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Once In A Lifetime: JamiAzu Prompts

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There were too many potions stacked in the labs. Accumulating together making a revolting petrol-like scent that flooded all your senses. Despite working in this room perhaps over 100 times, Azul couldn't get used to it. After sitting in the classroom for a while the sense would dull, but it took getting used to every single time.

Azul scrunched up his noise, trying to close the gates so the smell wouldn't infiltrate in further. It was one of his favourite classes - and his best one- but they really should do something about the smell. It surely wasn't hygienic.
He pondered this - making sure to add a teaspoon of laurel berries to the mixture every two minutes - when his eyes were caught by a table two to his left. Jamil was at that table, looking to be ignoring his groupmates who were busy on their phones.

The class was in the midst of completing a potion of regeneration advancement 2. You had to be careful with this one as it was prone to being a little fiery if not tended to properly. Azul was not worried about this, he had done this plenty of times.

Jamil seemed to be the only one in his group doing the work- the other two distracted by their phones and friends. Not to say Azul wasn't in a similar situation, but at least one of them was willing to stir and record some notes. Jamil didn't look in the least bit upset about his lack of assistance, perhaps it was preferable on his end. Azul knew enough about the man that he could do without too much socializing. Something the two had in common.

In the bright lab, with Jamil's hair pushed to sit over his left shoulder, Jamil's nape shone. Azul had certainly taken notice of Jamil's beauty before - it was undeniable. His honey skin was without any blemishes or chips. It looked as soft as silk - to be handled with care.
Would it feel just as it looked?

A part of Jamil's bangs fell down onto Jamil's face, prompting him to sweep it back over his ear. Azul was sure to short circuit any moment now.

Then, as if the Great Seven wanted to punish Azul ever further, for whatever reason, Jamil straightened his back, loosened his ponytail to free his hair, and pulled it back up high to harshly put it back into a tight ponytail. Exposing more of his neck and upper back.


Azul's next sight was a gooey velvet red substance stuck to his prescription safety googles. He had forgotten to add the final teaspoon of laurel berries. The potion had collapsed.
Laughter and exclamations of shock rebounded around the pungent classroom.

Had THE Azul Ashengrotto really failed to control a potion mixture? The student top of the class?

Wiping the goop off, Azul could make out the faces of his groupmates, affected by the explosion by still covering their chuckles.

Landing back into view of the culprit of Azul's distraction, Jamil had a large ridiculing smirk coating his face.

Azul suddenly felt faint. No one will ever let him forget.