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One Glance and the Avalanche Drops

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Kara comes to her awareness in fits and starts; she can feel the sunlight painting her face first, then the cool, air conditioned air on her skin, then the annoying, dull throbbing pulsing—somewhere? In her head maybe? She’s not quite sure.

She sniffs once, groans a little, and smacks her lips. There’s a gross aftertaste on her tongue, and her mouth is dry as a desert. She needs water, and maybe an ibuprofen. 

Kara blinks once, then several more times just to get her eyes used to the sunlight, before she manages to squint. She’s staring up at a cream-colored ceiling, donned with one of those light fixtures that looks a little bit like a boob, and knows two things: one, she’s definitely not at her house, and two, someone took her home last night. She just doesn’t remember who.


Kara sniffs, groans again, and twists her neck; she takes in the black sitting chairs and the walnut coffee table, the large bookcase sitting next to the front door, Kelly sitting at the kitchen island drinking coffee—

Wait. Kelly?

Kara blinks again and, yep. Kelly is sitting there in her pajamas, gazing at Kara in amusement, daintily sipping her coffee and spearing some fruit with a fork. 

“Hey,” she croaks, and Kelly quirks a brow at her.

“Morning,” she says sweetly. “Would you like some coffee?”

Kara notes the dryness of her mouth and nods. She goes to sit up, and as she does so she gets a good look at herself from the chest down.

Save for her bra, she is completely naked. 

Someone was kind enough to throw a blanket over her torso, thankfully covering her privates from any poor unsuspecting eyes, but it’s undeniable. At some point last night, Kara Zorel-Danvers was wearing next to nothing in Kelly’s apartment and then slept like that.

With the awareness that brings, the mortification rolls in so strongly that Kara’s surprised she doesn’t spontaneously combust into sparks. Kelly is fixing her a mug, still smiling in amusement, and Kara knows that from her forehead to her chest she is bright red. 

Death. She craves the sweet release of death. 

“Did, uh—what, uh—” she tries, and then clears her throat. “What happened last night?”

Kelly, who is the kindest woman she has ever met, walks over and hands her the cup of coffee. “Not sure. I was asleep when you came in; I found you like this this morning.”


“Though I did wake up once when I heard you call someone a ‘lying, two-faced, jerkface’ before you burst into tears.”

“Oh jeez.” Kara winces, and swallows a mouthful of coffee in an effort to distract herself, and then winces again when she burns her tongue. God, this is bad; of all the ways to spend her Saturday morning this was not on her list. Not only did she apparently strip naked sometime in the middle of the night, she also ranted loud enough to wake Kelly and probably any other roommates Lena has.

And she’s also hungry. 

This is the most embarrassed she has ever been, bar none. If Kara had wanted to repeat her college mistakes as an alpha of almost thirty years of age, she would have hoped to do it somewhere that wasn’t Kelly’s apartment.

And she knows it’s about to get worse when she hears a dramatic gasp.

“Oh, Kara,” a man flops down on the couch to her right, and Kara is startled enough that she chokes on her coffee a little. “You left your socks in my room, you monster.

Kara sputters, and turns to find the handsome face of a beta staring back at her. He’s got deep brown eyes, brown skin, and the most well-trimmed hair and beard Kara has ever seen. He’s also leaning heavily against her, and Kara feels her stomach drop in terror.

“Um, hi,” she says uneasily. The man bats his eyelashes at her. “Can I—did, uh—do I know you?”

The man slaps a hand over his heart, and groans so loudly that Kara worries about his neighbors. “You wound me, Kara.” When he catches her eyes again, the look he gives her is nothing short of lascivious. “You were a beast in bed. I don’t know how this paltry, three-bedroom apartment contained you.”

Kelly chokes on her coffee, and Kara’s face turns even redder. She’s convinced now that she definitely died sometime last night. She died and is now living in some screwed up alternate universe. That has to be it, because this can’t be happening.

“Oh Kara,” he sighs, falling back against the couch, throwing a hand over his eyes. “I didn’t know my body could handle that much pain—” he pulls his hand back and catches her horrified gaze with his own, “and that I would like it that much.”

Kara doesn’t recognize the sound that comes out of her throat, but she knows it isn’t human. It’s a sound from somewhere beyond her, akin to the dying sounds of a wounded elk, or perhaps a very sad beaver. She very much wants to get up and bolt through the door but her mostly nakedness prevents her from doing so; she’s trapped on this couch, with nothing but a bright orange blanket and a cup of coffee to protect her.

“I—! I did—we did the—what?!” Kara sputters, her voice coming out in a wheeze. She can hear Kelly snickering from the kitchen and the-man-who-is-giving-her-gray-hairs winks at her.

Kara opens her mouth, to deny and definitely, probably, sputter some more in indignation, until she sees a third person walk into the room.

It’s Lena. Her hair is up in a bun, and she’s wearing a blue robe as she swans into the room with a yawn. Kara’s panicked thoughts are momentarily interrupted by the fleeting thought that Lena looks so soft before she remembers she’s currently freaking out. 

“Lena!” She yelps, and the omega shoots her a curious look before pouring a cup of coffee for herself.

“Morning, Kara,” she says smoothly, taking a sip and gazing at the scene before her.

“Hi, yes—lovely to see you—I have a question.” Lena cocks an eyebrow. “Did I have sex with anyone in this room?”

Lena purses her lips and thinks. The silence in the room drags on for seconds that feel like hours to Kara; in that span of time the beta male has laid his head on her shoulder, pouting dramatically while Kelly looks like she is trying her hardest not to lose her mind laughing. Kara is in agony; and Lena is just standing there, pondering the situation as if she has all the time in the world.

Eventually though, she speaks. “No, you didn’t.” And as she steals a piece of fruit from Kelly’s bowl and levels her roommate with a droll look. “Jack, stop teasing her.”

The dam breaks; Kelly starts laughing in great heaving guffaws, and Jack slides from the couch abruptly, all pretenses gone as he flashes Kara a conspirator’s wink.

Kara feels like her organs might drop right out of her body; she almost had a heart attack. “Great. I’m glad you all had a good laugh.” She grumbles, sipping at her coffee in annoyance. 

