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I’m team Grey!

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I’m Team Grey.



“There’s been monumental progress made in infertility, but there is much more work to be done,” Addison started. “With my background in obstetrics and medical genetics…” she couldn’t resist casually throwing in her resume.


“And as one of the foremost neonatal surgeons in the country,” Webber finished that resume for her.


“… I will always endeavor to find more options for woman who want to become mothers,” she finished.


“Why isn’t her grand rounds for OB?” Jo asked as her cellphone notified her of a page. “Damn it! Save me a spot. I’ll be back,” she said as she walked off.


“Fix your face. It’s Addison Forbes Montgomery,” Schmitt told a very grumpy Helm.


“Apparently, she and Grey have a ‘history’, and whatever happened, I’m Team Grey,” was her response.


“You,” Addison spoke, “middle right.” All the interns looked at each other, not quite sure who she was referring to. Helm had her hand pointed at her chest with a questioning look.


“Yeah, you. What’s your name?”




“Is that a question?” Addison asked, one perfectly sculpted eyebrow raised, already knowing this was the resident Meredith had told her about.


“No?” Her voice high as she, again asked instead of answered. The redhead’s gaze definitely made her sweat. 


“What did you just say?” Addison asked her, wanting to let the resident sweat, even more than the 115 degree weather was doing.


“I said,” Helm started, “I heard you and Dr. Grey share a history, and that I will be rooting for Team Grey,” she gulped, making eye contact with the woman she had been crushing on ever since she started at Grey-Sloan.


“Well…” Addison started, walking over to Meredith, “I know it’s hot today, but don’t let the heat get to you… my wife isn’t interested,” Addison smirked as she leaned down a little to kiss her wife.