation and spite in her voice. Seungwan nods.

She takes in a deep breath before cupping Sooyoung's cheeks and pulling her in for a kiss.

She definitely should've asked for permission before doing that because there was nothing more romantic than consent but she was in the moment and caught up in emotions.

"I'm sorry." she mutters the moment she pulls away "I'm sorry for kissing you. I'm sorry for lying to you. I'm so sorry." she hugs Sooyoung "It's not about the long distance Sooyoung, it was actually about you. My family can tolerate non purebloods but they'd die to know I'm in love with one. The moment I told them about your blood status, they were upset."

"But I don't care about blood status, Sooyoung." she pulls away to see the girl's face, it was blank and difficult to read. She takes her hand "I care about you and when I saw you smiling brightly while cheering for Soojung's victory, I knew that I wanted to see you smile every single day. I wanted to be the reason for your smile."

"I'm in love with you and I want to be with you, I'll manage the long distance, I'll cut off my family if they'll be too stubborn to accept my feelings for you." she squeezes her hand "Please Sooyoung."

Sooyoung's face remains straight but just when Seungwan was about to let go of her hand and give up for the nth time, Sooyoung pulls her in for a kiss, sweeping her off her feet.

They pull away and Sooyoung's smiling her beautifully bright and genuine smile "Good. I didn't want to leave all upset with you." Seungwan bites her lip to contain her smile and the two lean in again to share a kiss.


"Alright, pay up suckers!" Jackson holds up a hat and the students line up scornfully to drop their sickles in. Bora and Seulgi watch with pleased smiles "Honestly, it's really on them for losing their money. Seungwan proved to be brave so anyone who still bets against her is just plain stupid." Soojung shows up beside them "Totally." and then Namjoon.

The four watch the students who had bet that Seungwan wouldn't be able to make it up to Sooyoung pay.

"My best friend got a girlfriend before I did." Seulgi fake sobs "I'm proud of her but gosh, when will I get a girlfriend?" Soojung, Namjoon, and Bora exchange smirks before quietly leaving Seulgi behind. She doesn't even notice they're gone until she goes to put a hand on Bora's shoulder only to land on air. She turns around to look for them but sees the lovely aide of the Beauxbatons headmaster instead "Joohyun!" she gasps "How long were you there?" "I just got here actually."

Seulgi turns away, blushing pink. She then feels a hand slipping into hers and she turns to see Joohyun right beside her. Seulgi stares at her, bewitched.

"Gosh, when will I get a girlfriend?" she hears Namjoon laugh from across the great hall but she pays him no mind, all her focus was on the beautiful half-Veela, half-witch in front of her.

Bora scoffs and gives Namjoon a playful shove "You want a girlfriend, eh? That's unfortunate, Jin has been eyeing you since we got here." "Wait really?" Namjoon blushes at the thought of the aide of the Durmstrang headmistress finding interest in him "Yes, but since you want a girlfriend..." she smirks as Namjoon catches eyes with Jin and he leaves the Durmstrang girl and the Triwizard Tournament champion almost instantly.

Bora turns to Soojung, still smirking "So, those two have someone?" "Yes" Soojung nods with a smile "and I do too." she points over to where Jongin was, preoccupied by a conversation with a Hogwarts boy. Bora chuckles "Don't worry lady, I have someone as well." she pulls out a picture that she kept in her uniform at all times "Her name is Siyeon, she's back in Durmstrang." Soojung smiles and the two stand back and observe the students from the three schools all bonding together.

Despite being dangerous and completely capable of killing, the Triwizard Tournament brought students together so it really wasn't all that bad.