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Claire's Surprise

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It was time. Claire felt a streak of heat course through her veins. Ian and Jamie had finished the shelter, which meant that tonight…Ian would not be sleeping in the cabin with her and Jamie. Finally. 

She couldn’t remember the last time she and Jamie had had an entire night to themselves. Ian would go hunting during the day sometimes, but he was always back by dinnertime. Before they arrived at the ridge, they were on the road. And before that, they had their own room at Jocasta’s spacious abode but…there were way too many problems during their time there for either of them to be able to pull off anything more than a quick fuck before falling dead asleep. 

Even before that…well, the tiny cabin nestled in the center of a wobbly ship was not the best place to take your time and really enjoy each other’s bodies. 

But now…finally, they were facing an entire night and into the next morning – alone, in their own home, that Jamie had built with his hands, all for her. Yes, tonight was the perfect night. 

Several years ago now, Claire was standing in her bedroom in Boston holding a newly purchased lingerie set, when Brianna came into the room. 

“What’s that?”
Claire turned abruptly, dropping the item on the floor as its silky fabric slipped easily through her fingers in her surprise. 

“N-nothing, it’s nothing.” She quickly bent over to pick it up.

Bree’s eyes widened, “Is that—” 

“No, it’s not.” Claire answered quickly, balling up the fabric and quickly shoving it behind her back. Turning to face her daughter once more, her cheeks blushing, she tried to plaster on a smile. “What would you like for dinner?” 

Never one to allow any kind of distractions, Bree simply crossed her arms over her chest, “Mama…why are you hiding your underwear behind your back? It’s not like I’ve never seen your underwear before.” 

Claire blushed again, “I certainly hope you’ve never seen anything like this in my things!” 

Narrowing her eyes, Bree stepped closer, “Like what?” 

It didn’t take long for Claire to realize her daughter was not going to let this go. Stubborn as a bull, her daughter. Rather, stubborn like her father. Relenting, Claire sighed and pulled her arm back in front of her body, holding up the lingerie for Bree to see. 

Jaw dropping, Brianna’s eyes widened as she looked back and forth between her mother and the item that she held out in front of her. “Oh my…Mama…I had no idea you liked things like…that!”

Tucking the lingerie back into a ball, she quickly placed it down on the bed, taking the end of her comforter to drape it over the item, blocking it completely from any more scrutiny. “Well, I—I don’t usually…I mean, I’ve never bought anything like it before…” 

“Oh my god. You bought that to take back with you, didn’t you?” Bree’s face lit up as recognition surged through her. Claire continued to turn more and more shades of red. 
“Well, I….yes, yes I did. I thought Jamie—your father—I think he…well, I mean…” 

Bree cut off her mother’s rambling with a hand in the air, “Stop. Stop talking right now. I don’t need to hear another word about this. I’m leaving the room and we are never speaking about this again.” 

Standing in their cabin on Fraser’s Ridge, Claire laughed at the memory. True to her word, Brianna had fled from the room and they never spoke about it again. 

Now, the time had finally come for her to show Jamie. A night when they could take their time and, hopefully, he would want a lot of time to fully appreciate her in it. 

Making her way to one of her trunks of clothes, she dug through it until she found the pile of her bumrolls. They were tucked away in a far corner, not having much use for them here in the backcountry. The particular bumroll she needed was the one she had personally made and worn when she returned through the stones. Finding it, she lifted it up and took it over to the table. 

Wielding one of her knives, she cut a perfectly straight line down the center of it. The same cut she would have done if she had been performing an appendectomy, she thought to herself. The bumroll now spilling open, she dug her hand in and pulled out the stuffing. 

Rather, she pulled out what should have been stuffing. Instead, there were four items of clothing, all tucked tightly into the inside of the bumroll. Arranging them on the table, she smoothed out the pieces, making sure they were all there. 

A black lace bra would be all she would wear on the top, it’s cups that held her breasts so perfectly in them in a way that would push them up and together, but not spill out of the top. 
The second piece was a pair of matching black lace panties. They had a tiny line of lace frills along the bottoms that would just graze the tops of her thighs. She was not usually one for frills, but when she had gone to the store, thinking about wearing it in front of Jamie, she had felt herself feeling suddenly very feminine. The way Jamie had always looked at her in bed made her feel simultaneously like a delicate flower and a rabid cougar all at once. 

