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Seasons of Love

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Although marriage wasn’t a priority for him when he became an adult, Eijirou always knew he wanted to marry in Spring. It wasn’t either too hot or too cold, and he liked that it symbolized the start of new beginnings.

After Bakugou became the first in their friend group to get married and have children, Kirishima thought it’d be nice if he also found for himself someone he could build a happy family with and devote himself to. When he met Natsuko, Eijirou honestly thought she’d be that someone. 

Their first encounter happened when she was being held hostage by a villain whose quirk relied on the fear of those he attacked, making him a formidable foe. Red Riot saved Natsuko not only relying on his fists, but also cheering her up during battle just enough to weaken her kidnapper. The next day, she showed up at her agency to thank the redheaded hero and bring him a gift, calling him the bravest man she had ever met. From then on, they started frequenting each other until they became an official couple.

Now here he was, five days away from tying the knot with a wonderful woman and doing his very best to make sure she was happy and healthy in time for the big day, as she had come down with a cold. While he was on his way to Natsuko’s place to bring her homemade chicken soup and medicine, Kirishima received a call from Kaminari. Ever since he broke the news of his engagement to his friends, Denki immediately called dibs on the rights to organize a bachelor party with exotic dancers and enough booze to forget their names. 

True to his word, Kaminari was calling the redhead to remind him of the big plans he had in mind and sway him into letting loose. Denki was careful enough to not say this could be the last time he would be having fun with the squad, as Natsuko was quite suffocating in his “humble opinion” and was probably going to keep him on a tight leash.

"Sorry, I can't. I promised Natsuko I'd remain loyal to her and that includes strippers." Kirishima laughed and Denki sighed in disappointment from the other side. "But thanks, dude. I'm happy with just having a few drinks at the beach. Listen, I gotta hang up. Nat-chan is down with the flu and I'm bringing her dinner. See you Friday!"

With the spare key his fiancée had given him in case of an emergency, he made his way inside her apartment. Kirishima whistled absentmindedly as he placed the food on the counter, going to her bedroom first to check on her, ensuring she was in condition to eat.

The door of her bedroom was ajar and, just when he was about to reach for the doorknob, Eijirou heard an angry, male voice rant something. For a split second, Kirishima thought a burglar had broken in… until he heard his fiancée's voice reply in a calmer tone.

 "―you already know why I'm marrying him. One year putting up with him, and with what I get from the compensation money after the divorce, we can live our happily ever after. Why can't you understand that?" she sighed heavily, tired of having the same argument with her secret lover. "You're being as ridiculous and clingy as Eijirou."

Kirishima couldn't tell if the cold he felt inside came from the indifferent statement of the woman he dearly loved, or from finding out the man she had introduced to him as her favorite cousin was in reality her clandestine boyfriend, or the fact that she was milking him to finance the plans they had made together and spend them with another man.

He opened the door, giving Natsuko a hurt yet resolute glance as well as a glare to the one she had chosen to be with from the very beginning behind his back. Both of them were in a mild state of undress over her bed, making it even more difficult for him to stay calm. Not only had they been making a fool of him, but they were also sleeping together. She jumped out of bed, her lover smirking while he got dressed. He didn't give a shit that they had been busted, but Natsuko was desperate enough to approach Eijirou and put back on the loving girlfriend mask she had been using all along with him.

"Baby, I can explain!" She held his arm, but Kirishima pulled it away from her grasp. 

"You don't have to. I've heard enough."

With a heavy heart, Eijirou spent the next three days making calls to the guests and visiting various businesses to announce the wedding was called off. It was hard for him to remain cool so he merely gave permission to the vendors to do as they wished with the goods meant for his wedding. Additionally, he thanked his friends and acquaintances for their good wishes, despite the awful situation he was in.

He saved the florist shop for last. By then, Kirishima was so done, that he practically came in, almost dragging his feet and looking down.

He spotted you and your assistants working on the centerpieces and arrangements for his wedding that would not come to be. You seemed to be very focused since you didn't turn to look at him right away. One of your helpers pointed out his presence, and you turned around to face him.

"Good morning, Kirishima-san!" you greeted him, carrying a bucket with some of the flowers you were using.

For five years, you had been running the floral shop that once belonged to your grandmother. Ever since you were small, you had an affinity for plants, especially because your quirk allowed you to grow plants from seeds, cuttings, or rhizomes if you held them between your wet and warm palms. This allowed you to have in your store some very specific flowers that normally couldn't be supplied to you by wholesalers, as long as you had something to create them from. Of course, you kept this a “professional secret” to avoid getting in trouble and, thanks to that, your flower shop was among the most prosperous ones in the city. 

Clients like Eijirou Kirishima were rare to come by because Pro Heroes were discreet with their private lives and preferred to order flowers online for their loved ones. You clearly remembered the first time Red Riot came to your shop two years ago. He was running late for his first date as his breathy request for a bouquet and to use your restroom to get changed gave him away. You made sure to give him the nicest flowers you had available and to write a card that would make his date melt for him and forget he was late. The redhead gave you a generous tip and left as quickly as he came.

He returned soon after, not only to buy more flowers, but also to thank you for saving his date “to the most incredible woman.” Ever since, Kirishima became a preferred customer, coming at least twice a month to get flowers for his girlfriend. Six months ago, he came in to hire you as the florist in charge of the floral decorations and centerpieces for his wedding, and you happily agreed.

