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I'm Manifesting

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“Urgh! What did I say about public spaces?” Wynonna sighed loudly as she walked into the kitchen.

Waverly was leant against the counter, her fist gripping tightly into the front of Nicole’s white PJ tank top pulling the redhead flush against her. Her other hand was held up to Nicole’s mouth, pancake batter dripping down off the tip of her index finger.

“What? I was just getting Nicole to try some of my pancakes” Waverly grinned wolfishly as Nicole licked said batter from her finger, her big brown eyes never leaving Waverly’s.

“Eww gross, I’m pretty sure pancakes are meant to be both cooked and not eaten off of each other!” Wynonna grumbled sarcastically as she walked through between the pair, pushing her roommate back across to the opposite counter.

“Well, I think I’ve been doing pancakes wrong my whole life because this way is much better” Nicole said slowly opening her arms to welcome the small brunette who’d moved to press herself up against the redhead's front.

“Oi!” Wynonna spun around waving her coffee cup between the pair, who were snuggly wrapped up around each other “1 meter apart in public spaces”.

“You weren’t actually serious about that were you Wy?” Waverly chuckled as she turned to face her sister, her hands moving up to wrap themselves around the redhead's neck.

“Of course, I was serious…it’s bad enough knowing you’re defiling each other, let alone having to see it” Wynonna said teasingly as she filled up her coffee to the brim.

“What?!” Nicole squeaked her face flushing instantly to match the colour of her hair, her mortified expression earning a cute giggle from Waverly.  

“We’re not defil-…we’re not doing that” she stammered.

“Seriously Haught-cakes I’ve seen the gross ways you look at my sister, I know what’s going through that big ol’ lesbian brain of yours” Wynonna laughs.  

“Well…whether I-I have or haven’t thought about it, w-we still haven’t” Nicole continued to stammer her fingers fidgeting nervously with the back of Waverly’s t-shirt.

“Seriously?” Wynonna asked with genuine shock on her face as she looked at her sister.

“Yup, little miss chivalrous here wants to wait…to quote ‘you’re too extraordinary not to have this be perfect’” Waverly rolled her eyes playfully but the soft smile she shot at Nicole told her she didn’t mean it at all.

“And she’s held strong…despite my many attempts at persuasion” Waverly continued, laughing at the fake gag this earnt from her sister.

“Well, you're special, and this is special, everything with you feels like a forever sort of thing…so I don’t want to rush anything” Nicole shrugged nonchalantly, her blush still prominent across her cheeks.

“Wow” Waverly sighed breathily grinning dreamily up at the taller girl, utterly convinced if the redhead's hands weren’t firmly wrapped around her waist she would have melted right into the floor.

“Eww Haught-stuff, stop saying cute things you’re making Waverly go all gross” Wynonna huffed earning an eye roll from her best friend.

“Don’t listen to her” Waverly whispered as she gripped tightly into the curls at the base of Nicole’s neck to turn Nicole’s face back towards hers “I love when you talk like that”.

“Don’t worry I never listen to her anyways” Nicole whispered back smiling giddily down at the brunette, dimples on full display, which only deepened when Waverly brought one of her hands round to brush her thumb against one.

“Hey, I heard that!” Wynonna muttered bringing her coffee to her mouth to hide the small smile breaking across her face as she looked at how widely her sister was grinning.




“Are you seriously not going to propose to my sister!?” Wynonna disrupted the peaceful quiet abruptly, tossing her phone onto the coffee table in the middle of the homestead's living room with a huff.

The two best friends were sitting on opposite ends of the sofa in their matching Christmas jumpers and fluffy socks, which had both been gifts from Mamma Earp last year. Nicole, shocked at Wynonna’s sudden and seemingly random outburst looked up from her book with an amused expression.

“Where’d that come from?” the redhead questioned her eyebrows drawn in confusion.

“Well, you spend almost all your time talking about how in love with her you are, I just don’t see why you haven’t, and I quote, ‘put a ring on it’

Nicole squinted disbelievingly at her friend “What’s this really about?”

After a short staring contest between the pair, Wynonna finally cracked throwing her arms up dramatically in defeat.