The underwear had two black ribbons that hung down from the center that she would attach to items number three and four: a pair of sheer black stockings. The stockings had a solid, thick, black band at the top but were otherwise sheer, and they would offer a hint of the stark pale skin of her legs underneath them. 

Claire stared at it all for a moment before suddenly she burst into laughter. “This is mad.” She said out loud, still laughing. It struck her just how insane it all seemed…sewing the materials into the bumroll, keeping it with her clothes all this time, waiting and waiting and waiting. Dozens of times where she practically gave it all away and told Jamie about its existence, but then forcing herself to wait until the perfect night. Little did she know, the perfect night would come so long after her arriving back through the stones.
But the more she thought about it, the more she knew: this was the perfect night. Their cabin wasn’t completely finished but it was good enough to live in. They would be celebrating their new home together, on their new land, in their new country…and finally, without the presence of their young nephew. 

Claire’s smile grew as she warmed at the idea – this was the perfect way for her to thank her husband for building all of this for them. Not wasting another moment, she quickly shed her warm woolen layers and began to squeeze into her special outfit. 

It still fit perfectly. She briefly wished she had a full-length mirror to see her reflection but then waved the thought away, there was no point. It didn’t matter how she looked, Jamie would love it. She had no doubts about that. Claire giggled briefly when she thought about how he would react. 

Hearing horses outside, she realized Jamie and Ian had returned from their day’s work and she quickly took her brown leather jacket from the hook and slung it around her shoulders, buttoning it up and pulling the belt around her waist before going to sit in the chair by the fireplace. She threw Jamie’s tartan over her lace-clad legs just as he burst through the front door. 

As always, the first thing he did was look for her. Seeing her, he quickly stepped over to her chair and bent over to plant a kiss to her lips, “Good evening, my beautiful wife.” 

She smiled into his lips as he leaned in for another kiss, and another, and another. Pulling away, she laughed, “You’re in a good mood.” 

Smiling back at her, he nodded his head, “Aye.” He made his way back over to the door, unbuttoning his coat and vest, hanging them on the hook, before moving to take off his boots. “We made great work today and Ian is cutting up a deer as we speak. We’re going to have a verra fine dinner tonight, Sassenach.” 

She smiled at his joy before she spoke, “I already made some leftover soup…I thought Ian might like to have dinner in the shelter, now that it’s finished.” 

He looked over at her oddly, they usually all ate together as much as they could. She added a coy smile, “And we could…have our own dinner together here…alone…” 

Jamie’s eyebrows rose gently in understanding and, without a word, he walked back over to the door, slipped on his boots, and walked outside. A few minutes later, he re-entered the cabin, taking his boots off once again. 

“Ian will be taking his dinner in the shelter tonight, Sassenach.” He spoke matter-of-factly and then he was stepping towards her, eyes on her like she was his prey. Then he seemed to notice something, “Are ye cold, mo nighean donn?” 

Realizing she had her coat on, she laughed softly to herself before shaking her head at him. “No, I just have a surprise for you.” 

“A surprise?” He asked, his voice already sultry. “Mmhmm.” She hummed her answer and Jamie stepped even closer to her. 

She held a hand out in the air, “Hold it right there, Mister Fraser.”

One of his eyebrows went up in surprise but he obeyed, staying put, “As ye say…Missus Fraser.” 

Her heart clenched, never would she be over hearing Jamie call her that. Not after that had spent so many years—no. She wouldn’t think about that now. Instead, she lifted the tartan from her legs and slowly moved it over, revealing her long, stockinged, legs. 

Gaze moving down to her legs, Jamie’s eyes widened just a bit as he took in the sight. “Wha—what stockings are those, Sassenach? They’re so—Christ, ye can see your milky skin glowing right through them!” He moved forward to get a closer look, his hand already reaching forward eager to touch, but she held a finger out to him. 

“Ah-ah-ah. Not yet.” 

He swallowed, wanting to argue, but he didn’t. 

She stood slowly, her long leather jacket hanging on her, the belt tied around her waist. “Sit down.” She spoke quietly. 

“Sit down?” He asked and she nodded. 