When Kirishima entered the store, you and your assistants were almost done working on the arrangements for his wedding since he and you had established a friendship of sorts. You did your hardest to offer him the best of your talent. You were proud of how beautiful everything turned out. But, when you saw the crestfallen expression on Eijirou's face, you gulped.

"Are you here to make last-minute changes to the flowers, Kirishima-san?" you asked nervously.  

Last-minute changes in flower arrangements for weddings were a florist's biggest pet peeve. It was already stressful enough to spend two full days working on a wedding to have an entitled bride change her mind and make you redo your work within a day. But for Eijirou Kirishima you were willing to make an exception since it "was the most important day of his life. You had pretty good connections and, with Pro Hero clients that had very loaded wallets to bribe your assistants into working extra hours, you could do magic.

"Well, yeah. There won't be a wedding so I won't be needing all those flowers anymore."

The news made you drop your bucket and cover your mouth. "Oh... I... I'm sorry."

He off-handedly waved his hand and looked away. "Don't sweat it. You didn't know."

Although Kirishima was doing his best to stay strong, you could tell by the way he clenched his hand that he was internally struggling. He didn't even bother to correct you to call him by his first name, like he did every time he stopped by and you greeted him by his last name.

"Is there anything I can do for you, Eijirou ?" you inquired after picking up the bucket and the flowers.

"Listen, I know there aren't any refunds at this point," he replied dejectedly and you couldn't blame him for sounding so upset. "Honestly, I don't care what you do with the flowers."

You reached out to hold his hand and patted it softly in reassurance. His dejected gaze focused on you and you kindly smiled at him.  "Then will you, at least, accept a cup of tea?"

You invited him to the back of the store and brewed him a cup of your favorite flowering tea. Without any other prompt from you but a encouraging squeeze on his hand when you handed him his mug, Kirishima told you his love had been a one-sided one. It wasn't your intention to pry in his private life, but it was good that Eijirou trusted you enough to open up, and to cry out his frustration. It was just adequate to nurture that trust by listening without judging him and keep your lips sealed. 

You had the gut-feeling that his ex-fiancée wasn't a good person. When she arrived with Eijirou and he introduced you as a talented friend he trusted to make her floral dreams a reality, she scoffed and said, "we'll see about that," instead of greeting you with some degree of warmth.

But, since you were used to dealing with picky clients and difficult bridezillas on a frequent basis, you weren't put off with her attitude. With patience and your exquisite taste, you managed to strike a deal with Natsuko after discussing it for three hours. But, when Eijirou was about to pay for half the budget, he had a call and was away for a moment. At least, long enough to brew yourself and Natsuko a cup of tea.

When Eijirou returned, he fidgeted with his pants and jacket because he apparently had lost his wallet. You were quick to prove him wrong and returned him the wallet he had left at the counter when he had to leave right when he was making his payment.

While Kirishima and you laughed it off, the bride was visibly annoyed with his accident. She rolled her eyes and said "that's the kind of guy I'm marrying," instantly killing the mood.

You didn't say anything back then because you blamed it on pre-wedding jitters. Also, you weren't being paid to criticize a customer's behavior. But you couldn't help but to show concern for Kirishima's future married life when they left and prayed for his happiness.

It was sad to witness how Natsuko ultimately didn't consider Kirishima to be good enough for her. It was obvious how much he adored her, how patient he was, and that he was determined to be the best husband in the world. Had you been in her place, you wouldn't have taken him for granted and, instead, reciprocated his affection just as much. It was easy to fall for a man like him, and sometimes being around him made you feel a little bit excited and flustered. 

You clapped your hands together and placed down your now empty cup. "Would you like to draw lots with me?"


You retrieved a fish bowl from a shelf that contained many folded pieces of paper in assorted colors and offered it to Eijirou. He seemed a little bit lost for a moment before he randomly drew a green one and, when he unfolded it, the paper read “Golden Years Retirement Home”.

"You're not the only client I've had cancelling their wedding at the last moment, leaving me with a bunch of flowers," you explained when he looked at you in confusion. "So, I thought of giving them away to other places that will appreciate them just as much. And I draw lots to make an unbiased selection."

You stretched to look over his arm at the paper he was holding. "Oh, so we're going to a nursing home today? Great, I love how the faces of the older ladies light up when they receive a rose!" you smiled. "Especially if Red Riot in person is the one giving them away!"

Although, you didn't want to impose on him by making him do that particular giveaway with you. It was an idea you came up with in order to distract him a little. When his wistful expression was briefly adorned with a slight smile, your hopes were high.

“Is tomorrow a good day for the task?” you asked him tentatively.

He knew you weren’t intending to rub salt in the wound by picking the day he was meant to tie the knot. But Kirishima preferred to spend that day giving away kind gestures instead of drowning his sorrows alone. Plus, it was refreshing to be in the company of someone he didn't see as often and was so intent on helping him. Your presence lifted his spirits, like the sun to a sunflower.

And, so, Kirishima accepted your invitation.

Red Riot had scheduled to take two weeks off work to celebrate his honeymoon. But, since the wedding had been cancelled, he thought of working those days as usual.  However, his sidekicks encouraged him to take a few days off and do something for his personal enjoyment in order to return to work with high spirits.

Bakugou called him the night before to invite him out for a hike, something he didn't do as much anymore. But his surprise was big when Kirishima refused his offer on the grounds that he was going out to give away his wedding flowers. It didn't make much sense to Bakugou, but he could hear a spark of hopeful excitement in his best friends' voice and, so, he wished him to make the best of it.