“Fine!... stupid Stephanie ‘you need a but lift’ Jones is having a stupid wedding and she literally won’t stop posting about it! So, I want you guys to have one so it can be better, and I can shove it in stupid Stephanie’s stupid face…but you’re being stubborn and won’t propose to Waverly” Wynonna huffed.

“You want me to sign up to the lifelong institution of marriage, just so that you can outdo a girl you don’t even talk to, or like?” Nicole laughed.

“Yes! Is that really too much to ask?” Wynonna sighed dramatically.

“Of course, it is Wynonna” the redhead playfully scolded as she knocked Wynonna’s leg with her foot.

“But you guys are basically married anyways and even I’ve picked up on the embarrassingly massive hints Waverly has been dropping for the last 6 months…come on, I know you want too, can’t you just do me this idy-bidy favour?” Wynonna pleaded.

“Wynonna I’m never going to ask Waverly to marry me” Nicole said matter of factly.

“What? B-but all the stuff you’ve told her...wait…I swear if you’ve been stringing my sister along this entire time Haught, I’ll have to skin you alive on principle” Wynonna said fiercely.

Nicole laughed openly “Jeez Wynonna chill…I said I wasn’t going to propose, not that I didn’t want to marry her…which I do…a lot”.

Wynonna just looked at the redhead in utter confusion.

“I’m waiting for Waverly to ask me” she said smugly bopping Wynonna’s nose with her book as she did.

“You want Waves to propose to you?” Wynonna asked slowly.

“Yup” Nicole said popping the ‘p’ loudly.  

“Ha well, you’ll be waiting a long time” Wynonna chuckled.

“Hmm I’m not so sure” Nicole smiled knowingly.

“You really think little miss I can’t pick a major so I’m just going to do four, is going to be the one who decides to propose…Waverly would be the first to admit that she’s never decided anything on her own in her entire life”.

“Which is why I’m waiting for her to ask me…your sister has spent her whole life tailoring herself to the people around her, it’s important to me that it’s completely her decision to marry me” Nicole said softly.

“Urgh can you not be so god damn bumper stickery and just ask my sister so I can have my party please” Wynonna groaned.

“Nope, you’ll have to wait…Just. Like. Me” Nicole laughed.  

“£50 bucks says you’ll cave first. Wave will do something cute, and it’ll just burst out like when she sang you that song and you panicked and asked her to move in by just throwing your keys at her” Wynonna teased earning an eye roll from her best friend.

“I really regret telling you about that” Nicole groaned.

“Girls dinners ready, Nicole go help Waverly fill the plates” Mamma Earp called from the sitting room.

“Hey you” Nicole whispered softly as she walked up behind her girlfriend, who was diligently serving out plates of food.

“I’ve missed you” the redhead murmured as she wrapped her arms around the brunette's middle.  

“It’s barely been an hour” Waverly chuckled, but gently tugged on Nicole’s wrists to bring her arms tighter around her waist.

“That’s more than long enough to miss you” she muttered against the skin of her neck “I don’t think I ever stop missing you, even when we’re in the same room my heart is still aching to be closer to you”

“Hmm, do you want to know what I love?” Waverly sighed.

“Me?” Nicole whispered with a cheeky nip to Waverly’s jaw.

“Well obviously that” she chuckled, tilting her head to give the redhead more space to press soft lips along her shoulder

“What I love, is that you still manage to take my breath away by saying the sweetest things…I honestly can’t even imagine what my life would be like if you didn’t love me, Nicole Haught”

“Well, you have nothing to worry about because as long as you want me I am planning to be by your side to love you and whisper all the sweet nothings that I can think of” Nicole smiled against the soft skin of Waverly’s ear.

Waverly turned herself in Nicole’s arms so that she was facing her girlfriend to stare intently up at the redhead, trying desperately to read the expression she found there.

“Do you really mean that?” she asked slowly.

“Of course, I do” Nicole chuckled “I’ve been completely yours since the first time we met, and I will be yours for forever”

“You know when someone says stuff like that it's normally when they're asking something important, you know something that starts with pro, ends in -posal” Waverly murmured cheekily earning a hearty laugh from the redhead.