“But,” Lena says, setting her mug down, “I do have your pants, so if you want them, come with me.” The omega turns abruptly and leaves the kitchen, making to disappear down the hall toward her bedroom and gives Kara a ‘well hurry up’ look behind her.

“Right! Yes, that’d be—” Kara means to get up, and remembers that all that’s protecting her modesty is a blanket. She looks from Kelly and Jack suspiciously, to find the both of them staring back at her in amusement.

“It’s okay, Kara,” Kelly says, “we’re all doctors.”

“Right,” Jack chimes in, “I see hundreds of different alpha bits during the week. I actually pulled a penis out of a vitamin water yesterday—”

“Okay!” Kara cuts in, “thanks for that, I’ll uh—just—leave now.” She sets the coffee cup down and, with as much skill as she can muster, she maneuvers the blanket around her chest and back. She stands, looking and feeling ridiculous, and follows Lena to her bedroom, ignoring Jack’s parting comment of “We’re professionals, Kara!”


Kara walks into Lena’s bedroom, blanket dress fluttering behind her, and closes the door.

Upon entering the space, she clears her throat. “So how—how did I get here?” She doesn’t really know what to do with herself while she stands there, awkward with a blanket as she stands in Lena’s bedroom. Without meaning to, Kara inhales Lena’s scent; it smells sweet and natural, and reminds her of the hikes she took with Eliza around San Francisco once, of nature and flowers.

Lena picks up some clothes from on top of her desk and deposits them in Kara’s arms. “Well,” she starts, “Al’s was closing and no one else was around to get you home, so I ended up dragging your heavy ass back here.” She says it with a quirk of her eyebrow. “You must have thought you were at home cause you immediately started stripping.”

Kara’s face heats. “Oh, god—”

“You said it was, and I quote: ‘hotter than the devil’s asscrack in here’ and took off your pants.”

“Oh, god—” Kara groans. Part of her wonders if someone could die from this much blood rushing to ones’ face so fast. “I’m so—I am so sorry.” 

She fumbles with her jeans as she says it, and Lena delicately turns around as Kara drops the blanket. Tugging on her boxers and pants at a random woman’s house after getting blackout drunk is not how she wanted this day to start. Kara’s inner alpha is cringing like a dog and the rest of her would very much like to go home and hide under her bed for the next week.

“Oh, it wasn’t all bad.” Lena’s lips have curved into a wry smile now, lighting up her eyes in the morning light from her bedroom window. “Once you were naked you did this—this odd dance? It was funny.”

Kara blinks. “I did…a dance?”

Lena hums in affirmative, her grin transforming into what Kara can confidently call ‘shit eating.’ “I think it was one of those viral ones from Vine.”

Oh no.

“I have to say,” Lena says, “I’m surprised you have that much coordination. Your hips are very loose.”

The omega giggles, the low alto of her voice simultaneously calming her and sending a shiver down Kara’s spine. The feeling wars with the waves of embarrassment that are turning Kara’s face from puce to carmine.

“Lena, I’m really sorry—”

“It’s honestly fine.” Lena waves her off. “If you were anybody else I would’ve been way more annoyed.”

She says it offhand, like a throwaway thought, but it gives Kara some pause in her embarrassment. 

“But,” Lena sighs, propping her hands on her hips, “I can’t find your sweater. I don’t know how you managed to lose it when all you did was wiggle around my living room—”

“Ugh,” Kara groans, and sinks onto the edge of Lena’s bed. “I really am sorry,” Kara says, when she finally pries her hands away from her face. The omega is looking back at her with equal parts amusement and concern. 

“I don’t know where to start, really.” She says, “My aunt—my aunt is dating my ex-girlfriend.” 

Lena’s answering smile is sympathetic. “I know.” And at Kara’s confused look she shrugs and says, “You told me about it when you were drunk. You cried.”

“Oh, lovely.” Kara’s tone couldn’t be any drier. As if on cue, all of the events of yesterday, at least the ones she can remember, come rushing back and Kara has to take several deep breaths to keep her composure. It was bad that her aunt was dating her ex-girlfriend, worse that they started seeing each other two months after Kara broke up with Siobhan and, worst of all, the fact that Astra had kept it from her for half a year. It was enough to make a good alpha go bad. “Look, I—”

“Please stop apologizing.” Lena cuts in before Kara has a chance to say anything, and her jaw closes with a snap. “Your family did something crazy and you had a breakdown about it. I get it.” Lena has a smile on her face as she says it and in her gaze, there’s a sort of pained sympathy, like she knows what Kara’s feeling and can relate.

It’s nice.

The alpha sighs, “Yeah but, I’m still a mess.” Kara’s lips twitch into a small smile and Lena takes the moment to take a seat next to her, close enough that their legs touch. Absurdly, it reminds Kara of that night at Camp Weehawken all those years ago.

“Oh, you definitely are.” Lena says, and Kara is surprised when she feels Lena’s hand trail across her back and land on her right shoulder. “But—so is everybody else. You’ll be okay.”

A second or two ticks by, and Kara privately revels in Lena’s surprisingly calming touch. For whatever reason the hand on her shoulder soothes her apprehension, and she can feel the tension start to leak out of her bit by bit. 

“Thanks,” she says. Lena’s robe has parted and slid up to her mid-thigh and, because she’s calmed down enough now, Kara doesn’t think twice about reaching over with her other hand and setting it down atop Lena’s knee in what she initially thinks is a friendly gesture.

Looking back, she’ll pinpoint this exact moment as where it all really began.

As soon as her hand connects with skin Lena gasps, loud as a thunder clap in the suddenly quiet room. Kara moves to retract her hand, to apologize, but Lena grips her shoulder harder and Kara pauses. 

She opens her mouth to say something, to fall back on proprietary grace, until she takes a breath in and loses focus entirely. In the times she’s been around her, Lena’s scent has a natural and sweet quality about it, like roses or the open air of a field. Now it’s different; in the few seconds Kara’s touched her it’s changed rapidly to something more decadent, deeper, more luscious, and strong enough that Kara can almost taste it on her tongue. 

It’s inviting, arousing even, and Kara has to mentally slap herself to keep from losing focus entirely.

“Se—seriously, thank you.” Kara says, clearing her throat in an effort to erase the low gravelly tone it’s taken. 