When he showed up at the store, you and your assistants were already loading a lot of individual wrapped roses made out of his wedding flowers. He loved how you made something beautiful and unpretentious from the luxurious and expensive arrangements his ex-fiancée had chosen. If Kirishima was being honest, they were a far cry from the simple, warm wedding he had in mind. But, since Natsuko was so excited with her childhood dream of a grand wedding and he had the money to pay for it, Eijirou didn't make a fuss of something so little if that made his future wife happy.

"Hey," you tapped his shoulder, taking him out of his thoughts. "If you don't want to do this, I'll understand."  

Kirishima looked down and took a moment to observe you. Unlike your employees, you had bags under your eyes and your fingers were covered in band-aids, probably from paper-cuts and the friction of tying so many flowers. He assumed you had spent the whole night rearranging the flowers by yourself after the shop was closed. But you had a warm and happy smile plastered on your face, which masked how tired you actually were.

"No, it's fine! I was just amazed with how much effort you've put into this!"

You closed the van's doors, now more at ease. "Then get in, Red Riot! There's some joy to deliver!"

Although, it was pretty obvious that you were of short stature, barely reaching his shoulders, it was way more apparent when you sat behind the steering wheel. Eijirou was worried your feet weren't going to be able to reach the brakes or that you wouldn't be able to look over the dashboard. But here you were, driving your delivery van like an expert, and it was kind of cute, actually. Especially when your tongue peeked out slightly from the corner of your mouth or when you hummed during each red light.

Once you arrived at the nursing home, Kirishima changed into his hero getup and helped you unload the flowers. You had called the authorities beforehand to consult them on your visit in the company of a Pro Hero to hand out flowers and they gave you their consent.

You turned out to be right. Apparently, fans could be found at the most unexpected of places. While some patients were too senile to know who the young hero giving flowers to them was, they seemed to appreciate his happy disposition and his words of encouragement. Even the more grumpy and stubborn ones were drawn to Eijirou's sunny personality. Though, perhaps that was because being Bakugou's friend gave him some experience at dealing with people with a strong character.

Then he lost sight of you and looked around for you. A nurse guided him back to the common room where you were making odd hand gestures. After observing you for a moment, Kirishima noticed you were actually mimicking his mannerisms in battle as you told some of his past documented battles to the patients gathered around you. It was like you were telling a bedtime story to a group of children and the way you enthusiastically moved made you look like a playful cat.

He couldn't help but to be enraptured with the sight.

"You look like that hero that young lady says is as sturdy as a rock," one of the elderly ladies softly spoke to him when she became aware of his presence.

"Because he is the one and only Red Riot, ma'am!" you interjected, liking the way her eyes had the same spark of innocent happiness as that of a little girl.

"Ah, I see!" she beckoned him to lean down and Eijirou knelt down before her. "Thank you for doing your best, young hero."

The woman held his face softly, stroking his head as if he were a boy in need of this type of affection. Kirishima smiled softly, basking in her tender comfort, and gave her a flower, which she accepted with a wide smile that warmed his heart. He was thankful you encouraged him to do this activity instead of letting him wallow in his broken heart.

"That was fun. Who would've thought old ladies were so fond of big, cute heroes like you?" You said, after you were done with the visit, Eijirou had changed back into his civilian clothes.

His ears were slightly pink as he looked away awkwardly. "Stop teasing me," he scratched his temple. "I'm not cute."

You just smiled and kept driving. "Would you like to go grab a bite? Pick your poison; it'll be my treat."

"I don't want you to feel obligated to spend your day with me, especially while you're working."

Contrary to his statement, Kirishima was dreading the thought of returning home, nothing to do with what was left of his day. He'd rather continue his time with you just a bit longer. He didn't want you to get out of your way just because you felt sorry for his situation. But, apparently, you weren't having any of that.

"Oh, come on, my mom used to say that sorrows are easier with a full stomach!"

"Then I'll leave the choice to you only if you allow me to pay. I'll feel bad if I make a lady pay for my meal."

Although, it wasn't common anymore for a man to pay the bill on meals that weren't shared with a girlfriend, you weren't interested in starting an argument with Eijirou. It was about distracting him and making him feel comfortable, doing things his way.

Picking a pizza parlor to have lunch was only the first of the many surprises you had. At first, Eijirou thought you had chosen it to not make him spend a lot of money on something fancier. But, once you started eating, he knew you actually had been craving pizza. He had never seen a girl eat her food so heartily like you did. It was as if the slice of pepperoni pizza you were munching on had offended your mother. His ex would be quite picky when they ate out together, made a lot of unusual requests, and often her food went to waste because she was constantly on a diet.

"Do I have monkeys on my face?" you asked him, after noticing you had eaten half a pizza already while Eijirou had only eaten his second slice.

"No, it's just..." he smiled in amusement. "You have a good appetite."

When you stopped chewing, Kirishima instantly regretted his choice of words. In his experience, ladies could be quite sensitive with remarks regarding their weight and eating habits...

"Yes, I do." you swallowed happily. "I could finish this by myself if left unsupervised. I suggest you hurry up before this disappears!"

...except for you, apparently.

You ended up ordering another pizza but, this time, you ate it more slowly. Probably because it had more to do with wanting to prolong your time together and have a good chat as opposed to rushing to go your separate ways. Kirishima appreciated your kindness and your natural sense of humor. It made him realize that hanging out with a female friend could be as entertaining as doing it with his old friends from school. 

