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Once In A Lifetime: JamiAzu Prompts

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Scarbia's kitchen is unfairly nicer than Octavinelle's, not as if Azul hardly goes in there anyways. He has Mostro Longue staff positioned there at all times, what good was it to interrupt their hard work? It isn't his scene anyways, there's often some sort of 'seafood' stored away that he manages to find, and immediately feels nauseous. Let's hope that doesn't happen today.

Jamil has offered to teach Azul how to cook these pastry crackers that the twins love to the point of harassing Jamil for them each time they spot him in a corridor. The proposal works well for both sides; Jamil won't be cornered and Azul has something that will make it easier to get the twins to agree with him.

It's only the two of them in the kitchen, Azul has never seen Scarbia in such a quiet state before, it's a bit unnerving. Jamil doesn't seem to think so, probably used to it, he focuses on arranging the correct ingredients and utensils. A whole bunch of the equipment he pulled out Azul can not identify. How are there so many machines involved? What part does he even take part in?

(this was exaggeration of course, there wasn't actually that much)

"Here." Jamil passes over a metal silver bowl and a multitude of materials. Azul stares at them. A dark eyebrow quirks.




"Sorry?" Has he done something wrong already?

"I- follow the recipe and start mixing in to make the dough. I'm going to get the paste ready."

Oh! Yes of course. Azul starts reading the recipe obediently and continues to combine the foods. In the corner of his eyes, he watches Jamil prepare a coral coloured paste in a separate metal bowl.

"I premade the paste as it's easy to make but takes a while to set. I just need to- you suck at this."

Suck? What a word to hear from Jamil. Maybe he's more comfortable talking informally here than in class. Interesting... Hang on! What's wrong with what he's doing??

"You're not smoothing out the flour at all and you can hardly whisk an egg.. at all. Here." Jamil hands the spoon he was using to reactivate the paste and takes over the whisker from Azul's hand. "Stir clockwise until it's more silky. Pour some water in if you need."

To be fair, he wasn't too focused on what he was doing. How hard is it to whisk an egg? But, abnormally hushed, Azul starts stirring the paste. After all, this is not his domain.


The atmosphere isn't exactly tense, but it was off a little with the silence. It makes sense as they're both rather quiet people, but there's usually so much noise when they're in the same space.

"...You can talk, if you want." Jamil mutters.

Is there really anything to say? The paste is ready, they're just waiting for the crackers to settle. Azul looks around.

"Wellll... what are your exams looking like? Um, as in your studying?" What else could he have said, there's nothing to talk about.

Jamil tilts his head, drumming his fingers on the counter.

"Fine." Oh..

"Is that all you're going to give me?"


"Yes. I'm not going to help you in anyways to score more study points, your dorm has enough as it is."

Gosh, Azul forgets how easily riled up Jamil can be. It was meant to be a friendly question. Azul's lips curl into a smirk,

"Calm down, I was only asking a question. Haha, are you really that insecure about being second to us? It's obviously not your fault...Is it?"

Jamil slams his fist onto the counter, Azul's chest jumps along with the noise. Jamil grabs a container and starts shoving the crackers inside, their corners flying off at the pressure.

"Nevermind, don't talk. Here's the crackers. You can apply the paste yourself. You're welcome."

Azul is pushed to the door which is then slammed the second his feet leave the room. How does he manage to always upset him, whenever he opens his damn mouth! He really was just trying to make conversation. Annoying...

Azul looks down to see the recipe stacked on the container. He notices that the box is lined with strawberry and flower stickers along the lid. A soft smirk reappears.