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Should've Been Good

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“Oh,” Elliot’s deep voice rumbled through the room. “You wanna fucking misbehave?” He backed her onto the bed, so she was laying down. “You wanna be a fucking brat, huh?”

Olivia smirked at him for a moment before gaining her composure. “I have no clue what you mean, sir.” She put on her best ‘l’m innocent” voice, and she bat her eyelashes at him. “I’ve been really good.”

“The fuck you have been.” His hand went to her throat, but he didn’t squeeze. That would be giving her what she wanted. “The filthy texts you sent to my phone would suggest otherwise.”

“Must have been someone else,” she teased, “I certainly would never do such a thing.”

“I was in a meeting, and you were telling me how wet you were for me, and sent a fucking picture.” He growled, letting go of her neck and standing up as he finished getting undressed. He grabbed his belt, folding it in half before he quickly pulled on it so it made that loud whip-like sound. “I had to wait until everyone left until I could get up from the table so no one would see how hard you made me.”


“I’ll show you fucking oops.” He stripped completely naked before pointing to the end of the bed. “Get down here, and bend over.” His voice was no nonsense. “I’m going to show you what happens to naughty girls.”

Olivia tapped her finger to her chin, pretending to “think” for a moment. “And what if I don’t want to?”

“Olivia,” his voice got dark. Commanding. “Get your ass down here now.”

She smirked, knowing the next thing she was about to say would be the last straw for him. “Make me.”

That’s all it took. Elliot reached up, grabbing her ankle, yanking her down to the end of the bed before flipping her over. He grabbed the back of her neck, pinning her down to the bed. “You better take your fucking punishment with no arguments.”

Elliot lifted his hand, slapping her ass, the sound of colliding flesh reverberating through the room, only to be immediately drowned out by Olivia letting out a yelp.

Elliot gave several more hard thwacks to her ass before switching hands. “If you’d just been a good girl like you were supposed to.” Another hit. “This wouldn’t be happening.” Then several more good slaps.

When he was done, both of her ass cheeks were bright red, and he knew she would be sore the next day.

He released his grip on the back of her neck. “Are you going to behave now?”

Olivia rolled over and sat up, wincing in the process. She looked up at him, and saw the stern, impatient look on his face, before dropping her gaze to the floor. “Yes, sir.”

Elliot pat her on the head. “That’s a good girl.” He pushed at her shoulder. “Lie back.”

Olivia did as told, as she watched Elliot kneel down in front of her. His left hand roamed from her ankle to mid-calf where he gave a squeeze, placing it over his shoulder before repeating with the other leg.

The sensation of Elliot licking, kissing and biting her inner thighs, paying attention to one, then the other, slowly inching his way up, until she could feel his hot breath against her soaking pussy.

“Looks like someone is very ready for me.” Elliot grinned, seduction laced in his voice.

“Yes, sir.”

Elliot leaned forward, but did not make contact with her, letting his breath tease her. The whine coming from in front of him made him feel powerful.

Knowing he could have the strong, independent Olivia Benson at his mercy.

His submission.

It was a head rush.

“Please,” Olivia begged, trying to move towards him to get the slightest hint of satisfaction.

“Patience,” Elliot murmured.

About 30 seconds later, Elliot’s mouth was on her, devouring her as though she would be his last meal. He was savoring the taste of her, committing it to memory.

Liv reached down to his head, trying to pull him forward to ride his face, but he grabbed her arm before she reach him. “Don’t.”

“El, please.” She gasped as he entered her with a finger, curling it up against her. He added another finger only moments later. He chose to pay special attention to her clit with his mouth. He flicked his tongue rapidly over her, before sucking it into his mouth.

Liv let out a strangled moan, the feeling of her impending orgasm quickly approaching when all of a sudden everything stopped and her feet fell on the floor.

Liv looked around, disoriented by what just happened, and saw Elliot standing in front of her, fisting his hard cock.

Elliot walked in front of her, ran his fingers up her slit so they were covered in her wetness, and then went back to stroking himself in front of her.

Olivia, needing something to take the edge off moved her hand towards her pussy, but Elliot’s voice stopped her in her tracks. “Don’t you dare fucking touch yourself.”

Olivia dared to look up at Elliot’s face, his dark eyes focused intensely on her.

Elliot stepped towards her again, standing between her legs. “Spanking was only part of your punishment.” He growled, his eyes never leaving hers. “The other part?” She knew the question was rhetorical and chose to stay quiet. “You don’t get to cum.”

The pace of his hand on his cock quickened, his hand grazing over the head every few strokes to collect the pre-cum that would bead at the tip. “Maybe you’ll think about your actions before you do something like this again.” He breathing was getting faster and more shallow as his grip on his cock tightened. “I’m gonna fucking cum,” he let out a moan, “all over you.”

It was only a few more strokes before he was shooting his load onto her thighs and stomach. She watched his dick twitch in his hand and she rubbed her thighs together as his cum ran down over her pussy.

When he was finished, he looked at her and the desperation in her eyes. “I’m gonna go shower,” he got to the doorway before turning back towards her. “You better not fucking touch yourself. I’ll know if you did, and I WILL punish you again.”