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Bad Blood

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Her walk was slow as she ambled into his room. Eyes glazed over like she'd seen a ghost and feet moving at a speed that was a complete contrast to her panicked run.

"Sorry to interrupt your wedding night," the slurred voice spoke out. Jasmine remained silent. "I hurt my head. I don't want it to get infected."

She walked closer to see the bleeding scratch on Dean's forehead.

After a breath to compose herself, Jasmine finally spoke. "You could have called Tori. She's here. The hotel will have medics as well."

"You're right. You know what?" he slurred. "I can call them, you go back to Cash."

Jasmine shook her head and rubbed her eyes. Dean was too drunk to notice the state that she was in. "I'm here now. What happened to you?" Her voice was soft; concerned. You wouldn't think she'd have just seen a dead body, but then her voice was always soft when she was around Dean. She couldn't help herself.

"I think I had a fight."

"Well I can see that," Jasmine breathed out, fingers to Dean's head to get a better look at his cut. "I'm going to get some antiseptic wipes and a plaster to put over it, okay? I'll be right back."

She exited the room taking another deep breath, forcing her mind to hollow out any thoughts. She knew Cash would be too busy with the police and ambulances - whatever was needed - to be back in their room so at least she didn't have that to worry about.

It was only minutes later when she returned, a little out of breath but nothing compared to what she had been earlier. Earlier felt silly now. Having a panic attack over getting married whilst somebody else in the same venue was lying dead. If only mental health made more sense.

She walked back over to Dean and pressed the antiseptic against his cut. He winched at the pain of it but seemed too drunk to show much of any emotion.

"Do you know who you had a fight with?" Jasmine asked keeping her voice as deadpan as possible. Her heart was thumping. Had Dean been the one to... No, she couldn't even think about her best friend being the kind of person who could do that, even whilst drunk.

Dean shook his head. "No idea." Whilst his words had started to come out less slurred now, his eyes were narrowed in an expression that only somebody ridiculously drunk would be able to muster up.

Jasmine's stomach was doing more flips by the second, legs trembling so much that Dean would definitely have noticed if he was sober. Luckily he wasn't.

"I'm going to stay with you," Jasmine said softly, still lacking any emotion in her tone of voice. She lifted the plaster to Dean's head and stuck it on. "You'll be okay, it's just a small cut."

Dean still had a white shirt on, just like the one that Nikau had been wearing too. Jasmine and Cash had wanted something very traditional for their wedding and everybody had dressed up smart. It was a bit weird to see Dean making an effort.

She rolled up Dean's shirt and pressed her hand on his upper arm. "Does that hurt?" Jas asked, pressing softly on a red area of his upper arm.

"Nope," he replied shaking his head. "Guessing it will in the morning?" His voice was starting to sound sleepy. "Is Bella okay?"

Jasmine narrowed her eyes and brushed her hand over his head. "Why wouldn't she be okay?"

"Oh. I don't know."

"Go to sleep, Dean."

She sat with him on his double bed until he had fallen asleep, which had taken less than five minutes. Her hands had been trembling the whole time, the mention of Bella only making things worse.

Jasmine got off the bed and tiptoed away, walking out of the bedroom door to make a call to Cash.

She was barely able to say hello before Cash started talking on the other end of the call. "I find you standing over a dead body and then you run away? What is going on, Jasmine? Where are you? Are you safe?"

"I'm sorry," she breathed out. "Dean's drunk too much, he needed my help." It wasn't abnormal for Jasmine to run off when one of her friends needed her help.

Once she'd run off during a meal with Cash to travel all the way to see Willow when Willow had the smallest of arguments with Alex. And it wasn't unusual for her to run off to Dean either, Cash had got used to that now. Since Colby had gone to prison over two years ago, she and Dean had slowly found comfort in one another.

"I'm safe. I'm upset. I'm upset this has happened on our wedding night, I'm upset I ran off because I was terrified that I might lose you one day. I'm upset because Ari and Tane have just actually lost their..."

"Jasmine. Deep breaths."

"Should I call Ari? I don't have his number. I'll call Tori." Tori and Ari were a couple now. It had seemingly come out of nowhere, but Jasmine was happy for them. They'd built quite a life together.

"The police will tell him. It's almost midnight, we'll need to get everybody out in the morning promptly so the investigators can do what they need to do. Until then try not to tell anybody, we'll be the ones to do that."

Jasmine nodded, forgetting that Cash couldn't see her.

"I love you," she breathed through the phone. "Please be safe."

"I love you too. And I need you to stay safe as well. We don't think this was an accident."