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Where You Belong

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Wei Wuxian re-adjusted his hold on the heavy box he was carrying for the nth time, yawning all the while as he walked back to his apartment-slash-workplace building.



It was not really early, just a few minutes past noon, but Wei Wuxian ran out of the specific kind of rope he suddenly thought of using for the afternoon shoot. That took a big chunk of his lunch break, running to the hardware store he trusted with his life - and got scolded by Wen Qing for not calling to place an order beforehand - and then running back to the studio.



Wei Wuxian was all smiles as he pushed the door open with his boot, and then closed it in the same manner. The crew looked at him with the same ‘finally he showed up so we can go back to work’ expression whereas the very naked actors in the middle of the bed looked excited at what he has in store for them today.



He is the most famous rope artist in all of Yiling, Qishan, Yunmeng, Qinghe, and Lanling combined, well at least as far as the porn industry go. Gusu strictly prohibits the creation and distribution of obscene and explicit media, especially pornographic materials. It’s something that weirded him out, as Gusu is notorious with their mighty mafia group, the Lan family. Just the thought of killing and fighting being okay but not porn is something he could never understand.



Pushing Gusu’s weird rules aside, Wei Wuxian tries his best to deliver each time as to not disappoint his reputation. He loves his job, too, and this is totally his passion. He could do this forever… well, until he sees Nie Huaisang’s pouty face that was obviously for him.



“Wei-xiong, you took so long! You’re gonna make Sisi sick if you keep her naked with nothing to do,” Nie Huaisang lightly hit his open palm with his closed fan. “You think directing porn is easy? Think again!”



Wei Wuxian laughed at his friend’s theatrics, “I’m here now! Come on, I think Sisi will like this one.” He proceeded to bring out the special rope for the shoot and climbed on the bed where Sisi is laying down, naked.



“May I?” Wei Wuxian asked the porn actress as he held up the rope before her.



Sisi giggled, “Of course! It’s not like you haven’t done this to me before, Wei Ying.”



Wei Wuxian shrugged, “Consent is the first thing that needs to happen before I do my job. Think of it as a verbal contract. As a professional, I can never go against asking for consent. It’s always the right thing to do.”



“What a gentleman! Why aren’t you an actor? How unfortunate,” Sisi commented as Wei Wuxian began wrapping the red rope around her naked body.



Wei Wuxian moved behind her, carefully letting her long hair over her chest, “My passion is with ropes, Miss Sisi, and I would do anything to have a nice sex friend I can tie up for my personal pleasure… Ugh...”



Nie Huaisang looked up from checking the script, “You know I have tons of actors at my disposal, right? You can choose someone you can tie up. You can even choose to tie up every single one of them!”



“Naaaah,” said Wei Wuxian as he took Sisi by the hand and helped her out of the bed to tie the lower parts of her body. “I wanna find… someone special. The last time who offered was a real jerk! He said my ropes are stifling him or something…”



“Eh?” Sisi interjected. “But I like your hands, Wei Ying. I am sure the other actresses can attest on how perfect your ropes are. Tight enough for pleasure but doesn’t hurt in a way I don’t like. Wei Ying’s too kind. You should’ve tied that jerk real hard.”



“No, I can’t do that. Violence is a serious matter. I will never use my ropes for just torture. These ropes are to give you pleasure and at the same time, make you look absolutely ravishing!”



“That is true,” said Nie Huaisang. “Wei-xiong never fails the aesthetic part. All my films look pretty because of his ropework.”



“Aiyaaaaa…” Wei Wuxian bemoaned as he finished tying Sisi up, restraining her arms at her back. “Is there anyone out there for me? Tall man. stocky build meant for my ropes and downcast eyes that makes him look oh, so mysterious… Of course, with a big dick that can pleasure only me... you know, the perfect top! If only someone like that actually exists!"



"That does sound too demanding, Wei Ying," mused Sisi.



"Aaaahhh, I knew it. I’ve been in the fuckin’ porn industry ever since I ran away from Lotus Pier and yet… there is no one that ever filled the bill. I’m just gonna go cry in my crying corner...”



He lead Sisi back to the bed, “There, you’re all done!”



Sisi bit her lip, “This feels so erotic, Wei Ying. Ah, I am so excited. I am sure I am going to enjoy working this afternoon.”



“Send her partner in, please!” Wei Wuxian called at the rest of the crew. “Make sure you guys follow the script, okay?” To the porn actor, he said, “Be careful as to not move her restraints a lot. I’ll be here to monitor the whole thing, but remember your safe words.”



“Okay, everyone in place, please!” Nie Huaisang called as everyone went to work. Wei Wuxian stepped back and went beside Nie Huaisang, just behind the main camera, looking exceptionally proud of his handiwork.



They proceeded by the script, and as moans fill the room, Huaisang jumped beside him as he fished out a vibrating phone from his pocket. He looked at the Caller ID and his face fell. 



He mouthed at Wei Wuxian, “It’s Da-ge!”



Nie Huaisang grabbed Wei Wuxian and brought him to the far corner of the studio as he answered the call. Wei Wuxian pressed his ear against the other side of the phone to listen in.



They both heard a disappointed sigh as the other end most likely are hearing the moans from the copulation of the actors in the middle of the set, “I see you are still doing that… porn thing, Huaisang.”



“Da-ge!” Huaisang whisper-hissed. “That’s not fair! You’re the one who told me to do something worth my while, so you can’t make me go back home and become one of your mafia cronies.”