Lena reacts with a shiver, and idly, Kara wonders what it would feel like to drag her fingers up Lena’s thigh, and seek out the warmth from between her legs; to chase that sweetness down to its source and taste it with her tongue.

And when she catches Lena’s eye, her gaze is dark, the green of her irises nearly swallowed by her pupils. 

“I should—I should probably get ready now.” Lena’s voice is low, throaty and rich like velvet, and Kara feels an answering shiver run up her spine. She can feel a throb in her pants, and she knows that Lena is having an effect on her for sure. “I don’t want to be late.”

“Right—you, uh—” Kara almost loses her train of thought entirely when Lena’s hand slides up the back of her neck, and begins to gently scratch the baby hairs at the back of her head. Her dick is getting harder, and Lena is sliding closer, pressing the heat of her body to Kara’s left side. She clears her throat, tries again. “You don’t wanna be late.”

“No,” Kara slides her hand farther up Lena’s thigh, and the omega’s breath hitches. “that— would be bad.” Lena’s voice is inching towards breathy, and Kara’s instincts are clawing at her now, telling her to find out how high and breathy it can sound, how her nails would feel on Kara’s back as she fucks her, how pretty she would look coming undone. As soon as the thought crosses her mind, Lena’s eyes dip down to stare at her lips, hand digging into her scalp a little more, and Kara reacts. 

She presses forward and solidly connects her lips to Lena’s in a heated kiss. Part of her thinks Lena is going to push her off, but she quickly realizes that’s not the case when Lena grips her hair and kisses her back.

There was a brief moment in college where Kara wondered how it would feel to kiss Lena; whether she would be soft and pliant or rough and wild, what she would taste like, what she would feel like, and gloriously, Lena is everything she imagined and more. As soon as their lips connect, Lena writhes against her, almost falling into her lap, and Kara takes the opportunity to circle a hand around Lena’s waist and bodily hoist her onto the bed. 

Lena kisses with purpose and with heat, they’re brazen but methodical, like she knows how to devastate Kara in the slowest, most thorough way possible. She drags her tongue against Kara’s, tugs at her lower lip with her teeth, gasps into her mouth, and it leaves Kara’s head spinning. Kissing Lena is wet and warm, like hot caramel sauce on a vanilla sundae, and Kara’s head spins the more they press against each other.

She wouldn’t mind getting lost in Lena Luthor for a little while.


Lena has no idea what she’s doing.

For once in her life her brain is silent, choosing to take a backseat while she acts on pure instinct. Kara seemed so sad and lost earlier and Lena, for whatever reason, wanted to soothe her, with her words and her scent, but nowhere in her thought process did she think Kara would react so strongly. Similarly, she didn’t think she would react so strongly either, but that was neither here nor there. Not now when they’re grinding on her bed like teenagers.

She’d probably have something sarcastic to say if it wasn’t so painfully arousing.

Kara’s warm weight presses her down into the mattress as she claims her lips over and over again, and Lena was lost in the feeling of it. A feeling that only seemed to grow exponentially when Kara rocks her hips down against her own, and Lena feels the hard bulge of her through her jeans.

She gasps into the kiss, rocking back against Kara, who huffs as she pulls back.

There’s a moment where they gaze at each other, Kara’s blue eyes now almost overtaken with the black of her pupils, her chest heaving. Lena’s brain tries to form a rational thought but her good sense can’t seem to break through the fog of her arousal and what her instincts are telling her.

And her instincts are telling her to fuck Kara Danvers.

But having sex with the gorgeous alpha on top of her requires some logistical maneuvering. So, with all her blood swiftly moving south, Lena clears her throat and husks out the word, “Condom.” 

Kara blinks down at her, dazed and aroused, before her vision clears. Then she nods enthusiastically and rolls off to Lena’s side, fumbling with the button on her jeans. Lena takes the opportunity to fling open her bedside drawer and rifles around the contents inside; there’s a model of a human brain, some books, and stray paper clips covering everything, but eventually she pulls out the tin foil package she was looking for. 

By the time she rolls back around, condom in hand, Kara’s got her pants off again and takes the package swiftly. Lena takes the moment to watch as the muscles in Kara’s arms and abdominals shift; how the sinews and tendons stand out and flex and pull under her skin, how her biceps bulge and her shoulders tense as she moves. She admires her body, the strength there before her eyes shift lower and widen at the sight.

And my—Kara is certainly gifted.

Kara’s cock is big; not as long as some alphas but thick and hard, and looks like it could provide the kind of stretch Lena really, really likes. The thought of it thrills her, and she unties her robe and shucks off her underwear while Kara slides the latex down her shaft. 

Lena hopes that Kelly and Jack can’t smell what’s happening in here; Kara’s scent is all over her room and she knows that her arousal is extremely noticeable, maybe even behind a closed door. The last thing she wants is whatever this is to be announced to the rest of her roommates. But, when Kara rolls back over, fitting herself between Lena’s spread thighs, all thoughts of her housemates dissipate like a cloud of steam.

Lena’s senses narrow down to the sensation to the alpha on top of her, and she doesn’t care about anything else right now except for Kara between her legs.

Once Kara is settled, she immediately fists her cock in one hand, and strokes it against Lena’s cunt, coating it in her wetness before fitting the tip against her opening. Lena braces herself for the oncoming stretch, but even she isn’t prepared for Kara’s size and girth, and she gasps and digs her fingers into Kara’s shoulder blades as she starts to slip in.

Kara huffs, kisses the side of her head in apology, and keeps pushing; the rest of her cock slides in slowly, with her hips steady but sure, and Lena’s knees come up around Kara’s hips once she’s fully sheathed inside.

The initial stretch holds that familiar burn of her pussy being made to open for something big, and it’s especially intense since Lena hasn’t slept with anyone in a while, but then Kara’s fully inside, and oh. The stretch is marvelous. So, warm and with a slight burn that Lena likes and god, Kara is so hard and pressing into her soft flesh that Lena melts against the sheets with a quiet whimper. 

“You okay?” Kara whispers, her voice gravelly and strained. Her hips have stilled as Lena adjusts and she admires her restraint. She drags her fingernails up Kara’s back and the alpha shivers above her, her hips jogging once against Lena and she gasps.