"Thanks a lot, Y/N." He said bashfully after you were done eating. “I don’t know how I could repay you for this.”

"You know, Eijirou, I'll be happy if you’re happy." you wiped some tomato sauce from his face with a napkin. The gesture shouldn't have made him feel warm and fuzzy inside, but it did. He interpreted it as gratitude to you for being too nice to him and thought nothing else of them after you dropped him off at his place. 

A few days after that dinner, Kirishima returned to work and, the morning after that, was surprised to receive a small bouquet of sunflowers with a card that read “Congratulations on your comeback,” as well as a box of wagashi. Though the flowers were anonymous, he knew they were from you because they also included a picture of himself at the nursing home when he gave a rose to the lady that he knelt down for. You also texted Eijirou on a frequent basis to check on him and told him that, even if you were busy with work, you could always make time for him.

Unfortunately for Kirishima, he couldn't always make time for you. He replied to your texts mostly hours after you had sent them to him or during any break he could make. But your selfless concern for him was enough to give him the encouragement he needed to get over his failed relationship.

Kirishima was a heavy sleeper, a trait unusual in a Pro Hero that was supposed to remain alert at any time he could be needed, especially at night. But, one summer night, his eyes were wide open like saucers because, a few hours earlier, he had come to a realization that, instead of making him jump out of bed with joy, worried the living shit out of him.

It was only a matter of time before his friends found out about you. Eijirou didn't deem it necessary to talk about you with them, except with Bakugou, crediting you for making his days more bearable after the breakup. Katsuki made it seem like he wasn't really interested in listening to his best friend talk about sappy stuff, but he did imply that it was a good thing to have some extra support.

It was Kaminari who saw Kirishima smiling faintly every time his phone notified him of a message when they all went out for drinks after work and the blonde saw your name on the screen. Living up to his teasing nature, he asked the redhead aloud who you were. Sero also butted in, asking for more details while Bakugou was the one who made them shut up and not meddle in his private life.

But Kirishima didn't mind talking about you to them. It was easy for him to describe you as a sweet, kind lady that always had something good and comforting to say. His cheeks were slightly pink when he got to tell them how adorable you were because you were lively and small, at least compared to him. They didn't need a picture to know you were a cute woman from how detailed your description was.

"Dude, she sounds like a great girl," Kaminari commented with dreamy eyes. "I'd like to meet her! Can you introduce her to me?"

"No!" Kirishima didn't hesitate to refuse him, surprising them all as he was never one to deny his friends a favor.

"Whoa, chill out!" Kaminari broke out in a cold sweat because, for a split second, he saw Kirishima frown in a way that closely resembled Bakugou when he was angry. "I didn't mean to steal your girl!"

After Kaminari said that, there was a long silence and Kirishima's face became beet red.

"Is she your girl?" Sero asked him casually and Eijirou was quick in shaking his head. Hanta smiled wide. "Then why don't you date her? We all can tell you like her a lot."

Thankfully, Bakugou helped Kirishima defuse the situation before his now tipsy friends continued pressuring him. Once he was back home, alone with his thoughts, Eijirou was forced to acknowledge that Sero was right. He liked you a lot, more than he ever liked someone since he fell for Natsuko. But, also, he was hesitant to take the next step into your already beautiful friendship, especially so soon after being deeply hurt.

If he was being honest, Kirishima thought you deserved better. In the three months you had been exchanging calls, messages and small gifts, he had come to appreciate you more than he already did. Eijirou didn't want you to think you were a rebound to him when, in fact, you were more precious than that.  Perhaps the teasing from his friends took him aback so much that he was mistaking his embarrassment with feelings of love. There was no way he was actually that deep into you.

As he let the weeks pass by without seeing you, Kirishima couldn't help but to wonder if you were doing okay. You rarely spoke to him about your day, probably because your life wasn't as exciting or filled with dangers like his. It could also be that you were struggling with issues that couldn't be discussed over the phone. You also sometimes went hours without replying to his texts and that filled him with worry until you sent him a happy emoji.

Eijirou even began to frequently ask Bakugou, who was in charge of patrolling your area, if you were doing okay. Kirishima only stopped asking him when Bakugou got fed up being used as a second pair of eyes. Instead, he began to make rounds during his lunch breaks and when he finished his shifts.He was content with watching from afar, just enough to spot you working behind the counter. Sometimes he saw a bubbly smile on your face, sometimes you looked deep in thought, and sometimes, you closed up early.

"If you're so worried about her, then go and talk to her. You're being creepy!" Bakugou barked after Kirishima mentioned how he had watched you for the umpteenth time.

Realizing that his best friend was right, cringing inside because his actions bordered on stalking, Kirishima decided to take his advice. Since you hadn't spoken to each other in person since the visit at the retirement home and he didn't want to seem desperate for your attention, Eijirou thought that buying you flowers was the perfect excuse to stop by your business and ask you out.

With this seemingly perfect idea in mind, Kirishima entered your store for the first time in months. He found you behind the counter making a call and taking notes and, once you were done, turned your attention to him.

"My best friend was injured and I'd like to take him a 'get-well' bouquet, please!" he asked so loudly that all eyes turned on him. You didn't seem to mind. You were very happy to see him again in person.

"Sure!" You rushed to the back of the store and returned with a big box of assorted, small plushies. "Would you like to pick one of these too?"