“I really think you’ll want to be sitting for this.” She added, her voice dripping with a cocky undertone. Jamie sat in the armchair opposite of the one she had just vacated. 
She watched him sit, and then watched him some more, her eyes glued to his. Finally, she licked her lips, “Jamie…this cabin. This land, this—life. That you’ve built for us...” She took a deep breath, trying not to cry, “I am so grateful, every day, for it. For you. The fact that we are here, together, in this place that is ours.”

Jamie’s eyes looked wet and Claire powered through her speech, she needed his eyes to be clear for the upcoming reveal. “I just wanted to say thank you, for everything that you have done for us. So that we could have this place together. To build our lives.” 

“I would do anything fer ye, Sassenach, ye ken that—” He started but she shh’d him, nodding. 

“I know. And I love you for that.”

He let out a breath of his own, “I love ye, too.”

Standing up even straighter, Claire cleared her throat, “I would rather be here with you than any other place, with anyone else…in any other time. But…” 

Jamie’s eyes flashed for a moment in fear so she quickly finished her thought, “There was one thing from my time that I thought you would…appreciate.” 

His eyebrows rose in confusion as she slowly began to undo the belt, his belt, actually, in front of her waist. Tugging it slowly, she dropped it unceremoniously to the floor, the metal echoed inside of the otherwise quiet cabin. 

Reaching up, she undid one button at a time on her coat, making sure that the two sides of the jacket stayed closed tightly the whole time. After the last button was free, she gripped the edges of the jacket tightly in her hands. 

In one swift motion, she flung the coat off, it landing somewhere behind her on the floor. She stood before Jamie, wearing nothing but those four black lace pieces. 

For a moment, Claire wondered if Jamie could see it properly without his glasses. He was stock still, not even a twitch in his eye changed as she revealed her surprise. But then.

Jamie’s mouth opened just a breath and a choking sound erupted from deep within his throat. It wasn’t a cough so much as it was that it seemed he had literally just stopped breathing. A whooshing sound as air was expelled from his mouth was all she heard before he choked again, desperately trying to fill his lungs that had just emptied all on their on. 
His hands gripped the arms of the chair, knuckles white, and Claire almost got concerned before he finally managed to croak out some words. 

“Jesus…Holy…God…Christ…Almighty.” Each word sounded like he needed to use his entire body’s worth of strength to get out. 

Claire paused, letting him take his time as he took her all in. 

All at once, a string of Gaelic poured out of his mouth. His eyes were glassy and Claire wasn’t sure that he was even aware that he was speaking out loud. “A Thighearna ghràidh, thoir neart dhomh. Thoir dhomh an neart airson anail a tharraing. Thoir dhomh an neart gus am boireannach seo a sgaradh le mo làmhan lom. Thoir sùil oirre, chan urrainn dhomh a chreidsinn gu bheil i agam. Mo Sorcha.” ***

“Jamie.” She spoke quietly but forcefully enough that he could hear her over his own thoughts. 

His head snapped up as if he was under a spell. His eyes lost their glazed look and were replaced with his own, perfectly blue, steady gaze. Though his Gaelic ramblings ceased, he still did not speak to her. 

Slowly, she turned. Hips first, she twisted until her torso was turned to the side but her face could still see his. Rounding out her turn, head still over her shoulder to look at him, her arse was now directly in his line of vision. Complete with tight, black, lace, and a frill or two, her pale cheeks peeked out of the bottom and she smiled when he immediately inhaled.

Not a second more passed before his face turned dark and he spoke, his voice pure lust, “Get over here. Now.” 

She smiled, pleased, before slowly, very slowly, turning back around to face him fully again. “I take it you like it, then?” 

“I said…get over here…” He repeated, eyes hooded as he looked at her.

She held his gaze, not giving in so easily. A slight chill ran through her with so little to protect her body from the cold and she shivered as she stood before him. Partly from the cold, but mostly from the way he was devouring her with his eyes.

“Claire, for God’s sake, woman, come over here now ‘afore my cock snaps off.” He sighed in frustration and she laughed under her breath. 

Making her way towards him, she took three tiny steps before Jamie was reaching his hands out, trying to touch her as soon as possible. “Well, we can’t have that.” She whispered as she got close enough for his hands to grab her hips.

