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Day 8

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The first time you feel Grimmjow’s knot is during sex, of course. You just didn’t know what the fuck it was.

You’re laid out on your tummy, moaning into your pillows while the big, strong Espada straddles your ass and growls in your ear from behind, hips clapping loud and furious against the fat of your rippling cheeks. It’s a wet mess between your thighs, where his fat cock drags and smears slick and precum all over them from the tight fit of your pussy.

You can’t shut up, mewling and sobbing with how good it feels. He loves it when you’re loud, when you squirm and cry while he fucks you how he likes. He likes being able to shove you down and drag his nails down your back and breathe dirty praise into your ear, even if you can’t hear it over the sounds of your own hiccups and pleads and the buzzing pleasure that comes from his cock pounding into you.

This time, though, you do hear it, accompanied by the noticeable change in size of his cock as he ruts against you, his bared teeth grit just against your ear. “--gonna fucking knot this pussy up, cum inside you til it hurts, my good little kitty will take it all won’t you--”

Something balloons against you again between your thighs, alarming you. You stiffen with a gasp, Grimmjow snarling in frustration when it catches on the entrance of your pussy, not quite fitting in the way he wants it to. You squeal, lock your legs tightly together when he draws back and tries to shove back in. The fat knob on the end of his cock smacks sticky and wet into your thighs instead, burning hot and throbbing bigger against you.

Grimmjow chokes, nails pricking into your asscheek when he grips it tight, only a few inches of his cock able to push into your pussy with the tight, wet squeeze of your thighs keeping him out. “Wha--You fucking b-bitch--”

He rips his whole body back with a growl, and when you twist in confusion, you watch the way he hunches over your legs where he kneels behind you, shoulders hunched to grasp the base of his cock with one big hand. A pinky is caught under his fat balls, pushing them up to show off the way they glisten with your slick, but the other digits of his hand are wrapped tight around the swollen base of him, squeezing so tight the veins in his arm bulge, silky skin bulging between his fingers, his cock angled down with his grip.

You can see the way it pulses, only to gasp when he suddenly cums in a burst across your thighs and the backs of your knees. Grimmjow glances up at you through hanging blue hair and glowers while he pants, flushed pink in his chest, wincing with each rope of hot cum that releases onto your body. He squeezes at himself again and groans, his other hand on your ass bruising tight.

“G-Grimm--?” You try to turn, but he shoves your hips back down.

“Sh-Shut the fuck up--” He doesn’t stop cumming, gnashing his teeth and hips thrusting forward into his grip. You wiggle, watching over your shoulder as his cock kicks, white spunk spilling down his length and knuckles at his base, making a mess from your ass to your knees. After what feels like forever, his release slows to a dribble, his tensed up shoulders dropping while he pants, his glower slackening into the usual sharp look set on his face.

You lie there, pleasure still buzzing under your skin when he sinks forward with a moan, his face tucking itself between your hip and the bed while he catches his breath. The bony bit of jaw on his face digs into your thigh, but you say nothing of it, choosing to instead tentatively comb your fingers through the damp roots of his hair.

A low purr escapes him that he abruptly cuts off, making you simper in amusement. Though you’re still left confused and dissatisfied.

“Uh.” You clear your throat. “What was that?”

Sharp teeth nip at your thigh, making you yelp. His arm loops around your waist before you can wiggle away, and with a strong tug, he’s yanking you down the bed, uncaring of your gripe about being pulled into his massive cum spot.

Grimmjow is unfairly attractive, especially now that you’re nose to nose. His cheeks are flushed with a pretty blush, his hair a mess, his jaw flexing back and forth with his irritation. Those intense teal eyes of his make you want to flinch away, but you know he’ll only force you to look back.

He gives you a look that in any other situation you would call a pout. “I fucking told you. It’s my fucking knot, woman.”

He pushes his hips against you, letting you feel the half-hard length of him. You glance down, dragging a hand over his impressive abdominals, skimming past the rim of the Hollow hole in his belly til your fingers are whispering over the ridge of his cockhead. You cast him a playful look when he digs his fingers into the fat of your ass, huffing a purr against you, only to falter at the soft swell that has yet to go all the way down at the base of him.