After he made his payment and managed to secure an invitation for yakiniku next time, Kirishima stopped by Dynamight's agency to personally give Bakugou a beautiful arrangement of yellow amaryllis, white daisies, orange roses, pink Peruvian lilies, green athos poms, and a cute red dragon plush as well as a balloon that read “get well soon!”

"What the fuck are the flowers for?" Bakugou asked in irritation.

"Uh... so they'll make you feel better from your injury?"The redhead replied, bashfully rubbing the back of his head.

Bakugou gave him an incredulous look, as he had only gotten a couple of stitches and didn't even require hospitalization. That day, he and Eijirou had a field day trying to explain to their sidekicks they weren't having an affair, and that Kirishima was a dork. Also, Bakugou would have to come up with a good explanation for his wife when he returned home with a bunch of flowers. Though he was sure his son would love to keep the doll.

Your yakiniku date happened less than a week later, and Eijirou was overwhelmed with your choice of clothes, instead of your green apron. Not that you looked ugly with it, actually it accentuated your natural beauty and made you look so hardworking, and...

He probably looked like an idiot, because you giggled upon arrival, but the rest of the date went on smoothly. You shared things about yourselves that neither of you knew about the other so far, exchanged old stories, and discussed your hobbies. He was impressed and delighted to learn that, despite your petite frame, you always had been physically strong and were someone bullies ran from at school. On the other hand, you were taken aback at the revelation that his red hair was dyed and that he once was a person bullies made fun of. But, instead of being disappointed, you admired him even more for growing out of his insecurities, and working very hard to become an even better version of himself.

Kirishima was so content afterwards that he decided to stop by your shop again three days later to buy more flowers, but using a different excuse to avoid suspicion. Bakugou facepalmed when his best friend told him he planned to carry out this plan a few more times, that is if his very obvious giddiness didn't out him first.

"Think you could make me an extra pretty bouquet for a friend's birthday, please?"

"Right away!" You pointed at some bouquets that were over a table. "Would you like to pick up one of the pre-made arrangements or select your own flowers to suit their tastes?"

It would have been easier to just grab a bouquet and leave, but that defeated the purpose of his visit. The friend in question was Mina and, of course, Eijirou had no idea which flowers she fancied. He skillfully pretended to know his business and, while he was at it, engaged in conversation with you. Once you were done, Kirishima left the flower shop with a vibrant bouquet and a coffee date for his lunch break.

"Happy birthday, Pinky!" Kirishima personally gave Mina a floral arrangement of orange lilies, peach alstroemerias, hot pink daisies, lavender, orange roses, and yellow freesias with lots of greenery in a ceramic container that resembled a gift box which could later be used as a keepsake box. 

"How sweet!" Mina was very happy and definitely didn't expect Kirishima to be so splendid out of the blue. "But my birthday is next week!" She corrected him with a chuckle.

Kirishima also laughed softly, since that mistake meant he had another excuse to return to you. "I don't mind giving you another bouquet by then!"

And he indeed returned later that week to buy more flowers for Mina and land another date with you. At this point, you wondered if he had deliberately gotten Mina's birth date wrong just to have an excuse to come by so soon. Bakugou was right in assuming that Kirishima's enthusiasm was going to give away his intentions but, instead of feeling cheated, you were more than ready to give him what he was looking for all along.

Eijirou stopped by your business a week later amidst a storm. Your shop was one of the few businesses that remained open despite the blackout on the block and you had candles lit around the shop, giving it an enchanting and magical glow. Your assistants had already left and you were prepared to leave yourself when the redheaded hero barged in, giving you quite a fright.

"Oops, sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," he smiled apologetically. "Thank God you're still open, I―" before Kirishima could tell you he needed some centerpieces for Uraraka's baby shower, which was 7 months away, you placed a finger over his lips.

"Actually, I'm closing up now." you said and he deflated, thinking he'd have to wait longer to have a chance to be with you. "But I don't mind staying after hours if you have a cup of hot chocolate with me."

The offer was like a magical spell that turned Eijirou's gloomy expression into one that irradiated joy. Heck, he could lighten the whole room by himself, and his happiness was contagious. You found yourself smiling and feeling your face flush with his evident liking of you.

"Do you have marshmallows?" he asked, sitting down at the back of the store as you threw a blanket over his shoulders and a towel over his head. 

"Of course!" You placed over the coffee table a glass jar with flower-shaped marshmallows that bloomed when put over the hot drink.

Instead of sitting across from him, you sat so close to him,  your legs touching each other. He was happy to have a more intimate contact with you, but Kirishima was a flustered mess. It had been a long time since he felt like this, way before he and Natsuko were engaged. Until now he realized that he was the one doing all the work to keep the relationship afloat, so it was nice to be with someone that was more than happy to pamper him just like he was willing to protect and love.

"You don't need to buy me flowers to make me agree to date you." You stated, leaning closer. "I like you, too, Eijirou. I'll date you as many times as you wish, if you give me a kiss."

Your half-joking proposition made Kirishima choke on his chocolate and you laughed because that was exactly how you thought he'd react. When you leaned to grab a napkin, he held your wrist and wrapped your hand with his. You turned to look at him, and were met with the sight of a serene but soft smile, as if Kirishima was contemplating taking your offer. Your mouth parted slightly in surprise when he cupped your cheek with his big palm, stroking your lower lip with his thumb.

"May I?" He asked in a faint voice and you nodded, leaning in closer to him. Eijirou closed the distance between your faces until your lips locked together.