“I’m—I’m good.” Lena can hear the breathiness of her own voice, and wraps her legs around Kara’s waist. “Keep going.”

Kara moves her hips, and Lena’s world narrows down to the feeling of Kara around her, inside her, building her pleasure until it’s all she can think about. Lena had only done minimal fantasizing about how Kara would be in bed, and the reality of her is so much better than what she imagined. Kara moves slowly, but with a purpose, and angles her hips confidently so that the head of her cock drags against her g-spot with each movement, and it’s all Lena can do to keep from crying out.

Part of her wants Kara to go faster, to rut into her with the kind of power and speed that she really likes, but there’s something about Kara taking it slow, building her up at a glacial pace for this first time that has Lena on edge. Kara presses her lips against the top of Lena’s chest, mouths along her collarbone, and sinks a bruise into her shoulder that has Lena gasping into the quiet air of her bedroom. 

Fuck, she thinks, I could get used to this.

Then she hears footsteps outside her door and tenses.

“Lena?” Jack’s voice is muffled from outside her bedroom door, and Kara freezes above her. The alpha lets out a quiet almost-snarl that she quickly muffles at the interruption, and Lena rolls her eyes. Alphas, she thinks with an eye roll. 

But Jack continues on, “Lena, remember that we have to be at the hospital in ten minutes? I hope you’re ready.” Oh fuck, that’s right, she was getting ready for work before Kara’s stupid blue eyes distracted her.

Those same eyes in question widen in surprise, then chagrin, and Kara moves as if she’s going to roll away, and Lena simply can’t have that. She locks her ankles around the alpha’s hips more firmly, and at Kara’s questioning look she presses a finger to her lips.

“R—right. I’ll be out in a minute.” She calls, and she hopes that Jack doesn’t pick up on how breathy she sounds. 

At the sound of Jack’s retreating footsteps, Lena assesses her situation: there’s a muscled, well-endowed alpha currently inside her, who has stoked the fires of her arousal so thoroughly that Lena honestly hasn’t wanted to come this badly in weeks. She casts a quick look down at their joined bodies while she considers her options, and Lena knows exactly what they have to do in order for her to get her orgasm, get Kara out of this apartment, and get to work on time.

“Here’s the deal,” she says, as blue eyes blink down at her, “you have forty-five seconds to pull your shit together, okay?” 

Kara blinks, and then Lena watches as her eyes take on a determined glint. “I’m way ahead of you.” She whispers, rising from her elbows to her hands.

But Lena isn’t entirely convinced and, banking on Kara’s natural alpha competitiveness, looks her dead in the eyes and says, “Fine. Do it, then.”

Kara looks surprised for a split second, before her eyes narrow and her mouth sets into a determined line. “Fine.”

And just like that, a switch has been flipped, just like Lena hoped. Gone is the loving, sensual woman from before, and in her place is an imperious alpha who grips Lena’s headboard and changes her thrusts from slow to furious. Lena throws her head back and clenches her fingers into the bedspread, as Kara fucks her fast and with authority, rutting into her with the kind of strength that takes her breath away. 

To Lena, it’s unreal how good this feels. She’s not one to come from just penetration alone, but somehow Kara’s noises, her hips and her hands, are doing things to Lena that she didn’t think anyone would be able to do. She’d be impressed if her eyes weren’t rolling to the back of her head. It’s so good, it’s so good, that Lena’s thoughts white out completely, and she lets herself be a creature of want for a moment. She truly never imagined Kara like this, authoritative and solid, rolling their hips together in a rhythm that makes her wild, makes her want to scream.

Part of Lena is worried that this is going to be a prolonged affair; after all, time is of the essence here and she can’t afford to waste a single second. She soon realizes that’s not going to be a problem.

Kara shifts on top of her, and all of a sudden, her thrusts get slower but more intense. She pulls most of the way out before sliding back in harshly, filling Lena so thoroughly that it feels like Kara is literally pushing the breath from her lungs. Lena reacts with a whimper, and grabs Kara’s shoulders, tugging her down to press her forehead to hers as she ratchets higher and higher towards her orgasm. 

Distantly, Lena registers that Kara has started to growl and groan as she moves and, seeing as how she’s trying to keep things quiet, she covers Kara’s mouth with her hand.

However, in the heat of their coupling Lena loses herself and doesn’t register her mouth opening and letting out several moans that get louder the more Kara thrusts. She only notices what she’s doing until after Kara presses her mouth closed with her other hand.

Lena stares up at Kara’s hazy blue eyes, watching every reaction, until the alpha tenses and lets out a vulnerable cry against her fingers. She can feel her cock twitch inside her, knows that Kara is coming, and that, coupled with the feeling of the alpha’s teeth on her hand, catapults her to her own release, shivering and whimpering quietly behind Kara’s fingers.

They roll their hips together, eking out sparks of pleasure from the aftershocks until Lena relaxes back onto the bed with a huff. Kara hisses and collapses onto her elbows, breathing heavily.

For a second, it’s quiet. Just the two of them sighing and shaking together, until Kara lifts up. Lena catches her hazy blue gaze and freezes at the sight; Kara looks sated and far less tense than before, but she also has this wide-eyed wonder-filled look as she gazes down at her, like she’s seeing Lena for the first time. It sends a pang through her chest, and she squirms in Kara’s arms.

Kara takes the hint and gently slides out and off of Lena. Privately, Lena mourns the loss of Kara’s cock, but also knows that she left quite the impression on her and that she’s probably going to be sore for the rest of today and tomorrow.  

The cleanup after is awkward, but not uncomfortable. Kara disposes of the condom, puts her pants back on, and also manages to find her keys, wallet, and phone under Lena’s side table. Lena slides out of bed, and hurriedly throws on a work appropriate button down and the pair of slacks she had ready in her bathroom, where she also finds Kara’s sweater.

“I found it,” she says, and hands off the blue pullover to the alpha, who takes it with a relieved smile. Kara looks disheveled; her hair is in disarray, her skin flushed, and she has this silly, pleased look about her that makes Lena a little exasperated and a little fond at the same time. 