“Woman, your hints are getting less and less subtle by the minute” she continued to laugh.

“Well subtly has never been my strong suit” she whispered playfully as she pulled the redhead's face towards her own bringing their lips together in a slow sweet kiss, that left them breathless.



“Ooooh what did you get me?” Waverly asked excitedly as she picked up the present inspecting it carefully, tilting it from side to side, and giving it a good shake as she tried to determine what it was. A confused wrinkle appearing between her eyebrows at the oddly melodic gangly noise the box made.

“Trust me I don’t think you’re going to guess this one” Nicole mutter smugly across from her.

After a long pause and a lot more inspection, Waverly finally gave a defeated shrug.

“Is it some sort of instrument?” she guessed, to which Nicole only gave a smirk and a shrug telling her to open it and find out.  

“Ahhh you sneaky squirrel, throwing me off with misleading packaging…very smart” she said as she opens the box to find a small frame and an envelope surrounded by small little bells.

“Nicole did where did you get these?” Waverly gasped in shock as she looked down at Wynonna’s horrendous directions pinned neatly in the ornate frame in her hand.

“Well, I may have spent the day after we met searching all the waste paper bins in the library to find them after you said you’d thrown them away in there” Nicole chuckled.

“I’ve had them for years, and I know it’s stupid but I thought it would be nice for us to have them framed for when we move into our new place” she muttered shyly.

“You kept them all these years?” Waverly whispered more to herself than to anyone else.

“Of course I did” Nicole answered simply.

“They’re not actually the main present…your main present is in the envelope” she continued grinning apprehensively.

Waverly still in shock opened the envelope slowly.

“You got me tickets?” she muttered as she started to take them out of the envelope.

“Well, I actually got us tickets…to Italy to celebrate after you graduate. So you can finally show me in person all the cool stuff you’ve studied about ancient civilizations” she rambled her eyes flitting between the tickets and Waverly’s face nervously.

“You got me tickets to Italy” Waverly repeated dumbly.

“Yes, but if you don’t want to go we can totally refund them. I just thought-”

“You know what? screw it, I can not wait a second longer” Waverly interrupted loudly as she stormed over to stand in front of her now quite startled girlfriend. She took a deep breath as she stared down with a fierce determination into the wide brown eyes below her.

“Nicole Rayleigh Haught-” she said slowly as she moved to get down on one knee.  

“Oh my god that’s your middle name...that’s what the R stands for!? ” Wynonna squealed in delight. 

“Nicole Rayleigh Haught” Waverly repeated firmly flashing her sister the most frightening glare Wynonna had ever seen.

“I love you more than I thought I could ever love anyone, you are my person, and I don’t think I can wait a single moment longer before I get to spend the rest of my life loving you and being loved by you, so would you please finally for the love of god marry me?” Waverly asked, reaching into her pocket to pull out a simple but elegant ring.

You’re asking me to marry you?” Nicole muttered in dumb disbelief tears already filling up her eyes.

“Yes, you big idiot” Waverly laughed.

Nicole lunged forward scooping Waverly’s face up in her hands as she brought their lips together in a searing kiss, her dizzying smile quickly dissolving it into hurried pecks across every inch of Waverly’s face that her lips could reach.  

“I. Love. You. So. So. Much. Waverly. Earp” She grinned out, between kisses across her cheeks, nose, and lips.

 “You haven’t even answered me” Waverly laughed as she brought her hand to the side of Nicole’s face to stop the endless stream of smiling kisses.

“Yes…yes, of course, I’ll marry you” she choked out between the happy tears now falling freely down her cheeks.

“Ha ha! Stephanie Jones can suck it!” Wynonna cheered as she snapped a photo of the blissfully happy pair.

“I’ll explain later” Nicole muttered at Waverly’s confused expression before pulling her fiancé back into a bruising kiss.




“OWW OW OWWWW! Nicole Rayleigh Haught, this is all your fault” Waverly heaved out in a shallow breath as the last of the pain subsided.