Quickly lowering down to straddle his lap, she placed a hand in the space between his thighs, feeling his rock hard cock beneath her palm. “Hmm. Still in one piece, I’d say.” 

Jamie was barely listening. His hands were all over her body. Running over and over the lacy fabric, he brushed his fingers against every inch of her, clearly enjoying the juxtaposition between the rough lace and her smooth skin. Hands curving around her hips, he grasped her arse in his large hands, squeezing tightly. 

His eyes level with her breasts, he breathed hard, his breath brushing against her chest and she could feel her own breath quicken. 

“Christ…this is what women wear in yer time, then?” He asked, bewildered, his hands squeezing her arse again before growing restless and beginning to rub against her outfit again. 

She rolled her hips once, delighting in how desperate his touches were, “Mmmm. Some people, I suppose. I never really bought this kind of thing. It’s called lingerie.” 

“Lingerie….” He repeated it and she giggled at how the word sounded with his Scottish burl, even thicker now that he was deeply aroused. 

Running a finger around the outline of her bra, Jamie watched as her chest rose and fell. She sighed, closing her eyes, “Mhm. But like I said, I never had much use for it. I had never actually seen any lingerie like this before…Brianna said this is what the younger girls are starting to wear now--” 

“Please dinna speak about my daughter right now, Sassenach—I canna think of her now…not when my mind is full of all the things I want to do to her mother…”

She laughed, scooting her hips up to make more direct contact with his core. She began telling him the story of her in the store, trying to find the perfect ensemble. 

He was only half listening to her as his eyes danced across her body and he interrupted her when he choked out his next sentence, “Lord Almighty…I can see yer nipples through the lace. I can see them…standing tall, begging for my attention…” He leaned forward, latching his lips onto a nipple through the lace. 

Claire cried out, one of her hands automatically twining into his hair as he scraped against her with his teeth, making the lace rub harshly against her straining nipple. “Oh God.” She muttered.   

“Oh God, indeed, Sassenach.” He mumbled as he continued to scrap at her, his hands now gripping her stocking-clad thighs. “Christ, I want to tear every inch of this off of ye wi’ my teeth.” 

A surge of wetness presented itself at Claire’s core and she moaned under his hands and mouth before whispering, “You can if you want to, but just know that if you rip this now, I won’t be able to wear it for you again.” 

His movements paused, his teeth ceasing all pulling and scraping as he leaned his forehead against her sternum in resignation. His nose tucked nicely into the valley between her breasts and she thought how it seemed his face was made to fit right there. 

Sighing against her chest, Jamie mumbled a Scottish noise before adding, “Alright, fine. I willna rip it this time…but one day, I will tear this apart wi’ my teeth and then I will mend it and then we will do it all over again.” 

He spoke so matter of factly that Claire had no reason to disagree with him. He wouldn’t have given her any time to argue, as it turned out, for soon he was pulling back and kissing her on the mouth, hard. Just as quickly as he drew her in, he pushed her away. 

“Get up, I need to sweet that sweet arse of yers again.” He mumbled gruffly, pushing her forcefully. 

She almost fell off of him, laughing as she did, before standing before him again. Not a second passed before he was twirling his finger to say, turn around. She did. 

Facing away from him now, she wasn’t sure what he was doing but after several long minutes, she felt the tiny, wet, tip of his tongue trace a slow line across the exposed part of her buttocks. He followed the path of her underwear, tracing the part of her cheek that was peeking out from beneath the silken fabric. 

She inhaled sharply as soon as his tongue touched her skin and she shivered as he traced an identical line on her twin cheek. His hands came up to cup the sides of her hips to keep her close. She could feel his heavy breath on her skin and her legs weakened. 

Thankfully, Jamie’s grip was strong enough to hold her up because soon he was drawing a line with his tongue in the crease where her buttocks met her upper thigh. With his hands still firmly gripping her hips, her own hands came down to grab onto his wrists in support as she moaned. 

“Can we please take this to bed, Jamie?” She whimpered, hoping to be under his warm body, away from the chill of the open cabin, her skin mostly bare to the brisk air. 

Taking a meaty bite out of her buttock, Claire groaned as Jamie growled before answering, “Just a minute, Sassenach. I’m no’ done looking at ye.” 