The kiss itself was merely a press at first, but Eijirou nipped at your lips and your free hand gripped his shoulder while you did the same in return. Both of you took your sweet time kissing, not with the ardent passion of two people driven by lust, but with the comfort and hope that what had started between you would turn out so very different from what he had been so afraid of when he discovered his feelings for you.

Two big milestones in your relationship with Eijirou happened in the next two autumns. The first Fall you spent together as a couple, he introduced you to his closest friends when they all gathered to celebrate his birthday at a pub. Not only because he wanted you to become part of his life, but also because Kirishima was interested in Bakugou’s assessment of you. 

In all the years they had been friends, Kirishima had come to acknowledge that Bakugou was very good at reading people, even though at first he mistook that quality for dislike of people he considered beneath him. When Katsuki expressed disappointment in his choice of a bride upon introducing him to Natsuko, the redhead was so in love that he interpreted his hostility to her as some sort of fear of not having time to hang out anymore and weaken their friendship. 

Back then, Bakugou was so busy with work and the premature birth of his second child, and Natsuko monopolized Eijirou so much that they barely saw each other. He was unable to investigate further into his suspicions and warn his best friend before it was too late. Despite not marrying in the end, Katsuki felt particularly guilty for not being there when Eijirou needed him most. 

Of course, you weren’t aware of all that jazz and, so, you felt really uncomfortable with Bakugou’s powerful stare surveying you closely. You were unsure if he was having inappropriate thoughts about you despite being married or if you had done something to incur his anger. On top of that, one of your exes happened to be working there as a waiter and introduced himself as a dear friend of yours, which immediately rang some bells for Bakugou and stirred dread in Kirishima. 

At one point, you stood up to use the restroom and when your ex followed after you, Bakugou did the same but kept his distance. The guy Natsuko was two-timing Kirishima with was introduced to him as her cousin so he wanted to make sure you weren’t pulling off the same card as her.  

Apparently, you were innocent all along and it was your ex the one who was pestering you. When he criticized you for “downgrading” your tastes and dating a guy who wore crocs in public and had an idiotic smile on his face, you didn’t hesitate in punching him so hard in the face that even Bakugou winced.  

“Stop talking about him like he’s just a fling!” Your voice was firm, despite sounding hurt. “Eijirou is my heart and, if you keep bothering us, I’ll make poison ivy grow from your pubic hair!”

Bakugou chuckled after hearing that threat and you stomped back to your table. The blonde stood in your way before Kirishima could spot you and your prior meekness around him was nowhere in sight. 

“And you !” You pressed a finger on his hard chest. “If you have a reason to look at me like you have a stick up your ass, say it now, you jerk!”

You both glared at each other, but Bakugou chose not to infuriate you further and end up being the one with poison ivy on his nether regions. Besides, Kirishima wouldn’t appreciate it if he antagonized his girlfriend, even if it was for his sake. On the other hand, you were pretty annoyed but wanted to give Katsuki the benefit of the doubt instead of jumping to conclusions to avoid upsetting Eijirou. 

Bakugou was the first to surmise that you were someone he could trust to make Kirishima happy since both of you wanted what was best for him. “This is my face, woman.” He dismissed you, “come. Kirishima misses his gremlin, I mean, girlfriend.” 

When you pouted and followed him, Bakugou stopped again to give you what he deemed a piece of advice. “Don’t be a bitch to him. He’s very much into you.”

Though his choice of words wasn’t the most appropriate, you realized that Bakugou was just looking out for his best friend. His awkward warning left you dumbfounded, but you followed him out. “You don’t have to say it. He’s a great man.”

Kirishima anxiously waited for your return, foot tapping under the table and he almost jumped from his seat when he saw you two return. When you leaned to sit next to him and kiss his cheek,  Eijirou saw Bakugou nod in approval and he cried on the spot, much to everyone’s confusion. 

The other milestone was during your second autumn together when he concluded you were the one meant to marry him. His conviction was stronger than when he did the same with his former fiancée. 

He was called on a mission right before he was supposed to attend dinner with you and your parents. They were eager to meet the man that had been courting their lovely daughter for two years now and Kirishima also looked forward to it to thank them for bringing you into the world. However, the villains in charge proved to be too strong to be quickly dealt with and he sustained so much damage that he required emergency surgery and a blood transfusion. 

When he opened his eyes the afternoon of the next day, the realization that he stood you up in what was meant to be the long-awaited introduction hit him like a sack of bricks. 

He couldn't even call you because his phone had broken mid-battle and Bakugou was nowhere to be seen. The following 5 minutes of solitude were the longest, his thoughts brewing with anxiety.  You probably thought he had forgotten your date or he didn't consider you important enough to commit to your relationship and sit down to dine with your parents. He was afraid you had already chosen to break up with him and would ditch him for someone better that could put you first above anything else in his life.

Panic took possession of his brain as he began to fumble with his IV cords to seek you out and give you an explanation for his absence. He couldn't afford to lose another lover, to lose you .


He stopped in his tracks and looked at the door. Bakugou had arrived with you in tow. You were holding a gorgeous flower vase that had an assortment of seasonal flowers, like red and yellow dahlias, orange roses, some dried leaves and a single sunflower. Your skill wasn't as distracting as the face of worry you had.  

"Kirishima, what the hell are you doing?!" Bakugou scolded him, rushing to his side to make sure he hadn't pulled out his cannula. He turned to look at you. "She wouldn't stop calling me all night, so I picked her up and brought her here."

