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Once In A Lifetime: JamiAzu Prompts

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The muffled sound of cheers made Azul uncomfortable. Not knowing who was cheering and what the reason was pushed the curious desire in Azul to spike. But he couldn't back out now. For many reasons; there was simply too many people out there for him to be able to efficiently gather all the information he wanted, too overwhelming. And then on the other side of the coin, what would people think if they saw HIM of all people coming out of Jamil Viper's bedroom. Rumors would undoubtedly start, and not the kind he'd be able to easily control.
Especially now that Jamil was in the room with him. It was a real unfortunate situation, and he could blame no on else but himself for it.

Azul and the twins had been invited to a 'second-year only' party hosted by none other than Kalim Al-asim himself, a real shocker. Nonetheless, they accepted their classmates offer, definitely for no other reason than to spend time with their fellow classmates...

No, Azul wanted to take the opportunity to do some prying around. The twins were more made out for this kind of work but it would have been out of place for them not to be socializing with everyone else. So Azul decided to take their place. He didn't really mean any harm. He'd just liked to see if there was any suspicious materials lying around that he could use for, well, blackmail. And, of course, the best room for that would be none other than Jamil's room!

Jamil was constantly busy during these parties, so Azul thought there was a relatively low chance of getting caught.

Azul was looking through top drawers and small boxes on shelves when he came across a small tin of nail polish. Azul had seen Jamil's nails painted, but never gave them a second glance. But seeing the collection was surprisingly interesting. He stopped his scuffling to look at them, most bottles contained warm tones; reds, yellows and browns, but there were a few greens and blues. One of which was a morning sky blue with minimal silver specs throughout the mixture. Lost in thought, Azul picked it up. It was a really pretty shade. Azul held it up to his eye and that was the moment Jamil opened the door.


Jamil clutched the doorknob tightly and quirked an eyebrow, closing the door behind him. The silence was one of the loudest. The atmosphere was suddenly suffocating, Azul's previous courage dispelled.

"...Why are you in my room, Azul?" The sentence was slow and calculating, with almost a hesitation at asking such a question.

Azul isn't a good liar, and he knew if he said anything but the truth this would end way worse.
Yet, he was irrational due to the shock at that moment.

"I'm lost." What the fuck. Ah yes, although having been at this school for two years and having gone into the Scarabia dorm countless of times, Azul was lost in Jamil's bedroom, which was marked as so outside. Definitely lost.

Jamil approached the dresser and pointed towards the bottle Azul held.

"Why are you looking at my nail polish? If you're lost why would you come in here?"

Just put the damn bottle down and leave, there is no need to further embarrass yourself.

"I was purely intrigued by the collection of shades you have." Azul stoically claimed, sunshine glinting off his glasses as he turned to properly face his classmate.


The agitated furrow on Jamil's face decreasingly dropped into a quizzical smirk. Azul was in for it now.

It seems he really will die, Azul finally started to put the little bottle down when Jamil stopped his movements.

"Let me put it on you." Oh. Azul did not have a choice in the matter, certainly not with that tone. This was his punishment for snooping.


He'll admit, it wasn't as externally embarrassing as he had thought it was going to be. Azul was seated on Jamil's desk chair which they'd pulled next to the bed where Jamil sat. Jamil, without saying another word, took Azul's trembling hand and started applying the sky blue polish.

It was an odd sensation at first, for it was such a minimal sensation. All it was was a few strokes across a fingernail and Azul was calm, kind of. He was in the between of calm and terror while Jamil delicately caressed (?) his palm. This was meant to be a 'punishment', right? But the tease had left Jamil's face and he had instead adopted a deeply concentrated expression, the same one he wore during alchemy class, not that Azul takes notice of that stuff...

With nothing to say without making it more cumbersome, Azul unintentionally focused on the soft feel of Jamil's hands against his own. He'd always imagined Jamil's hands would feel more calloused. STOP.
Jamil let go of his hand only to pick up the other and restart the process.

Would it always feel this comforting to have his nails painted, or is it only during the first time that it feels so nice? If Azul asked, would Jamil paint them again for him? Or maybe he could teach Azul how to properly apply it himself. But then Azul wouldn't be able to feel Jamil's soft hands...


Excuse me?

That is not happening.


With too obvious of a rush, Azul snapped his hands away from Jamil who made a grunt at the action. Only two fingers were left to be painted.

"Ah, thank you. I must go now. Bye." Bowing, Azul tried to walk at a normal pace but his feet shuffled out before Jamil could let out a comprehensible reply.

He had to find the twins now, but what on earth would he say about his nails being painted? They know he was in Jamil's room, and they know he doesn't paint his nails.

Azul could feel a warm rush around his ears as he rushed his way through the corridor.