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Once In A Lifetime: JamiAzu Prompts

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The architects of NRC had gone for real grass instead of fake grass for the school ovals. Jamil thanks them for doing so, the smell of natural grass is much more pleasant than cheap plastic. It's also much softer and nicer to sit on. Better for resting a head on.

Jamil had had a five second blank when Azul's grip had loosened around his shoulders. He felt his heart freeze when Azul's body had started to drop away from his own. Thankfully, his reflexes kicked in and had been able to catch Azul's torso, gently steering the broom back to the surface. Once on the ground, Jamil had initially wanted to go straight to the infirmary but thought it was best for Azul to gain back consciousness first. 

Jamil knows Azul isn't the most comfortable flyer, but he didn't think it would cause Azul this much distress. Azul seems so strict about showing vulnerability, especially so suddenly. Heights must be something that deeply agitates him. 

It's only been a few minutes since the two settled on the ground, but Jamil hopes Azul wakes up soon. Even sitting with Azul is unsettling. After this, will Azul even be able to look at him anymore? The potion incident didn't help either. A smirk pops up on Jamil's unwillingly. That will never be forgotten. 

He'll wait two more minutes, if Azul doesn't wake up by then; Jamil will take him to the infirmary. Which would make the situation more awkward when Jamil has to explain it all to Crewel. He doesn't want to be more associated with Azul more than he already is. Kalim would start inviting him and the Leeches over frequently. Anything to avoid that from happening. 

Azul's breathing has tuned down to a regular pace, his chest moving slower. Jamil feels his own chest loosen up.

Then, Azul's eyes flutter open and he sits up alarmingly straight. Jamil rushes to support Azul's back but quickly reclines before touching.



A few moments of silence.

"What just happened?" The truth would be the best option.

"..You were on the back of my broom and fainted when we went too high..."

Azul hides his face in the palms of his hands, a slight dampness settles there.

Well, Jamil was right; this is unbearably awkward. They aren't close, though they always seem to end up together. Jamil finds himself hoping again that this doesn't put a further strain on their relationship. Seeing Azul like this is very personal. Jamil can't imagine what Azul must be thinking. Though a small part of him wishes he did. Then he'd have an inkling of what to do. Of how to comfort him.

What? No.

"Jamil." Azul has uncovered his face, the glasses only letting a tint of red rimmed eyes escape. Jamil exerts his eyes on the boy beside him.

"I appreciate your efforts to tutor me, but I don't think this will work." Glasses are pushed up. "Please never mention this."

And with that, Azul stands, dusts himself off, and without a glance, walks off the field. 


Yeah, that makes sense. Why would Azul want to discuss anything about what just happened? What did Jamil expect to happen? To continue to try help Azul fly? To offer moral support? Of course not. They are only classmates..

But, as Jamil walks back to Scarabia's dorms, he can't help but feel frustrated and upset. His head aches.

But why?