You remained quiet and placed the flowers on a table by the window, fumbling with it a bit with them to avoid their gazes. Bakugou understood that he needed to leave you alone so you could talk in private.

"I'm going home. Glad to see you're alive and kickin'." He told Kirishima, placing a warm hand over his shoulder and turning to leave.

"Oh, yeah. Thanks, Bakubro. Send my regards to your wife and the kids!"

Once you and Kirishima were left alone, the latter gulped and was about to apologize for not making it to your important dinner date. It was going to be hard to make it up to you and way harder to impress your parents after the fiasco, but he was going to do anything to keep you happy.

"I know what you're going to say and I won't accept your apologies, Eijirou," you said before he spoke, perhaps sounding harsher than intended.

Kirishima was crushed. For a split second, his heart broke like when he found out Natsuko never loved him. He should have known that no lady could tolerate him, no matter how hard he tried to be a good partner to them. However, your rejection pained him the most. 

But, then, you hugged him so carefully and with so much affection that it brought him back to life.

"I got worried when you didn't show up at the restaurant because I knew you wouldn't go back on a promise," you spoke more softly. "I tried to call you, but you never picked up and, then, Bakugou-san showed up at the store and told me you had been badly injured, and―"

Kirishima heard you hiccup and felt you tremble on his chest. He was an idiot for assuming you would react like Natsuko had done so many times before when he missed a date. Instead, you had been worried sick for him and showed him you needed him as much as he needed you. You were nothing like his ex and your tears reminded him of why he was head over heels for you.

During the time you had been living together, you had gotten to see Eijirou return home with a new scar or call you to say he was returning late because he was being fixed at the hospital but it was nothing to worry about. This was the first time you saw Eijirou getting hurt this bad and, while he was unconscious, you had a lot of time to open your mind to the possibility that one day, you could be receiving the most dreadful of news that would put an abrupt end to your happiness together. Were you really prepared for that eventuality?

"I'm so glad you're alive and well, Ei. I know a hero's life is on the line every day, but still... I want to be with you until the very end." You wiped your eyes and put on a brave face. 

Kirishima leant to kiss you, but his wounds prevented him from doing so. You helped him return to bed and made sure he was comfortable before you sat next to him and pressed your forehead against his. He closed his eyes first to bask in your warmth and you followed suit. 

“Then stay with me, Y/N.” he finally replied, sealing the deal with a soft kiss and pressing your body close to his as much as his injuries allowed it. If he had died on that mission, then this was paradise.

Winter was at its peak when Kirishima finally had the courage to pop the big question.

He didn't plan to take you to a fancy restaurant, place the ring inside your champagne glass, kneel in front of you and ask you to marry him. No. Eijirou thought you deserved an original proposal, something more fitting of you. Something that you’d remember fondly many years into the future. 

His friends were excited to offer their help and give him ideas. At the end, he took the advice of Todoroki and propose while granting a wish of yours. When you were talking about hobbies two years ago, you mentioned that you enjoyed growing orchids at home. You bought the most exotic ones you could acquire and after making them sprout with your quirk, you did your best to keep them healthy and radiant. When you moved in together, you showed him your orchid picture album which contained over 1000 photographs of orchids you had grown over time, choosing to keep it as a hobby instead of signing up for horticulture competitions. 

Luckily for Eijirou, there was one particular flower you had yet to grow. It wasn’t easy or cheap to get, but if you agreed to marry him it’d be worth every yen. 

“It’s here, Y/N!” Kirishima exclaimed one night when he returned from work as you prepared dinner. He had the widest smile you had ever seen on him, as if he was itching to show you something. 

“Hey, handsome,” you turned off the heat and went to hug him. “What's here?”

“Snow Goddess.” Those two words had your eyes widening like plates as he opened his big fist to reveal a pseudobulb with a purplish tip.

Snow Goddess was an extremely rare cattleya orchid with an ice blue hue on the exterior that darkened into a beautiful shade of cerulean at the center with a spot of purple in the middle. It was like looking at the inside of an ice cave, hence its name. Since such a flower was a gem among orchid enthusiasts, it was quite the challenge to possess a pseudobulb due to how expensive and scarce they were. Only the scientist who created them could grow them so beautifully, so not everybody dared to spend loads of cash on something that could be a lost cause from the start. 

Kirishima placed his newest acquisition on your delicate hands and poured some water on it. “Go on, make it grow. You’re dying to see it in person, right?”

“Ei, you must've spent a fortune on this,” you were hesitant. “You shouldn’t have. I might ruin it. It’s not that easy to grow this particular orchid, even with my quirk, and―”

He kissed your forehead and stroked your head. “You’ll never know unless you try. Come on, I bought this only for you.”

You gave in to his gentle encouragement and put your hands together, pouring all your hopes and the best of your ability to bring forth the orchid to life. It took longer than expected and, for a moment you thought it wouldn’t but, then, you felt the tickle of a plant quickly sprouting in your palms. 

“It’s working, Ei!” he laughed at your enthusiasm. “It’s wor―!”

The sight before you took your breath away: the Snow Goddess was indeed a brilliant, cold and beautiful flower, but it had bloomed with another, bigger surprise. Embedded in the labellum was a platinum diamond ring with two small tear-shaped rubies. If you looked at it closely, it kind of resembled a phalaenopsis orchid. 

“Y/N, will you do me the honor of becoming my Mrs. Red Riot?”