“So, uh—” Lena starts, not really knowing where to go from here. Kara is looking at her now, blue eyes trained on her face and she- well. It’s whatever. “That was just—that was nice.” Is what she settles on, and Kara blinks, and smiles at her crookedly.

“Yeah,” she agrees, “it was nice.” 

They look at each other a moment longer, Kara staring at her with her wide baby blues and Lena feels it again, that same tingle sparking at her spine and moving upward. She opens her mouth to say something, not exactly knowing what’s going to come out, when they’re interrupted again.

“Lena? Are you ready?” Kelly’s voice calls from down the hall, and Lena shakes her head to clear it. Kara and her— whatever happened between them happened. What’s done is done and that’s the end of it.

“I’m coming!” she calls back and turns back to the alpha, who’s still regarding her with that same curious expression. Lena clears her throat. “So, that was a one-time thing,” she states simply, letting that hang in the air while the alpha blinks uncomprehendingly for a moment.

Kara shakes her head, and then nods. “Yeah, ah—yep. Just the one time,” she says, and Lena takes that for the confirmation it is, even if she catches the flash of confusion swimming in Kara’s face. She really doesn’t have time to unpack any of that, much less talk about it, and knows that it’s best they keep this professional. Business-like. A one-time transaction, and she intends to keep it that way.


“So, what’s up with you?” Alex asks, as she finishes her lemonade. It’s a Sunday afternoon and Alex insisted on getting brunch, if only to check in on Kara and ask her about her liquor-soaked Friday night. 

“I—uh.” She swallows, and pauses to think. It’s not that she doesn’t want to talk about it, far from it, it’s just that she doesn’t know how. She actually had sex with Lena Luthor and it was— well, it was something, and she has yet to fully wrap her head around it. She’s been bizarrely wired ever since that fateful Saturday morning; so much so that the night before she cleaned the entirety of her and Alex’s shared flat, washed the car, and cooked them both dinner. Her sister was rightfully suspicious.

Alex raises a single eyebrow at her and Kara leans forward. “Okay so—I ended up at Lena’s apartment that night.”

“At Lena’s—you mean Kelly’s roommate?” Alex asks, even more intrigued.

“Yeah,” Kara says, and then ducks her head as she whispers. “Um—we had sex.”

Alex’s eyes widen and she slaps her hand down on the table. “What?!”

“Keep your voice down!” Kara hisses, looking around the patio seating in apprehension. 

Alex, however, is looking at Kara with wide eyes, mouth hanging open. “Wow. Well—good for you!”


“I mean, you were plastered, so I don’t know how you were even able to get it up—”

“No!” Kara yelps, “I mean, we didn’t—we did it the next morning! When I was sober.” She emphasizes and her sister purses her lips.

“Okay that’s good.” She says, and then narrows her eyes at her sister, her face shifting in realization. “Wait—that’s why you’ve been so weird?” 

Kara flushes, “I mean—sort of—yes? I guess?” She sputters, and then, “I mean, I just had a lot of energy yesterday.”

“Sure. That’s what it is.” Alex says, rolling her eyes. She finishes off the last bite of her eggs, and levels Kara with an appraising look. “You look like you wanna say more.”

Kara sighs, “I mean—I want to talk to her. Maybe—”

“Have sex again?” Alex finishes with a sly grin and waggle of her eyebrows and Kara smacks her as Alex laughs.

“No. I mean—well, yes, I do,” Kara admits, blushing even more, “but I don’t even know where to start. Like, what do I say?”

“Have you tried texting her at all?” Alex asks, waving down the waiter for the check. Kara purses her lips as Alex hands the woman her card, and then fixes Kara with a questioning stare. 

“I called her.” Kara says, and Alex motions for her to continue. “She didn’t pick up. All she said was ‘hey—can’t talk, about to do a checkup.’ And then didn’t say anything else.”

Alex hums, taps her chin thoughtfully. “Maybe she’s just not that into it?” At Kara’s stricken expression Alex hastens to elaborate, “I mean—if she wanted to see you again she’d reach out, right?”

Kara sighs, and leans her head on her fist. She’d really like to see Lena again; at the time, she thought Lena liked it, especially judging by the sounds she made, but she supposes that maybe she was wrong. Maybe Lena was just scratching an itch and decided to be cordial about it. Either that or she’s just avoiding rejecting her. 

If that’s the case, then Kara can take a hint.

She sighs, slumps back in her chair. “Well, I guess that’s it then.”

Alex very lovingly pats her on the shoulder. “Sorry, Kar.” She says, smiling in sympathy. “But at least the sex was good, right?”

Despite herself, Kara smiles. “Yeah. Yeah it was great.”


“Kara called me.” Lena finds herself blurting out in the middle of Jack and Kelly’s discussion about the head doctor’s soft-looking blonde hair. She blushes as both friends turn to her with matching looks of incredulity. They’re on their lunch break and have some time to kill before they have to report back to their offices, and Lena needs to get this out. She’s been thinking about Saturday morning ever since it happened, and she frankly can’t stop thinking about it. Part of her hoped that Kara would text her, but she hasn’t heard from the alpha since Sunday, and she feels—well. 

A little put out, so to speak.

“Okay,” Jack says at the same time that Kelly says, “So what did you say?”

Lena presses her lips together before she unlocks her phone and shows the two of them her messages app. They read it together, and then both of them stare up at her expectantly. “What?”

“What do you mean ‘what?’” Jack blinks, while Kelly takes a bite of her salad. “That’s it? That’s all you said to her?”

“I mean—” Lena shifts in her seat, “I thought she’d at least text me, is all.”

Jack groans and Kelly sighs. “Lena,” she says, “you said you couldn’t talk. She might be waiting for you to make the next move.”

“Yup,” Jack affirms from her left, “you put the ball in your own court, love, now you have to pass it back.”

Lena fidgets again. “But—well, I—she could’ve texted me and I would’ve answered eventually.” She realizes she sounds petulant but she doesn’t really care. “I mean it’s—whatever. It’s fine, it doesn’t matter anyway.” 

Jack and Kelly share a knowing look, and then turn to her uncomfortably in sync. 

“Lena,” Kelly says gently, “if you want her to talk to you, you have to communicate—”

“Yes, exactly,” Jack chimes in, “you have to use your big brain and your big words to get hot, single alphas into your bed. That’s how this whole sex thing works.” 