“No, I am not going to press you to stop whatever it is your doing nor am I calling to force you to move back here in Qinghe. I just simply thought you'd get tired of it after a few months. Getting back to the point, there’s something else…”



A pause, and then Nie Mingjue’s voice came through again, “I want you to look after someone… from ours. I mean from me, Xichen, and Guangyao.”



“What? You mean you’re sending someone from your mafia here… to Yiling?” Huaisang whispered against the phone. “We are filming porn, da-ge! This is not a place for mafia activity! We are clean and doing clean business… I mean, sure, sex is nasty and all that, but… you know what I mean.”



“You cannot refuse, A-sang. He is already on his way there. He might be even there already,” spoke Nie Mingjue. “Just look after him, okay? He is valuable to us and we are sure he won’t cause any trouble.”



“But…! Just the fact he’s mafia is gonna scare our actors! And our crew!”



“Just be lowkey about it, A-sang. Anyway, we are in the middle of a turf war against Qishan. Got to go. Take care, kids. I know Wei Ying is hearing all this. Give my best to him.”



The line went dead, and so did Nie Huaisang’s face. He then grabbed Wei Wuxian by the shoulder and shook him hard, whisper-yelling, “IF IT COMES OUT THAT WE HAVE A MAFIA MEMBER IN YILING, PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE SCARED. WE WILL BE OUT OF BUSINESS, WEI-XIONG!”



“They can’t be all that bad… right?” Wei Wuxian offered before humming, “Well, I guess Lotus Pier isn’t bad, at least. I didn’t wanna be there because I embarrass the family, but… hey. It’s gonna be alright, I am sure.”



“Well, then make him live with you then!”



“What? No!”



“You said it can’t be that bad!”



“But you didn’t say anything about living with him! I thought we are just gonna stash him somewhere!”



“Da-ge said to look after him, specifically. If they’re hiding him here… it means he can be a wanted man. At least by my brother’s enemies.” replied Nie Huaisang.



“Oh. I see. You are right. If those mongrels that work for Wen Chao find him here…”



“Now you get what I mean!”



Wei Ying bit his lip, “I doubt he can live with me… knowing how I live my life. It’s going to be too much for him, even if he’s mafia.”



“As if we have any other choice, Wei-xiong! Now, get out and meet him!” Nie Huaisang, pushing Wei Wuxian out of the filming studio.



He tried to go back inside but he immediately heard Nie Huaisang slamming the door shut. He then heard the lock being put into place.



Defeated, he decided to give up and resign to his fate, scratching his head. He had no choice but to go upstairs and maybe make the place a little bit welcoming as the whole floor three floors above the filming studio served as his personal quarters.



Upon reaching the top of the stairs at his floor, there is a tall, stocky man standing in front of his apartment door. He stepped closer and the man immediately noticed and looked at him, a piece of paper on hand.



“Is this building… the Burial Mounds? This is my first time in Yiling and I was instructed to find the rope artist, Wei Wuxian…”



“Stupid da-ge!” Wei Wuxian mumbled under his breath as he took in the appearance of the man before him.



Tall stature. Legs for days. Long hair. Stocky build. Wide enough of a chest that Wei Wuxian is almost sure he will run out of rope if he dared wrap them around this man’s pair of fleshy curvaceous mounds…



“Are you… Wei Wuxian?” The man spoke again, quick and precise.



“Ah. ye… yes! You are in Yiling. And this is… the, uh… Burial Mounds. Indeed, I am. ah… Wei Wuxian. Call me Wei Yi… Wei Ying, please.”



The man is totally his type. Everything about him screams scrumptious in his eyes. The most perfect man to have ever crossed his path… and then he noticed the pristine white band around the man’s forehead.



Oh, gods, no. The man is from Gusu.



Porn-prohibiting Gusu.



And he is here, and he is about to live with Wei Wuxian who does porn as a livelihood.



And it also means this man has never seen porn in his life. It means Wei Wuxian would never have the chance to touch him in that way, much less the privilege to tie him up.



Shame. What a shame. He is given a meal that can never be a part of his diet. Remembering Sisi’s words from earlier… how truly unfortunate.



“I was told by my brother to go here. I am in your care, Wei Ying.”



Wei Wuxian is absolutely frozen. The way his name was spoken by this man…



“Lan Wangji… Lan Zhan… you can call me that.”



“U-uh… o-okay, I…”



“Wei-xiong! Wei-xiong!” A very sweaty and out of breath Wen Ning tried to take another step up the stairs but he only made it halfway. “I am sooooo sorry I was late. I just finished running your errands, and… Nie-xiong is asking for you. They’re changing scenes and the ropes are…”



“Ropes! Yeah! Ahahaha…” Wei Wuxian tried (and obviously failed) to keep his composure as he spoke to Lan Wangji standing before him, “That’s… that’s my job. Ropes. I am a rope man, rope dude, rope fellow… yeah, so… I am in the middle of work. Can you please wait a little for me?”



The man blinked and nodded once, “Mn. I shall wait for you, Wei Ying.”



Swallowing air, he let himself walk down the stairs, the railing keeping him upright. He grabbed Wen Ning’s arm in the process as he went down to the studio, leaving his forbidden dreamboat standing by his apartment door.



That was dangerous. So, so dangerous.



And as he tried himself to get caught up with his job… he couldn’t perfectly erase the image of the man waiting for him from his mind. It did not help that Nie Huaisang looked at him with a subtle smirk the rest of the day. Bitch totally knows what’s up, and Wei Wuxian could just dread what will happen next.