“What the fuck?” You pull back, and he lets you this time, more than happy to unashamedly spread his strong thighs wider, big arms tucked behind his head as you explore his dick like it’s the first time you’ve seen it. “You actually have one? I thought you were being dumb.”

He rolls his eyes. “You really don’t fucking listen well, do ya?”

You let his comment slide, eyeing up the slightly darker skin where his cock connects to the rest of his body. You won’t pretend you know anything about Grimmjow’s biology or where he comes from--you just work for Urahara and have strong reiatsu like everyone else under his employment--but you feel like you find out something new about him every time he comes over to fuck your brains out.

“Where the fuck has this been this whole time, then?” You ask, pushing a finger down towards it, feeling the give of it. Not unlike when a dick gets soft, and yet somehow separate from the rest of his length.

He flinches a little at the touch, hips twitching up with a bare of fangs. “It--It doesn’t happen all the time, that’s what.” You watch the strong muscles of his chest jump when you wrap your hand around it like he did before, but you can’t help watching how your hand barely fits around it. Grimmjow’s had done an okay job encompassing it when he’d cum, but you know you wouldn’t be able to at it’s full circumference. It makes you a little dizzy thinking about what it would be like to have all that inside you. You can’t help how you lick your lips.

But before you can decide if you’re interested or not, you’re pushed back and Grimmjow is bullying his way between your thighs to lap at your cunt, grumbling about wasting cum and squirmy bitches making him look bad. He doesn’t react at all when you laugh loudly at his insult.

Days go by, but this new knowledge you have seems to haunt you. Grimmjow comes and goes, doing whatever it is Urahara has him doing, and every time you see him you think about the words he’d been growling in your ear, how fat his knot is from what you felt, what you saw of it gripped tight in his fist, how much he came. When he catches you looking, it’s hard to hold his gaze, warmth building low in your belly.

It leaves you dizzy. Grimmjow comes and finds you now and then to catch up in the way he likes to do best--sitting quietly while you chat his ear off, grunting in acknowledgment. But you feel oddly shy, and Grimmjow is nothing if not perceptive.

Those teal eyes narrow at you where he sits slouched behind Urahara’s unused counter space in the store, watching you quietly organize a new stock of strange shinigami candies the man develops.

“Oi.” He tilts his head, leaning closer to you, that same pout on his face from before. You blink up at him, heart thudding in your chest and thighs pressing together. You’re thankful you’re standing on the other side of the counter so he can’t see. “What’s wrong with you?”

Brash as ever, his attitude never fails to make you laugh. The creased glare around his eyes lessens, and he leans his cheek against a fist.

You shake your head. “Um, nothing. Just...feeling weird today.”

He frowns and sniffs, and an unnerving stillness comes over him. Slowly, a brow arches, a glitter of something in his eye making your breath catch in your chest.

“Weird, huh?” He seems amused by something, and you roll your eyes in an attempt to hide how your heart is racing and the embarrassment rising from your tummy to your chest.

“Yeah,” you insist.

“Yeah?” He’s teasing you, that unfairly gorgeous smirk full of sharp teeth and pride making you tingle pleasantly. His leather jacket jingles quietly when he leans across the counter, stretching across it like a cat when you turn your back to him, feeling how his finger catches in the hem of your shirt, flicking the fabric playfully as you walk out of his grasp.

Yes,” you groan, giving him a sour glance over your shoulder.

He’s watching you, chin resting on the counter, arms draped to hang off the edge you were just next to. His eyes are intense, pupils wide, and it’s a look you know better than anyone else, probably.

It was inevitable that he would end up in your apartment. You have no idea where he lives when he isn’t in your apartment, but he seems to like it here the most.

After he’s been gone for so long, you kiss him with an equal ferocity that seems to make him growl and grope at you harder, tearing at your clothes and his til you’re both naked and he's lifting you up to plop you on your knees at the end of your bed..

His cock hangs thick and heavy between strong thighs, and you can’t stop staring at the way it sways as he knees his way onto the mattress after you. You’re particularly fascinated by that inch or so of darker skin at the base of him that becomes more prominent the harder and bigger he gets.

Your pussy aches and drips, and your hips make a little movement of their own in need. Grimmjow doesn’t miss a thing, his big hand swooping in to shove between your thighs, curling up to grasp at your cunt, massaging the ache in your core and making you moan, leaning heavily against his chest for another rough, aggressive kiss.

