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« I want you to come home.»

It was finally over.

Eddie Wagner was gone, and Elliot Stabler was back.

He was home.

The undercover gig had finally come to an end, Kosta, Albi, Flutura, all the people involved in the crimes, with the exception of Reggie (who made an agreement with the DA to get immunity for any charge against him in exchange for his help) had been arrested and ready to be brought to court.


Back at the Organized Crime squad-room, Elliot Stabler was sitting at his desk looking at the screen of his computer, not being able to do any work done.

« Is everything ok detective? » Bell asks.
« Yeah yeah, of course, it’s just that I have some trouble realizing I’m finally « me » again,» He said with a low tone.
« If you need a little time off to be with your family, you can; you deserve a little rest after everything that happened,» She said, putting a hand on his shoulder in a sign of comfort.

« Thanks, sarge… you know I want to do something before I go home to my kids, and maybe you can help me on this,» he said with a bit of smirk.
« Tell me… » Bell said with an intrigued tone.
« First of all, we have to call sergeant Tutuola.»

*At the SVU squad room*

Olivia was working in her office focused on the report displayed on her laptop screen.

Fin enters the room.

« Cap, can we talk for a second,» He asked.
« Of course, Fin, what is it? » Olivia asked, intrigued.
« Do you have any news from Stabler? »
« No, nothing since the intervention we did at the gala for the sex trafficking case; I went to his place after it, we talked a bit but then nothing….»

At the same time, her phone rings.
She pulls it from her pocket.

« Captain Benson,» she said with a severe voice.
« Captain, it’s sergeant Bell.»
« Sergeant Bell, what can I do for you? »
« It’s over, Liv. » Bell said.
« What do you mean it’s over? Is Elliot ok ? » she said with worries in her voice.
« More than ok…. Look in front of you and see by yourself.»

Lifting her head, she saw him standing in the middle of the squad-room from the other side of the room.

She got up from her chair and walked towards him as he looked at her, smiling with his whole face.

Arriving at his height, she stopped, and that's when he decided to speak up for the first time since she had seen him from her office.

He said with a big smile on his face « I’m home ».
« You’re home… » she said in disbelief.

« I am home » he repeated.

He walked over to her and put his lips on hers.

Time stopped at this very moment; everything was suspended. It was just them, Olivia and Elliot, Benson and Stabler, having their moment of truth after 23 years.

The minutes passed until the moment when they finally decide to break the kiss.

Everyone in the squad room was looking at them, including sergeant Bell, Fin, and Amanda.

« Everyone is watching us,» Olivia said, a little embarrassed, putting a hand on his chest as he held her closer.
« I know. I mean, we just gave them a show captain.»
« Oh my god,» She said, closing her eyes even more embarrassed.
« That’s ok; in a few days, they will have already forgotten everything in a few days »
« We'll talk about this later, do I have to remind you I am the captain of this squad? »
« I’m sure Fin will take care of this, right Fin ? » he asked, looking up at him.
« Of course,» he said, looking at everyone, « what are you looking at? Get back to work if you don’t want to be on desk duty for the next 3 months.»

They both chuckled at Fin’s word.

« Let’s get out of here; we have a lot of time to catch up on.»
« You are right » she looked up in the direction of Fin, who was standing next to Bell, and they shared a glance of approval.

She intertwined her hand with his, and they walked out of the squad room.

Inside the squad-room, Fin turns in the direction of Bell.

« Good job, sergeant,» he said, shaking her hand.
« Good job to you too, sergeant,» she said with a smile.