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Hot Hot Sext

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Patrick [9:00 pm]
Your ass looked incredible today.

David [9:02 pm]
I know. Thank you for noticing.

Patrick [9:03 pm]
Your modesty is never in short supply, David.

David [9:04]
Modesty doesn’t exactly go with these jeans.

Patrick [9:05]
Which brings us back to the source of my workplace distraction.

David [9:06 pm]
I’d say sorry for being a distraction but I’m really not.

Patrick [9:07 pm]
I gathered that when you kept dropping things all day.

David [9:08]
Mhm. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Patrick [9:09 pm]
Oh, I think you do.

David [9:10 pm]
Well, I’m sorry if my appearance made it hard for you to focus.

David [9:10 pm]
Um, no. Not hard.

David [9:10 pm]
I mean, maybe it was or whatever but that’s not what I meant. Fuck. I’m not making this any better.

Patrick [9:11 pm]
David, relax. It’s fine. Listen, I know I said I want to take things slow, and I do…but that doesn’t mean I’m skittish about sex or that I don’t want to be physical with you. Okay?

David [9:11 pm]
Okay. It’s just really important to me that I respect your boundaries.

Patrick [9:12 pm]
I know and I really appreciate that. It’s just…God, David. You’re so fucking sexy. I can’t stop thinking about you.

David [9:12 pm ]
Go on…

Patrick [9:13 pm]
Today in those jeans. I wanted to back you up against the counter. Slip my hands into your back pockets and grab your ass.

David [9:14 pm]
Mkay. I’m going to need a change of environment. Hold please.

David [9:17 pm]
Okay. Continue.

Patrick [9:18 pm]
I wanted to press into you so you could feel exactly how hard you make me.

David [9:19 pm]
Mm. That’s hot.

Patrick [9:19 pm ]
You’d like that?

David [9:20]
Fuck yes. Your pants don’t exactly leave a lot to the imagination either you know.

Patrick [9:21 pm]
Is that so? Why don’t you tell me more about that?

David [9:23 pm]
Today in the stockroom you were leaning over the desk filling out paperwork. I got half hard just looking at you. I spent the rest of the day thinking about getting on my knees for you.

Patrick [9:25]
Fuck. I want that so much, David.

David [9:26]
Yea? Tell me how you want it.

Patrick [9:29]
I want you to suck me. I want to pull your hair so I can look into your gorgeous brown eyes while I’m in your mouth.

David [9:31 pm]
Jesus fuck, Patrick! I’d suck you so good, baby. I’d suck your cock so hard that your legs shake.

Patrick [9:33 pm]
Oh my God, David. Keep talking.

David [9:34 pm]
Are you going to come for me like a good boy?

Patrick [9:36 pm]
Yes, fuck. Fuck!

David [9:37 pm]
Do it, baby. Come anywhere you want.

Patrick [9:39 pm]
Holy fuck, David. That was amazing. You’re amazing. Let me take care of you now.

David [9:41 pm]
You already did.

Patrick [9:42 pm]
So you like my dirty talk?

David [9:43 pm]
Um, yes! I had no idea you were even capable of talking like that.

Patrick [9:44 pm]
Threw you a change up, huh?

David [9:44 pm]
I don’t know what that means.

Patrick [9:45 pm]
Okay, David. Can we talk tomorrow?

David [9:45 pm]
We can talk anytime you’d like. Except not before 10 am because I’m not really a morning person.

Patrick [9:46 pm]
Goodnight, David.

David [9:46 pm]
Goodnight, Patrick.