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together, they have one braincell

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Kasumi thought that she was being blunt.

But when it came to her girlfriend (or, so she assumed), she may as well’ve been talking to a wall.

Hina Hikawa, however boppin’ she was, and however wide their shared mental wavelength happened to be, was completely oblivious to things going on around her.

”Hina-senpai~!” Kasumi called, and the turquoise-haired idol stopped in her tracks. She’d been skipping, just ahead of the brunette. “Yeah, Kasumi-chan?” she said, smiling. And wow, her smile was so bright and sparkly that Kasumi fell in love all over again.

They were headed for CiRCLE, not long after Hina agreed to help Kasumi with the guitar.

Again, Kasumi thought she’d been very specific and to the point when she had suggested for the two of them to be alone while doing so. Hina had agreed instantly, so she figured that her (maybe) girlfriend had finally noticed her many efforts.

”Nothing~! Just making sure that you’re still up for teaching me more things on guitar ♪” she said and Hina nodded.

”Of course! I’m always up for helping you with the guitar~,” she said and grabbed Kasumi’s hand. She could feel her cheeks heat up at the suddenness of it, but made no intention of pulling away.

The two of them continued their walk to the live house, hands never separating even when they’d arrived and made their way into an empty studio.

Kasumi watched as Hina removed her guitar from its case, then did the same with her own guitar.

”Oh, Kasumi-chan~! I didn’t notice ‘til now, but the dress you’re wearing is really pretty! Where’d you get it?” Hina suddenly asked.

”I could show you tomorrow if you want?” Kasumi replied and Hina nodded. “Yeah, yeah! It’s a date ♪” she announced.

”A date?”

Hina giggled. “Mhm~. Or did you forget that girlfriends go on dates?” she asked and Kasumi shook her head.

”I didn’t forget~, I was just… surprised~! Sayo-senpai said that you were oblivious to girlfriend things.”

Hina blinked. “She did? Hmm…”

She seemed to be lost in thought. “I wouldn’t say oblivious, though. More like new. Yeah, that’s a better word,” she decided.

”New?” Kasumi echoed and Hina nodded. “Yeah. You’re my first girlfriend,” she said and Kasumi smiled. “Now we have another thing in common~,” she mused.

Hina tilted her head, confused. “And what’s that?” she asked. Kasumi giggled. “You’re my first girlfriend too~!” she said excitedly and Hina grinned.

”Wait, you’re right!” she said and Kasumi nodded. “… I am!” 

And Hina giggled.

”We should probably do what we came here to do.”