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Their Bundle of happiness

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After a long time of being together kara and Lena decided that they wanted to make a family together. Both Kara and Lena tried for a really long time with no success, it wasn't normal to have problems to procreate between mates and that was worrying Kara... It took her a while but finally she convinced her Lena to go the hospital at least for just a check up.

The news the doctors gave them broke their hearts, apparently Lena was infertile. That same day, their ride back home was sad and quiet, the blonde alien knew that her wife was upset since she could see her distress on her face but choose to not say anything. It took them 15 minutes to arrive to their penthouse, at the moment Kara parked the car, the raven haired woman got out at made her way to their room and locked herself, that night Kara slept on the couch hearing to Lena's loud sobs. That night Kara understood that Lena would never be the same...

Some years past by and slowly both Alpha and Omega started to heal. Kara started working as a reporter in CatCo and Lena started to run LCorp after her brother Lex was sent to jail. That same year the Alien asked Lena to marry her and fortunately the CEO accepted. Some months later they were getting married, it was a beautiful wedding. They even started talking about the possibility of having a Little of their own, thinking that maybe they were one of those special cases where an Alpha and omega where caregivers too and that was why they couldn't get pregnant. It was rare to happen since most of the times only betas where caregivers but after sometime they didn't seem to bond with any little and their dream fade away.

After these Alex finally had the courage to ask her gitlfriend Kelly to marry her and again some time later they were getting married too. Finally things were seemed to be fine after so long.

Until Nia Nal arrived to their lives. Nia was a beautiful brunette with dark eyes and wavy hair. Almost everyone at LCorp believed that Nia was some kind of prodigy since she was only 20 years old as she was working for one of the largest companies in the entire city.

Kara wad the one who interacted the most with the young adult, amd the blonde adored her. Even if she would never admit it oit loud kara thought that Nia was the cutest thing ever, the young brunette was the sweetest person kara knew after her wife.

On the other hand, Lena didn't trust Nia that much. The CEO knew she wasn't jealous of the young reporter since Kara was like that with everyone but everytime she had caught the blonde watching Nia, there was something in the blonde's eyes, Lena couldn't identify. The same thing happened to Lena, everytime she saw the practiclly still teenager, the CEO felt something warm on her chest.

Time kept going and Nia started to come over for game nights and Lena started to warm up to her. Even if she would never admit out loud the CEO started to like having Nia around, but still things felt weird, Lena still didn't know what wad it but she would figure it out. Until one night after everyone went back to their own apartments and only Kara, Lena and Nia were left on the penthouse something weird happened. Both kara and Nia where too focused on the movie they were watching to noticed that the rest of the superfriends have went home.

The CEO didn't have the heart to interrupt them when they were so immersed on what they were watching so without a word Lena started cleaning the living room, 30 minutes later the omega was done. The move had ended not so long ago and the credits were playing, when Lena was making her way to the sofa she heard a small snore that she knew belonged to Kara.

With a small smile she walked to the front of the sofa to meet with the sight of the Nia sleeping, curled up on her girlfriend's chest and for some reason Lena was not jealous of someone else sleeping on her wife side.

The CEO couldn't help but think that it was a cute sight and maybe Lena was too tired and her mind was playing tricks with her but she could swear she saw Nia sucking on her thumb thing Lena thought it was more than adorable. Before Lena could help it, she was letting something similar to a purr out of her chest, it was weird she had never done something like that in her whole life but decided to ignore it.

With another soft smile, Lena grabbed a blanket and covered the to girls in the couch and then she prepared herself for bed. She stayed awake little longet to finish reading some mails and complete some paper work and when she realized it was late she finally went to bed.

That night was weird night, Lena woke up severely times that night. Lena wasn't sure if it was because Kara wasn't there with her or because of the dreams she had. That night Lena dreamt of someone calling her "mama" which was weird since that would never happened. The next morning, Lena was feeling a little sad thanks to the reminder of knowing that her dream of being a mother would never come true.

By the time she was finally up, Nia was already gone and even if Lena didn't want to admit it, that made the CEO a little sad. Kara was making breakfast when she made her way to the kitchen and when the blonde sae her wife she knew something was wrong with her wife but didn't say anything... Maybe she was mad because she accidentally slept with Nia but maybe Lena didn't know it was an accident.


That same day Lena couldn't tear her eyes from Nia. Throughout the day, the CEO noticed certain trends about Nia. Lena noticed that the young journalist had a tendency to put things in her mouth like pencils and even her own fingers or how she was quickly distracted or how exhausted she looked even if it was only 1 in the afternoon... But Nia was not a little, right?

Actually, she didn't know what was Nia's classification so she asked to her assistant Jess. Jess told her that the young journalist didn't have a classification since she was just 20 years old and that made thr CEO suspect even more. That night when she was having dinner with Kara she told her suspicions and Kara admitted that she had the same suspicions. The blonde told her about the many times she had caught Nia taking naps while sucking her thumb or watching kid shows or how somehow she seemed to have a lisp while talking.

That same night Lena decided she would talk to Nia to make her take the classification test since it was actually a requirement to work on LCorp. The next morning the first thing she did when she arrived to LCorp was call Nia to her office. They talked a little about how work was going and stuff
until Lena plucked up her courage and threw the bomb at the young journalist.

Nia seemed scared but accepted. Anyway, I would have to take it at some point, so why not get out of it? Surprised at how good it went, Lena called an expert on the topic and left Nia alone with the man who would evaluate her. Then thr CEO left the room to give the young brunette some privacy.

For some reason Lena was nervous, these test would tell if Nia was a Little or a caregiver and if she wasnt any of them that meant that she would be either an alpha or an omega but that would come by it's self. After one hour the men came out of the office to tell her she could come back in with a smile.

The three of them sat together and the men started reading Nia's.results. Lena could see Nia's hands shaking with nervousness. This would change Nia's life forever and for some reason she felt that this would change hers and Karas lives too. When the men was finishing reading the test Lena saw Nia's face turning paler and paler...

"Well... Miss Nal has been classified as a little..."