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Spooky Spirit

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Carol pulls Therese into the living room to show her the black lace fabric she had draped over the piano with a faux skull head and stuffed raven bird decorated on top. Rose petals were scattered everywhere on top including unlit cathedral candlesticks.

“You like?”

“It’s very Edgar Allan Poe,” Therese compliments. She takes sight of the cobwebs strung over the windows with tiny plastic spiders. The coffee table has a ceramic human hand holding a candy dish filled with lemon lozenges.

“I said I would help you out with the Halloween decorations this year,” Therese holds onto Carol once she collects her in her arms.

“Well, your job takes most of your energy, honey, so I didn’t mind doing it myself,” Carol shrugs with Therese looking guilty.

“This damn paper owns me…”

“We got more rooms to do anyway,” Carol shakes her gently. “Just wanted to get a head start.”

Therese breaks out yawning, feeling her entire shift collapse on her body, mind, and soul.