Kelly rolls her eyes. “What I mean,” she emphasizes, “is that you have to make a move. I think Kara is trying to respect your time and let you set the pace.”

“Quite thoughtful of her.” Jack says, stroking his chin. “It’s very big dick energy of her, actually.”

Lena and Kelly slap him in the arm at the same time, and he yells in protest. 


Kara’s eating some chips outside one of the actors’ trailers when her phone starts ringing. She swallows before she picks up her phone, and then nearly drops it when she sees what name is on the caller ID.

“Lena!” She yelps loudly, and then cringes at the volume. Some of the film crew look at her suspiciously as they walk past and Kara forces herself to calm down. “Hi.”

“Hi Kara,” and oh jeez, the omega’s voice is still low and lovely. “How—how are you?”

“I’m good. Working,” she says, crossing her legs. 

“That’s—great. Very good,” she says, voice clipped.

Kara pauses, trying to get her bearings. When she imagined talking to Lena again, she didn’t expect it’d be this stilted. She’s not naïve, she knows sex can complicate things, but she didn’t think it’d make things this weird this fast. After the pause stretches to an uncomfortable silence, Lena blows out an exasperated breath.

“Look, I—” She starts, and Kara leans forward in an inexplicable urge to listen better. “I’m not good at this.”

“At what?” Kara says, “talking?”

“Yes, talking,” Lena sighs, “communicating. Relationship stuff. It’s just—” She pauses again, and Kara waits, her foot tapping against the cement. “I’m not looking for that right now.” Is how she finishes, and Kara’s taken aback because, that’s it? That’s why Lena sounds so stressed? 

Kara may be a bit of a romantic, but she certainly wasn’t expecting to just date Lena Luthor after one night (well, morning) of sex. That’s just absurd, and frankly, it’s not really like she has the presence of mind right now to date anyone any time soon.

“Lena, chill.” Kara laughs, and she can practically hear the omega suck in a breath over the line. “I’m not looking to date you either.” Her smile turns wry, if pained, as she says, “I mean, you’re not my aunt’s type so—” she trails off, and she hears Lena let out a surprised laugh on the other end. She likes that laugh, she wants to hear it again.

“Okay,” she says. “Thanks for understanding.” Kara notes that Lena sounds much more relaxed than before, and she counts that as a win. “Look, I should probably go—I have to make rounds.” Kara hears some shuffling on the other end and she can just imagine Lena in her office, writing up reports and looking at x-rays with that cool, professional air she has about her. “We’ll—we’ll catch up soon. We’re friends after all, right?”

Kara smiles. She doesn’t know why, but she does. “Yeah, friends.”

Lena hangs up not long after, and Kara upends the rest of the bag of chips into her mouth. She spends the rest of her afternoon running to and from set, grabbing coffees for grouchy actors and a strawberry salad for the even grouchier director. Surprisingly enough, they actually finish early for the day, and Kara heads out of the studio, and goes to meet Alex at Al’s.

When she arrives, the restaurant/bar is packed, and they’ve got a band in tonight. Kara arrives just as the lead singer starts crooning out the words "put my mind at ease. Pretty please." Alex waves her over to a table she’s already commandeered with Nia.

It’s right as she takes a seat that Nia slaps her arm excitedly. “Oh, my god, you slept with Lena.”

Kara turns and glares at Alex. Her older sister shrugs, and looks totally unrepentant as she takes a sip of her whiskey. 

“Did you tell everyone while I was at work?” Kara asks, reaching for the sprite that Nia very kindly got for her.

“I mean—not everyone,” she says. “Only the core family.” 

Kara’s mouth drops open. “Oh my god, did you tell Mom?!”

Alex grimaces. “Oh ew, Kara, no! As if I would talk to our mother about your sex life.”

“Well I don’t know, you kind of have a big mou—”

She cuts herself off as she feels her phone vibrate in her pocket. She fishes it out, and then her eyes widen at the screen.

“What is it?” Alex asks, taking a sip of her beer.

“It’s Lena,” Kara says, “she says, ‘where are you?’” Alex’s eyebrows go up and Kara starts typing out her reply, “I’m at Al’s—”

“What—Kara, no.” Alex says, rolling her eyes in exasperation. “It’s after ten PM, okay. C’mon, the ‘where are you?’ text is basically saying ‘hey, I wanna have sex with you right now.’”

“Yeah dude,” Nia says, “that’s like the code for wanting to sleep with someone.”

Kara sighs, “Okay, so—how do I respond.”

“You gotta come back strong,” Alex says, tapping her finger on the table. “Like— ‘Where am I? Why don’t you check your—’”

Okay,” Nia cuts her off. “Don’t write that.” 

“What? You didn’t even let me finish!”

“Write something like—smooth.” Nia says, “Like, ‘I can be wherever you need me to be, baby.’ Like that.”

Alex scrunches up her nose. “That’s so lame.”“It’s better than whatever it is you were trying to say.”

“I just told her I’m at Al’s,” Kara interrupts, dropping her phone back onto the table. Alex and Nia both sigh, and roll their eyes. There’s a pause, and then her phone chimes again. All three women surge forward to look at Lena’s answering text.

“’Your place in thirty?’” Nia reads, and then nods her head. “I guess that works then.”

Kara pockets her phone, the anticipation starting to roil in her stomach like butterflies. She stands, and throws out a “See you guys!” over her shoulder as she bolts. 

She hears Alex yell out, “Go get ‘em tiger!” as the door closes.


Lena flops onto the other side of the bed, sweaty and flushed and damn near almost purring at the pleasant buzz between her legs.

She knew that she had told Kara they would be friends, and she still wants that, but she also had a free night for the first time in forever, and as soon as she got home she realized she was almost twitching with energy. And frankly, she found that there was no better way to expend all that energy than with the alpha next to her, looking equally flushed and content.

“What was that thing you did?” Lena asks, tugging the bed sheet over her legs and torso, “with your fingers?”

Kara chuckles, her head lolling to the side to look at her. “I dunno what to call it but you seemed to like it.”