“OH MY GOD, EIJIROU! YES !” You squealed and stomped relentlessly on the floor as if you wanted to run, still holding the flower. When you accidentally dropped the ring in your excitement, Eijirou quickly caught it before it fell. 

After you placed the orchid in a small pot and washed your hands, Eijirou slipped the ring on your finger and kissed your little hand with all the care in the world. He almost gave up on love, but you were there to prevent that, mend his broken heart and nurture it with your affection and your flowers. 

“How did you pull out that trick?” you asked, genuinely puzzled with the unique way he had proposed. 

“I know someone who helped me with that.” he explained, thinking of one of his sidekicks whose quirk involved breaking things apart with one hand and putting them back together with the other.   

“Thank you, Eijirou.” You kissed him softly on the lips. He had other plans in mind, however, and wrapped his arms around your waist. 

Kirishima leaned closer to your ear and nibbled your earlobe. “I can think of a way you can thank me, pebble.” He whispered, unbuttoning your blouse to expose your shoulders and spread slow kisses on them that had you shivering. 

“Oh, that’s…” you sighed heatedly when his teeth grazed your collarbone and he sucked from it. Eijirou was so big that he could break you in two but so gentle that his touch had you melting underneath him. “T-that can be arranged.”

You spent a good part of the night making love to celebrate your upcoming marriage. With each touch, kiss and thrust, he planted on you his ardent feelings and his dreams for the future you were going to share together from that day onwards.

When Spring arrived once more, Kirishima finally had the wedding he had in mind all along: He was surrounded by family and closest friends, the celebration was more intimate, cozy and simple, and he had married an incredible woman that he loved with his whole being and returned his feelings just as much. 

It was nice not being so tired from wedding prep and focusing on enjoying yourselves to build great memories with those that wished nothing but the best for the two of you. Three months ever since the proposal had been enough to arrange everything since it was a small affair, but also, there was a time when Eijirou thought you were having second thoughts about marrying him. 

Two weeks ago, you had been experiencing a lot of mood swings and didn’t seem comfortable when he was physically affectionate, turning your back on him when he tried to cuddle with you. Also, you were having a lot of stomach problems and looked pretty stressed, until he fearfully asked you if you had changed your mind about the wedding. Much to his relief, you gave him an apologetic smile and replied that you couldn’t wait to be his wife, and to ignore your wedding jitters. 

You looked gorgeous in your wedding dress, like a nymph bride that laughed as you talked with your friends, surrounded by the flowers you loved so much, and glancing his way with a smile every now and then. After you stole a kiss from him when you made the toast, Eijirou was eager to steal you away from there and make you completely his. 

Regardless of the kind of wedding he was having, Kirishima always imagined himself carrying his wife in arms and throwing her in bed once the party was over. He kicked open the door of your hotel suite as you hummed ‘Here Comes the Bride’ and giggled together. You kissed after crossing the door, and Eijirou carefully placed you in bed. 

After he threw his shoes and tie aside, you also began to remove your dress, and let your hair loose. Eijirou could trace a faint smell of jasmine on your hair as he caressed your bare shoulders and slowly kissed your nape. He turned you around and held you close, taking your lips in a fervorous kiss and went down your neck. 

“Eijirou,” you pronounced his name in a sultry tone “Can I call you ‘Daddy’ tonight?”

“ Fuck ,” he moaned into your cleavage and his mouth latched on your left nipple, making you wince. “Of course, you can, baby.”

“After all, someone else will have that privilege in seven months…”

Kirishima groaned pleasantly as he continued sucking and squeezing your rear, until your words sank in and he immediately stepped back to look at you. “What?”

You had a shit-eating grin as you pressed his face over your stomach,  and his eyes flew wide open. 



“I’m going to be a father!” He shouted, pulling you into a massive hug and bursting in ecstatic laughter.  “We’re gonna be parents!”

Kirishima peppered kisses all over your face and placed his palm over your belly. Soon you noted his kisses were mixed with big, fat tears of joy. “Aw, Ei, don’t cry. Aren’t you happy we’re having a Red Riot Jr.?”

“My lovely wife is having a baby!” Eijirou was beaming. “I’m this close to bursting with excitement!”

If he thought about it, everything made sense now. The reason you were behaving so strangely was because there was a baby messing with you from the inside. That  also explained why you only drank non-alcoholic sparkling cider during the reception and why, before the party was over, Bakugou said he had the feeling that soon he’d be popping a different kind of bottle. You must have done your best to keep your pregnancy a secret from himself, but it didn’t go past Bakugou’s radar as he had seen similarities between you and his wife when she used to be pregnant with their two kids. You should have known better than to underestimate his best man’s observant skills. 

After the initial shock and rejoicing from the news, Eijirou resumed his amorous intentions,being more tender with you this time. It was pretty hard to hold himself back as he had discovered that having filled you up with his child was a huge turn on for him. 

After it was over, Kirishima placed his face over your stomach and placed sweet kisses over it while you lazily stroked his hair. “Seems like I can also plant seeds and make something grow.” He mumbled, more asleep than awake while poking a soft part on your belly.

“Ei, you’re not being very coherent right now,” you laughed softly and kissed his forehead when he laid next to you. “Let’s hit the hay already.”

“You know what? I’m glad I chose you to be my flower girl, Y/N.” he said, referring to how your whole adventure together started. He held you protectively in arms and drifted to sleep. “So glad.”

You also closed your eyes and smiled softly. “Anytime, Ei.”