His hum is more of a growl, vibrating against your tits and mouth. It’s a sound that’s low and pleased, and has your hips rocking into his groping palm.

“Damn, you soaked. How long have you been this wet and waitin’ for me, little girl?” He nips at your lips, aggressively flicking at your clit til the wetness between your puffy lips makes an obscene sound, loud in your burning ears. Grimmjow only laughs when you wiggle and whine in his grasp, his other arm coming around your middle to keep you from pulling away in embarrassment. “All day? All week?

You nod, dreamy and needy, hands exploring over his chest and arms to feel the strong muscles hugging his ribs and down his abs; tracing his Hollow hole til he’s shivering and nipping at you, hips rutting against the way you palm at his cock and balls.

Cradling both, you can’t help the way you tilt your head down to look at them. He’s thick and heavy in your hand, precum already rolling in drips down his length to meet the heel of one hand. As his forearm flexes to rub at your pussy, his fingers swirling to wiggle into your wet heat, you tentatively grip the base of his cock, feeling the slight difference in texture and give of where his knot is, feeling how it almost seems to press back. Grimmjow shivers again and growls low and encouraging in your ear.

“Found something you like down there, kitten?

You glance up at him from under your lashes. He’s grinning lasciviously at you, much to your embarrassment. A low laugh rumbles from the man standing at the foot of your bed, and before you can react, he’s shoving you flat onto your back and prowling over you with a wicked smirk on his lips.

“Aw, you’re gonna hurt my feelings if you keep actin’ shy like that,” he rumbles, hips dropping between your spread thighs, dragging his cock in a slow grind over the apex of your groin. “You can tell me how bad you wanna feel my knot…” He growls low when he nuzzles against your throat, rubbing is body against yours like a big cat, making you hiccup and arch into him, a little throb of delight running through you in the way his skin catches on yours.

“W-Well--” You pinch your lips shut, whimpering when he angles his hips just right to let the leaking tip of his cock nudge against your clit. Your legs wrap around his strong middle, hands flying up to his waist with a pathetic little sound.

“S’not like I didn’t know I had a little size queen on my hands this whole time,” he purrs, hands pushing your hair back to grip at the top of your head and pull you into an arch. You gasp, unable to fight the tug, his sharp teeth dragging down to your tits with a warm growl. “You always look at my dick like it’s a fuckin’ monster, but you take it like a champ every time.”

Grimm--” You whine, tugging rough on his hair in kind. It does nothing to move him, only makes him purr louder and bounce his hips down into yours again, sucking stinging spots onto your neck.

Your belly is wet with precum; he drips so much of it when he gets excited. He uses a hand to smear it down over your tender pussy and over his length, sucking on your tits while he tugs on his cock with it. You angle your head to watch from where you’re half propped against the pillows, body warming when he smears it down to the puffier base of himself, feeling his shoulders curl under your hands when he touches where his knot inflates.

“You…” You trail off when he grunts against your breast, tongue swirling around your nipple. “You gonna knot me this t-time?”

Blue eyes flash dangerously up at you, his cheeks hollowing as he pulls away, sucking the pliable fat of your breast taut til it stings and you whimper. It pops free, his chin shining and a toothy smirk flashed your way.

He raises his brows at you with an air of condescension, leaning down to prick the top of your chest with his teeth. “You gonna fuckin’ let me?”

You pout and squirm, and Grimmjow makes a low rumbling sound of derision, slapping the length of his dick against your pussy in reprimand. “Don’t fucking act like you don’t want it. You wanna get stuffed? Wanna feel what it’s like to be so full of cum it hurts? To get plugged up so it can’t leak out, til my cum has to take?”

Grimmjow has never talked to you like this before, and you honestly think there must be something wrong. Something different in the way his pupils are so wide, and how it makes heat prickle under your skin from your thighs to your cheeks.

“A-Are you going through heat or something?” Your voice shakes with your question, pussy throbbing when he hitches your knees over his arms to press your thighs back.