Lena’s clit twitches at the memory, and if she wasn’t as tired as she is she’d probably climb right back into Kara’s lap so that she could show her again. “I did.”

Kara huffs a laugh, and Lena chuckles, but she tenses when Kara rolls over and slings an arm around her waist. Something in her cringes at the strange intimacy of the touch and she taps Kara’s arm.

“We probably shouldn’t cuddle.”

“Oh.” Kara says, and then reluctantly retracts her arm and body, and some small part of Lena mourns the loss. “Sorry.”

Lena berates herself, and rolls out from under Kara’s (very comfortable) bed. She knows she’s just made this awkward again, and it’s probably best that she makes her exit. “I have to head out, actually.”

“Oh, already?” Kara asks. She pulls herself up so she’s leaned against her headboard, disheveled but looking no less attractive. It’s actually unreal how model-ready Kara always seems to look, and Lena has to distract herself by putting on her underwear, lest she jump her again. “Do you wanna grab a muffin or something?”

Lena sighs, pulls on her pants. “I can’t.” She doesn’t elaborate, and hopes that Kara will just let her make a hasty exit, but Kara doesn’t let her.

“You know,” she says, sitting up, “I don’t wanna make this weird for you—but I’d like to see you during the times we’re not having sex too.” Kara cocks her head to the side, blue eyes the color of the sky boring into her own. Lena fights to urge to squirm and looks away, a little unnerved by Kara’s earnestness. There’s an odd warmth starting in her belly, and it’s a little distracting as she tries to ignore the handsome woman before her.

“That’s—not really possible for me.” She says, pulling on her shirt next. “I work eighty hours a week, doing thirty-six hour shifts.” As she talks, she manages to get a handle on whatever weird fluttery feeling has started up in her abdomen, and tamps it down. Once she has her shirt on she feels confident enough to meet the alpha’s gaze head on. “What I need is someone who can be in my bed at two AM, who I don’t have to lie to, or eat breakfast with.”

“Oh, well, in that case,” Kara says, leaning back again, “I hate breakfast. And lying.” Her smile is small, but no less charming. “I also hate war.”

“That’s not true—you love breakfast.” Lena regards her for a moment, takes in Kara’s muscled arms, the flushed skin of her throat dotted with a number of hickies, her soft smile. Without thinking about it, Lena crosses back to the bed and looks down at Kara. She senses an opportunity, a way to get off after she gets off. 

“Do you want to do this?” She asks, her voice a little breathless. 

Kara blinks up at her. “Do what?”

“Use each other for sex,” Lena says bluntly. “You have ruts, I have heats, and we can take care of those for each other,” She says. “Plus, we can go at it at any time of the night.”

Kara raises her eyebrows, and regards Lena curiously. There’s a moment of silence where Kara seems to contemplate her words, her fingers tapping against the blankets. Eventually she nods, her smile growing a little sly.

“Okay,” she says, “let’s do it.”

“Okay.” Lena grins, and feels those stupid little butterflies flutter again at Kara’s answering smile.

Eventually, Kara pulls herself out of bed (Lena pretends she doesn’t sneak a peek at her glorious body), and puts on a robe and some boxers, and she dutifully walks Lena out of her flat to her car. The night air is a little crisp, but not too bad, and Lena thinks she might roll her windows down as she drives home.

“You know,” Kara starts as they stand next to the driver’s side door. “What if this doesn’t work?”

Lena looks at her. “What do you mean?”

Kara’s grin is mischievous. “What if you fall in love with me? What then?”

Lena blinks, and then laughs, loudly into the air. “Oh, really?” She turns around, leans her back up against her car. “Then we just do this until someone feels something more, and then we stop.”

“Ah.” Kara hums, and then winds her finger into one of Lena’s belt loops and tugs her forward. 

Lena falls into Kara’s chest with an ‘oof’ and looks up to catch the cocky smirk curling the sides of Kara’s mouth. “Well, it won’t be me.”

Lena narrows her eyes. “It won’t be me, either.”

Kara’s answering grin lights up her whole face, and she leans down and plants a kiss on Lena’s lips. She nips a little at her lower lip as she pulls back, stepping away from her; Lena has to blink several times to clear the fog that descended over her senses and remember that she’s about to leave and inexpertly tries to open her car door. 

It’s as she’s fumbling into the driver’s seat that Kara, while walking backwards to her flat, says, “Good luck with that.” 


They develop a routine.

It always starts with a text, followed by a time and place, and then race to get there and before long, they’re in each other’s arms. For convenience sake, they usually end up at Kara’s flat, but there was more than one occasion where they don’t even get that far. They’ve snuck into the hospital storage closets, 24-hour diner bathrooms, and hell, even in Kara’s car after she’s pulled them over into a well-hidden parking lot.

This was probably the most surprising thing about the whole arrangement to Lena. The sex is good, one might even call it fantastic, but more than that she always inexplicably had Kara on her mind. It was shocking, how easily they riled each other up. How Lena always managed to push Kara’s buttons and Kara pushed right back. It was the kind of give and take that she had always been told about, but never actually experienced in real life. Kara is never arrogant about listening to Lena’s wants and needs, and makes it a point to ensure she’s comfortable. It’s refreshing.

That and, frankly, her arrangement with Kara is doing wonders for Lena’s hormone cycle. The heat that comes on at the end of the month once she and Kara start sleeping together is as mild as they come. In fact, all she has to do is down a phero-blocker and go about her day with no cramps or debilitating arousal. She’s more relaxed these days, so much so that she’s not even bothered when Kelly and Jack give her knowing and curious looks as she exits the apartment. 

Still, there’s a part of her that worries about Kara getting attached, that this will inevitably end in heartbreak. 

“I think,” she starts, and then her words trail off into a high-pitched sigh as Kara rocks up into her again. “I think we should—oh god—talk about rules,” she says, trying to string her words together into a coherent sentence, a monumental task considering the alpha below her is bent on distracting her as thoroughly as possible.

Kara hums, clearly only half listening as her eyes roam over Lena’s chest. “Mhm, yep. Rules.” Kara reaches up, thumbs a nipple, and Lena groans at the touch. 

Kara.” Lena groans, rocking her hips and instinctively seeking out more friction as Kara’s cock twitches inside her.