His hands moved to cup her arse in his palms, squeezing as he admired the way that particular part of her looked encased in black lace. 

Sighing, she responded breathily, “That doesn’t feel like looking.” 

He chuckled to himself, giving her arse one more satisfying lick before backing away from her again. “Turn around.” 

She thought of teasing him, but the urgency in his voice made her comply with his request immediately. Facing each other once more, Jamie stood to his full height and took two steps backwards. Two feet of space lay between them and Claire could feel the air crackling in the space. Their bodies wanted nothing more than to be together but Jamie and Claire stayed apart, their limbs twitching with the desire to move forwards. 

Jamie stared at her. First, into her eyes. Then, he moved his gaze across her face before moving down below her neck. Claire watched as his eyes displayed hundreds of emotions as he took his time, making sure to look at every inch of her thoroughly. Wherever Jamie’s gaze landed on her, Claire could feel strings of heat in that place on her body. The air was cold but his gaze on her was scorching, her body unable to understand how she could feel both temperatures so intensely all at once. Minutes passed and Claire was visibly shivering now. 

“Well?” She finally asked, eager to move things along. 

Letting out a breath as if he had not properly taken a breath in a long time, he muttered, “Christ, I canna stop looking at ye. Seeing ye this way…it makes me want to do indecent things to ye.” 

She smiled, “Mmm. Like what?” 

Finally, finally, moving closer to her, Jamie gripped her harshly on the bicep. His entire hand wrapped all the way around her slim limb and he groaned, “The way it sits on yer skin, hiding everything and nothing at all…it makes me feel as if I need to be verra rough wi’ ye tonight. Drag ye to the bed and toss ye about like a sack of grain. Shove myself between yer legs and plow into ye so roughly that ye have bruises in the morning.” 

She stopped breathing when he spoke, wetness pooling in between her legs. His hand gripped her arm even tighter, as if to emphasize that he wanted to leave bruises. She looked down at where his hand was latched on to her arm and then looked back up at his eyes. 

Jutting her bottom jaw out, she smirked, “A little higher, perhaps.” 

He cocked his head, his eyes flashing at her words. It took him no more than a few seconds before he agreed to her request. Releasing her arm, he flattened his hand and slid it slowly across the front of her chest. Her nipples were hard, pressing against their lace prison, and she practically whined when he simply ran his hand across them without giving them any attention. 

Sliding his hand up her sternum, he finally reached his destination. His long fingers curled around the front of her neck as she took a deep inhale in preparation. As soon as her lungs were full, Jamie tightened his grip slowly, fingers starting to dig into the sides of her neck. 

They maintained eye contact, their unspoken way to make sure they knew where each other were at when performing more intense maneuvers such as this. Jamie continued to increase his hold around the front of her neck, squeezing more tightly, feeling his fingers pressing harder and harder into the delicate skin of her neck. 

Claire could feel him now starting to cut off her air, his fingers finally pressing harshly enough to wrap around her windpipe. She slowly felt her lungs losing their air and her face felt like it was rushing with blood. His fingers tightened ever so slightly more, and she reached a hand out to grab his shirt to keep herself standing up. He moved a hand to cup her between her legs and her eyes closed as she tried to moan but her throat couldn’t produce sound anymore. Moving his hand back and forth against her core, he tightened his hold on her neck again and her grip on his shirt grew tighter as her hips rolled against his hand. 

Soon, he was removing his hand from her core and placing it on her hip. Waiting for her eyes to open again, he raised an eyebrow almost invisibly so. But she saw it and she knew he was asking if she had had enough. 

She answered his question with a flash of her eyes and immediately, his grip loosened. Fingers stayed on her neck, but now laying softly against her skin, he stroked her hip with his other hand until she was able to breath properly again. Slowly, his fingers traced up and down her long neck, soothing the area that he had just been so harshly gripping. Leaning in, his pressed a few kisses to the marks that his fingers had left on her neck while she steadied her breath back to normal. 

Pulling back, he only needed to see the way she looked at him and Jamie understood that she was ready for more. Grabbing her other hip, his hands stroked up and down over the skin of her hips and the material of her outfit. 

“What next, mo ghraidh?” 

She smirked at him devilishly before answering, “Throw me around like a sack of grain, solider.” 