Grimmjow gives you a little glare, jaw hanging open as he shifts back on his haunches, til his face is hovering above your pussy. You squeak, thighs trembling in an effort to close your legs, but he’s just too strong. He’s quick to snag your ankles, big hands wrapping entirely around each, and press them back towards your shoulders. He easily keeps you open, taking a deep inhale right above the parted, spread, puffy petals of your pussy, his gaze hungry and lashes fluttering like he’s smelling something absolutely divine.

Those teal eyes flash dangerous and starving. “No, but you are.

Your mouth drops open in shock, eyes widening, watching Grimmjow turn his full attention to your cunt, his nose nudging your clit. He croons when your little holes flex and drip for him “I don’t even have to lick you to taste how ready you are, kitten. The way you fucking smell all the time may as well be like you’re pushing your pussy in my face.”

Your hands fly to your cheeks in mortification, but Grimmjow groans, suckling the fat of one edge of your pussy into his mouth til you squeal, doing the same to the other, his cheeks coming away shining, eyes still focused downward at your folds.

“You think I haven’t noticed how you’ve been walking, like you want me to bend you over? How your tits are bigger and you keep giving me that look?” He glances up at you from under heavy eyes and strands of hair, lips curling with a soft, low groan. “Yeah...that look.”

You don’t even know what to say. You don’t know what look he means, or how to tell him humans can’t even tell for themselves when they’re most fertile. But he’s nearly knocking your head back when he takes a long lap at your pussy, pulling a thick strand of your slick into his mouth with a hum before he’s shifting back up and over you. His cock hangs heavy and full, his strong thighs bracketing your ass. He nudges the dripping tip of his cock against your hole, bracing a foot against the bed to do it right.

“Grimmjow,” your hands scrabble at his chest, your hips forced to curl up with his strong hold on your ankles still, til it feels like you’re balanced on your shoulders and upper back.

“I don’t have to be told when a bitch needs to get bred,” he growls, low and dirty when he swirls his hips and the broad, dribbling head of his cock is popping back into place after so long. You hate how his words make you whine, peering up at him desperately from where he hunches over your folded in half body like the predator he is.

“Not when I can fucking smell it on you,” he hisses, easing his cock down into your spread pussy with an uncharacteristic patience that has you gasping and tossing your head back. “Like you’ve got your whole fuckin’ pussy out all the goddamn t-time--” His words stutter out into a growl, not stopping even when you stiffen and squeak at the sudden depths, til just the thicker base is left.

“You been thinkin’ about cumming on this knot while I’ve been gone?” He breathes, watching you squirm and pant beneath him with wide and wild eyes, unbothered by your kicking legs where they’re caught in his palms. “Huh?”

“Yeah,” you whimper, your hips and where his cock stretches you out right in your line of sight. You can only watch in awe and pleasure as he drags his hips back, glistening thick slick making his cock shine, his fat balls framing his length and the slightly darker swelling of his knot. You can feel the beginning inflation at the base tug free, see it in the way it’s ever so slightly thicker than the rest of his already ridiculously fat cock. And it has you moaning wantonly. “W-Wanna cum on your knot, Grimm.”

Yeah you fuckin’ do,” he snarls, his wild bangs swaying across his forehead as he thrusts forward again, hips swirling to screw the thicker base of himself into you, your mouth dropping open with a cracked keen.

The end of each thrust has him resting his weight on his hips and bouncing you down into the mattress with his cock. Stretching you out more and more, though it never really feels like enough. Each soft clap of his hips into yours forces a panting moan from your lungs. Grimmjow watches you all the while, lips pulled into a snarl, grunting rough and low with each of his thrusts.

He huffs in amusement, watching the way your eyes can barely stay open, folded in half and completely at his mercy, only able to pet at his chest. “Where’d that big act from last time go, huh? Pretendin’ like you didn’t want my knot. And now I don’t think you can live without this, can you?” He arches a brow at you in proud condescension, and you hate how it makes your tits ache and your pussy clench around him.

He huffs another laugh. “Yeah? Is that right? Only took a couple days without this dick for you to get hungry?” He pushes his hips forward forcefully, watching you gasp with the tight sink of his knot into place before he’s tugging it free, making you whimper.