“Seriously Wynonna it’s been 3 years, you can stop laughing every time I use Nicole’s middle name!” Waverly scolded after her breathing returning to normal, glaring as she turned to see her sister attempting to stifle her giggles behind her hand.

“I really can’t baby girl her name is ‘really hot’ I mean that’s a joke that just keeps getting funnier”

“It’s not that funny Wynonna” Waverly growled.

“I’m sorry but it objectively is”

“Wynonna will you stop trying to antagonise her and start the car” Nicole cut in pushing Wynonna out to door before turning back to the seething brunette.

“Now Waves remember what the doctor said about remaining calm and taking deep breaths”

“Don’t you ‘Waves’ me Nicole Rayleigh Haught y- Wynonna I can hear you laughing!” Waverly yelled through the door.

“Baby listen to me, I love you and you’re already doing so amazing but we gotta try and stay calm because stress isn’t good for the baby. I promise the moment that little nugget is with us and in my arms, I’m going to let you beat up your sister to your heart's content”

Waverly looked up into the big brown pools above her and let out a sigh.

Fine, I’ll be good and wait till after giving birth to punch my sister in the face” Waverly huffed playfully.

“Ahh that’s the amazing woman I married” Nicole chuckled leaning down to peck Waverly on the lips



 “OW OW OWWW, Nicole Rayleigh Haught I am never letting you touch me again”

“I know baby but you’re doing so well”

 “We are NEVER doing this again” She squealed out in pain clutching her sisters and Nicole’s hands so tight that both women’s knees buckled to the floor.

“I second that” Wynonna whimpered as Waverly’s contraction finished and her slightly throbbing hand was released.




“He’s so beautiful!” Waverly whispered

“God he really is, isn’t he? I know all parents think their baby is the cutest ever, but our baby actually is the cutest ever”.

“Oh definitely, all those other babies can suck it” Waverly chuckled.

Nicole openly laughed turning to look into her wife's smiling face.

“God, how did we make something so perfect?” Nicole sighed as she looked down at her sleeping son.

Waverly looked between her two redheads; her gorgeous Wyatt sleeping like an angel his beautiful head of auburn hair poking out from beneath the three blankets he insisted on sleeping under and her amazing wife staring down at him with more parental adoration and love in one look than Waverly had ever hoped of having her entire lifetime. She leaned into the tall redhead's side, stepping up on her tiptoes to whisper in her ear “I want another one”.

“Another one! Baby we barely just got our first one and I seem to remember you saying a lot of things during labour about no more touching or baby making” Nicole turned to her with a chuckle.

“Hmm well that doesn’t sound like me at all, that must have been ‘Labour Waverly’ talking…I would never want the touching or the baby making to stop” Waverly grinned playfully, tugging on Nicole’s vest to pull her wife against her.

“I’m not sure, ‘Labour Waverly’ did seem pretty adamant” Nicole teased lifting her hands up as she tried to step back out of the small brunettes grasp.

Waverly grinned as she followed her retreating wife smirking when the redhead's back reached the wall. Her eyes never left Nicole’s as she reached out to grip and then guide her wife’s hands to wrap around her she stepped up against her front, relishing in pinning her tall frame further. Releasing the redhead's hands on her low on her back.

“I. Want. Another. One” she said slowly as she leaned up on her tiptoes her fingers winding themselves into the red hairs at the base of Nicole’s neck before gripping in to pull Nicole down into a slow soft kiss, which was eagerly returned by the grinning woman.

“Is that a yes?” Waverly smirked into their kiss.

“Wave, I’ve already told you I want enough to start my own basketball team” Nicole beamed as she rested her forehead on her wife’s.

“Hmm, a whole team of little Earp-Haught’s" Waverly hummed happily.

“Yup, with little matching jerseys. Me and Wynonna coaching them, me teaching them the rules and Wynonna teaching them all how to play dirty…none of the other teams wouldn’t stand a chance”

“That does sound nice, although I think we might start struggling with coming up with enough ‘W’ names… How about we just see how we feel after two shall we?”

Nicole grinned dimples popping and her eyes shining slightly with unshed happy tears “I’d love that, and I love you, Waverly Earp”.

“I love you too Nicole Rayleigh Haught”