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Once In A Lifetime: JamiAzu Prompts

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Jamil wasn't quite sure how he ended up here, he certainly didn't want to be here. There was much more important things to be attending to, like making sure Kalim doesn't rile up Vil for adding in his own dance moves to the VDC choreography. Though Jamil couldn't blame him, Vil's choreography was so strict and boring - it didn't leave you feeling energized afterwards. Jamil was instead sitting on a rotting couch that had the distasteful odour of a cat, MC had just asked to speak with him alone. The two had never spoken together in privacy before, their relationship was still uncomfortable from the last overblot.

Nothing had been said yet, MC was just staring at Jamil with no expression, but it seemed questioning. MC was another one of those people who tried to figure out everyone around them, like Jamil. But MC had come to a deadend with figuring out Jamil. He was aware of this, he'd always been good at swallowing his external emotions, he didn't want others to have that control over him.

MC cleared their throat.

"What's with you and Azul?"

????? What the hell was that supposed to mean?

Jamil shuffled his legs.

"Excuse me, I'm not sure what you mean?"

MC frowned.

"Well, I always see you two glaring at each other from afar. And you just seem to not like each other at all." Oh. It was that noticeable? Maybe Jamil wasn't as good at hiding as he thought he was...

"You always get this irritated look on your face when he talks to you. But a different look from the one you give Kalim."

Two different looks? Just how observant is this person? Jamil will have to keep a closer eye on them to avoid these mishaps. MC stared at the roof, seemingly pondering.

"You know... It might be because you both have that power and control behaviour of sorts? Or the want of it at least."

Jamil clenched his fists at the insinuation. Azul wasn't like him at all! How dare MC call him out on his overblot behaviour, he wasn't in his head properly! And further more to compare it to Azul's... The two have nothing in common!

"Even your unique magic is similar, in the controlling aspect."

Huh? That slowed Jamil down a notch.

He only knew the bare minimum about Azul's magic, even though it was a common gossip topic amongst classmates.

Control? Yes, that's pretty much the whole gist of Jamil's unique magic. But Azul's...what was it again? Was it really that close to his?

He hadn't heard much about Azul's overblot, he was good at avoiding that kind of talk. Had it been as damaging as his own? How was it provoked?

"Since you're not going to answer me, I'll leave first. I just found it strange." MC huffed and left the small toom to join back with the others.

Similar, maybe... Should Jamil ask Azul about it?