You nod, giving him a pathetic look, fingers scrabbling down his strong belly, catching against the Hollow hole low in his abdomen. He grits his teeth, cock jumping inside you, and you gasp when he pushes himself deep inside again, til it feels like he’s pushing too deep, your mouth dropping open and arms stiffening to press useless against him. The base of himself throbs fatter, catching on your clit before torturously sinking inside you, dragging against your clit and stretching you wider.

You both glance down again, and you make a small panicked sound as he slowly tugs himself free, the veiny base more swollen than before, the length of his dick seeming to never end until the pink flared head tugs free and flicks meanly across your clit, bobbing up and drooling across your gaping pussy and spread thighs.

You heave quick, dizzying breaths. “I-I don’t think it’s gonna fit, your knot, I can’t--” You sniffle and roll your hips back and forth as he shifts again with a growl, angling himself once more to push inside with a squeeze at your ankles.

“You can.” He grins mean and sexy, groaning with you when he works himself back inside with slow, hypnotizing circles of his hips. When the fattening end of him meets your spread cunt, he pushes against the resistance with a quivering breath, grinding his hips back and forth until it works inside you. Slower and more intense than before. “You are, kitten. Fuckin’ look at that...”

A tight sound leaves you, your hands scratching up his forearms, nails digging into the strong muscles there. It does nothing to deter him if you were trying, his hips stilling when he’s all the way inside you once more, hips wiggling to nudge and work his fattening knot back into place, his balls pressed tight to your wet ass, his chest heaving now.

Your head drops back, poor pussy fluttering as best as it can on him, unable to do anything but get stretched out and fucked at his slow, methodical leisure. You’re moaning and whining is loud enough to ring in your ow cotton-stuffed head, but it feels too fucking good for you to care about how dumb you look or sound. His cock is so deep, and he’s grinding down into you with precise swirls of his hips that press on your clit and stirs himself up against all the swollen, singing nerves inside you that have you gasping and your eyes rolling and whines spilling uninhibited past your parted lips.

He draws back suddenly, a wet suction of his semi-swollen knot loud and embarrassingly lewd in your ears. And then he’s gliding back in, twitching his hips in such a way at the end that your pussy has to take his knot. That makes your tits bob and sway with the force of it.

You cry and shake in your folded state, tears starting to stream down the side of your face. When you open your eyes you can only find his gazing back or the sight of his cock sawing in and out of you, sticky strands of pleasure pulling and dripping between you. Gazing at the way your pussy tugs and sucks on his knot every time he pops it free from you, his shoulders tensing to keep your hips from catching and being pulled up off the bed the wider his knot gets.

Blood rushes in your ears with your disbelief, mouth dropped open as the bulbous swell of him bullies it’s way inside you over and over and over again, and each time you’re stunned by the way it manages to fit tight just inside you, the width of it rubbing and catching deliciously on your clit with each pass. Cradled by the swollen spread of your lips, the right ring of your entrance struggling to hold on to his knot every time he pulls out.

You blink up at him, feeling cowed and well fucked, that simmering, tingling warmth fluttering out and up your thighs and to your tits, making your toes curl. “G-Grimmjow, I-I’m--!”

Grimmjow bares his teeth down at you, hips thrusting hard and slow into yours, his hands squeezing tight around your ankles where he holds them above your head. “You’re gonna cum on this knot, you’re gonna fuckin’ cum--”

Your whole body jerks when the slight sting of him pushing his fat knot inside, his thrust halting suddenly when it really catches this time, too big to pop free from your poor, struggling pussy. Your eyes widen and you cry out, hips twisting when you feel it swell impossibly. Grimmjow yowls low and in warning, shoving himself down over you, your legs pinned over his shoulders, his kiss across your mouth biting.

“That’s it. That’s fucking it, oh squeeze that fucking knot--” You can barely understand him, the intensity of the stretch seeming to break your brain as your cunt tries to clamp down on him, struggling in it’s contracting delight with just how deep and fat he is inside you.

And it feels like he only gets bigger. You squeak and tremble, hands clasping at his hair and cheeks and the sharp bone hugging his jaw, a swell of panic gripping you for a moment when your eyes catch his and you feel just how tied together you are.

Whatever Grimmjow sees has him growling and bearing his weight entirely upon you, crushing his mouth against yours while he grinds and swirls his hips into yours where he’s become trapped inside you. It rubs perfect and tight against your clit and all those heightened nerves inside grasping desperately at him, his forceful presence and control over you and this experience giving you the grounding comfort of letting yourself get fucked over the edge you had been teetering on.

