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Stop It Now

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“Whatever happened between those two. I’m Team Grey.”

As she heard the last sentence of their discussion upon stopping at the nurse’s station where her wife stood with Richard and the small group of interns, something snapped Meredith’s hold on her temper. She pushes her way into the group and points her finger in front of the younger girl’s nose, making her go slightly cross eyed as the others back away.

“Enough of that, Helm. Enough is enough.”

Helm pales in the face of her temper, her eyes wide. “Dr Grey! I - I didn’t realize you were close by.. I wouldn’t have..”

Meredith cuts her off. “You wouldn’t have what, Helm? You wouldn’t have engaged in petty gossip? You think I don’t know about your little crush on me? Well I do, and I don’t want anything to do with it. And this? This pettiness pales in everything I’ve seen you do around here even before Covid hit. So you know what? This ends now. You will find a way to apologize to my wife for engaging with others in needless gossip about things you frankly have no idea about.”

Helm swallows twice roughly, her mouth opening and closing like a fish as a hand lands lightly on Meredith’s shoulder, squeezing it gently before Addison leads her over to where Richard is standing, who blinks at her.

“Well, that’s one way to find you’re married, Meredith.”

“Apologies, Webber.”

“No, no, it's quite fine. But I’m sure there are better ways to find out than you going off on a resident.”