“What?” There’s a coy smile on Kara’s face as she pinches the pink bud between her pointer finger and thumb. “Go on. I’m not stopping you.”

Kara grips her waist with the other hand, stopping her from grinding and Lena groans, half in pleasure and half in frustration. She’d come over tonight to help Kara through her rut and in all her years she’s never been with an alpha who’s so controlled yet cocky during her cycle. Kara’s always confident in the bedroom, but right now she’s smug, almost arrogant, and it’s turning her on more than anything has

Lena leans over, presses her own hands against Kara’s breasts. “You’re being difficult,” she hisses. 

Kara grins, teeth white against her pretty pink lips. “Nuh-uh,” she hums, emphasizing her words with a sharp thrust up that leaves Lena gasping. “I’m being a perfect angel.”

“No—” Kara thrusts up again, and Lena slaps her hands down on either side of Kara’s head lest she totally collapse from the pressure. Her knot has started to grow and Kara isn’t, unlike many, trying to angle it inside. Rather, she’s teasing Lena; grinding her hips up into her cunt before sinking back down, refusing to slip it inside. It’s annoying, it’s maddening, and it’s so fucking hot Lena can feel all her neural faculties shut down one brain cell at a time. “Kara.

“Tell you what,” Kara’s voice has a growl-like quality to it, a product of her rut, and it does something funny to Lena’s insides. “We can talk rules after I fuck you, deal?”

Lena keens, and opts to respond with a heated kiss. Kara smiles against her lips, grips Lena’s hips more firmly, and begins to fuck her earnestly from below.

Lena’s hand shoots out and grabs for the headboard and she holds on for dear life as Kara sets a punishing pace. Her hips are moving so fast below her, and Lena can feel the tip of her cock slide against her front wall with every upward thrust, making heat spark in her lower body.  

Kara is a panting beauty underneath her, the blue of her eyes nearly overtaken by pupil, and she’s smiling. She’s grinning so wide as she fucks Lena into near incoherency, and the juxtaposition is enough to make Lena jerk and moan in her grasp. The hardness of her shaft, Kara’s fingers digging into her hips, and then the added feeling of Kara adding a swirling motion to her thrusts that grinds her growing knot against Lena’s clit. 

It only takes one, two, three more thrusts before Lena screams out her release, her climax flowing up her body from her toes to the top of her head. She doesn’t even have time to register she’s come before Kara’s moans get louder, and suddenly the knot is pushing against the lips of her labia. Lena rubs her hips back and forth to ride out the aftershocks and Kara, with one final thrust, sinks the knot inside with a wet pop. 

Lena shivers one final time, letting herself finally drop her full weight onto Kara while her body pulses with pleasure. She feels warm, and she’s practically purring with satisfaction by the time her orgasm stops racing up and down her spine. A languidness spreads over her then, and it grows stronger when Kara reaches up to gently scratch her back in long passes. 

Eventually Kara carefully tips them onto their sides, making the joining easier on Lena, and continues to scratch her back. It’s after about ten minutes of blissful quiet and warmth that Lena’s awareness comes back, and she remembers herself.

She leans back from the alpha before her, and ignores Kara’s satisfied and dopey grin. “What I was trying to say earlier,” she says, “is that we should keep this simple.”

Kara hums, doesn’t stop scratching her back, and Lena privately refuses to admit it feels really nice. “Mhm. Simple.”

Lena pokes Kara in the ribs and she jerks, cracks an eye open. “We should establish ground rules.”

Kara sighs, “How are you thinking so hard right now?” She gripes, “I clearly didn’t do a good enough job.”

Lena rolls her eyes but blushes all the same. “You did wonderfully. Focus.” She tilts Kara’s chin toward her. “I think setting some boundaries would be helpful.”

Kara sighs and props her head onto her left hand. Lena realizes the inherent silliness of having a conversation about boundaries while they’re as tangled as they are but she has to do this now.

“Okay, I’m listening.” She hums.

“For starters? No lying,” she says. “We have to be honest with each other if we want this to work. So, we have to be clear if we’ve seen other people and been tested. That sort of thing.”

Kara nods. “Okay.”

Lena narrows her eyes. “No jealousy. I know how you alphas get.”


“I’m just covering all the bases,” he states evenly. “And no staring deeply into each other’s eyes.” 

Kara blinks, then raises a questioning eyebrow. “Why do you think we’d stare deeply into each other’s eyes?”

“I’m just saying don’t do anything romantic!” Lena hisses, and Kara snorts. “And no doing anything cheesy either, like listing me as your emergency contact, because I won’t come.”

Kara grins, “I feel like there’s a story there.”

Lena glares at her. “There isn’t.”

“Oh, I think there is.” She simpers, tugging Lena closer by the waist. Kara’s knot is shrinking but it’s still inside her, and the slight jostling has Lena sucking in a harsh breath. When she looks up Kara’s eyes are sparkling with mirth. “Isn’t making sure I’m alright part of your Hippocratic oath?”

Lena scoffs, “You’re not my patient.” She hooks a hand around the back of Kara’s neck, and pulls her closer. “I’d totally let you die.”

“Oh yeah?” Kara is still smiling, and Lena is distracted enough by the sight that she’s caught totally by surprise when Kara wraps a hand around her thigh and rolls her hips. The knot prevents a lot of back and forth movement but it adds a lot of friction, and Lena groans when she feels Kara’s cock rock against her. 

“Y—yes.” She gasps out as Kara nuzzles into the side of her head. “I totally—I’d—”

“You—?” Kara teases, thrusting slowly. “Use your words, Lena.”

Lena gasps, digs her fingers into Kara’s biceps. “I—” Kara grinds her hips forward again, and Lena bites her lips to keep from whimpering. “I would—oh, fuck it.” She leans in and presses her lips against Kara’s, nipping at her lips and licking into her mouth. 

Kara’s grin is wide and smug when she pulls away. “‘Fuck it?’ Or do you mean ‘fuck you?’”

Lena groans, “That was terrible. You should feel terrible.” She tugs on Kara’s shoulders and the alpha gets the hint, and rolls them over so she’s on her back. “I don’t know why I have sex with you.”

Kara just grins and grins, and soon enough makes her forget just what exactly she was saying in the first place.