He grips tight to your face while you sob against his mouth, thighs trembling against his chest, gushing over his cock and knot wetter than you ever have before. Your eyes roll behind your closed lids, making a mess over his hips with how much you squirt.

Grimmjow’s voice rises from growling encouragement, his other hand rubbing fingers relentlessly over your throbbing clit, into a hoarse roar into his own release. Sharp teeth latch onto your throat, taking sucking, hard, stinging kisses all the way down to your tits as he shoves his hips forward. His cock kicks inside you, hot cum spilling and spilling inside you. His grinds and moans and nipping fangs keep you afloat, making you whimper when you get shoved up the bed, his knot and dick continuing for what feels like forever. Until you’re aching with how much cum he’s put inside you, tummy tender and bloated.

You squirm with a whimper when his hand sweeps over your stomach with a pleased, low rumble, his nose and parted lips nuzzling over the stinging pricks his fangs left on your skin. Rhythmic, vibrating purrs run through him and lure you into relaxation where you’re panting and limp beneath him still, folded in half but entirely boneless.

Grimmjow croons dreamily, a shiver running through him making his hips nudge yours in a tiny, greedy thrust, his cock twitching with another load of cum. You take a shaky, self-soothing breath, arms looping lazily around his neck, having no choice but to hold him close. He’s quiet except for his comforting purr while you recover and adjust to the full feeling, gently letting his teeth catch at your cheek and jaw, stroking big hands over your legs and tits.

“Took this knot so well, like a good little bitch in heat,” he rumbles against your cheek, squeezing and pressing down on you more.

When his knot finally deflates and gets squeezed out of your pussy, the cum that’s stayed warm inside you spills out quickly, thick and white. It runs quickly down between your asscheeks and to the bed from around his half hard cock. You wince as he pulls himself out slowly, head rolling lazily to watch how his thick cum is still connecting your bodies in viscous strands.

The pressure release feels good, allowing you to sigh into full relaxation even though it’s absolutely filthy. Grimmjow’s already smirking, snickering when your legs drop like lead weights, his hands catching under your knees to keep them spread.

He looks down at your gaping, fluttering pussy, cum bubbling out in a never ending stream. “Mm, look at that,” he preens quietly, almost to himself.

Your sleepy gaze flutters downward, watching with a sting of embarrassment as more cum overflows and oozes down in a stream around his cock as he pulls out entirely. You hiccup, whining when your achy insides clench, opaque white gushing and spilling into the crease of your thighs, your tummy, more down between your cheeks.

Grimmjow’s admiring, prideful gaze makes you squirm in embarrassment. His hands dance down your thighs to thumb your tender folds open, eyeing your sloppy pussy up like it’s his next meal. A sting of arousal running through you when his half-hard cock twitches and drips another thick drop of cum down to the bed.

You roll over with a groan, sinking into the bed with a sigh that gets choked on when he’s tugging you down the bed by your ankles, his knees buffering your trembling thighs apart. You make a tiny noise of disbelief into the bedding when you feel the throb of his cock catch between your cum-soaked asscheeks, Grimmjow grinding into the plushness when he drapes himself over you.

His lips vibrate with each biting kiss he trails up your curling back. The Espada noses at your cheek, teeth bared in a grin that’s surely wicked. “D’you think I was fucking done with you, princess?”

You shoot him a look over your shoulder, getting an eyeful of sharp teeth and blue eyes. “Grimm--” He’s giving you an aggressive, short kiss, cock bumping your ass again when he grinds your hips down into the bed. Now that you’re fully aware of it, you can feel how the base of it throbs wider and hotter than the rest of his dick, and you shiver, more of his cum spilling out and over your clit, smearing onto your ruined sheets beneath you.

“Just be good like you were the first time, and my knot will slide right back in,” he purrs, snickering when you sink flat into the mattress beneath him with a little, weak sound, his hands massaging your ass and spreading it open when you arch into his touch.

He sighs shaky across your ear, the tip of his cock prodding against your achy entrance. “Promise you’ll be full of me all fuckin’ night, kitten…”