She leaned in to kiss him but he was already grabbing her under her legs and lifting her into the air. Taking long strides, he was at the bed in a span of a single second and without further ado, he tossed her unceremoniously onto the bed. Her body bounced as it landed, and she giggled madly from his actions, but also in anticipation. 

Not giving her much time to anticipate anything, Jamie was on her in a moment, flipping her over on to her stomach, quite indeed like a sack of grain. He lowered down, grasping her buttocks in his hands as he straddled her legs. Squeezing tightly, he massaged her cheeks and she whimpered. Soon enough, he bent down, biting her again and again, his teeth digging harshly into the thick skin of her buttocks. She squirmed beneath him, trying at once to get closer and move away from him. 

Once he was satisfied that her arse was now properly marked, he sat back up and flipped her roughly around once again on to her back. His body covered her as he planted his lips on hers with force. She moaned, realizing how long she had been waiting for this moment and soon they were both opening their mouths to each other, letting tongues and teeth crash and glide together in a desperate reunion. 

Pulling away, Jamie began to pull on her bra, twisting it harshly, “Ach, damn it, how do I—where do I—Christ, this wretched thing keeping my wife’s breasts from me, I have half a mind to--for God’s sake—” 

Coming dangerously close to pulling his dirk out to start cutting the fabric, Jamie cursed before Claire finally sat up, reached behind, unclasped the bra, and quickly shed it from her body, tossing it to the floor next to them. Jamie’s mouth latched instantly onto a rosy nipple, sucking it deeply. Claire moaned, stretching her back under him. 

Releasing the pink bud with a pop!, Jamie shook his head slightly before looking up at her, “No, Sassenach. We are finally alone. And I intend to hear ye. Loud and clear. 

Without giving her time to respond, he bent back down, his attention now on the lower half of her ensemble. Running his fingers over the fabric, he touched the ribbons that connected her underwear to her stockings. 

Claire reached down and, reaching the end of one ribbon, quickly unsnapped it so it disconnected from her stocking. Jamie watched in awe before turning his attention to the other side. Running a hand up the length of her sheer stocking-covered leg, he gripped the second ribbon and did the same pulling motion that Claire had done. A soft snapping sound and now both sides were released. 

“You’re a fast learner.” She commented softly. 

Unable to help it, his chest puffed out a little before he answered, “Aye. Dinna ye recall our wedding night?” 

“Oh, I remember very well—” She responded, her body now writhing under his, begging to be touched. “How quickly you found my favorite spot…” She reached for his hand, taking it and bringing it up to her center, “…let’s see if you still know where it is.” 

Both of them knew very well that Jamie knew exactly where her favorite spot was, but neither of them had any objections about him proving it once again. 

Eyes sparkling with thought, Jamie quickly lowered himself to his stomach and slid between her legs. With no warning, he darted his tongue out and began to lick her center over her the lace fabric that covered her. 

The lace rubbed against her and she cried out, hands instantly flying to grip the bedsheets next to her. Rolling her hips into him, she encouraged him to do it again. And he did. Again and again and again. 

She was gasping now, one leg covered in a sheer black stocking wrapping around his shoulder, foot rubbing tenderly into his back as he worked. 

Always the over achiever, Jamie proved that not only did he know where her most sensitive spot was, he proved that he could find it without seeing it. Latching onto her clit with his mouth, he sucked her through the lace of her underwear and she came instantly. 

One hand went to grip his hair, but Jamie was already moving. Pulling one of her sheer stockings down just an inch or two, he kissed the soft skin of her inner thigh, tasting her sweet skin and moaning as she twitched under him. Making sure to not only leave her with harsh bruises from teeth but also love marks, he sucked her skin into his mouth until it pulsed beneath him, blooming into a beautiful red color. 

Suddenly, he was desperate to get inside of her while she was still in her peak and he pulled on his pants, removing his clothes lightening fast. Claire wasted no time pushing down her own underwear and reaching for her stockings. 

“Leave them, Sassenach. I canna wait another second to have my cock in ye.” 

Laying back again, Claire spread her legs, happy to receive him as soon as possible. Another second of fumbling and Jamie was pressing his full length into her. 

They both cried out and Jamie almost came when the scratchy fabric of her sheer stockings rubbed against the sides of his body as she wrapped her legs around him. 

