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The Love (s) Of My Life

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August 18th, 2021: Somewhere in the Bronx, New York: 2316-

"Noah won an award today at school for academics" she says as I lay my head down on my pillow and throw the covers over me. "He's a great kid Livia. Smart, like his mom" I reply, a smile on my face as I roll over on my side, my phone pressed between my pillow and my ear as I do so. "He kept telling Eli and I the whole ride home today how much he wished that you had been there" she says in a whisper, as I close my eyes and say "Me too. I hate I missed it" feeling tears pool in my eyes as I hear her breath hitch, knowing that she's holding back tears too. Always so in sync. "I miss you" I say softly, hearing her gasp before continuing, "As soon as this is done, I'm coming straight home and I want us to curl up in bed and not move for a few days." "I miss you too El, I've gotten used to you being here every night when I get home. That sounds really good; maybe you, me and the boys just having a lazy few days at home together will be just what we all need" she replies, and I can hear both her tears and he smile in her voice. "I know you've probably gotta go soon... just.... promise me you'll come home safe to me and the boys... and soon" she whispers, as I Grip the phone tighter, wishing I could be there holding her in my arms.


Before I can respond, I hear her bedroom door open and hear Noah say "Mommy, are you ok?" "Put him on the phone 'Livia" I say, Knowing my time for this call is running short. "C'mere Noah. Mommy's ok, someone's on the phone for you." I hear rustling around and then a soft "Hello?" come through the speaker. "Hey buddy" I whisper, wishing I could be laying in bed with them both right now. "Elliot!" the boy whisper shouts, causing me to chuckle as I Hear Liv tell him to quiet down because Eli is still asleep. "I need you to do me a favor little man" I reply, hearing his quick and polite "Yes Sir?" causing me to smile. "I need you to take my place for the next few days and hold your mom for me ok? Just until I get home. I also need you and Eli to do whatever she asks or needs ok? Can you do that for me?" I ask in a whisper, smiling as I hear his whispered "Ok" and then a little more rustling, before he says "Elliot?" softly.


"Yea buddy? " I ask in reply, dreading ending this call, but knowing I need too soon. "I know mommy and Eli miss you, but I miss you too" he says and I hear Liv quietly sob from behind him. I Choke back a sob as I say "I know buddy, I Know. I miss all of you guys so, so much, but i'll be home soon I promise. I Love you guys, so, so much." "We love you too" I hear them say before we say our goodbye's and I hang up. After doing so, I reach over to plug my phone in, before laying back in bed and willing myself to sleep, knowing that once I'm asleep I'll dream of my family that's waiting for me back home.


October 11th , 2021: 0345 AM- Manhattan, New York:

I open the door to the apartment as quietly as I can in order to keep 2 of the 3 occupants asleep as I come home. Sitting on the couch, waiting for me is the woman i've missed so very much over the past few months. I place my gym bag by the door, slipping my boots off and placing them by the other 3 pairs by the door. I round the couch with a smile and watch as she sleepily turns to face me. "Hey" I say, reaching up to cup her cheek as I press a gentle kiss to her lips. "Hi" She whispers, sliding her hands up my chest before wrapping her arms around my neck and pressing her forehead to mine. "I've missed you" I whisper, fearing that if I speak too loudly that i'll wake up the boys. "Thank you... for calling me before you come here" she whispers, her fingers crawling up the back of my neck as I reach out and wrap my hands around her waist and say "didn't wanna scare you. As much as I would've loved to come lay beside you and surprise you..." before trailing off as she slides a hand down my neck to my chest. "I hate... he had to take that away from us" with tears in her eyes before I take both of her hands in mine and say "It's ok. I'm here and this is so much better. After everything went down all I wanted was to hear your voice anyway. I NEVER want to do undercover work again UNLESS it's with you. Missed you so much Livia" leaning forward to press my lips to hers again, sighing as she moans into the kiss.

I reach up and bury my fingers into her dark brown hair as she moves to straddle my legs, never once breaking the kiss. When we break the kiss, gulping down air, she smiles as she cups my cheek against the palm of her hand and saying "I like this look on you Stabler. Please tell me you can keep it." I smile before nuzzling my cheek against his palm of her hand and saying "If you like it baby, i'll keep it" before turning my head and pressing a kiss to her palm. "let's go to bed babe. I'm tired, I know you're tired, and I believe you owe me a lot of cuddling detective" She says, as she stands up and reaches out her hand for mine. I chuckle as I take her hand and stand up, lacing our fingers together as she pulls me towards our bedroom. "Anything you want Captain, anything you want" as we climb into bed together. I Lay flat on my back and she turns on her side to lay against me, her head resting on top of her hand as she lays it on my chest. I wrap my arms around her, tangling my fingers in her hair as she slides her leg in between mine.

" I love you El, I've missed you so much. Missed this, laying here with you at night" she says, rubbing her leg against mine and pressing a kiss to my chest. "I Love you too Livia. I wanted nothing more than to be here with you every night. But we've got now and the rest of our lives Liv. I Promise" I whisper, leaning down to press a kiss to the top of her head. "Good night El, I Love you" she sighs, shifting around a little before settling back on my chest. "Good Night Liv. I Love you too, always and forever." I whisper, as I Close my eyes and tug her closer, thankful that I come home in one piece, not only to her, but to our boys and looking forward to spending tomorrow with the 3 of them; the most important part of my life- My Family, the loves of my life.