“I told ye I willna be gently wi’ ye. I can still picture yer wee outfit on ye, and I need to be rough now.” 

She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him closer to her, wrapping her legs even tighter around him, “Then be rough.” 

And he was.

Less than ten minutes later, Jamie was plowing into her roughly as they both felt their climaxes coming. Claire moaned his name and Jamie grunted as he pushed harder and harder into her. Gripping one of her legs in his hand, he stretched her leg up into the air and she grunted at the stretch before immediately sighing at the pleasure of his new angle. Moments later, he fell over the edge and Claire followed soon after, crying out louder than Jamie had heard her in months. 

Neither of them ready to be disconnected, Jamie rolled them onto their sides facing each other, his cock still buried deep in her. She sighed as their movements shifted him inside of her and he kissed her softly on the forehead. 

“Are ye alright? I didna hurt ye, did I?” He brushed her damp curls away from her face as he eyed the finger-shaped bruises on her neck. He looked down to see similar bruises on her hips and thighs. He didn’t have to see it to know that the mark on her inner thigh was bright with color as well as the teeth marks that were surely still indented in her backside.

She smiled lazily, eyes closed as she scooted closer into his chest, hands curled in between their chests, “Mmm, sometimes it did hurt, but those were my favorite parts.” The words of a vixen but she punctuated her comment with the sweet kiss of an angel.

They both felt Jamie’s cock twitch inside her walls and he groaned, “You’re trying to kill me, Fraser.”

She giggled softly in response, nuzzling her nose into his chest before placing an open-mouthed kiss to his pectoral. She laid another kiss, and another, until she reached his nipple and she bit down on it playfully. “You’ll survive this, I have faith in you, Fraser.” She repeated his nickname back to him.

Continuing to kiss along his chest, she muttered, “I’ve spent the last few months with a great many fantasies about what I would do with you when we finally got a whole night alone together…” 

“Oh, aye?” He asked, his stomach tightening as she took another bite out of him.

“Mmhmm.” She hummed against his skin before rolling on top him and sinking all the way down on him once again. “Perhaps it’s time I gave you some bruises to match mine, hmm?”

Afterward, they lay sprawled across the bed in a heap, limbs thrown over each other and her stockings tossed on the floor. Both of them still breathing heavily, she reached a limp hand over to rest on his damp chest and she stroked it tenderly as they both tried to slow their heartrates. His hand found hers and he locked their palms together, squeezing softly.

She spoke suddenly, “So, I take it you are officially a fan of lingerie?”

They both laughed, Jamie scoffing as if it was an absurd question. “I canna say I didna enjoy it…but the thought of ye wearing something like that in yer time…wi’out me there…”

She interrupted his thoughts, “I never did.” They didn’t speak more about it, both of them just wanting to bask in their current togetherness. 

Lifting her hand to his mouth, his kissed her knuckles, “Thank ye for showing it to me.”

Claire laughed from her belly, turning on her side to face him, their hands still connected but now they were allowing their fingers to dance along each other, grazing and feeling and tracing. “You are very welcome. Thank you for our home.”

He turned on his side now, their faces only inches apart. Leaning his forehead against hers, he looked seriously into her eyes, “Ye are the only home I need.”

She let go of his hand so that she could cup his cheeks as she maintained the same level of eye contact as he was, “And you are mine. Always.” 

They kissed slowly, savoring each other’s mouths over and over again. He traced a hand down her body until he got to her leg. Then he lifted it slowly across his own hip, pressing them together so they fit in a perfect line, the curves and dips of their bodies perfectly fitting in with each other. She sighed into his mouth before pulling away finally.

Eventually, Jamie would ask more questions about this “lingerie” (approximately 10,000 questions) and Claire would answer as best as she could about the different styles, colors, and fabrics. And then making Jamie laugh out loud when she revealed that this particular gift was hidden in her bumroll every single day that she had been back. He tried to scold her for making him wait so long to see it, but then she scraped a fingernail over his nipple and he forgot what his point was.

As Claire settled in for round three, and Jamie quietly asked her to the put the stockings back on, she knew, oh yes she knew, that this outfit would definitely be making many more appearances in their future. And she couldn’t wait.